Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary


Good morning everybody. Today should be an entertaining day in the soccer world, with matches throughout the day and night on TV, including the season-opening weekend in MLS. Whether you are a Eurosnob or Ameri-snob, there is something for you.

There is the Fulham-Derby match, otherwise known as the ‘Americans soon to be relegated’ derby, at 11am on Fox Soccer Channel. There is also the MLS Cup rematch between Houston and New England tonight, also on FSC.

Here are today’s games for those of you who missed yesterday’s Soccer on TV post:

  • 10:30am- GolTV- Bayern Munich at Nuremburg
  • 11am- FSC- Fulham at Derby.
  • 12:30pm- GolTV- Eintracht Frankfurt at Bayer Leverkusen
  • 1pm- FSC- Aston Villa at Manchester United.
  • 3pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Real Betis
  • 3:30- FSC- Inter Milan at Lazio.
  • 5pm- GolTV- Atletico Madrid at Villarreal.
  • 7:15pm- GolTV- Millonarios at Nacional.
  • 7:30pm- FSC- Houston at New England.
  • 9:30pm-  FSC- Los Angeles Galaxy at Colorado Rapids

A side note for those of you who will post on today’s action. I will be having a separate MLS-only Your Running Commentary posted later in the afternoon. This way we can keep the Euro and MLS talk in their own sections.

You know the routine. If you are watching matches today please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and even some play-by-play on today’s action in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.

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126 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. David Berger says:

    I still have hope that Fulham will not be relegated. If they do not win today, I will lose all that hope.

    Celtic and Rangers are 0-0 in the 41st. Here is a live feed:

    link to

  2. hookemjimbo says:

    Rangers 1

    Celtic 0 at half.

    I love watching the Old Firm

  3. Adam says:


    Come on boys!!!!

    Johnson needs to earn his pay today and Boca needs to be a designated sub for set pieces!

  4. Johnny says:

    My last shred of hope that Fulham stays up will be put to the test today. If they can’t get all three out of this game all will be lost.


  5. eric says:

    I want to see THAT Dempsey today, not the one who jogs around looking mildly disinterested.

    Sigh. Too bad Beasley isn’t playing today, that would’ve been fun.

  6. CD says:

    Thanks Abroad:

    Beasley has the chance to get some hardware in Scotland this year while he is rehabilitating his knee. How many Yanks in Europe have won league titles? Hopefully he will be healthy next year for a Champion Leagues run.

  7. MiamiAl says:

    I think Beasley should pack it in for this season. He is too important to USMNT and qualifying to risk not coming back 100% healthy.

  8. Gimmi says:

    i guess there is not FSC on TVU

    thats a stinker

  9. Erik Abarca says:

    Lets go FULHAM!!!!!

  10. tedhill says:

    Gimmi, REALLY?!?!? No FSC on TVU? What happened? I really depend on that for my soccer viewing. Do you think it is temporary or permanent?

  11. David Berger says:

    The fight to stay in the EPL could look so much better after today.

    Derby vs. Fulham

    Bolton vs. Arsenal

    Birmingham vs. Manchester City

    Sunderland vs. West Ham

    If Fulham wins and Bolton, Birmingham and Sunderland lose (which seems likely) then the table would look like this:

    16. Sunderland 30 (-21 GD)

    17. Birmingham 27 (-13 GD)


    18. Bolton 26 (-17 GD)

    19. Fulham 26 (-24 GD)

    20. Derby 10 (-51 GD)

    Six games left. Fulham hosts Sunderland next week and travels to Reading the week after. If Fulham could get 9 points out of that….wow.

  12. MiamiAl says:

    Setanta is saying that Eddie Johnson will be benched today for Bouazza. I am sure Hodgson saw the US/Poland match. EJ is clearly not ready. But on the other hand, Bocanegra should obviously be starting for Fulham. It must be personal.

  13. Joe_in_ND says:

    I am a Liverpool supporter, but I definitely am cheering for Fulham today. Come on Team America! McBride is the man.

