My take on Giuseppe Rossi’s decision to play for Italy instead of the United States

Good evening folks. I’m coming to you from my seat on a plane in Ft. Lauderdale bound for Newark, New Jersey. We’re a few minutes from takeoff and I wanted to add one more post. Apologies for not posting more today but it was just a hectic day getting ready for the return home. I will be back posting late tonight so stay tuned.

I will be posting my MLS Combine Day Three observations late tonight or in the morning, as well as a new MLS Mock Draft (Version 2.0).

For now, here is my column on Giuseppe Rossi’s decision to play for Italy rather than the United States. For those of you were unaware, Rossi will turn 21 on Feb. 1, at which point he will no longer have the option to play for the United States and will be cap-tied to Italy. Any hopes of Rossi changing his mind about playing for Italy look dead and the U.S. national team must move on without him.

Take a look at the column and let me know what you think of Rossi’s decision as well as my take on it. Share your thoughts below.

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83 Responses to My take on Giuseppe Rossi’s decision to play for Italy instead of the United States

  1. Mike says:

    I was wondering why there was so little written today since it’s the opening of the MLS TW…Oh yeah Rossi, hope to see how your diving lessons go

  2. Johnny says:

    I can’t wait til this is a dead issue. He isn’t a traitor or evil. I just wish he would play for for the Nats. He has a bright future but there are no guarantees that he be on Italy’s 2010 WC squad. If he played for the states, baring injury, he could gaurantee himself time in 2 to 3 World Cups. It’s time for all of us USMNT fans to move on. We don’t need Rossi, we have Johnson, Twellman, Davies, as well as many other world class fowards! So let this be a post of healing for all!

  3. Dominghosa says:

    Rossi bashing in 3…..2….

  4. nathan3e says:

    All well and good, fair play to him, etc. It does seem more than a small risk on his part though. He isn’t exactly an automatic selection for the Azzurri.

  5. Ilya says:

    At least Feilhaber didn’t choose to play for Brazil! (I am kidding, obviously.) Great article, Ives, thanks.

  6. Jim says:


    I don’t think US fans were dreading this. We’ve known for some time and don’t care.

    I think you went over the top in the article, potential best player for the US? He has not shown anywhere near that type of talent yet.


  7. Jerry says:

    I wonder if he or his dad have considered all the money they could be making if he played with the USMNT. I’m pretty sure he could be making Tiger or Lebron money as the face of US soccer.

  8. Ilya says:

    Jim, he is one of the leading scorers in La Liga (albeit he takes the penalties). Who is/was better?

  9. emilio says:

    He is deffinetly the best us player out there,he scored 9 goals in 19 goals for Parma and so far has 8 goals for one of the better teams in one of the best leagues in the world in Villareal, what other American can compare?

  10. Javier says:

    more rossi? calling this a dead horse would be an understatement.

  11. John says:

    Congrats to Rossi, he’s the American Owen Hargraeves. The irony is that traditionally the Italy team is made up of Serie A players…

    Truth be told, he wouldn’t make much of a difference in this era for the USA. We are the best in CONCACAF, and (at best) a second round World Cup Finals team.

    so is he really going to get a chance?

  12. Jim says:

    Ilya & Emilo,

    Dempsey has 6 goals for Fulham in the EPL this year. Donovan still gets my vote as best American player right now. Altidore has as much potential as well.

    No matter, my point is that he has not shown enough to deserve such accolades.

    I don’t doubt he potential but he has a lot to prove at club level and national team.

    Again I think US fans have moved on, we’ve known he does not want to play for us so the interest level is just not there.

  13. Go Metro says:

    If he doesn’t want to play here then he doesn’t want to play here. Can we stop caring now?

  14. blah says:

    We dont need Rossi. We have THE ALTIDORE! The REAL Face of the Future of US SOCCER!

  15. kpugs says:

    I don’t have a personal issue here either. I think it would be better for his international soccer career if he played for the U.S. Look at all the amazing players for Italy that don’t even get a CAP until they are 28! They are stacked from the top to the bottom of their national teams. It is going to be infinitely harder to earn that first cap, and indeed every single cap he might get, for Italy than it would be for the U.S.

