It is Q&A time

Good afternoon everybody. It is noon and it is time for the first Q&A of the new SBI.

Yes, I know, I didn’t get to all of the questions in the last Q&A on the old site (I will post those by tomorrow), but with everything going on lately I felt it was a good time to do another one.

The instructions are simple. Ask one or two soccer questions, preferably short to moderately sized, and I will look to answer them. Given the increasing site of the SBI Mafia I will put a cap on questions this time around. I will look to answer the first 50 questions posted (this way I won’t take forever to post answers). Feel free to ask questions after the 50th but keep in mind there is no guarantee they will be answered. I might answer them at a later date but am not committing to that.

Whether it is U.S. national team, Americans Abroad, MLS Draft, MLS in general or international soccer, ask your questions below and I will try my best to give you some answers and opinions.

Fire away.

NO MORE QUESTIONS. Thanks to those of you who took part. I will do my nbest to get these answered ASAP

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86 Responses to It is Q&A time

  1. Pat says:


    Can you tell us what the story is with Feilhaber? Is he leaving Derby, and if so is he coming to MLS as has been rumored?

  2. Garret says:

    1)What is the deal with the new MLS jerseys? Do you know when they will be for sale?

    2)Is there the possibility for some teams to use their DP before the start of the season?

  3. RS says:

    It’s “Super-SBI-Crystal-Ball Time” again: The first game for the Red Bulls at their new stadium will be played on XXXXXXX XX, 20XX? And as a bonus, how many coaches will RBNY go through from now until then?

  4. Landis says:

    It was rumored that beyond the 9 generation adidas players, upwards of 15 more collegiate players had already signed with the league- do you know who they are?

    Does RBNY have to sign the South American players during January or do they have until mid-april?

    Thanks Ives!

  5. Marlboro says:

    What will happen tot he Americans at Fulhamerica and the other relegated premier teams? Will they come to MLS or try find spots in other premier teams or the other top European leagues?

  6. Adam (Bmore) says:

    Can you please explain in detail how MLS allocations work? Everyone trades for them, but I don’t completely understand them.

  7. Scott Dunham says:

    I’m trying to keep up with transfer rumors, and there are a few that I don’t know details of (if rumors having details isn’t an oxymoron).

    Jonathan Bornstein
    Eddie Gaven
    Pat Noonan

  8. Nick says:

    During the draft on ESPN, one of the commentators mentioned a big signing that Colorado had coming for a striker, any idea who it could be?

  9. Sean H. says:

    I love seeing packed stadiums and great atmospheres at MLS games. Do you have any opinions regarding the Wizards playing in a minor-league baseball staium, and San Jose playing in a stadium that barely seats 12,000? What do you think the atmospheres will be like at these venues?

  10. Truffle says:

    1. Any news on the new USA Jersey?

    2. Any news on what moves North Brunswick, Rutgers bond foward, Ibrahim Kamara is doing? Supposubly he is at Sporting for a trial

  11. emilio says:

    Last week you mentioned that Red Bulls were close on signing two midfielders, today you reported that Osorio is back in SA, are the two mentioned signings amlost done, are is Osorio back in SA since the signings didnt materialize?

  12. shaj says:

    1) how can the galaxy afford to make all of these recent moves under the cap? getting ruiz, babayaro with becks and landon, its like they will be a four person team (i guess thats better than last year tho).

    2) why did danny szetela choose racing over roma? he’s barely on the bench these days and could have learned from totti etc

  13. Matt Y says:

    Any word on Gomez re-signing with DC United?

  14. Dallesandro Quake says:

    Hey Ives, great site! Any rumors that some more Houston players might be coming back to the Quakes? I heard that Mullan was being used as bait for the #1 draft pick (not sure about that one)and read that Yallp was talking to Kinnear about more players?

