Bradley names U.S. roster vs. Spain


U.S. national team coach Bob Bradley named his 24-man roster for the United States’ friendly against Spain on Wednesday.

Pablo Mastroeni was the new name on the Spain roster, with all 17 European-based players who played against England also being recalled.

Here is the list:

GOALKEEPERS– Dominic Cervi (out of contract), Brad Guzan (Chivas USA), Tim Howard (Everton FC) ]

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra (out of contract), Dan Califf (FC Midtjylland), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jay DeMerit (Watford FC), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Michael Orozco (San Luis), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)

MIDFIELDERS– Freddy Adu (SL Benfica), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers), Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo), Maurice Edu (Toronto FC), Eddie Lewis (Derby County), Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)

FORWARDS– Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Nate Jaqua (out of contract), Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC), Josh Wolff (out of contract)

So what do I see the starting lineup being vs. Spain? Here’s one possibility:

USA Roster vs. Spain







If Donovan can’t go then I think Bradley will have to consider sliding Beasley to the right and starting Eddie Lewis to the left wing, with Dempsey moving to forward.

I know the clamor continues for Freddy Adu but I just don’t think he is seen as a 90-minute player for the national team just yet. He is a defensive liability and the team just isn’t equipped to pick up that slack. While I would like to see Adu get a start in one of these three friendlies, I think Argentina might be the safer bet than Spain.

Now, if we do see Adu start, I think it would have to be in a 4-2-3-1 like this:







I would have absolutely no problem with this lineup, and probably prefer it to the above lineup, which is the lineup I think Bradley will use if everyone is healthy.

After Clark’s less than stellar showing vs. England, I could see Bradley going with a veteran presence in Mastroeni.

As for the forwards, let me state it one more time. Kenny Cooper and Jozy Altidore were not called in because of MLS commitments as well as because of what will likely be busy national team/Olympic duty for both this summer. It would be great if they were called in but Bradley can’t just ignore the fact that these guys have club games to play.

What do you think of the squad called by Bradley? What lineup would you start based on that roster? Share your thoughts below.

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135 Responses to Bradley names U.S. roster vs. Spain

  1. B-Ville says:

    I can’t see Beasley starting again. But if Pablo Mastroeni does indeed start, Adu can. Pablo is can pick up the slack for a purely attacking mid like Adu.

  2. Chuck says:

    Unfortunately I think the calling in of Mastro surely means that he’ll be starting. That being said, when the US is down 0-2 at the half and 0 shots on goal Bob may be forced to actually play Freddy an entire half. I don’t get why you want your most creative player on the field at all times.

  3. Johnny says:

    I gotta have more Josh Wolff in that lineup! I gotta have more Josh Wolff.

    All kidding aside, I just hope the USMNT has some decent shots on goal. All the chances @Wembley were half chances at best. It’s very frustrating to watch a team with absolutely no attacking edge. If Michael Bradley plays attacking mid for club and scores 20 goals why does he have to play a holding mid? I just don’t get it.

  4. George says:

    The love I have for this USMNT is similar to the love a father has for a son. I want this team to be great, but we have to be honest, we are decades away from seriously challenging the world powers.

    The world powers best athletes play soccer, ours do not. Its as simple as that. The genius of having a large player pool is that the competition will ensure that only the best survive.

    Honestly, some of the players who start for the US team wouldn’t even make the pool of consideration for some countries.

    Bradley and Clark are essentially two holding mids and that was evident as we had no linkage from the midfield to the strikers all game!!

    Furthermore, We need more players and athletes. We are not there yet.

  5. Elmer says:


  6. Barry U says:

    Ives I ususally agree with you but Freddy Adu on the bench becuse he is a defensive liability? These are friendlies that are being used to figure out what we have and by sticking him on the bench what do you learn. Nothing! If we attack teams maybe the defense won’t be that taxed. Maybe I am wrong. I would rather see a so so defender and a good attacker on the wings or up top. For England we had our two defensive mids and first choice backline and we still looked vulnarable. I think we need to pressure our opponents and maybe the defense will get a break. Pressure Spain and Argentina and I think we would give up goals but also score some ourselves. Then you pressure CONCACAF teams and we will give up less goals and surely score more. After all our goal is 2010WC qualification and anything after that is really gravy in my opinion. Maybe in 15 years that will not be enough but today that is the reality.

  7. rocky says:

    god what is bob bradley thinking the purpose for friendlies before world cups is to get a good chance for your younger players good experience and to give shots at players who will be in the mix for the team. JOSH WOLFF, PABLO MASTROENI, will never be in this mix so what is the purpose of them playing. i would rather get blown out playing good young prospects then these bums. the only player that warrents a call up who is not in the mix for 2010 is mcbride because he is still our best forward, but all of these other players need to retire so bradley cant choose them, im so disappointed. On the other hand if bradley does not start adu someone should examine his head, we need that creative numner 10 and adu is all we have, give him a god damn shot!!!

  8. Peruco83 says:

    is very re-assuring that two of our forwards are out of contract…

  9. Alejandro Ruiz says:

    “The world powers best athletes play soccer, ours do not. Its as simple as that. The genius of having a large player pool is that the competition will ensure that only the best survive.”

    We don’t need faster or taller players…we need savvier, more creative ones. The fact is, our guys just can’t play with the ball at their feet. Our emphasis is on winning at the youth levels when it should be about learning the game. The problem is most coaches and parents just have no clue.