  14. David Berger says:


    FSC is on TVU. Look here:

    link to

  15. David Berger says:

    Eddie Lewis is starting for Derby. Feilhaber is on the bench.

    Keller and McBride starting. Johnson, Bocanegra and Dempsey on the bench.

    Dempsey is better than Bouazza and Kamara yet they are starting. Lame.

  16. tedhill says:

    I don’t care who plays for Fulham today, as long as they win.

  17. tedhill says:

    I’m getting a problem with the TVU, the link will launch the player but it won’t open the channel, and it’s not on the side to select either. Frustrating.

  18. Chase says:

    Pretty lame that Demsey has been benched gain, Hodgson sucks…

  19. Erik Abarca says:

    Benny Feilhaber on the bench for Derby, thats a plus. What are the chances we’ll see 7 Ameicans on the field today.

  20. tedhill says:

    The sopcast link on is working fine, English commentary as well.

  21. Brian says:

    Dont forget for us MLS fans…if your team isn’t being shown tonight (like my DC United…well, they’re on a 3 hour delay)…….the MLS package is giving a free preview tonight, so you should be able to watch your team play live!!

  22. Carlos Pais says:

    Bad Break for Fulham…. 1-0 Derby

  23. smacking says:

    I’m have the same issue with TVU. If you follow the link provided above I have it up on sopcast, but it is a pretty poor connection. Then again that could be because I get my internet connection from some unknown, but well liked neighbor.

  24. Don says:

    1-0 to derby. deflection on way to goal..keller had no chance

  25. Joe_in_ND says:

    Wow Derby finally gets a lucky break. Too bad it’s 3 months too late.

  26. Gimmi says:

    if u r havin problem with tvu, use sopcast Channel – 42942

  27. tedhill says:

    Hey I found on a message board that GOLTV is on the tvu player. You can’t select the channel on the left but if you put tvu://65217 in your web browser it will launch it. Right now they are showing Nurnberg-Bayern Munich.

  28. Don says:

    1-1. header by kamara

  29. Scott says:

    Goal Fulham 1-1 Solid header.

  30. Gimmi says:

    After watching that goal by Kamara, I feel like I really do suck.



  31. andrewk says:

    1-1, Kamara ties it up for Fulham…is there any way to get this on TVU? I’d also love to watch Man Utd-Villa (as a Chelsea fan, go Villa!)

  32. Chase says:

    Wow, Arsenal is down 1-0 to Bolton, wow…

  33. aristotle says:

    Amazing! I’m watching the Fulham game and it seems like Fulham just doesn’t get it. Derby comes at them and they just keep backing up and backing up letting the Derby players come at them and letting them have wide open shots! Lucky for them Derby hasn’t taken advantage yet.

  34. aristotle says:

    I don’t understand the Dempsey comments. It seems like Dempsey is almost on a par with Altidore as far as American players who can do no wrong. Dempsey has played poorly for sometime. Bocanegra is the guy who should be playing. Dempsey needs to do something off the bench to earn his way back into the lineup.

  35. tedhill says:

    2-0 Bolton over Arsenal. I mean I hate Arsenal, but COME ON! HELP FULHAM OUT!!!

  36. aristotle says:

    At this point in time it really looks like the end for Fulham. In addition to looking like they are going to lose to Derby, the scores around the league are all going against them. Let’s hope this changes in the second half or Fulham is DEFINITELY done.

  37. Chase says:

    Arsenal do play terribly at Bolton, but wow, I guess Chelsea is my only hope of taking out the manc scum…

  38. aristotle says:

    Well, looks like Arsenal is done against Bolton because Bolton are up 2-0 and Arsenal are playing with 10 men away!

    One nail in Fulham’s coffin. Even if Fulham wins today they will still be more than 3 points behind Bolton because of goal difference. Sigh.

  39. Spencer says:

    Looks like Spector will be a starter the rest of the year for West Ham. This is his 4th game to start I believe in 5 weeks. The only one he didn’t was last week when he finished duty for the U-23s and the coach gave him a break.

