US men’s national team unveils new home jersey

The U.S. men’s national team has unveiled the jersey it will wear for home games in 2008. Here it is:


What do you think? I know what I think. I feel like I’m looking at something out of a Tommy Hilfiger or Eddie Bauer catalog. Notice how there is no collar on this one? If it had a collar the players might think they’re in a Gap commercial. No word yet on whether this comes with a sweater to tie around the neck.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit harsh. We’ll see how it looks against Mexico.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Think it’s better suited for the women’s field hockey team? Share your thoughts below.

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204 Responses to US men’s national team unveils new home jersey

  1. brian says:

    don’t like it much at all right now. and i’ll like it even less once nike unveils the same exact jersey for the other 100 national teams it sponsors.

  2. Aaron says:

    Frankly Ives, you could have been much much harsher…

    Even before reading your blurb, my knee-jerk reaction to seeing the new USMNT sweater pullover was a mighty cringe.

  3. JMH says:

    I like the blue and white pin stripe jerseys. This ones ok, they definetley could do better

  4. Evan says:

    Give me a blowtorch and a gallon of gasoline and I could improve upon that design ten-fold.

  5. wolvie wanderers says:

    how picks our uniforms? or is it all in Nike’s hands, like the original MLS names and logos – for the love of footie, can’t we get something better?!?!?! maybe we should just switch to adidas…

    and when are we getting a respectible logo – that shield is huge and ugly…hey why not enlarge it and put it directly on the chest of the new shirt…

    sigh 2008 – and another crappy kit

  6. bubblehouse says:

    We could win the world cup and we would still be the laughing stock of the world wearing that hideous jersey.

  7. Modibo says:

    Where I come from we call this “suck-a**.” You’ll never catch me with this rag on my back.

  8. Johnny says:


  9. Steve says:

    Wow. I’m the minority here. I kinda like it. They need to throw a collar on it though and as Ives pointed out, make it Gap-like. That way I could wear it to work. Cubicle-ready.

  10. DJC says:

    WOW… I mean, wow… This really, really really sucks. Is that baby blue? I mean, WOW. No joke, this is a woman’s shirt right?

  11. Daniel says:

    Wow, I wonder whos kid at Nike won the design contest.

  12. Haig says:


  13. KingSnake says:

    I had the same initial impression. Appropriate for Landycakes though …

  14. kahlva says:

    Why do they feel it’s necessary to change our jerseys every year? What in the world is wrong with our “classic” white ones?

    UGH. This one is vanilla-boring. Let’s all put it on and then go meet Buffy and Lawrence at the yatch club…

  15. Chris H says:

    Yeah…if it were the manager’s polo (with a collar), then I might consider it. But as the actual jersey? When did Nike decide that pinstripes would look good on a soccer jersey?

    At least the gold is gone. I hated that.

    I blame this on Sam’s Army. See what happens when you ask for more red in the US jersey? 😉 You get red pin stripes.

    I have to reserve final opinion until I see it on the players at the game.

  16. Derek says:

    I don’t know if it is worse than the blue pinstripes but it certainly is terrible.

  17. George H. says:

    Just awful. What was wrong with the ones that we had?

    I know that the USSF & Nike make more cash by selling the new shirts, but this is ridiculous. We need to pick one jersey which doesn’t change through the years like real soccer nations do and then Nike can mess around with the alternative jersey each year.

    The only positive in this development is that I’ll be able to buy the old jersey on the cheap now.

  18. mike ruze says:

    Hate i now we’ll really hear how soccer is for sissys

  19. Adam says:

    I crap better kits than this, seruiously?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  20. Jim says:


    Keep some slight variation of the old one, we have a long history, why do we have to look ridiculous?

  21. Dave says:

    Steve I’ll back you up man. I’m a fan, I’m sure it’ll look nice once we see it out one pitch.

  22. Makes anyone wearing it look like they’d rather be playing rugby.

    In the wussiest rugby league ever.

    It’s terrible.

  23. mikemc says:

    First thought…a Tiger Woods golf shirt! Definitely, not a fan of it…

  24. mikemc says:

    For the record nothing against Tiger, just not something I would envision for a soccer kit.

  25. PKTaker says:

    bring back the ’94 denim colored kit…

  26. James says:

    I don’t like it, but I have to say this:

    It’s better than half of our old uniforms. So on the US Uniform scale (1-10), I’ll give it a 6. On a “fashion shouldn’t really matter in soccer” scale, a 2.

  27. dabes2 says:

    Worst since the 94 faux denim. It’s going to look great with the argyle socks.

    I know many disagree with me, but I actually love the home jersey it’s replacing.

  28. mexicanbluefish says:

    free association: 80’s preppy, crybaby, wuss, sissy, pansy, tennis, golf, 90’s yuppy, country club, late 80’s BMW, Wham, Duran Duran, Daddy’s little girl…

  29. Kevin says:

    Look at the bright side, at least we won’t be spending any money on the new shirt. :)

    Seriously though, take off the shield, and how would anyone even remotely think that’s a US Men’s NT jersey? Looks more like a new FC Dallas away jersey.

  30. RP says:

    Close second for “Worst. USA Jersey. Ever.” to the denim blues from 1994.

