USA vs. Poland (Running Commentary)

The U.S. national team’s friendly vs. Poland is set to kick off shortly and if you are by a computer and want to follow along you can camp out here at SBI.

I will be doing a running commentary on the match and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


FINAL- USA 3, Poland 0. I know Poland was using several young players but the USA definitelydominated a match they were probably expected to lose. Aside from the forwards, the American squad from top to bottom enjoyed a really good showing. Who would have thought we’d see the day when the USA could beat a European Championship qualifying team on the road by a 3-0 scoreline?

Thanks for following the match here and continue to share your thoughts and opinions on the match below.


92nd minute- Eddie Johnson with a chance to run in behind the Poland defense and manages to get caught and not even get a shot off.


91st minute- Dempsey has looked strong? Clint Dempsey?


86th minute- Clint Dempsey has been basically invisible tonight. The lack of playing time at Fulham is definitely taking its toll.


85th minute- Benny Feilhaber coming in for Heath Pearce. Let’s see what he can do here. Expect plenty of lineup shifting.


84th minute- Eddie Lewis is playing great here. Who says he’s too old?


79th minute- Jay DeMerit comes close with a header off a Lewis free kick.


78th minute- The free kick was blocked.

And another thing. Where are the "Why is Bradley calling up Eddie Lewis" people now?


77th minute- Poland with a dangerous free kick.


73rd minute-GOAL USA. Eddie Lewis with a BEAUTIFUL free kick goal. Artur Boruc had NO chance. USA 3, Poland 0


72nd minute- Jonathan Spector coming in for Cherundolo. For those of you keeping track, Spector has gone from Nashville to England to Poland in six days.


71st minute- I would LOVE to know what Poland fans are chanting right now. Sounds like "Sing when you’re winning" but somehow I doubt that’s it.


67th minute- The best part about this match? Playing an opponent that doesn’t dive and whine and pretend it wants to fight. It’s all business. Makes for a clean match.


63rd minute- Wolff for Ching, Demerit for Onyewu and Lewis for Donovan.


61st minute- Here come some USA subs


57th minute- Eddie Johnson back-pass. DRINK!


56th minute- Oguchi Onyewu just got owned, luckily the chance went high (was tipped over by Howard).


55th minute- The Poland fans are in full voice, No "You only sing when you’re winning" going on in Krakow.


53rd minute- Poland made wholesale subs at halftime but its attack still isn’t clicking.


50th minute- Heath Pearce with another good play. He’s having a solid game today.


49th minute- I’ll give Donovan credit for creating that chance and showing some explosiveness. Would have been good of him to finish and show he can score on European soil.


48th minute- Donovan misses a breakaway. WOW. That should have been a goal.


46th minute- And we’re back.


HALFTIME- The Ching-Johnson combo must do better with the chances it gets, though to be fair there hasn’t been a ton of service to them.


HALFTIME- USA 2, Poland 0. Two set pieces lead to goals as the Americans actually outplayed Poland in the run of play. The U.S. forwards need to do better but it has been a solid effort all the way around otherwise.


46th minute- Good stuff from Heath Pearce this half.


44th minute- Eddie Johnson gets a turnover on a platter in the Poland penalty area and can’t convert as his shot is blocked.


38th minute- New drinking game. Every time Christopher Sullivan says "Fantastic" we all drink.


36th minute- Donovan’s corner kick was perfection, placed right in front of goal. Poland’s defending on set pieces has been laughable.

And here’s another corner kick for DOnovan.


35th minute- GOAL USA!! OGUCHI ONYEWU heads home a Donovan corner kick. WOW. USA 2, Poland 0


34th minute- This 4-4-0 formation isn’t working too well for the Americans (Um, Ives, it’s a 4-4-2). What? There are forwards on the field for the USA?


32nd minute- Cherundolo with some class defending. He is the best right back in the U.S. pool by a mile.


31st minute- Great save by Howard after some shaky defending from the USA.


30th minute- Poland corner kick. Here comes danger.


26th minute- Nice sequence from the U.S. team, good passes, until Ricardo Clark turns it over.


25th minute- I’m not saying Brian Ching’s crosses have been awful but Frank Hejduk is back home thinking, "Ching’s crosses are terrible."


21st minute-No Max Bretos, Clint Mathis plays at Ergotelis, Zurawski plays at Larissa. Slight difference.


19th minute- Okay, it’s time for the Eddie Johnson back-pass drinking game. I know it’s the afternoon, but why not?


16th minute- The Americans are winning the possession battle early.


14th minute– Back to the goal, what was that some folks were saying about Landon Donovan’s free kicks?


12th minute- GOAL USA!! And it’s Carlos Bocanegra. Take that Roy Hodgson.


11th minute- Eddie Johnson goes at Poland’s defense…then gets stripped. Looks a bit familiar.


9th minute- Okay, I’ll say it. I like the unforms.

There’s Heath Pearce getting turned. He’s another one with a lot to prove today.


7th minute- Bradley looks sharp early on. Ching with a nice run but terrible cross.


5th minute- I’m wondering if the central midfield tandem of Bradley and Clark will be able to control possession today. The young duo is coming off a shaky game against Mexico but Poland’s central midfield isn’t as strong as Mexico’s.


3rd minute- I wonder if Ivan Putzki is at this match (For those of you younger than 30, he was an old WWF wrestler from Krakow, Poland).


PRE-GAME- These uniforms look like club team unis.


PRE-GAME- Not sure about these American uniforms.


PRE-GAME- The crowd in Krakow is rocking. This is going to be a great environment and great test for the Americans.


PRE-GAME- Here is the USA lineup:





With all the issues on the left flank it is interesting to see Donovan as an option there.

The Ching-Johnson tandem will be an interesting one to watch. Also, the Clark-Bradley tandem didn’t play too well against Mexico so we will see how it does today.

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312 Responses to USA vs. Poland (Running Commentary)

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Three Fulham players starting this one.

  2. kpugs says:

    I’m so tempted to follow along. But I’m Tivoing this badboy. Must…not…come back…to SBI.

  3. kswiss says:

    Thanks in advance for the commentary. I’m at work so I can’t watch live. I have to say, I like the starting lineup, with Donovan/Dempsey as the wingers and Ching/Johnson up top. It will be good to see how Dempsey does on the wing after having played up top so much recently. I would have preferred Benny over Clark to pair up with Bradley, but I understand why he’s not starting. Hopefully Bob will give him some good playing time.

  4. Chris says:

    Is Landon really playing on the left? That’s interesting…

  5. Jonny says:

    I know the game is on FSC but does anyone have a link where I can watch it online?


  6. john says:


    Cherundolo—-Onyewu—-Bocanegra (c)——-Pearce



  7. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Love the lineup. Love Deuce and Donavon on the wings.


    Cherundolo—-Onyewu—-Bocanegra (c)——-Pearce



  8. Jeffrey says:

    Jonny, Go here: link to

    Select the channel labeled “soccer” (FSC)

  9. Jonny says:

    Thanks Jeffrey!

    That’s an amazing site that actually gives great quality! Go USA! Bradley is on a scoring rampage, he better net one in!

  10. Justin says:

    Anywhere to watch on the internet? I don’t see it on ESPN360!

  11. ManicMessiah says:

    Hopefully Dempsey has a good game on the wing, and Roy Hodgson happens to catch this match.

  12. Jim Steverson says:

    Donovan is very unselfish when it comes to his USMNT duty. He’ll play whenever and wherever he’s asked to. If he can provide some cover on the left in an emergency situation, it’d be good to find that out from a friendly.

  13. eric says:

    Crazy – has LD ever played on the left wing? Still, I’d rather see if that’s an option for emergency purposes than plugging in Lewis.

    I’m very psyched to see what I think now is our best choices at LB & RB

    Wow! Polish crowd is belting out their anthem!

  14. Seisco says:

    Did anyone just see that wink by the Polish player?

  15. Marlon says:

    does it lag a lot? because i’m watching it on sopcast and wondering if i should try that out.

  16. Justin says:

    Anyone that is watching, how do the new jerseys look?

