SBI is back in Jersey

Good morning all. I’m writing you from SBI headquarters in North Bergen, New Jersey and I can tell you that I’m glad to be home. Yes, I wouldn’t have minded an extra day in the Florida sun, but three days of Combine matches will make anyone want to go home.

I will be cranking up the posts shortly, with an MLS Combine Day Three wrap-up set for 10am, followed by my next MLS Mock Draft by noon. I may have some other posts between now and then but those are two you can expect to see.

I will also be giving my detailed breakdown of the trades that have been made official recently, such as the KC-San Jose swap (madness) and the LA-Dallas deal (awful).

For now, if there are any subjects you want to discuss, feel free to do so here. I am wrapping up a piece for right now and will be providing some new posts shortly so stay tuned.

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14 Responses to SBI is back in Jersey

  1. Murphy says:

    Ives–could you give us any more info on the EJ to Fulham situation? thanks

  2. JoSchmo says:

    The guys at link to are in the final stages of their purchase of Ebbsfleet United. An English team owned and controlled by the fans. Interesting

  3. Big JT says:

    Over and under on when those articles will really get posted is…

    I know, I know, a jourmalist’s life is tough.

  4. WTF says:

    OK Ives, it is 10:16 where is the update?

  5. kpugs says:

    How about that both trades were insane?

    Or that the league is a joke? Admitting Ruiz and Donovan should BOTH be DPs by grandfathering their contracts and then allowing them to both play for LA?

    We get it, MLS. The 2008 MLS cup champions are the LA Galaxy regardless of how many games they lose. Thanks for giving the league so much credibility.

  6. Mighty says:

    Wait a minute you telling me you lived in North Bergen and i never seen you checking out the kids at Memorial High School Socceer team… they had some good players there for the past years…. you should check them out….

  7. jeff says:

    Not the most pressing or interesting issue, but Mathis to Greece – thoughts?

  8. Joe_in_ND says:

    Ives, thoughts on the job that Hicks and Gillett are doing at Liverpool?

  9. Tim F. says:

    I’m surprised the Quakes gave up the #1 pick for only Nick Garcia.

    Any chance we might see the remaining answers to the last Q&A?

    Anything on what Richie Williams will be doing with the NY Red Bulls (I’m glad they are keeping him on)?

    Any opinion on Omid Namazi as a coach?

    Anything on other well regarded prospects — combine related or not — such as Jason Landers of St. John’s, Sam Bailey of Fairfield, Ryan Cordiero of UConn or midfielders Michael Videira and Andrew Jacobson?

  10. Tim F. says:

    Also, can there be more transparency with team salary caps and allocations?

  11. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Yallop DEFINITELY has to have something up his sleeve to have traded off the no 1 draft. Hes defo stacking up the defence but lacking in striker/attacking dept.

  12. Frimp says:

    I think someone posted this earlier, and I saw it yesterday – but for RBNY fans who haven’t…they’re driving some piles in harrison. It may be 09, but at least it may really be 09…or at least ’10…

    Seriously though, there was a bit of banter a few weeks ago on a logo contest for the new SBI and/or some merch – can we get something going, if Ives is cool with it of course. Maybe a new banner for the homepage (no offense Ives, it looks good).

  13. Johnny says:

    Thank god benny is not going to Isreal!
    link to

  14. Amit says:

    Wow. I never would have thought that the SBI headquarters are right in my hometown. That’s awesome!