Red Bulls practice day one (Running commentary)

Good morning folks. I’m coming to you from the practice bubble at Giants Stadium. The place is filled with prospects hoping to land a contract. I’ll provide some live commentary from here for the next hour so feel free to follow along.

12:13pm– Osorio has left the building but we still have one more game going. Agoos and Williams are watching the last game.


12:07pm- For those of you wondering, Columbus still has the rights to Teddy Niziolek but apparently the Crew and Red Bulls are talking trade again.


12:03pm- Spoke to Francis Doe and it turns out he spent the off-season in Minnesota, where his parents live.


12pm- We’re still going and Palacio finished off a nice sequence with a goal. The kid’s a player.


11:45am- I’ve said it already but Kassel is legit. Obviously the competition is a few notches below what he’ll see in MLS but you can see the skill.

We’ve had two goals since the opener, including a nice one by Martin Nunez.


11:40am- Here are the rosters of the teams today (some players are here who aren’t on the lists):


  • Laurent Manuel
  • Matt Kassel
  • Tighe Dombrowski
  • Scott Palguta
  • Oscar Carmona
  • Zen Darwcz
  • Keith Hernandez
  • Sola Abolaji
  • Leo Buttitta
  • Chris Megaloudis


  • Danleigh Borman
  • Abimbola Pedro
  • Marshall Leonard
  • Martin Nunez
  • Ted Niziolek
  • Cody Ericson
  • Hakim Zermouni
  • Felipe Libreros
  • Gabriel Ortega
  • Christian Camacho


  • Michael Palacio
  • John Gilkerson
  • Steve Curfman
  • Ricky Schramm
  • Spencer Allen
  • Ben Clack
  • Carlos Manuel Mora
  • Mauricio Turizio
  • Alex Cunliffe
  • Kevin Mesa
  • David Panchano

Goalkeepers in attendance are: Andrew Sparkes, Alex Satovic, JP Franchini and Bill Gaudette.

Now you can Google away.


11:34am- We finally had a goal, scored by Gabriel Ortega. There was no roar from the crowd. Hopefully more goals are coming.


11:26pm- We’re in between games again and there still hasn’t been a goal scored. I wish I could say it is because of the stellar defending but it hasn’t. There have been some players who have showed some skill so it hasn’t been a complete loss. I would still rate the action so far better than Day One, Game One at the MLS Combine. I’m still in therapy after that disaster.


11:22am- One prospect who has looked decent in a central midfield role is Christian Camacho. Then again, he might just stand out because of the mohawk he’s sporting. Actually, he’s pretty skillful.


11:17am- Marshall Leonard is certainly an interesting prospect. As a left-sided defender, he should get a long look as a bench option. He’s not doing much today but only because he hasn’t faced much in the way of attacks.


11:12am- Yes, they are still playing. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve had a goal all day.


11:03am- We’re in between games and I can tell you that Kassel, Palacio and Dombrowski have impressed. Defender Sola Abolaji has also looked pretty good today.


11am- Yes, I just figured out I was putting PM on my updates. Supplemental pick Michael Palacio has been impressive today.


10:56am– Tighe Dombrowski has looked pretty good in defense.

Stil waiting to see a left-sided player stand out.


10:50am- Supplemental picks Michael Palacio and John Gilkerson look decent.


10:42am- Former RSL defender Steve Curfman is also here.


10:38am- Teddy Niziolek is here and playing center back.

Kassel with a nice surge forward that results in a shot saved. The kid can play.


10:33am- Also in the house is Francis Doe. That is good news because it means he isn’t stuck in Liberia with visa issues.


10:31am- A little 10 v 10 action is taking place right now and it’s about as sloppy as you would expect.


10:26am- MLS veterans in attendance today include former Columbus Crew goalkeeper Bill Gaudette and former New England defender Marshall Leonard.


10:21am- Guess who is on the field for the first action? None other than Red Bulls youth prospect Matt Kassell. Yep. The boy wonder is here.


10:18pm- Richie Williams is gathering the players and giving them the rundown of things. He and Jeff Agoos are in attendance.


10am- Head coach Juan Carlos Osorio has arrived and it looks like his brain is going a thousand miles an hour. I don’t have the heart to tell the prospects in this bubble but I think Osorio’s mind is on the foreign players he’s hoping to sign.

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24 Responses to Red Bulls practice day one (Running commentary)

  1. emilio says:

    Are there any foreign players trying out? will you speak to Osorio? thanks

  2. Nutmegger says:

    Leonard is a solid left-sided option who can play left back as well as left mid. I’m glad to hear that he is in camp to give us depth at both positions. Gaudette is a solid MLS backup keeper as well. Can’t wait to hear more about Kassell and how he does this Spring. NM

  3. byron says:

    any word on the left-sided players? ive been hearing good things about a couple of the left footers…

  4. Altirode008 says:

    any word on the abinbola kid? how is the chap doing?

  5. Angelo says:

    Any sight of the assistant coach,Omid Namazi?

  6. kaijitang says:

    any word on magee’s status for the opener?

  7. THE Nick says:

    Any chance we get a little list of who’s there and a little background? With over 30 players trying out, we’ve only heard about 7 names…

  8. Scott A says:

    This is extremely out of the blue but I thought I´d just put it on the most recent post. Is there a list anywhere of team salaries in MLS? Obviously LA seems to be able to ride above the cap line but I´m wondering if any teams actually choose to not reach the cap.

  9. who-knows says:

    Keith Hernandez? Who does he think he is? 😉

  10. Jeff says:

    Off topic – does anyone know if the US olympic qualifiers in march will be televised?

  11. Chris says:

    Ives you said that RBNY will speak to the media today. Will you be writing a piece on what was said at the news conference?

  12. How is Mega doin?

    I was pals with his older brother who was an amzing player. We would always tease em his bro would be better and look now!

  13. Dannyc58 says:

    Teddy Niziolek, again–really? Is it really worth making a deal for the kid? Jeez.

  14. Onionsack says:


    Good to hear he has impressed.

  15. Scott A says:

    Yeah who-knows, I´m suspicious of this new young Keith Hernandez as well. One time he spat on me outside Shea

  16. empire bull says:

    Does anyone know how the Goalkeepers did?
    Bill Gaudette have what it takes to be a Red Bull?
    Where have I heard that name Andrew Sparkes from?
    JP also a good local Prospect!

  17. lakaix15 says:

    ehh its an amature fest….

  18. Onionsack says:

    What lakaix, no love for a fellow Polish heritage player?

  19. Eagle92 says:

    Curious to hear about Gilkerson. Any shot of making this team? He’s one of 2 Winthrop Univ players picked up in the supplemental draft (Saidi Isaac to NE). My alma mater, so I hope one or both can make it.

  20. Mikemike says:

    Scott A. –
    I think Goff has something like that.

  21. Joamiq says:

    I’m pretty sure MLS Underground has all the 2007 salaries organized by team. I remember using that to calculate the Galaxy’s payroll and determining that with their allocations, they actually did not seem to be over the cap.

  22. lakaix15 says:

    onionsack, if there polish it doesnt mean that ill like him…. hes not a starter in mls in my opinion maybe off the bench…. but at all the players that were there i would right matt kassel the highest…. and thats kind of sad….

  23. Eugene says:


    Any idea why they didn’t call Johnny Exantus or Walter Hines into the practice/try-outs? If they’re taking a look at all these different players (local and non-local I guess), why not also take a look at the top academy kids in addition to Kassel?

  24. Scott A says:

    Mikemike, didn´t see it. But I guess it´s an obvious joke to make