What should Philadelphia’s team name be?

With the MLS expansion team in Philadelphia just two years away I couldn’t help but wonder what good nickname would be for the club.

With the Seattle expansion team considering the awful name Emeral City Greens we can only hope that the people in Philadelphia come up with something better.

What shouldn’t Philly’s team be called? The Liberty Bells probably wouldn’t go over well. The Cheesesteaks probably wouldn’t either.

You make the call people. What should the MLS expansion team in Philly be called? Share your suggestions below.

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291 Responses to What should Philadelphia’s team name be?

  1. Jobu says:

    Philly Billies

  2. David says:

    The Philadelphia Insufferable Fans.

  3. Tim Crawford says:

    FC Brothers 08 – for brotherly love of course . . .

    or Liberty SC

  4. Lee says:

    Philadelphia Athletic, actually harkens back to when the A’s where playing ball in Philly. So has roots in sports there and the Euro feel.

  5. EDB says:

    The Balboa FC!!

  6. smokeminside says:

    The Filets

  7. BFBS says:

    Ben Franklin FC…gives a deserved nod to the Sons of Ben.

  8. Murphy says:

    keep it simple. no disasters like the joke that is real salt lake. also, ives, were you serious about “emerald city greens”? that is horrible.

  9. smokeminside says:

    Or the Sophists?

  10. Stan from El Barrio says:

    “The Brotherhood” or “Frank Rizzo FC”

  11. Squard says:

    Cheese Steak Soccer Club

  12. eric-dynamo says:

    just make it simple and call it Philedalphia F.C.
    I say its original.

  13. Christiano says:

    Philadelphia Independence FC

  14. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    like Lee said, something simple and something that reflects the city historically and regionally. Independence or Athletic(s) would be fine. SC (soccer or sporting club) is acceptable.

  15. Beech says:

    Had to do it…

    The Philly Hmong Alley Kickers

  16. Philly says:

    Official name: Philadelphia Athletic Futbol Club

    Nickname: “The A’s”

  17. Chuck says:

    I agree that my vote is fo something sime like P.F.C or if you don’t want call it “football” Then just make it P.S.C for soccer

  18. leftcoastmetro says:

    Delaware Demons? (based on the river, not the state, obviously)

  19. Chuck says:

    Watch is be something the “Voltage” or something stupid like that

  20. leftcoastmetro says:

    Sons of Ben brings this to mind:

    Philadelphia Turkeys

    (as Ben Franklin felt the Turkey should be our national bird rather than the eagle)

  21. Mikemike says:

    “Philadelphia Dorks”
    Thanks right. I am dangerous.

  22. Michael F. says:

    Love Philadelphia Athletics.
    But it will probably something like Philadelphia Freedom.

  23. Modibo says:

    I like Lee’s suggestion – Philadelphia Athletic – referencing both Euro names and baseball roots in Philly.

  24. Matt says:

    I like Old City FC based on the historic Old City District in Philly.

  25. Steve says:

    Philly blunts? No I agree with most statements though that simple beats extravagant. Trade for Beckham and become the Philadelphia Freekicks

  26. Fuego Fanatico says:

    Philadelphia Athletic (just like their first baseball team managed by Connie Mack). Traditional, historical, local. What more can one ask for?

  27. Anthony says:

    Im pretty sure that any combination of Philadelphia and Athletic(s) is probably trademarked by MLB and/or the Oakland Athletics organization.

  28. reid says:

    Mike – The phila freedom would be horrible, so most likely they will end up picking something like that

  29. Fuego Fanatico says:

    “I like Old City FC based on the historic Old City District in Philly.

    Posted by: Matt | February 21, 2008 at 03:22 PM”

    Seriously – someone should beat you with your own leg.

  30. Adam says:

    Philadelphia Athletic

  31. BrianK says:

    Got a big kick out of the “Voltage.” Do you remember the Wiz, the Clash and the Burn! Lord have mercy!!

    Well,…if they go with the Philadelhia Freedom they will have a ready made team song. If I am not mistaken Elton John wrote Philadelphia Freedom for his good friend Billy Jean King who was then a member of the Philadelphia Freedom tennis team.

    The Liberty is not bad but there is a WNBA team with that name already.

    Philadelphia Athletic sounds great.

  32. sublicon says:

    You know it’ll be the Philadelphia Liberty or something like that, you KNOW it will.

  33. Chuck says:

    Is it me or would Zidane not be a perfect DP for a team in this city

  34. philly says:

    Im pretty sure that any combination of Philadelphia and Athletic(s) is probably trademarked by MLB and/or the Oakland Athletics organization.


    a) I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. (Just checked to make sure, good thing internets sites like uspto.gov exist)

    b) Even if it WAS trademarked the owner of the A’s is an MLS owner….

  35. Chuck says:

    I think they’ll play off the whole Ben Franklin and electricity thing like the “Voltage” or the “Amps”

  36. Mike says:

    AC Boyz II Men

  37. philly says:

    “I like Old City FC based on the historic Old City District in Philly.” – Matt

    Yes, which makes perfect sense for a team based in chester, pa.

  38. Tony in Quakeland says:

    In keeping with the character of the citizens of Philly, I recommend:

    The Whatthef*ckyoulookingats?

  39. Chuck says:

    The Patty LaLiberty Bells?

  40. hokiegooner says:

    I think it would be a joke and an embarrassment to come up with something such as Philadelphia Liberty or Philadelphia Constitutions, but I really like the idea of Philadelphia Athletic Football Club… not only has roots in Europe, but also takes into account the history of the Philadelphia Athletics.

  41. Chuck says:

    I got it— “The Yous” (you’d get it if you ever heard anyone from south philly talk)

  42. Joe_in_ND says:

    No nickname, just Philly FC

  43. philly says:

    You know it’ll be the Philadelphia Liberty or something like that, you KNOW it will.


    Right because lets see the last few expansions were:

    Toronto FC
    Houston 1836/Dynamo
    Real Salt Lake
    Club Deportivo Chivas USA

    Use Your Brain for once

  44. jordan says:

    Philadelphia Athletic sounds great

  45. Graig says:

    I think I like Philadelphia Independence FC or Independence FC sorta like Independiente

  46. George says:

    How about the:
    Philly “has jade1mls as their fan for life until another team comes around”.

