You Write the Caption: Beckham and the Yeti

Good afternoon folks. I’m about an hour from departing to Salzburg and figured I could leave you with a You Write the Caption before I go.

Yes, I know, I still owe everybody the winners for the Oguchi Onyewu/Rafael Marquez YWTC, but when I saw this photo I had to post it.

Here is David Beckham and LA teammate Abel Xavier, whose head looks like its being humped by a baby polar bear:


"David Beckham is reminded why he gave up trying different hair styles and stuck with the shaved head."

"After seeing what the microphone did to Abel Xavier, David Beckham realizes he had better try a different mic."

Okay, I gave it two tries. Now it’s your turn. Give me your caption sugestions and I’ll post winners next week.

Fire away.

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122 Responses to You Write the Caption: Beckham and the Yeti

  1. jayslick says:

    Beckham looks over at out of picture landy-cakes and murmers, “you do realize that the 3 of us could be playing for Villareal right now right?”

  2. Richard says:

    The two headed freak is now on display!

  3. Mike Caramba says:

    Beckham coyly smiles as Lalas unveils the signing of LA’s latest multi-million-dollar DP from Fraggle Rock FC.

  4. Matt says:

    God, I just wanna go back to Spain.

  5. sublicon says:

    @ Mike


  6. reid says:

    Beckham – “I wonder if that new intern for the galaxy wants to take a job as a nanny”

  7. Charlie N. says:

    David Beckham at a recent autograph signing with Little Richards grandpa..

  8. Luis says:

    Two men enter, one man leaves!

  9. Danny says:

    As per the Armani ad:

    How sexy is too sexy?

    Obviously there is no “too sexy” for Xavier.

  10. Mikemike says:

    1 pt. for Luis

  11. Dannyc58 says:

    David Beckham is pictured next to a very rare Portuguese Peacock, in full bloom.

  12. Rocco says:

    David Beckham looks thoroughly confused at to which microphone to speak into – the mini-mic or the style-mic.

  13. Michael F. says:

    BECKHAM: “Young, Abel…that hair is so 2006.”

  14. Dannyc58 says:

    David Beckham looks away and giggles after Abel Xavier tells those listening this is his “Brad Pitt Look”

  15. Rocco says:

    Someone forgot to inform Xavier that try-outs for “Punk” Spice were moved to next week, much to the dismay of “Mister Posh” Spice.

  16. Brendan says:

    Beckham : “I pity the fool, do you?”

  17. Zungazan says:

    Press Conference with David Beckham and “Papa” to announce the release of the new children’s book “The Berenstain Bears go to a Soccer Game”.

  18. In a blushing moment, David Beckham just realized that Abel Xaviers hair reminds him of his wifes nether regions.

  19. sidenetting says:

    Abel and David slowly come to the sad realization of why Abel was asked to share the stage with the most famous (ceremonial) footballer in the world…but not given a microphone of his own.

  20. Fredo says:


  21. gaucho says:

    Abel’s not going to be a spokesman for PETA any time soon.

  22. Rasputin the Rover says:

    Beckham introducing his new hair care line of sheeps wool inspired “Baaakham Balm”.

  23. Ike says:

    Beckham: “That’s one big Q-Tip.”

  24. Nicolinho says:

    Claims that Beckham is spending too much time enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle were renewed when he was recently spotted on the set of Teen Wolf 3.

  25. joe a says:

    Beckham finally gets a chance to meet one of the Berenstein Bears!

  26. brent says:

    David Beckham fields questions on why he thought a remake of Demolition Man was a good idea. Beckham was quoted as saying “It seemed like the right time to remake a true hollywood classic, although I must admit I’m not quite fit enough to do my own stunts” Fabio Capello was nearby stating that if beckham was making movies in england and not hollywood perhaps he would get more roles.

  27. Empshel says:

    Two tries:

    “Help me, Fabio. Get me out of here.”


    “This is what my head would look like if you turned it inside out.”