    Somehow this makes the royal blue pinstripe third jersey looked inspired.

  31. Sandro says:

    I hope this is in addition to the current home jersey. They should keep the one we have now, white with blue and red stripes. It is a classic jersey and should stay. No other nation changes as quickly as we do. This is just terrible! We need some consistency.

  32. jason says:


  33. Sandro says:

    Mr Gulati,

    Please keep the old jersey. Enough of these jerseys, seems like we have one every year! Build tradition by keeping the jerseys we have.

    Hmmm, we should start a petition so that Mr Gulati can hear us USA Soccer fans! Any ideas?

  34. soccer nerd says:

    Look, I’m just going to say this, and you guys can interpret it however you want:
    This jersey will look just right on Taylor Twellman.

  35. Uncle Jason says:

    This design is gayer than Ryan Seacrest! Please change this crap because it is an absolute shame. NIKE is full of pretentious a-holes…let’s switch to ADIDAS or PUMA.

    Bobby B. should protest!

  36. jeff says:

    everyone seems to want a collar . . . how ’bout this instead of that hideous womens jersey?

    link to

  37. BK says:

    I think this pretty much sums it up.
    link to

    Sandro, there are a lot of online petition websites. You start one up, I’ll be the first to sign it.

  38. steve-o says:


    what happened to red, white, and blue?

  39. jb says:

    Why are we the only team in the world that feels a need to completely overhaul our jersey every six months? The practice is stupid and this jersey is ugly.

  40. Rob C says:

    I saw a great article in Slate Magazine once regarding the lack of consistency of the National Team Kit, which also results in a lack of unity among fans and a lack of tradition for a Soccer Federation that has been around for almost 100 years. This is a perfect example. What is this team’s main color and main look?

    Italy, the Azzuri, BLUE. Brazil, always yellow shirt and blue shorts. Argentina, light blue and white. The USA. Red? White? That weird teal/green/denim thing from ’94? This team has no identity and refuses to establish a tradition.

    When I saw the pinstriped “Copa America” kit I loved it and thought it should be the main shirt, with the current white shirt as the alternate. Why change? Sure, cuts and styles change (uniforms are much tighter-fitting today, for example), but I think there needs to be consistency.

    This shirt isn’t THAT bad. I need to see it with shorts and socks. Still would prefer the 2 current kits (white and navy) and the Copa America pinstriper to this one.

  41. J says:

    anything is an improvement over the pajama kit, but that is not saying much. However, our shield is terrible. I like the idea of going with one design and sticking with is so when you see it, you know it is the U-S-A. Play with the alternates.

  42. Michael F. says:

    Embarrasing. Horrific.

  43. BK says:

    I posted the Slate article that Rob C is talking about a few comments back if you’re interested in reading it.

  44. Steve W says:

    Why does the jersey have to change, what seems like, every six months?


  45. twakum says:

    major, major suckage…

  46. Matt Mathai says:

    My reaction to the jersey follows:


    A more reasoned reaction: I thought a jersey was meant to reflect your national identity in some way. This jersey just looks like an expensive rec league jersey. I hate it.

    I say that knowing full well that if we win the world cup in it, I’ll be in line to buy one.

    Finally, @mikemc: Tiger Woods would not be caught dead in a shirt like that.

  47. eric says:

    dont like it.

  48. Rob C says:

    I think we can take solace in the fact that there will be another shirt for 2010. They usually do these on a two-year cycle, correct?

  49. PS says:

    Thanks a lot Ives! Here I am just getting out of bed on the west coast and trying to ease into the day and you assault me with that … that … thing. My immediate response was WTF is that? I couldn’t help but say it out loud the moment your main page loaded.

  50. jpc says:

    i like it, except for the fake v-neck… but otherwise i like it

  51. northzax says:

    @ Matt Mathai:

    A more reasoned reaction: I thought a jersey was meant to reflect your national identity in some way. This jersey just looks like an expensive rec league jersey.

    and that is reflecting our national (soccer, at least) identity, ain’t it? I like the idea of khaki shorts and argyle socks to go with it. Would FIFA let us wear argyle socks?

  52. SWAG says:

    Simply Ugly, sticking with the current white.
    I usually buy them all but this one not so much!

  53. Kim says:

    Is that a red wine stain on the lapel? Does it come with a pair of ‘swooshed’ deck shoes for travel?

  54. Neumannator says:

    I think it will look perfect on Landon and I think I’ve said enough.

  55. quakes fan says:

    couldn’t get much uglier than this. Reminds me of some those heinous designs Nike came up with for the first year of MLS.

  56. Tony in Quakeland says:


  57. A Diddy says:

    I like it. I hope the blue and white pinstripe becomes our new home jersey and this becomes our away.

  58. Nick says:

    This is a real shame. Last week I was checking out the new Nike kits they did for the European teams playing in Euro 2008 and they all looked amazing, which made me really excited for the new US jersey, but this is a major disappointment! Hopefully the away jersey will look nicer because this is terrible!

  59. Nick says:

    Also, the faux V neck makes it looks like a woman’s jersey. Let’s give this to the USWNT, it’ll look great on them and maybe Nike can design us a new one.

