This weekend’s Soccer on TV

Okay folks, it’s time to set your weekend schedules. Here is the listing for games being shown on Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV. First, here are five games you need to see:

  • Fiorentina at Juventus
  • Barcelona at Atletico Madrid
  • Lazio at AC Milan
  • Parma at AS Roma
  • Aston Villa at Arsenal

Now, onto the rest of the schedule (apologies for not including Setanta but I ran out of time. Someone please include it in the comments section if they feel so inclined).


2:30am- FSC- Seoul FC vs. LA Galaxy

9:30am- GolTV- Bayern Munich at Schalke 04

10am- FSC- Aston Villa at Arsenal

11:30AM- GolTV- Borussia Dortmund at Werder Bremen

Noon- FSC- Wigan at Manchester City

2pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Atletico Madrid

2:30pm- FSC- Lazia at AC Milan

4pm- GolTV- Valencia vs. Espanyol

4:30pm- FSC- Blackburn at Newcastle

6:15pm- GolTV- Nacional at Deportivo Cali

8pm- FSC- Parma at As Roma

8:30pm- FSC- Real Madrid at Recreativo Huelva


9am- FSC- Fiorentina at Juventus

11am- FSC- Portsmouth at Everton

11am- FSC- Eintracht Frankfurt at Hamburg

1pm- GolTV- Osasuna at Villarreal

2:30pm- FSC- Genoa at Cagliari

5pm- FSC- San Martin de San Juan at River Plate

5:30pm- Independiente Santa Fe at Quindio

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15 Responses to This weekend’s Soccer on TV

  1. Sean H. says:

    Is Real Madrid really on FSC on Saturday?

  2. chupacabra says:

    Here’s the Setanta schedule:

    Sat. 3/01 (all times EST)
    9:30 AM Fulham v. Man United
    2:45 PM West Ham v. Chelsea
    6:00 PM Birmingham City v. Tottenham
    7:45 PM Derby v. Sunderland

    Sun. 3/02
    7:30 AM Bolton v. Liverpool
    12:00 PM St. Etienne v. Nice
    3:00 PM Bordeaux v. PSG

  3. John says:

    Sean H: no its not, give the guy a break!(unless you’re not having a go at him, in which case, no its not, its on GolTV)

  4. Empshel says:

    I would just add as a must-see game Benfica at Sporting CP on Setanta Broadband, for those of you who use the service. Also, the four Italian games listed above will be available on ESPN 360.

  5. krustylew says:

    What, no Mexican League?

  6. Garret says:

    Derby-Sunderland is a can’t miss. I am so excited! Top quality soccer.

  7. fredo says:

    Good work Ives!

    Copa Libertadores Sked–LIVE FSE

    3/4 Cruzeiro(Bra) v Caracas(Ven) 5:20ET
    Quito(Ecu) v Libertad(Par) 5:20ET
    Santos(Bra)v Chivas(Mex) 7:50ET
    3/5 Danubio(Uru) v Estudiantes(Arg) 5:30ET
    Sao Paulo(Bra) v Audax (Chi) 6:50ET
    Fluminense(Bra) v Arsenal(Arg) 7:50ET
    3/6 Nacional (Uru) v Flamengo(Bra) 4ET
    Boca Jrs(Arg) v Atlas(Mex) 6:20ET
    Atl. Nacional(Col) v Luqueno(Par) 9ET

  8. ManicMessiah says:

    In other news, FIFA has gone back and counted the game against Denmark as an A international, so Landon Donovan is now officially the all-time leading goal scorer for the US.

    link to

  9. muscfiorentina says:

    I’m loving it Fiorentina on2 weeks in a row.

  10. Dominghosa says:

    Btw, in other news….
    Taylor Twellman just turned 7!
    That answers A LOT of questions.
    Including, why he wears those kid-sized jerseys.

  11. Jeffrey says:

    AC Milan vs. Lazia is on tomorrow.

  12. Jeffrey says:

    Other games for the weekend include:

    Saturday: Roma vs Parma

    Sunday: Juventus vs Florentina
    Cagliari vs Genoa

  13. Villa v. Arsenal over Bayern v. Schalke in the ‘must watch’ section?!?!
    Wow…Villa has no shot at all at the league and Schalke still does and the hatred between Schalke and Bayern is far greater than Villa v. Arsenal. (I’m not just saying this as a fan of Bayern either) I just wish they’d stop putting Bayern in the 6:30 am spot.

  14. Binks says:

    The one game I’m the most excited about this weekend is United v Fulham.

    It’s too bad the outcome is alerady prety well known.

  15. Soccer By Wives says:

    Mate, forget about the Old Town for a night out. Get down to the student section, there’s a great little place called the Three Monkeys which is open until 6am.
    Ty HardOn