Lider Marmol signs with the Chicago Fire


The Chicago Fire signed Paraguayan defender Lider Marmol, the team announced on Tuesday. The signing ends a three-month long saga that saw Marmol train with the Red Bulls for two months before eventually joining the Fire and agreeing to terms.

"We are excited to hae Lider join our organization," Fire technical director Frank Klopas said. "He is a good young player that is going to make our team stronger."

Marmol is expected to give the Fire depth both in central defense and defensive midfield. His strength on the ball, sharp passing ability and strong shot from long range could make him an ideal defensive midfielder, but he could also help provide a steadying force in central defense.

The signing is a victory for Chicago, which not only kept Marmol away from the Red Bulls, who also filed a discovery claim on Marmol, but also signed a young player with the talent to start at multiple positions.

Marmol is not without his own question marks. He has bounced around to various clubs at a young age (the Fire will be his sixth club at age 22, and that is after spending the past 10 months without a team) and also had a drunk driving arrest during his half season with Spanish club Hercules a year ago.

What do you think of the signing? Love it? Hate it? Think he’s the missing piece to the Fire puzzle? Just happy to see Juan Carlos Osorio not get his player? Angry that the MLS discovery process cost the Red Bulls Marmol? Share your thoughts below.

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121 Responses to Lider Marmol signs with the Chicago Fire

  1. Keith G. says:

    Just knew it was going to happen, well guess we can move on and look else where.

  2. Chow says:

    Is he still depressed??

  3. Brendan says:

    I knew he would come around.

  4. Steve says:

    About time.

    It will be interesting to finally see this guy on the field after all this talk.

    Ives – I know the league doesn’t share but any early indication on what salary he ended up signing at?

  5. Tony in Quakeland says:

    If he delivers as advertized, it’s hard to see the Fire as solidifying their place as the league’s top team.

  6. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    It’s a shame that all the unpleasantness had to occur but now it seems as if everything is in order and both teams can just focus on their play on the field.

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Somehow a nice new salary cheered him up.

  8. MetroFlip73 says:

    Someone get him a beer or four and a car…

  9. Joamiq says:

    Good for him. Sorry he can’t be on Metro. Now, when is MLS going to get rid of discovery claims?

  10. Andre says:

    I love Major League Soccer.

    The player had no intentions of ever joining the Fire, and being given an ultimatum of “It’s us, or smell you later.” just gives more testament to how badly this league needs to seriously restructure alot of these “Training wheel rules” as I like to call them.

  11. JSquaredNY says:


  12. Frank the Frowner says:

    I hope he stinks. Doubt he’s happy about signing with that crap club, but 10 months w/o a team and no pay check, of course he’s gonna sign.

  13. Matt says:

    Cue Ives abuse from Fire fans in 3… 2… 1…

  14. EDB says:

    I would have prefered to see the moldovan winger was signed.

  15. Mikemike says:

    Nice yellow journalism, Ives!

    Entirely unbelieveable. If he was signing with NY, you totally would not have brought up that DWI. Disgraceful!

  16. bkfiv says:

    Wow, once he came to Chicago, it didn’t take him long to sign. I was sure this would take longer, as I was believing wholeheartedly that Lider only wanted to play for the Metros. I know he said he didn’t care what team he played for, but multiple times on this site I read unbiased opinions that stated he would play for Metros, or not in MLS at all.

    Seriously though, hopefully this patty-cake game off the field between Chi-NY can be over now. I want to go back to the good ol’ days of not paying attention to the Metros due to their proven history of futility and irrelevence.

  17. Matt says:

    Cue whining from from Red Bull fans in 3… 2… oh wait, did someone come in early?

  18. anotherbodymurdered says:

    Just wait you guys, wait until he finds really likes it here, how much farther his salary will go here, and how much nicer the people are. Not to mention the real tradition of the Fire and playing in front of an appreciative, energetic crowd… he’ll be just fine. Try harder, New York!