  47. Zoran says:

    Ives, how can you not like Emerald City for Seattle? I think it is the best name I have heard and I am a TFC fan!

  48. Beech says:


    Philadelphia Phunkadelics

  49. Sutnice says:

    Chester Trappers

  50. QJA says:

    Philadelphia Athletic would get my vote.

  51. Schuyler says:

    The Philadelphia “Drug Mules”

  52. Rob C says:

    I like Emerald City for Seattle…it is the city’s nickname, after all…I wouldn’t like it if they were officially Emerald City Greens, however…just Emerald City is fine.

    I like Philadelphia Athletic or something with “Independence” worked in. Maybe Philadelphia 1776?

  53. Rob C says:

    nevermind the end of my first comment…obviously I forgot the 76ers.

    tough day at work, haha

  54. Felix says:

    I actually like Emerald City FC, I think that’s a cool name, and would be one of the better names in MLS, I hate names like Kansas City Wizards. I like the more traditional football/soccer club names.

  55. The Philadelphia Atoms 2? No seriously: The Philadelphia Eraserheads!

  56. Sean G says:

    PAFC (or SC) = Philadelphia Athletics Football Club (or Soccer Club). It really does work on so many levels as others have stated. Also brings in the Pennsylvania (PA) aspect of the team. They could still make the mascot something sufficiently cheesy like the Volt or Ben Franklin or something

  57. mexicanbluefish says:

    it’s the city of brotherly love ain’t it….

    FC liberty manboy love

  58. j1 says:

    how about philadelphia freedom?

  59. j1 says:

    nevermind that dosn’t sound too good

  60. reid says:

    Emerald City FC = Fine
    Emerald City Greens = G@y

  61. Tony in Quakeland says:

    How about the Chester Molesters?

  62. DDT5583 says:


  63. qtip says:

    Philadelphia Busters… then they could be the Philly Busters… get it… filibuster… eh, whatever

  64. Johnny says:

    The Philadelphia Violence
    7 people were murdered in Philly last night
    that’s 40 or so since the year started.

  65. Pat says:

    Ben Franklin FC

  66. Q says:

    I’m pretty sure that Philly Freedom was the old women’s club team name (I was a huge fan of Heather Mitts before anyone else).

  67. kpugs says:

    Wow, what do you name a team in–according to Forbes–a city full of some of the unfriendlies, fattest, ugliest and most murderous people in the country?

  68. Adam M says:

    Philadelphia PhC is how anyone there would spell it (a la the Philly Phanatic), and everyone who likes the Atheltics idea above is absolutely right (I like AC Philadelphia). Simple is better. I also like Philadelphia International (not the airport, which stinks) since MLS doesn’t have an Inter yet. Whatever they name the team, it will be a real crime if Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese is not the jersey sponsor.

  69. David says:

    Hearts of Philadelphia…I can envision a crest with 4 chambers with the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Ben Franklin’s bifocals, and a cheese steak in each one.

  70. Sboy says:

    Independence sounds good

  71. kahlva says:

    Emerald City? Seriously? Can you imagine the endless Dorothy jokes, especially when they play the Kansas City Wizards? Aaaaaahhhh. Lose both of those names. PLEASE.

    That said, Philadelphia Athletic (with or without SC) is the best I’ve heard so far.

  72. Speedball says:

    The Philadelphia Brotherlovers


    West Camden FC

  73. Tom says:

    The team is not in Philadelphia. So that’s out. I would name it either Delaware FC (after the county and the river) or Chester FC (after the city). And for a nickname, since they will be living under a bridge, should be the “Trolls”.

  74. Steve T. says:

    It’s staring you right in the face boys!!!


  75. Adam M says:

    The other way to go would be to play off the massive PSFS sign sitting atop one of their skyscrapers. PSFS is a long defunct bank, but the sign is considered a landmark so its still there. Why not repurpose it after all these years? Philadelphia Sporting Football Society?

  76. sayervilleFC says:

    Chester Peaceful Men
    Wait a Minute Chester FC
    Chester Crazies

  77. harry says:

    Emerald City FC is good; the nickname can be the greens, but please, don’t put it in the official name

  78. Onionsack says:

    The marketing majors today want to devise some name that is marletable etc. They don’t beleive in keeping it simple.

    Philadelphia SC (can we call it a soccer club for once,since you know…thats what we call the sport)


    Philadelphia Athletic

    Are the best i have heard because they are the simplist and it leaves th enickname to develop organicly over time by the fans.

    are by far th

  79. Steve T. says:

    The Patty LaLiberty Bells?

    Posted by: Chuck | February 21, 2008 at 03:32 PM

    I nearly chucked on my lunch…Hilarious.

  80. AFC Philadelphia
    Philadelphia Athletic

  81. Amit says:

    The Ginostars!!!

  82. Adam M says:

    My final idea. Since the team will be playing next to the Commodore Barry Bridge, they could be called the Commodores. No word on Lionel Ritchie’s price in the transfer market.

  83. DWE4 says:

    Philadelphia Eagles Futbol Club

  84. CenterCounter says:

    Philadelphia 1776

  85. Mickey says:

    The Philly Phillanderers… what else?

  86. Speedball says:

    Philadelphia Phooties

  87. Damiiano says:

    Philadelphia Armpits

  88. jeremy says:

    add my voice to the chorus of Philadelphia Athletic votes. it’s perfect.

  89. Damiiano says:

    Philadelphia Chester Molesters

  90. Mike Caramba says:

    The Philadelphia Stallions (Rocky?)

    Come on…we call know they’re going to go for something like AC Philadelphia or Olympique Philadelphia or Philadelphia City or Spartak Philadelphia…

  91. michael says:

    Philadelphia 1776

    Athletic Club Philadelphia

    Ben’s Old Boys

    AFC Philadelphia

  92. Lowe says:

    Philadelphia…. hmmm…. sports and a little history and…

    Broad Street Bullies FC anyone?

    Seriously, I like PASC/PAFC. But in this era of asinine marketing, think of the worst possible thing and that will probably be it.

  93. tedhill says:

    They should not be anything with International. That name shold be reserved for the Miami when it is the next city granted a team.