  60. stencom1 says:

    Really? That’s the best they can come up with? You would think a US company like Nike would save the best for the home team right? How bout some satin skorts and stockings with a line up the back…..Horrilble!

  61. inkedAG says:

    It’s not that bad. Much better than that Blue & White pinstripe wannabe Yankees Bulls**t!!

  62. Cornholio says:

    Absolutely horrendous.

  63. Gene says:


  64. Adam R. says:

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see Taylor Twellman sporting the youth large version.

  65. Joamiq says:

    is that?

  66. George says:

    Adam, Thank you !!

    “I’ll reserve judgement until I see Taylor Twellman sporting the youth large version.”

    Now that’s funny!

  67. cbr says:

    sit tight ppl.they’ll probably change then in a year anyway

  68. Gilly73 says:

    At least the new Away jersey looks good!

    link to

  69. stencom1 says:

    I am now less of a man after looking at that top (isnt that what woman call their shirts?)

  70. El Pav says:


  71. PKTaker says:

    the away kit is nice. i like the new training tops better than the new home shirt…

  72. sublicon says:

    Aaallllright. Now that we have that out of our systems . . I don’t mind it. Its the same “model” as the Man U shirt, I think. It does look very Tommy Hil, but I’d still buy it.

    Go to the website and check out the details, like the script “Dont Tread On Me” on the collar and it may grow on you a little. Also I think more people will warm up to it when they see it in action.

    I agree with the assesment that the shirts aren’t consistent. What can you do? Give it a little time. I won’t buy until I can customize anyway.

  73. Scott A says:

    Wow. I´ll wait to offer a scathing opinion until I see it on an actual person because you never know…but wow. How does that look good or represent the U.S. or its colors? Baby blue…wow..

  74. Scott A says:

    It doesn´t appear to be the same material as other jerseys. Looks like a t-shirt, maybe it´s just the picture. And yeah, our shield is poor.

  75. JeffM says:

    I’m with the mob: this sucks. Not only would I have to suffer looking like an Abercrombie-wearing douchebag if I bought this shirt (which I won’t), but BABY BLUE? That’s not one of our colors! I like our current shirt – why can’t that stick around for a while longer?

  76. Phillip says:

    Where do you people see baby blue?

  77. Trex says:

    I know I’m in the far minority here, but I think I really like it. Especially over what we have now.

    I think people are over-reacting a bit here, are people jumping on the I HATE ALL
    USMNT JERSEYS bandwagon again? I don’t know, I guess I just don’t see what there is about this jersey to just huck at first sight like most people here are doing.

    Well, people can dislike it if they want, that’s fine. But my personal opinion is that it looks pretty sharp.

  78. Ted says:

    Besides the obvious complaints about messing with our home jersey and not having an identity..

    I don’t hate it. It’s better than what we could be stuck with (have you seen Liverpool’s horrendous third kit?). That said, I think the blue pinstripes were a cool idea but completely ugly in execution.

    The subtle shift from white to light gray is cool. We have to see what it looks like with whatever shorts they pair it with and the socks, but it could be a lot worse.

    I liked the old home jersey though,
    especially when they wore all white.

    Can we just bring back some form of the “Don’t Tread On Me” and call it good?

  79. Brims says:

    No thanks. Maybe they’ll change their minds.

  80. Kris says:

    Jes, everyone here’s a hater. I like it–But I love simple jersey’s more than ones that are so busy, so it falls into my liking.

    And please don’t refrain to the term “gay” as an insult, Uncle Jason. We’re all bigger than that.

    (link to

  81. mb says:

    WOW!!! its ugly. maybe they could use it as a practice jersey or a warm-up shirt but not the game jersey. what was wrong with the current home jersey- i love the current home jersey and i think everyone else does to.

    and i’ve been saying for years the US’ logo needs to be updated- it looks like some crappy clipart.

  82. Mr. Fish says:

    Absolutely awful.

  83. MemRook says:

    Well, I like it. I hate having a change every year or so, but I don’t think it’s bad at all. Also, I don’t see baby-blue, I see a light grey. I don’t know where baby-blue comes from.

  84. Mountaineer Pride says:

    I will have to see the whole kit before I pass judgement.

  85. Eric in Baltimore says:

    It doesn’t do anything for me. I neither love it nor hate it. It has neither elegant simplicity nor bold design. It looks like it was designed by a committee.

  86. Brian from NY says:

    I loved the old kit and I love this one. Mark me down for this one with Altidore’s name on it ASAP.

    It’s not my dream of red and white hoops with blue shorts, but it’s really good. I don’t know what you guys are looking at.

  87. Kim says:

    I heard Fuzzy Zoeller will be modeling the top at the Doral Open.

  88. Kevin says:

    I want to see it in HD first. It looks fugly now, but they always say that everything looks better in HD, so… am I grasping at straws right now???

  89. Brit says:

    Kudos for Nike for going out on a limb and doing somthing different and classy…oh, wait, they didn’t. My bad.

  90. Marc says:

    As much as I like Ives’ sweater joke, I will reserve judgment until I see it on the field.