  19. Brick says:


  20. Ethan says:

    “Marmol is not without his own question marks. He has bounced around to various clubs at a young age (the Fire will be his sixth club at age 22, and that is after spending the past 10 months without a team) and also had a drunk driving arrest during his half season with Spanish club Hercules a year ago.”

    Now that Marmol is signed w/Chicago this is clearly the time to report this…

  21. Adam says:

    I’m glad the off-field drama is finally over with, so he can get on the field and play.

    And I don’t feel like tracking back and checking, but this is the first I recall hearing about Marmol’s potential downside. Perhaps Red Bull fans now have a head start on their sour grapes campaign.

  22. el fuego 10 says:

    Cue whining by Red Bull fans in 3… 2… 1… oh, wait, yeah….

  23. Squard says:

    A Blogger accused of yellow journalism, thats rich.


    The term originated during the Gilded Age with the circulation battles between Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World and William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal. They ran from 1895 to about 1898 and can refer specifically to this period. Both papers were accused by critics of sensationalizing the news in order to drive up circulation, although the newspapers did serious reporting as well. The New York Press coined the term yellow kid journalism in early 1897 after a then-popular comic strip to describe the down-market papers of Pulitzer and Hearst, which both published versions of it during a circulation war. This was soon shortened to yellow journalism with the New York Press insisting, “We called them Yellow because they are Yellow.”

  24. Matt says:

    I’m fairly certain that Ives mentioned the DUI when Marmol’s name first came up in connection with the Red Bulls, but the search function on this blog is inadequate to say the least.

  25. Dante says:

    Fire fans are never happy. You won the standoff for Marmol. I hope you enjoy having a player you have never seen play before. Good luck.

  26. nicholas s. says:

    Can someone please tell Gerber that the way to deal with whiny petulant children (the fire) is not to give in and let them have their way.

    I heard they are only signing him as cover for when they deal NY Conde on the cheap.

  27. Steve says:

    26 days until we can actually meet on the field *.

    * Field herein defined as green slab of concrete painted with repetitive white stripes surrounded by less than 10,000 fans and over 60,000 empty seats.

  28. Matt says:

    From Ives’ original Marmol post, March 1…

    “Marmol does come with some baggage though. He has bounced around quite a bit for such a young player and he also faced a drunk driving charge during his time with Herculez, an incident which expedited his departure from the Spanish club.”

    But go ahead and continue with your idiotic, misinformed abuse, Fire fans.

  29. Ives says:

    Ethan and MikeMike, perhaps if you read this site regularly rather than just popping in to stir things up, you would know that I reported all of these Marmol questions as soon as he showed up with the Red Bulls:

    link to

    Now, what were you saying about “yellow journalism”?

  30. Dante says:

    Fire fans=Crew fans

  31. John says:

    What is it about football that turns people into obnoxious 12-year olds? He sounds like a player, too bad Metro couldn’t get him, congrats to Fire fans and MLS needs to change those rules.

  32. Steve says:

    He’s obviously got enough potential for two clubs in this league to overlook the baggage.

    Maybe that proves to be incorrect and we (the Fire) end up making a mistake but as of right now, we win.

    Ives-Thanks for keeping us all posted through all the drama. It’s been fun.

  33. RS says:

    We’ve read about the DWI AT LEAST twice on this web site alone since this whole situation started. I love when people act cocky and then end up looking like fools. Try following along more than once per 6 months before making idiotic comments. I love the foolishness, though. Thank you for that.

  34. dabull says:

    glad this crap is finally over with.

    as someone posted earlier, now we can go on with ignoring nyrb and their history of futility.

  35. kpugs says:

    Ethan, you are the definition of a tool. You must know how to read since you managed to get your post up here.

    The “….” move only works when you are RIGHT about something though, not when you are too stupid to realize the issues have been covered repeatedly by Ives for MONTHS now. But great job, because your post just illustrates how stupid all Fire fans are, and justifies their reputations as a bunch of crybabies.