    Having said that, it’s a lifelong dream for him and his family. I have no problem with his choice, provided he realizes there is a chance he will never even play for Italy’s senior squad. It’s happened to hundreds of players before him, so if he can deal with that uncertainty while playing at a top level and that’s what he really wants, who am I to call him a traitor?

  16. Roehl Sybing says:

    Giuseppe Rossi to American soccer fans is what Hope Solo is to anyone who can’t stand women’s soccer: time to change the subject and move on.

  17. CACuzcatlan says:

    What happened to Gabriel Ferrari, I don’t think he’s been playing a lot lately. I may have been way off, but I was under the impression he was another Rossi, except that he actually wants to play for the U.S.

  18. Mikemike says:

    Off Topic….

    Just received below email from RBNY about stadium

    “RED BULL PARK UPDATE: The first set of test piles were driven into the ground at Red Bull Park in Harrison, New Jersey. These timber piles are the first of over 3,000 that the three pile driving rigs will drive over the course of the next two months to support the stadium foundation. Over the past two weeks the site has been graded in preparation for the start of Monday’s pile driving operation. As the pile driving operation progresses around the stadium, crews will begin to install the next level of the foundations. The next step of the process includes the concrete pile caps and grade beams.”


  19. jon jon says:

    Sad to see him go, but good luck. I’ll always think what could have been. I used to be mad about it, but then I saw this piece on him on FIFA Futbol Mundial last week and it convinced me that his choice is worthy. Y’all should check it out. Good for him. And at least we still have Sal Zizzo.

  20. MV says:

    I leave the same comment every time it comes up but if he chose Italy fine, good for him but can we stop talking about him on American soccer sites. He chose to be Italian not American, therefore we should stop caring about him and stop covering him like an American. We have plenty of other prospects to talk about we don’t need to give attention to this joke of an Italian.

  21. Grumpy in LA says:

    Yeah, I’m with pretty much everybody who wishes Rossi well but also wishes discussion about him in various yanks abroad forums to come to an end. I don’t blame Ives for writing his column–I think he’s burying this dead horse more than beating it. Really, the column is topical given Rossi’s birthday, and it gives Ives a chance to speculate (let’s hope correctly) on how the mindset of the current crop of 10-year-old potential American stars may differ from even the mindset in 1998, which is worth thinking about in a lazy-Sunday (or -Tuesday) kinda way.

  22. irishapple21 says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Rossi should turn in his US passport and stay in Italy. He is not American. Screw him. We don’t need him.

  23. xjas says:

    Rossi will be call for the Italy team a couple of time that it. He will never play in a world cup
    And this decision will hunt him all his life. I know it.

  24. Modibo says:

    I wonder if Ghanaians say the same thing about Freddy Adu… who spent his first 8 years in Ghana.

    Of course, Freddy might be a lot poorer (no Nike contract) if he was playing for Ghana. Yeah, I know, Freddy hasn’t put in the buckets of goals that Rossi has… but he’s shown a real knack for clutch goals off the bench with Benfica, and he’s STILL only 18.

  25. Britton says:

    As far as Im concerned , Rossi can kiss my ass . We still have Clint Dempsey, Jozy, Gabe Ferrari, Vicenzo bernardo, and now Jose Angulo .

  26. Michael says:

    Like many others, I don’t really care that Rossi won’t play for the US. People are absolutely right that we have enough talent without him. There is no loss. I think a big misconception is that Americans can’t play soccer. More Americans need the opportunity(playing time and belief) that was given to Rossi. It’ll just show how much talent we have. The US will not be hurt Feb. 1.

  27. papa bear says:

    I don’t wish him well at all (I don’t wish debilitating injury on him or anything; just to be clear). Not because he spurned the USMNT, but because he’s on another team. C’mon folks. I don’t wish Gatusso well either. Pretty simple really.
    @Jim: you are correct. He takes PK’s and has fattened up on those and Deuce has 6 goals and is NOT the PK taker on a side with considerably less talent than Rossi is surrounded by; and I’m not the biggest Deuce fan either.