    We’re a generation or two away from having that sort of culture. But it won’t be because we have better “athletes” on the field. Otherwise we’d have a lot more Eddie Johnson’s what we need is a Lionel Messi or Riquelme.

  10. Brant says:

    Regarding throwing 17 youngsters on the field and calling it “learning”…

    An old brigade commander of mine once said that you can’t just throw people in the water and expect them to learn how to swim. You have to show them how to swim, and that means having someone experienced in the pool with them.

    If you throw 100 guys in the pool, 10 will swim just fine. 10 will sink. The other 80 will figure it out and dogpaddle their way to the edge. But in the end, you’ve created 10 casualties, 10 swimmers, and 80 guys that are afraid of the water.

    Pablo is there to teach the kids how to swim. Sometimes that’s more important than just looking 2 years down the line. If Bradley sees *now* what ‘right’ looks like, then 2 years from now, he’s not afraid of the water.

    And to those of you who doubted Frankie – tell me who we have in the player pool that’s a better right back.






    still waiting…

  11. Bob says:

    Peruco83 – That’s “FC Out of Contract”. I think they just gained promotion to the Premiership.

  12. Murphy says:

    I never wanted to see Mastroeni in a US jersey again after that stupid red card vs. Italy. But after watching the Clark-Bradley center midfield vs. England, I am thankful to have Pablo in the lineup. That is a sad commentary on the state of our midfield. But watching Pablo in MLS I think he might have calmed down, and if he just sits back defensively (like in the 2002 World Cup) and lets Bradley go forward, I think it will work better than having Clark in there.

  13. Frank the Frowner says:

    Why is Bradley a lock to start every game? I know he had a great season in Holland, but at this level he hasn’t done Sh!t. He’s a turnover machine and a red card waiting to happen. Why cuz he hustles?

  14. That backline is going to get eaten alive by an attack that is even faster than England. I imagine I will be covering my eyes every time the ball heads to Torres.

  15. Reid says:

    If Pablo starting means Freddy starts then i’m all for it. We are seeing the same stale performances game after game. I would rate our team as decent i.e. we should do what decent teams do change 1-2 players til we find our groove, not change the whole squad. If we keep starting the same 11 we are gonna wind up with the same results being ranked 20-30, beating up on lesser teams and losing to better teams.

    Bob tweak this lineup a little…. please

  16. MonkeyBoy says:

    I’m disappointed that Cooper and Altidore are not getting called in. They may not be the answers at forward, but it would be good to see how they would do in these games. Both have done well when given a chance.

    As for the line-up with the current roster, I think that Orozco might get a chance at LB and I’d rather see Edu for Pablo. This is what I would start, as if MHO means anything:






    I’d like to see how well Gooch and Orozco would play together. I’d also like to see who well Donovan, Adu and Dempsey could do creating for each other. I have Jacqua there out of the forwards called in because I think he’s the best target. I have Edu over Clark or Pablo because he’s already shown that he can work well with Bradley.

    As for who I think will start, I think that Ives has the line-up correct for who BB will send out.

  17. tedhill says:

    We should play a 4-2-3-1 with Freddy Adu on the either wing with hopefully Donavan on the other. Use Clint Dempsey as the center attacking mid and hopefully the absence of defensive responsibilities will help him create more. As for the forward, I’d like to see anyone not named Wolff or Johnson. Also whoever suggested the other day the Jeff Larentowics(sp?)be brought up and given a chance at defensive midfield, after watching another Revs game, I do agree. Give him a chance soon. Finally, someone PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION. Is Michael Orozco strictly a CB? Or can he play LB, RB, or even as a defending midfielder?

  18. tedhill says:

    Another thought, for all those people arguing for Cooper or Altidore, I’m with you, but it seems the MLS players are not getting a big look for these first two games. I think the last game in New York will be a better opportunity to see the MLS players because it will be less of a travel concern.

  19. tedhill says:

    I completely endorse the idea of playing Orozco along side Gooch in the back line. They might be the perfect compliment for one another. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Brad Guzan get the first half of this game, to simulate what it’d be like if he had to step in as our number one keeper at some point.

  20. HomeyBoehme says:

    OK…I’ve pseudo-defended Bradley’s selection for these friendlies in the past. I try to reserve judgement and that he knows what is best for giving players experience without crushing their fragile psyche. That said, Freddy Adu has got to be DYING to get on the field for 90 minutes – please give him a shot. If Wolff even comes close to the field, Bradley needs to get a WTF call from Gulati. Regarding the other players available, I am now convinced that the MLS and USSF has tied Bradley’s hands re: these friendlies. I HOPE that will be made very clear come the Argentina match. If Lando plays in Toronto, I will be pretty upset. Even if he doesn’t play WHY would you fly Donovan out to England, not play him, fly him back to Toronto to not play, to fly him back to Spain to probably not play either? Makes no sense. All this pond jumping cannot be good for any injury he may be carrying.

    The only thing I can hope for the Spain game is that Spain gives the USA no respect (per our display vs. England). Otherwise, if Spain is as focused as England was, we lose by a large goal margin.

  21. TBryantMU says:

    Bradley might as well give Adu a shot to go the full 90. I know we’re playing Spain, but it is still a friendly.