    Unbelievable, even when things go right for the Fire idiots like you and Mike turn up to bitch, moan, and make uninformed statements. You sure you guys aren’t originally from New England?

  36. Mikemike says:

    Hey Ives,

    Come on, I was just joking.

    I’m a NY fan myself.

    I was just trying to impersonate the ChiTown fans.

    I should have followed my comment with a “j/k”

    Also, I check your site constantly. It’s like crack. Keep up the good work.


  37. Frank the Frowner says:

    Fire Fans= Kunts….

    Steve funny how quick you forget Naperville.

  38. Homey Boehme says:

    If you do not like what Ives reports then don’t read his blog! Troll elsewhere.

  39. Mikemike says:

    Again, apologies. Just joking.

  40. Steve says:

    Fortunately I can forget Naperville as its ancient history.

    And all message board nonsense aside, I do hope for you guys to get your new park as quickly as possible.

    I just hope you continue to lose when you move in.

  41. Frank says:

    new york pink cows = derby city

    You have the coach that wanted to guide your “team” into a winning franchise. How is that working for you?


  42. Trex says:


  43. Victor says:

    this is to the Dante kid who said the fire have never seen him play. If you could read he first trained with the Fire last year. So we have seen him play and if you say that doesnt count then well you haven’t seen him play as well because thats all he did for you guys was just train. And o well this rule sucks but just shut up Red Bull fans that are complainning. The Fire could be screwed by this rule as well but with a bigger named player….Brian Mcbride. We are very interested to have him come back to the Fire and he wants to come back and play but they would have to work out a trade with Toronto because they placed a discovery claim on him.

  44. Frank the Frowner says:

    How’s it working for us Frank? You sh1theads have 1 more win then us and we have a game in hand.

    What are you talking about you dope.

  45. Ethan says:

    I was pointing out the timing of the statement.(when Marmol has signed w/another club) I guess I should type that my eyes were rolling while posting that, but I wasnt saying it hadnt already been reported before. I just thought it was in bad(bitter) taste. Remember the “it’s NY or nothing” quote? I’ll have hone my writing skills so my sarcasism comes thru. So exactly how am I bitching and crying? You might want to save your relpy and write a strongly worded email to Don Garber about how its “flagship,” hardware-less, energy-drink team cant get special treatment when it brings in a player it doesnt have rights to, even though an ESPN associate has been telling you for months your team deserves him. That is all, consider the pot stirred.

  46. nicholas s. says:


    You’re a fool. We have 7 points with a game in hand over everyone else. And even that would put us in 2nd place in the West. There are 4 teams over 10 points in the east because of the scheduling where all the teams in the east, play and beat teams in the west.

    Also, who handed ‘league leaders’ Columbus their only loss? RBNY.

  47. Mighty says:

    Take the Fire Fans out of this site!!!

  48. brett says:

    you RBNJ fans crack me up… XD keep up with the quality posts…

    we’re banking on Marmol actually panning out, otherwise this whole situation would have looked foolish…. personally i agree with EDB in the aspect id like to see the moldovan winger sign, as that’s where we are truely weak at…. but a solid player is always welcomed… hoping Marmol works out, and glad he’s on our team

  49. Steve T says:

    I love these Fire fans. It isn’t enough to get the player. You have to come around talking trash. Just take the player, accept the fact that you weren’t his first choice, and move on. He wanted to be in New York and after spending two weeks in Chicago he finally said, you know what, I’ll just play here. I doubt he’s jumping for joy. He just didn’t have any other choice.

  50. brett says:

    Mighty- dumbest idea ever… you know how dead this site would be without rival opinions?? git…

    Nicholas s.- could have simpley said that RBNJ is in no worse position as the fire… in fact RBNJ, Fire and Columbus all have another game in hand on KC and NE… so either way, it seems to be working out fine for you guys…

    congrats on beating Clb, but hold onto those types of arguements till everyone has played at least once…. fire havent playd the Crew, therefore using that seem moot when arguing with someone….

