SBI MLS Power Rankings


Good morning folks. With the MLS season set to begin in just two days it is time to consider how the teams shape up heading into the season. It is time for the SBI MLS Pre-season power rankings.

My rankings are based on how the teams look heading into the season, so teams that are still missing pieces as of today won’t get credit for players it is supposed to be getting (think Red Bulls and Toronto FC). Their rankings can and will change if and when they make some key additions and those new players show they can make an impact.

There aren’t too many surprises near the top, though if there is a team I probably rate higher than most it is the Kansas City Wizards. I feel like they made some additions (and subtractions) that should help push them into the upper tier of teams.

Here is the first edition of this year’s SBI MLS Power Rankings:


  1. Houston
  2. D.C. United
  3. New England Revolution
  4. Kansas City
  5. Chivas USA
  6. Chicago Fire
  7. Red Bulls
  8. FC Dallas
  9. Los Angeles Galaxy
  10. Colorado Rapids
  11. Columbus Crew
  12. Real Salt Lake
  13. Toronto FC
  14. San Jose Earthquakes

Some people will argue that I have the Red Bulls rated too highly. I think their forwards and Juan Carlos Osorio’s penchant for building strong defenses gives them the edge over the teams behind them in the rankings. I can’t see them going much higher though without some impact additions.

I’m sure folks in Salt Lake will argue that RSL made a ton of acquisitions and is ready to take the leap. I’m not convinced. If and when I am convinced, I will let it be known and adjust the rankings accordingly.

The same goes for San Jose. Yes, I know the Earthquakes won the Carolina Challenge Cup but I’m just not sold on that team having enough offense to do much this year.

I originally had the Galaxy ranked much higher in my mind a few weeks back but the more I look at that defense the more I wonder how LA will stop anybody. That said, it wouldn’t shock me at all if the Galaxy starts destroying people with that attack.

If there is a lower ranked team I can see putting it together it’s Columbus. The Crew has a good nucleus of young players who just might be ready to grow up and turn the Crew into a serious playoff contender.

Now I want to hear from you, SBI readers. Give me your rankings, who you see surprising and who you see being just plain awful. Also feel free to share your thoughts on my rankings.

Share your thoughts below.

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68 Responses to SBI MLS Power Rankings

  1. Richard, UK says:

    Richard MLS Power Rankings

    1. D.C. United

    2. Houston Dynamo

    3. Chivas USA

    4. Kansas City Wizards

    5. New England Revolution

    6. Los Angeles Galaxy

    7. Mew York Red Bulls

    8. FC Dallas

    9. Chicago Fire

    10. Real Salt Lake

    11. Colorado Rapids

    12. Columbus Crew

    13. Toronto FC

    14. San Jose Earthquakes

  2. Richard, UK says:

    Mew York!

    FC Dallas might do better. LA will probably do worse.

  3. Q says:

    I am a huge hoops fan & want them to do well but they are paper thin out wide & goals are going to be rarity. We can only hope that goals are a rarity for their opponents. Long season. My hope is that they improve as the season wears on. 8th is a good spot. Luckily the teams SBI has behind them are not that great either. RSL might surprise.

  4. strago says:

    Agree with DC being #1. Houston lost to much.

  5. Fuego Fanatico says:

    01 D.C. United (class of league)

    02 Houston (may need an extra striker)

    03 Chivas USA (Razov and Suarez are getting old)

    04 Kansas City (will need some time to jell)

    05 New England Revolution (strong through middle)

    06 Chicago Fire (could be contender or pretenders – will know soon enough)

    07 Colorado Rapids (need a better coach, but have the talent)

    08 FC Dallas (hard to rate)

    09 Los Angeles Galaxy (unbalanced squad)

    10 Red Bulls (see Galaxy)

    11 Columbus Crew (look out, next year)

    12 Real Salt Lake (see Crew)

    13 Toronto FC (best team in Canada)

    14 San Jose Earthquakes (if USA can play without striker, why not San Jose?)

  6. Doug says:

    Not bad. I certainly see the criticism of RSL behind the Crew, but also see that it is somewhat hard to say clearly one way or the other.

    And I think you make a good case for New York.

    The concern I have with LA is that they are all attack and no possession and defense. I think they are going to be the same as last year’s New York team – just this year, you won’t have that early run before people figure out they can attack their defense and goalkeeper. Cronin….?!?!?!?

