New England Revolution at Kansas City Wizards: Your Running Commentary


The unbeaten Kansas City Wizards put their perfect record on the line tonight as the short-handed New England Revolution travel to CommunityAmerica Ballpark tonight. Can the Revs overcome the absence of so many key players? Can the Wizards attack keep creating chances against a quality defense?

If you are lucky enough to be able to see the match tonight, and you plan on being online, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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79 Responses to New England Revolution at Kansas City Wizards: Your Running Commentary

  1. Gerald says:

    New England 1-0 own goal off a free kick in the 12th minute

  2. Spencer says:

    Wow I completely forgot this game was on. Anyone know if its on myp2p or any of those?

  3. Jonathan says:

    Go Nyassi, Mansally, Hartman, Marinelli, and Lopez!!!


  4. Daniel says:

    Attempted clearance from the set piece bounced off of Jewsbury. Castro curled the ball into a tough spot for the Wizards.

  5. CACuzcatlan says:

    MLSnet wouldn’t let me log in to my fantasy team since last night. I wasn’t able to update my roster :(

  6. Nic says:

    MLS can’t get out of KC fast enough. That crowd is pathetic!

  7. Gerald says:

    Nyassi is really fast almost beat Hartman on a thru ball for a goal

  8. spiny norman says:

    Nice run and shot by Igwe a few minutes ago. Caught the Revs’ announcers by surprise, and me too.

  9. CACuzcatlan says:

    You’re outta luck Nic, with the new owners its not MLS’s decision anymore. The owners would have to sell or decide to move and it sounds like they don’t have that in their plans.

  10. Gerald says:

    Penalty Kick for KC, Jewsbury converts to make it 1-1

  11. sprool11 says:

    I needed Reis to save that. He’s in my team!

  12. Gerald says:

    in fairness to the crowd the yankees are in town (usually a good draw) and the game is still going on though I see a rain delay in the near future

  13. Nic says:

    CAC, I know, I know. You’d think OnGoal would get sick of losing lots of money. But instead they go out and spend a lot. Too bad the franchise wasn’t in a place where the fans would support the league a little more.

  14. DCM says:

    1-1 after a PK is rightflully awarded on a late tackel about half a step insided the box.

    On the replay, Arena says the officiating wass great and that the advantage rule was give there and that the whistle was blown once KC did score a goal. The only problem is the ref blew his whistle before the shot was taken which ended up hitting the post.

    What a joke (both the commentary and the ref who got lucky the shot hit the post and was played out by NE).

  15. Gerald says:

    Nice goal by New England Nyassi scores 2-1

  16. ldq says:

    Khano to Nyassi. A combo I wouldn’t have thought I would here a lot this year

  17. Steve says:

    Nyassi is a player. People jumped off the bandwagon after last Thursday but he was definitely New England’s most dangerous player that night. Color me impressed (even if he didn’t have to do anything on the goal).

  18. Gerald says:

    Revs are abusing Leathers’ side of the defense

  19. sprool11 says:

    Yes Marinelli yellow card!

  20. ldq says:

    Castro to Mansally 3 to friggin 1

  21. Gerald says:

    Mansally scores 3-1 Revs, I guess I need to switch over to the DC game for awhile

  22. Nic says:

    I’ll put some money down that Nyassi won’t be in a Revolution jersey for more than 2 full seasons. Masally might be around a little longer, but they’ll be off to Europe before too long.

  23. Steve says:

    Trying to figure out MLS teams early in the season is impossible.

    I think I’m picking San Jose, RSL, Toronto and Columbus to win thsi weekend.

  24. ldq says:

    No doubt, what a roller coaster season and we are only 3 weeks in

  25. Gerald says:

    Looks like teams better start mining the continent of Africa for some talent

  26. Jacob says:

    3-1? The MLS site lists it as 3-0…brilliant.

  27. Louis says:

    MLSnet is reporting the score 3-0, whats going on?

  28. ldq says:

    I’m only getting the Gamecast on ESPN so not watching it. Is Cristman adding anything?

  29. Nic says:

    Cristman has been fairly quiet. The Revs speed on the outside- especially Khano Smith- has been the difference for me. Also, Marinelli looks really frustrated and López is barely getting any of the ball.

  30. Jacob says:

    LOL…if I were to listen to the official MLS website, I would think the score is 3-0 at the half…how ridiculous is that???

  31. Nic says:

    If lucky, the attendance is above 5,000.

  32. MemRook says:

    Is anyone else who is watching the stream supremely enjoying the ridiculous talk from the commentators at the half??? All that down time, behind the scenes info we could never want to know? “Is that hot chocoloate? MMMMMM Boy” or “Is my tie straight? Is it straight? Alright.” ETC. Awesome.