  51. Frank says:

    you are below toronto fc.

    nuff said

  52. brett says:

    Steve T- dont flatter yourself…. he only wanted to play in NJ b/c of JCO… if JCO were to go to RSL, RBNJ wouldnt have been a thought in his mind…

    there may be 1 maybe 2 fire fans in here talking trash… posts like yours are no better then them talking trash so get off your high horse

  53. Tim K says:

    For the record last year Marmol was actually looking to join the fire but couldnt sign before the playoffs. It was Osorios guy so good riddens he wants to leave its his fault he put the claim first in chicago!! Its deserving to see him come to the Fire and I think he will fit well! I mean its always better to play for a winning team!!!!

  54. brett says:

    Frank- yes they are below TFC, but if i recall correctly, they also have a game in hand… with a win would thus put them above TFC….

    stop with these posts, current standings mean little….

  55. nate says:

    Marmol actually signed a contract with Ives to join the Fire and then split the advertising profits 50/50 when the SBI traffic spiked.

    Ives is smarter than we give him credit for.

  56. Steve the Arsonist says:

    Until such time as the rules are changed, you gotta know how to work them. Chicago was in a position to work the rules to get a player and RBNJ would have done the same. If you don’t like the rule, understandably, rag on the league and not Chicago for workin’ it.

    I’m really not being a smart ass when I say it has to be immencely frustrating to play for 13 years, around a city with such a reputation in the world for being a leader, and have nothing to show for it. That said, it comes down to the people who put the organization together.

    You have no hardware, not that many winning seasons and you rag on teams and fans who are more successful? If you had five trophies and Chicago had zip, what kinda mess would you talk to Chicago fans? Take the talk from more successful outfits and march on your FO with torches and pick-axes.

    Everybody is stuck with the same rules, but some FO’s (and Chicago fans have had alot of gripes with our FO)have put together better organizations. That’s on you and your FO…Stop whining.

  57. adam says:

    nyrb(pink cows)=trophy case empty and will be for a long time.

  58. Frank says:

    toronto fc 3

    pink cows 1

    there you go brett

  59. Victor says:

    Please do not say all these Fire fans because I have no problem with you guys as Red Bull fans. I only hate your team because of your coach who left us, but I love Altidore and Angel and Richards is pretty good to. I think its annoying though to hear you complain about the rules. I mean they are rules, if we switched roles you guys would have no problems with this discovery claim. So please just move on as well and please dont call Chicago a crappy team because they have been pretty consistent……thank you that is all.

  60. brett says:

    Frank- TFC 2-0 KC and KC 1-0 Fire

    does that mean that TFC are better then the Fire??

    early standings mean nothing, especially with RBNJ having a game in hand on all teams, and 2 games in hand on a couple others….

    dont get me wrong, i like taking a jab at the redbulls but seriously lets think before attempting…

  61. nicholas s. says:

    FFS, how is everyone here reduced to childlike taunts?

    NJRB? Pink Cows? In what way to do think that is clever? The most likely argument is you think you are ‘really sticking it to us’ by butchering another teams name.

    I see this all over the place in sports. You are simple no-class supporters, no matter what side the line you are on.

    Oh wait, NOW I get it. NJRB because the stadium is in New Jersey. Wait, wait, wait. I’m laughing so hard because of the intense cleverness of it. You changed the Y to a J. Oh sweet humor. Wait, still laughing. Oh my… it was a Y, now it’s a J. Look out MENSA.

  62. inkedAG says:

    Man, and I thought we were done with Fire Fans pointing out that they are f**kin morons. My mistake.

