Cast your vote for the Seattle MLS team name (write-ins added to ballot)

If you want your say on what the name of the new MLS team in Seattle will be, now is your chance.

The Seattle MLS team’s website has opened voting on the team’s new name and, not only can you choose between Seattle FC, Seattle Alliance and Seattle Republic, but there is now word that voters can write in with suggestions. This mean voters can now choose to write in Seattle Sounders (or bitter Portland fans can write in with ‘Dirty Rats FC’, but I don’t think that will win).

Vote away people. Anybody can vote, though it appears season ticket holders will have their votes weighted more heavily than the general public vote.

I want to here some creative alternatives to the aforementioned team names. Let’s come up with some good ones.

Fire away!

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91 Responses to Cast your vote for the Seattle MLS team name (write-ins added to ballot)

  1. hotdog says:

    “Sonics” might be available soon.

  2. Rocco says:

    Seattle 1869

  3. CD says:

    Can’t claim it as my own but I saw “Seattle Ferries” suggested somewhere else.

    Crest Suggestion:

    link to

  4. Matt says:

    Seattle Axemen (Thanks to The History Channel)

  5. RP says:

    The voting process requires registration, and one of the questions is “What is your zip code?” I’m guessing an zipcode in the Seattle, pr perhaps northwest region, is required to vote. After entering the appropriate info, I received a congratulatory email saying I was “qualified to vote” with a unique link to submit my vote.

    Text from the vote page is pasted below:

    “Choose between three names OR WRITE-IN YOUR FAVORITE NAME. Fans will be allowed one vote per unique, valid e-mail address. The names are…

    Seattle Alliance: A bond or connection; an association to further the common interests of the members.

    Seattle FC: FC is a common international soccer acronym that stands for football club.

    Seattle Republic: An association in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote; a body of persons freely engaged in a specific activity.

    Write-In Vote: For fans who are passionate about another name.

    Voting ends on March 31st at 11:59pm.”

    link to

  6. Amit says:

    Seattle SBI’s

  7. They will have “a large number or quantity” of players on the field and fans in the stands.

    Therefore, my vote is for the Seattle Slew.

  8. They will have “a large number or quantity” of players on the field and fans in the stands.

    Therefore, my vote is for the Seattle Slew.

  9. SeaOtter says:

    How bout we just call them :

    No. 14

    I’d reserve 15 for the Galaxy up until there’s a 16….and so on.

  10. Trex says:

    I just went to vote and for the protection screen with “type these two words” to get access to vote, the two words were FIRE and OVERRATED… are those random or are they trying to start something? I was quite amused.

  11. spice it up says:

    Seattle ST

    (soccer team)

  12. Forget the presidential elections… as you may or may not know there’s an even bigger election coming up: March 27 – 30 is our chance to name Seattle’s MLS team. Please go to, using as many email addresses as you have, and write in ‘Seattle Sounders’. Please. (and to people who get this more than once: I’m sorry. Really. But this is a really narrow window of opportunity to get word out.)

    The Seattle Sounders have 34 years of soccer history behind them, and are quite possibly the winningest team in Seattle sports history (I’m too lazy to look up facts, but they’ve won four national titles, lost in the championship final 3 times, and have only had a handful of losing seasons. Really.). The fans have picked this name by a resounding margin in several earlier polls (, Seattle Times, Seattle PI, BigSoccer, ESPN,…), was the leader in focus groups, *and* was submitted to the MLS for approval. But the league rejected the name, suggesting instead names that had done much poorer in the focus groups. Fans have spent the last week campaigning *hard*, and while we wish Seattle Sounders were a ballot option, it’s not. BUT we got enough pressure placed on the league that a write-in option was included in the final ballot, which was a huge concession from them. We have support from the Seattle Times, The Post-Intelligencer, the Olympian, Soccer America, the LA Times, KJR, and more. Really. You’d think the Seattle Sounders continued legacy was assured, and your vote isn’t needed, wouldn’t you? But it is. The election is going to be counted electronically, which has the downside that different versions of the team name will be counted as different votes, so we are putting out the plea to folks to vote for ‘Seattle Sounders’. Any other variation will count as a vote for a different name. Be consistent. ‘Seattle Sounders’. If you really want ‘Seattle Republic’ to win, go ahead and vote for it, but if you feel at all that you want the Seattle Sounders tradition to continue, if you really don’t care and have a couple of minutes to kill this weekend, or if you just want to shut me up: ‘Seattle Sounders’

  13. kpugs says:

    I love the passion, but there is one problem. The ACTUAL Seattle Sounders aren’t going to want to share their name with an MLS team.