  17. Jim says:

    I predict the first sub for the US will be Feilhaber in for Clark. I don’t expect the Bradley-Clark will work well prompting the change around half.

  18. Tom B. says:

    The jerseys look evil! I like ’em!

  19. Marlon says:

    never seen those uniforms before. they kinda look like goalie shirts

  20. Spencer says:

    Kinda wanted Spector to start. The away jerseys are nice, but shouldn’t they represent the colors of our country. Just a thought to the genuises that make them.

  21. Joamiq says:

    Love LD and Demps on the wings, was hoping to see Benny for Clark, but otherwise am pleased. I personally think the kits look pretty badass, if a tad dull. Let’s rock and roll!

  22. Dominghosa says:

    I hear ya, kpugs. I’m actualyl working right now. This would be my lone contribution for a few hours until I catch the match on my DVR tonight. Have fun, fellas…

  23. Ernie says:

    Jerseys don’t look bad…wish they were more blue than gray though. I like the that the jersey matches the shorts…looks sharp.

  24. eric says:

    I’m onboard with the jerseys, and as a bonus, the GAM’s golden shoes actually work well too.

    Very, very curious to see if Gooch picks up a card today, word is his cards are way down in Belgium?

  25. RHdigitalYS says:

    In all the leaked pictures of the jerseys, they looked very blue-black. All the grey makes them look a bit washed out.

  26. ManicMessiah says:

    Any chance this lineup ends up playing more like a box midfield than a flat four?

  27. Andolini says:

    Why do we always play Poland? Thank God we are playing England and Spain pretty soon.

  28. eric says:

    and there the ad pops up to buy ’em!


    Damn Ives, good throw back!

  30. eric says:

    I want to see some overlapping runs by young Bradley!

  31. eric says:

    Chingy with the take on the dribble!

  32. Spencer says:

    I have a good feeling about this one. We look good early.

  33. Spencer says:

    Pearce is running around like a chicken with its head cut off

  34. Jerseys look like Darth Vader gear. I love it.

  35. Collin says:

    Thanks for the commentary, Ives! I’m interested to see how the Ching/EJ tandem works out.

  36. RHdigitalYS says:

    Pearce has looked a bit jumpy so far. Is this the first time he’s started for the US?

  37. NYRB says:

    The new Uniforms are horrible. The color is killing me. I prefer the black shirt from MAN-U or Roma.


  39. Daniel says:

    I want to see Eddie Johnson treat Poland like his bitch. He may have the speed, but he lacks the killer instinct.


  41. Daniel says:



  42. Jeffrey says:

    O Captain my Captain!

  43. Goal Boca…………..negra from the Bambino Landon!

  44. SkiFast! says:

    So it’s gray top on gray shorts?

    What color are the socks with this new kit?

  45. RHdigitalYS says:


  46. Tom B. says:


  47. YankatOxford says:


  48. Daniel says:

    Great free kick by Donovan & Bocanegra somehow, got his header to squeeze inside the far post and in the net. Great job by the USA early in the 1st half.

  49. Joamiq says:

    Perfect finish by Boca, but more stunning – a good delivery from LD!

  50. I actually like these uniforms much more than the Blue pin stripe jobs…

  51. Daniel says:

    Just in case anyone is concerned or curious. Barbados & Dominica are scoresless in the 2nd leg of their qualifiers 44th Minute. The aggregate is 1:1

  52. Spencer says:

    Up early this is good.

  53. Daniel says:

    Good cross from Cherundolo & a nice header by Brian Ching. Just right at Boric.

  54. Rocco says:

    Donovan must be taking personalized lessons from King Beckham.

  55. Spencer says:

    Has anyone thought about Dempsey play CAM?

  56. Rob says:


    The socks are the same color, so it’s an all-grey/anthracite kit.

    I am wondering if they will have alternate away shorts in white for some matches…

  57. Jeffrey says:

    Eddie looks terrible

  58. Yossarian says:

    Maybe Landon felt the heat in watching Adu’s strikes in the U-23s, or maybe he’s picked up some pointers from his Galaxy mate.

  59. KingSnake says:

    Go to link to

    Click refresh

    The page totally falls apart. Wierd …

  60. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    18:30 Gooch looks good and faster than I remember him in this game covering a lot of ground.

    EJ with ANOTHER poor pass. He needs to settle and look for hi slots

  61. Yossarian says:

    Reid with the trifecta: homophobic, stupid AND terrible timing. Way to go, Reid.

  62. JesseMT says:

    This is our best available lineup. Once DMB is healthy, stick Dempsey up front, move Donovan back the right, and that’s it.

    Donovan is much better on the left than Convey, Lewis, etc….

  63. Trevor says:

    Really digging those USMNT Away jerseys, team is looking good on the whole, can’t stand to watch EJ lately, i’ve yet to see him take somebody on with his back to goal.

  64. Spencer says:

    Ching with an awful shot.

  65. Ah man I love those jerseys! America = The Evil Empire.

  66. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    24 Ching terrible shot on a breakaway, put it on net Mr. Hawaii.

  67. gimmi says:

    hey guys,

    im trying to watch the game on

    but for some reason where the media player should be all i get is a small red cross on the top left. anyone have any idea how i can get rid of this

  68. RHdigitalYS says:

    US moving the ball around pretty well now. We’re starting to settle in a bit.

  69. eric says:

    Not a good minute for Pearce, at both ends

  70. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    27th good work by Dolo on an opening off a long ball by Poland. Howard with a save.

    28th Dempsey with a half-pike dive, doesnt get the call

  71. Yossarian says:

    disagree on Jesse’s lineup – I’d say our best lineup would be:



    Beasley — Adu — Bradley — Dempsey

    Pearce or Spector — Boca – Gooch – Stevie C

    though you could probably exchange LD, Adu, and Demps any way you want

  72. Joamiq says:

    Ives, thanks for calling our Bretos. That was idiotic. He should keep his mouth shut, even if he is doing play by play.

  73. Spencer says:

    Pearce with an awful clearance that almost costs us.

  74. eric says:

    Wow, defense is good, but do we really need all 11 in the box on a corner in the 28th?

  75. RHdigitalYS says:

    Howard’s ceiling is much higher it’s scary.



  77. Jeffrey says:

    Goochy Goo Goo!

  78. IBJ says:

    11th Commandment. Thou shall not take the name Mathis in vain.

  79. Spencer says:

    Beckham must have been tutoring Donovan all off season. Sure he wasn’t at Arsenal with Beckham?

  80. Daniel says:




  81. Tom B. says:

    And a second goal from our other center back!

  82. kswiss says:

    Sounds like, from MatchTracker and on here, that Pearce has performed the worst so far. Is that about right? And how does Bradley-Clark look today?

  83. eric says:

    Funniest part of the goal – seeing EJ shrinking away from the ball coming his way. Oh well, kinda worked as a screen!

  84. YankatOxford says:


  85. Spencer says:

    Bradley and Clark don’t look today actually.

  86. RHdigitalYS says:

    Landon with the amazing ball again.

  87. Jim Nguyen says:

    what’s going on? since when can LD cross like that? awesome.

  88. Trevor says:

    GOOOOCH, hopefully that’ll get some managers from German, France, Spain, Italy or Holland on the phone with Standard de Liege

  89. Joamiq says:

    Hey Zeus! Landon has really been working on his deliveries! I can’t believe what I’m seeing! WAHOO!

  90. Igor says:

    wow, Gooch is fast for such a huge man

  91. Trevor says:

    It looks like LD has been having some one on one after hour free kick/set piece tutoring lesson with becks.

  92. Eddie draws a corner!

    And . . . .

    too much jostling . . . .

    AND . . .

    jostling again . . . .

    AAAAND a YELLOW for POLAND . . . .

    AAAAAAAAAND . . . .

    kicked away another corner . . .

    AND . . . .

    plays dead. Ah well. Hoping for another goal.

  93. kswiss says:

    Yes!!! I guess Landon has been learning from Beckham. And Ives, I guess this strengthens your argument about the Boca-Gooch pairing being the best we have, though I’ve always agreed with that to begin with.

