Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning evening folks. Today’s soccer action is already under way with Manchester United taking on Chelsea. If you plan on following the action, please feel free to do so here.

Here are today’s matches on TV:


  • 7:30am- Setanta USA- Manchester United at Chelsea
  • 9:30am- GolTV- Werder Bremen at Karlsruhe
  • 10am- FSC- Middlesbrough at Sunderland
  • 10am- Setanta USA- Liverpool at Birmingham
  • 11:30am- GolTV- Schalke 04 at Hamburg
  • Noon- FSC- Bolton at Tottenham
  • 2pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Deportivo La Coruna
  • 2pm- FSC- Reading at Wigan
  • 4:15pm- Setanta USA- Fulham at Manchester City
  • 7pm- FSC- (MISL) Monterray vs. Baltimore Blast
  • 7:15pm- GolTV- Independiente Santa Fe at Millonarios
  • 8:30pm- HDNet- Colorado Rapids at Chicago Fire
  • 10:30 pm- FSC- Chivas USA at Los Angeles Galaxy

If you are watching today’s games, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.

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108 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Mig says:

    Chelsea 1-0. Ballack from Drogba. Does anybody watching have a commentary on the goal? Thanks!

  2. fieldsy says:

    Pass from Drogba at the corner of the 18 and both man u defenders go for the same chelsea forward and ballack slips in behind unmarked for the goal on the header.

  3. matt says:

    do you mean what happened? drogba was muscling around outside the right hand side of the box…muscled around a little…turned from the outside the corner of the box…hesistated then flung a perfect and i mean perfect head level cross ballack came running in and did what he does to balls like that and headed back across goal past van der sar. great goal. ronaldo’s started the game on the bench and man united looks terrible again. and im a united fan. there’s been about 2 decent chances for them in the whole game.

  4. fieldsy says:

    christiano ronaldo did not play the first half for man u. he must be resting for the champions league game on wednesday.

  5. matt says:

    also the guardian is reporting that spurs have signed luka modric…is there any truth to that? they’re pretty reliable right?

  6. Mig says:

    Thanks to both of you. Ah, I wish I had Setanta.

    Matt, ManU is probably tired and their form has been a bit raggedy of late. I’m a Chelsea fan but have nothing but respect for the Evil Empire. 😉

  7. matt says:

    tevez is now warming up…ronaldo looks about ready to come on.

    i saw the replay of that drogba knee to vidic. wow.

  8. matt says:


  9. ManicMessiah says:

    Rooney levels the score on a shocking backpass by Chelsea on a restart after a foul. I can’t believe that just happened.

  10. Mig says:

    Shrek scored it, eh? Good strike?

  11. matt says:

    @manicmessiah- im still in shock. chelsea never does anything like that. wowowow.

  12. Spencer says:

    Matt, yes that guy did sign for the Spurs. Its on

  13. matt says:

    rooney is off , ronaldo on

  14. ManicMessiah says:

    Chelsea have looked the better side even after the goal so far.

    Can’t believe Ferguson hasn’t put in Ronaldo yet. Oh, there he is, nevermind that.

  15. matt says:

    spencer- thanks. i guess that means no more jermaine jenas huh

  16. ManicMessiah says:

    O’Shea on for Anderson.

  17. ManicMessiah says:

    and Anelka on for Ferreira for Chelsea

  18. ManicMessiah says:

    Dangerous freekick for chelsea, close to the penalty area, and a great save by van der Sar.

  19. Mig says:

    From the game feed, it seems that van der Sar has been pretty strong today.

  20. ManicMessiah says:

    Penalty for Chelsea!

    I don’t know about that call.

  21. matt says:

    oh man i lost my sop feed what happened

  22. ManicMessiah says:

    Ballack puts it to the keeper’s right, and it’s 2-1 Chelsea.

  23. Spencer says:

    I can’t find a good feed. I had one for the first half and since then my sopcast has died.

  24. ManicMessiah says:

    Chelsea clear a header off the line!

  25. matt says:

    theyre not even going to draw. unbelievable.

  26. ROY EGTSIS says:


    get in!!!!!

  27. Mig says:

    Well, this will make for an interesting last 2 weeks.

  28. Spencer says:

    Looks like ManU pays for putting out a weak line up to start. Mainly talking about the defense, with Vidic getting hurt and Evra not playing.

  29. fieldsy says:

    crazy game! carvalho’s backpass was horrible! put it in the same category of horrible defensive plays as riise and lucio’s own goals this week. i’m not sure carrick had a handball for the 2nd chelsea goal. it was close, but i thought it just touched his knee. great clear at the end of the game by schevchenko.