  28. Sean H. says:

    Becks: “Guisseppe Franco told me he was gonna keep it simple for my mate…”

  29. Craig says:

    Reporter – “Abel, have you ever had your hair pulled on?”
    Abel – “Yeah, Posh pulls it all the time. Oh, during soccer… No”

  30. Garret says:

    Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan

  31. Bonji says:

    Xavier, it is a microphone, not a penis.

  32. jade1mls says:

    “This children is why you should never use drugs.”

  33. Jon E says:

    David Beckham smiles because he knows that even confronted with this image, the photographer will decide that Beckham should be the one in focus.

  34. CLG431 says:

    Beckham tries to recreate the time warp scene from Buckaroo Banzai, only Abels fro grows faster than his beard

  35. smokeminside says:

    Keep goin’ guys….lots of these are awesome!

    Luis, Matt, Empshel’s second one, props to all of you.

    My humble offering: Nemo and Dora…look out!

  36. Alex says:

    “You watching America? Laugh all you want, but I am working on this human Q-tip along with little Landycakes and I will teach them how to win the Beckham Way and we will raise the MLS Cup in 8 months….and watch me make the England squad too..”

  37. Frimp says:

    Beckham to guy holding camera: “It was totally worth trading my shirt to those African kids for the albino porcupine in heat I turned on Xavier while he was sleeping”

    Xavier: “I am gonna kill that tea-sippin, fashion sense-havin, mutha f…”

  38. aj says:

    Beckham: It’s a shame his play is as laughable as his looks.

  39. Frimp says:

    Caramba, Luis, Sean H – hilarious. Giuseppe Franco ref, well done. If I may elaborate…

    “My name’s Xavier Abel, I’m not putting my name on the line for something that doesn’t look F’ing retarded!”

  40. andy b. says:

    When asked if the rug matches the curtains, Beckham can only offer a knowing smile.

  41. Sean says:

    Abel: “New coach thought this would act as a bulls-eye for Beckham to aim for on the crosses. The entire team is doing it.”

  42. Carl Setterlund says:

    He asked for Djibril Cisse and, needless to say, David Beckham was less than pleased at the Galaxy’s idea of a compromise.

  43. RedLine55 says:

    “…Honestly, I’m way too good for this sh*t…”

  44. Edward says:

    Taking the team name too far, Alexi mandated players begin dressing up as various celestial objects, with Abel drawing the Sun and Beckham–Uranus.

  45. PotomacBoater says:

    David Beckham stands by his wife, Victoria Beckham, as she announces she is to be know as “Chia Spice.”

  46. Mike says:

    A scene from ‘The Golden Child Part 2: I Want The Knife,…Please.’

  47. BK says:

    The power’s out again. Someone bring in Blanka to power Beckham’s microphone.

  48. ejs says:

    I wonder who got my old number and United

  49. ejs says:

    I wonder who got my old number at United

  50. Jeffrey says:

    Davod can’t believe that Abel still hasn’t noticed the Chia Pet seeds have sprouted.

  51. Mike Caramba says:

    Prank goes awry! Accusations of “unprofessionalism” fly after Galaxy star drags feet on carpet for three hours, then touches Xavier–Becks laughs off charges of “malicious tomfoolery”.

  52. PSUDude says:

    Apparently David Beckham’s flight was diverted from LA to the Thunderdome

  53. gride says:

    Becks is thinking to himself:
    “I’ll bet I’m the only person in this room who knows the X-man isn’t just blonde on top…”

  54. Scott A says:

    And at the third microphone, a lion tamer.

  55. Joamiq says:

    Having had it with Lalas and the Galaxy, Beckham proudly shows off his first client in his groundbreaking new vocation as a hairstylist/taxidermist – the world’s first hairidermist.

  56. Stephen says:

    Alexi Lalas and David Beckham field questions from the media.

  57. Arriaga says:

    1: “I thought this was LaLa-Land… not Never Neverland.”

    2: At least now Becks will be able to tell apart one player as he watches the game injured on the bench this coming season.

