Olympic Qualifying: USA vs. Honduras (Running Commentary)

Good afternoon folks. Apologies for the lateness of this post but it is Easter after all.

If you are a die-hard U.S. national team fan and watching today’s qualifying final even though it doesn’t mean much, please feel free to follow along with the match here.

Enjoy the match.


FINAL- Honduras 1, USA 0. It’s over. Honduras is the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying champion. No, it doesn’t really mean much but Honduras will certainly take it.

Terrible finishing by the Americans, who outplayed Honduras for much of the day, was what led to a disappointing finish to an otherwise successful tournament for the USA.


107th minute- Looks like Robbie Findley is cramping up.


HALFTIME- The USA has 15 minutes to find a goal and push this match into penalty kicks. Unfortunately, the American offense has been a mess all day.


104th minute- GOAL HONDURAS. What a goal, a 23-yard blast. Honduras 1, USA 0.


102nd minute- I think strikers should pay a fine whenever a shot attempt turns into a throw-in for the other team.


100th minute- Is it me or does it feel like there isn’t an American player on the field who can beat a defender off the drible?


OVERTIME- Honduras looks a bit fatigued heading into overtime and you have to wonder whether Jozy Altidore will be the difference maker in the final 30 minutes.


REGULATION. USA 0, Honduras 0. We’re heading for overtime (Something none of us needed).


93rd minute- Gaven draws another dangerous free kick. Where’s Freddy Adu? Bring him out in street clothes.


91st minute- Altidore serves up a great ball to Kljestan, who squanders a great chance.


89th minute- Marvell Wynne comes in for Holden, who had a pretty strong tournament.


87th minute- Stuart Holden lucky to avoid a second yellow just now.


83rd minute- Dangerous free kick for the USA after Gaven is fouled near the penalty area.


79th minute- Here comes Jozy Altidore. Coming in for Chad Barrett. Slight upgrade.


78th minute- Nothing like annointing goalkeepers as great who have yet to see any significant playing time as professionals.


71st minute- FINDLEY with a golden opportunity but his header bounces off the crossbar after bouncing it off the ground. UNLUCKY.


63rd minute- Kljestan turnover, DRINK. Nice work from Kamani Hill though.


54th minute- Wow, Dom Cervi spills a save but his defenders help him out, including Patrick Ianni, who saves one off the line.


49th minute- With Robbie Findley and Nathan Sturgis on the field today I can’t help but wonder if Alexi Lalas has ever bashed his head against the wall for the Findley/Sturgis for Chris Klein trade.


HALFTIME- We’re about to get started for the second half.


HALFTIME- We’re scoreless. USA 0, Honduras 0. At least there has been some action, although the Freeman injury puts a damper on things, though it didn’t appear that serious.


39th minute- I think it’s time to add the Sacha Kljestan turnover drinking game


37th minute- Barrett shot is blocked. DRINK


31st minute- Barrett misses by inches, DRINK. Seriously though, Barrett is going to score a goal today.


29th minute- Seeing Hunter Freeman treated for an injury isn’t going to do much to help the suicide watch for Red Bulls fans.

27th minute- Here’s the US lineup:






25th minute- Maurice Edu is coming in for Hunter Freeman, who took a knock


18th minute- Wow, Honduras comes close with a 20-yard shot. This game can’t stay scoreless long.


13th minute- Okay, we must have a Chad Barrett drinking game. Any time he shoots wide it’s a drink. (Is it wrong to have an Easter Day drinking game?)


11th minute- I wonder if Tiffany May has made her way to Nashville.


9th minute– Some wide-open soccer so far. A bit different than the last time these teams met.



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116 Responses to Olympic Qualifying: USA vs. Honduras (Running Commentary)

  1. Dave says:

    Who is in the starting XI?

  2. jig says:

    yes, who’s starting?

  3. sprool11 says:

    Freeman injured and not looking good

  4. aristotle says:

    This just in:

    Findley still sucks.

  5. sprool11 says:

    Servi, freeman, ianni, sturgis, hill, holden, kljestan, gaven, barrett, findley

    freeman is coming off for edu

  6. dano says:

    When is FSC going to upgrade to HD cameras and feeds?

  7. aristotle says:

    U>S> player penalized for being pushed over.