    I’d prefer that Adu start over Lewis, but if Bradley is still scared to give Freddy a shot then Lewis is the man I want starting. I’d also like to see what Spector and Orozco can do, perhaps as second half subs

  22. Michael F. says:

    I love ya Ives and most always agree with ya but Adu needs to start now. Let’s not call him a defensive liability. As an attacking central mid he should take off a lot of the pressure we continue to see, plus his upside is way too valuable. He’s is the only player on the field that has ideas. I was a fan of Coach Bradley when he coached me at a summer camp at Rutgers in 1986 (yes, I’m getting old) and a fan of his all through his career. But man, we really need to get this kid some experience. He’s one of the best. Sticking in players like Wolf for these games makes no sense. Hell, sticking in Wolf in a pub league makes no sense.

  23. Tom says:


    Will we see Kenny Cooper back with the MNT any time soon?

  24. Ernie says:

    why not play a 4-1-2-1-2? with this lineup it could look like:

    Johnson Dempsey


    Beasley Donovan


    Demerit Boca Gooch Dolo

    Sub Pearce or Orozco in for Demerit if you want..I know Demerit had a bad domestic season…but Pearce isn’ the answer in my opinion.

  25. Brian says:

    Great, another passive, two d-mid, no attacking thought in the building lineup.

  26. Adam Alfi says:

    um….this is pretty embarassing!! why are there people that are on the NATIONAL team that are “out of contract”??? and why is freddy adu on the team? the kid has not played on his club team for a few months!! The National Team is supposed to be of players that are good, and that are “Match Fit” not people who have no team, and not played for months…hey! I play on an amature team, and of american nationality…how come I didnt get a call up??

  27. Moneyball says:

    I don’t really buy the whole “other countries have their best athletes play soccer and the US doesn’t so that’s why we lose” argument.

    While it’s true that soccer does not generally get the best athletes from the US, this does not validate the argument. The best athletes in the US (think LeBron, LT, Reggie Bush, Dwight Howard) are EXCEPTIONAL. No other country has any players like them either. Having that type of athlete playing soccer would undoubtedly make the US team better than the current US team, but that argument does not hold water when comparing the US team to any of the more successful teams. Just because the US has a large number of exremely talented athletes that DON’T play soccer doesn’t necessarily explain why we compare weakly to other countries.

    Take our 23-man pool and match them up against the 23-man pool from any of the world powers: measure their pure athleticism in competitions other than the game of soccer itself. Do you think England, Spain, Argentina etc. have teams full of guys that can run faster, jump higher, use their strength and quickness better, etc.? Most other countries are marginally more athletic, if even at all. Though having freak athletes would probably make us better, it’s pretty lazy to say that their absence is the main reason we aren’t as good.

    So why are they better, then? The easy answer is that they have more of an emphasis on technical ability and player development at the early stages. They are able to use the athleticism they have as it relates to soccer more efficiently – not through any innate ability, but through training, learning and playing against higher competition. There’s no reason the US can’t aspire to level the playing field through an increased emphasis on teaching the game right and developing players from a young age, instead of lamenting the fact that TO plies his trade with a pointier ball.

  28. Nordy says:

    Please tell me where I can get off the Eddie Johnson bandwagon, and hop aboard the Kenny Cooper bandwagon.

  29. Mighty says:

    So Basically we are going to have another summer like the summer of 07.

    We will beat the concacaf teams and loose to real teams like Span, England.

    Question……. if this stupid line up didn’t do a thing against England, why would it change and actually take one shot at Spain’s Goal. If Bradley is going to keep taking this games like a joke (keep starting Eddie J. and not even call Cooper or Alrtidore) then he needs to go. US National team has not changed since he took over, it looks plain like the team of 06.

    We need changes in our national team, this idea of having players play that don’t deserve to be call need to be stop. Earn your call to the national team.

    I bet when they play Argentina, Bradley will call all MLS team, Howard is gong to be left out, beasley is going to sit, Adu will not see a minute. And Bradley will start a rated b team, we will lose, and the 30 thousand so fans that went to see USA play will go home thinking, US has no future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come one Bradley Wake up!!!!! Or Bounce!

  30. Orlando says:

    I’m on the Kenny Cooper bandwagon, too. Is it possible we’ll see him on the roster at Giant’s Stadium? He’s doing well in league play and he needs at least a shot on the international level.

  31. George says:

    @ Alejandro Ruiz

    You completely missed my point.

    My point was about competition. It doesn’t matter what the the athletes build is, it just matters that he wants to play soccer.

    In the USA the kids who grow up to be professional athletes don’t want to play soccer. So forget about teaching four players how to dribble pass and shoot teach millions !!

    We need millions competing not just a few, we are a nation of 300 million!

  32. Eric says:

    I really want to see what adjustments Bradley is going to make after a lifeless attack in that embarassing loss to England.

    So, that probably means we’ll see:







  33. MonkeyBoy says:

    “um….this is pretty embarassing!! why are there people that are on the NATIONAL team that are “out of contract”??? and why is freddy adu on the team? the kid has not played on his club team for a few months!! The National Team is supposed to be of players that are good, and that are “Match Fit” not people who have no team, and not played for months…hey! I play on an amature team, and of american nationality…how come I didnt get a call up??”