  63. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Dear Firefans,

    We have first allocation (san jose used theirs on that haitian striker, Jean-Michel Peguero) which gives us McBrides rights, should he decide to return, we did not make a discovery claim.

    Im sure a trade can and will be arranged should be come back, and we retain his rights.


    Ossington Mental Youth

  64. brett says:

    nicholas s- calling them RBNJ is not an insult.. fact is that quite a large number of NY’ers ive spoken to dont consider the redbulls a NY franchise and are eagerly awaiting the expansion of NYCFC…. the “pink cows” id agree with you on…

    ive stated along time ago that i would not say RBNY or NYRB ever again after getting into a spout with some NY’ers and their lividness of how the redbulls calling themselves NY despite not being in NY… what drives me insane is as im from Indiana and i support the Fire, they live so close to the redbulls and fail to support them b/c of locality….

    so no, RBNJ or NJRB is not an insult…

  65. Matt says:

    brett, as someone who drives an hour and a half each way from New York State to RBNY games, I can assure you that not all New Yorkers feel the same way about the Red Bulls. They are our local team, based in New Jersey or not (funny that these same people have no problem with the Giants or Jets playing in Jersey). I have serious doubts about whether there is a huge untapped audience out there clamoring for a club in Queens. When and if we get one there (maybe never) I guess we will find out.

  66. nicholas s. says:


    that’s interesting. maybe that’s my own bias assuming that a jersey reference is insulting :)

    I agree in part. I wish the team was in NYC proper, but I can’t imagine switching to another team if one was put there.

  67. brett says:

    inkedAG- lol, you do know ignorance isnt hereditary correct??

  68. brett says:

    inkedAG- you do realize that ignorance is not hereditary correct??

  69. jokerman326 says:

    I don’t know how many times NYers thought the league should just intervene and order Chicago to surrendur its claim, and Marmol to sign with NJRB simply because its fans see themselves as a “flagship team” deserving of entitlement at the expense of other, more successful (on and off the field) teams in the League. Now THAT’S whining.

  70. Matt says:

    Brett, as someone who drives an hour and a half each way from New York State to attend RBNY games with a friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn, I can assure you that not all New Yorkers feel the same way about the Red Bulls playing in New Jersey. They are our local club, whether they are based across the river or not. I find it funny that you rarely hear the same sort of complaints about the Giants and Jets.

    I have huge doubts about there being some great untapped horde of soccer fans just waiting for a NYCFC to show up in order to jump on the MLS bandwagon. I hope that’s the case, because it would only help RBNY, but I expect that they would face a lot of the same market challenges that the Red Bulls are facing – a crowded sports market, little media attention, etc. In any event, I’ve chosen my club (God help me) and won’t be switching sides, whatever happens.

    Is Bridgeview part of the city of Chicago, or should we take to calling you the Bridgeview Fire?

  71. sublicon says:



  72. martha says:

    Marmol, Nyarko, and Conde for



  73. MasterShake says:

    hmm I guess nobody in NYC supports NJ Giants…idiots..

    oh and Fire fans dont worry, the Waaaaahmbulence is on its way

  74. anotherbodymurdered says:

    Come on dudes, you know RBNY = ReBrand New York

  75. dabes2 says:

    MLS is getting pretty interesting.

    Bitterness between players, fans, coaches and front offices. Much better than when AEG and Hunt owned everything.

    I’m excited about this season.

  76. mikeK says:

    Sad thing is no one in the RB will have the balls to go studs up into him the first time out.

    Did he atleast get paid? I know the MLS doesn’t diverge such info, but certainly you’ve got to hear something eh?

  77. Eric says:

    Look, I’m a fire fan and as much as these petty little insults from both sides annoy me, I think this is actually going to be good in creating a nice rivalry between the two teams.

  78. Eric says:

    Look, I’m a fire fan and as much as these petty little insults from both sides annoy me, I think this is actually going to be good in creating a nice rivalry between the two teams.