  91. kpugs says:

    Free association on mexicanbluefish: bigot

  92. Brian from NY says:

    I also don’t understand what this “trademark” is that you all want. United States wears a white shirt, with a navy blue change shirt.

    Italy wears blue.
    Brazil wears yellow.
    England (and every African nation) wears white.

    We wear white. That’s our shirt. This shirt is white. It’s our shirt.
    If we win a world cup in it, it becomes iconic.

    What do you guys want as a “signature,” pink polka dots? Stars and stripes, a la Croatia’s tablecloth shirts?

  93. BK says:

    We all need to face the fact that this is a product of Nike and nothing else. Does anyone remember last year or the year before in college football when Virginia Tech, Florida, and Miami all had some experimental Nike jerseys with one sleeve color different than the rest of the jersey? They were heinous, but that’s what Nike does. Changes the jerseys to sell more. Nike sucks. It was better when they hadn’t even entered the soccer fray back when I was a young tyke.

  94. ruscien says:

    That new jersey is solid, much better than the white one I have in my closet from 06.
    I don’t understand what the problem, so it is stylish, not permanent and will likely change in a year or 2.
    Sorry they don’t design the jersey with hickville, usa in mind.

  95. Tom B. says:

    I really liked the old shirt…

    this, I HATE.

  96. Dan says:

    Maybe it’s purpose is to distract the other team during a match.

  97. BK says:

    “He looks like a date rapist”.

    Brody – Mallrats

  98. nicholas s. says:

    As a designer and someone deeply rooted in branding,

    My first reaction is overwhelmingly positive as I thought the previous kit was very unappealing.

    I appreciate the reserved, subtle approach to the kit and I am impressed that it wasn’t taken in the direction that many new American sport uniforms are taken in.

    Actually, I think i’ll go write my own blog on it. ha.

    I’ll be buying one of these for sure

  99. Eric says:

    I actually like these shirts…I really dont understand why people “hate” them so much.

  100. scott47a says:

    I join the minority in liking this kit.

  101. Zungazan says:

    I like that they kept it simple without a bunch of stupid triangles or swooshes just to try and make it original.

    Also I’m relieved that they aren’t like their practice jerseys where there’s a stripe that yanks off their necks. Now that looks stupid.

  102. John Wayne says:

    Awful. Put a collar on it and it’s some Polo shirt.

  103. EricJohn says:

    I’ve never really been pleased with any of the home jerseys, so my expectations are not high to begin with. After giving it a few minutes, I think it could be much worse.

    Our away uniforms have always been better and this one is no exception.

  104. EricJohn says:

    Oh, and I agree with Kris. Calling it gay is childish. I’ve always been impressed that almost everyone here stays above that kind of thing.

  105. Phillip says:

    I’ve never seen a white and off-white/light-gray polo shirt.

  106. mike ruze says:

    Is this a jersey or candy srtipe girls work uniform ?

  107. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I think the only rational think for Nats fans to do is gather torches and pitchforks and storm Nike headquarters.

  108. Nick says:

    I like the away jersey a lot. I’ll be getting one of those. I wish they would stop making our ugly shield so big.

  109. emanon says:

    I don’t love it, but also don’t think its as bad as others have indicated.

    Wish the blue bands were closer to navy blue than the light greyish/baby blue that they are.

  110. Mike O says:

    Wow, those stripes are busy and look ridiculous. Why did they see the need for change here? Brazil never changes their kit. The white shirt with red and blue stripe and blue shorts looks smart and classic. This looks like a mess.

  111. Phillip says:


  112. Dave says:

    HORRIBLE! One of the worst ever produced for a national team.

  113. Jordan says:

    I think this is a classy look. I think this would be even better if it had a blue or white collar. I dont know what everyone is so upset about. I like the horizontal look of a polo shirt

  114. MikeinSD says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth……:-x

    REALLY BAD!!!!

  115. BigTex says:

    Awful, henus, looks like some preppy BS. Ives you were being too nice. Why does the association feel the need to change the jersey all the time. Real football associations don’t tamper w/ their gear. This is just ridiculous, the kits they have now are fine.

  116. Jordan says:

    I like this shirt. I think it is a very classy look. If it had a collar it would be even better. I dont see what is wrong with this jersey. I would have liked to have seen some continuity with the vertical stripe from 06 but I like this version too

  117. Free DC says:

    I dont like it, but acknowledge that it could be much worse. At least it isn’t too busy or as bad as the blue pinstripe. I really liked the previous home jersey and would have liked to see that style kept.

    the worst thing about it, to disagree with the designer guy above, is its branding. it reinforces the stereotype that soccer is some sort of preppy, suburban, socal, rich kid sport that real men dont play. it is horrible branding in that it reinforces the worst bs about soccer out there. furthermore it does absolutely nothing to connect to the true brand, that of the united states.

  118. Dominghosa says:

    Free DC, that was one of the most intelligent posts I’ve probably ever read on this blog.
    That really does make sense.

  119. Sandro says:

    I created a petition online to keep and use the old USMNT Home Kits. Please pass it on to others and hopefully we can keep tradition and identity in US soccer.