  7. Chewy Unikronik says:

    You have Toronto ranked too high!!!! : )

  8. Nuvinho says:

    Do you think Toronto can move up 1 or 2 spots with the addition of an AM (Guevara)

    Btw Ives, any news on him?

  9. MasterShake says:

    RBNY at 7 ?? really?? I’d put them somewhere at around 14..

  10. CACuzcatlan says:

    Sorry for the off topic post, but voting has started for Seattle’s team name at

  11. adam says:

    hey ives – came across this article and was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on whether any of these guys would/could be a good pickup for MLS…

    link to

  12. Keith G. says:

    Im going to have to say that I dont think Houston is #1, after the lose of 2 key strikers I dont think they will win it all this season and finish behind Chivas USA again.

    I would go with a ranking of:

    1- DC United

    2- Chivas USA

    3- Houston Dynamo

    4- New England Revolution

    5- Chicago Fire

    6- Kansas City Wizards

    7- Red Bulls

    8- LA Galaxy

    9- FC Dallas

    10- Real Salt Lake

    11- Colorado Rapids

    12- Colombus Crew

    13- Toronto FC

    14- San Jose Earthquakes

    I do feel that the Red Bulls are missing that piece (OCM) to get them over the hump.

  13. j1m says:

    j1mbr0wn’s MLS ranking after drinking a few RedBull vodkas:

    1. Red Bulls (will win trifecta: Open Cup, Supporters Shield, and MLS Cup)

    2. Houston (will win best dressed dance squad thanks to new owner Oscar)

    3. Chivas USA (best in the west, but nobody will notice)

    4. Kansas City (EJ was the wicked witch, so Toto bites quite a few ankles this season)

    5. Columbus (whole team is inspired to new heights to stay off the bench as Sigi deals with his lactose intolerance)

    6. FC Dallas (the soccer gods take some pity on the team that put up with Danielson last year)

    7. Colorado (Preki gets pissed and laces up halfway through the season)

    8. Toronto FC (they are actually much lower down, but extreme fans campaign via online vote to move them up to qualify in playoffs)

    9. Los Angeles Galaxy (most expensive jersey for a non-qualifying team)

    10. Chicago Fire (yeah, Conde’s season wasn’t all that impressive, was it?)

    11. Real Salt Lake (hey, they aren’t last. Again!)

    12. New England (entire team leaves to play in Iceland/Norway/Lappland after TT marries a widowed Margaret Thatcher in order to play for Barnsley)

    13. San Jose Earthquakes (Ronnie O’Brien leads the team to unexpected heights)

    14. Philidelphia (Sons of Ben so excited by news of franchise, they experience a premature injection into the league)

    15. DC United (in hell where they belong)

  14. Hincha Tim says:

    If Kenny Deuchar “Dr. Goal” is indeed an accomplished target striker (which remains to be seen) then I think RSL may surprise a lot of people. During the pre-season, the midfield showed some flair during stretches but needed someone to finish off the chances. I think of all the teams, RSL maybe is the biggest unknown as to how they will turn out. I could see them doing REALLY well this year, or continuing to languish. Their big question is whether they are going to be able to score goals. I think their defense is much improved and their midfield play will surprise.

  15. Nick says:

    I’m hopping on the DC being top bandwagon. They have added all over the field with top class (at this level) players. I also think that Chicago is ranked a bit too high, although I’m not sure where I would put them.

  16. Matt says:

    Ives…no mention on how bad Red Bulls looked against San Jose in Carolina. Not sure if Red Bulls are worse than you say they are or that San Jose is better than you say they are, but something has to give when the Quakes score 35 seconds into the match.

  17. I think FC Dallas is getting very little respect here. Think about it – a healthy Kenny Cooper, Toja, Davino, Alvarez, Salas – its a great squad back to top.

  18. Mike22 says:

    I think you’ve got NE and Colorado ranked way too high.

    1. Houston

    2. D.C. United

    3. Chivas USA

    4. Kansas City

    5. Chicago Fire

    6. Red Bulls

    7. New England Revolution

    8. Los Angeles Galaxy

    9. FC Dallas

    10. Real Salt Lake

    11. Columbus Crew

    12. Toronto FC

    13. Colorado Rapids

    14. San Jose Earthquakes

  19. nate says:


    DC United

    Chicago Fire

    New England

    Toronto FC

    Kansas City

    New York




    LA Galaxy

    Chivas USA

    Real Salt Lake

    FC Dallas


    San Jose

    DC over Toronto

    Chicago over New England

    Houston over RSL

    Chivas over LA

    DC over Houston in the Cup.