  79. Matt says:

    So much for getting this song started at Giants Stadium…

    link to

  80. Haig says:

    “Is Bridgeview part of the city of Chicago, or should we take to calling you the Bridgeview Fire?”

    Those idiots still haven’t figured out how to get around that uncomfortable truth.

  81. anotherbodymurdered says:

    Those who think they are smart by bringing up Bridgeview could learn from history: the original home of the Fire was Soldier Field, in the heart of the city. Or are you saying the team should have ReBranded when the new stadium was built? I can see why you’d have that misconception.

  82. Haig says:

    Which is why the Phoenix NFL franchise is known as the “Chicago Cardinals,” right?

  83. Warren says:

    Just happy to see Juan Carlos Osorio not get his player?


  84. anotherbodymurdered says:

    Bringing the NFL into the zingfest smacks of desperation. But thanks for playing!

  85. Matt says:

    Who cares where your original home was? What does that have to do with anything? Woolwich Arsenal became just Arsenal when they moved. It’s a legitimate point to raise if you’re going to continue to be douchebags about the NY/NJ thing.

  86. Drew says:

    Nice, good news for the Fire. I wonder if this is a precursor to a trade. Our D/d-mid is getting stacked.

  87. wally says:

    no prob..we’ll just ride Reyna and Stammler until their kneecaps crumble.

  88. Eugene says:

    How fitting will it be if Chicago beats NY in four weeks and Marmol is the player with the game winning goal?

    Just stick another dagger in our hearts.

    Juan Carlos, thank you for taking our team and dragging it through the gutter.

    Juan Carlos response: “It’s ok, I have 2-3 key players I’m going to sign in the next 60-90 days and Marmol wasn’t Colombian anyhow.”

  89. Eugene says:

    Cue Raging Bull Nation appeasing Osorio’s missteps in 1….2….3……

  90. Justice says:

    As a neutral observer (I support DC United) I think everyone had to have seen this ending coming. The Fire were going to get the kid to sign eventually considering he had no other options. That being said, I think the name calling is a bit childish. I’m interested to see this kid play. Ione of those guys who wants to see the overall level of league play rise, so I like it when everyone can benefit as much as possible. It’s a shame that things are so bitter between CHI/NYRB but it makes for great football. Vamos United!!!

  91. stephen healy says:

    Well tough luck Rd Bull fans (all 5 thousand of you)!! Let the little man couch get you to the playoffs where you may win one for the first time. Also way to go Ives the house journalist for Red Bull can I have some of your stock??

  92. papa bear says:

    Posted by: Andre | April 29, 2008 at 01:58 PM

    you mean other than the FACT that he trained in Chicago last year and was working on a deal that couldn’t be completed before the transfer deadline? Yeah, sounds like he had no intention of playing in Chicago.

    Posted by: Frank the Frowner | April 29, 2008 at 02:36 PM

    I remember Chicago still pulling more fans in Naperville than RBNY does.

    Posted by: Mighty | April 29, 2008 at 03:16 PM

    If he left it to having just RBNY fans there would be about 15 hits a day. I’m pretty sure his advertisers would be upset with that development.

    Hope Marmol works out as well as people have been reporting from Fire practice. Also, if Conde is on the block as Luis is speculating, I hope we get a quality RM out of it. (I’ll take Terry Cooke, not likely, but I’d like it)

  93. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: Haig | April 29, 2008 at 05:30 PM

    no, we ‘idiots’ realize that unlike you retards apparently, the rest of the f’n country calls the entire metro area by the name of the biggest city.

    We can call it the Chicagoland Fire if it would be better for your fragile sensibilities. Just like we could take to calling RBNY the “0-fer forever in all titles and honors NY Metropolitan Area Red Bull Energy Drink Soccer Kick Boys Team”

  94. martha C says:


    Bridgeview is at least In the same state as Chicago. Its just over a small bridge from Chicago.

    NJ and NY are not even in the same state.