  8. aristotle says:

    Since we have pretty much destroyed him on a regular basis, I guess we should give Barrett credit for nice play leading up to the Holden shot.

  9. aristotle says:

    Sadly, Barret gets right back on track by making a mistake again right away.

  10. NYRB says:


  11. dave says:


  12. aristotle says:

    You know how Twellman does commercials for that device to help you play better soccer?

    Barrett should do a commercial for a device that helps you suck at soccer.

  13. aristotle says:

    Holder rocks.

  14. aristotle says:

    Holden. Toomuch drinking because of Barrett.

  15. mas Goals says:

    does anyone know a website that is streaming the game

  16. NYRB says:

    No Alti today?

  17. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:


    Hill Orozco Ianni Sturgis

    Kljestan Holden Gaven Freeman

    Findley Barett

    Edu now in for Freeman who looked like he twisted an ankle

  18. Brant says:

    damn – I’ve been disparaging Barrett all half over in the Soccer Sunday running commentary thread…

  19. Brant says:

    Can Barrett get a job launching satellites for NASA? Just tell him he’s shooting for goal and let him kick it into low-earth-orbit…

  20. to NYRB –

    What? Freeman falling on his face not enough? You want Jozys legs torn assunder?


    Ives is right. RBNY Suicide watch is on.

  21. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Sacha’s had a terrible tournament and gets an ‘Honorable Mention”? (Dax & Edu righfully in first XI as are Adu and Orozco.)

    Really happy with the mid-field options, along with the CB. Thought Wynn played real well also on Thursday.

  22. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    U.S. 8-2 on Shots so far. Been dominating for a while now. Need the final pass in the last 3rd to close out Honduras. Honduras playing a counter.

  23. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    53rd Cervi spills one, US got a bit lucky there.

  24. Jeffrey says:

    Cervi took way too long to get back up

  25. Brant says:

    Barrett on a strong break.

    I’m sure it was an accident.

  26. David Berger says:

    CONCACAF is retarded, I wish this match had meaning.

  27. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    54th K. Hill with a shot using his left? went out of the sideline (not the end line) as Ueker would say “just a bit outside”….think Hill will go with his left again?

  28. Brant says:

    Ives said

    “I can’t help but wonder if Alexi Lalas has ever bashed his head against the wall”

    Maybe not, but I can think of a few thousands fans who would like to help :)

  29. RS says:

    I’m obviously glad they scored when it counted v Canada, but watching the finishing here is making me sick.

  30. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    58th another left from Hill. only halfway down the endline this time.

    Nice buildup for a corner though, including Hill who dropped a pass into Findley that led to Holdens blocked shot.

  31. This is doing nothing to help me evaluate young talent for my MLS fantasy league . . .

  32. dano says:

    eeeee cervi.

    So was it just me, or did Barrett not really jump for that last cross into the box?

  33. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    61st Nice cross by Gaven, just a bit high

  34. Brant says:

    AAAGH! Someone just tell Gaven to shoot from wherever he is. Every time he chips/crosses one inside, either Finley, Barrett, or Kleijstan manages to muff it.

  35. Brant says:

    Can’t blame Finley on that one… he sold out trying to get to it. Good effort there.

  36. RK says:

    Barrett with a good cross that Findley wisely heads to the ground from 6 out, yet it still bounces too high and hits the crossbar…

  37. David Berger says:

    To anyone wondering, Adu and Spector flew back to their respective clubs.

    And if Freeman’s injury keeps him out of any Red Bull games I will hang myself.

  38. RS says:

    If someone gets hurt in Extra Time of a game that doesn’t count…well that would just suck. For that reason I wish it went right to PKs since the outcome is meaningless.

  39. Brant says:

    Has there *ever* been a bigger upgrade in a US substitution than Altidore for Barrett?

  40. kpugs says:

    These guys are brilliant. Really? You’re going to take Beasley coming of a major injury and immediately make him play in the Olympic tournament? Great analysis guys.

  41. Brant says:

    the commentators are talking about which seniors to add to the olympic team.

    Landon: yes or no?