  14. Jeremy says:

    Seattle Flounders.

    It’s the best. C’mon folks write it in.

  15. tsingletonvt says:

    Why is it ok for MLS to entertain the possibility of a third “FC” team, but not a second “United” team?

  16. kco says:

    Seattle Pacific


    Seattle Democracy


    Seattle Sounders

    one of those three

  17. MasterShake says:

    Emerald City !!!!

  18. Nick says:

    The actual Seattle Sounders organization is being folded into the Seattle MLS team as the USL teams owner is a part owner in the new MLS team so sharing the name isn’t an issue.

  19. KingSnake says:

    Obama Girl (look it up on YouTube) is hotter than Seattle Girl …

  20. MasterShake says:

    Seatle Alliance and Seattle Republic are a complete joke !! and people complain about “FC” in the name.. I say go with Emerald City (like Manchester City, Birmingham City..etc)

  21. Jay G. says:

    Seattle 2009 -> Seattle Zoog

  22. Matt says:

    How about Seattle “Its just gonna be like England with all this damn rain up here” FC?

    Bu for real, keep Sounders.

  23. Matt says:

    Seattle Pugeters

    Seattle Vista or

    Seattle XP

  24. Mike G says:

    All three suggested names are jokes. Sounders represents 30 years of Seattle soccer and 4 trophies since 94′. No reason to fix something that isn’t broken.

  25. Beto says:

    Just voted for the Seattle Timbers

  26. Reid says:

    I thought it was gee at first, but Emerald City FC has grown on me.

    If not then the Seattle Master Baiters

  27. SoccerMan says:

    Sleepless in Seattle FC

  28. Eugene says:

    If it’s coming to a general vote, I have a feeling Toronto FC fans are going to determine the Seattle team’s name.

  29. RP says:

    Can you say “forced option test”?

    League honchos have been consistent with their statements regarding their desire to have no association between MLS and the defunct, financially unsound NASL. Sounders is a brand from the NASL days. The USL-1 Sounders owner is a minority owner of the future Seattle team so I’m pretty sure trademark issues aren’t the reason Sounders isn’t officially included.

    Figure it out: Sounders ain’t gonna happen, regardless of how “webby 2.0/gonna have club membership and votes/gotta have a marching band to keep it/this is a democratic face” the ownership puts on.

  30. kswiss says:

    I’ve always loved Seattle Blue Screen of Death. It’s quite intimidating. Maybe this would be a good fan group nickname.

    Or there’s Seattle Grace, for all you Grey’s Anatomy fans out there.

    In all reality, I agree with most people about bringing back the Seattle Sounders. And I know that the name references Puget Sound, but to me it also brings to mind the musical aspect of the city. So if Sounders doesn’t work, I wouldn’t mind another music inspired name, like Seattle Grunge…except way better and more creative than Seattle Grunge.

  31. Modibo says:

    “Skid Row Seattle” has a real ring to it – it’s got history, the irreverence you’d expect from the birthplace of grunge, and an S. And it will probably make Drew Carey laugh.

    Failing that, how about Seattle Sounders 2.0? Paul Allen will dig the software reference.

  32. Luis says:

    Seattle Sonics actually may not be available even if the team goes to Oklahoma, because that name is trademarked and owned by them and they will probably leave the team name and all the history with the city, so it won’t be available.