  58. Stan from El Barrio says:

    Beckham to Lalas (out of earshot): “Yeah man, I told him it was the style in Japan.”

  59. Mike Caramba says:

    Dang it Stan…beat me to the punch. I was going to say:

    Nearly 6 years since his last cap, Xavier launches campaign to gain Japanese citizenship–Becks lends “full support”.

  60. Kim says:

    Beckham sporting a coy smirk (sharing a joke with soeone?) after having laced Grace Jones’ Coke Zero with 17 ground up testosterone tablets.



  61. nico says:

    Beckham: “hope it is not a slow news day…if it is, this picture will probably end up on some blog”

  62. GoldenChild says:


  63. mexicanbluefish says:

    hee hee… I’m wearing his socks from the last game…

  64. DemonJuice says:

    Becks, who attended the press conference to show solidarity with his wife’s bandmate, casts a sympathetic glance towards a stunned Eddie Murphy as Scary Spice reveals her gender secret.

  65. Sean says:

    A bit of posturing is going down this week as Galaxy players try to even out the financial playing field with Mr. David Beckham. One of the products other players have endorsed include the ever popular Chia-Head (Abel Xavier).

  66. jade1mls says:

    “In LA, he is not at all unsual looking.”

  67. Jengibre says:

    Don’t look directly at at the Abel, it’ll burn your eyes!

  68. Robert says:

    Beckham is pleased to have Valderrama back in MLS.

  69. jjf3 says:


    Even POSH thought that was a bad idea…

  70. sidenetting says:

    robert – hilarious and something that would have actually made the Galaxy into a real team – provided they had some destroyer at defensive mid for cover

  71. TF says:

    “And I get stick for some of my hair-do’s?”

  72. Steve B in Angwin says:

    Beckham wryly smiles as he holds a hair shaver in his right hand just behind Xavier’s head. The new official Xavier haircut for 2008 is the Reverse Mohawk.

  73. FC Uptown says:

    “…..I used to be ‘That Guy’…..”

  74. smokeminside says:

    gride, Scott a, and Joamiq: Yes!

  75. smokeminside says:

    Redline, I like yours, too…

  76. Eric says:

    Is this the new spice girl Posh was talking about at dinner last night?

  77. Camjam says:

    Becks overjoyed at finally finding an q-tip for his big head.

    (seriously though, I love becks.)

  78. Louis says:

    Beckham – “OMG Victoria, do you know what time it is??? EXTREME MAKEOVER!”

  79. camjam says:

    2nd try:

    Becks smirks as Xavier stumbles upon the shock mic he bought at Spencer’s Gifts.

  80. Mike Caramba says:

    After saying something slightly clever, Becks does the “Zach Morris” for a camera to his left.

    …felt I should contribute one that wasn’t about Xavier’s hair.

  81. kevin says:

    Becks: “Xavier, I’m the one who we bought to pose for pictures”

    i actually love becks tho

  82. Alejandro Ruiz says:

    Beckham thinks to himself: Billy Idol really let himself go.

  83. Eric says:

    “Here is David Beckham and LA teammate Abel Xavier, whose head looks like its being humped by a baby polar bear.”

  84. Binks says:

    We’re here in Korea to promote Herbalife’s new Kimchi hair product.

  85. Matt says:

    “shoot me now….”

  86. steal your sounders says:

    This is David Beckham. This is David Beckham on drugs! Any questions?

  87. bubblehouse says:

    To show is dislike of MLS playing surfaces Xavier has pledged to wear artificial turf hair plugs the rest of the season. When asked if his shaved head was a vote of confidence for MLS surfaces Beckham responded “No, Lice”

  88. Oscillate says:

    “Damn…Procede works! It really works!!!”

  89. J says:

    David Beckham thinking to himself….”I’d rather be chilling with Ives in Salzburg right now”

  90. Moneyball says:

    Every teenage girl on the planet: Wait, what? What guy in the background?

  91. Beech says:

    Thundercats HO!!!