    Sure Rossi would start for the USMNT right now; but he’s not such a class above as to make heads spin. He’s not Messi, FFS.
    He has a tough road to hoe. As I posted here or somewhere else, there are at least 10 other people vying for spots on the Azzuri and at least 6 are ahead of him right now. He isn’t a lock by any stretch of the imagination. If he does break through and becomes an automatic 1st choice then his choice will look like genius; if not, then I guess he and we will only wonder ‘what if?’
    Frankly, I have no interest in bother with the subject of Rossi again until he actually does something worth talking about on the pitch.

  28. papa bear says:

    I should clarify; I meant to say 10 people vying for spots as forwards and 6 forwards who are ahead of him (at least) at the moment.

  29. daniel says:

    i normally am very interested in what you write about ives, but this is not a news story it is an on-going pity party. the guy made up his mind a long time ago and i’d rather not think about him or about what might have been. the guys that are still pouting about rossi are also still thinking about the hot chick that dumped them after the one date they had their freshman year of high school. if only rossi wasn’t from new jersey ives wouldn’t feel obligated to write about him.

  30. Alex says:

    I think I would have to agree with Michael. Any player given playing time and confidence from their coaches has a shot a developing like Rossi has. It’s just chance that it happened to a kid who loves Italy and his Italian heritage, that’s all. When it happens to a real American who loves America… We will win a world cup or something, I don’t know, but I’ve made my point.

  31. James says:

    I understand blood ties to one’s ancestral homeland and all that but this is a really idiotic business decision by Rossi and his old man. At best he will get a handfull of appearances for the Azurri (hey, even Giorgio Chinaglia only had 13 caps) while with the USA he could be the potential star of three world cups and maybe even the all-team leader as far as national team goals. He could be the latest poster boy for American soccer. He’s throwing it all away.

  32. PS says:

    What if his goal is not just to play in a world cup but to be on the winning team? Which country should he play for then?

  33. Brooks says:

    I’ll be surprised if he ends his career with more than a few dozen caps for Italy, which I guess would mean more than 100+ for the US. We can make all the excuses we want, but deep down, every one of us knows that we would be a much better team with Giuseppe.

  34. Tim F. says:

    Like Britton said. Screw Rossi.

  35. Zungazan says:

    Ives, thanks yet again for the quality article. You made some good points but as a fellow offspring of immigrants it still bothers me that he would make such a decision. I’m still in the “screw Rossi” camp.

  36. TK says:

    Giorgio is lucky to have 13 caps with Italy. While a decent and respected player in Italy (Lazio) he was limited overall, his fame was made here. With a dominant team beating up on most everyone else for a few years.

    He is still milking his Cosmos days. There is a reason no one wants to go into business with him (except Charlie of course) or wants him anywhere near a soccer club. Arrogant, unscrupulous, greedy and lacks common business sense. Yet, he still gets time becausse few of that age, and this now, knew any betetr. The ones that do stay far, far away.

  37. vreleven says:

    Who gives a FF. I wish him well and wish he played for us but, since there’s nothing we can do, I ‘d rather focus on who wants to play for us.
    Why not takeover this thread to discuss strategy/line-up for this weekend’s game?

  38. Doc Iowa says:

    Someone should send Rossi and his parents a copy of “The Game of Their Lives” to remind them of a time when immigrants were grateful for the opportunities this country provided and were willing to embrace it in return.

  39. furia yanqui says:

    OK then, let’s forget Rossi.

    What I’d like to know is what is up with Feilhaber and Bornstein, two guys who played in our biggest game of this year.

    Maccabi Tel Aviv web site says they have been signed. Feilhaber move is also being reported in the UK press. But Antonio Cue of Chivas USA tells Jaime Cardenas he knows nothing about Bornstein moving and has no intent to sell him.

  40. CACuzcatlan says:

    Doc Iowa, just because he doesn’t play for the US doesn’t mean he’s not grateful. For example, a person may be grateful for all the opportunities that a Company A provided for them, but that doesn’t mean they are obligated to stay there if they think they have a better future at Company B.