  15. Raffi says:

    Donovan played out wide and did fairly well (crosses-aside.) I’m curious — when the US plays Spain and assuming it has its full complement of players available, care to take a guess at the starting 11 and the formation? (I am very curious to who will be the odd man out among Adu/Altidore/Dempsey/Donovan. I assume it will be Adu/Altidore subbing in for someone up top.)


    Is it even conceivable to think there is a suitable lineup that includes them all but has enough defensive balance?

  16. Mark says:

    What are the chances of Lapira signing with MLS (and Toronto)?

  17. Warren says:

    Do you think the Fire are going to trade for a second DP?

    How well do you think Nyarko will work with Blanco?

  18. Sam B says:

    Who do you see as the future of the left side of the U.S. national team midfield? It seems very unclear at this point.

    Has Bocanegra really played as poorly as it seems for Fulham or is he just not good enough to be a first team CB in the premiership? In other words is he playing as well as he usually plays for the national team and it is just not cutting given the competition?

  19. Chris says:

    Which bigger clubs would you like to see Michael Bradley go to?

  20. Steven says:

    Do you think the Revs will make another move and will it be some from Europe?

  21. J-Man says:

    Did Osorio Bring in Blanco, or was Blanco already on his way to Chi-Town before osorio was hired?

    Can a player who’s from one x country become a citizen of y country and then play for y country’s national team? Obviously, he can’t be cap-tied, but can someone just change his citizenship because he wants to play for a different nat team? Are there any rules on this? Are there a certain number years one must wait?

    Thanks, Ives!

  22. Ivan says:

    Wondering if you know what’s happened to John O’Brien? In perpetual injury rehab? Still on the books with Chivas? Unofficially retired? Any word that his career will resume?

  23. Kyle says:

    Has there been any talk of what the player union will demand when the contract with the league is up in a few years? Will they be looking to raise the cap to 5 million or 15 million? Minimum salary to 50k or 100k. Thanks Ives!

  24. Dominick Argumedo says:

    Hi Ives–love the site. Any connections at FSC or Gol TV as to why the Africa Cup of Nations isn’t picked up by either? (I’m watching Nigeria–Ivory Coast on-line). Seems like it would add to the prestige of either channel being THY soccer station in the US. Is it money? Interest? They could show on delay any games that overlap with the EPL.

  25. CPTKevin says:

    Is it too early to talk about the 2008 NYRB team? If not, list the current roster of KNOWN players, maybe throw in last year’s roster so we can see who’s gone. Plus of course the new faces from the draft. Thanks!

  26. Jeff says:

    OK. Many of us San Jose Earthquakes are desperate to know:

    what’s the real deal with Benny Feilhaber? Is he coming? If he comes to MLS, do the Quakes get first crack? Is there a single good reason the Quakes wouldn’t take him?

  27. Eugene says:


    How will MLS teams get a shot at the South American players from the combine, particularly Jonathan Sabbatini?


  28. Metzeng says:

    Are the Earthquakes really going to wear black shirts with blue shorts and white socks (as was displayed at the MLS draft)? Please Lord, say it isn’t so.

  29. AlexS says:

    What is the purpose of the MLS allocation order anyways? I know allocations are for acquiring players, but since it looks like the teams are making deals with latin american clubs by themselves, why have an order?

  30. Nutmegger says:

    Last year we had Beckham, Angel, Blanco and Denilson brought into the league, and a lot of rumors too. Who do you think will be the next high-profile “name” player (excluding US Nats players returning from overseas) to join an MLS team and which team will it be?

  31. Joe G says:

    What do you think will happen with van den bergh? Do you think Osorio will bring in new players and trade him away or keep him for depth?

  32. Brims says:

    Any further word on whether Schelotto is coming back? Columbus says yes, but I’m not convinced.

  33. BK says:

    Sweet. The ever-present John O’Brien question!

    1) 3-man Depth chart at left back for the US Nats?

    2) 4-man Depth chart on US Free-kick takers? My #1 would have to be Adu.


  34. Argi4 says:

    Who do you think the US will use as its 3 Senior players assuming we make it to the Olympics?