    You guys should start picking a new name for when Red Bulls eventually sell the team.

  95. Mikemike says:

    Stephen Healy-

    Are you drunk?


  96. krasny says:

    “Cue Ives abuse from Fire fans in 3… 2… 1…”

    as opposed to Fire abuse from Ives fans?

  97. rednow.red4ever says:

    “Can’t you just take the player without [crap-talking]?”

    I certainly am (and I’m a fire fan)….however I did notice many red bulls fans doing the same when they got the coach….nice try N.J., always talking out of both sides of your mouth….

  98. rednow.red4ever says:

    If he never had intention of signing with Chicago, then why the EFF did he just sign with Chicago? If he was that distraught he could have easily gone to a different league….

  99. Haig says:

    Martha, they’re not the “Illinois Fire,” so state boundaries come into it. Thanks for playing.

  100. Haig says:

    Martha, they’re not the “Illinois Fire,” so state boundaries don’t come into it. Thanks for playing.

  101. brett says:

    Matt- i already pointed out that the reason i call it RBNJ is not b/c of physical location, its b/c of the whinny pricks in NY who complain about the team not actually being in NY…

    IM NOT SAYING ALL NY FANS ARE LIKE THIS.. simply saying the ones i have talked to have turned me off from associating it as a NY team…

  102. brett says:

    i stress again, i know there are NY fans who support the Redbulls, and i am not lumping you into that group

  103. Steve says:

    Man, if you guys are this upset about Lider Marmol, what the heck are you going to do with yourselves when Jozy leaves in another couple months?

  104. Haig says:

    Spend the record setting transfer fee on more players. Nine goals a season? Even Wolyniec has gotten more than that.

  105. brett says:

    haig-you may get loads of money but you’ll only get the cap space Jozy takes up on new players… lets not forget that Jozy was also with the U20’s for at least a month, and also played out left for a good part of the season….

    eek, im backing up Jozy and im not even a redbull fan O.o

  106. Haig says:

    Not true, Brett. Half a million would be available to be applied to the salary cap, which would give RBNY about $900k to play with. Look into it.

  107. bacchus says:

    Word out of the Chicago front office is that Marmol signed with the Fire because he wants to play in front of more than 500 fans every week on a regular grass surface.

    The Pink Cows did not meet this criteria.

  108. Frank says:

    I love you guys….

    except the new york/new jersey metro red star bulls of the non greater east coast.

    you, not so much.

    toronto fc over rb 3-1

  109. brett says:

    Haig- yes you could apply that money to paying your players, but you would only have the cap space Jozy takes up to play with (along with the remaining cap space you havent used at that point)…

    ie) jozy takes up 100k (made up number) and you have 50k cap left… i would only assume that regardless of how much you get from the transfer you would only have 150k cap space to play with….

  110. Haig says:

    Wrong, Brett.

    link to

    “Recently, MLS has made rules changes to provide more money for teams losing players to transfers.”


    “Of the transfer fee, the Revolution would have received two-thirds and MLS one-third. So, the Revolution would have gained about $1.7 million, only $500,000 of which could have been used for an allocated player. That makes it very difficult to find a replacement of equal value to Twellman. A league official noted the Revolution could have applied to use more than $500,000 toward bringing in a player.”

    Twellman did not make $500k last year (or this year). He made $325k. So apparently you are wrong.

    If you have anything to back up YOUR claims, provide them now.

  111. Haig says:

    The “application” process could add even MORE to that amount.

  112. brett says:

    Haig – i have pointed out that my “claims” were nothing more then assumptions…

    your example proves nothing… NE are notorious for not spending the entire cap… so if they had an additional 175k cap space not spent (which has happened before), plus Tightshirt’s 325k, then the example is accurate…

    are you saying that teams who trade can exceed the Cap Space?? again, until im proven wrong, a team can only spend it’s cap space…

  113. brett says:

    haig- nevermind, i reread the article and saw what i missed… how do allocated players work?? is it a 1 time fee then its down to the player’s salary or is some of their salaries comped??

    and could they spread that allocation out?? or do they have to spend it on 1 player to replace the player traded??