    As for Philly, I like the plain old AC Philadelphia. As for a nickname, I don;t know.

  94. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    SONOFAS…in honor of the fine work by the Sons of Ben.

  95. Miguel says:

    It’s reported on the MLS Rumors blog that Major League Soccer, LLC has registered this domain name:


    So my guess would be the name is going to be Philadelphia Independence FC

  96. AC Philly works.

    Philadelphia Athletic works as well.


    Ide call em Tom Hanks United.

    Search for the crude joke people.

  97. sayervilleFC says:

    A few that pay homage to Ben Franklin…

    Philadelphia Kiterunners

    Phildelphia Rebellion

    Philadelphia Electric

    Philadelphia (Postmaster) Generals

    Philadelphia Syphilis

  98. DURSK says:

    I love the club name: Old City FC

  99. James says:

    No name. Just call them, “Philadelphia.”

    Let the fans decide the team’s nickname in due time. No need for another sexy corporate moniker (I’m looking at you, FC’s and United’s of the world).

  100. mb says:

    Pennsylvania Dutch. but everyone just calls them P. dutch.

    Philadelphia Volcanos. referencing phillie’s natural history. this is the most likely to be picked.

    Crime FC. the stadium is nicknamed “the ghetto” and the field is surrounded by bulletproof glass. fans are allowed to discharge their firearms at the glass. HOWEVER in the interest of safety, all hollow points must be purchased on site.

    Philadelphia Philadelphians. A safe choice.

  101. Camjam says:

    Love the “Philadelphia Athletic”. Nicknames with liberty and independence will happen on their own.

  102. Rob says:

    The womens team used to be the Philadelphia Charge (and heather mitts is adoreable, plus single now that her and AJ Feeley broke up).
    The Philadelphia Freedom was the old Philly soccer team (US Soccer league or something? same as the Cosmos used to play in). But the team would have to get the rights to the Philadelphia Freedom name to use it.

  103. zilla says:

    Clearly, it’s (We Booed) Santa Claus FC

  104. Original Aaron says:

    Sporting Philly

  105. Adam says:

    It’s obvious that the team should be named after a native of philly who has been a major contributor to our modern society…Will Smith

    Philly Fresh
    Fresh Prince of Philadelphia FC
    FC Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff
    Philadelphia Legend (after I am Legend)
    Philadelphia Independence (after ID4)
    Philadelphia Bad Boys (my personal favorite)

    Seriously though, I hate the original MLS team names; Wizards, Wiz, Burn, Fire, Herpes, etc. But the attempts of the MLS to move to more traditional European names is just sad at times, Real Salt Lake…really? Admittedly there are some winners, TFC, D.C. United, but when are we going to establish a legitimate soccer culture than can be called American?

  106. Trex says:

    How about “Lovers United” …. j/k

    I think I like Philly Athletic the best so far.

  107. Carlos says:

    How about the Philadelphia Phags!!!

  108. Chris says:

    What is this, let NYRB and Fire fans pick the philly name. Sons of Ben already have had numerous name polls, God willing it will be Philadelphia Athletic.

    Also, who is the braniac who said just call them “Philadelphia”. You realize that even though all the top club teams are called solely by their city name, they all have some additional soccer/footy club related moniker.

  109. reid says:

    The Philadelphia Pederasts

  110. The Chester Taylors?
    The Illadelph Halflife?
    Boooooooooooo!!! FC?

  111. Eric in Baltimore says:

    Philadelphia Athletic would be great. Philadelphia Independence is corny.

    Philadelphia Flames?
    Philadelphia Foxes?
    Philadelphia Phalanx?

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

    Stick with Philadelphia Athletic

  112. Sean H. says:

    Athletico Philadelphia

  113. Pablo Chicago says:

    Chester’s Moe Lesters

    Philly Creamed Cheeses

    Big Peety, Lil’ Peety, Sack ‘o Potato Peety, etc. etc. etc.

  114. CD says:

    How about the Philadelphia Phags!!!

    Posted by: Carlos | February 21, 2008 at 04:34 PM

    “PP” for short. That would look great on the logo.

  115. BrianK says:


    There were many silly names in the early days of MLS,…but it seems to me that for the most part they have righted the ship. Houston Dynamo was a nice addition. I happen to like the San Jose Earthquakes. I also happen to think the Chicago Fire has the best combination of name, logo and colors. That said, Real Salt Lake is a travesty.

    I suspect they will get it right,…something like,….Internaziale Philadelphia United PSG.

  116. Geoff says:

    So far I like Philadelphia Athletic the best. My only complaint with Philadelphia FC or FC Philadelphia is that those abbreviations have already been used in the mls. I mean it’s not a huge deal, but I’d personally prefer something more original.

    As for Seattle, I heard Steven Cohen on World Soccer Daily recommend “Seattle City” a few weeks back, and I really liked that one. your thoughts?

    Quest-que vous Chantez?!

  117. Chris says:

    Clearly the best name is Philadelphia Athletic.

    Philadelphia Independence or AC Philadelphia are distant seconds.

  118. Adam M says:

    How about the Chester Arthurs, or does no one remember that President?

    I hope it isn’t “Independence.” New England Revolution is bad enough

  119. KCO says:

    echoing Chris and others

    “Clearly the best name is Philadelphia Athletic.

    Philadelphia Independence or AC Philadelphia are distant seconds.”

  120. Lowe says:

    With a tip to Monty Python-

    Let’s not call them anything, let’s just ignore them.

  121. Jon E says:

    FCFC (Former Capital FC)?

    Phuck Santa FC?

    AC Homicide?

    Or just AC Milan. You know, just to make life confusing.

    Wow. Those suck.

    I guess I prefer the basics, too. Philadelphia FC, SC Philadelphia, that sort of thing.

    I bet they end up with “Independence” or “Freedom,” though. Which would still be much better than the XFL names (Philly Whupass, Philly Mad Dogs, Philly Edge…) that I’m making the sign of the cross against.

  122. Alex says:

    Continentals FC
    Natives FC
    Fighting Quakers
    FC Italian Stallion

  123. Roman says:

    Philadelphia Athletics
    Philadelphia Athletic
    Quaker City FC
    Quaker City AC

    Any of these work for me.

