Mid-week European soccer: Your running commentary

Okay folks, the schedule of matches is set. We have Roma-Inter on Fox Soccer Channel, Barcelona-Valencia on GolTV and Bayern Munich-1860 Munich on Setanta. Since we can’t all be so fortunate to A) be at home during the day or B) have access to ESPN360.com at work, I’m setting up this post to serve as a catch-all for comments and observations from today’s televised matches.

You know what to do. Fill us in on the action in the matches you’re watching so everyone can follow along.

Enjoy the action.

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62 Responses to Mid-week European soccer: Your running commentary

  1. Matt says:

    Go Barca!

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve never seen Ever Banega play, so i’ll def be tuning into the Barca-Valencia match.

  3. chris says:

    can someone give updates on freddy and benfica

  4. Andrew says:

    Well chris, I don’t think benfica plays today, not to my knowledge at least. If you want just an update, he played 9 minutes in Benficas most recent game on sunday against sporting braga. Any other time you would like to know how freddy is doing, you can also refer to the “Americans Abroad” Category listed on the right margin.

  5. Andrew says:

    I’ll be doing coverage for the inter-Roma match shortly.

  6. eric says:

    Whew, I almost lost my “work at home” status today when a client meeting ran late. Order is restored. Hopefully this will be another chapter in a surprisingly (to me) enjoyable Serie A year.

    Pretty cautious and sloppy start…

  7. Nick G. says:

    Freddy gets the start up top for Benfica aginst third tier club Moreirense in the Portuguese Cup tie starting now.

  8. Andrew says:

    link to myp2p.eu

    Theres the link to the stream.

    Let me start out by saying that both the inter and roma squad seem to have fielded their 1A teams. Now while theres still key names like cambiasso, totti, de rossi, etc. Mancini is on the bench as well as cicinho, ludovic giuly, Zlatan, julio cruz, etc. Seems like both roma and inter are also having injury problems, with materazzi notably being out…

  9. Andrew says:

    figo is starting, along with hernan crespo…interesting..

  10. Andrew says:

    14th minute- Figo wins a free kick outside the 18 for inter. No good though.

  11. Andrew says:

    Correction: Julio Cruz and Zlatan are both out with injuries. Fellow Concacaf player David Suazo is listed on the bench though

  12. Ben says:

    That last play not withstanding this has been a fairly dull game. And feel free to tell me what an idiot I am, but the relaxed, defensive style of play in the Italian league puts me to sleep for about 2/3s of the Italian matches I watch.

  13. Andrew says:

    19th minute- Patrick Viera sends a blind cross in the middle of the box and finds hernan crespo, who bicycle kicks it and hits it off the front post. What a shot.

  14. eric says:

    Crespo gives the game a much needed jolt with an acrobatic shot off the post.

    Surprised that Suazo isn’t playing with Zlatan out (and any word just how long he’s out? I heard the “hole in knee tendon” report last night)

  15. Andrew says:

    19th minute- corner roma. roma squanders it. Even then, this seems to be a pretty even match with roma showing some beautiful combination play

  16. Andrew says:

    22nd Minute- Figo shoots just wide off a corner kick.

  17. eric says:

    Looks like Figo ate his euro-wheaties this morning!

  18. Dominick says:

    I’m no overall fan of Serie A—but the Roma-Inter game so far has been a game beyond the normal stereotype. Both teams seem to be going forward. Hell, I’m entertained.

  19. Andrew says:

    32nd minute- Nice shot by totti is directed just wide of the left post. so far this has been a pretty evenly matched game, with no one really dominating.

  20. Ives says:

    Folks, the ESPN360 feed of Inter-Roma is working just fine.

  21. eric says:

    Roma! Out of nothing!

    That’s what Totti does for you.

  22. Ives says:

    Apparently I just jinxed myself. The game has disappeared. Very strange.

  23. Andrew says:

    37th minute- GOAL AS ROMA. A cross slips in the box to find totti sneak it past the front post and into the net. what a goal.

  24. eric says:

    Bonus points for the “Tonetto to Totti” combo on the goal. That’s more t than a Japanese monastery

  25. Ives says:

    ESPN360 is working again for those of you wonder. I just reloaded the video browser and there it was.

  26. Andrew says:

    47th minute- At the halfmark, suazo is in. Seems ike inter is starting to turn up the heat.

  27. Andrew says:

    55th Minute- Ball gets sent into the box and finds figo who shanks it.

  28. Andrew says:

    65th Minute- Suazo makes a nice run into the box where he is forced out of bounds and the ref calls a controversial goal kick.

  29. eric says:

    Roma should have 2, Totti put his man 1 on 1 with the keeper, but the underrated Julio Cesar came up with the save

  30. Andrew says:

    71st minute- a ball sent into the box finds vucinic who sends it square to perrotta who has his shot blocked. nice combinaation play though.

  31. eric says:

    Roma are pounding the goal (or rather the wall just behind goal). Inter looks old and tired, Crespo and Vieira especially. Suazo has added nothing so far.

  32. Andrew says:

    I must have missed something. Why is inter playing with 10 men?

  33. eric says:

    I think the 10 men came about via 3 subs then an injury. I missed a sub so was thrown, but there sure hasn’t been a red card.