    So who would you replace those players with?? The NT is about calling in the best available players in the pool. Obviously BB feels these are the best players, and you know what, most everyone agrees with him. It’s not like BB has avoided calling in a large number of newbies to see what they can do.

  34. Ives says:

    Michael F, I’m not saying I don’t want Adu starting vs. Spain, but I was laying out the argument for why he may not.

    In order to accomodate a player like Adu you need a Makelele in his prime defensive midfielder behind him because he is pretty much the opposite of a box-to-box midfielder. Adu is skillful and has great potential, but he also needs to work on some things.

    I wouldn’t mind a 4-2-3-1 with Adu behind Johnson for this one to be honest.

  35. brett says:

    MonkeyBoy- Jaqua, wolff, and cervi are far from our best players and can easily be replaced…. however, what they serve is decent/experienced players who can fill roster spots without annoying club sides….

    like cooper and jozy would be better replacements then Jaqua and wolff, but while they are in season BB is avoiding annoying club sides when he doesnt need to…these are meaningless friendlies, altho quality meaningless friendlies…

    either way, he’s dealing with what he can produce… anyone who thought wed be hanging with the world’s best are falsely misinformed…. hopefully we can remain competitive

  36. John says:

    Wolff has to sit. After that showing against England, he needs to see the pine.

    I would like to see Jaqua as a target man, with three attacking mids backing him up. Or pair him with Dempsey up top.

    Adu is only 18. Keep that in mind. He is a REALLY good attacking mid. He’s not getting time at freaking BENFICA…it’s not like he’s playing for Roda JC and not getting time or something (plus they’ve been through some heavy coaching transitions recently).

    That said, I would like to see Orozco start. I know Boca is the captain and all, but I think Orozco might have more pace…and God knows we’re going to need that against Torres.

  37. George says:

    Does no one understand the definition of an athlete, Messi is an athlete, Cesc is an athlete.

    ath·lete [ áth lt ] (plural ath·letes)



    somebody with athletic ability: somebody with the abilities to participate in physical exercise, especially in competitive games and races

  38. Frank the Frowner says:

    2 defensive midfielders is awful. Thats why we never have any creativity out of the midfield and just boot the ball around. Will we ever have an attack minded team? Such a joke.

  39. Brian says:

    So after we lose 3 embarrassing games in a very short period, will it be time to discuss who should replace Bradley (coach)? Or have we hitched our ride with him until after we get bounced out of the 2010 WC? Remember how exciting the Under 23 WC was?

    This team has talent, they may not be a power but they can be exciting. We just need to get past the Wolff, Mastroeni, Lewis and get younger. Jozy, Adu, Edu, Orozco, Rogers.

  40. smitty says:

    Don’t we already know what we have with each one of those forwards? Why not try Cooper or Freddy from the start. How does Bradley know Cooper doesn’t have the speed for the international game if he doesn’t ever play in “international games.” I understand you want certain things out of your players in practice and I’m sure EJ and Wolff are great practice players and maybe Freddy lacks in that department which we’ve heard since the DC days…. but why don’t we try letting game performances dictate things for a while. Which amazingly enough you have to actually start and play in games to judge.

  41. Jerry says:

    Why? Why? Why?

    I dont get why BB wants to see Wolf and Jaqua again. He didnt learn anything from the Englando “game”. Why not call Rogers and Cooper? Its not because the MLS season Landon, Clark, Edu and Guzan will miss two or more weeks of the season. I will prefer to see young and exciting players (Cooper, Rogers, Altidore, Adu) than “veterans” that do not add anything to the team.

    I like BB, but if he kepts calling these rosters, he needs to go!! Bring a Coach that selects the best 18 players without worring about anything else!!

  42. Sandro says:

    I definetly don’t think Josh Wolff should start this game. He did not perform very well agaisnt england. I am not quite sure about Eddie Johnson starting also, but given the list of forwards he might be the best person to start. Also Dempsey should attack the goal a lot more than he did against England and hopefully having LD will free him up a bit.

    If we are just testing players then why not start Adu? Let’s see what he can do against these big teams.

  43. Mighty says:


    What do you think of Bradley at this point. Last year the Copa America was used as an experiment tournament to see players, we really didn’t see any players, just saw this good teams beat us. Now this friendly is being used for the same reason, and we are having the same conclusion.

    Are we that Bad? Or do we need a new coach?

    This is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. onionsack says:

    Honestly i cant fuking stand these conservative analysis of Adu. The kid is so clearly the most gifted player we have. Sorry Ives, but if you’re a #10 and a playmaker your not suposed to be a defensive jugernaught.

    We need some creative flair on the field.

    Start Freddy.

  45. Max says:

    Just please keep Josh Wolff as far away from the field as possible.

  46. kco says:

    “That’s “FC Out of Contract”. I think they just gained promotion to the Premiership.” – Bob

    Premiership? And here I thought they were a USL side, or is it Scandinavian?

  47. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    Personally, I think these games are more important than the Olympics for guys like Cooper. When are they going to see the first team from Arg, Spain, and England again? Oh that’s right, it’s called the World Cup. Altidore and Cooper should have each been flown in to play at least one half against one of the European teams, preferably England b/c that would have given them some rest before Argentina.