  124. Sean says:

    Philadelphia Athletic


  125. jevanvoo says:

    The Philadelphia Violence
    7 people were murdered in Philly last night
    that’s 40 or so since the year started.

    Posted by: Johnny

    They’ve really cleaned up the town this year then : D

  126. Andrew says:

    If the name has anything to do with Independance, we’ll be calling them the PHilly Indies. Yuck.

    No matter what they’re official name is, they’ll always be the Philly Blunts to me.

  127. HerthyaBerwyn says:

    The Athletic Club of Delaware County.

    A.C. Delco.

  128. Matt in SF says:

    “Uncle” Chester?
    Philly Public?
    CSSC? (Cheese-Steak Soccer Club)

  129. Ski Fast! says:

    Philadelphia Athletic SC

  130. Fire_Juve10 says:

    The Pecan Sandies? Or how about Chemical Toilet? Perhaps Electric Dream Machine.

    /It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference

  131. Stephen D says:

    Philadelphia Union FC
    Philadelphia Alliance FC

  132. fredo says:

    Mike Schmidt Bohyz FC

  133. bc says:

    I’d make a bet that “Philadelphia” isn’t going to be anywhere in the name, since the team is going to be playing in Chester and the primary reason for pushing through the redevelopment project that will include the stadium is to more or less put Chester on the map — not Philly.

    So if there’s any geographical marker in the name, it’ll be “Pennsylvania.”

  134. Zero says:

    Philadephia Punks

  135. Klaus says:

    Philly already has a well established youth club in FC Delco, so why not go with that and absorb the youth organization as part of the team’s developmental program.

  136. MarkVA says:


    do it up yall

  137. Zungazan says:

    Man, this is too easy..

    – Amish Bearded Ladies
    – Phish Phooties
    – Philadelphia Phizzle
    – Philadelphia Phashizzlemynizzle
    – Phartz FC
    – FC Phabulous
    – Philadelphia Phillies (no, no too gay!)

  138. chupacabra says:

    The Phil McCrackens?

  139. chupacabra says:

    The Philadelphia Experiment

  140. Christopher Davis says:

    Philadelphia Sporting Club aka PSC
    or Philly Athletic

  141. wow no love for Tom Hanks FC . . . no one gets a Philadelphia reference . . . sigh

  142. A.S. says:

    Please, nothing with an “FC”. This is America. The “F” stands for an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPORT. Using “FC” in this country is idiotic.

    I like “Philadelphia Athletic”, but I GUARANTEE that it is already trademarked. Besides which, the mareting geniuses at MLS would probably change it to “Atletico Philadelphia” to try to get a marketing tie in with a team from Madrid or Bilbao.

  143. Zungazan says:

    – Puncsatawnee Petes
    – Pennsylvania International Select Soccer
    – Philadelphia Phallous FC

  144. chupacabra says:

    The Philly Minions

  145. Barry67 says:

    If they name the team Philadelphia Athletics, will their fans be Athletic Supporters?

  146. A.S. says:

    I vote for the Brotherly Lovers.

    Likely it will end up being something like Philadelphia Hotspur.

  147. Scott Dunham says:

    Last I checked, MLS was “Major League SOCCER”. Dallas should be SC Dallas, Toronto should be TSC.

    RSL should be Royal Salt Lake (unless they have a Spanish-speaking majority already).

    Dynamo was a complete no-balls cop-out. Were the British “offended” when New England announced their name?

    Don’t get me started on the Galaxy. What’s next, the Universe? Actually, the Novas or Supernovas would be cool.

    Personally I think it’s stupid to name teams after disasters that killed people (Earthquakes, Fire). The great Chicago fire was the lowest point in that city’s history.

    That reminds me of an episode of the old Dave Barry show. His wife made an observation that cities seem to name their teams after the worst attributes of the city, in her case the Miami Heat. Then she wondered if there ever might be a team called the Dallas Book Repositories.

    The best names are United (not as Euro-love, but because it is the capital of the…you get it), Wizards (even though they stumbled upon it), and Rapids. Red Bulls, despite the commercial aspect, is good. I’m not a big fan of singular names, but still I like Revolution.

    OK, back to topic. I like these that were mentioned:
    Emerald City
    Philly Athletic
    Sporting Philly
    Ben’s Old Boys

    And how about:
    Penn Athletic
    Keystone Kings

  148. chuck says:

    Philadelphia Philth or
    Philadelphia dead phish.

  149. CACuzcatlan says:

    Ben Franklin FC

    Hadn’t thought of it before but other teams are named after people (i.e. Luis Angel Firpo). For Seattle I will be severeley dissapointed if its not Sounders or Emerald City FC

  150. Robert says:

    Philadelphia Independence FC

    There’s other teams out there with that kind of name i.e. Independiente de Medellin, etc

  151. smokeminside says:

    good stuff, alex and chupacabra!

    Seriously, I’d go with Philadelphia Athletic Club.

  152. Steve says:

    Illadelph FC YO!

  153. Matt G says:

    twin county sc,ac,fc?

    philly and chester? maybe?

  154. KingSnake says:

    Nick’s Dick’s … sinca, ya know, they are cursed with The Sack’s being their “owner” …

  155. chris says:

    Gotta be Philadelphia Athletic. No other name sounds as nice.

  156. Mike O says:

    Another vote for Philadelphia Athletic…

  157. Scott says:

    FC Freedom

  158. Janusz says:

    Philadelphia Independence FC

  159. AX837077 says:

    My vote goes to Penn AC.

  160. papa bear says:

    Mullet Monsters FC

    Camaro Kids United

    AC [[unintelligible writing in a vaguely Italian dialect]]

    I kid, Philly. Welcome to the league.

    I like ‘Emerald City’ for Seattle (if they dump the ‘greens’ part and just leave the name as ‘Emerald City’) It doesn’t sounds any more ‘horrible’ than Crystal Palace does or any other number of names around the world.

  161. Marc says:

    I think Athletic is clearly the best choose, as it is a catchy name that combines the city’s history with classic soccer names.

    Independence however is lame and inoffensive enough that it is a likely choice. The name Philadelphia Independence just sounds minor league to me, like some bad WNBA team (New York Libery anyone?).