  35. Carl says:


    Obviously it seems like the Twellman transfer deal is dead but just for fun could you give me a projection of how you think he’d do in the Championship? I think by his play for the US team we agree that he wouldn’t survive on a major European team but would he be an above-average striker for a team like Preston?

  36. guillermo says:

    What do you hear about Eric Wynalda? Is he getting the boot from MLS broadcasts in favor of Harkes? I hope not.

  37. luis says:

    any news on clint mathis?

  38. Nic says:

    Argi4, I think they changed the rules. No senior players.


    This question is a little for the future, but I thought I’d pick your brain anyway. With the league’s collective bargaining agreement expiring next year (if I’m not mistaken), is there any sense that the MLS as we know it today will change drastically? I’m particularly interested in the ramifications it will have in regards to the salary cap.

    I’m everyone else, love the new site! Thanks!

  39. Neumannator says:


    Any predictions on an average attendance figure for Red Bull Park when (and I suppose if) it opens?

    Thanks for the great site.

  40. Rich says:

    Hi Ives,
    Love the site!

    He’s on trial with Celtic FC
    link to
    How serious is this? Will he back in the MLS in April?

    Realistically, when will Altidore make the jump to Europe? And hypothetically speaking where do you think he’ll end up?


  41. BK says:

    Sorry.. just to add to my left back depth chart question, with the play of people like DeMerit, Parkhurst, and Conrad, do you think we should consider moving Bocanegra out to left back to top the depth chart as he played there this weekend for Fulham.

  42. Ryan says:

    What is going on with John O’Brien?????

  43. Kenneth says:


    I read awhile back that Kenny Cooper is unhappy in Dallas and looking to move. Any word on this or was this just that a rumor?

    Also, any idea why he fell out of favor with the MNT?


  44. Sean says:

    Love, love, love the new site, Ives. I hope this totally works out for you, both in terms of quality of life and financially.

    I get the feeling that DC United is going to be very different in two weeks, once the wrapping is off the majority of their South American purchases. What are you hearing about DCU’s South American summer shopping spree?

  45. Alex says:

    For young Americans these days, what is the best route to take in order to go pro:
    1. Play through high school/college and hope to get noticed
    2. Attend Bradenton
    3. Go the Johann Smith route and find someone to get you a trial with a European team (however unlikely and hard that could be)

    Also, what is the best soccer college, in your opinion?

  46. Kevin says:

    What does your roster look like for WC qualifying this summer?

  47. Chris says:

    Do you know if Marcello Gallardo is coming to the MLS and if so who do believe will land him?

  48. giuseppe says:

    speculation on the new Fire fwd?

  49. Mike Caramba says:

    Sorry if this has been asked, but what do you think will happen with Benny Feilhaber? Back to MLS? Do you know what held him back at Derby?

    If Fulham fail to escape relegation, what are the chances Dempsey or Boca get shuffled around to another Premiership team…or are they destined to spend a couple years in the League Championship?

  50. leftcoastmetro says:

    Hey Ives,

    congrats on the depth and, especially, breadth of the new site. There’s plenty here for any fan of any team. Goff’s going down next year!
    Do you see Red Bull spending big for a big international name this year, or riding the Angel train for 2008 with a view to getting a superstar for the opening of Red Bull park in 2009

  51. Paul says:

    What position does Bradley play with Heerenveen? I’ve read he’s playing more at forward than traditional midfield spot.
    Also news from the Racing Santander’s 1-0 loss to Barcelona on Sunday – I think Szetela is going to have a hard time seeing the playing field. Racing had a M/F injury with 20 minutes remaining and Szetela was the only option at M/F and they went with a D instead when they were down 1-0. Hope he starts finding PT.

    Thanks – great site!

  52. Dominghosa says:

    Looks like I’ll be 49th or 50th, whew.
    Thanks again for the work on th blog….questions are as follows…
    1. Your choice or best choice to take deadball situations for the USMNT?
    2. About the MLS draft….sleeper pick? and who will make the biggest impact?

