Real Madrid eyes match vs. Red Bulls in August


Spanish champions Real Madrid could be headed to New Jersey, and may be playing the Red Bulls in the process.

Real Madrid is negotiating a deal to play the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium in August, multiple sources told SBI on Monday. Real Madrid could still play another European club, but the Red Bulls are the front-runners to be the opponent.

If the match does happen, it will mark Real Madrid’s first match at Giants Stadium since its 0-0 friendly against Roma on Aug. 8, 2002. A crowd of 70,635 attended that match, which featured international stars Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos.

Based on the Red Bulls schedule, and with the La Liga season expected to begin in mid-August, the most likely date for a Real Madrid-Red Bulls match would be Wednesday, Aug. 6. The Red Bulls have MLS matches the weekends before and after that date. An Aug. 13 date would be too close to the start of the La Liga season.

The friendly would be the first high-profile friendly for the Red Bulls since facing Spanish giant Barcelona on Aug. 12, 2006 in front of a sold-out crowd of 79,002. Barcelona won the match, 4-1.

Share your thoughts on this potential match below.

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26 Responses to Real Madrid eyes match vs. Red Bulls in August

  1. Jon E says:

    Wow. That would be outstanding.

    Except for the Giants Stadium part, of course.

  2. Tony in Quakeland says:

    It will be great to see Jozy with his new team back in town.

  3. Chris says:

    Goodbye to Jozy if he plays well that game?

  4. kpugs says:


    My brother already “went there” and said this is a stepping stone to Madrid acquiring Jozy.

  5. Jim in Pa says:

    No Jozy in this game—he will be in China. Otherwise looking forward to it.

  6. realslfan says:

    Real Madrid will be in Salt Lake City either on Aug 2nd or Aug 9th. Not sure if this has been finalized yet. So a date of Aug 6th in NY makes sense.

  7. Bob says:

    Saying this game will make or break Jozy’s future with Madrid is a bit silly. And I don’t even think that would be the best thing for him — no way he is going to step into that line-up and get major minutes. Why would Madrid have to play a game against him to know whether they are going to sign him?

    A more realistic scenario would have him be acquired by Madrid, regardless of whether he plays well in that particular game, and then loaned out to see how he adjusts to European soccer.

    Could you imagine the pressure of having to play for Real Madrid at 18 or 19 years old?

    As for the game itself, it could be somewhat close. They might catch Madrid brushing off some cobwebs. Then again, look at what Almeria did nine days ago. The AGAIN, look at what happened to Valladolid yesterday.

  8. Tony in Quakeland says:


    We’re joking.

  9. Chris says:

    Olympics this year are from August 8 to August 26. If the US make it to there then Jozy will be in China (along with the rest of the U23) on the 6th, or at the very least on his way there (its one of those places that takes 2 days to get there, not to mention adjusting to the time difference). I don’t see Jozy making it to this game if its on either the 6th or the 13th.

  10. papa bear says:

    Bob: there are many people who have played for clubs like Madrid at 18-19 years old. It’s a ton of pressure, but it’s more the norm rather than the exception. Look at Barca. The regularly trot out an 18 year old and a 17 year old and the 17 year old is already showing flashes of being one of the best players in La Liga (Bojan) It’s something MLS and the USMNT in particular have to wake up and realize.
    As for the Red Bulls, they better buckle up. Real Madrid is an a$$ kicking machine this year (as much as it pains this Barca fan to admit) I doubt they’d drop a 7 spot on them, but 4 or 5 to 1 wouldn’t be all that shocking assuming they play to half their potential.

  11. Scott A says:

    Excellent. But….MLS has gotta be the only league that schedules friendlies right smack in the middle of the season right?

  12. J.K says:

    If MLS teams want to play powerhouse clubs like Real, they will have to play friendlies right smack in the middle of their season. I mean, what club would come over now or in March for a friendly?

  13. Joe D. says:

    That is not true. Even the teams in Europe play friendlies during their own season. For instance, when there is a whole week of international games, the club teams will sometimes go play in tournaments in the Middle East.

  14. Andrew says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing them play Real Salt Lake again.

  15. Bob says:

    Papa: I did not mean to say that it never happens. I should qualify my statement — I don’t think an American player has any concept of how much pressure there is at a club that size. A European or South American player who eats, sleeps, and breathes football from a young age can cope SOMETIMES. If he has grown up in the academies, at least he has some idea of what to expect. But I did not mean to imply that it never happens. Iker started with the first team at an early age, and I don’t believe Marcelo is over 20.

    Look back at what DaMarcus Beasley said shortly after he began playing with Eindhoven. Many of his comments were about how the atmosphere in the locker room was far more serious and the lifestyle more focused on the game. The mindset is different.

  16. Scott A says:

    I phrased it as a question because I didn’t know the answer.

  17. Bob says:

    Yeah, Marcelo is 19.

  18. irishapple21 says:

    This would be an exciting match. It would be like the match vs. Barcelona, except our talent would be loads better than then. An in-form Red Bulls squad vs. an out-of-form Galacticos side would be a decent match-up.

  19. Spencer says:

    I don’t think Jozy will be at the game. I expect him to be in Europe during the summer transfer window. He will be very highly looked at after the England, Spain and Argentina games.

  20. J-Man says:

    Hunter Freeman vs Robinho. Hmm, I think I’ll put my money on Hunter.

  21. n-side says:

    This game is not about Altidore but it is about Real Madrid scouting other Red Bulls…..

  22. steal your sounders says:

    This game is about selling 75,000 tickets.

  23. David W says:

    Don’t forget about selling Real Madrid shirts.

  24. BeautifulGame says:

    :) You’re right, I can’t see the great Hunter Freeman having any trouble outplaying Robinho :)

  25. inkedAG says:

    Nah, guys. I think it’s Kevin Goldwaithe’s game to shine!! 😀

  26. binks says:

    Don’t foget our other “high profile friendly that year. :)

    The circumsized Bayern Munich game that got JPP sold later that season