    I say ‘no’ and let Freddie run the team. The basically play the same position, and there’s no reason to force Freddie to change his game to accomodate Lando. Let Freddie be the man, and give him a chance to be in front of the players he’s going to be leading from 2010 to 2018 or so…

  42. Gimmi says:

    can we email the coach,, because of all the players out there kljestan has the worst touch,,i hope he dosnt bring him back for the olympics…

    Does anyone have any opinion on the the over age players will be,

    My choices would be:

    1) Dempsey

    2) Gouch

    3) Bradley

  43. j1 says:

    holden should be with the senior team considering our lack of left midfeilders

  44. Andrew says:

    McBride should be added as one of the three senior players…I know he has retired from the USMNT, but he might be interested in playing in the Olympics.

  45. j1 says:

    bradley isn’t overage gimmi

  46. Only senior I would recommend:


    btw Klejstan seems to lose the ball alot and is suffering fro Johnsonitis – scared of taking shots.

  47. kpugs says:

    Good to see Sacha has returned to his usual suckiness.

    Andrew Fulham would never let McBride play in the Olympics, and to be honest I doubt he would even consider it.

  48. kpugs says:

    J1 Holden’s a right winger my friend, and he hasn’t even declared if he would play for the U.S. senior team. He’s Scottish and eligible there.

  49. Q says:

    What the heck are these guys doing? I have to say that Cervi has the weakest leg of any GK that I have seen. He’s 6’6″ and he barely makes it to midfield! He’s horrible!

  50. j1 says:

    My three choises

    1.McBride ( if he would consider the olympics)

    2. donovan ( only because neither zizzo or Kljestan have really locked down the right midfeild spot)

    3. A tie between howard,onyewu, and cherundolo

  51. Chris Hood says:

    Klejstan blows.

    He has a nice touch but he’s way too soft.

    Jozy set him up so pretty right there and he wet himself

  52. Andrew says:


    If Fulham is relegated, I can see them allowing him to play in the Olympics. Heck, he might even come back to the MLS, even though they love him there.

  53. j1 says:

    Kpugs Didn’t know he played right mid but he was called up for the mexico game although he didn’t feature

  54. Gimmi says:


    I didnt mean to say Bradley as an option for over age player..

    well then let me re-write it…

    Sacha is def. out and put Bradley in his spot, the take Findley out and put Dempsey, then Gouch, and T. Howard.

    I def. dont wanna see Landon Donovan..

  55. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    OK so Altidore on for Barrett. Upgrade.

    Edu was on for Freeman in the 1st Also an upgrade

    Wynn for Holden? Anyone else wish it was Holden on the 93rd FK rather than Sasha? Holden had a yellow, I guess that was why Nowak pulled him, but…man he was the last of the FK artists. Gaven is going to have to step up at this point. Please petoir no Sasha, no sasha.

    As much as I rag on Sasha he’s had a good last 20 minutes besides that FK. lots of activity, if he could only close down and make that final pass in traffic. Which is one of his strengths..come on sasha pretend it is the MLS

  56. Chris Hood says:

    and i agree, Holden looks like a real prospect. Edu as well. I like Orozco a lot too, he’s real solid. Gaven has been really surprising, he looked good today.

    That’s what I’ve taken from these matches.

  57. Brant says:

    It would be nice to see McBride in the Olympics. He might legitimately be in the mix to be the flagbearer at the opening ceremony.

    That said, I’d take:

    Dempsey <- someone’s gotta score Howard <- no point neglecting our best position Bocanegra <- steady hand and adult supervision for off the field and make sure that the under-23s included Michael Bradley. That said, we gotta gotta gotta have some offense besides free kicks. If some combination of Altidore, Finley, Davies, Gaven, Barrett (ugh!), etc can’t score, then bring in Robbie Rogers, or heck, bring up Jason Garey from Columbus. If you can’t find a U23 who can score then I’d revise my suggestions and drop Bocanegra in favor of a Brian Ching or Taylor Twellman (hey, he always manages to cherry-pick goals against inferior teams, maybe he can do it against the kids).

  58. j1 says:

    Is bradley any good at right mid?

  59. Andrew says:

    I can’t stand watching errant shot after errant shot. Our finishing is terrible. We need a striker who can put the ball in the back of the net. I love Altidore, but McBride would be a great player off of which he can play a la JPA.