  30. Johnny says:

    Hey whadda you know Fulham give up a cheezy goal to start the game! P.S. the Matte for men advert is creepin me out!

  31. Brant says:

    anyone got the Newcastle game on a feed somewhere? Just wondering…

  32. The Blues win, and FFC is ugh to me.

    Bring back Eddie Johnson. And no I dont know if that is meant tongue in cheek or not. I think its just disgust.

  33. Matt says:

    Wahoo! Keep picking against Chelsea Ives!

  34. Still alive, but barely. WINS MAN! WINS!

  35. Chase says:

    Its hilarious how the British press slate Benitez constantly for rotation, yet Ferguson does it in a game that would have clinched the title and loses, yet won’t get 1/10th of the criticism Rafa gets for it…

  36. Kris Gosser says:

    I agree, Chase. Ferguson is like the Bill Parcells of the EPL. Never ever gets chastise for doing a dumb move, but is always hailed as a genius.

    Um, if I had ManU’s team, no matter what I did I’d be a genius too. Just like when was the last time Parcells was a genius? With the Giants?

    Point is you’re right — it’s interesting to note how even the press will say “If this was anyone else but Ferguson, he’d be getting a lot of negative feedback…” SO GIVE HIM THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, press! LOL.

  37. Mig says:

    It was great watching that halfwit Costigan on FSC have to comment on the highlights. He looked positively ill.

  38. Spencer says:

    Fulham ties it up 2-2.

  39. Frog says:

    3-2 Fulham up

  40. Spencer says:

    Fulham wins. Fulham wins. 3-2

  41. Frog says:

    Faulham pull it out at the death, but unfortunately for Fulham….Birmingham, Reading, and Bolton all get draws. Regardless making up 2 pts. on each is better than nothing.

  42. Spencer says:

    Fulham plays Birmingham next week. So if they can win there they will pull ahead of them.

  43. Mig says:

    Fulham’s home tie v Birmingham is clearly a must for them. The blues finish at home v. Rovers.

    Bolton has Sunderland and Chelsea.

    Reading has Tottenham and ….Derby.

    Fulham’s last game is at Portsmouth so we’re still talking about a minor miracle. It looks as though 33 points won’t do it, 34 will probably be necessary. Fulham has GoalDiff (-25) on Reading (-28) but not on Bolton (-20).


  44. Johnny says:


  45. sublicon says:

    Guys, put away the math books. They need 6 points from the next two games . . done, end of story. That isn’t even for a guarantee, that’s what they need to have a prayer. Kamara was a hero today . . finally. Need two more heroic displays. They know they can do it.

  46. eric says:

    Bolton takes the lead less then a minute into the 2nd half, but Spurs level at 52 mins.

    Great news on Fulham, wasn’t sure if it had happened yet. Come on Spurs, take down Bolton!

  47. MZ says:

    Jonathan Jaqua scored for Rheindorf Altracht only american scorer today against redbull salzburg

  48. RK says:

    Entertaining Barca game…

  49. Chase says:

    Nate Jaqua?

  50. kevin says:

    anybody know if it’s possible to get hdnet online for the fire game tonight?

  51. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:


  52. Brant says:

    I’m going to try using the new cell phone to provide live updates from the Crew-Dynamo game tonight.

  53. Erik Abarca says:

    DC vs RSL much better game than HD vs Crew game. Quaranta looking much better. Emilo looking rusty, what happen to him?

  54. Erik Abarca says:

    Fred is out in the 21st minute with looks to be a serious injury, Burch in.

  55. Erik Abarca says:

    Updates****Crew goal, Alejandro Moreno 4 (unassisted) 22 Crew wining 1-0 vs Houston…….. DCU goal by Jaime Moreno 2 (penalty kick) 31. DCU winning 1-0 vs RSL

  56. Erik Abarca says:

    DC penalty was because of Dema Kovo hand ball in the box… DC putting more pressure now. Good game by Quaranta, couple shots on goal already, would’nt be surprise if he scores today

  57. Erik Abarca says:

    I saw it coming… Quaranta makes it 3-0 for United. Gets rewarded for a solid effort. Good to c him do good again, its too bad its for DC scum, but i wish him the best otherwise.

  58. Erik Abarca says:

    76 min Holden and Ashe in for Ianni and Mullan. Should see some more attack from Houston now. Still the score is Crew 1-Houston 0

  59. eric says:

    I’m getting psyched up for the SuperClasicito by watching Chivas Guadalajara rolling 3-0 68th, Omar Bravo scores his 100th goal at the club.

  60. Amit says:

    Did anyone see that Gallardo blast? It was spectacular.