  94. Daniel says:

    33rd minute goal. Corner kick by Donovan and all Oguchi Onyewu had to do was put his head down and run into the ball. Great goal and up by a brace.

  95. zilla says:

    I love the jerseys. It gives us a badass menacing look.

  96. eric says:

    kswiss – Pearce hasn’t wowed, but I’m really not impressed with Clark (tackle while I type this not withstanding)and EJ

  97. RHdigitalYS says:

    Oh man, little bit forward and Dempsey would have had an excellent chance for the third.

  98. Daniel says:

    Poland now resorting to diving tactics.

  99. JesseMT says:

    AHHHHH Spector does not play for Fulham. ARRRRGH!

  100. Jeffrey says:

    Clark with very poor passing. EJ with too much passing and too little effort

  101. Spencer says:

    Johnson gotta do better.

  102. CD says:

    Screw CONCACAF lets join UEFA. Bring it on BIOTCHS :)

  103. Trevor says:

    “how not to play the striker position” with Eddie Johnson, tonight at 9pm

  104. smorebs says:

    If anyone is looking at the ussoccer game tracker, its listing the line-up as a 4-3-3 and has an interesting order for players.

  105. kswiss says:

    Thanks eric.

  106. RHdigitalYS says:

    lolEddieJohnson, he deserves the prefix now.

  107. g-loff says:

    Drinking game suggestion: every time EJ’s first touch goes more that 10 yards…drink (only if you REALLY want to get sloshed)

  108. CD says:

    “how not to play the striker position” with Eddie Johnson, tonight at 9pm”

    …and get paid crazy money.

  109. eric says:

    Sullivian called that one right – EJ did NOT need 3 touches with the ball in the box.

    Also, nice track back by Pearce to snuff out any probs before the half

  110. Trevor says:

    You’d think McBride would pull EJ aside during one of their training sessions, while EJ is jogging around, giving a very assed effort, and set him straight.

  111. Rob C says:

    That’s a hell of a half. Most pleased I’ve been with the team since the Gold Cup Final last year.

  112. EJ needs more guts in his attack. SO fast and he does nothing.

    I suggest he at least watches some Wright Philip highlights.

  113. Spencer says:

    I must say we look good. Now only imagine if we had Freddy and Jozy there.

  114. Rocco says:

    At work not watching.

    Sounds like EJ is having a bad game. Maybe similar to his Fulham performance last Sat? Not doing much, loafing around at times, losing the ball often?

  115. Trevor says:

    Overall good half.

    Pros: LD whipping the ball around, gooch is looking strong and composed at the back. Bradley showed a couple good ideas with his passing.


    Pearce getting turned temporarily into a whirling dervish on the left, Ching’s attempted shot which ended up somewhere near Munich(i know they’re in poland, it was that far off) and EJ’s nonchalant play.

  116. dro scott says:

    So is bradley gonna make any changes? Are there any real forward options besides these two.

    And after a half i don’t mind the jerseys. kinda like em. but maybe its just cause were winning 2-0

  117. Daniel says:

    Great 1st half by the boys. Donovan helping out the goals on either set pieces, or at the corners.

    Eddie Johnson has continued to disappoint. Do you really need 3 touches to score from that distance in the area? He has great speed, but he is still lacking the killer instinct on the international stage.

  118. Bravo USA… way to give it to the kielbasas!

    I liked the comment about Becks giving Donovan pointers on how to take a corner…he is finally getting the ball up high enough… EJ needs a shrink…it is all in his head… he is thinking too much and not doing enough… Ching hasn’t been great either but at least he doesn’t hold the ball too long and gives a decent pass to an open man. Ives, I also liked your dig to Hodgson for not playing Boca… We really should be up 3-0 if EJ didn’t screw the pooch!

  119. Adam says:

    Eddie Johnson needs to learn to be stronger on the ball and learn how to finish. Some of his back passes were awful.

    However, I am really impressed with Cherundolo’s performance and except for that poor clear Pearce did alright.

  120. Daniel says:

    CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying update. 64th minute in the 2nd leg and Barbados & Dominica are still scoreless. Once again the aggregate is 1:1

  121. RK says:

    I don’t think I read one thing about Bradley this half…

  122. Trex says:

    Why does anyone expect the forwards to do anything with those two up top? Especially Johnson, fresh off his stinker against Newcastle this week he continues to live up to my every expectation (Unfortunately). He is pathetic.

  123. RHdigitalYS says:

    Goal France on the Ribery PK after Anelka is taken out by David James. England was dominating the game so far though.

  124. EJ is a streaky striker…when he is hot he is hot when he is not he is not…remember the kid is only 21!

  125. aristotle says:

    What? No comments on Bocanegra?

    I can’t believe he scored. I have been bitching about him not being in Fulham’s lineup for weeks now because he can’t play worse than the defenders who have replaced him, but he adds a definited scoring punch from the back that Fulham definitely needs. Hodgson open your eyes! I don’t know what his problem is with Bocanegra, but at this point Boca could take EJ’s position and play it much better and score more goals.

  126. I suggest not posting the results of other games here… it is easy to ge the info and don’t want to ruin somebody’s tivo experience… :)

  127. MiamiAl says:

    Eddie Johnson is steadily playing his way out of the starting lineup. I think it might end up being Ching and Altidore up top. If you really think about it, EJ career has been about chasing the mystique of that first game he had for the Nats (where he scored what was it 3-4 goals?) and injury. I say time is running out for him. He needs to score in this game if he s to begin to show he has it.

  128. Daniel says:

    Additional update for the Barbados/Dominica Qualifier. Both sides are down a man. so it’s 10 on 10. 70th minute.

  129. ok I dont want to nit pik . . . but . . .

    DId anyone just see Bocanegra forcefully grab EJ by the waist and bring him into the teams pregame huddle? Ej was looking away.


  130. RHdigitalYS says:

    Nice attack, cross was a bit off. :<

  131. aristotle says:

    Who would think the U.S. would be up 2-0 with two strikers playing like crap?

  132. T says:

    Its like Eddie has a STDs (Soccer Transmitted Disease) He couldn’t score if the goal was empty and the keeper on his back… Too bad we didn’t bring any true strikers to this match like Altidore, but I know its only been hours since the U23 team played… Oh well… At least Cherundolo has been playing his brains out. And Landiecakes has stepped up on foreign soil, even if its only from set pieces for the most part today from him…

  133. RK says:

    Yeah, but how often are int’l games decided by set pieces? They are so vital…

  134. Donovan is awesome. What speed. Great effort.

    Take notes on that acceleration EJ. And positioning.

  135. Daniel says:

    OH MY GOD! LANDON MISSED! On a breakaway and granted a man is closing in on him, but he missed the far post.

  136. Tom B. says:

    Damn! Should have been 3-0!

  137. Yossarian says:


    Eddie Johnson will be 24 in 5 days

    I agree about Boca – I’m not sure what there is to dislike. I wonder if English coaches tend to play guys on personality rather than play. The reputation for English coaches (Sir Alex aside) has certainly gone down the toilet). Judging from Bradley’s comments this weekend, it appears that Benny’s not playing because of personality issues, as well.

  138. T says:

    Dang, my bad. Just jinxed him…

  139. aristotle says:

    On the replay that looked like the ball caught the goalkeepers hand!

  140. Don says:

    wow…donovan misses wide on a runaway. game should have been 4-0

  141. Looks like it is going to be breakaway city this half for the USA with the Poles pushing forward!

  142. Nick says:

    EJ is actually 23, not 21.

  143. RHdigitalYS says:

    Good patience by Heath Pearce to get that ball out to EJ and Landon.

  144. Oops…thanks Yossarian…

  145. aristotle says:

    That’s a shame. That would have been a fantastic goal!

  146. I always knew Donovan was fast but damn! He seriously has another friggen gear.

  147. Bob S says:

    Come on its pronounced Krackuf not Crackow

  148. eric says:

    I would say that Pearce is having a very good game, except that his clearances have been very poor and resulted in several dangerous situations. But when the attacker has the ball, he’s shut everyone down.

