You Write the Caption: The best for Beckham in Africa

Good afternoon all. As I do some housecleaning on SBI I found another old You Write the Caption whose winners I hadn’t chosen. It was for the following amazing picture of David Beckham during a charity event in Africa.


There were plenty of great submissions. The 10 best are after the jump. Enjoy:

10. And in recent news, Alexi Lalas was promoted to manager of FC Madagascar. (JAYBOY)

9. "Wait this isn’t where the Calivn Klien shoot is?" (CHRIS)

8. "Hey uh guys, I think I took a wrong turn, do you know the way to the Galaxy training grounds?" (SEAN H)

7. Timberlands…the new boot of David Beckham! (ALEX)

6. Capello’s watching this right? (MIKE)

5. So which one of you is freddy adu? (SOY)

4. "It became clear at the Galaxy’s first day of practice that spending most of the salary cap on a few star players wasn’t the way to go." (SBI)

3. "OK, last pick. I guess we have no choice, we’ll take the white boy." (ZUNGAZAN)

2. "We don’t want him, we had to have Bono last time!" (PAMO)

And the best caption for the picture of David Beckham in Africa goes to……..

1. "The always philanthropic David Beckham takes time out to help a struggling, rag-tag group of men in front of a small crowd…… And afterwards, he went to Africa to do charity work (NICHOLAS SKYLES)

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22 Responses to You Write the Caption: The best for Beckham in Africa

  1. Nick says:

    #1 is really good.

  2. MemRook says:

    Yeah, agreed; #1 is best. I remember saying so whenever these captions were first submitted. It made me laugh aloud and disturb my coworkers. Congratulations Mr. Skyles.

  3. Dominghosa says:

    5 is pretty darn good though.

  4. jayslick says:

    my fav is #4. classic.

  5. Peter says:

    all of these were pretty spot on. well done!

  6. 4 and 1 were great.

    But my comparison to the Jamaican Bobsled team w/Coach Blitzer? The best.

  7. Johnny says:

    IVES, I know this is of topic but I’m hearing rumors that Benny Fielhaber is headed to Houston Dynamo as their designated player on loan?

  8. Dominghosa says:

    Which one is Freddy Adu? Well, he’s the one coming in right now in the 85th minute of Benfica’s UEFA Cup match against FC Nurnberg.

  9. BellusLudas says:

    I really didn’t think #1 was that great….#2 was much better. Signed Alexi Lalas

  10. ben says:

    you put your own response in there? lame

  11. Ives says:

    Ben, I use reader feedback and this time around my caption was one of the ones people liked.

    Trust me, when my caption is bad I don’t put it in there.

  12. KopHawk says:

    #10 is pretty tasteless/racist, otherwise pretty funny stuff…

  13. chrisLA says:

    #1 is funny but we have excellent attendance figures :)

  14. eric says:

    WOW. It took me FOREVER to get what number one meant. I am slow :(

  15. jjf3 says:

    Maybe its just me, but I love #3. That said, #1 is the deserving winner…

  16. CO_Soccer_Fan says:

    Ives: The quote below should have made the top 10. “Beckham and his new team-mates takes to the new Red Bull Park stadium” Come on that was funny and no I didn’t write it.

  17. FC Darfur? That isnt racist, thats geographical!

  18. Sboy says:

    FC Darfur? Really? (The words “too soon” come to mind.) A little racist, but very inappropriate.

  19. Sboy says:

    Also, I think 400,000 people dying is a bit much for a caption contest.

  20. smokeminsides says:

    I FINALLY got it, but only after the hint Eric inadvertently gave me….

    I also don’t think the Darfur one was appropriate, but all the others are pretty funny…

  21. Ives says:

    Listen folks, if some of you are offended by the Darfur caption then I’ll change it. I will say, however, that the caption was in no way racist. Insensitive, perhaps, racist, not even close.

  22. jon says:

    #2 is definitely the best.