    Adu has to get at least a full half in these games. Otherwise, I see Bradley playing it so comfortable in CONCACAF hex play that there will always be an excuse not to give Adu (and other up and comers) time in Azteca, in Costa Rica, etc – he’s not blooded, hasn’t developed enough etc.

    We’ll see what Bradley does and the result and verdict on how we play may just depend on Donovan. Amazing how much flack he gets but we’re such a different team with him.

    I do find it somewhat disturbing that Bradley treats friendlies in 2 ways. Wins against lousy/ok teams (look at how good we are) and then sending out the usual suspects and tanking against the big teams.

  48. seven says:

    Edu also has MLS club committments & Olympic duty this summer. Not to mention all of the other players that Toronto has away with their national teams.

    MLS must start recognizing the FIFA calendar for international dates!!

  49. Adam R. says:

    I never want to see _______ again.

    ________is past it and should retire.

    I want to see _________ play every game.

    We should play with 5 strikers.


    Bob’s going to put out a team that qualifies for the World Cup and is competitive against very good teams. I’m not sure what people are expecting.

    Spain is a super talented team tuning up for a big tournament. Expect to be beaten soundly. Cross your fingers that our younger guys learn a thing or two.

  50. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    “It would be great if they were called in but Bradley can’t just ignore the fact that these guys have club games to play.”

    Yes, he damn well can, it is a FIFA Int’l date. He just CHOOSES not to which is a disservice to the team he is paid to coach.Or is he still on a MLS payroll somewhere?? Or is it just that Gulati is??

  51. kpugs says:

    Adam R., in a way you’re right. In a very different way, we as fans have the right to want to beat big time teams. Which we will never do if our coach is only playing to evaluate rather than win.

    No one says you have to agree or disagree with that strategy. But we are still a laughingstock, and if some of our fans would rather see a victory over England that watch scrubs screw it up, that is their right. You have no right to lecture anyone on what they should or should not expect.

    Our early world cup qualifiers are jokes. The SBI mafia could beat the teams we start off against. Therefore I want to see a full strength USA squad compete against England, Spain, Argentina, actually try to win. Do you remember the team that went to Copa America? Why did they even bother, I dare you to tell me what that accomplished.

    We are never going to be able to take a step forward in the footballing world at the world cup if we are constantly taking three steps at a time backwards in big-time friendly matchups. And I’m not going to apologize for wishing our coach would play to win in those games, meaningless as the results may be.

  52. Ives says:

    Lloyd, you’re so off-base. You do realize there’s a give and take with regards to the U.S. team and it’s use of MLS players in-season right? There are plenty of instances when MLS allows players to go when it doesn’t have to (like last year’s Copa America). Having a working relationship and understanding between a federation and domestic league isn’t exactly an unheard of concept.

  53. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    “Bob’s going to put out a team that qualifies for the World Cup and is competitive against very good teams. I’m not sure what people are expecting.”

    More! Obviously for a coach to get beyond that – remember Bruce was canned for qualifying and trying to be competitive. This ain’t ’06 or ’98 anymore.

    Maybe a couple people are calling for 5 new starters but most aren’t. Look at the England game. Adu played well. What’s the criticism about his playing well? He came on after England took the foot off the gas. Well, why is he coming in after the game’s decided? Can you criticize a player for playing well, and then not put him in when the match counts?

  54. Ives says:

    And Onionsack, nobody is saying Adu needs to be Essien, but if you want to play a 4-4-2 he just doesn’t work hard enough off the ball and defensively to fit into that system. Now, if the U.S. had a machine of a D-mid who could handle the dirty work then you can use Adu there, unless you go with a 4-2-3-1 like I suggested.

    Even with that, you call this analysis of Adu conservative. What is your analysis? Wildly optimistic? Has Adu ever been a dominant playmaker in a professional setting? Ever? Did he ever dominate as a playmaker in MLS? Did he dominate at Benfica? I’m not saying the kid won’t be good but you’re statements sure sound like you know without fail that he can step in and be an impact national team starter when there isn’t even evidence to show him being an impact club starter. He’s been a great sub off the bench for Benfica (when they’ve used him) and that’s how Bob Bradley is using him now, so how is he out of line for not starting Adu?

    Adu will get his chance, and he will develop. All the screaming for him to start is pretty unnecessary.

    Do you ever not scream Onionsack? Is your everyday communication in person a series of screaming and cursing? Settle down man.

  55. Jonathan says:

    learn what? how to get our butt’s kicked? bradley should start our best players,, or are players who give us the best chance to win, not the best chance to not lose by a lot.. no other country in the world would accept a national team coach trotting out players like Ej and Wolff at wembley stadium just to be laughed off… seriously starting wolff would be like if C. ronaldo was hurrt for portugal and instead of having Nani come in and start in his place, the coach chose some 31yr old, over the hill bum who can’t even get a renewed contract in the 2nd division german league… no wait.. it’d be exactly like that!!!

  56. George says:

    (insert Scouser accent here)

    FC Out of Contract

    Champions of Europe !

    Champions of Europe !