    I certainly don’t like his decision, but I see why he made it.

  41. Tony in Quakeland says:

    The day I’m most looking forward to:

    Josy Altidore’s goal sending Italy out of the World Cup…dejected shot of Rossi…blue in his blues…

  42. Doc Iowa says:

    CaCuzcatlan, we’re talking about country, not club, here so players should be more focused on loyalty than personal “opportunities”.

  43. Phillip says:

    Honestly, I don’t see Rossi getting a game with the Italian National Team.

  44. dcpohl says:

    I wish Rossi would play for the Nats. I think he would have an opportunity to play in more games, more WCQs and ultimately more World Cups. However, there’s one thing we can’t offer and that is the opportunity to win a World Cup. Every young player dreams of this and you can’t really fault him for that. I don’t know, if you’d ask me tomorrow you’d probably get a different opinion. Can’t wait to bury it all on February 1st.

  45. Felix says:

    I for one will be glad when this date comes and goes so we don’t have to hear about this anymore.
    The kid made his decision and he chose to play for one of the elite teams of the world, and realistically has a good shot with them. Coming from a family of immigrants, but grew up here, I can understand the pull of the country of your birth, and the country of your heritage.
    I begrudge him no ill-will.

  46. 3VIL L33T says:

    What are the rules for this?
    how many generations can you go back to say your a duel citizen?

    USMNT needs some better sales people working for them.

  47. matt says:

    i think it’s funny that people slam the kid who plays in a league with alot stiffer competition than the mls. sorry dudes (jerry) no american soccer player who isnt famous somewhere else will make tiger or lebron money in the states anytime soon. altidore has been playing against mls teams guys. thats alot different than la liga whether you want to hear or believe that or not. also..why the slamming his chances of getting into the italian squad? “i doubt he can make it” etc etc. what’s that say about yr beloved usmnt? “screw rossi but i hope we never play italy because they’ll whip the crap out of us”??

    the obvious fix for all of this is to wait for some more gen adidas studs to crop up…end up in more competitive leagues…start smacking balls into nets like rossi does and then come back with that experience to start tuning up the mexican team like 8-0.

  48. CACuzcatlan says:

    I think dual citizenship rules vary by country.

  49. doug says:

    I think this is a great post Ives. How can you fault a kid who took advantage of his father’s coaching and connections to Italian football to further his development in the game. Its not his fault he actually excelled as a young man at Parma at such a rapid rate. I wish him the best. And when he’s 32 and ready for a change, to help RBNY to 3 more league titles (hopefully)?

    I think of all the people born OUTSIDE of the US who put ont he colors. The Earnie Stewart’s, Tom Dooley’s, and Tab Ramos’s who paved the way so an American born player could have those opportunities to excel at the highest level

  50. sg says:

    i have italian and american citizenship and if i was in rossi’s position i would make the same choice. i find it funny and rather pathetic that people complain that he isn’t representing the us. get over it. he isn’t a traitor, and i don’t see people complaining every time an african player plays for a european team. where are the “patrick vieira’s a traitor” comments?

    btw, you could get italian citizenship through a spouse, or parent or grandparent and so on as long as it came after the unification of italy which was in 1860 or so.

  51. Phillip says:


    you don’t see any “vieira’s a traitor” comments because… well… this is mainly a USA blog… not a Senegalese blog… we need some Senegalese people here to make that argument

  52. Elliott says:


    No one is saying he should be playing in MLS instead of Serie A. This is a national team thing, not a club thing.

    Secondly, no one can beat Mexico 8-0.

    Personally, I’m happy with the decision if Rossi is happy with the decision. He has dual citizenship. He isn’t doing anything hundreds of players haven’t done before him.

  53. Nick says:

    It’s tough to swallow but if he wants to play for Italy, so be it… What better revenge than to face him and his Italian brothers in a crucial World Cup game and come away with victory. Now that, my friend, would be some mighty tasty “humble” pie.

