Robinson gets three game suspension

Houston Dynamo defender Eddie Robinson has been suspended for three games and fined $1000 for this vicious elbow thrown at Kansas City defender Tyson Wahl:

Share your thoughts on the suspension below.

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41 Responses to Robinson gets three game suspension

  1. first says:

    o lawd, first again.

    im on fire.

    guy deserved suspension. my question is if they still pay him to sit on the bench or does he have to forfeit the money he wouldve made in those games.

  2. smokeminside says:

    I just posted on the other thread, but I think that’s about right.

  3. smokeminside says:

    aw, shoot, first. ask questions later. Please.

  4. first says:

    o lawd, first again.

    im on fire.

    guy deserved suspension. my question is if they still pay him to sit on the bench or does he have to forfeit the money he wouldve made in those games.

  5. mikemc says:

    I understand that MLS’ pay scale is lower than other US sports and fines will be lower accordingly, but doesn’t $1,000 sound low for blatant forarm to the face? Just my 2 cents…

  6. Felix says:

    What a meathead move.

  7. East LA Chiva says:

    Dirty, indeed.

  8. Ike says:

    $1000 for a fore arm to the face? shoot I’ll just walk down a dark alley and get one for free.

    It might be my lucky day and they might have a two for one sale.

  9. LarryB says:

    I agree with mikemc. Comparison, Andy Herron got 4 games and $3000 for an intentional elbow in the run of play last year. This clown throws a forearm BEFORE the ball is even played and only gets 3 and $1000?

  10. Homey Boehme says:


    Eddie gets paid $131,250.00 for his annual salary. But considering some players only get paid $18,000.00 I think they try to make the fine make sense given the player and the situation. (Hence only $250.00 fines for red card infringements.)

    This is, of course, wild speculation on my part, but it would seem to make sense.

  11. Mike says:

    Ricardo Clark didn’t even hurt Ruiz. Ruiz faked by grabbing his face like he was dying. Rico faced 9 game suspension and $10,000 fine. This foul was equal if not worse. I’m not sure what message the league is sending. Are there other factors such as Robinson being a 7 year vet or race? I don’t know, but this doesn’t make any sense. Shame on you Don Garber!

  12. Homey Boehme says:


    Good point. I am retracting my wild speculation.

  13. Longshoe says:

    I think that’s probably about right. I originally thought that he threw the elbow, but the replay makes it look more like he put the elbow up and Wahl ran into it to some degree.

    Still a dangerous incident, and still needing to be punished, but not as vicious as Herron’s elbow that got 4 games.

  14. mikemc says:

    @Homey Boehme

    I hear ya, and this is not directed at you personally, but isn’t the point of a fine (other than punishment) to deter the player from being a repeat offender.

    Feel the best way to do that is take money out of their pockets regardless of their salary. If it hurts them financially maybe said player will think twice before doing it again.

  15. eric-dynamo says:

    thats g6y!

    Looks like we are the example for the rest of the league.

  16. mcbabz says:

    robinson has shown himself to be nothing more than a punk on several occasions….he’s the sean avery of MLS

  17. Kosh71 says:

    I finally got the chance to see this, that was some dirty play right there. So he gits whats he’s gittin’ just ’bout right, I reckon.

    “Dirty Eddie always cheating”…could work to hurt his morale when Houston comes visiting to your local stadium.

  18. Ceez says:

    Man, this story’s so hot it required TWO posts. Dayum!

  19. Brant says:

    How about letting Wahl have a shot back at him?

  20. brett says:

    Mike- clark’s was different as he did it blantly with intent…. robinson’s and Herron’s can be argued as not intentional… altho while its obviously fine and suspension worthy, perhaps Robinson just didnt think and did it… where as Clark’s had clear intent

  21. MasterShake says:

    REPOST !!!!!!


  22. Gino says:

    Its kind of tough to tell one way or the other, but doesn’t it look like Robinson followed up the shot to the face by stepping on the guy’s leg as he headed up field?

  23. Homey Boehme says:

    @mikemc –

    Agreed about the fine being used as a deterrent.

    I wonder if the suspension could still hurt him financially. I know from other sports – EPL, american football, baseball – that some players get bonuses based on starting X# of games. I guess I don’t know if contracts are structured this way in the MLS.

  24. jerry says:

    Robinson and Herrons not intentional wtf? dude did u even see the footage?