  34. Spencer says:

    Inter used 3 subs, and Maxwell got an injury. It didn’t look serious by any means, but he is in the locker room. Inter shouldn’t have fielded unfit players. It cost them.

  35. eric says:

    10 v 10!

    Amazingly idiotic double yellow in TWO minutes. Sub came on the field without the refs permission for the 1st, then promptly pulled a dumb tackle for the 2nd.

    Inter still looks old and tired though.

  36. Dominghosa says:

    I’ll be giving very light Barca-Valencia updates if anyone is interested. I’ll at least post scoring opportunities and of course, the goals.

  37. eric says:

    1 – 1!!!

    I’m on a biz call (damnit!)

  38. Nick says:

    That second yellow on Mexes was horse sh!t. I wouldn’t say Crespo dove, but the foul wasn’t worth a yellow card by any means. And now Inter just equalized. More horse sh!t.

  39. Jerry says:

    whats up with Barca vs valencia?

  40. Dominghosa says:

    Barca-Valencia — 28th minute 0-0
    About the 12th minute, Valencia had an opportunity in the box but was called for handball.
    About the 24th minute, Abidal received a pass back after an overlapping run down the left, passed into Henry into the box. Henry took a touch, the ball popped up, and he tried a scissor kick but it went well wide.
    Henry just tried a shot about 25 yards away but was parried out by Valencia GK.

  41. Jerry says:

    thank you sir I hope Dinho comes in as a late sub

  42. Dominghosa says:

    35th minute — Henry sends Eto’o through, Eto’o slows down holds up ball at top right corner of box, Henry bolts through to center, Eto’o sends a low cross in but it’s too far ahead of Henry, who slides to no avail

  43. Dominghosa says:

    Ever Banega just took it from Henry. Nice. This kid is and will be fun to watch in La Liga.

  44. Dominghosa says:

    scoreless at half.
    Barca has had more chances and most of the ball (68 percent of possession).
    Valencia’s bright spot has been David Villa, who has been showing off his on-the-ball skills.

  45. eric says:

    Uh, just saw a gamecast thing on the Barca match. I missed something, why no Ronaldinho? I thought he had been playing well, and was about to ask about him thus far…

  46. Jerry says:

    Any info on Adu/Benfica?

  47. David Berger says:

    Benfica won 2-0. I don’t know if Adu played.

  48. David Berger says:

    Found it.

    Adu started and was subbed out in the 55th. He got a yellow card in the 28th.

    Both goals scored after he was subbed out.

  49. RK says:

    Has Ronaldinho been playing, at all, lately? Even if he has been, he’s been injured, and not 100% in form.

  50. RK says:

    Was just looking at the Gretna box score, looking for the RSL signee, when I saw my new favorite name (for Kilmarnock):

    Daniele Invincibile

  51. Jerry says:

    I beleive he started in the last 2 matches against Levante and Celtic and was subbed out from what I hear he is showing glimpses of what he used to be he was left out of this match because Rijkaard wanted him to rest

  52. Jerry says:

    I beleive he started in the last 2 matches against Levante and Celtic and was subbed out from what I hear he is showing glimpses of what he used to be he was left out of this match because Rijkaard wanted him to rest

  53. nathan3e says:

    Given that Inter have played a man down approximately one billion times this year, I am having considerable difficulty feeling much sympathy for Mexes and Roma.

  54. David Berger says:

    Middlesbrough and Sheff United tied 0-0 at the end of the first extra time in their F.A. Cup replay.

  55. Kurt says:

    That Bayern – 1860 derby was drama at its finest. Three red cards, two goals disallowed, and a incorretly called pk with 30 seconds remaining in the 2nd extra time for the winner. Even the pk had to be taken twice after a Bayern man entered the box prior to the shot.

    On a Yank Abroad note, I thought Berhalter played fantastic — drawing the first of two yellows on Luca Toni. Josh Wolff did not play after 2 of 1860’s 3 subs were used on injuries.

  56. David Berger says:

    Henry gets pushed right outside the box in the 64th minute. Nothing called, could have gone either way. Still 0-0.

  57. Dominghosa says:

    A minute after Messi almost scores, Valencia comes back on a counter on a low cross into a cutting David Villa hits Villa in stride as he touches it past Victor Valdez.
    1-0, Valencia. 70th minute

  58. Dominghosa says:

    With the whistle about to blow to end the match; Eto’o dribbles the ball into the box, passing two Valencia defenders and shoots.
    The ball is parried out but right to Xavi, who one-times it into the lower left corner of the goal.
    1-1. 94th minute.

  59. Dominghosa says:

    Match ends, 1-1.

  60. Eugene says:

    Gabe Ferrari made the bench for Sampdoria in their Serie A match against Atalanta.

    Unfortunately Sampdoria lost 4-1 and Ferrari didn’t make it to the field.

  61. Joamiq says:

    Impressive team effort from the SBI mafia today! Thanks for the updates and insights on all the action.

  62. Joe D. says:

    Sampdoria’s two starting forwards, Claudio Bellucci and Antonio Cassano, were out with injuries today. So Ferrari was dressed for today’s game. I wonder how serious the injuries are, and whether Ferrari might see some action during Sunday’s game against Torino?