  120. Does anyone notice the jersey isnt fully white . . . . it has hints of light grey/blue stripes. 3 of em, 2 white ones.


  121. It looks like a bad FC Dallas jersey, which is already bad enough.

  122. Keith Brown says:

    what a piece of shit!

    would never buy one or wear one.

    What a joke

  123. John says:

    Classic responses from the posers who think it is cool to dump on everything American… and of course, every one on this board will end up buying it.

  124. Dave says:

    I really wish that someone other than Nike had our contract. Unfortantely the US is a big money market and a prime target for the behemoth that is Nike. Some of the smaller fish make nice stuff – check out Italy’s away kit by Puma for example (link to – simple and understated. In my opinion, the USA jersey is overstyled.

    The “don’t tread on me” on the inside of the collar is nice touch – Motivational. What people can see are the ugly red, horizontal pinsrtipes. If we aren’t fat and slow this kit will certainly make us look that way on the pitch.

  125. mb says:

    John- i follow the USMNT religiously (just ask my wife), but i don’t like this jersey. lumping everyone into a category as you just have is just… umm… stupid.

  126. Eric says:

    Phillip wrote:


    I think some people are seeing the gray as a light blue or we are seeing the light blue as a gray.

  127. lasoccer says:

    Without Adidas as the Nats sponsor, we will continue to get Nike fashion designers w/o futbol understanding. The only Nike Nats kit worth keeping was the ill-named ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ red tops with blue shorts that they wore in the send-off match before WC2006. Nike got this one right because it was based largely on a previous design.

  128. yeahh says:

    why does everyone hate nike sponsering the us team?? i think it is approiate that the biggest american sports company sponsers the national team…why have a german company like adidas or puma sponser the usa??

  129. guillermo says:

    This looks awful. But I did like the alternate blue pin stripe kit from last year.

  130. Ed Ho says:

    What’s the big deal? Its basically a white kit. I think its fine. What was everyone hoping for anyway?

    I’m more concerned with seeing if they play well while in the uniform. England has great uniforms and they suck.

  131. Ed Ho says:

    What’s the big deal? Its basically a white kit. I think its fine. What was everyone hoping for anyway?

    I’m more concerned with seeing if they play well while in the uniform. England has great uniforms and they suck.

  132. chuck says:

    Look I like Playing golf as much as anyone but Yuck.
    do you get a fee bowl of soup with that shirt?
    First Home Match played at Bushwood

  133. Jordan says:

    Whats wrong with looking designer? It is our colors and It isnt extremely ugly. It is a fairly neutral look but something a little different. It makes the US look all business. I like it

  134. Sandro says:

    Don’t forget to sign my petition if you disagree with the new Home Kit and prefer to keep the old one.

    link to

    Sorry Ives’ won’t keep repeating myself.

  135. Michael says:

    The shirt is classy, there is no two ways about it. Some people will love it, and some will think that it needs to look like an Arena League jersey. If you look at what Nike and Adidas are doing with their new kits they are going for more of this plain version. The new Liverpool and Chelsea kits don’t have lines of piping or any of that crazy print that people have grown accustomed to.

    Personally, I am a designer, and I think it is a nice shirt. It is minimal and will look really good on the field. I think it is fresh and stays within the new style of shirt Nike is making for national teams. The Netherlands kits are awesome.

    I also looked at the ussoccershop page and noticed that there are little extras on it, like it says “don’t tread on me” on the inner collar. I have always liked that campaign, so I am glad they are keeping with it.

    The new away stripe is all blue without a collar.

  136. Shaun says:

    Does the back have a piece of paper stapled to it with “Kick Me, I’m a Dork” written on it.

    This Jersey does not say “We are the Red, White and Blue — Fear us!”. It says “We’ll do your homework after practice if you don’t hurt us too bad.”

    U.S. Soccer should be demanding more from Nike. I agree with Free DC above regarding the message sent to the demographic that will be the key to our future success as a footballing nation.

  137. Zungazan says:

    To the guy freaking out about blue in the jerseys. All monitors produce color differently. Calm down.

    I like the jersey. Good job Nike.

  138. Jordan says:

    To FreeDC, Whats wrong with suburban preppy look? We are representing our country with these, so why not look classy? We dont need flashing lights and shiny objects to get attention. Let our game do the talking. I would rather have an understated cool than a flashy look at me vibe like some rap video or something. I would understand peoples complaints if Nike had integrated other colors into our jersey, but when I look at the jersey I see red, white, and blue just like the flag. Keep it classy nike

  139. angler23 says:

    It belongs in a pro shop at the country club, not on a soccer pitch. I’d be pissed if that is what I was offered for my son’s U6 AYSO team. And I thought it couldn’t get worse from the blue pin? Was I ever wrong.

    If you don’t know what’s wrong with the suburban preppy look then you are either a suburban preppy or a nike designer.

  140. Joamiq says:

    This is not classy. It’s an attempt at classy that fails miserably. The red stripes and the V-neck are tacky.

    I don’t understand the people who say they like this jersey because it’s simpler. Our last two home shirts were much simpler than this.

    By far the best USMNT shirt I’ve ever seen is this: link to
    Maddening that they wore them just once.