  60. Brant says:

    “J1 Holden’s a right winger my friend, and he hasn’t even declared if he would play for the U.S. senior team. He’s Scottish and eligible there.”

    He’s got a better chance of making the World Cup with the US than the Scottish team…

  61. j1 says:

    only problem I have with dempsey is that he hasn’t scored in a while and he’s come off the bench for fulham’s last few games

  62. Andrew says:

    I can’t stand watching errant shot after errant shot. Our finishing is terrible. We need a striker who can put the ball in the back of the net. I love Altidore, but McBride would be a great player off of which he can play a la JPA.

  63. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Gimmi, you don’t want the best U.S. player at the olympics? Landon is in and deservedly so.

    Other two for me would be Beez (if healthy) & Howard/Guzan. If no Beez then Dempsey. Dempsey on the right and Donavon on the left, would be tough to beat.

  64. Dominghosa says:

    Just got back from an Easter fiesta…cooking for Easter dinner now. ha.

    Few things…Bradley is certainly not an overage player, if he Novak was able to call him into this qualifying squad, Bradley would be one of the youngest ones on the team. (He’s 20.)

    …Cervi is horrible because of his weak goal kicks? I thought GKs’ main job was to stop shots.

    …Who says Landon would take over Adu’s position if called into the Olympic team? Landon would be very serviceable as Altidore’s strike partner up top with Adu just behind them in a central attacking midfielder role.

    …There are many who would doubt that Fulham would let McBride play in the Olympics or that he would even accept one after missing so much time with his club team due to injury. Plus, he already declared his retirement from international duty.

    …Why did Sacha take that free kick late in regulation? His terrible attempt was a result of a terrible decision.

    Just one person’s opinion….

  65. David Berger says:

    Guzan is barely overage and will probably be the keeper instead of Howard. I don’t think Everton would release Howard.

  66. David Berger says:


  67. Dominghosa says:

    Wow. Honduras deserved that. Well, it’s more like the U.S. deserved to get scored on.

  68. Dominghosa says:

    I hope all the US strikers, including Jozy saw that and took notes.

  69. Q says:

    cervi was too far off of his line. I am not impressed with his game at all. It was a great shot, but the D was horrible and Cervi was not in good position.

  70. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    well thats a bummer. U.S. does not deserve to lose…but it looks like they might. they got 15 minutes to put something on the board.

  71. kpugs says:

    He just suggested they bring back the golden goal. Can he please be fired now?

  72. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Dave Berger, the Olympics are a FIFA match date, if the U.S. calls him Howard will be there, Everton has nothing to little to say about it. Howard, moreso than any other player in Europe would go if called his position is the most secure of any Yank abroad

  73. Dominghosa says:

    I’d like to see Guzan get the international experience, though. He should be more than capable of handling the job at Beijing.

  74. Spencer says:

    Wow glad all of my ragging on Kljestan is backed up by everything people have said today and the whole tournament. Ever since I first saw him on the USMNT I didn’t think he had what it takes. Yet again he still does not and I don’t think he ever will. I feel sorry for whoever picked him on their fantasy team.

  75. j1 says:

    we still have McCarty on the bench

  76. Brant says:

    Would Danny Szetela have any chance of getting called to Beijing? Or has the fact that he’s lacked for game time going to work against him?

  77. Dominghosa says:

    Spencer, Kljestan is still likely to match or better his 12 assists of last season in the MLS.

  78. Dominghosa says:

    Better strikers to give service to on Chivas and at times, inferior opponents will result in Kljestan having another solid MLS season.

  79. j1 says:

    szetela is only making substitute apearences for brescia which is only in serie b

  80. kpugs says:

    Every time this guy is on the ground he is seriously injured, then he gets up and sprints hardcore with no injury. And the ref buys it every time. CONCACAF refs rule, because most of them come from the same cheating culture. And we never get a Canadian ref.

  81. David Berger says:

    Honduras is celebrating like they just won the Olympics.

  82. Andrew says:

    I don’t know what I am more drunk from–Kljestan bad passes or Honduras players rolling around like they were shot.