    Strange combo to grade…

  149. 9 Johnson, Eddie F 6’0″ 180 3/31/1984 31/11 Palm Coast, Fla. Fulham FC (England)

  150. Tim Archer says:

    Landon’s fast is faster than your fast…

  151. Trevor says:

    Hey Rockzo, i commend you for having great taste in television.

    “These guys wouldn’t know snakes from dildos”

  152. I am glad the Red Bulls never picked up Poland’s centerback BAK… he looks pretty lame to me and i think was responsible for at least one of the US goals..

  153. kswiss says:

    Damn, I would have loved to see Donovan score there, if only to quiet everyone for a little while about how he only scores on PKs.

  154. aristotle says:

    This is a weird game by Poland. Aren’t they getting tired of being the only team that the U.S. can beat in Europe? Must be embarrassing. (Alright, I believe we beat Switzerland too, but that’s about it.)

  155. Daniel says:

    Landon at least shows a killer instinct and wants to score a goal. E.J. Barely shows that when he gets to the area.

  156. eric says:

    LOL, Tim!

  157. Tim Archer says:

    EJ never should have slowed down on that movement….arghh

  158. eric says:

    Right FRIGGING there! EJ could’ve accelerated on to that long ball, but slows down and pulls it back instead of going to goal.

  159. Tom B. says:

    Ok, EJ is absolutely terrible… he plays like a kid who’s afraid of the ball!

  160. aristotle says:

    It’s kind of funny when you think that just about the only time Poland has beaten the U.S. in recent years was in the World Cup where they almost knocked us out of the tournament.

  161. RHdigitalYS says:

    lolEddieJohnson. Great cross.

    Ching missed a chance in the scrum too. What other forwards are on the roster?

  162. dro scott says:

    WTF was that EJ

  163. T says:

    LD? Did someone mention his lack of scoring or does my nose just itch… Only 2 goals since 2003 outside the US… half his goals for LA last year were from the spot (leading the team in goals), and more than half his goals in the last 3yrs from the spot… Hmmmm…

    he is having an improved game today though.

  164. Trevor says:

    Paul Jewell has scored more than EJ in the past year.

  165. Daniel says:

    Dwayne Stafford puts Barbados up a goal in the 2nd leg. 2:1 aggregate lead over Dominica.

  166. aristotle says:

    Poor EJ! I’m starting to feel like I’m watching the Edson Buddle story.

    This may be a rare situation where a player gets benched by his club team after being called up by his national team!

  167. Spencer says:

    Looks like we aren’t planning on scoring anymore.

  168. Daniel says:

    Bradley is not going to wait. Wholesale changes

    Josh Wolff in for Brian Ching

    Jay DeMerit in for Oguchi Onyewu

    Eddie Lewis in for Landon Donovan

    63rd & 64th Minutes

  169. RHdigitalYS says:

    Jay Demerit looks fierce in the away jersey.

  170. T says:

    Lewis, Wolff, and DeMerit coming on. Ching, Onyewu and LD coming off…

  171. Lee says:

    You would think in a Me country (every kid wants to hit the home run, dunk the ball or shoot the three, or score the touchdown) like the US we could develop a forward who wants to score.

  172. David Berger says:

    I missed the first half, I am pissed.

    Donovan’s missed chance made me go insane.


  173. Yossarian says:

    EJ just doesn’t have the ball skills. His touch will never be good. On the bright side, if he has an open mind and a great work ethic, he has the perfect role model to apprentice under. McBride had good speed and size, but never had great ball skills. He steadily improved his aerial and target game in his mid-twenties to the point where he became a top player. Eddie should concentrate on his target and hold-up game. These are areas that can still improve in players’ prime years. If he still has such horrible feet at (almost) 24, he’ll never be much better. Touch is learned early and EJ never seemed to focus on that aspect of the game, relying only on his speed.

  174. Marlon says:

    can they make more than 3 subs? i really wanna see benny.

  175. Jeffrey says:

    I was enjoying watching Landon’s defense today. Very good.

  176. eric says:

    From the Guardian’s MBM of France – England:

    “Doesn’t England have any burly, clumsy defenders to ricochet crosses off and into the goal?” hollers David Latane. “This seems to be working for Beckham’s teammate, Landon Donovan. USA 2-0 Poland.”

  177. kswiss says:

    Wolff for Ching, instead of EJ? I don’t quite get that one. Glad to see DeMerit getting some action, though. Now that Clark is the only MLS player left on the field, I wonder how long it will be before Benny replaces him.

  178. Yossarian says:

    Hate these subs – all old and past prime (except for DeMerit) and never were very good, anyway – yuck.

  179. Clark’s still suspended for MLS action, so not sure you’ll see him subbed out.

  180. Marlon says:

    you kidding josh wolff was nasty before all the injuries.

  181. David Berger says:

    I want to see Gibbs play…

  182. Ernie says:


    Landy did step up. his service was great on the two goals. go back and watch the first half before you criticize the players.

  183. kswiss says:

    Oh yeah, forgot about Clark’s suspension. I just really want to see Benny.

  184. aristotle says:

    Does anyone remember how good Josh Wolff used to be? I just don’t get it.

  185. aristotle says:

    E.J. in his customary position of having his back to goal and running the wrong way!

  186. eric says:

    I understand pulling Ching, but I wish they moved Dempsey to forward, MB to the right wing, and then put in Benny.

  187. aristotle says:

    Enough of the CD being striker. Goal!

  188. Eddie lewis aka becks for a day! GOALLLLLLLLL!

  189. Tim Archer says:

    A third??? wow!!! Eddie Lewis with a terrific free-kick…i heard he was once considered the American Beckham…maybe that is why.

  190. aristotle says:

    Take that Lewis bashers!

  191. Daniel says:


  192. Joamiq says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

  193. RHdigitalYS says:

    OH BABY! The old guy still has it!

  194. eric says:

    Crazy, missed that Spector was in the house. Great game by Cherundolo, my Man o’ Match.

    Eddie “American Beckham” Lewis! Once, that wasn’t a joke – I remember, Aristotle.

  195. YankatOxford says:

    Eddie F*CKIN Lewis!

  196. Josh Wolff is playing very well so far… and how can you forget his brilliant pass to Clint Mathis vs. Mexico in la Guera Fria!

  197. Eddie Lewis should get his old wrinkly butt back in MLS this summer.

  198. Oops again… Mathis to Wolff vs. Mexico!

  199. ClayG says:

    This guy Boruc is kind of bad..

  200. jerry says:


  201. Trevor says:

    ClayG: i really hope you’re joking, he’s #1 for Celtic.

  202. Lawrence Brophy says:

    Ives, I’m enjoying the game but I can’t help wondering what John O’Brien is up to these days. Also, do you think promotion/relegation would be a good idea between MLS and USL?

    Lawrence Brophy

  203. Daniel says:

    Final in Barbados. 1-0 in the 2nd leg for Barbados, 2-1 on aggregate. Everyone make your travel plans when the date for the 2nd leg is announced.

  204. Erik Abarca says:

    as Andres Cantor will say, “Eddie Louwis”

  205. ClayG says:

    Yeah I know he’s #1 at Celtic, but does he look good to you in this game?

  206. Trevor says:

    Lawrence Brophy: It’s not going to happen so I hope everyone asking about promo/relegation in the US will just stop, its a waste of Ives and all of our time.

  207. aristotle says:

    So Poland went undefeated with a win and a loss against Portugal in EURO 2008 qualifying. Do Poland just not care that much in this game? You would think they would. It is an important warm-up for them.

    I like DeMerit. He needs more time!

  208. Yossarian says:

    I never really saw the Josh Wolff love. 9 goals in 9 years of MNT play? All his goals seem to be based off of pure speed a la EJ. I haven’t seen that much skill. I admit, every once in a while, he pulls of a very nice bit of skill, but, in general, I’ve seen more bad than good. Maybe I always see him off form? IMO, he’s small, injury prone, lacks a great first touch, and is not as fast as he used to be. I’ll probably get crucified for that, but that’s what I’ve seen from him.