  33. PJHardy says:

    Sounders have never played in MLS. It’s not like the Burn changing to FC Dallas. It even sounds like a semi-pro team. I hope they end up with FC, and you guys can nickname them anything you want. But Sounders? Blah. Don’t you want the MLS to one day have an ounce of respect worldwide? If not, let’s just start naming them like Minor League Baseball teams and their wacky names (Lansing Lugnuts, Montgomery Biscuits…). While you are at it, let’s rename Chivas USA as Los Angeles Goats. Or let Red Bull buy the WHOLE league and put that stupid logo over everything.

  34. Rob C says:

    Seattle Athletic


    Emerald City FC

  35. aristotle says:

    I vote for the Seattle Espressos!

    Just kidding. I like the names with some history for the team like the Sounders. The FC thing is getting a little old.

  36. Andrew M says:

    Just voted for Seattle Sounders – 30 years of history and tradition should be kept

  37. Matt says:

    Sounders got my vote.

  38. since aristotle thinks FC is getting old . . .

    Nirvana 1991


    Atletico Cobain

  39. Frimp says:

    Seattle Booyas

  40. Rob C says:

    Sounders, a whopping 30 years of tradition and a BAD NAME. I agree, it sounds like a minor league baseball team name. NO!

  41. Matt says:

    I have always suggested Seattle Rangers. It would satisfy both Eurosnobs and Amerisnobs.

  42. aristotle says:

    David Martinez:

    Actually, I meant F.C. attached to just the city name, like Seattle F.C.

    Were you suggesting Nirvana F.C. as in Seattle Nirvana F.C.?

    You made me think of another name. How about the Seattle Grunge?

    You know, I was suggesting that with tongue in cheek, but that sounds pretty good!

  43. aristotle says:

    I see kswiss beat me to it with grunge. Sorry kswiss. I just saw your post now.

  44. g-loff says:

    Since the Seattle Mariners mascot is a moose, could we call the soccer team the Seattle Moose, and have a mariner as the mascot? If not, there is always Starbucks United or Microsoft FC.

  45. g-loff says:

    Seriously though, how about Olympic Seattle…references the Olympic Penninsula and mountains just across the sound, and has the ring of Olympic Marseilles…possibility of a sister club?

  46. jpc says:


    – Seattle is, after all, named after one of the truly great native american chief’s who ever lived. shouldn’t a name be uniquely linked w/ the city. This seems an obvious choice

    link to

    – and tell me this picture wouldn’t make a cool logo

    link to

  47. LukeDQ says:

    Seattle Grunge FC

  48. KingSnake says:

    Seattle Blue Screens of Death

    Seattle Beastmasters

    Seattle Borg

  49. Buzz says:


    At some point you asked for folks to draft write-ups after MLS games this year. It would be nice if you responded to the e-mails people sent you expressing their interest…you know, just as a courtesy.

  50. jw says:

    Bring back the Pilots!

  51. rmiller says:

    I think that the 3 choices are all jokes. No one wants FC. They did that choice so that fans could refer to them as the Sounders. Seattle really has 2 choices. Sounders or Emerald City. One has history, the other says “world class soccer team”. So have a real election with these two names. I like Emerald City FC.

  52. eastbaygrease says:

    If you have more than one e-mail, you can vote more than once..if you vote for Sounders, that is :)

  53. Tom Hart says:

    Emerald City SC(soccer club)

  54. Tom says:

    Emerald City SC(soccer club)

  55. KingSnake says:

    Seattle Flying Furniture

    Seattle Developers Developers Developers

  56. smokeminside says:

    Not Pilots, but Pilates!

    Not Rangers, but Raingears!

    Or how about the Grooms?

  57. KingSnake says:

    Bundy United

  58. smokeminside says:

    Puhleeze, someone get that last reference…..

  59. Kyle says:

    I just put in my vote: Seattle Sounders!

    There is just too much rich history and tradition to call them something else.

  60. A.S. says:

    Seattle Hotspur.

    It’s as good as “FC”.

  61. andrewdiceway says:

    feel free to use 98070… my old ‘hood growing up and an unfailingly northwest zip code.

