Barcelona officially announces U.S. Tour (Chicago and New York)


Major League Soccer and Spanish giants FC Barcelona officially announced its tour of the United States on Friday, with dates in Chicago (Aug. 3 vs. CD Chivas de Guadalajara at Soldier Field) and New York (Aug. 6 vs. New York Red Bulls at Giants Stadium).

Now that the matches are finally official, you can start making your plans. Tickets go on sale on June 2 (for the Chicago game) and June 3 (for the Red Bulls game) to the general public, with special pre-sales for Fire and Red Bulls fans before that.

What do you think of the news? Share your thoughts below.

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19 Responses to Barcelona officially announces U.S. Tour (Chicago and New York)

  1. Christian says:

    If I’m right, I belive the Fire is supposed to play Chivas USA on the 2nd? What’s the chances it gets moved to the 3rd to Double-Head with this match?

  2. brett says:

    out of curiosity, why is Barca playing the redbulls in NJ, but then playing Chivas in Chicago?? did the fire organization choose to not add another friendly to their already packed schedule??

  3. HomeyBoehme says:

    Hopefully these huge games get shown on ESPN27 or ESPN Classic. I wanna see more National Spelling Bee coverage on ESPN!

  4. Emilio says:

    I wonder how many regulars will be with Barcelona, being that the European Cup will have just recently concluded and Messi will be with the Argentine Olympic team.

  5. John says:

    Any word on when the pre-sale for these games will be? Also, any word on when tickets to the US game versus Trinidad in Chicago?

  6. Amit says:

    This game will suck if Jozy doesn’t play. He’s the only player I see giving trouble to Barcelona.

  7. EDB says:

    Well the Fire should be announcing a friendly with Everton on July 30th today

  8. Chuck says:

    No Jozy, no Messi, no thanks

  9. Tim F. says:

    I will defintely be there. It will be fun.

  10. Al17 says:

    Most of the regulars -excluding injured players and those with contract issues will be with Barca since the European Championships will have ended a month and a few days before this match.

  11. kco says:

    FC Barcelona : More Than a Club, We’re a Corporation

  12. Dominghosa says:

    Wedding is five days before Chicago match and two days before NY match.

    Scrounging up money for Chicago. Might be bad form if I try for NY.

    I expect I will miss both. Priorities, right?

  13. Brett Kozinn says:

    Looking forward to seeing Jozy play against his possible future competition.

  14. HomeyBoehme says:

    @Dominghosa – My wife allowed me to play a soccer game w/my buddies at our wedding reception which was outside at a park. And that was the day of the wedding. Maybe there is hope you’ll see at least one of the games? :) (I should probably also disclaim that my wife agreed to a 3 week honeymoon to the World Cup in 2006.)

  15. gerald says:

    Brett – Jozy will be in Bejing at the Olympics

  16. Reid says:

    Homey — you are very lucky, hold on to her. The gf said that a weekend of the honeymoon could be spent at anfield or stanley park… we’ll see if that actually happens

  17. Tim F. says:


    There’s nothing that says you can’t attend a soccer game two days before or after your wedding. It’s gotta cost less than a batchelor party.

  18. Mike says:

    What about Angel?

  19. Gina says:

    I attended the Fc Barcelona vs. NY RedBulls game. It was an absolutley stunning match up. ending on a score of 6-2 in favor of FC Barcelona. It was a thrilling expierience to see the players close up. Valdes and Puyol were excellent. Both playing at top class. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MATCH UP!