Crew to name Brian Bliss technical director (and Schelotto arrives)

The Columbus Crew is set to name former Kansas City Wizards assistant and one-time MetroStars player Brian Bliss as the team’s technical director, sources close to the team told SBI on Tuesday. The club is expected to make an announcement on the hire as early as this afternoon.

So why Bliss? Aside from his lengthy experience as an MLS assistant coach and work in youth soccer, Bliss also has single-letter initials (BB). The Crew’s current staff includes general manager Mark McCullers (MM), head coach Sigi Schmid (SS) and VP of soccer business development Andrew Arthurs (AA). Yes, I know, pointless observation, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

In other, more exciting Crew news, Columbus fans can relax (for now) about Guillermo Barros Schelotto. The Columbus Dispatch’s Shawn Mitchell is reporting that Schelotto has arrived in Columbus. Those cries you hear are from the fans of Gimnasia. Ah well.

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16 Responses to Crew to name Brian Bliss technical director (and Schelotto arrives)

  1. gary says:

    add Zurawski, and you will see us really burn up the pitch this season. We had better, after selling our best defender. Need to score in order to win 4-3!

  2. Jeff says:

    I like the idea of Zurawski on the team from a talent standpoint but I really don’t understand the move.

    In my opinion, the DP’s are to increase quality AND revenue. Is anyone (expect people like us, who read blog’s like this) going to be excited to see him play? Maybe a couple but not many.

  3. Fid says:

    You think DC signed Marcelo Gallardo to bring in additional revenue?

  4. koolcaio says:

    I think dc signing el muñeco, will make us stronger buddy, we are already have a strong front office, great players, and great attendance.

  5. nic says:

    How is improving quality on field not going to attract more fans to the stadium? Columbus does fairly well, not spectacular though, at the gate when the team is winning.

    Not every player is going to be a Beckham; the league needs balance with players who are going to contribute on the field as well as in buzz. I guess you could say that for every Becks and Blanco we need a Ángel.

  6. Haig says:

    “This league hands out assists like the Pope hands out wafers.”

    — BB, 1997

  7. Dave M says:

    Schelotto is back and that is good for MLS. The guy can play, and if rumors are true, he will add a service unparelleled to whom ever Colombus signs to a DP contract.

  8. Domino95 says:

    . . .and if Gonzalez was our best defender . . . that is a scary thought.

    Based on what we’re bringing to camp we will not make the playoffs.

  9. Jeff says:

    My thoughts were that the MLS needs players like this but I am not sure that the Crew need a player like this.

    I live less than an hour away from C-Bus and the only place that I could find updates on the team was from Ives, a writer that covers RBNY (read: Soccer does not have the following in C-Bus yet). Columbus is not New York, LA, DC, or even Houston.

    In order to attract the casual fan, they need a player that people “know”.

  10. Jeff says:

    Thanks…Ives posted the link a couple of days ago. I think he only does the blog during the season. The writer does OSU stuff normally (I think).

  11. Landis says:

    Szetela going on loan (with option to buy) to Serie B side Brescia.

    link to

  12. Mauricio says:


    1) FYI a higher percentage of Columbus residents go to Crew games than any of the cities you mentioned. You say you only live an hour from the city (which is quite far really) yet you don’t seem to have any idea how savvy sports fans in Columbus are.

    2) Shawn Mitchell has been the Crew beat writer for years. The blog is new.

    3) has news about the Crew (and every other MLS team) way before most news outlets.

    4) Why wouldn’t Columbus need a creative attacking player? Do you mean because he’s polish? Robert Warzycha seems to love it there. Columbus doesn’t need ethnic players to appeal to some ethnic minorities. Columbus is a melting pot. They need players that are skilled that will help the team win. Then Columbus will be back among the league leaders in attendance like they used to be.

  13. mglnbea says:

    So why doesn’t Steve Sampson or Peter Parker work for the Crew?

  14. Jeff says:

    I will say it again…I think the Crew need all the help they can get (in the attack), but they also need something that will attract fans from Dayton, Cleveland, and Cincinnati….all places that are close enough to drive up/down for a game. I think people in Ohio love soccer but not enough to drive to see some guy they couldn’t pick out of a lineup. I personally would love it if he became a Crew player but my friends (who are casual fans) aren’t going to get excited. I am pretty sure MLS owners have already hooked fans like us. Now they need to hook fans that like soccer but don’t have a reason to go. Maybe a better record will help but don’t you think a different DP that most Americans have heard of will help more? Someone who could have an impact on and off the field?

    The percentage of fans going doesn’t mean a thing. C-bus is not that large of a market compared to the big markets (LA, NY, Houston, etc.)…I don’t really know where you are going with that (read: Smaller population & same amount of fans as other teams = higher percentage attending).

  15. Jeff says:

    I don’t think my last point was clear:

    Not many people are going to MLS games right now, except for a few cities. Just because your percentage is higher doesn’t mean you are making anymore money. Owners should and probably only care about # of attending not % of attending.