  53. Dominghosa says:

    52! Booooo. That blows. Chunks.

  54. Julia says:

    I think a lot of people agree that Shalrie Joseph is one of the better players in the MLS. However, he’s only registered 11 caps for his native Grenada. For a team that’s 176 in the FIFA rankings, I find it hard to believe they’ve got many better players than Joseph. Do they just not play many international matches? Could we see Joseph missing Revs games to play for Grenada for World Cup qualifiers?

    Also, do you know what jersey # Michael Bradley wears for the senior national team?

    Thanks very much!

  55. BK says:

    It’s alright, Dominghosa. I got your first question up a bit further so look for that when Ives answers them.

  56. Pedro says:

    Edu, Adu, Wynne, Besagno did not help their teams qualify for playoffs. So I like San Jose’s trade of their unproven #1 for a proven vet. I disagree with your SJ rating. #1 picks are good for commentators and publicity. Chance Myers – impact player? Doubt it.

  57. Javier says:

    Ives, any idea about the nationality of the 2 players that RBNY is reportedly on the verge of signing?

    also, an ESPN article before the draft about team needs had listed RBNY as having more than 3 draft picks, so were any trades made?

  58. El Fur de' Ball says:


    The site is great. Any chance you may start having a podcast or a video blog? Also, are you hearing anything about Martin Palmero coming to MLS?

  59. Joe_in_ND says:

    Ives, do you have any insight on the problems at Liverpool? Thanks.

  60. Inwooder says:

    1. Where will Bradley go?

    2. So many people talk about LD, MB, Clint, as playing “outside their ideal positions.” Bob Bradley gave an interview recently about how this annoys him, and that it’s not really how choosing positions and teams really works anywhere else in the world. How much do you think it really matters?

  61. punk teacher says:

    Dear Ives-

    Can you please explain the love fest for Onyewu and Bocanegra? Especially when it would seem that there are better options in the MNT talent pool, DeMerit, Parkhurst, Robinson, et all.

  62. Josh says:

    What do you think the next major technological advance will be in the MLS? Will it be game analysis, equiptment, stadiums, or medical treatments. Do you think the MLS will adopt the new smart soccer ball in the next couple years?

  63. Teddy says:

    Do you think C. Gomez will be moved from DC to Colorado?

    Do you have anything, news-rumors pertaining to Colorad?

  64. Paolo says:

    Do you think Mo’s past relationships with both Celtic and Rangers (believed to be interested in Lapeira) can keep the Notre Dame standout at TFC while hs game matures for at least a couple years? If so, is this the steal of the draft?

  65. jim says:

    Whats the deal with the top prospect Matt Kassel? Heard he is attending the “mini camp” at the end of the month for the Red Bulls.. do you think they’ll sign him?

  66. Tim Crawford says:

    Will the MLS really stick to a 30 game schedule this year? I think it would make sense to go to a 32 gamer (3 against conference, 2 out of conference). I was also wondering if the single table might be coming due to MLSnet no longer having the teams at the top of the page seperated by conference.

  67. Matt says:

    Is there any chance/are there rumors that any other underclassmen will sign with MLS before the season kicks off?

  68. Chris says:

    If this was discussed before then I missed it. MLS now will allow teams to sign players from their youth academies (I think it was 5 team had players that have been in their academies long enough to qualify). I’m a little familiar with the notable players in the Red Bulls academy, or at least their names, but who are the notable players in other teams’ academies? Does it look like any of these players have enough ability to help their teams out (or even get some playing time at all on the senior team)?

  69. Amit says:

    Hello Ives,

    Have you gotten a sense of where the Red Bulls live, at least during the season? With weak salaries, I assume most don’t live in NYC.