    The petition against the new shirts is a nice idea but I’d much rather petition that they go back to the “Don’t Tread on Me” ones permanently.

  141. Jon E says:

    Clearly I’m not the only USMNT fan who’s been surreptitiously watching Project Runway.

    Okay, I don’t really like this jersey. Personally, I think if you’re going to go for simple and classy, then be simple and classy. Maybe the jersey will somehow look cool in motion and/or in TV, but the red stripes and the bands of faint gray/blue are just busy. I think I’d be fine with this jersey with the collar and shoulder piping but and none of the rest.

    But it’s not that godawful. It’s better than some others, worse than some others. Mostly, I agree with everybody who’s annoyed less by the jersey itself than by the incessant tinkering with the team jersey. I wish we had some continuity and could make an appeal to tradition rather than to novelty. But whatever we like to say from our armchairs, the USSF isn’t dumb about money. I’m sure they know that they need the jersey money from Nike. And until enough American fans are so offended by a change that Nike’s sales of new jerseys actually drop below existing ones, Nike will keep pumping out new designs.

  142. Murphy says:

    what a letdown. these are so nondescript and lame. i like the current jerseys much better…

  143. Jordan says:

    Trust me angler Im not working for nike lol. I also wish that we would keep continuity in our jerseys from year to year. The diagonal stripe jerseys from 1950 were sweet. I would like to have that somehow. But I really do not understand why these jerseys piss everyone off so much. I think it is a slick look. Im not a huge fan of the v neck tho. An actual collar would look sweet as hell. With the blue shorts I think this will look real sharp

  144. Free DC says:

    What is wrong with the suburban preppy look you ask Jordan. it’s simple, it reinforces the worst stereotypes americans have about soccer. secondly, quite a few of us, especially the east coasters and the “ethnic” communities, dont think preppy equals classy.

    you may see popped collars and sweater vests as classy, we see something different. besides which it isn’t classy, as in classic (like the previous jersey), it is trendy (and last years trend at that). all we want is something simple and classic without design elements that are dependent on the latest trends.

    many of us who have followed the sport for years have constantly had to fight this perception of soccer as a preppy, rich kids sport that involves no contact or skill. we have just started to be successful with our arguments. this design visually undercuts those efforts.

    btw: noone wants a flashy shiny tacky jersey so let’s stop that strawman right here.

  145. Dont Tread On Me = Permanent.

    I second Joaqim. THAT should be the objective.

    btw, to answer another post, anyone would but the US jersey because in teh end it is our team.

    But honestly, this thing looks like a practice jersey. I dunno.

  146. MemRook says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is feeling so godawful strong about the shirts. They’re not THAT bad, I mean, really. The best ever? No. Our permanent jerseys from here on out? No. A different look? Yes. An attempt by Nike to make more money? Yes, absolutely. What’s so surprising about that?

    More important is how we PLAY in them, not how we LOOK in them. Good (or bad) football far outweighs how a team is remembered, far beyond the jersey that team is wearing.

  147. DM says:


    If Nike had done as nice a job on the US kits as they did with the Dutch we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  148. Jordan says:

    DC I agree with you on looking for a “Classic” look. I think this achieves that because it is a very simple look. Hoops with subtle pinstripes across is not very busy and is fairly simple. i would say an attempt at something trendy would be our 94 outfits with the stars and then the billowing stripes. This is a fairly conservative look. I havent decided whether I like this one better or worse than the previous ( I liked the red/blue stripe jersey we had) but I definitely like it unlike a lot who have decided they hate it already. I still think it will look even better when we actually play in it

  149. DM says:

    Nike has proven they can’t get the job done. We need a new sponsor.

  150. angler23 says:

    MemRook, I think you are underestimating the importance of the jersey to creating an identity that can bond fans. When you look in the stands and see a mass of one color – Mexican green, Italian blue, Dutch orange – it creates an immeasurable impact on the team which we will never be able to generate. This is an issue that needs to be addressed in favor of the fans over more $$ from jersey sales. When I was in Germany in 06′ and went into a bar, it took a few minutes to determine that, hey, its all yank fans in here. Now if everyone in that bar had been in red with a blue/white sash because that is what the US always wears, we would have owned that bar and no one else is coming in. That is the value that we miss from these kind of design changes and why lots of fans are irate about the change. That and the thing is ugly as all get out.

  151. Lord Smiley says:

    Some of the reactions are a bit off the wall. It is just a jersey….

    It also needs to be paired with the shorts and socks to see what the entire kit looks like before we fly off the handle with the explitives that some feel the need for.

  152. angler23 says:

    Jordan, does this jersey inspire you? Do you feel like it will make us stand out and be recognized when lined up against other clearly recognizable jerseys? Not me. Subtle is one thing, this jersey is anonymous. Not something we should aspire to on the pitch.

  153. Chase says:

    I think people are overreacting here. This shirt isn’t great, but wow, its not horrible. And why are people complaining that we always change our kits and others never do. We hadn’t modified ours since the 2006 WC, while the Euros trotted out new kits for Euro qualifying in ’07 and now recently brought out whole new sets just for the Euro ’08 itself. And why in the world are people advocating Puma, there kits are all the same except for the national colors and the badge, why would we as Americans want something that unoriginal.