  83. Brant says:

    I guess our depth isn’t what we thought it was… hard to win without Adu, McCarty, etc. If Barrett ever gets near a US jersey in the next 2 years, whoever called him in should be investigated for taking payoffs from someone. I’m encouraged about Hill, Ianni, and the rest of the defense growing up and eventually filling in behind Gooch, Bocanegra, ‘Dolo, and the probably-done-for-his-career Hekduk (too bad – he was a great player). I really like our midfield options, with Adu, Holden, Bradley, McCarty, and Edu joining Beasley and (if he ever heals physically *and* mentally) Convey. Here’s hoping we can grow some strikers to replace McBride…

  84. kpugs says:

    And before anyone hates me even more than they already do, I think American referees are terrible. But at least they attempt to punish simulation.

  85. NYRB says:

    Georgie Welcome is an actor and a good player

  86. Joamiq says:

    Blah, oh well. I can’t say I’m particularly upset about this loss.

  87. franco says:

    um kpugs and brent, holden can play across the midfield but plays both left and right wing for the dynamo.

    Also, he’s a US citizen now, he is playing for the u23s because he chose to, scotland is not in his plans.

  88. Nickel says:

    I wish United States would have won. Besides that hopefully we build a strong squad to get gold at the olympics, I beleive we have a strong chance espeically with the showing at the U-20 World Cup.

    Here are my picks for the three older players.

    1. Clint Dempsy – Demarcus Beasley (proven goal scorers) if not allowed to leave their clubs Taylor Twellmen.

    2. Carlos Bocanegra ( the young u-23 defense has a lot of growing up to do and Bocanegra can help them with his knowlegde and toughness.

    3. Landon Donovan ( I know people either love him or hate hime, but he creates nice plays, assist, and on ocassion scores goals.

    The golie situation can be solved, but the 6’6” guy needs to be out of there.

  89. MZ says:

    when is the poland roster gonna be released?

  90. j1 says:

    Is subotic availible?

  91. aristotle says:

    So the U.S. finishes the tournament just as they started, unable to score. This was really hard to watch. You really do get the feeling that Barrett, Findley, and even Davies, are the three worst forwards on any team that played in this tournament.

    I heard one of the announcers and someone posting here giving Findley credit for doing the right thing on his close range point blank header miss, but I can’t even give him credit for that. Yes, you do want to head the ball down, but you should NEVER be able to hit the crossbar after heading the ball down from that close. That actually was a very impressive miss. I doubt too many players could head the ball down from that range and miss. You’re not supposed to head the ball down into the ground a foot in front of you, it’s supposed to be going towards the goal, not almost completely straight down. That was a botched header.

    If you could have heard the players on the field speaking every time the U.S. got near the Honduras goal, I’m sure you would have frequently heard something like this: “I’m not gonna shoot, you shoot!” “No, I don’t wanna shoot. I’ll give it to someone else to shoot.” “Give it to Barrett, he’ll shoot, and he’s used to looking like an idiot.”

  92. steve r says:

    Senior player for Olympics – wud like to see Mcbride. His experience and leadership wud no doubt help develop the younger players; he has just come back from injury so he wud be fresh and it wud be nice to see him play alongside Altidore. The team has a lot of potential, they need some order and Mcbride could be the guy.

  93. Jey says:

    steve r – Mcbride is retired and Altidore plays essentially the same position that Mcbride occupied when he played for the national team, so the combination of the two wouldn’t really be the best option.

  94. Jey says:

    Does anyone know when Bradley is going to release the roster for the game next week?

  95. aristotle says:

    I would like to Tab Ramos as the senior player.

    Seriously, guys, the McBride thing isn’t going to happen so we might as well stop talking about it. He said he has retired internationally. Even if for some very unlikely reason he was actually asked, it wouldn’t be fair. Knowing McBride, he would also say it isn’t fair. How can it be fair to offer the senior spot to someone who has said they don’t want to play internationally anymore?

    Even if you don’t buy that, it would open up a whole can of worms if he were to suddenly be back playing internationally. He’s old and may only have one year left. He just came off of a long injury and I really don’t think Fulham would take to kindly to it if he was still with them. It’s just NOT going to happen.

  96. CD says:

    My thoughts from the match.

    I impressed myself by staying awake for that whole sullen affair.

    Cervi’s not ready for prime time, no hands of stone need apply for Bejing.

    Cute passes in the box don’t work. You don’t shoot you don’t score.