  33. Steve says:

    Marinelli is acting like a petulent child.

    Anyone else watching on and enjoy the announcers accidently leave their mic’s open during the last break? I wish they said something they would have really regretted.

    If you don’t have, get it! It’ll be the best 20 bucks you spend this season. Unless you sign a player to a development contract with it.

  34. Steve says:

    I’m with you MemRook. Funny stuff.

  35. Nic says:

    Memrock and Steve, I totally agree with you. What they hell is this plyboard with two sawhorses thing?

  36. RBNY says:

    I have a feeling the Gambians will not retire in MLS. Europe is watching!

  37. Steve says:

    Based on how the stadium looks they’re probably describing the table that KC gave tehm in the pressbox (ie a tool shed in the parking lot).

  38. MemRook says:

    My favorite so far is hearing Mansally referred to as Kenny G. WTF???

  39. RBNY says:

    The announcers at halftime? pure comedy!

  40. Amit says:

    I’m loving the MLS action. Its basically becoming an addiction. In what other sport could I be entertained by watching a team from Kansas City play New England. Mansally and Nayassi are impressive, similar to Dane Richards.

  41. Steve says:

    This is an awesome midweek soccer night. Two CONCACAF Champions Cup games and a 4 goal (at half) MLS game.

    I wonder what the poor baseball fans are doing tonight.

  42. Steve says:

    How small do you think KC will need to make they’re stadium to ahve a chance to sell it out?


  43. brant says:

    Is the KC game on TV anywhere? I’ve got a pretty robust cable package and might get it, but I have my guide limited to just some favorite channels and didn’t see it in the guide anywhere.

    I did see DC about to tank against Pachuca, tho.

  44. Nic says:

    Steve, if they can’t fill a 12,000 seat baseball park, I’m not sure if they can fill any stadium. Having said that, the Cauldron looks like it’d be a fun place to watch a match. Too bad it’s wasted on a lot of apathy from the general public in KC.

  45. alex says: works for you guys? It will not even open for me (or people in my area apparently). I pay for for nothing.

  46. Nic says:

    Attendance, according to the match tracker, is 8096.

  47. Nic says:

    Wow, awesome save by Hartman.

  48. RBNY says:

    DC 1-1 Pac 85 mns

    Still need 2 goals to be hopeful.

  49. Alexs says:

    most of the people are on the same side as the camera and not visible. it’s a baseball field remember.

  50. The “poor baseball fans” are filling their stadiums watching their teams the way they do the rest of the season, natch.

    This poor hockey fan is putting a hole in his wall right about NOW.

  51. Jacob says:

    Is this game streaming anywhere online outside of the MLS pay service?

  52. Steve says:

    Alex – is working fine for me.

  53. Nic says:

    KC’s finishing the past 5 minutes has been horrendous. It really should be a tied game right now.

  54. RBNY says:

    Pachuca won on aggregate. 3-2

  55. DCM says:

    United scored in the 85th and 90th to make it interesting with 2 minutes of stoppage time.

  56. DCM says:

    Brant, the match, via cable TV, is only available with a Direct Kick subscription unless you live in a local market of KC or NE.

  57. Nic says:

    Khano Smith sucks. If he weren’t so fast, there’d be no way he’d be in the MLS. His touch looks like mine.

  58. Nic says:

    That López-Marinelli exchange was some fantastic soccer! Too bad El piojo didn’t bury it.

  59. Jacob says:

    Yay, I found the game free online…unfortunately with only about 10 minutes left.

  60. alexis says:

    i’m watching it on sopcast via

  61. Jacob says:

    yup yup…that’s where I found it

  62. Jacob says:

    Man…I just took Nyassi off of my fantasy team…

  63. MemRook says:

    Has anyone noticed the same trend I have in early MLS matches? That games have started wonderfully entertaining and free-flowing … then become extremely bogged down and tedious to watch. Great first halfs, terrible second halfs. Ugh. For instance, this game. Geez. My guess is because fitness levels aren’t at a premium in the beginning of the season.

    Some other examples: Chicago against NE (boring second half); LA – SJ (boring second half). Umm. I can’t think of more, but there are more. I hope this trend doesn’t continue.

  64. tfcfanfirenze says:

    Just turned the game on, its fast paced given its past the 80th minute. KC’s hurry is understandable, but on NE’s side its just good discipline and physical condition. Great to see.

  65. spiny norman says:

    It’s tough to see much, but the game sounds pretty darn good; you can hear people in the stands, cheering and booing, in addition to the singing. Having been to a match at Arrowhead, i would say this is an improvement for sure. Speaking of roller-coasters and bandwagons, Kansas City’s play might have some people jumping off of theirs.