    Eaa Eaa Eaa

  57. brett says:

    what is all this crap about wanting bradley’s head?? lets look at the facts…

    1. why not have altidor and cooper or rogers?? b/c they are in the full swing of their seasons… there is no REASON to pull them up for what are nothing more then MEANINGLESS friendlies… there is no reason to annoy the teams the players are playing for…

    2. after 3 losses should we drop Bradley?? why, why would anyone think this… again this is nothing more then people thinking too HIGHLY of our national squad… quite frankly, i will not go into any of these games as definate wins or even ties for that matter… we tie one of these sides and ill consider it a step forward.. a win would be crazy great… but i expected at least 2 losses and maybe a tie… ITS ENGLAND, SPAIN AND ARGENTINA FFS! these are top teams around the world… yes we should have a full squad, but things dont always work out… think of it as enriching exp for players like: Edu, guzan, MB, Bease, etc… alot of the squad will be our WCQ squad… you guys simply jump to conclusions and expect TOO MUCH..

    3. this is no different then when we call mainly MLS squads to friendlies during the MLS offseason… get over the fact… its the summer of 08…. we have 3 MAJOR tourny’s (assuming we are invited back to COPA) in 09′, and then the WC… there are PLENTY of chances for the squad to see time.. some of you are worse then English fans when it comes to calling for heads of coaches

  58. aristotle says:

    I was confused about how Bradley was selecting forwards, but now it’s quite clear. You need to be awful or out of contract, or both. Apparently, playing for a mediocre lower division team in Europe really helps too.

    Could Dallas please release Kenny Cooper from his contract so he can play with the USMNT?

    Hasn’t anyone found out what Kenny Cooper did to Bob Bradley yet?

    I wouldn’t worry about Bob Bradley too much. I’m pretty sure he will be fired when we don’t qualify for the World Cup. I see E.J. and Josh Wolff starting regularly through qualifying and combining for a total of one goal. (Someone will shoot and hit the post for the U.S. and the ball will bounce back off the post, hit E.J. in the back of the head, (naturally, he will be facing away from the goal) and deflect into our opponent’s goal.)

  59. Luke says:

    Why is Bradley wasting roster spots for players who are either way too old or who have done nothing to show they deserve any more chances with the national team. Eddie Lewis 34, Frankie Hejduk 34 and Pablo Mastroeni 32 are probably too old to contribute in any upcomming major tournaments.

    Josh Wolf and Eddie Johnson are “duds”! They have done nothing in years for the USMNT. Bradley needs to start developing other viable canidates like Altidore or Cooper. Let them take their lumps. I’d rather have them take it in a friendly against England, Spain or Argentina than in a World Cup qualifer.

  60. cooper and altidore have club committments…meaningless MLS game vs international against Spain to showcase thier immense talent..

  61. beckster says:

    I called for Mastroni from the get go. Bradley has to have a good holding midfieler – I don’t care how old. I’d go for Eddie Lewis on left wing. He was the best. Give Freddie an opportunity over EJ. He deserves it. Instead of two holding mids, move M. Bradley to attacking mid and see what happens. Works for his club team. I’d give DeMeritt a shot at center back. Couldn’t be worse than it is already.

  62. brett says:

    kpugs- even with our starting XI we probably would have still lost… we had the likes of Beasley, LD, MB, Gooch, Boca, etc… alot of these guys are regualar starters… only the addition of a few would have made any difference and i still wouldve expected a loss after watching England play the way they did….

    you are simply expecting the improbable… the 3-2 win over portugal in 02′ was insane… it was unexpected and probably wouldnt have happened if we played the same team a week later…

    its time to face the facts that we are not a superpower yet, and playing teams who are top notch will 7 out of 10 times result in a loss… 1 out of 10 times may result in a win… its folly to place such high expectations on a national team thats an infant compared to most…especially when the sport is not even in the top 3 of this country….

  63. seven says:

    It’s obvious Cooper & Altidore weren’t called up because of their MLS committments. Why was the same respect not paid to Toronto? Edu should have been allowed to return to his club after the England game.

  64. brett says:

    Jonathan- dumb comparison as EJ is what?? 24?? and still capable of growing… im not defending the kid, as i think he shouldnt be brought up till he proves something, but players grow at different times

  65. Everyone should read what “moneyball” said.

    He makes a strong argument against the “best athlete” claims.

    The US strength is our athleticism. We can outrun anyone.

    Our weakness is technical ability and soccer intelligence on the field.

    The England match highlighted this fact.

    Our weakness continues to be player development. Youth Clubs need to get away from developing “teams” to truly developing players.

  66. brett says:

    Luke- In my opinion, hejduk and Lewis are still pretty solid… while they aernt contenders against the 2010 WC, they are possiblities for WCQ…. not defending the call ups but merely pointing out that they can contribute NOW…

  67. michael says:

    Here is a mind blowing concept for Bob Bradley… Your son just scored 19 goals, which is the most ever by an American in any European league… why not give him a shot at playing attacking mid? Can it really get any worse for our attacking presence than it already is? It is obvious that none of these strikers are going to get it done because our best offense resides in wingers and midfielders.

    So I say give Mike Bradley a chance to play in the attack, put Pablo in defensive mid, where he is pretty good, and take your chances fielding some size up front with Jaqua as the large target and Adu as the receded forward instead of Wolff and Johnson, both of which I don’t think amount to much as far as an attack.






    Yeah, I would totally roll the dice since it is a friendly. I think Gooch and Boca would get burnt by Spain’s speedy forwards, so I would try some speedier guys on the back line. I would also be able to switch Dempsey and Bradley if I needed to get more defensive as well. Clark is one bad move away from a red, and Edu is a good option on the bench.