  209. RK says:

    Grenada won 10-0…

  210. RHdigitalYS says:

    Great fk, Demerit almost had a beauty of a goal.

  211. Trevor says:

    ClayG: He’s been beaten by 3 quality goals, the first one threw him off because he was already diving when the boca headed the ball(which slowed by hitting his shoulder). That was a good freekick goal, his defense aren’t doing him any favors, but saying hes a bad goalkeeper is just plain stupid.

  212. kswiss says:

    Trevor, I’m pretty sure Lawrence Brophy was joking.

  213. Nick says:

    Speaking of JOB, did anyone else see this today: link to No one would have expected him to show up in some crazy beach soccer tournament, way to keep it random JOB!

  214. eric says:

    The Olympic Team really needs to pull in one of the CB’s who are a threat in the air to score of set pieces, it’s one dimension they completely lacked.

  215. Adam says:

    Bring on Cory Gibbs, Bob!!

  216. Tom B. says:

    Trevor- your sarcasm detector is broken, I think.

  217. Trevor says:

    kswiss: IF he was i apologize, i’m just sick of folks asking Ives during his Q&A posts about promo/relegation, its a dead issue and a waste of time.

  218. Yossarian says:


    We know Eddie Lewis has a good left foot but does he do anything else well? In my opinion, not really. He used to have pretty good wheels, but seems to have slowed considerably. I used to like the guy, but it doesn’t seem like he ever improved his other skills. He’s basically a one foot wonder.

  219. kswiss says:

    Why is Bradley calling up Eddie Lewis?

  220. Trevor says:

    i’m supposed to know that how? I’m in favor of adding the tag to sarcastic posts.

  221. Daniel says:

    This has been a great performence in Krakow, Poland. They have picked apart the Polish defense. Good job by the boys up to this point of the match.

    Not bad for Bob Bradley.

  222. RHdigitalYS says:

    Eddie Lewis has looked great in limited run.

  223. Yossarian says:

    I’d really like to see Gibbs, too. It’s been a long time. I like Pearce, though. LB looks much better since the Bornstein experiment was scrapped

  224. jerry says:

    wow I can only describe this match in one word DOMINATION

  225. RK says:

    Dutch treat, tying it up after being down 3-0.

  226. aristotle says:

    Just an example of how Wolff can’t score to save his life now!

    He had his greatest moments against Mexico. He killed them. My memory of his most impressive moment was against Mexico in the world cup. He mad a world class pass to setup a goal. It was a Brazilian like touch.

  227. Yossarian says:

    I still say he’s too old :)

  228. ClayG says:

    From what I’ve seen of Boruc tonight, I’ll take Howard. He just seemed to be hype. I saw Buffon play in the Inter-Juve match and that was impressive.

  229. kswiss says:

    Trevor, I agree with you that it’s aggravating, and I’m going to guess that Lawrence Brophy does too, which is why he’s making fun of the people who constantly ask the questions about JOB and promotion/relegation. It’s just obviously sarcasm because it happens all the time.

  230. aristotle says:

    4-0 or more would have been really sgocking and humiliating for Poland, Yes, I know this is great, but 4-0 or more just sounds devastating and we should have at least that much.

  231. Trevor says:

    ClayG: expand your horizons, and watch more soccer, Boruc is a quality keeper.

  232. Daniel says:

    I went to Yahoo Sports and read a NFL report on the NY Giants opener and guess what. The RBNY Altidore ad is on the far right of the screen. I don’t know if it will be there when everyone else looks for it, but I just wanted everyone to know I saw it.

  233. RK says:

    Also, shots are even at 4.

  234. Trevor says:

    that was pretty pathetic by EJ

  235. kswiss says:

    Oh, and just to be clear:

    Why is Bradley calling up Eddie Lewis?

    I know he won’t be around in 2010, but he was definitely the best option for this particular game.

  236. eric says:

    Ok, WTF was that from Dempsey on BF’s pass?!? It’s official, Dempsey’s on my list of guys who aren’t running. He always seems to be jogging, or extremely tired (as he just displayed in run #2).

    It’s going to take an obvious “that guy is running his a$$ off” game from Dempsey before I feel too good about him again.

  237. ag nigrin says:

    Nowak must be on drugs…how can you not use Benny on the U23s? He looks fine to me?

  238. kswiss says:

    That didn’t work, I meant to put sarcasm tags aroung the “Why is… statement.

  239. RHdigitalYS says:

    lolEddieJohnson, looks like he’s not fast anymore either.

  240. ClayG says:

    Listen Trevor, you don’t need to pontificate. He’s given up three goals tonight and looked average.

  241. aristotle says:

    I hope Feilhaber turns out to be a good player. He brings something to the game that the U.S. is sadly lacking. Judging by his pass to Dempsey though, he may have to explain his intelligent passes to his teammates! Dempsey didn’t get that at all. It was a good pass.

    E.J. needs a shrink immediately! He is officially scared to death. Pretty soon I don’t think he will be able to walk out on the field anymore.

    Someone place the call to Anthony Robbins!

  242. Trevor says:

    ClayG: and you need to watch some more soccer, and base your opinions off of more than one midweek international friendly, i’m not a Polish or Celtic supporter, but juding someone by one game is just plain dumb.

  243. Wow. 3-0, and it could have been as much as 6 or 7, IN Europe. Great game.

  244. Jacob says:

    Can anybody give me a reason why Eddie Johnson should ever receive another call up?

  245. Eddie Johnson says:

    Sorry I suck.

  246. Daniel says:

    That was the best performence I have seen this early season for the USA. Strong defensivly, great setups for the goals in the 1st half and a beauty of a free kick goal by Eddie Lewis.

    Dempsey & Johnson stunk up the joint.

    Well they can rest up and not worry till the friednly matches in England, Spain and here in NY/NJ Argentina.

  247. Trevor says:

    Jacob: crazier things have happened, like how Kevin Goldthwaite is still playing professional soccer.

  248. aristotle says:


    Nice word! Can I use it? I would like very much to pontificate!

  249. kswiss says:

    You’re right Ives, I was hoping to hear more positive things about Dempsey today. He definitely needs to get back into the starting XI at Fulham.

  250. Z. Daily says:

    Where the hell is the T.O. of US soccer?

  251. David Berger says:

    US to face Barbados in WC Qualifying on June 15 in California.

  252. Yossarian says:

    Trevor, you need to switch to decaf. No one ever said he’s a bad keeper, just that he didn’t look too good today. 3 goals in 4 shots (was it really only 4 shots?) is not a good game. And it’s no insult to say you’d rather have Howard – Timmy’s an elite GK.

  253. aristotle says:


    Your web…site……is………..dy…ing.

  254. Evan says:

    Now if we could only score from open play. Otherwise a good performance and a win. Congrats USMNT.

    Can’t wait to see Adu and Altidore added to the 1st team regularly, should be good.

  255. Seisco says:

    Eddie Johnson is SO frustrating! Someone needs to talk to him SOON about his playing. He just needs some confidence out there. He’s making this game way more difficult than it shout be.

  256. aristotle says:

    Ok, this is spooky! I was just thinking that the only downer from today’s game would be our inability to score from open play.

    Then someone posts my thoughts, using my real name!

    Rod Serling is that you standing over there?

  257. kswiss says:

    I agree with Evan. Replace Ching-Johnson with Adu-Altidore and imagine what this game might have been like.

  258. Jacob says:

    Donovan getting subbed fairly early is good news for me too.

    Hopefully it means I’ll get to see him play most of the game on Saturday at Dick’s.

    A good soccer week.

  259. aristotle says:


    Since Adu is not a striker. Are you suggesting a five man midfield?

  260. eric says:

    Great game by the US back line, that starting 4 deserves the run of Euro games this summer. If I had to pick 1, I’d give MoM to ‘Dolo, but it’s really the back 4.

    The US were very well organized (much like the U-23’s vs Canada), and then dominated set pieces.

    I think I’d rather see Edu – Bradley than Clark – Bradley, but I bet BB sticks to the “2 D-Mid” mantra.

    Ching was really quiet, and I’m not sure he should be in the line-up if BB orders his forwards back on every corner kick. If that’s the tactic, might as well play for speed on the breakaway.