  40. Zack says:

    stupid FSC is not working on my TV!!!!!!

  41. aristotle says:

    Fulham come out playing the same way they went in at half time, like crap! I’m beginning to think they have given up. Looks like they need to give Dempsey and Bocanegra a chance if only for more effort.

  42. MK says:

    1-1… you’d have think Dempsey gets a look at this game. Unless the GAM has been doing something incredible in training, I don’t see any way that he gets into this game.

  43. aristotle says:

    Great! Now Keller is acting like a circus clown!

  44. aristotle says:

    2-0 Birmingham. Another nail in Fulham’s coffin.

  45. aristotle says:

    Fulham won’t hold on for much longer. They are being dominated.

  46. aristotle says:

    Fulham needs some changes now!

  47. aristotle says:

    Damn it Hodgson! Make changes now before it’s too late!

  48. MK says:

    2-0 Bolton over Arsenal as well…

  49. aristotle says:

    A very small glimmer of hope for Fulham. City has pulled one back against Birmingham and Birmingham have lost a player and are playing with 10 men.

  50. MK says:

    Man City just pulled one back on Birmingham. 2-1.

  51. DARRYL DAWKINS says:

    i saw something in another post about MLS Direct Kick being “free on all providers.” is that true? if so, can i get it on Comcast? i’m guessing no.

  52. peter says:

    2-1 bolton lead

  53. Jonathan says:

    Fulham’s defense looks absolutely brutal. There is no way Carlos Bocanegra does not deserve to be out there.

  54. aristotle says:

    Hodgson is a moron! If you don’t bring subs into a game like this where Fulham are playing like crap and desperately hanging on, when do you?

  55. If Fulham do go down how many of the 5 US players will end up playing in the prem next year?

    Watching the Championship results come through and its not pretty if your a Watford fan

  56. aristotle says:


    You’re absolutely right. He could add some offense too.

  57. aristotle says:

    Keller is the only reason Fulham are clinging to a 1-1 tie. I think Hodgson has quit on his team.

  58. Jonathan says:


    My thoughts exactly.

  59. aristotle says:

    I’ve lost all respect for Hodgson as a manager.

  60. aristotle says:

    Luck might get Fulham a win! 2-1

  61. peter says:

    3-1 to Bir. yes

  62. David Berger says:

    Fulham scores to go ahead and then gives up a goal like a second later.


  63. Gary B says:

    Arsenal just tied bolton 2-2

  64. Jonathan says:

    What are the football gods doing to me?! 2-2

  65. MK says:

    Bolton 2 – 2 Arsenal

    Fortunate goal for Fulham – I’ll take it! Now get some subs in…

    With the way he’s been shrugged off at the end of the season, I don’t see Bocanegra staying on if they drop. He, Dempsey, and/or Keller could catch on with a lower-table team next season. I think McBride’s going to make his way home to MLS after this season.

    I think Johnson would do best to grow up in the Championship.

    In the time that it took to post this, Fulham blew it…

  66. aristotle says:

    Bye bye Fulham. I won’t waste anymore time on you. What an absolutely disgraceful display! It looks like an individual competition amongst the Fulham players now to see who can suck the most! I think Derby might pull off a win in the last minutes. Johnson comes in and acts stupid immediately.

  67. Dominghosa says:

    poor Fulham. you cant help but laugh inside. sorry

  68. I agree MK, Johnson needs a good physical season in the Championsip if he’s going to take the next step in his career.

  69. I agree MK, Johnson needs a good physical season in the Championship if he’s going to take the next step in his career.

  70. aristotle says:

    Danny Murphy and Eddie Johnson to the rescue!

  71. Jonathan says:

    I don’t care how many times the commentators put Keller down; he has saved this game for Fulham

  72. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Man, FUlham is horrible and this is an ugly game. Nothing more needs to be said…

  73. aristotle says:

    Johnson is so disrespected he can’t even get an obvious penalty call.

  74. Dominghosa says:

    Oh geebus. that was a weak run by eddie and a weak chance! how ’bout you try and kick the ball! Ah,but he probably should have had that call anyway.