  20. Colorado is another team not getting respect. If Coundoul can reproduce last year, that D and midfield will make you forget they have such razor thin depth up top.

  21. ahelms says:

    Houston is one Ching injury away from being a middle of the pack team.

  22. Q says:


    The problem I have with your comment is the healthy part. Alvarez has a quad issue, Davino hasnt played in 3 weeks & Toja just got on the field Saturday. I hope your right.


  23. gimmi says:

    To Ives,

    You are correct you do have NYRB ranked too high.

    I know for sure that the CREW will make the playoffs this year, they will be the most suprising team this year..

    Kevin Harmse went to nashville

    and let his country down!

    Kevin Harmse went to nashville

    and let his country down!

    he failed failed there and he’ll fail fail here

    here he failed there he failed everywhere he fails fails

    Kevin Harmse went to nashville and let his country down!

    Tyler Rosenlund went to nashville

    And Let his Country down!

    Tyler Rosenlund went to nashville

    And let his country down!

    he failed failed there and he’ll fail fail here

    here he failed there he failed everywhere he fails fails

    Tyler Rosenlund went to nashville and let his country down!

    —-by Michael Sensky

    Down with TFC


  24. Trex says:

    1. Houston

    2. DC United

    3. New England

    4. Chivas

    5. Fire

    6. Kansas City

    7. New York

    8. LA Galaxy

    9. FC Dallas

    10. Toronto

    11. RSL

    12. Columbus

    13. Colorado

    14. San Jose

  25. sidenetting says:

    Top Four: DC, Chivas, Houston & NE

    Bottom Four: SJ, TFC, LA & Columbus

    If you’re not strong at the back, you’re not strong

  26. Tim F. says:


    Can I get the name of your dealer?


  27. Damiiano says:

    To all you Toronto haters…. those of you who think MoJo will sit on $800k of cap space all season are out of your gord.

    See you in the playoffs.

  28. Andrew says:

    RSL have a shot to be the top 3rd or 4th team in the West. I know they’ll do better than Colorado (and obviously San Jose). They’ll finish with a better record than Columbus and Toronto too.

  29. duthie says:

    gimmi, your song dosen’t even flow properly. and Harmse didn’t play for Canada in the Under 23’s

  30. I completely understand Q, but the overall make up of the team – they have standouts in each portion of the field.

    Cooper up top can not be contained by any MLS defense. Sorry.

    Toja and Alvarez when healthy – crosses all day.

    And on the D end? Salas is a tremendous keeper, Davino holds the rest down.

    Healthy = Greatness for FCD

  31. Joey says:

    Trex & Mike22: I can’t believe you have Colorado ranked so low. Even with a dismal offense last year, their defense (and goals-against avg) was still close to DC and Houston. So I’m not sure how you suggest that they’re worse off than RSL or Toronto. The midfield looks very strong, defense should be fine, Bouna at GK is great, so it all comes down to the forwards. Nevertheless, even with questions at forward, there is no way the Rapids could be considered the second-worst team in the league. You guys are full of sh!t.

  32. Fuego Fanatico says:

    Dave Martinez – I see FCD as a “poor man’s” New England. Cooper is good, but he’s no Twellman. Toja and Alvarez are good, but not as good as Joseph and Ralston. Davino should be good, but is he better than Parkhurst? Sala is good, but not as good as Reis.

    As you said, health is the key down in BigD.

  33. Collin says:

    It’s great to hear you back KC, Ives! Even as a fan, though, I can only imagine a scenario in which they finish 4th in Conference. The pieces are in place, but I’m afraid Onalfo is going to have to play the role of miracle-worker to have noteworthy success THIS year. But next year…watch out.

  34. Jordan says:

    1. Columbus

    2-13. Irrelevant

    14. TORONTO FC in the gutter where it belongs

  35. AJ says:

    I’m not sure why so many of the replies here are sleeping on New England. Its not as though they are some up and coming team. I know they lost Pat Noonan and Andy Dorman, but how much have those guys contributed? The Noonan Twellman partnership was a good one, but Noonan was injured regularly and Twellman kept scoring anyway. Dorman was on fire early in the season, but he wasn’t even dressing by the end of it.

    New England keeps losing guys and keeps on winning. And, Khano Smith has competition on the left, which is new so he’ll either start playing consistently, or he’ll be replaced.

    I really think this team will be better than last season. And remember, Shalrie Joseph is the best player in the MLS and he’s still anchoring the midfield. Any team with Joseph will be one of the top in MLS.