  162. Scott A says:

    Philadelphia Athletic

  163. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: Scott Dunham | February 21, 2008 at 05:52 PM

    actually, not to be contrarian, but the Chicago Fire of 1872 is seen as the catalyst for the rapid industrialization of the city and the re-imagining of the city as it is today that lead up to the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 that introduced the world the the promise and hope of Chicago and the US in general as it pertains to the ‘American dream’ as it is considered by most to be the most influential World’s Fair in history of the world.

    So we take quite a bit of pride in the Chicago Fire and respect the dead but also recognize that it was in fact the flames that cured the clay that was Chicago

  164. Steve Holroyd says:

    I love the name Philadelphia Athletic(s), too, but those who think we’re going to get it must not realize that the Oakland A’s own that name, and are not likely to give it up. Trademark is a touchy thing, and MLB makes millions on Philadelphia A’s merchandise.

    My suggestion: Philadelphia Atoms. A well-loved team in the 1970s, and still well thought-of by older soccer fans. Not quite the history of “Sounders” or “Earthquakes,” but a good history nevertheless.

  165. papa bear says:

    to be serious ‘Athletic’ is a good name, but the question of trademark and copyright infringement on the ‘Athletics’ does come into play especially given the A’s past history.
    Might be tough to swing that short of adding ‘club’ or something after ‘athletic’

  166. Metrosct says:

    I thought you were going to Red Bulls practice today – anything to report? Michael Lewis is reporting that Doe will be released.

  167. DCUinCT says:

    I think we might see
    Philadelphia 1776

    since they tried it with Houston and want a classic feel. Seems hard to beleive you could get more classic than that.

    But I love the Chester Molsters.

  168. Alex says:

    Philadelphia Founding Fathers
    Philadelphia Colonials
    Philadelphia Sea Dogs

  169. PFC says:

    How about just Philadelphia FC?

    It has history look it up on wikipedia.

    Bethlehem Steel FC the club that won the most US Open Cups to date (5) moved to Philadelphia and renamed/rebranded themselves Philadelphia FC.

    So there is your history.
    A nickname will evolve, no need to force one down everyones throats, even though that is the Madison Ave way of doing things. Soccer/Football should be different and set itself apart from other sports.

  170. Kyle says:

    The Philadelphia Franklins

    It is, after all, all about the Benjamins.

    The Quakers?
    The Penns?
    The Constitution?

  171. Chris says:

    Philadelphia Athletic – No other name is exceptable.

    Philadelphia Independece?? YUCK WNBA name. And we already have the terrible Revolution name. No more singular names! Traditional names only please. Doesn’t have to be poseur like Real Salt Lake. Just keep it real with the FC’s and an Athletic here and there.

  172. Reed says:

    Personally, I cannot understand why the majority of Philadelphians approve of “Philadelphia Athletic(s)”. To me it screams, “we like baseball better than soccer.” But hey what do I know, I’m from the west coast. Call them whatever you guys want. I happened to like the Philadelphia Commodores, or Generals even.

  173. Reed says:

    …not to mention the inherit stupidy of more European based names in MLS.

  174. Franklin B says:

    Some of these name ideas are absolutely ridiculous. There has to be the word ‘Philadelphia’ in the team name so they can market it. I think something simple like FC Philadelphia would work and then they can have an unattached nickname like ‘the reds’ or ‘commodores’ or ‘the phillies’. None of these nicknames have to be official.

  175. BK says:

    I almost pissed myself when I read AC Boyz II Men. Man that is hilarious.

  176. dc says:

    Philadelphia Fury

  177. Richard says:

    Philadelphia Athletic sounds cool… And to all the non-soccer watchers, they would (maybe) understand that its the soccer/european version of the “Athletics” (Oakland) … Can’t wait for a great rivalry against them … too bad they’ll suck haha

  178. walter says:

    Independance FC is solid. It would be my pick. Or perhaps since the name Philadelphia has Greek roots: Phalanx Football Club, after the greek fightin formation.

  179. Pierko says:

    I like Matt’s idea of Old City FC. It has that nice, english sound to it. If we want to develop of as a league we can’t have stupid names such as Red Bulls and Wizards. They work for like, American sports but soccer is an international sport and we need to have real names to get the respect we deserve

  180. aristotle says:

    Unless someone can think of something better, I think it should be the Atoms again. The Atoms return to Philadelphia. It’s a POWERFUL and EXPLOSIVE nickname with a lot of history!
    (The Philadelphia Protons?) (The Philadelphia Nucleus?)

  181. cd says:

    1. Santa had it coming — he was drunk
    2. it was decades ago
    3. so little love for the old Atoms?
    4. that would be The MISS Patty LaLiberty Bells

  182. Barry U says:

    Duke & Duke FC (Trading Places reference)
    Billy Ray Valentines FC(Trading Places reference)
    One Dollar FC – (Trading Places reference)
    Italian Stallion FC (Rocky)
    YO Adrian FC (Rocky)

    For Real – Philadelphia Stars & Stripes.

  183. KingSnake says:

    You know, if the team is called “Athletic”, then its fan club must be called “The Jockstrap”

  184. batu103 says:

    Philadelphia Independents
    Philadelphia Franklins

  185. mal humor says:

    Philly Phungus … give it time, it will grow on you.

  186. Randolph Merriman the Third says:

    How about the:
    Philly “has jade1mls as their fan for life until another team comes around”.

    Posted by: George | February 21, 2008 at 03:39 PM

    I thought Jade was a DC fan for life. Hahahahahaha.

  187. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    The Philadelphia Sixth Sense…I see dead people!

  188. Atletico El Pega says:

    Original: nickname before the city name!!!!! (like Red Bull New York, but much better)

    Alliance Philadelphia SC

    Athletic Philadelphia SA (Soccer Alliance)

    Independance PSC

  189. Juventud Miami FSC says:

    Alliance Philadelphia SC

    Wooow, cool, powerfull, original.
    can’t wait till you get the team, succes!

  190. Mal Apropism says:

    How about an English twist:

    Philadelphia Park Rangers

  191. CO_Soccer_Fan says:

    I can’t help it… “Yo Adrian FC” for Philly and “Salmon Athletic” for our friends in the northwest.