  66. Nic says:

    If you’re Curt Onalfo, you’ve got to be pretty mad. They’ve definitely points they should’ve had. At the very least, they deserve a draw.

  67. tfcfanfirenze says:

    Haha, memrook, we had just the opposite take on the situation. I will say that the passes on both side weren’t hitting their targets making it choppy, but NE were taking their throw-ins quickly and keeping play moving when they could just sit on the ball at this point.

  68. brant says:

    DCM – thanks. Since we’re moving this summer, I didn’t feel like paying for Direct Kick here, getting half a season, and then having to buy it again at the new house for the other half of the season, so I skipped it this year.

  69. DCM says:

    Brant – better yet, just buy the 1/2 season package after you move.

  70. chris says:

    That crowd there was terrible. I don’t know what makes Ongoal think they can turn that around. KC has a very good team and still nobody goes. I know they will announce some bogus 8 or 9 thousand figure but they were lucky to have half of that there. Ongoal should move the team to St. Louis instead of wasting their money there.

  71. RBNY says:

    Saprissa 1-0 Hou

    The goalkeeper was negligent.

  72. Chris says:

    Great gut check match for the Revs. The Gambians, as many of you have already touched on, are the real deal. Khano was Khano tonight. Matt Reis played the best game of his career, some real top notch stops. Good job for Igwe on his debut, he was a little careless in the back but didn’t make any major mistakes.

    Without Wells, Twellman, Ralston, Albright and Larenowitz the Revs still showed up and won a big match!

    As long as the ref doesn’t spoil the match it looks like the Revs will do okay.

  73. sublicon says:

    Ives, I guess this will take KC down a notch on your weekly power ratings! =\

    Also, people, judging attendance by a Thursday or even a Wednseday match? Are you crazy? Figures are notoriously low for these matches! If they can’t pull on a Saturday, that’s when you judge.

  74. plunkitt says:

    How big was that pitch? It looked like a U-10 field!!

  75. Steve says:

    To the comment above about games slowing down in the second half I think its down to tactics and situations.

    New England last night 2 goal lead on the road shorthanded – clog up the midfield and kill the game.

    Chicago – 4 goal lead at half up a man. Keep possession, run out the clock and don’t get anyone hurt.

    LA – 2 goal lead against a tema with no offense same thing.

    Its just smart ball and no different than what you see in any league in the world.

    ManU played Derby a few weeks back and won 1-0, it happens and if teams jump out ahead to big leads they’re goign to lock it down. That’s why the games that spring to life in teh secondhalf are the ones like Arsenal-Pool the other day where its all still to play for late.

  76. Julia says:

    Part of the problem with the crowd was that this was a chilly night in the middle of the week (Wednesday night? why?) two nights after the REAL big deal in the area, the Kansas Jayhawk men’s basketball team, won the national championship in an epic thrilling overtime (read: late) contest. I’m originally from the Kansas City area and yes, KC is by far the smallest, weakest market in the MLS. Most people are barely even aware of the team and few care. It’s a pretty conservative area and most folks I know stick to the bigger mainstream sports. I also agree that a move to St. Louis may prove inevitable if they can’t get on the stick about moving forward faster with that Five Points stadium deal.

    However, I would argue that the fans that DO support the Wizards are some of the most passionate in MLS (I’ve met several online) and the Cauldron seems to have a great set of supporters. The team has performed admirably throughout the years in spite of its shoestring operation on the frontier of soccer country and if it’s successful and hangs on in KC in the long run I see this team becoming a Newcastle, Green Bay Packers-type of organization for MLS. KC gives the MLS geographic continuity and is the MLS’s best opportunity to make inroads into mainstream Middle America. It will take time, patience and most of all SUCCESS but a strong Wizards team and organization will make the MLS a better product that runs deeper through the US sporting consciousness.

    Speaking of playing in small time baseball stadiums San Jose should be watching because Buck Shaw probably won’t look too much better on TV either.

  77. Beech says:

    To respond to a few things KC.

    Attendance snobs, Wed game, Yankees playing our division leading Royals, torrential rain pour 10 minutes into the game. The entire crowd was up under the concourses to stay warm and dry. You know where the beer, food, and hot chocolate are. If your lady was with you, you were not in your seat tonight sopping wet.

    MLS can’t move KC – It is not their decision – get over it. Club has proven they can average over 15k during a season when marketed properly. There is a buzz about the team here, capacity will be capped at 10k and change for the next 2 years. Please find another original argument until then as it only shows ignorance of the subject.

    KC was outplayed by the Revs and outcoached by Nicol this night. Being field side, Revs just fought for the 50 balls harder.

  78. Beech says:

    U10 field comments:

    The field at CAB is actually bigger than the one we played on at Arrowhead. Same length but it is actually wider. Me thinks the lower camera angle is throwing you off.