  61. eric says:

    Gallardo’s isn’t up on mlsnet yet, I’ll look for it – but was it better Amado Guevara’s?

  62. Amit says:

    Marc Burch sent in a cross from the left that eluded the RSL defender. Gallardo took it across his body and roofed it into the upper 90.

  63. Brant says:

    Couldn’t ever get logged into SBI from the Crew game, but it was very well-played. Will Hesmer took a lot of shots, and stayed down twice, but got back up every time and finished the game.

    The Crew looked very dangerous on counterattacks, and always seemed just 1 more pass from a great attack. Padula clanked the crossbar on a nice free kick for the Crew, too.

    One very impressive thing for Houston was the followup on shots. Every single time Hesmer controlled a ball headed his way, there was a Houston attacker right on top of him ready for a deflection, a rebound, or a mis-handled ball.

    The refs were typical MLS – inexplicable calls, poor control of physical play – and there seems to be a hex on the north sideline at Crew Stadium, such that no offsides shall ever be called by that linesman.

    Overall very impressive win by a team that’s finally starting to settle themselves and come together a bit. They just need to hope Schelotto doesn’t go down before a few of his tricks rub off on some of his teammates.

  64. eric says:

    Donovan with a sweet attempt at a “Hand of God” goal, but everyone sees it and he gets a YC for his troubles. That was fun.

  65. MiamiAl says:

    Quaranta’s goals were sweet. And Gallardo’s was sick! Emilio looked frustrated out there, especially right after Quaranta’s goal. He seemed kinda pissed that other people were scoring…Something does not quite look right with him so far. This was a game he needed to get back on track, and it didn’t happen.

    Can someone please tell Kyle Beckerman to cut that hair. No one is going to take you seriously if they think you are a pothead- surfer. Even Masteroni and Hejduk figured that out…

  66. Orlando says:

    Is the chivas USA vs. Galaxy game on anywhere on the internet?

  67. MiamiAl says:

    Nice goal from Donovan. As a USMNT supporter, I hope he is MVP this year. We need him to have a consistent high level year if any progress is to be made from Germany to South Africa…I don’t want to pay all that money to go to South Africa to see the Donovan that showed up in Germany.

  68. MiamiAl says:

    Orlando- Try and go to channel 21550 soccer.

  69. Dominick says:

    Great intensity in the Galaxy-CUSA game so far. LA’s defense actually looks organized.

  70. Orlando says:

    Thanks, MiamiAl. Wish I could use tvunetworks but I’m on a Mac. But I appreciate the help. I’ll just keep up with Sideline Views’ running blog.

  71. Mike Caramba says:

    great shot, but did you guys see Xavier get burned? But damn, did his hair look good.

  72. Jacob says:

    This has been one of the more exciting MLS games I’ve watched thus far this season (the Galaxy – Chivas game, that is). Hopefully they keep up the pace in the second half.

    Beautiful shot by Kljestan on his goal after he shook Xavier off.

    The Donovan goal…well, what is up with Brad Guzan this year??? Nice shot and all, but Guzan seemed to make a mess of it as it bounced near his dive. Still a great effort by Donovan though.

    Speaking of Landon, what was he thinking with that hand of God attempt? I mean, that was as blatant as it gets!

  73. Max says:

    Good commitment tonight from the Galaxy, it feels like more than Donovan and Beckham showed up. I’m still waiting for someone to take a nice hard shot at Marsch.

  74. Jacob says:

    Orlando, can you use Sopcast? If so, the game is here, sop://

  75. Jacob says:

    Well, Buddle hasn’t really looked great tonight but he’s definitely played better than the guy he appears to be starting in place of, Alan Gordon.

  76. Jacob says:

    Randolph squares a ball into the box for Donovan, who first makes a mess of it but then follows up with a second effort and scores from about 8 yards out. Good second effort, not much chance for Guzan on that one.

    And as I type that, Randolph with an almost identical ball to Donovan again but he whiffs his shot from just outside the 18 this time.

  77. brentmcd says:

    great game. xavier is awful

  78. Mike Caramba says:

    THIS JUST IN: Xavier nutmegged from 20 yards away, Chivas equalize

  79. RK says:

    Ha! I tuned in the LA game about 15 minutes ago — it is entertaining. And I came here just to post the Xavier looks like a fool. Someone beat me to it :)

  80. Jacob says:

    Absolutely comical defending by the Gals, all started by the leader of their defensive circus, Xavier. Razov ends up with a free shot on a wide open goal and rockets one in from about 15 yards out.

  81. JB says:

    Is Abel Xavier the worst player in MLS? His efforts on the Razov goal and elsewhere this season certainly make the case for Xavier being MLS’s least valuable player.