  154. Jordan says:

    Angler, To your point of “does it inspire me?” I did not like the 06 jerseys originally but after seeing the team playing in the uniform in the World Cup and against mexico it grew on me. Im sure when we walk out in line next to mexico and hear the national anthem then the jerseys will inspire me just fine

  155. Papa says:

    Wow that has to be the worse uniform ever. Past. Present. And Future. I’m not buying this crap.

    Wheres the away uniform. Is it just as horrible? Can we get the team who chose this design at nike fired? ALL OF THEM?

  156. Lee says:

    These jersey just say: Hey, who is going to the kegger after class?? Its like the US soccer team just became Arizona State frat boys.

  157. angler23 says:

    Jordan, I guess your point about the anthem is what I’m trying to get at. All you need are those first two notes to get the goose bumps going. It’s that instant reaction to the kit that would be nice to have as well. However, with so many different designs, we will never get there, especially when they are plain as this one.

  158. wait . . . is it sorta growing on me now?


    we need one standard uni, like argentina, or england or whatever.

    make it the tread on me. please.

  159. CM says:

    It looks like the FC Dallas shirt

  160. More like a golf shirt… Yuck… I thought the blue pin stripped one was bad…this one is even worse… I agree this piece of poop should be blow torched!

  161. W says:

    Wtf? It does look like a hilfiger shirt…..bleh……….

  162. Rick says:

    I hate it mainly because the fans want to wear red! When are they going to listen?

  163. Tim F. says:

    Not a big fan; looks like the five yard line markings on an american football field.

  164. Tim says:

    My initial impression is “Yawn…” Maybe it will look better on the field. We’ll see. Hopefully the new away kit will be sharper.

    Like others, I wish we would have more red, at least in the away kit. I’d love to see us go back to something more reminescent of the 1950’s era jerseys, with the red diagonal band across the chest. I also liked those 2006 WC send off jerseys they wore against Latvia, maybe with just a bit smaller collar, or no collar, and lose the “Don’t Tread On Me” logo.

    Who does Nike consult when they come up with these designs, or do they just do it on their own? They need help.

  165. Victor says:

    I’m a fan of stripes. I guess I’m the only one who likes it.

  166. tyler says:

    I kinda like it.

    Can’t believe some of you are suggesting Adidas. A quick glance at the MLS will show you how awful they are. Would you like the Dynamo’s asymmetrical streak for no apparent reason in red white and blue? Please.

    This design is restrained and classy. Not as classy as the vertical stripe over the shoulder, but I suppose we were due for a change.

  167. Chris B says:

    This is the “U.S. Men’s National Team”. In the U.S., shirts without collars are much more likely to be worn by women than by men. (Gender differences in fashion and sports may be arbitrary, but they still exist.)

    The colors of the U.S. are red, white and blue. The last national uniforms in America to use gray were on the losing side of the Civil War.

  168. Ben says:

    I like it a lot, and cant wait for a Bradley one! Good news is, since most dont care for it, there wont be a backorder!

    For those that do not like it, what do you want to see????

  169. ryan16 says:

    I agree that this thing looks horable. It reminds me of the old metrostars jersey. I wonder what the alternate kit looks like. It will probably be blue but could be red.

  170. BK says:

    Santos, think about switching the petition to saying that we want the Don’t Tread On Me jerseys permanently. Those seem to be pretty popular with the US MNT fans. Might make them actually consider it. Just a thought.

  171. Mark says:

    I don’t think this one is a classic, but I like it.

    What I would love to see is the “Candy Stripe” jersey from ’94 be brought back. That was fantasic uni…

  172. Roehl Sybing says:

    What the hell is that?

  173. Xiphosis says:

    It’s alright by me, but they could’ve improved it with a blue stripe right under each red one – seems more appropriate.

  174. MK says:

    The new kit looks like one of those cheap knockoffs that they sell on E-Bay for 3 bucks out of Bulgaria.

  175. Dave M says:

    Or maybe it would be better had it been red stripes instead of grey? how do you fix this?

  176. Scott Dunham says:

    I can officially say that I LOVE it more than any USA shirt since the red one with blue trim and one thin horizontal blue stripe.

  177. Brian Idziak says:

    I love it. I love the little differences in color as the panels change. It’s great, and I def need to get it when I get more money.

  178. Brian from NY says:

    This is bull, adidas needs to get out of American soccer. I don’t want those awful three stripes in any conceivable location on the shirt. Is that a good design?

    If they could refrain from that, like they do on the Notre Dame shirts (football and futbol, actually), then I’d be okay with it. But Nike puts together nice team-specific designs for soccer (there’s no comparison to their college football crap) and I’m very happy for it.

    If only they could do MLS or USSF Ref shirts…

  179. dromeo says:

    Adidas is a terrible idea…they come up with the ugliest designs i have ever seen.

    Exhibit A: The newest Chicago Fire jerseys

  180. Dave says:

    Actually Ives you were right on the button with the sweater comment. I hate to say this but the good teams are not always trying to change their kits. I mean when was the last time Brasil changed kits, Argentina, Italy? It seems the US team gets a new kit design like girls get shoes.