  75. MK says:

    If Johnson’s flop-to-minutes played ratio hadn’t been 2 to 1, times in his last game, he might have been able to sell that PK.

  76. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Johnson goes down more than a drunk whore at a fraternity party…

  77. aristotle says:

    How could we ever have thought this team had a chance?

  78. aristotle says:

    Yeah papabear, Eddie Johnson has been playing better lately for Fulham and the fans even appreciate him!

  79. Tony in Quakeland says:

    EJ just looks lost…

    I really want him to establish some pride and presence here.

  80. aristotle says:

    It looks like Derby, Fulham, and Bolton will be going down. Only Bolton has a chance.

  81. MK says:

    32 newcastle

    32 reading

    31 wigan

    31 sunderland

    30 birmingham


    27 bolton

    24 fulham

    11 derby

  82. Johnny says:

    Goodbye Fulham!

  83. peter says:

    bolton down 3-2

  84. aristotle says:

    Even the announcer thinks Hodgson is an idiot.

  85. Tony in Quakeland says:

    So, Keller and McBride back to MLS and Dempsey sold to a Premier League team. What about Boca? EJ stays. Sound about right?

  86. peter says:

    sunderland score lead 2-1

  87. Spencer says:

    Hodgson will get the axe. I know he doesn’t have the best players to choose from. But you have to put the best players out there and use your subs right. He did an awful job and will be gone. Johnson deserved the pk, but won’t get one because he goes down way too much and will never be physical.

  88. A.S. says:

    EJ is horrible again. What a waste of money by Fulham.

  89. peter says:

    Derby first team in history of premier league to be relegated in march.

  90. peter says:

    Johnson should come back to MLS in part because he is not good enough to play in England

  91. aristotle says:

    There it is. The final nail in Fulham’s coffin. A last minute win by Sunderland. Ithink the bottom three are decided now. Bolton lose a 2-0 lead at home against a team playing with 10 men?

    One more comment on Johnson. If he keeps getting played when he is clearly playing with no confidence, and I would even say traumatized, he is never going to recover and will need therapy. Just what does this guy have to do for the coaches to understand? Maybe he should write on the front of his shirt “Please Help Me!”

  92. Travis says:

    Also, the Galaxy vs. Rapids game will also be on HDNET.

  93. Chase says:

    While EJ has done little to inspire, I think he will be much better served with a season in the Championship, rather than coming back to MLS with his tail tucked between his legs, all Landy-Cakes style.

    I see Dempsey staying in the Prem at a bargain to club like West Ham, Birmingham, Villa, Everton etc, as Boca moves to one of the newly promoted clubs. It is possible that McBride and Keller head to MLS, but I can see McBride solidifying his place as a Fulham legend by sticking around for a season to bring them back to the Prem and then moving back to the states in 2009-10. Who knows with Keller, as everyone was convinced he was going to MLS after his German club was relegated, so who knows.

    And I reiterate my opinion from earlier, Hodgson is a terrible manager, he might have been something special 10-15 years ago, the game has passed him by, much the same way it has for Keegan.

    And as much as I hate Ronaldo, he just scored an unbelievable goal…

  94. Ceez says:

    Jesus Christ…Cristiano Ronaldo is an animal! TWENTY SIX league goals in TWENTY SIX league starts. Unstoppable!!!

  95. Cory says:

    After watching the Derby Fulham game, the man u and villa game is a breath of fresh air

  96. DCM says:

    It now appears that Ronaldo has more skill in one heel than most others have in their entire body.

    Nice heel flick!

  97. CD says:


    I was waiting for someone to respond with that response. I know what you’re saying, but aren’t most U.S. games boring? The Olympic games for the U.S., and even the U.S. vs Poland game was boring, but you watch and find it interesting because it is the U.S. and survival for the Americans in the EPL. At least that’s the way I see it.