    I have no problem with the ref. Sorry US announcers but don’t blame the ref. He wasn’t taking the shots for the US.

  97. Cyrus says:

    The US-Poland roster is set:

    GOALKEEPERS (2): Marcus Hahnemann (Reading FC), Tim Howard (Everton FC)

    DEFENDERS (7): Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham FC), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jay DeMerit (Watford FC), Cory Gibbs (Charlton Athletic), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)

    MIDFIELDERS (5): Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Benny Feilhaber (Derby County), Eddie Lewis (Derby County)

    FORWARDS (4): Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC), Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC), Josh Wolff (1860 Munich)

  98. CD says:

    Random thought. Anyone else see the resemblance? Goalie for Honduras Kevin Hernandez and Raven Symone.

    link to fifa.com

    link to as7.dsi.go.com

    Sorry I had to share.

  99. CD says:

    US vs Poland roster…What no Brian McBride :)

  100. eric says:

    Big welcome back to Cory Gibbs!

    The only issue I have with that roster is it means a whole game of Eddie Lewis out on the left. Ugh.

  101. MZ says:


    where is the roster you see coming from?

    I can’t find it anywhere

  102. aristotle says:


    Cory Gibbs? That’s hilarious. He hasn’t even played a single Championship League game, and he’s just coming off twenty years of injury. I find it hard to believe Charlton actually agreed to this. If he somehow got injured Charlton would be furious.

  103. MZ says:

    they have a good chance to win this game and i hope they don’t blow it by going with josh wolff. He was non-existent in the brazil game and can’t hold up the ball.

    My lineup:





  104. eric says:

    MZ – I bet you’ll see Rico Clark in for Feilhaber given his lack of PT at Derby. Also, curious if Pearce gets the start, he seems to be the only real right back, but BB has a history of not playing Pearce.

  105. I know who to call up to solve the US striking woes by the time Beijing rolls around.

    Giuseppe Rossi.

  106. Dammit, that’s supposed to have a “/ducks” pseudo-tag underneath it.

    Now someone’s gonna think I was being serious.

  107. MZ says:


    I’m sure I will, that’s BB’s preferred central midfield tandem, but feilhaber looked good in his brief spell against mexico and Clark was to say it kindly, poor. Pearce plays LB for rostock, although he is able to move across the back line, similar to spector. Since cherundolo is on the right side and bocanegra and Gooch have the middle sown up. I see Pearce on the left, the same place he played against south africa. Spector could break in at LB if he has a good camp but he doesn’t play LB for West Ham, although he is capable of it.

  108. eball says:

    I think Kljestan must be a honduran name. He sure played like he was on the honduran team. I never seen so many give-aways by a holding midfielder….poor, poor passing

  109. Dave R says:

    Ives, you are wrong. WAY WRONG.

    There are bunch of Americans who can be the Hoduros off the dribble. Unfortunately, Nowak don’t like that play.

    Terrible finishing today. What is wrong with Sacha’s shot? Edu’s? Damn. Those boys need to line’em up and take some practice. HORRIBLE. Good thing that is something you can practice. The intangibles we were great today. Holden and Wynne again proved to be studs. Hell, Barrett even had a good run…

  110. AJ says:

    I understand the kid had a few shaky moments, but he’s only been beaten once. If it takes a shot like that to beat the kid I’ll take it every time. BTW, only maybe Tim Howard would’ve sniffed that shot. He wasn’t out of position, it would look a lot worse if he was beat near post.

  111. Jimmy Bobo says:

    I was at this game (and the Canada game, as well) and my opinion is that Sacha did not play as poorly as many here have written. That said, he was basically handed the keys to the car and was driving the team forward and directing the attack (which always sputtered at the time of the last pass or the shot). This was clearly mostly our second team. Barrett really does suck and Findley lacks touch. Holden was very active and fairly dangerous but he does have a short fuse. Jozy had little, if any, impact on the game. What nobody mentioned was that Georgie Welcome beat a defender (I think it was Sturgis) to the ball and the other defenders had dropped way off. He had the time to look up and crank a really nice shot. I think the first team will do well in Beijing. For Easter Sunday it was a good crowd.

  112. nico says:

    why no in-depth analysis of this game?