  192. Ski says:

    Ok two things. First the Seattle team is going to be called Emerald City Seattle FC. “The Greens” would be their nickname. Like how Coventry City is called the Sky Blues et al. Also what is this obsession with trying to name every team after a team in Europe? I mean, really, what’s the point? “I’m not European. I don’t plan on being European. So who cares if they’re socialists?” Ok I am technically European as I have an Irish passport, but last time I checked we call it soccer here, and anyone that was born here that insists on calling it football is a giant D-Bag.

  193. jpc says:

    dirtbag city sc

  194. Hoover says:

    Philadelphia International Soccer Stars

    Go P.I.S.S. !!!

  195. Phil Kiffer says:

    Fraternal City AFC

  196. Charlie N. says:

    The Philly Pfarts—-silent but deadly. Now thats a motto!!!

  197. Chris says:

    Scrapple FC
    TastyKake FC
    Pork Roll FC

    I’m hungry

  198. Ace says:

    Philadelphia Eaglets

  199. YankatOxford says:

    Philadelphia Athletic Football Club

  200. ryan says:

    LLC, Major League Soccer

    420 5th Avenue
    7th Floor
    New York, NY 10018


    Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
    LLC, Major League Soccer
    420 5th Avenue
    7th Floor
    New York, NY 10018

    Record expires on 15-May-2010
    Record created on 15-May-2006
    Database last updated on 25-Jan-2008

  201. northzax says:

    Scott: actually the Great Fire is more a symbol of the rebirth of Chicago as a modern city. there is a good reason it had so many early skyscrapers, they got to build the place from scratch, just as new technology was coming into play. perfect timing.

    and can we stop with the freaking ACs already? the only one that would have made any sense at all would be AC Washington (giving us the nickname AC/DC) Associazione Calcio is a term imposed on the Italian clubs by Mussolini because he didn’t want the English term FC in his bright new fascist Italian state. You’ll notice that AC Milan, for instance, is still Milan, not Milano.

  202. stencom1 says:

    Philadelphia Athletic, it just sounds right.

  203. J1m says:

    Damn, there are a lot of Athletic Supporters out there!

    Personally, I prefer Philadelphia United.

    (Good old PU!)

  204. inkedAG says:

    I was gonna say the Phillie Blunts as well! 😀

    On a serious note, I say Philadelphia Athletic is the best choice. Someone said Old City FC and that ain’t bad either.

    And since this league likes to pander to hispanics…Philadelphia Athletico.

  205. Chris says:

    Scrapple FC
    TastyKake FC
    Pork Roll FC

    I’m hungry

  206. Scott Dunham says:

    papa bear, northzax:

    Thanks, I like to learn something every day. :-)

  207. Phil says:

    Nothing is better than Philadelphia Athletic. I’ve been saying it since the beginning. It could be AFC Philadelphia, Philadelphia Athletic or Athletic Club Philadelphia. What better way to stay American and soccer appropriate at the same time, then by naming your team similarly to the old Philly baseball team, and also using the Euro-appropriate Athletic Club.

  208. PX says:

    I’m going to address a few of the previous posts:

    1. Emerald City FC is good for Seattle, just don’t add Greens.
    2. KC might drop Wizards from it’s “official” name when they get their stadium.
    3. philadelphiaindependence.com is already registered to MLS
    4. philadelphiaindependencefc.com is already registered to MLS
    5. I think Philadelphia Athletic is a better name.

    That is all.

  209. Mario in SJ says:

    Nothing is better than Philadelphia Athletic…Posted by: Phil | February 22, 2008 at 11:37 AM

    But why the the reference to the baseball Athletics? This is soccer!

  210. Binks says:

    Maccabi Philadelphia.

    If Houston 1832 pissed of a certain demographic, I’d love to see what that would do. =)

  211. Ryan says:

    What about Pat’s FC, that should start another debate. Seriously though I like Indpendence FC of Phily AC.

  212. Ryan says:

    or Phily FC*

  213. gary says:


    Seriously, I like Independence FC or Athletic…

  214. Nordy says:

    Illafifth Dynamite

  215. Nordy says:

    To whoever came up with Old City FC….isn’t Old Town Philadelphia’s “gayborhood”?

  216. Brian in Boston says:

    The trademark for Philadelphia Athletics is, in fact, registered with the USPTO. The rights to the name are owned by the Oakland A’s. Despite the fact that Lew Wolff owns both the A’s and Major League Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes, I don’t think it can be assumed that he’ll simply allow a Chester-based team the use of Philadelphia Athletic as a name. His Major League Baseball brethren would likely make it known that they would prefer that he exercise some exclusivity over use of a historic American League brand. At the end of the day, Wolff owns a Major League Baseball franchise at the consent of his fellow owners, so I can certainly envision him denying the soccer team’s request. Further, MLB could argue that Philadelphia Athletic or Philadelphia Athletic Club is close enough to Philadelphia Athletics to infringe upon the existing trademark. Philadelphia Athletic would be a fine brand for the MLS side, but I can see substantial obstacles to it being adopted.

  217. Lee II says:

    Philadelphia Athletic. Simple, short, and allows for a nickname on it’s own.

  218. Danny says:

    Philadelphia Liberty

  219. Jaredd says:

    Alliance Philadelphia SC

    Nickname before city name!!!!!!!!!!!!! Original and powerfull!

  220. Trvr says:

    I think Bethlehem steel should be considered.

    philidelphia has arguably the richest history of professional soccer in america

  221. soccerroo says:

    I think John E had it right. The FC does not have to stand for football club. FC can be
    First Congress
    First Capital

    some of you others can probably come up with even better meanings for it.

  222. Harvey says:

    I want them to be called Philadelpha Gentlemen FC and The Gents for short! That would kick some serious butt!!! It sounds classy, and has a subtle pun in it. See, gentlemen play football fair and with their feet… 😉
    I guess Commodores, Alliance or Athletic I could live with as well…

    But thats just me, so maybe its the best if they call it plainly Philadelphia FC, SC or AC and let the nickname grow over time… probably the most reasonable approach, as it leaves out the factor of possibly misleading subjectivity. Looking at the Sons of Ben I’m not afraid that some really nice nicknames should evolve of which the best and most fitting would stick with the team.