    Donovan had a good game, despite missing his breakaway. Best corners in a while, and plays such a complete defensive game, even though he also showed he couldn’t get a cross in during play.

    But it was ironic they kept showing his breakaway vs Mexico, because I thought he really should’ve rounded the keeper instead of shooting, exactly like in Phoenix.

  261. Amit says:

    Guiseppi Rossi would make this team a real force in the world. Then again, we’d all probably get angry at him for not scoring 2 goals a game or something.

  262. paul Lorinczi says:

    When is Eddie Johnson going to turn and take guys on?

    The Newcastle game was back passes too.

    He needs to score like now. What a head case.

  263. eric says:

    Oooooooo – Brazil is pretty!

  264. Ives says:

    Aristotle, why is my website dying?

  265. kswiss says:

    aristotle, I know he hasn’t played as a striker, but I would like to see him in that role, as a withdrawn forward behind Jozy. It may end up that he’s a lot better in midfield, but can you tell me why we shouldn’t at least try him up top?

  266. Juke Box Hero says:

    Great performance! Boca & Onyewu have shown much better timing in their challenges. Donovan CAN be a dangerous & effective wing. EJ is no longer a confident player out there. Dempsey tired early. Bradley & Clark were very solid. Pearce improved his stock. Great match from Cherundolo.

    I really liked Coach Bradley’s lineup. If you are going without an attacking center mid, you better have attack minded wings. Look for this type of tactical lineup to be repeated in upcoming games.

  267. RK says:

    Antigua and Barbuda trying to blow it — up 3-0 on agg but get two reds in the 45th and 46th minutes. Wish I could watch that one.

  268. kswiss says:

    The last thing I want is a 4-5-1.

  269. papa bear says:

    “Who would have thought we’d see the day when the USA could beat a European Championship qualifying team on the road by a 3-0 scoreline?”

    I believe I called 2-0 on the thread announcing the roster.

    This is a match we SHOULD have won. Qualifying for the Euros out of group A wasn’t all that difficult. Portugal was the only other ‘real’ team in there. Put Poland in any other group (well maybe they escape G -think it was G) and they would have finished no better than 3rd in their group. They really aren’t that great a side.

    Poland has always been more about ‘guts’ than skill (even more so than the US if that’s possible)

  270. aristotle says:

    I think we are being a little unfair to Eddie Johnson. This seems like an unusual situation. He really does seem to have a huge case of stage fright. He is not playing badly in so much as he is not playing at all. Every game is a deer caught in head lights.

    It’s hard to understand why his coaches are allowing this to continue. It’s possible Hodgson is doing it out of embarrassment because he just doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake signing E.J. in Fulham’s current situation. I’ve got to believe that this is the last we will see of E.J. starting for the U.S. and Fulham for a while. Although, in the case of the U.S., we are pretty desperate up front right now. We seem to have almost nothing in the striker department other than Altidore and players who are not strikers. I think E.J. will be replaced at Fulham this week. Nevland will probably play instead.

  271. Juke Box Hero says:

    It was, by any account, a 4-4-2. I don’t want a 4-5-1 either. That’s why I complemented the line-up. In stark contrast to Olympic Qualifying, where Altidore was the lone striker and struggled. We need 2 forwards out there. But we also don’t need to sacrifice forward minded midfielders to do it.

  272. papa bear says:

    aristotle: EJ actually played well for Fulham the last 2 times out and was praised by the manager and fans.

    Not defending him on the int’l level, but he has been improving over at Fulham. He definitely is a head case. It seems Onalfo is the only one who can pull any good out of him.

  273. kswiss says:

    Oh, sorry about the confusion Juke Box Hero. I meant that to go with my last post, saying that we should try Adu as a second striker with Altidore in the future, instead of having a 5 man midfield. I liked this formation a lot, too.

  274. aristotle says:


    I was referring to it slowing down to a crawl. It seems like it’s been doing that a lot during the commentaries. Was it just me today? I guess it’s to be expected with so many people posting in such a short period of time. It wasn’t really a serious comment.

  275. Ives says:

    I figured that’s what you meant. I didn’t notice slowness but it loaded funny a few times. I’m wondering if the traffic is starting to take its toll. Thanks for pointing out the slowness.

  276. Yossarian says:

    Capello’s using Gerrard as a withdrawn forward, I don’t see why we can’t do the same thing w/ Adu, Donovan, or Dempsey

  277. aristotle says:


    you said: “can you tell me why we shouldn’t at least try him up top?”

    Yes, actually, I can. Freddy has made it crystal clear he likes playing where he is at, and after the debacle at D.C. United I think he would not like to be moved around anymore now that he is where he wants to be and is starting to improve as a player. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be a striker. Besides we keep messing around with too many players by making them play striker when their not strikers. I think it hurts their development as a midfielder. It’s certainly not doing Dempsey any good at this point.

  278. aristotle says:


    E.J. played well for Fulham the last two times out?

    I must have something wrong with my eyes then. I can remember a half where he seemed to do a decent job, but that’s about it. If he looks like he is improving sometimes I think it is only because he is playing so badly other times. He can’t even turn and face the goal or try to hold on to the ball for more than a second or two without desperately getting rid of it like it’s a hot potato.

    We need E.J. to succeed, and I want him to succeed, but he really needs help right now and an EPL relegation battle seems way too overwhelming for him right now.

  279. ubies says:

    71st minute- I would LOVE to know what Poland fans are chanting right now. Sounds like “Sing when you’re winning” but somehow I doubt that’s it.


    Nothing, it is just ‘lalalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala Polska!’.

    When it is NT game the crowd can be more casual and from different parts of the country so you can’t sing more complicated chants. It is clubs when you have 30+ games season to practice something more than ‘lalala…’.

    The support is almost never impressive comparing to the club soccer.

    Btw, great blog Ives.

  280. j says:

    some player ratings to discuss:

    Howard 6

    -solid, but not much to do.

    Pearce 5

    -did very well going forward at the right times, was beaten and sloppy in moments but never punished. i think he’s our man at LB provided he gets regular PT in a top league.

    Dolo 6

    -no complaints, total professional.

    Gooch 7

    -wow, I’m coming around. forget the goal. he is beginning to close in on people fast, and avoid cards and dumb fouls…great news.

    Boca 8


    Clark 3

    -I don’t get it. The best DMs know the game intuitively (ie Makelele), this guy? I’d rather see Spector there if you insist on using a DM.

    Donovan 7

    -Again, just think what he would be doing had he challenged himself in Europe. Don’t like him at LM.

    Dempsey 5

    -Frustrated, and why shouldn’t he be?

    Bradley 6

    -No alarms and no surprises.

    Ching 3

    -Makes me want to take another look at Kenny Cooper, to be honest.

    Johnson 2

    -The only reason this is not a one is because he didn’t manage to injure one of our players that actually might contribute to a match. Good luck Fulham.


    Lewis 7

    -To be honest, he just keeps improving. A real professional and will be invaluable for qualifying.

    DeMerit 7

    -Very excited about the CB race…

    Spector 6

    -Great guy to have, period.

    Wolff 6

    -Wish he had gone abroad when he was younger. A smart performance.

    Feilhaber 6

    -Still the most imaginative CM we have had since Reyna.

    *Welcome back Gibbsy!

  281. Joamiq says:

    Were Grenada’s 3 goals in the last 10 minutes of their 10-0 win REALLY necessary? Granted, the last one was an own goal (ouch), but why were they still attacking?

  282. Joamiq says:

    I think this arguing about where Adu is going to play is a little bit silly. Adu at this point seems like he’s going to do the same thing whether he’s named a forward or an attacking mid: he’s going to roam from side to side, he’s going to spend most of his time attacking up front, and he’s going to track back to get the ball but not play defense. Call him what you want; I don’t think it really matters.

  283. rocky says:

    very good game for the us, they had there way with poland. this i think is the us’s best line up:






    What does everyone think about this lineup, when beasly comes back i say he fights with dempsey for the starting role, i kike this formation for this team, and it gives adu and altidore plenty of familiarity.