  54. Yo says:

    Who is this Rossi everyone keeps talking about?

    Never heard of him.

  55. Phillip says:

    Yeah, like others have said though, you shouldn’t begrudge a guy for choosing to play for the country that his entire family is from.

    We’ve got who we’ve got, and we can go on from here.

  56. Matt Mathai says:

    Nice story.

    The moment Rossi said he wasn’t interested in playing for the US, I lost all interest in him.

    I hope he does well, but, to be honest, I don’t really care either way.

    Don’t mean to sound cold, but there it is…

  57. Daniel says:

    Honestly Ives. Good ridence to bad rubbish. We have better players coming thru the ranks than that kid.

  58. twakum says:

    Don’t know if it will be Rossi watching Altidore score in the WC…not from the field at least. More likely Rossi watching it from home while Altidore scores…he needs to get into a good team in serie A.

  59. Sandro says:

    Hey if that is his decision that is fine. No illwill to the guy. Would have been nice to have him play for the US, but hey if those are his dreams then just wish him the very best.

    I think now we need to move on too and just keep looking for the best players for the USMNT.

  60. Paul Lorinczi says:

    Well…if I had pursued a professional career back in the 80s when I was playing and had been good enough..I would have played for Hungary over the US.

    So the argument you make about US underachievment is a valid one in my eyes.

  61. Joe D. says:

    Someone mentioned Chinaglia getting a minuscule amount of caps, but there are better examples of excellent Italian players getting snubbed from the Italian National Team. How about Giuseppe Signori, who was the leading goal scorer in Serie A THREE separate times (’93, ’94, ’96) and one of the leading goal scorers in Serie A history, only had 28 caps for Italy in his career!

    So yes, it is a good possibility that Rossi’s Italian National Team career might be short-lived if it ever even occurs.

  62. Dave M says:

    Good riddance.

  63. Evan says:

    We tend to be too one-sided in the USA. We have no problem using up foreign born talent in our national team but, when the opposite occurs, we hear all these insinuations of near treason.

    It seems that it hurts our national pride when someone, in any arena, chooses another country over the US. It may be because we’re supposed to be “the best country in the world”…

  64. jaythehistorian says:

    Rossi (born in NJ)and his parents obviously benefited from residing in the US. His mother continues to live in New Jersey and enjoy the fruits of the richest country in the world. Unlike most other posters, I don’t wish Rossi well in his career. His family came to our country ,milked it, and continue to milk it. I think it shows contempt towards the US that, despite the begging of Bruce Arena, Bob Bradley, and others, Rossi figuratively spit in our eye. It’s not as if he can be replaced. The US doesn’t have anyone with his proven goal-scoring prowess. Italy’s performance in tournaments is unlikely to improve with Rossi on their team,while the US IMHO, could possibly win a world cup game with a scorer like Rossi, they might not otherwise win. Altadore is unproven at the senior level. When he scores as consistently as Rossi in one of the top European leagues then he can be counted on in important tournaments. Other than Dempsey, there is no one who is remotely as capable as a goal scorer as Rossi. This is not comparable to Owen Hargraves’ situation. He made his decision based on the high probability Canada will not qualify for the world cup in the foreseeable future. Rossi however,knows the US is almost assured of qualifying for every world cup held during his playing career.

  65. doug says:

    this is ridiculous. Most of these posts sound like teenage girls, mad at some dude they had a crush on, because he ended up dating the hottest girl in school and not them.

  66. RYC says:

    Is he really even cap tied till he plays (or is included in the squad) for Italy in a competitve (non-friendly match) after turning 21?

  67. Dave says:

    You could look at this one way, this could be a way to get American fans to root for the mens soccer team, by fans I mean the ones who are relatively indifferent about the soccer. Create an Enemy that we can rally around.

  68. CommonSense says:

    I have to agree w/ jaythehistorian. It’s not like this kid moved to the US at age 10 and just lived here a few years. He’s never freaking lived in Italy for anything but soccer.