    Posted by: aristotle”

    Dude if your just looking for something boring to watch in the US to kill the time. I got some great news for you. Spring is in the air and all around this fine country the grass will start growing. Look out your front window and get it on….:)

    Seriously I have watched Fulham enough this year and I have not really found it all that stimulating. The Americans are nice to watch but it is ok life will go on if Fulham gets relegated. Part of US soccer players growing up on the world stage is experiencing the pressure and failing sometimes. None of the players on Fulham would have experienced anything like a relegation battle in the MLS.

    On a side note I was hoping Fulham would win so they would have some hope going into the Reading match in two weeks since I will be at the Madjeski for the affair. Hopefully an American besides the keepers will make it on the pitch. If not hopefully two teams at the bottom of the the table will find some inspiration from somewhere and make a game of it.

  98. Ceez says:

    I would kill to have even 1% of the skill that Ronaldo has in his left big toe. I love watching him play. Hope they come stateside some day.

  99. Cory says:

    whoops…give ronaldo some of the magic spray!!!!!

  100. DCM says:

    Man U is sick!

    Hate ’em or love ’em, they are something to watch. 2-0

  101. Jonathan says:

    Wow! Man U is making this look easy! Man U 2-0 A Villa

  102. j1 says:

    Well fulham is officially going down no matter how many games are left they just aren’t good enough.

  103. Spencer says:

    Man U is the best team in the world no doubt. They put on a clinic and show you what it takes to have a great team. Excellent defending with forwards even helping out and then more than enough attacking power. Ronaldo is a beast what else to say he can’t be touched. I’m not sure why Ives didn’t put ManU on the top 5 to watch. Best soccer i’ve watched in a long time.

  104. Seisco says:

    Fulham is awful. I want them to stay up as much as anyone, but they deserve to go down. They couldn’t even get a win against one of the worst EPL teams EVER. Hodgsons also got to go. How do you keep Dempsey, your leading scorer, on the bench!?

  105. Chase says:

    Villa back four are getting absolutely destroyed right now, it seems Manure have kicked it up a notch, hard to see them not winning the title after a display like this…

  106. mgp says:

    That Fulham game depressed me.

    When did comments start appearing on multiple pages? I liked it better when they were all on one (not that my opinion matters).

  107. Louis says:

    I agree mgp. I like the old comment system better. Maybe the new one could be better if it had page numbers.

  108. TK says:

    I’m actually feeling sorry for EJ.

    He’s been pampered and catered to his whole soccer life. He’s been told time and again that he’s the goods. Excuses made beyond description.

    He looks so over his head. So harmless. So out of it.

    Welcome tot he real world Eddie.

    If this kid doesn’t buck up he isn’t gonna make it in the CCC either. Very, very sad.

    Only the most optimistic, Yank rose colored glasses people, or immediate family can be still making excuses or keeping up hope for this kid.

    He is a mental midget when it comes to soccer. Clueless. I’m talking special needs.

    MLS made out like bandits on this deal.

    Just very sad.

  109. TK says:

    I’m actually feeling sorry for EJ.

    He’s been pampered and catered to his whole soccer life. He’s been told time and again that he’s the goods. Excuses made beyond description.

    He looks so over his head. So harmless. So out of it.

    Welcome tot he real world Eddie.

    If this kid doesn’t buck up he isn’t gonna make it in the CCC either. Very, very sad.

    Only the most optimistic, Yank rose colored glasses people, or immediate family can be still making excuses or keeping up hope for this kid.

    He is a mental midget when it comes to soccer. Clueless. I’m talking special needs.

    MLS made out like bandits on this deal.

    Just very sad.

  110. TK says:

    I’m actually feeling sorry for EJ.

    He’s been pampered and catered to his whole soccer life. He’s been told time and again that he’s the goods. Excuses made beyond description.

    He looks so over his head. So harmless. So out of it.

    Welcome tot he real world Eddie.

    If this kid doesn’t buck up he isn’t gonna make it in the CCC either. Very, very sad.

    Only the most optimistic, Yank rose colored glasses people, or immediate family can be still making excuses or keeping up hope for this kid.