  36. Brims says:

    The MLS power rankings are interesting, but I wonder if it would be possible to do one for maybe the top 15 or 20 CONCACAF teams. I’m not suggesting I have the knowledge to do that — but some of you guys (along with Ives) seem pretty well versed on teams in the region. I only pay attention to Costa Rica outside of MLS for CONCACAF. Just throwing it out — obviously it would only be for dicussion purposes.

  37. Steven says:

    I agree with AJ, everyone is quick to put the Revs in the middle of the pack yet year after year they are near the top of the table.

    Revs vs Chivas in the final.

  38. beckster says:

    Agree with majority – DC united winning another supporters shield. Stronger than Houston. Red Bulls number 7? Seems a bit optimistic.

  39. gimmi says:


    I agree with you

  40. brett says:

    not ranking the teams, b/c quite frankly there are TOO MANY “what ifs”…

    Houston will be top, they are too deep

    DC can either be towards the top or they will be mid table due to the fact they added all the new players it all depends on how they work together

    the Fire are HIT or MISS this season. I’m Going to stay positive.

    CUSA havent changed much expect adding to the attacking pool. It all depends on what they do with Guzan. Sell him in the summer to get some $$$ for him and rely on a back up the rest could hurt their chances for Hardware.

    KC could be in top form this season, but their depth in defense is shaky with new recruits.

    NE have alot of new faces, but it’s going to rely on Tightshirt scoring boat-loads of goals and Ralston having another stellar year. we all know the back line is going to be pretty dang solid

    Rapids can surprise people this season. But likely with their lack of attack, gomez’s balls will go unrewarded

    LA has the faces, but they are TOO THIN… an injury could cause GREAT problems, but look to Gulitt to really push the team this year

    FCD may be a big disappointment. But with Cooper in form, Alverez and toja they could push for a playoff spot.

    RBNJ are really questionable. They still have their stellar attacking duo with Richards coming back from injury in a couple. not to mention the player(s) they are “picking” up in s.america. if they dont make any adjustments before the summer transfer, it may be a long 1st half of the season

    RSL is my darkhorse this season. They are flying under the radars and are obtaining some interesting players. They may find some chemistry and i see them possibly makeing a run to the playoffs.

    Crew Toronto and Quakes havent done anything to get my attention…

  41. CrewFan says:

    gimmi & jordon… u guys are a waste of space… dont bother comin to crew stadium on sat.

  42. joe k says:

    Ives has the bottom of the table right, but the top won’t end that way. DC is the best, but houston will stumble for the first half.

    this is the red bulls’ year to finally win.

  43. joe k says:

    remember, coaching counts! TFC and colorado aren’t going to compete because their managers stink worse than sh*t on a stick

  44. Roblar says:

    I think a lot of you will be surprised by the effectiveness of SJE. …just like NYRB and TOR were.

  45. Kyle says:

    1.DC United (fixed defensive holes, added some needed depth for a long season)

    2.Houston Dynamo (lost a defender in their steal curtain D, lost 2 forwards)

    3.New England Revolution (Strong as usual, but like Chelsea, can’t win against good teams)

    4.Chicago Fire (Were looking good near the end of last year + added some offensive weapons)

    5.Chivas USA (Stayed fairly static in the off-season, it will hurt them a little

    6.Los Angeles Galaxy (There is a reason the Yankees don’t win every year)

    7.FC Dallas (Some good additions will put them in the play-offs, but that is it)

    8.Red Bulls (Shaky defense, Reyna won’t stay healthy)

    9.Kansas City (Never had problems shooting, but they can’t score)

    10.Real Salt Lake (Made some good additions at the end of last season/during the off-season)

    11.Toronto FC (They need to stick to 11 players so they can build a team-it worked for Houston)

    12.Columbus Crew (Schelotto is getting older and they lost more talent than the brought in)

    13.Colorado Rapids (Too busy worrying about every penny)

    14.San Jose Earthquakes (2 words: expansion team)