  223. Its all Greek to me says:

    Since Philadelphia is a greek name, why not name it after the God of Fertility: Philadelphia Priapus

  224. Its all Greek to me says:

    Since Philadelphia is a greek name, why not name it after the God of Fertility: Philadelphia Priapus

  225. j mac says:

    philadelphia ‘fleet’ would relate to the city’s naval history and the team’s proximity to the delaware river

  226. MCA says:

    Im surprised no one has come up with this one:

    Philadelphia Benjamins

    Their crest would just be a wad of cash.


  227. Drew says:

    I think it’s going to be something the Philadelphia Colonials. On a side note did network solutions just park philadelphiaathleticfc.com?

  228. Jacques_Strappe says:

    Why should it be Philadelphia Athletic? Isn’t Philly oficially the fattest city in the US? Try Philadelphia Fatties or Lardo FC, it’s a bit more suitable.

  229. matttttttttt says:

    i like philadelphia athletic SC or independence SC (a la independiente of argentina).
    i do not like anything with FC in it. i understand the whole soccer purist nonsense, but this is american SOCCER, not american FOOTBALL! let’s be american and call it soccer, rather than being poser europeans and call it football (or, even worse, futbol)! philadelphia athletic SOCCER club or independence SOCCER club!
    either way i can’t wait to chant against them at rfk, or, if DC govt. and united can ever get on the same page, at poplar point.

  230. matttttttttt says:

    in regard to whoever said something about naming them bethlehem steel, while i do love the old school reference, bethlehem is just too far (almost 70 miles) from philly for that to make sense.

  231. South Jersey Gino says:

    How about FC NAGNY (Not As Good As New York)

  232. Mike says:

    Do the Philly fans get to choose the name? I would like to see Philly move away from the typical American nickname. “Philadelphia Freedom” does not have a nice ring to it. I would go with Philadelphia 1776 (to bad Houston pussed out) unless of course there is a group of British Americans who find the name offensive. Something simple and to the point like Philly FC would work too. Alas, it’s up to Philly not me. Hope Sons of Ben and any other supporters are happy with whatever monicker they get stuck with.

  233. WhatWhatWhat says:

    How about the “Philly Ups” It sounds positive, or that your being molested, or (for NJ fans) that you need some gas.

  234. Brant says:

    I saw a suggestion for “Franklin’s Old Boys” somewhere else. I rather liked that one…

  235. WhatWhatWhat says:

    Otherwise, the Athletics sounds best as it builds on a heritage namesake and pertains to a sport where people are actually athletic, unlike baseball players.

  236. Marlin says:

    Alliance Philadelphia SC

    For the latino’s :)

    CDP River Delaware
    (CDP = Club Deportivo Philadelphia)

  237. Tim K says:

    Im a fan of Philadelphia Athletic or AC Philadelphia but whats wrong with Philadelphia 1776! I like that the best out of all of them!

    I am actually a fan of the Emerald City FC but I like the Greens as their nick name. Its like the blues and the Reds. As long as u keep the greens as the nick name it will be sweet. Im just glad we got the color green in the MLS now!

  238. deadcell says:

    Philadelphia Rebellion
    Philadelphia United
    FC Philadelphia

  239. Mike Caramba says:

    Philadelphia Independence FC? I think it should be The Philadelphia Independents. BOO YAH

  240. tintin says:

    Alliance Philadelphia SC

    (nickname first than city name)

    congrats with the team!

  241. Richard, the DC United supporter says:

    Philadelphia Athletic FC. Classy and traditional. They can use The A’s as their nickname. Short, sweet, and to the point.

  242. DMagazu says:

    Philadelphia Freedom FC

    Its strong, catchy, and historical. NO doubt about it that’s going to be the name!

  243. mbeexx says:

    Philadelphia River Rats
    (Chester might be offended)

    Philadelphia Friends
    (Quaker reference)

  244. I hope they win says:

    Staying with the pun created by the SoB – Son’s of Ben why not Philly United or PU for short. It also plays on the pun that we are a united by brotherly love.

    The league already has Football Clubs or FC’s. Another name could be based on location. Since it is not far from Philly International Airport, the name could be borrowed for the Soccer team. International Philly Soccer Federation or Inter Philly for short.

  245. CFisher says:

    From what I’ve read Philadelphia Athletic SC would be the best fit. I think the bicentennial/patriotic theme has already been overdone. ‘Freedom’ I believe was already chosen by the WPS team in Washington anyway. Let’s hope the color scheme gets away from the RWB and goes for something different like the Flyers with the black and orange; something original. Remember, DCU, NYRB, NE Rev will be prime rivalries so we don’t want to look too similar. Let’s take this direction and what colors would the team be? How ’bout blue & orange ala Brasil’s blue & yellow nation team colors?

  246. I hope they win says:

    The team colors will be powder blue and gold to reward the SoB’s help in landing the team. The only problem I have is that what is so great about the Chester site? The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Chester isn’t good. And with the location of the stadium doesn’t this pose greater traffic delays. Driving through that area is already a headache and now you want to add 20,000 more people on a friday night in mid-summer.
    Don’t get me wrong. I am happy the team is coming. Only wish the politics of the deal would have done what truely is best for the fans, and not due to political favors. Cause the only thing you’ll see while you sit in gridlock and breathe in jet fumes is a beautiful stadium and a Harris Slot Casino.

  247. I hope they win says:

    Watche a broadcast of Action News that had one member of Chester sum it up best. It was along the lines of this; They promise an increase in jobs however their practices and standards prevent the majority of out of work Chester natives from getting the jobs available. So even though the work is their it goes to people in New Jersey and Delaware.

  248. I hope they win says:

    Watched a broadcast of Action News that had one member of Chester sum it up best. It was along the lines of this; They promise an increase in jobs however their practices and standards prevent the majority of out of work Chester natives from getting the jobs available. So even though the work is their it goes to people in New Jersey and Delaware.

  249. Bill Coon says:

    I definitely like the Athletics the most. The Philadelphia Athletics FC is a fantastic name for a soccer team. Great history with that name in this region as well, helping fans connect a little better. It also just SOUNDS like a professional sports franchise name. However, I do understand that MLB may give us legal problems, having the Oakland A’s originate from this region. Hopefully they won’t.