  82. Danny says:

    How much are the Galaxy paying Abel Xavier? Whatever it is, it’s too much. He could be the worst central defender in MLS. Yikes!

  83. Jacob says:

    The last 5 minutes has been a clinic by the Galaxy on how not to defend/how not to be able to clear the ball.

    Becks now has a free kick from just outside the 18 after Donovan is fouled.

  84. Jacob says:

    What I don’t get is how did Xavier go from playing at the highest levels to being so terrible. I can’t think of another player like that.

  85. Jacob says:

    Gordon on for Buddle. Let the shitshow begin.

  86. brentmcd says:

    what just happened? is guzan short?

  87. RK says:

    Wow, what is up with Guzan this year??

  88. Spencer says:

    Sure Guzan is going to Europe? That was an awful blunder. He forgot players could challenge.

  89. brentmcd says:

    landon is en fuego

  90. Jacob says:



    And again, what is up with Guzan??? Gordon scored by beating Guzan jumping straight up with him and heading the ball in the net.

  91. A.S. says:

    Dang, Landon again. Wow.

  92. Jacob says:

    Donovan solo effort from outside the box. Goal. Glad I put him on my fantasy roster before this week.

  93. Orlando says:

    “Great touch from Gordon.” First time I’ve heard that.

  94. RK says:

    Smart move by LD…knew exactly what to do w/ that ball…after Alan Gordon fights for the ball again.

    Guzan gave up those horrible goals to Robbie Rogers earlier, and that one to Gordon, just make me wonder…

  95. hoyanick says:

    Landon looks incredible tonight – and incredibly pissed off. He is arguing with refs, pushing teammates away who are trying to congratulate him, and scowling at all times. Wonder what he ate for breakfast.

  96. Orlando says:

    MiamiAl, I finally found a win computer to watch on tvunetworks but the channel went off the air.

  97. aristotle says:

    Charlton lost 3-0 today and will be staying in the Championship League for at least another year. With nothing to play for in the last game against Coventry next week, I have a hunch that Cory Gibbs may finally play his first game for Charlton. He appears to be ready after his period of reserve action, and after waiting for such an absurd length of time, I think it’s important to finally get him an official game. Otherwise he has to wait another season and who knows what will happen before then.

  98. Jacob says:



    SOPCast has the game.

  99. RK says:

    Oh my. Chivas just backpeddlin’ there…LD getting some whiffs in there 😉

  100. Mike Caramba says:

    As terrible as Xavier has been, what is going on with Guzan–he has to be the front-runner for PoWeak.

  101. Jacob says:

    Becks to Donovan to Gordon who slots it in from two feet away. I wonder if ANYONE had Gordon on their fantasy team…

  102. Spencer says:

    No one has Gordon, after how he started the season. He wasn’t worth the 150k or whatever he was worth.

  103. Orlando says:

    Thanks, Jacob. Wow, I missed another Gordon goal. Wait… Gordon scored another goal?

  104. Jacob says:

    Gordon back to his old self, skies one in the direction of the corner flag after receiving a perfect cross from Beckham. He was stretching a bit to get to it, to be fair.

  105. Jacob says:

    Wow. That was a thoroughly enjoyable game. I think that’s the first time I’ve felt that way after watching an MLS game this season. Good atmosphere, great pace (for any league standards, but especially for MLS), not only lots of goals but lots of chances created… Sure, there was some sloppy play–and especially sloppy defending on the part of the Galaxy–but a really exciting game nonetheless.

    I also want to gloat that when rumors arose last year that Guzan might be going to Arsenal, I ridiculed the rumor on the Offside blog and got hit hard for that by everyone. Now that the spotlight is on him (as opposed to mere stats–which I truly think are useless in soccer–speaking for him) his shortcomings come forth more clearly for all to see.

    Final thought–ironically, Gordon will probably get the start ahead of Buddle for the next game based on the scoring tally, but I think Buddle looked better than Gordon (which doesn’t necessarily mean he looked good) when he has started.

  106. Max says:

    I know Bretos was really referring to the strange circumstances of the goal, but it was nonetheless a very funny call

    Bretos: “It’s in!! Alan Gordon!! It’s a miracle!!”

  107. hoyanick says:

    This was a great night for MLS. Big crowds in DC and LA who got to witness great, intense matches.

  108. jay says:

    Guzan not only looked horrible in goal, but what was up with the hair? And, to go along with Jacob, I seem to remember a fairly decent contingent of people who had Guzan slotted in above Howard for 2010, which I ridiculed. (Not to gloat or anything. No, actually, yes. I’m gloating.)