  46. Danny says:

    1. Houston Dynamo

    2. DC United

    3. Chivas USA

    4. New England Revolution

    5. New York Red Bulls

    6. Los Angeles Galaxy

    7. Kansas City Wizards

    8. Colorado Rapids

    9. Chicago Fire

    10. FC Dallas

    11. Columbus Crew

    12. Real Salt Lake

    13. Toronto FC

    14. San Jose Earthquakes

  47. Jesse says:

    1. Houston (derosario…. is the MVP)

    2. DC (Argentina National Team)

    3. Chicago (Rolfe, Blanco too much class for rest of east)

    4. New England Revolution (Nicol is a solid coach)

    5. Chivas USA (Sasha, and Galindo make them a contender)

    6. Los Angeles Galaxy (like my wife says David Beckham is so dreamy)

    7. Kansas City (Lopez and Trujillo are a lil old)

    8. Red Bulls (JCO can take Conde and jump in a river)

    9. FC Dallas (Ruiz was the reason they were decent, Cooper should be playing in March Madness)

    10. Rapids ( Gomez, and Who else???)

    11.Real Salt Lake ( Blah)

    12 Toronto FC (Who is good that plays for them, Diciho????? Nah nevermind)

    13 San Jose Earthquakes (Ginton and kamara, cant play if there is a 20 MPH wind, might get blown away)

    14. Crew (Rec team????? I will take the U-20’s versus them any day of the week.)

  48. jgildea says:

    “Do you think Toronto can move up 1 or 2 spots with the addition of an AM (Guevara)

    Btw Ives, any news on him?”

    The Guevara deal is dead until the summer window. – from his agent via Goff.

  49. Camjam says:

    Did you see how RSL finished last year? You’re right, I am arguing that RSL has made the leap.

    Their performance after the 6 key aquisitions last year (sturgis, beckerman, mantilla, espindola, findley, morales) was playoff worthy, and now they’ve added a new talented back line, midfield depth(from RBNY) and a true target forward.

    It’s cool though. The fans will have the last laugh here.

  50. inkedAG says:

    I liked j1m’s rankings best. :)

  51. Jordan says:


    Tell loyal crew fans to not go to the game. Awesome way to build support. Go back to 103 and do some more weakass cheers


  52. Nathan says:

    Who should be number 1? DC…and Houston…together. I think they’re closer than many people think, with the edge probably going to DC just b/c Emilio’s output is greater than Ching’s.

    DC’s forward depth really isn’t all that much greater. I’ll be surprised if Moreno’s output is greater than Wondolowski’s. Caraccio and Niell are both unknown, unproven quantities. Niell looks more confident in the mix right now, but Caraccio has the size for MLS, which is where Niell is lacking. I didn’t see Niell get a good look on goal in the CCC, though his ball skills are good. Quaranta could be the X factor.

    I think Houston has the edge in midfield, hands-down, though DC’s is still very good.

    Defense is a tough call. Ianni,Boswell, Martinez, and Peralta are all unpredictable. Ianni plays well with Robinson, somehow, but sucks with Boswell. Boswell has as much -potential- as Peralta and Martinez, who looked pretty good in the CCC, but there’s still no definites on how any of the three will fare over a season (whether Boswell will find his form, whether Peralta/Martinez will continue strong).

    Keepers are pretty even.

    I think both teams at full-strength are very, very close in quality.

    As for the rest of the league, I think LA will score tons of goals (if everyone stays healthy), but will end with a goal differential of 0.

    Unless CUSA add a scoring attacking midfielder to share the load with Razov/Galindo, they’re still short.

  53. Thom says:

    I think this year D.C., barring injuries, takes it all in a dominate fashion. Balance, depth and Argentina are the three points I would argue as to why I feel this way.

    Plus they have a top 5 in the league manager to keep it all together during the rough patches.

  54. Tim Crawford says:

    Yeah, I disagree. lol.

    Standingswise I see:

    1. DC

    2. NER

    3. NYRB

    4. KC

    5. TFC

    6. CHI

    7. CLB

    1. HOU

    2. CHV

    3. LAG

    4. FCD

    5. RSL

    6. COL

    7. SJ

  55. Steve B in Angwin says:

    The Standings in October

    1 DC United

    2 Houston

    3 New England

    4 Los Angeles

    5 Chicago

    6 New York

    7 Chivas

    8 Colorado

    9 Kansas City



    12Salt Lake


    14San Jose

    DC over Colorado

    Houston over Chivas

    New York over New England

    Los Angeles over Chicago

    Los Angeles over DC

    New York over Houston

    Los Angeles over New York in LA

  56. northzax says:

    my only concern with putting Houston and DC on the top at the end of the season (although they are definately the quality teams in the league) is the sheer number of games they both have outside the league. Is either one deep enough to handle the schedule, or will serious choices have to be made between CCC, CCL, SuperLiga (I assume Hunt Cup is already written off) and MLS, we’re talking about the potential to play what, 25 more games than other MLS teams? it will either all come together, or fall apart (like DCU last fall right before the playoffs) I oculd see a comparatively fresh team like Chicago or even Colorado taking a tired DCU or Dynamo team out early in the playoffs.