  284. kevin says:

    It looked liked DC United vs the Red Bulls… i HATE the new uniforms!! (i also hate united’s new uniforms, what happened to the adidas stripes?? i would rather have that than a sponsor.)

  285. get with it says:

    the day the US scores a good goal from the run of play against a quality opponent is the day i celebrate. under bob, the US has yet to do that, everything has been set pieces (granted there have been a few good move to create penalties, but the vast majority have been set pieces or garbage goals) – this is the most dominating performance the US has had, yet it was still weak, and the US would never score the goals they did against a quality team that actually marked on set pieces- the swiss marking was horrible. i am a US fan through and through and have played through the system my whole life, but i honestly wished the US had gotten killed so that people realize we are playing disgusting soccer and winning games based on set pieces alone, and if our record or England’s record can be used as any proof, thats not enough to reach success. we need to set our sights high and start playing attacking football – doing things like not playing 4 pure defenders and 2 defensive midfielders – more of the same garbage that has left the US a mediocre team in the past. i would venture that the US wouldnt have even reached the semis in the COPA or African nations cup with a full strength squad. i like bob, but he needs to take some chances and some creative things, and if he cant, then get him out of there. while some of nowak’s tests with the U23s might not have worked out great, atleast hes trying new things.

  286. get with it says:

    and i meant poland, not swiss – sorry

  287. Nick says:

    What a great game! I work with a Polish man (actually from Poland) and he was trying to convince me all week that Poland is in top form and I should expect the US to lose. I however, kept faith, and we pulled out our most dominating game in Europe ever. I hope my coworker was right and that is Poland in top form because that means the US is even better than I thought they were. I’m so happy; bring on England, Spain and Argentina!

    Yes, I know I’m getting carried away, but I’m just too happy to care.

  288. eric says:

    Here’s the line-up I’d love to see at the end of May vs England (hence Beas back in):






    Donovan has the speed and defensive awareness to play the wing, but he just has no left foot, and hence no crosses in the run of play. Put him on the right, that changes. Also, play him on the same side as Ching since they combine so well.

    I still want to see Ching and Altidore paired together, Ching holds up the ball so well I thing they could really combine. However, if BB makes Ching run all the way back to defend every corner kick, I don’t think he can run the much. But come on, we can defend with 10 right? You have to have someone to clear it to.

    I vote no Adu yet, since he doesn’t play nearly as well when put out on the wing, you just need to give him the keys to the car. And it’s not quite his time yet, save him for a late game sub to change the pace if we need a goal.

    If Beas isn’t back to speed, I’d go with Holden on the left, his left is better than Donovan’s, he’s got great speed, and he runs back on d.

    I think Dempsey gets the bench. He’s almost as bad as EJ for not hustling. All he did today was job and pant.

  289. j says:

    “get with it” makes a very fair point.

    this was not the beautiful game by any stretch of the imagination.

    to be honest, I just want to see the USA play with a decent shape.

    I honestly think the following lineup would be the most satisfying in terms of possession and shape and creating opportunities (assuming the following players get regular PT and are healthy):

    Altidore Donovan

    Beasley Bradley Feilhaber Dempsey

    Pearce Boca Onyewu Cherundolo


    -replace Adu for Donovan

    -Lewis or Convey for Beasley

    -Nguyen for Dempsey

    -And consider Spector and Edu for holding options.

    -Gibbs and DeMerit are just as good in the CB positions.

    But no more playing people out of position.

    Look,any of the following two players are on the pitch – Altidore, Beasley, Adu or Dempsey – we will win dangerous free kick options.

    I don’t know why people are still interested in Ching, like Twellman and others he’s fine at that level but cannot and will not rise up above it.

  290. gel65 says:

    eddie johnson is the back passin equivalent to pete vagenas of my beloved la galaxy.eddie should no longer be called up.hes a shamockery.

  291. gel65 says:

    one more thing,i hate to say it but altidore is the 2nd coming of eddie johnson,if you watch him closely during games he is just as lazy as ej,hes not a true striker only a poacher and can only play when he has a juan pablo angel next to him.

  292. Yossarian says:


    Not to be insulting (maybe you haven’t seen too many games with the pertinent players), but I question your knowledge of football, if you’re making that statement. Jozy has touch, ball skills, target skills, ball striking ability, instincts, and coolness under pressure that E.J. has never had. Anyone who’s ever played the game can tell that very quickly. EJ’s problem is not work rate, it’s skill. He has the touch of a bricklayer with leprosy. Work rate can be easily improved, skills cannot. Watch the two and really pay attention to their skills and I’m sure that you’ll agree.

  293. Matthew Maier says:

    Can anyone tell me how Eddie Johnson is playing in the PREMIER league? This does not make sense.

  294. MiamiAl says:

    Matthew Maier: Because the PREMIER LEAGUE ain’t that good (ask Barnsley), especially the teams at the bottom.

  295. aristotle says:

    The Premier League isn’t that good? Wow.! Would you mind telling us about these leagues you know of that are just so much better than the EPL?

  296. jay(formely J, but someone stole that) says:

    The more accurate statement would be that Fulham isn’t that good. I don’t know enough about the bottoms of other leagues, but even if they’re better than the bottom of the EPL (which may or may not be the case, but they have to be better than Derby), I think the strength at the top of the EPL combined with the overall number of solid teams in the middle makes any argument that the EPL is horrible somewhat off-base. Granted, you can’t say it’s head-and-shoulders above Serie A or La Liga, but you can’t say it’s far worse, either. Fulham, though, is underachieving, most probably due to poor management. I’m not the biggest Bocanegra fan, but he looked really good today. He can’t get minutes, really? For a defense that conceded two goals to Newcastle? But I thought EJ had played well in his last few Fulham matches. I’m thinking he might be most valuable to the MNT as a 2nd half sub, just bring him in and tell him to go full speed at tired defenders. Of course, that would require him to actually go at a defender, which may be a stretch. As for the rest of today’s game, I thought Demerit looked good, and came really close to being the 3rd CB to score. He also dealt with a few tricky balls in the box (including the scrum that included R. Clark’s apparent hand-ball) that no one else seemed willing to go after. I think if the US is playing a team that doesn’t have a huge target man for Onyewu to match up with, a pairing of Demerit and Boca might be the best choice. It seems like Spain might fit that description, assuming they start Torres and Villa. I’d be far more confident with Boca and Demerit dealing with those two.

  297. Dominghosa says:

    La Liga.

    Anyway, just got done watching my DVR of the game. (Brazil-Sweden on as I type.)

    Quick thoughts…

    — Great win against a quality opponent in a great road atmosphere. Donovan seems to have learned something from Becks about taking free kicks. Would still like to have seen a goal come from the run of play but Donovan should have done that with a great opportunity he created all by himself.

    — Wow, I really don’t like to watch E. Johnson play in a non-MLS match. He’s just not very good. What does he show in training that he doesn’t show in games? He really should not be in the starting lineup anymore if he even deserves to be called up again. The guy just can’t go forward at all with the ball at his feet. And that listless cross after beating a defender with the ball and finding a 2v2 situation by the endline was atrocious.

    — After a shaky start, liked what H. Pearce did today. He tracked back quick on defense and won challenges while also going forward and contributed something in the attacking third.

    — Dempsey really needs to get more time back playing in his more natural positions (either right midfield or right wing or central attacking midfield) with Fulham because he didn’t show anything of his former self.

    — Bocanegra and Onyewu did very well. Cherundolo got beat a couple of times but both plays ended with harmless shots straight to Timmy Howard, who you could not find any fault from him tonight.

    — Midfielders did well. Clark and Bradley pairing improved. Clark looks like he’ll have a great MLS season when the suspension is lifted. Bradley is played deeper than he would with Heerenveen but that’s where the kid apparently wants to play — “box-to-box.”

    — Ching worked hard but he’s no good at this level unless Donovan is his partner up top.

    — Nice to see DeMerit get time. Would have liked to seen it earlier and also get Gibbs some time.