    Snarf, Snarf…

  92. MemRook says:

    Abel: Hey Becks, guess what?

    Beckham: You look like a ponce? (Looks at camera, smirking.)

    Abel: What? No. I just insured my hair and saved 15 percent after switching to Geico.

  93. muscfiorentina says:

    Beckham to Lalas off Camera

    Hey Alexi what are you laughing out, at least that isn’t his natural hair style.

  94. MetroTard says:

    This guy is teaching my kid to braekdance?

  95. Kenmore says:

    I had that ‘do in ’99

  96. Buckyz says:

    Your roots are showing, Able. How tacky.

  97. Garret says:

    “This, no it’s not my hair. It’s my new line of designer headgear. I’m hoping to market it to guys like Alecko Eskandarian.”

  98. Zero says:

    “He’s not just the President of the Hair Club for Men, he’s also a Member!”

  99. Louis says:

    2nd try

    Beckham – “Wow that actually makes Alexi’s old look seem normal.”

  100. Jay C says:

    “yes, I am better looking than him!”

  101. Garrett says:

    David Beckham’s press conference on his Guest Spot on LOST:

    “I didn’t think they’d make me have to fight the infamous Polar Bear in the first episode, but I guess they had to find a way to get my shirt off”

  102. Gresh07 says:


    Becks: Now I know how Han Solo felt, and now I have to fly in here and save everyone.

    Lalas: Help us Obi One Becknobi your our only hope!

  103. Mrcjanssen says:

    “Now intoducing Mr. David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy and Dr. Abel Xavier of the pubic hair transplant association.

  104. Joe_in_ND says:

    Beckham announcing plans to launch a Spice Boys tour.

  105. Binky says:

    David Beckham reacts to the news that he has joined the Fine Young Cannibals.

  106. hatch says:

    Xavier: “I’m Mr Heat Miser…”
    Beckham: “I’m Mr Snow”

  107. Kosh71 says:

    To abate their cap issues, the LA Galaxy annouced today that Abel Xavier has taken a pay cut and will earn supplemental income by becoming the team’s first player/hair dresser. Beckham’s approval pending.

  108. David 09 says:

    The LA Galaxy held a Elecrity Safety Course of the kids of LA. As Xavier shows what happens when you mix elecrity with water, David Beckham smiles for the camera.

  109. smokeminside says:

    Nice, J

  110. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Well, at least I’m getting $250 million, along with the revenue from my jersey sales, so I can afford to sit here next to a drug user and pretend to look happy.

  111. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Another option:

    Beckham: “Another great find from our scouting department…”

  112. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Another option:

    Beckham: “Another great find from our scouting department…”

  113. Caldwell says:

    Becks knows when he’s beat during the casting call for “Demolition Man 2″

  114. Caldwell says:

    Oops, I totally just hijacked someone else’s call. My bad.

  115. Brandon says:

    Beckham – “In the greatest of secrecy I transported the entire population of Abel Zabels to my cologne factory here.”

  116. Mike Caramba says:

    Corey Haim pulls out of Lost Boys 2–Becks joins teammate on set to complete the project

  117. Mike Caramba says:

    Beckham smiles knowingly at the camera before finding out the man to his right isn’t actually a Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

  118. j1 says:

    beackham’s reaction after
    ” I’m abel xavier I’m not putting my name on the line for something that doesn’t work”

  119. DCUinCT says:

    Always on the cutting edge, the LA Galaxy introduce the league’s first Drag Queen. Abel explains how his new high-healed soccer shoes help him turn, kick, and jump, while still leaving his hair in perfect condition. Fabulous new uniforms that highlight the team’s best “attributes” will be released soon. Teammate David Beckham smiles on in full approval.

  120. Brandon says:

    Xavier – “If I dye my hair green then maybe Ives will finally list Seattle MLS as a category on the main page”

  121. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    j1, your suggestion is the best!

  122. therealfan says:

    “Seriously, I don’t own this club, I don’t own anything about it” and smiles to camera.