    Independence isn’t bad if we can’t get Athletics. The Philadelphia Independent FC doesn’t have a bad ring to it.

    Freedom is a little goofy, but it would go at least work with the Elton John song if they were to go with it. I could see them blasting the song as their anthem before every game at least (cool song anyway).

  250. Justin says:

    They should be call “The Philadelphia Lions”. The lion is a well respected symbol throughout the world and emphasises intimidation and, being at the top of the food chain.

  251. phillyphan says:

    i like Philadelphia Legend

  252. Markeedee says:

    Here’s the domain registration info for The Philadelphia Independence F.C.

    LLC, Major League Soccer
    John Sullivan
    420 5th Avenue
    7th Floor
    New York, NY 10018


  253. Markeedee says:

    Philadelphia Firearms, Felonies, Fire Bombs, Fist Fighters, Flashers, Floaters, Flyswatters F.C.

  254. james says:

    I think Philadelphia Athletic is the best, Philadelphia Athletic Football Club (PAFC) is the formal or long name. It is like Charlton Athletic Football Club of the EPL who has CAFC across the stands. It would be cool if the new team did that in their stadium.

  255. pete says:

    How about this:

    Chester FC

    You know.. cause thats where they play and they are a football club. Let’s leave the stupid nicknames to other sports.

  256. danny says:

    AC Philadelphia, its good and no other mls team has the athletic thing goin on, A’s as the nickname amongst the fans that way no copyright infringement. or maybe another nickname the blue’s, cause theyd be wearing powder blue uni’s. all the good nicknames are allready taken by some pro team in some sport.

    and i was dying at some of these names people have going: FC Mitch Williams hahaha

  257. danny says:

    AC Philadelphia, its good and no other mls team has the athletic thing goin on, A’s as the nickname amongst the fans that way no copyright infringement. or maybe another nickname the blue’s, cause theyd be wearing powder blue uni’s. damn all the good nicknames are allready taken by some pro team in some sport.

    and i was dying at some of these names people have going: FC Mitch Williams hahaha

  258. Evan says:

    how bout just Philadelphia??

  259. Jamie says:

    “PC (Philadelphia Club) Hex” – I think its a fun name because it embraces the frustration of Philadelphia’s lack of Championships for the last 25 years. Also, any name with an “X” in it can have a lot of variations for art and logo design because its a unique looking letter. Additionally, since a “Hex” tends to be linked with black magic, how about the team colors be some variation of black, silver, and white? Or perhaps other darker colors since using black may be too close to DC United?

  260. CFisher says:

    The name will be something very standard and I hope it’s the Philadelphia Athletic but anything that’s not like the early MLS names.
    After reading other comments they most likely will go with the Phil. flag colors of “powder” blue and yellow but I think that is just opening things up for ridicule.
    ‘Baby’ blue and yellow both have enough to say about those colors to give opposing teams fans enough fodder for years to come. I think Blue and Gold are great colors as long as it’s GOLD and NOT YELLOW and the BLUE is more like a Barcelona blue,see ads on this page. I just hope the colors scheme are given as much attention as naming the team. Mechandise marketing is so important, and this is something that will identify the team for years to come.

  261. Fernando says:

    I think a good name will be either of the following names:
    Philadelphia FC
    Philadelphia Liberty FC
    Old City Eagles FC
    Philly Demonds FC
    Chester Athletic FC

  262. Bob says:

    AC Delco or FC Kerbeck

  263. Dean says:

    Philadelphia TastyKakes, or at the very least they should become their shirt sponsor!

  264. Dean says:

    Philadelphia TastyKakes, or at the very least they should become their shirt sponsor!

  265. rob says:

    What about Philadelphia Phight or Fight like the Fightin’ Phils?

    I also really like the Philadelphia Brothers FC idea.

    I despise Philadelphia Independence FC and I think Philadelphia Athletics is pretty lame. You want a tie to Atletico Madrid – lame.

  266. Harry says:

    They should be based on one of englands best and histroic teams Portsmouth FC because of obvious PFC and both teams are near the water and it might bring luck for cup victroy as Portsmouth are no strangers to that and you could adpot the nickname Pompey and sing the pompey chimes as your club song

  267. kofi_x5 says:

    The Philly ‘Busters’ SC

  268. kofi_x5 says:

    The Philly Busters AC has a nice ring to it as well.

  269. Connor Dugan says:

    How about the Philadelphia StallionsF.C.? Itallian Stallions to put Rocky into our team name, a blend of creativity and class. What do you think?

  270. Snyder says:

    I like Philadelphia City. Like Manchester City in the PL. Or Philadelphia United, since the team is based in Chester.

    Although Philadelphia Athletic would be suitable as well.

  271. izzy says:

    how about Philadelphia Abyss

  272. Andrew says:

    How about Philadelphia Freedom F.C.??

  273. brennan says:

    philly liberty

  274. TL says:

    Im definitely feelin the Brothers F.C or Independence F.C, but the independence has no short name. At least with Brothers F.C. you can call em the Philly Bros

  275. pdo says:

    How bout “The Benjamins AFC”

    AFC = (Athletic Football Club)

  276. Brendan says:


  277. Brendan says:

    The Philidelphia Liberty

  278. Brendan says:

    The Philidelphia Liberty

  279. Danielle says:

    Philly FC non of this Philadelphia Athletic crap…

  280. Joey G. says:

    Philadelphia United, since it will be base out of Chester. That also leave open the possibility of another team being named Philadelphia City, is based within the city itself. (slim to none chance it happens though.)

  281. asldkfja says:

    Philadelphia Athletic Football Club

  282. milo says:

    Chester FC

  283. Paul says:


  284. Evan says:

    Philadelphia Predators, Philadelphia Strikers, Philadelphia Lightning

  285. anon says:

    Philadelphia Independence FC

  286. anon says:

    the could easily be nicknamed the “indies”.

  287. Footballer says:

    Philadelphia Football Fillies

    Philadelphia Football Phillies

    Philadelphia Phootball Phillies

    The Association Eagles

    AC Philadelphia

    AC Pennsylvania

    Football Philadelphia