  68. brett says:

    seven- edu originally wasnt brought up in the roster, until Feilhaber got injured…

  69. aristotle says:


    We’re not a superpower yet? I thought for sure we were. Are you sure? Perhaps you are mistaken.

  70. seven says:

    Brett, I realize that, but they could have chosen somebody else to replace Feilhaber, not replaced him or at least allowed Edu to return to Toronto after the England match.

  71. brett says:

    aristotle – i never make mistakes… FACT! 😀

    the way people are posting would show that they think otherwise… they may expect more from our NT then what can actually be done…

  72. Jonathan says:

    Brett, the 31year old journeyman who can’t get resigned by a 2nd division team is Josh Wolff, not EJ… seirously how hard can it be to play in the German 2nd Division? I imagine it would be akin to Arean football here??? Isn’t that incredible?? Bradley calling up a bum who couldn’t even play in teh arena league?? (obvi the english 2nd division is heads above other 2nd divisions in europe) so don’t get teh two mixed up.

  73. brett says:

    seven- i wont disagree with that… who would you bring up in the midfield in Edu’s place??

  74. brett says:

    Jonathan- sorry, mistaken…. d*mnit aristole, this is your fault….

    assuming you couldnt bring up Altidor (exhausted and ingrown toe-nail issues) or Cooper (MLS ties, but will probably get brought up for the Arg. game), who would you have brought up in the forward spot??

    im assuming Dempsey wouldve started over Wolff if LD didnt “hurt” himself, but frankly, who else is there?? with all the problems with FCD, there is no way Cooper wouldve been released for the 3 games…

  75. aristotle says:


    How about bringing in Joe Enochs from Snuffleufikus in the German fourth division to take the place of Maurice Adu?

  76. Mark says:

    Does Josh Wolfe have naked pictures of Bob Bradley’s wife or something?

  77. Mark says:

    Fernando Torres vs Josh Wolff

    Gee, I wonder who’s going to win that battle

  78. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    “Lloyd, you’re so off-base. You do realize there’s a give and take with regards to the U.S. team and it’s use of MLS players in-season right? There are plenty of instances when MLS allows players to go when it doesn’t have to (like last year’s Copa America). Having a working relationship and understanding between a federation and domestic league isn’t exactly an unheard of concept”

    Actually, having a domestic league which ignores FIFA dates IS pretty much an unheard of concept. Or at least an EXTREMLY small minority….

  79. brett says:

    aristotle- sounds interesting… i like where you are going with this….keep brainstorming players, and we’ll send in their profiles to the USSF….

    Mark- *insert any US forward* vs Fernando Torres

    Gee, I wonder who’s going to win that battle…. gee, choices choices choices…

  80. Prentice says:

    Does anyone else feel somewhat concerned about the Michael Bradley situation? When Bob Bradley was hired, bringing his son into the fold was one of his first moves, which I was fine with, as M Bradley is a very good player, who had probably been overlooked somewhat. But I feel that the situation has gotten a little beyond professionalism at this point. He seems to be the only player who has completely locked down his position for seemingly every game we play. It’s not that MB is a bad player, I just feel that he is not good enough to always be the first player on the team sheet, especially when you consider how the rest of the positions have been shuffled through repeatedly and the other talent or options we have in the midfield.

    For the record, I did not feel that MB played very well in our loss against England. He covers a lot of ground and is around the ball more than most, but I felt, especially in this game he lacked pretty much everything else (i.e. good touch, vision, creativeness), but then again so did pretty much everyone else. I might be overly concerned with this and putting MB under too much of a microscope, but personally I hope that the midfield is changed for the game against Spain.

  81. Rocco says:

    Not bad. I would prefer not to see Wolf again. Aging 33 year old that played terribly in the last outing. Also, Clark could have stayed home for this one.

    Other than those two I think its solid. Altidore, Cooper, or Rogers are obvious call ups. But I think Bob wants to see EJ again or Jaqua (he only had 2 mins) paired with Donovan or Dempsey. Why call in these MLS guys if they are only going to get 15-20 minutes tops.

    I hope we don’t see Wolf. I like Ives lineup. You may see one or two of the guys in the back switched. Maybe Spector gets a start.

  82. brett says:

    Prentice- the same thing can be said about Beasley….and Landon….and Dempsey…. and Howard…. and Boca and Gooch….

    while BB may experiement with a few back liners, it seems that those 2 always have locked down positions on bigger games…

    MB is a solid player… the experiementing comes in the position next to him…

  83. Marc says:

    What about guys like Mapp and Rogers. Can either of them play on the right side? I like Dempsey, but he has certainly not been very effective playing midfield. I just don’t think he should be an automatic. Maybe up top he is our best option…

  84. Rocco says:

    Michael – I think you have the best lineup I’ve seen in awhile a 12 man side. :) I think we might battle to a draw.

  85. Luke says:

    How about Twellman? He’s been a proven scorer for the Revs. He’s played a few times for the USMNT, but they’ve only used him sporadically. Edson Buddle, Chad Barret, Robbie Rogers are having good years for their clubs.

    I’m not saying we would have beaten England, but we should have put up more of a fight. 1 shot in the first half is ridiculous! We beat Poland 3-0 and Sweden, who both are in Euro 2008. I think our players and coaches give England way too much repect.