  181. Eugene says:

    I wouldn’t wear it if someone gave it to me.

    It’s a good thing they put the “don’t tread on me on the inside” — because on the outside it screams “tread all over me, we suck and we’re not serious”

    I’m curious if any of the players will actually wear it. This jersey is a disaster.

    For the record though, I like and own the royal blue/white pinstripe third jersey from last year. Its original and it ain’t fugly.

    I like the look our youth teams sport — white jersey, navy shorts, navy socks with red trim at the top. I think it looks “meaner” on the field and more serious. I’m not a fan of the all white or all navy kits

  182. Scott Dunham says:

    I like the colors of that blue pinstripe, but the logo gets completely lost. But then I love the new one, so our eyes definitely work differently.

  183. JB says:

    To DM:

    I question your taste after this statement: “If Nike had done as nice a job on the US kits as they did with the Dutch we wouldn’t be having this discussion.”

    Because the new Dutch away kit is by far worse than the new USA kits. Possibly the worst Nike design of all.

    link to

  184. Kevin says:

    Ok, first let’s establish this: FIFA makes every country change their uniform every 2 years.
    Second, let’s establish this: Nike is a joke. WHERE’S ADIDAS????

  185. papa bear says:

    Tiger Woods is going to look awesome winning the Masters with that on…oh wait…
    It looks like a golf shirt. It totally sucks. I wish we’d stick with the all navy blue look. I don’t like the white/gray top dark shorts look since it too closely resembles Germany & (worse yet) England.
    I can’t think of too many senior sides who have all navy which would make us more unique. I’d like our uniforms to be instantly recognizable (like Brazil, Argentina, Holland (home)

  186. Jon says:

    I don’t like the jersey at all. I would rather wear the jersey of the U.S. from the 1990 World Cup.

  187. tyler says:

    Brazil, Argentina, England, they all change their kits every two years. So that’s a bunk argument. They keep the same color scheme. In recent years, the US has done the same. It’s just that the US will add pinstripe hoops, or a vertical stripe. Small changes really. It’s not as if they go all-white one year and then switch to navy/red stripes the next year. In this respect, Nike has been good in carving out something of an identity for the USMNT–white shirts, navy shorts. Even if it is a bit too much like England.

    Personally I would go for all-white at home, with red shirts/navy shorts on the road. But I’m not a kit designer. Maybe I should be.

    Also, the new Dutch away kit is beautiful. I want one. With Huntelaar 18 on the back.

  188. shaj says:

    this is so ugly. i, a compltely unrelated high school blogger, even felt compelled to write about this gross malfeasance…aka ersatz apparel (link to

  189. brentmcd says:

    much better than the pinstriped blue copa america kit. but that’s not saying alot

  190. David says:

    I don’t like this jersey. I think they should just stay with the same design and make small changes to it every couple years. It would be nice to one day see at a game a whole section of fans with the same jerseys but thats not happening.

  191. paul Lorinczi says:


    I like the the current jersey.

    I also like the old 1950s jersey too.

  192. ed_hutch says:

    terrible,,,,,makes u wonder who makes the decisions concerning us soccer

  193. Bob says:

    I just think it’s funny that you get such a gigantic response to this story when other, more important news get ignored. Some of you need to watch more soccer and pay less attention to what players are wearing.

    If this thing makes the USMNT play better, then I’m all for it. But I guess I am more worried about who they are going to find to fill these new jerseys.

  194. Karen says:

    My initial reaction was: Oh my god! What is that?

    Even if this shirt says “Don’t tread on me” on the inside collar, the design says “Tread on me all you want…Drive all over me; I’ve got lanes across my body for you.”

    This is one shirt I will not buy for me or my kids. I admit I would break down and buy one if the USMNT reached the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in it (or any other uniform) but that will not happen because the uniform will change by then). That uniform change cannot come soon enough.

    I loved what Nike did with the original “Don’t tread on me campaign.” That was excellent. I don’t care what they write on the jersey, this latest design gets far away from it.

  195. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Like Jen CHang comment on ESPN SOCCERNET:

    basically this can be summed up in one word: Horrible. No idea who came up with this monstrosity — it looks like the mutant offspring of a cabana boy golf shirt and a reject Abercrombie & Fitch design — but I’m still in shock that someone actually signed off on this.

  196. charles says:

    U. G. L. Y. it ain’t got no alibi
    it’s Ugly it’s Ugly my Momma said It’s Ugly

  197. Mike says:

    I like it

  198. Josh says:

    Damn it’s looks bad !!! Seriously we need to change sponsors ADIDAS !!!!! I liked the old one better this one but lets see how it looks against mexico !!! I heard that Mexico got an new Uniform to!!! GO USA!!

  199. brentmcd says:

    count me as one US fan who does NOT want to wear red. and i think the “don’t tread on me” 1950s vintage red with the diagonal stripe looked like crap. my favorite kit was the one we just had. my two cents

  200. Castillo says:

    Hey, look at the bright side at least we don’t have shell out 70 bucks for a new jersey. I just hope Nike will switch this prep crap out for a solid colour jersey for the World cup.