  62. DCUinCT says:

    The new owner of the MLS team used to own the Sounders and there is no indication that both teams will continue to exist. Thus, this is the first instance of a USL team being promoted to MLS. Let’s keep the name and have some appreciation for the history of soccer in this country.

  63. Ives says:

    Buzz, I have sent out response emails but have not gotten to everybody. There are a lot of people to get to so cut me some slack.

  64. Kim says:

    I like Seattle Pacific

  65. TBrodie says:

    Here’s a little throwback for Sounders fans:

    link to

  66. Fuegofan says:

    We don’t need new names. Sounders is just fine, thanks. Plus, it has history.

  67. stencom1 says:

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

    Seatle Sounders

  68. stencom1 says:

    Ok sorry, Seattle Sounders

  69. KingSnake says:

    Green River FC (Floating Club)

  70. I liked “Seattle 1869″

  71. KingSnake says:

    SP1 Seattle

  72. quartz62 says:

    Starbucks FC

  73. rudy says:

    Voted for Sounders. I still like Emerald City FC, though.

  74. Hincha Tim says:

    Portland Timbers

  75. Daniel says:

    Emerald City United….

  76. 4now (formerly j) says:

    Seattle Olympic


    Seattle Pacific

  77. mike ruze says:

    How about

    Seattle Stinky Musicians

    Or Seattle Starbucks

  78. adam. says:

    Emeral City Sounders?

  79. Ron says:

    Sounders – let’s maintain soccer’s tradition in Seattle by retaining the name

  80. eric-dynamo says:


  81. Larry says:

    “Seattle Starbucks” has a nice financial backing ring to it. Alternatively, “Seattle Roasters” might suffice.

  82. KingSnake says:

    Pike Place Pike

  83. I agree with Mike G… Sounders has history.. but I would vote for the Seattle Grunge!

  84. HE from NJ says:








  85. 4now (previously j) says:

    sure jpc, nothing like fetishizing the leaders of the people that we annahilated…


    Seattle Olympic

  86. rkupp says:

    Seattle CEDARS – strong, majestic and proud!

    Headline writers dream (“Fire Singes Cedars”, “Quakes Topple Cedars”, etc.) and MLS rock/paper/scissors (Fire burns Cedars, Cedars dam Rapids, Rapids douse Fire).

  87. Drew says:

    Seattle Vista…after their beautiful views and most popular local product.

    The Seattle Cleveland Rockers–since Drew Carey obviously came up with the other two names (Alliance, Republic)

    The Seattle Sea Mutiny–and use the same colors as Tampa Bay?

  88. jpc says:

    sure jpc, nothing like fetishizing the leaders of the people that we annahilated…

    hahaha, that’s pretty funny… its not fetishizing, the city’s named after the guy… Fetishizing would be if we called them the Seattle Golden Showers… Uhhh, at least I heard that’s what some fetish is called

    Anyway, Seattle Olympic? why, what does that mean, that sounds like some european/broken english name for a team. The teams not from athens. Olympic is the name of an inanimate object (the olympic mountains), that’s really not in the spirit of an athletic team. try, “Seattle Olympians”, or “Seattle Mountaineers” “or Seattle Hilltoppers” as seattle was built on seven hills and is surrounded by various major mountain ranges.

  89. Robert in Orlando says:

    1. “A.S. Seattle,” then wait three seconds until the new supporter group materializes out of thin air, “The A.S.S. Holes.”

    2. Inter VanaJam

    3. FC Don’tMoveHereIt’sAlreadyCrowded, but the “F” in “FC” stands for “flannel” instead of football: Flannel Club Seattle.

    4. Darth Vedder FC

    5. FiveDollarMochaFrappawhoziss FC

    6. ChuckNorrisPraystoSteveLargent FC

    7. Frasier Crane FC (FCFC)

  90. smokeminside says:

    Seattle Pacific is out, guys…it’s the name of a university in Seattle….

    and no one remarked on my best offering, the Seattle Grooms?

    Oh, well. I’m chastened but not discouraged.