  25. kco says:

    MLS, that’s WEAK.

  26. Zach says:


    He got off lucky there.

  27. Spencer says:

    I’m still waiting on Kljestan to get a suspension.

  28. Tyler says:


    I thought the same thing about the leg stamp as they headed up field. That looked worse than the elbow to the face actually.

  29. Moose McDowell says:

    I was at the FC Dallas game. Clark deserved everything he got.

    If you kick someone who is on the ground, your intent is to do serious damage, and no league can allow that to go without serious punishment. I agree that Clark didn’t hit Ruiz in the face, but the intent inherent in the situation left MLS no choice.

    That being said, Robinson got off easy on this one. The fine should have been closer to $4000 and 4 games. I also think the guy who “set the pick” on Wahl for Robinson to commit the act should have gotten at least a one game suspension as well.

  30. AlexS says:

    Looked to me like Eddie went for the body check and instead hit him with the elbow. There was no follow through on the elbow, so it’s hard to say that it was meant to really hurt the guy. As soon as it connected, Eddie bobbed back. Eddie meant to hit him, but not elbow to the face hit him.

    The stomp might have been intentional, but some people say the same thing about Rooney’s in the 2006 World Cup. Except Wayne Rooney had two guys on his back and Eddie Robinson just clocked a guy in the face. And Eddie had his balance, he was just chasing after the play.

    Yeah, the stomp was more deserving of the 3 game suspension than the elbow. In any case, I think the general rule for that type of foul is violent but not malicious, which adds 2 more to your red card (which he didn’t get, therefore a third game tacked on).

    And just as Houston’s defense was starting to look like they could stop people again too…

  31. smokeminside says:

    On a completely random note:

    Ads for russian ladies one day, and the next day, we have Baby Einstein DVDs!

    Fred Macmurray rules!

  32. Eugene says:

    That sound you hear is points from upcoming games being vacuumed away from Houston…

  33. Chris says:

    They really should consider having Houston start a man down the next time they play KC.

  34. andywelsh says:

    Robinson should have got more games, but what about Bobby Boswell stomping on Wahl? Watch the video again… It was Boswell not Robinson. It looks as if Boswell plants his foot on Wahl’s shin as he pushes out of the box. How could MLS look at that video and not realize that?

    Ives: With all the rubbish that goes on during corners/set pieces around the box these days, do you think leagues should change the way they officiate those set plays at all? Stationing a fourth official next to a goalpost for instance…

    This example proves that the ref on the field can’t see everything…

  35. brentmcd says:

    There’s no way the ref can catch everything. MLS (and FIFA) should review every game and pass out punishment for diving as well.

  36. kckc says:

    The problem with the after the game review is that it does nothing for the other team. If the ref had handled it during the game KC would have a PK and Houston would have played the rest of the game a man down. Kansas City gets nothing for this.

  37. Spencer says:

    Actually that wouldn’t have been a PK. The ref would have blown the whistle before the ball was kicked. As the foul game before the ball was put back into play. Therefore it would have been a red, but a free kick from the original spot.

  38. Kim says:

    Who gives a f***? Wahl’s a defender, he knows how it is. Robinson missed his chest and jacked him- or he just jacked him. Wahl popped right back up. Hopefully he has a chance to line the dude up later in the season, if not, he can comfort himself by reflecting that at least he is in a profession where he runs the risk of being jacked by Eddie Robinson.

  39. doug says:

    1000 dollars? REALLY? I say do away with these chump change fines and start deducting points. In this case, the guilty party would have more to answer to than the commish. He would have to go in and face his teammates everyday, knowing that his stupid act may cost them a playoff spot or homefield.

  40. brett says:

    jerry- i said “could be argued not intentional”, never “wasnt intentional”….

    clarks was obvious that he had intent…. Herron and Robinson could be argued as movement in the play of the game… hence y they were not given as heavy of a fine and suspension…

    im not saying it was an accident, as it was obviously intentional… im just viewing it from the MLS side… it was done in the course of a free kick, people raise the arms all the time… i’ve personally been on the receiving end of stuff like this, and its not always cut-n-dry intentional…

  41. WW says:

    Guess most of you never played soccer. There are cheap-shots thrown on every set piece, Eddie just got caught. Nothing more than what goes on in every single MLS game. Eddie Robinson is one of the best defenders in the game, year in and year out.