  70. Gaelen says:

    I don’t see Parkhurst making the transition to top class football at CB. Although his positional sense is incredible he seems to lack physical tools, namely his slight stature and recovery speed. The few positional mistakes he makes he gets burned on very badly. I’m just wondering what you see as the depth chart for the nats at CB and whether you see Parkhurst possibly fitting in at full back or holding mid?

  71. Scott A says:

    A prediction question: How long do you think it will be before the quality of MLS exceeds the quality of the Mexican league?
    Thanks, good luck with everything.

  72. Raul says:

    Any chance of getting Mastroeni or Petke to RBNY?

  73. KLB says:

    What is the USMNT doing to branch out with the friendlies it plays? While I know we have Spain upcoming, the fact that we have played Mexico, Poland, and Sweden recently seems to dictate that we find new blood (also, we were considering a match w/ Scotland, who we also played in the lead-up to WC2006).

    Are there no nations from other regions than Europe (or other UEFA teams) that would be interested in playing us?

  74. Andrew says:

    Hey Ives, thanks for doing another Q+A.

    In regards to the draft day trade of Chris Albright to New England…how do u think Albright will fit into Steve Nicol’s team? As much more of a winging defender than a centerback, do u see Nicol going away from the 3 back system to accomodate Albright? Maybe even playing him in the midfield?

  75. usnavysrchief says:

    Just read on Yanks Abroad that Heath Pearce just got told he won’t play again for Hansa Rostock because of some issue regarding him returning late to training from vacation. If this is true then where does he go from there? Read that Derby are trying to sell Feilhaber to any willing team ready to meet their valuation. Where is he going? Also Has anybody found out anything about Nevin Subotic now at Mainz in Bundesliga 2 and if he is going to be recalled and accept that recall to the USMNT, or is going to be ignored by Bradley and push him to play with Serbia??

  76. Awais says:

    1)With all the money flowing in from the transfers to Europe and the shirt sponsors deals, why such a small increase in the salary cap this year? With the transfers, and the talent dilution due to expansion, how does MLS expect us to believe that the talent level is improving? By the next World Cup when guys like Altidore, Guzan and Edu have left we might have the entire US team come from Europe players. Other than Landon of course.

    2)Any chance of a prolonged holdout, once the current CBA expires in 2009.

  77. PKTaker says:

    are you aware of any usmnt games coming to dc? thanks!

  78. Ryan says:

    Any word on potential sites for WCQ?

  79. whb says:

    Why does the MLS resist the international breaks which just about every other nations’ leagues use? Why not take a break every other month so your players can play for the national side? It just makes sense.

  80. dirtyjerzey says:

    Ives – With Michael Bradley doing so well in Holland, and the rumors of him transferring out to a bigger club, I wanted to get confirmation that MLS/Metro have a sell-on clause on him. I remember Bradley being transferred on a ridiculously low number but it was always assumed there was a sell-on attached.

    If so, do you know big the sell-on percentage would be and if NYRB would recieve an allocation for it?


  81. bubblehouse says:

    Do you think we will see Kasey Keller end his career in seatle?

  82. Ives says:

    NO MORE QUESTIONS. Thanks to those of you who took part. I will do my nbest to get these answered ASAP.

  83. who-knows says:

    I’ve heard rumors of Marcello Gallardo to MLS. RBNY? DC? Do you know where he would end up?

  84. Hincha Tim says:

    1) Theoretically, could a U.S. city (say Portland after it is denied an MLS team) and the Mexican League agree to form a team in the Mexican league (since the MLS has a team in Canada)?

    2) If a European team agreed to loan a player to an MLS, how does it count against the Salary Cap? How do transfer fees count against the salary cap?

  85. Roblar says:

    I know you’ve stopped taking questions, but if you ever open it up again, I’d really like to hear more about why Balc wasn’t picked in the draft. I suppose we’ll hear more on Thursday when (if?) he gets picked in the supplemental draft.

  86. Joe B. NYC says:

    I also understand you’ve stopped taking questions, but is it possible if you can find it in your heart to talk about Eddie Johnson transfer or non-transfer fulham?