Champions League: Round of 16 Wednesday


Good morning all. Champions League Round of 16 action resumes today with four very appealing match-ups, none more appealing than Arsenal vs. AC Milan.

Yes, Barcelona will have a tough time trying to score a win at Celtic Park, Man U must travel to Lyon and Sevilla will face the cauldron that is Fenerbahce’s home, but Milan-Arsenal promises to be a real treat for all soccer fans as two of the world’s most technically gifted teams square off.

Here is a breakdown of today’s matches and where to watch them:


Game 1-Wednesday, ESPN2 (2:30pm), (2:30pm)

Match-up to watch: Gennaro Gattuso vs. Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal’s high-powered attack runs through Fabregas, whose dynamic ability to make the perfect pass as well as to deliver dangerous shots makes him the Gunner to stop. Gattuso’s tenacious style should fluster Fabregas but he will still need some help to thoroughly contain the Spanish playmaker.

SBI Prediction- Arsenal 1, AC Milan 1


Game 1-Wednesday, ESPN Deportes (5pm)

Match-up to watch: Rio Ferdinand vs. Karim Benzema. Whether it is Ferdinand or Nemanja Vidic, the Man U defense is going to have its hands full containing Benzema, whose size, strength and quickness should help create some chances for Lyon against Man U’s normally stingy defense.

SBI Prediction- Manchester United 2, Lyon 0


Game 1-Wednesday, ESPN Deportes (2:30pm), ESPN Classic (5pm), (2:30pm)

Match-up to watch: Thierry Henry vs. Steven McManus. With Samuel Eto’o still a doubt for this match, Henry will be called upon to break down Celtic’s stingy back-line. Does Henry still have the speed to burn McManus, we will find out today.

SBI Prediction- Barcelona 1, Celtic 0


Game 1-Wednesday, 2:30pm

Match-up to watch: Roberto Carlos vs. Dani Alves. Though they may not be matched up against each other too often, the two Brazilian fullbacks will share the same side of the field and both will be called on to help spark attacks from the back.

SBI Prediction- Fenerbahce 2, Sevilla 1

What do you think of today’s match-ups? Share your thoughts below.

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15 Responses to Champions League: Round of 16 Wednesday

  1. Lee says:

    I’d love to see Benzema beat Man U and then pledge to never go there.

  2. kpugs says:

    Ha, the gooners make themselves known. That bitter eh, even while you sit top of the league?


  3. Martek says:


    As a Celtic fan, my head says to agree with your prediction of a 1-0 Barca win, but, what they hey!, I’m going with my heart for the few hours I have left to do so. Celtic 2-0, with the second coming on a quick counter and a marvelous through ball from Aideninho to Skippy McDonald in second half stoppage. Reality, your time is 5 p.m. this afternoon Houston time (or so). Until then, go Bhoys. :>


    As for the rest, I think you’re right on the money for a lot of reasons, but for some reason, I think the Spaniards will draw in Turkey. My $.02.

  4. SpikeFC says:

    You need to hook your tivo up to the internet… that way you can set it through Comes in very handy!

    Come on Gunners!

  5. kpugs says:

    Spike…believe you me I get angrier each time I miss something that my wireless router is busted, making my tivo receiver useless. Serves me right for being a moron.


    It’s for me this afternoon.

  6. briguy says:

    I’m with Martek, though I think Barca notches one. If they have a weakness that the Bhoys can exploit, it’s on the back line, where McGeady and Nakamura can break things down and get Scott and Jan a few good looks.

    That said, Barca’s combination of attacking players is just silly, and as good as Celtic’s defense is, I just don’t see a clean sheet.

    Bhoys 2-1 Barca.

    Hoops in the house.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Lyon does something unexpected v. ManU.

  7. Bob S says:

    Bah they would show Arsenal over the Barca Celtic game. Friggin ESPN and your English bias. Come on Boruc make those gorgeous saves and if Celtic can get one and hold out for the win I’d say they’ve got a bit of a shot. But I’d be happy with a 0 draw.

  8. HE from NJ says:

    I think AC Milan is going to have trouble @ the forward position, niether Gilardino nor Inzaghi have played great this season… i wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of Paloschi in this game. If they can get out of this with a draw it would be in their best interest. It will be a very tough, tough draw tho.

    Thank God for 360!

  9. AMH says:

    C’MON THE HOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. tedhill says:

    Looks like I will be the first person to go as far as saying…

    Lyon will DEFEAT Man Utd.

    Also, I say Barcelona and Arsenal will win. Fenerbahce and Sevilla will draw.

  11. MetroTard says:

    What channel on Time Warner NYC is ESPN Deportes?

  12. briguy says:

    Celtic v. Barca is on Fox Soccer Channel, I think…

  13. GD says:

    Barce v Celtic is on espn classic today. I think its at 3pm pacific/5pm eastern.

  14. GD says:

    Sorry for the typo, I meant Barca…

  15. briguy says:

    Thanks for the clarification, GD. I knew it was on somewhere because my tivo has it scheduled.