Pre-Season Soccer: Red Bulls at Carolina (Your Running Commentary)

Good evening folks. For those of you who aren’t going out yet and plan on sticking around at home to catch the Red Bulls-Carolina RailHawks pre-season exhibition, please feel free to camp out here and share your thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section.

In unrelated news, the club Red Bulls goalkeeper Danny Cepero is going on loan to is the Harrisburg City Islanders.

Tonight’s match is set for a 7:30pm kickoff and is airing on

Here is the Red Bulls lineup:






Share your pre-game and in-game thoughts with the rest of us. I will be in and out, offering occasional commentary.

Enjoy the match.

PRE-GAME- Those wondering where Juan Pablo Angel is. He is out with a viral infection.

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44 Responses to Pre-Season Soccer: Red Bulls at Carolina (Your Running Commentary)

  1. Joamiq says:

    Man, that is one KILLER midfield!

    . . .

  2. Tim Crawford says:

    What’s the deal w/ online video for MLS?!?!?! Umm . . . the season starts tomorrow guys . . .

  3. Pete says:

    Forget the midfield — check out that backline!

    I really, really hope this is just a last-game-of-preseason experiment and not a preview of next week’s starting lineup.

    I mean, shouldn’t the first question you ask a prospective coach be: “Would you ever consider simultaneously using both Leitch and Goldthwaite in a three-man backline?” And then shouldn’t you immediately disqualify anyone who doesn’t answer: “I plan to cut one or both of them before the season starts”?

    I’ve been irrationally optimistic so far this offseason (like pretty much every other offseason), but that lineup is scary. We NEED help by the transfer deadline.

  4. inkedAG says:


  5. Ceez says:

    Is it just me or is their audio feed very static-y?

  6. cathy says:

    I’ve got static too

  7. Cathy says:

    now I’ve got nothing…anyone else having problems watching?

  8. Ceez says:

    Cathy: No, I’m watching just fine. It’s their audio feed that I’m not too fond of. Maybe I’m just being to fussy about it.

    …that cameraman isn’t so great either. Yeah, I’ll just shut up now.

  9. cathy says:

    yep, i’m watching ok now, sound is clear too

  10. LA Metro says:

    Video feed is very choppy for me. More like a bunch of still pictures. Anyone have advice?

  11. Erik Abarca says:

    Reyna with a good shot, thats a shocker. Nice, i hope to see more of that this season

  12. ManicMessiah says:

    Is there any chance Echeverry starts behind Altidore and Angel when the season starts?

  13. LA Metro: Reboot…

  14. Osorio being pretty vocal… Dominating the game but action in the offensive 3rd is tentative at best… Nice shot by Reyna…

    This is Carolina’s first match as they have only been in pre-season camp for 10 days…

    I would take Mendes over Goldy or Leitch any day… Manic Messiah: I agree Oscar would compliment JPA and Alti very well… Alti just whiffed a shot just inside the box…

  15. VDB with a GOALLAZZO!!!!!!!!

  16. Ceez says:

    GOAL VDB!!!

  17. Anthony says:

    Van Den Bergh just earned his starting spot. Red Bulls 1-0. Nice goal.

  18. sidenetting says:

    vdb looked so calm in his approach…that’s what was so impressive

  19. Sandro says:

    Nice Goal by Van Der Bergh…NYRB 1 – Carolina 0

  20. Ceez says:

    It wasn’t exactly a golazo (note spelling ;D) but it was a nice one. RBNY is showing they’re not being tentative with shots outside the 18.

  21. sidenetting says:

    that goalie has some moves!

  22. Ceez says:

    Disgusting passback by Sassano (who is actually playing well) and an equally disgusting almost-own-goal from Goldthwaite.

    *Ceez shakes his head in disgust*

  23. JN says:

    I hate to say it but Reyna is looking pretty good.

  24. sidenetting says:

    since it’s friday…any drinking game ideas?

    How about every time Reyna goes in half-hearted for a challenge

  25. Ceez says:

    I agree with JN. Reyna is looking really solid. He’s no Paul Scholes or Pirlo but he’s holding his own, playing his position really well.

    Another player I’m impressed with is the rookie Luke Sassano. He’s playing really well.

    And how in the world did Echeverry miss that goal!?!?!?!

  26. Steve says:

    Anyone catch that lovefest? Did Red bull buy the broadcast? “Shout out to the great fans in the lovely NY area, the Red Bulls one of the best teams in MLS, doing some great things, building a stadium…”

  27. Erik Abarca says:

    JN says “I hate to say it but Reyna is looking pretty good”


  28. sidenetting says:

    true. reyna has played well since I’ve been watching (1/2 way thru 2nd half). he just seems intent on not picking up a knock in a preseason friendly with a usl squad. not a bad move…

  29. groovester says:

    watching the webcast. Don’t know if you heard. The crowd is great. If you didn’t hear, just wait a minute and the announcers will tell you again and again and again.

  30. groovester says:

    wow, i can’t stand teams that play music through the PA during the game. So bush league, indoor soccer-ish.

  31. dro scott says:

    did altidore just get subbed out?

  32. sidenetting says:

    goldthwaite lucky not to get a card

  33. sidenetting says:

    if the RedBulls aren’t careful, they’ll fail to beat another usl team tonight

  34. sidenetting says:

    I guess everyone else is watching Davidson.

  35. sidenetting says:

    that was surprisingly nice left-footed attempt by Woly…from distance

  36. sidenetting says:

    final push for the railhawks…

  37. sidenetting says:

    …cross is too long. too much adrenaline i suppose

  38. sidenetting says:

    3 minutes she says

  39. sidenetting says:

    i have to admit that this usllive feed is pretty good. smart idea for them to provide this for free. it ain’t perfect but it promotes the league. nice little stadium down there in carolina. i will definitely check out usllive on those friday nights I need a soccer fix

  40. Devil500 says:

    Decent game, and it seems Juan Carlos has instilled an Champions League/Italian style of football-Bunker,frustrate,and counter and kill em.


    Goldy-Solid keep it up.

    Leitch-Again Solid keep it up.

    Reyna-The test will start next Saturday keep it up.

    DVB-Good play, nice goal seems to look better suited to the CM.

    Sinisa-Good play all game.

    Sassano-I like, has great vision.

    Megaloudis-Impressive, could we have a new spark player, looks ultra quick and very nice moves.

    Impressed but the test starts SATURDAY @ Home.

  41. Daniel says:

    We also have to talk about Danleigh Borman from South Africa. He has looked dangerous as well for the club during the pre-season. He has made several strong and accurate crosses and if he does replace Dane Richards who is injured at the moment & when Dane does come back from the injury, our midfield with size, speed & youth will look extra dangerous towards the middle and end of the season, we could see a strong playoff run as well as a hopeful US Open Cup run begining of July.

  42. Daniel says:

    I’m watching the replay of the match against the Railhawks. WHAT A ONE TIME RIP BY DAVE VAN DEN BERGH! I think that goal is going to force Osorio to keep him on the starting 11. That was an awesome shot. Experience is also needed for this club in the midfield outside of Reyna and VDB’s calming influence in the locker room is also needed.

    Great shot by VDB.

  43. Travis says:

    Interesting. I was at the game…the only Red Bull players on the offensive half of the field who really looked like they were trying were Chris Megaloudis and Borman. Etcheverry looked awful. Megaloudis looked great. Is he signed?