    But good win anyway for the USMNT. No goals from run of play but 3 road goals against a Euro 08 qualifier is still impressive.

  298. dave says:

    What impressed me most about this excellent win was the team performance. While certain individuals did not have their best game (especially the forwards) as a team, we were superb. We dominated mid field, gave up few opportunities at the back, and created a lot of clear cut scoring chances. If our forwards had been sharp, we could have scored 5 or 6 goals. However, I do think the poor surface was a problem for both sets of forwards.

    Bradley (coach) has to get a lot of credit for the collective performance.

    It will be harder to repeat our success against England as they will provide more pressure and play at a greater pace. But it will be another great test on which to measure our progress.

    Well done boys!

  299. Rob C says:

    First of all, the Dempsey bashing has got to stop, like, right…about…NOW.

    Stop pulling things like “he’s not hustling” out of your asses. He’s at the end of a long, grueling club season and he played almost the full 90 yesterday. Give the guy a break.

    He deserves a break because he’s probably the most skilled, technically sound attacking player that the U.S. has. Yes, Donovan has speed and can make plays, AND his setpiece deliveries were perfect yesterday, but on raw soccer touch and technical ability, Dempsey has him beat by a mile. Someone wants Brian Ching in the lineup instead of Dempsey? ARE YOU INSANE!?!?!?! BRIAN CHING?!?!

    I think, as usual on the Internet, people nitpick stuff to death. This guy has scored consistently in one of the TOP LEAGUES IN THE WORLD (I realize he’s in a post-Christmas drought). He’s a key player for this team going forward, and he can play three positions at least serviceably: Forward, Wing and Attacking Midfielder. I like him best as the second forward.

    If you don’t want Clint Dempsey in the lineup when games matter (i.e. WC Qualifying, Confederations Cup, World Cup), you should get your head checked…seriously.

  300. Brooklyn Zoo says:

    Great Win, should have been 4-0.

    I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a Donovan detractor for a while, but he really impressed me last nite. OK, he should have finished the break, but you can’t really take it away from him: he created the the chance basically by himself, he showed he still has good pace, and his technique was solid, barely missing. His service was excellent all game, and he looked confident on the ball. I’d love to see the MLS grow into a legitimate league, but after watching these recent performances by Landy Cakes, I have to think he’d be able to succeed atleast in the bundasliga if not a one EPL, Liga or Serie A….

    But besides that, I think not only did we play well, but Poland played very poorely. They generated basically no chances, and there defense looked very shakey, basically giving away 2 free headers on the set pieces. Also Boruc is supposed to be a worldclass keeper?! Guzan should have gone to celtic….!

  301. gimmi says:

    does any one know where i can catch the post game interview?

    go U.S.

  302. Peter says:

    Say what you will but it was a great overall performance by the entire squad. L.D. was sharp as was our backline and the central mids performed their jobs as instructed. Bradley put together a strong squad that will compete with anyone. Be proud people the US of A is back!

  303. mike says:

    i was looking forward to seeing Benny on the field as much as many of you – i’m really pulling for that guy to succeed again.

    anyway, a quick point about how i saw one of his better contributions: his defense-splitting pass after working his way laterally from [TV] bottom to top. the missed run wasn’t Dempsey’s, it was (you guessed it) Eddie’s. EJ should have read that as soon as BF started toward him. Dempsey actually comes from a deeper position and – here’s where everyone else is right – just runs out of gas trying to get there. unlike Ives and many of you, i actually thought Dempsey put in the work last night, so i can forgive him for not getting there on that run – at least the thought was right. I have a harder time forgiving EJ’s diffidence and/or complacency. someone needs to remind him how much fun this is supposed to be.

    Johnson’s lack of urgency and commitment is, frankly, baffling. if the EPL demands nothing else, it demands those characteristics. as has been mentioned here many times today, he needs to get his head on straight and fast.

  304. Q says:

    EJ has all the athletic ability & some good skill but at this level you have to be able to read the game & anticipate. He doesnt have it & will be fortunate to apply his trade in the championship or MLS soon.

  305. brett says:

    get with it- i agree i would LOVE to see some goals on the run. i actually made the comment after the game. HOWEVER, just look at our last friendly. the game against mexico saw a throwin that ended up resulting in a goal (not quite a set play as the play was running on LD’s back cross). Jozy’s header off Moor’s cross. and then Demspey’s goal that was called off.. its happened recently..

    I will take any goal the US gets, especially against a side like poland IN POLAND. the fact that we are getting goals against a side that is to be respected is enough for me to not care where the goals come from

    the one thing i want is a PROLIFIC goal scorer… some may argue that LD would fit that case, but honestly id consider him a playmaker before a prolific goal scorer.. i want a forward who has a nose for the goal.. someone who is willing to take the shots rather then laying it off and hoping to connect with a cross… keeping my fingers crossed that Jozy or Adu can fit that case, as we’ve seen both put up numbers in youth tournaments recently..

    as for the game… i thought the US did very well.. yes the goals came off set plays but as i said, ill take what we get…dempsey seemed invisible, but not really his fault as the ball wasnt played to him all that much (it seemed)… LD had a stand out performance, and i say that not being a big LD fan… Bradley played solid, no real mistakes but then again nothing uber standout… Clark had some moments, but were outnumbered by his mistakes (hope he picks it up tho)… the defense was solid all around allowing a couple of mistakes but nothing serious… the up front duo seemed lack-luster, and only improved when Wolff came in (eat it Wolff haters)

    as for feilhaber…. i really hope this kid picks up and improves… bradley went on to talk about how he needs to grow up and become a team player… while i doubt that means he wants him to pass it off rather then dribble, i believe Feilhaber has ego issues… i hope he becomes humble and realize that some people are pulling for him

  306. brett says:


    “Altidore Donovan

    Beasley Bradley Feilhaber Dempsey

    Pearce Boca Onyewu Cherundolo


    -replace Adu for Donovan

    -Lewis or Convey for Beasley

    -Nguyen for Dempsey”

    im sure he can play anywhere, but you did make a comment about not playing people out of position. Nguyen is naturally a left sided player… played Left Wing for PSV and played left forward for IU… but like i said, im sure he could play either side…



    “one more thing,i hate to say it but altidore is the 2nd coming of eddie johnson,if you watch him closely during games he is just as lazy as ej,hes not a true striker only a poacher and can only play when he has a juan pablo angel next to him.”

    by far the dumbest thing ive read yet O.o Jozy is not a solo-forward (what he played in the U23)… the US system is NOT set up for the solo-forward… your comment is CLEARLY based soley around his performance in the U23’s, which he did well enough when the ball actually went to his feet… but when he has to run touchline-to-touchline one cant blame him for getting tired…

  307. Q says:

    I think alot of people are missing how well Wolf played. Active as usual & has the ability to create for others thru the run of play or by getting fouled. Would love to see him work with Jozy.

  308. Michael F. says:

    I am so late to this party it’s just not right. But I had to say it.

    EJ is terrible.

    EJ gets stripped of the ball, every time he has the ball.

    EJ can not turn on a defender.

    EJ can not face a defender and beat him one-on-one.

    EJ can out run defenders on long balls once in a while but once he gets the ball all he does is back pass anyway.

    US really needs to start looking elsewhere…

  309. brett says:

    Q- ive always been a Wolff believer… he played quality last night resulting in 2 very dangerous fouls outside the box, 1 of which resulted in Lewis’s goal.

    Michael F.- never been an EJ fan…in fact id be the first to rip into him. BUT i did see 1 positive last night from him… he wasnt called offsides at all… he was checking and laying the ball off… not exactly what i want to see in a forward 100% of the time, but then again he left the chances he could muff it up to a minimal… he shouldve netted a goal altho failed… and a couple times i saw him try to take on 2 players in the corner (sorry EJ, but you arent Jozy 😀 )

    all n all EJ didnt shine, but he wasnt horrible… as someone posted above id give him a 3 in the player rankings… least impressive player last night, but again, not horrible… but yes we do need to look else where, until he can prove himself in the EPL/Champions

  310. inkedAG says:

    That was a good reference, Ivan “Polish Power” Putski!! 😀