    He IS a mercenary. Do you think he moves to Italy if he’s not a great soccer player? HELL no. His parents came to this country, because quite frankly, Italy is one of the most pathetic European economies (and governments). They took the chances they had here, to raise their son in a better environment.

    Rossi is a traitor merc, point blank period.

    and he’ll play very sparingly for Italy. Their strategy every WC is just to dive their way to enough FKs that their talented, tall forwards can head some goals home off set-pieces. Rossi will have to be serve as a link between the mids and forwards, as I don’t see such a short forward starting for Italy often, especially with the Italian-born talent he’s up against.

    Not only did he betray the country that provided he and his parents a better life, he’s stupid. It’s not like the US is freaking Canada or Scotland, we qualify every time, and our up-coming talent pool gives us a very good chance of going deep into the tournament in 2010 and 2014.

  69. Brain says:

    May Rossi never see an Italian cap.

  70. matt says:

    phillip- dare to dream brah! 8-0!

  71. Simona says:

    Fantastic article! It just wasn’t meant to be and sometimes us fans might feel bitter about it, but it’s going to be alright. I personally never was that attached to Rossi although it did annoy me that he didn’t want to play for the US or maybe it’s just how the fans went after him. He would have been great for the NT. In the end best of luck to the USMNT and I hope Rossi does well in his future.

  72. Joe D. says:

    “and he’ll play very sparingly for Italy. Their strategy every WC is just to dive their way to enough FKs that their talented, tall forwards can head some goals home off set-pieces. Rossi will have to be serve as a link between the mids and forwards, as I don’t see such a short forward starting for Italy often, especially with the Italian-born talent he’s up against.”

    Hey, CommonSense, quit commenting on shit you know nothing about!

    I take it you have not watched Italy much? When the hell did Italy have a plethora of tall forwards that you are talking about? Even now they only really have one (Luca Toni), and then he is supported by one or two smaller forwards. Then you claim that these small forwards/midfielders would never start on the Italian National Team. I guess that is true if you ignore all the ones that have: Del Piero (5’8″), Di Natale (5’6″), Roberto Baggio (5’8″), Totti (5’11”), Zola (5’5″), Salvatore Schillaci (5’8″), and Paolo Rossi (5’9″).

  73. Julio says:

    You know the saddest or the worst thing about this is….that the Italian National media and team will never endorse him as one of their own because he is not born in Italy. He will always be seing as the American. Italians take pride in having someone being born in the country and have played all their lives in Italy. He will be part of the team I bet, but not a Superstar. Had he played for the US he would have seen as a Superstar and nobody would give a rats @ss if he was Italian.

  74. burninator says:

    I just want to go on the record: if I ever get a chance to see Rossi play in person, for club or country, he’ll hear it from me. Good for him and his family, his dreams, blah blah blah, thanks for giving back to this wonderful country that you called home for so long, you thankless traitor.

    I cannot and will not be rational, fair, or compassionate about this. I am a rabid soccer fan, and a rabid USMNT fan, and anyone that prevents our possible success deserves nothing less than outright (completely legal, not extreme) verbal/written abuse.

    Isn’t that the way rabid sports fandom is supposed to work? If we can get into his head, we should. It sure worked in SLC in 2005 against Costa Rica…what a game….

    I’m pretty sure that some Ghanaians are frustrated that Adu won’t play for them, and I’m not going to say they don’t have a gripe. I pretty much see this as a non-issue for sane soccer fans, but a very frustrating issue for slightly insane soccer fans like me :-)

    It’s frustrating to live in a country like the USA after getting to know Argentine soccer a little bit. Imagine an Argentine player saying, “Hey, know what? My parents emigrated from Brazil, I want to play for Brazil even though I was born here and played here, even though I may never be capped very much by Brazil while Argentina would play me every game and I could help Argentina out A LOT. Nah, screw Argentina.” He’d have death threats, I think.

    It’s frustrating for him to be able to do this and get away with it, I think, with very little criticism. How would soccer fans in Italy feel if some player that would feature prominently on their national team decided to go to the states and 1) play less, and 2) screw Italy out of his talents?