    He is a mental midget when it comes to soccer. Clueless. I’m talking special needs.

    MLS made out like bandits on this deal.

    Just very sad.

  111. Seisco says:

    Diddo on the comments page thing. It was a lot better when it was all one page.

  112. DCM says:

    So much for FREE Direct Kick today. Comcast’s website says free preview on April 7th while other sites say free preview for opening weekend.

    There went my plans for the next several hours. I guess I’ll just wait for the excitement of NCAA & MLS (on FSC) to take up my pic-in-pic later on today.

    Oh well!! ~ sigh

  113. Cory says:

    i have comcast right now and the mls direct kick is working…you just have to look for the sports channels titled team 1-9…that is where the peview is showing

  114. Ives says:

    Sorry folks, not sure why the comments on one page thing changed. It wasn’t my doing (at least not intentionally). I’m trying to figure out how to change it back.

  115. DCM says:


    Is your DK free or did you already pay for the season?

  116. Cory says:

    its free, normally with comcast you hav to call to order packages, it worked instantaneously…plus the commentators were talking about this weekend being the weekend for the free preview

  117. Cory says:

    *but mines worked instantaneously is what i meant

  118. Cory says:

    plus there is a ticker at the bottom of the screen that says also

  119. DCM says:

    Wierd, not happening on Comcast where I live.

  120. Cory says:

    did you find the channels where they are playing at least and try them

  121. DCM says:

    Just talked with Comcast here in Indy and the free preview is not until “middle of April” here. Odd time to do it I think, but being outside of a MLS teams immediate area might be the reason for it.

  122. John says:

    as usual Cablevision sucks it up and aren’t offering the free preview at all .

  123. kpugs says:

    Eddie Johnson WAS fouled in the box. Could have been a penalty.

    However he was obviously looking for a penalty and not a goal. I’m willing to be that’s why he didn’t get the call. If he stays on his feet there and tries to get a shot off, maybe he either gets a goal or a penalty call.

    But when you are LOOKING to go down in the box, you’re almost never going to get the call, even if you are fouled.

    And the guys saying he’s not good enough to play in England are idiots, who know nothing about transitioning into a new league. He’s better than all of Fulham’s strikers aside from Dempsey and McBride. But the other strikers have been playing in the league much longer, and are obviously acclimated.

    Give the guy a season or two before you decide his career is over.

  124. TK says:


    The guy has not learned one new thing since he was 17. He scores in the same fashion. Easily stopped at high levels.

    He doesn’t see the field.

    Can’t pass.

    Can’t take a guy on one on one.

    This open up into space for his teammates.

    Can’t turn with the ball.

    He has no clue. None.

    If I knew you and we could wager I would love to. Any amount.

    I’m not happy about it. I’m just not blind.

    If you think this kid has shown anything in his career that could make him an effective striker at the EPL level I feel for you. The angry insult aleady shows the frustration you feel down deep. It ain’t gonna get better.

    He is not going to get the patience or be coddled in England.

    He is gonna have to do all the things he hasn’t done his whole career. He is gonna start at 24? They are gonna have the patience.

    IF he gets a backbone, big IF, he could do OK in the CCC. IF.

    If running at goal without the ball until it gets served right to you, facing goal, with no defenders in your way to get by, is the main way you score…you are in trouble.

    An “idiot” who has followed the kid since early teens, pays attention to actual ability and what he actually does on the field, who doesn’t wear rose colored/hopefull/look for anything positive, while ignoring everyhting else, because he is a Yank can only come to one conclusion. Idiots don’t use facts and reality.

    People who hurl angry insults because a player they want to succeed doesn’t have the ability, and has never really shown it at a very good level, may fit your descriptionn better.

    IOW’s…got a mirror?

  125. Hedji says:

    Fulham Sucks…Haha, i said they were going down. You miserable chumps. They can’t manage to win during the whole season and you think they will claw their way out of relegation this late in the season. Where is their Tevez? And Dempsey is not better than Bouazza, they’re clearly different types of players. You people need to learn more about the game before you start running your mouth.