  114. Haig says:

    My understanding is that the money is applied to increase the cap, so it could be used for transfer fees, salaries, bonuses, etc.

    Jozy is nearly everyone’s favorite player here, but to say that RBNY is doomed when he gets sold is wrong.

  115. brett says:

    so technically allocation doesnt inc. the salary cap but could in fact be used as bonuses or Transfer fees to pull from other teams??

    i agree with you on that without Jozy RBNJ would not be doomed…. lets be frank here… RBNJ were doomed from their first year of existance 😀 a cursed team…..

  116. martha says:


    So are the Red Bulls trying to fool people into thinking they are playing in NY city or the State of New York?

    Your argument is indefensible. The Chicago Fire BEGAN playing in Chicago and moved 3 blocks out of the City.

    The Metro Stars never played in the city of New York, the STATE, of New York and theres really nothing NY about it.

    The Metro Stars SOLD OUT literally, changed their name to Red Bulls who again never played in NY city or state.

    And it will be funny when they current owners sell which will necessitate another name change.

    Nice try.

  117. rkupp says:

    About time MLS signed a Paraguayan player – they have some fine prospects. Too bad it had to be with a team I hate.

  118. Haig says:

    Brett, I forgot to note that there’s also likely to be money for a Michael Bradley sell-on clause when Heerenveen sells him this summer. If the £5.5 million fee rumor from earlier this spring is true, and if the percentage is 10% (and it won’t be lower), at current exchange rates that’s $1.1 million. Two-thirds of that is over $700k, so that’s ANOTHER half million dollars we can use on players.

    If you’re keeping count, we have around $400k under the cap, and can reasonably expect another $1 million that can be used to pay players. It’s windfall money, but the transfer fee alone would pay for two maximum salary players for two years.

    That’s why no one is terribly worried about replacing Jozy’s 9 goals.

    As for Martha, the best you can do is semantics. The Fire used to play in Chicago? They also played in Naperville, and the Metrostars actually DID used to play games in the Open Cup in both NYC proper and Long Island.

    Please. You’re digging yourself deeper into that hole.

  119. brett says:

    haig- in the case of MB, do you think his money would be used in allocation?? or just reinvested into the team (seeing as the club is getting a new stadium perhaps RedBull would like to receive some early money on the venture)

    id be careful with how you word things… “That’s why no one is terribly worried about replacing Jozy’s 9 goals”… Jozy is an proven MLS player, but once he leaves you’ll be spending the money on a player(s) (most likely) who is not MLS proven… id be worried, if only cautious, especially with all the unfilled promises over the off season (for you guys at least)

  120. Haig says:

    Brett, yes, every penny Red Bull is allowed to spend on salary will be spent on salary. Their willingness to spend money isn’t the issue– they’re not the Krafts, looking to pinch pennies to supplement their NFL team’s income. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time doubting the fact that there will be a lot of money coming in that will be spent on the player payroll.

    Your second point is much more valid. I think Osorio did a poor job signing players in the off-season, and hasn’t improved the squad. THAT is what I’m concerned about, not the fact that there will be a ton of money available to improve the squad. Of course, Osorio has coached all over the world, and he did bring in a couple players that Chicago was delighted to sign. I suspect that his mistake was assuming deals could get done to the extent that there was no plan B. Not a mistake likely to be repeated.

    With Reyna either taking a massive pay cut or leaving the team (freeing up a DP slot) next year,

  121. Haig says:

    (oops, finishing sentence)

    … this money can provide a core of players to build a great team around. The main rebuttal from detractors seems to be “past (under-)performance is a guarantee of future (lack of) success,” which is the formula by which stupid people lose all their money.