  57. brett says:

    Steve B in Angwin- assuming they are going to keep the same playoff system, your games would be off….

    DC v NY

    Chi v NE

    Hou V Col

    LA v CUSA

    all based on your standings you set up… b/c while they accept the top team from each division they still divide it into an east v west without the labels

  58. mikeK says:

    I say we all knock the red bull down a few places.

    Sure, JCO is a good coach, but who’s he going to coach, Jozy’s empty boots while he’s off playing in the olympics?

    No one’s home in NY. Start the countdown till Reyna get’s hurt. Still got no keeper. Still got no CAM options.

  59. Brant says:

    I think the hardest team to read is Columbus, but one way or another, I would expect them to have a winning 2d half of the season. Why?

    Because either Sigi has them in playoff contention, and they’re playing well, or he tanked early, got fired, Warzycha took over, and they’ve repeated 2005 by putting together a winning half of a season after the playoffs were too much of a longshot.

    The Crew seem to be 1 star forward from being a 3-5 seed in the playoffs. They’ve got the right role players, but they don’t have that Jeff Cunningham or Brian McBride they’d had for years that you can count on to take over a game.

    Danny ORourke and Eddie Gaven and Frankie Hejduk will run their butts off, being the right place and make the right plays, but they aren’t the guys that are going to win the game for you. And that’s what The Crew lack.

  60. Aljarov says:

    Ar first glasnce it looks like you picked the 8 playoff teams from last year to make it again…way to push the boat out Ives!!


    I think TFC are shaping up to be the worst team…which saddens me greatly.

  61. aristotle says:

    NYRB at no.7?

    If you weren’t reporting on NYRB where would they be?

    I guess once they get those ever elusive three players they will have MLS Cup all sown up.

    Are there a bunch of K.C. fans here? Seems like it was just a short while ago that everyone thought they were a laughing stock. Now they are a top team?

    Is this the lineup that will power them to the number 4 team in MLS , or am I missing something? (I hope it’s not the expectation that new draft picks and Claudio Lopez will turn them into a powerhouse!)

    Kevin Hartman

    Jimmy Conrad

    Michael Harrington

    Chance Myers

    Jack Jewsbury

    Kerry Zavagnin

    Sasha Victorine

    Carlos Marinelli

    Davy Arnaud

    Claudio Lopez

    Scott Sealy

  62. Mike says:

    1.DC United




    5.New York

    6.New England


    8.LA Galaxy

    9.Kansas City

    10.FC Dallas




    14.San Jose

    The West is weak

    Two good sides do not make a Conference

    Also TFC = Terrible football club

    no improvements no skill they’re attendance numbers will be the only highpoint this year

  63. Sara says:

    Ive’s you bloated man you prove once again your “jersey flavor” is nothing more than bias

    houston lost almost all their goals, NE is not the same team it was last year and KC did nothing but pick up an old striker who will not replace EJ

  64. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Who rates the Gals as high as eighth and ninth? I watched Galaxy training before Beckham left for Paris, and Beckham plays defense better than Abel Xavier. Gals should be ranked 11th or 12th; Toronto won’t be as bad as everybody thinks (unless Mo decides to tinker once again).

  65. Chris says:

    To the guy with the Kevin Harmse chant:

    Kevin Harmse didn’t go to Nashville. He’s too old lol.

  66. QJA says:

    1. Houston

    2. D.C. United

    3. New England Revolution

    4. Chivas USA*

    5. Kansas City*

    6. Chicago Fire*

    7. Red Bulls

    8. FC Dallas

    9. Colorado Rapids**

    10. Los Angeles Galaxy**

    11. Columbus Crew

    12. Toronto FC***

    13. Real Salt Lake***

    14. San Jose Earthquakes

    I’m basically in agreement with what Ives posted. Changes marked by asterisks.

  67. Kevin says:

    Harmse didn’t even play for the Olympic team. Come to think of it, I’d doubt he’s ever been to Nashville in his life. Get your facts straight.

  68. Tony H says:

    You are way underrating RSL and underrating SJ, too.

    Here are mine:

    1. Houston

    2. DC

    3. New England

    4. Chivas

    5. KC

    6. RSL

    7. FCD

    8. NY

    9. LA

    10. Chicago

    11. Clb

    12. SJ

    13. Colorado

    14. TFC