    As long as Rossi is not hurting the USA any further than he already has, good for him, may he be the best player Italy ever knew. If he ever plays against us, I hope we give him a rowdy welcome, fans and players alike. I, for one, will cheer for every hard red, white, and blue tackle, taunt, and shove that comes his way. He should expect nothing less, and possibly more.

    I need not pay Rossi any attention, but I cannot forget or forgive him as some advocate here. My soccer rabies prevents this :-) GO TO HELL, ROSSI!!!


    BTW, I just read the definition of rabies: interesting symptomatic parallels between soccer fans and infected persons there… 😉

    COMMENTS? :-)

  75. Chg says:

    Screw Rossi. I hope his Italian NT life is filled with so much disappointment that he one day looks back on this as the worst decision of his professional career.

  76. Stephen says:

    It could be (gasp!) that he simply doesn’t want to play for the US, ever, regardless of his prospects with Italy. Why fly over from Europe when to consider yourself an American only by accident? Were it not for his Italian heritage, the probability is that he would never have taken up soccer. Were it not for his move to a European academy he may not have developed to the level were he could even consider playing on a national team.

  77. gerito says:

    I don’t wish him well at all. As far as I’m concerned the Rossi’s are ingrates. As a USA supporter and the son of immigrants, Guiseppe Rossi will be held in my contempt forever. His betrayal will not be forgiven. Disgraceful. Well Guiseppe, apparently the USA is not good enough for you. Why don’t you renounce your American citizenship and passport? Hypocrite! Go to hell!!! Since you feel you are so Italian, then you’ll know what an Italian salute is. I send you one!!! Lei e traditore ed un disonora. Andare all inferno disgrazia.

  78. gerito says:

    I don’t wish him well at all. As far as I’m concerned the Rossi’s are ingrates. As a USA supporter and the son of immigrants, Guiseppe Rossi will be held in my contempt forever. His betrayal will not be forgiven. Disgraceful. Well Guiseppe, apparently the USA is not good enough for you. Why don’t you renounce your American citizenship and passport? Hypocrite! Go to hell!!! Since you feel you are so Italian, then you’ll know what an Italian salute is. I send you one!!! Lei e traditore ed un disonora. Andare all inferno disgrazia.

  79. Yo says:

    MY GOSH ,,, what Hate from some of YOU.


  80. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    Unbelieveable how everyone bashes the kid. Definitly do sound like a bunch of teenage girls. The kid isnt good he is great. and all you haters make me sick. Obviously you guys must think he is good if everyone keeps talking about him. HOW CAN YOU BLAME SOMEONE FOR NOT WANTING TO PLAY FOR USA SOCCER! When the hell have we ever done anything good in the WC.And the MLS is still the biggest joke out of any other league , HAHAHA its amazing how jealous people are. Also his father was my high school soccer coach and he was a scumbag but it doesnt mean the son is that.. goo rossi

  81. tom m. says:

    who cares about this kid?? we got altidore, bradley, and adu-altidore is america’s face of soccer in the upcoming years. this guy made a dumb decision to play for italia- i doubt we’ll be seeing him anytime soon in big games. go JOZY!

  82. Sal Moreci says:

    Whats up with all the hate for Rossi? I’m an Italian born immigrant who’s lived in the USA since i was a month old. I love soccer and i love the Italian National team. When i watch soccer i root for Italia and the US, and if they play each other I root for Italy because that’s where im from and that where my ancestors are from. That doesnt mean i hate the USA or have anything against them. Lay off this kid, if he can play for Italy then let it be. And you have to be a hell of a player to play for the Azzurri. FORZA ITALIA!!!!

  83. Sal Moreci says:

    And why would you wanna play in a country where everyone laughs at soccer? I listen to ESPN Radio and they always make fun of soccer, I have American friends and they think soccer is boring and for fags. So why would anyone wanna play here and be a nobody, when you can play in Europe and be a respected star. Its easy math for me, the US in general doesnt like soccer. Until we promote and grow in this country as soccer fans the USA will never do anything in the WC. And for all you Italian National team bashers, we have 4 World Cups, how does the USA have??