  86. aristotle says:


    Don’t you think it’s about time we gave these guys a shot too? These guys have contracts.

    Brian Waltrip Molde

    Cam Weaver FK Haugesund

    Greg Dalby Charleroi

    Brian West Fredrikstad

    Kyle Veris IL Hødd

    Etchu Tabe Ljungskile SK

    Chris Rodd Bryne FK

    Tim Merritt FSV Oggersheim

    Charles Kazlauskas TOP Oss

  87. Keith G. says:

    I will say this the US are not good enough to have a loan striker, it killed us in the world cup and it will do the same today. McBride was supposed to be one of our best of the cross and get us the goals and he didnt score a goal. If we are going to have any chance I would go with this set up.






    If Donovan can not go then I would stick Johnson in there, though I wish Altidore was on the roster.

  88. Metzeng says:

    Ives, I like your 4-5-1 alignment. I think that’s the best way to get Freddy on the field. Freddy gives up some defense, but I think he’ll contribute some possession. Spain has got to be licking their chops after the England game. Freddy can at the very least draw a few fouls that will give us time to catch our breath and run a set piece.

    After playing on turf in Toronto, I think Donovan is going to miss this game. I also think Spector deserves a start over Boca. I’d like to see,






  89. brett says:

    Luke- “How about Twellman? He’s been a proven scorer for the Revs. He’s played a few times for the USMNT, but they’ve only used him sporadically. Edson Buddle, Chad Barret, Robbie Rogers are having good years for their clubs.”

    HAHAHAHA, ive had enough of Tightshirt, just like ive had enough of EJ…. Barrett hardly gets respect by Fire fans b/c of his inconsistancies, i dont see him repp’ing first team nats… Buddle has a hat trick and what? a game with a goal as well?? Rogers is your best call, but as we’ve stated, would the Crew release him??

    aristotle- thanks for the list, ill be copying their player profiles and email my contact their info… this should drastically help the USMN’s out and should be taken into full effect by the Arg. game…

  90. brett says:

    Keith G- the reason the lone forward didnt work for us is b/c the lone forward is suppose to be rediculously quick… McBride, with all his qualities, is not the fastest forward we have… he’s a target forward, plays with his back to the goal… not a good style for a lone forward…

    Metzeng has the best lineup (assuming LD still has his hurt lady parts) with a lone forward…. for all of EJ’s negative aspects, he does have one positive… he’s quick… if he’ would avoid checking and making pass backs he could pull the lone forward off… if he wold simply make slanting runs waiting for the ball he could have opportunities… but with EJ making the checks that left Wolff up top… in all honesty the roles shouldve been reversed

  91. NateinSF says:

    Everyone was focused on midfield issues, and there are issues. But what about the backline? In particular the centerbacks. I think they need to try something else, Onyewu is just too slow. It’s as simple as that, how do you think he’s going to fair against Torres? Not good at all.

  92. FK PIRIN says:

    Many people seem to be suggesting that Bob Bradley is not a very good coach due to his call-ups and people he is starting.

    It seems to me that he has been pretty smart in his call ups. As the national team coach he has to balance having every player available with keeping good relations with individual players’ teams. Although I think Kenny Cooper would have made a difference in the way the US could play, Bradley probably wants him available later in the summer and with FC Dallas in such a tough state, right now, it makes sense that he would avoid calling him to Europe. ALso this week they are playing on Wednesday and Sunday, so it is a big week for them.

    As for Altidore, Coach Osorio has been suggesting that Altidore is exhausted and needs some rest. I suspect that Bob Bradley would want to honor that concern and also massage Osorio into letting him participate in the Olympics later this summer.

    As for Adu not starting. He is only 18 and not getting regular time with his team. In addition I agree completely with the analogy of throwing people in the water to see if they can swim. It is smart to give Adu a chance to play, when his confidence won’t get broken with a loss. That means if you are winning against a not so fantastic team, then you insert him in the second half early. If you are playing a great team, then you insert him later, and if he ends up scoring a goal, then his confidence goes through the roof. If he has a bad game, then it isn’t that big of a deal. If you throw him in as a starter, he may show that he is an amazing player, but the chances are that he is mentally unprepared and you will break his confidence.

    In regard to the US National Team Pool; I agree with many that we have some great athletes, even though our best usually aim for other sports. However, I think that having our best players go to other sports makes a big difference, and that a strong athlete may still not have the intangibles and mentality to compete at a top level. Creativity and vision in addition to mental fortitude are things that some of our players seem to lack (Although, of course compared to me personally and probably many athletes in the world, they are amazing). For instance and although I haven’t met him, Eddie Johnson strikes me as the type of player with all the physical tools, but without the intangibles to succeed at the highest level. Of course with proper coaching he might overcome his mental block and become an incredible goal scorer. I assume that is what people are counting on.

    In regard to out of contract players, I don’t think it is fair to say that they can’t be playing very well if out of contract. I think in the case of both Nate Jaqua and Josh Wolff they may have decided not to take a new contract with their current teams at the end of the season, and are simply in flux. I don’t think it is a situation where the teams simply didn’t want them anymore, maybe they just didn’t offer enough to keep them. In addition they both were contributors to their teams.

  93. Robert says:

    Seriously, no Josh Wolff, please. If no Donovan then Jaqua or Dempsey up top. I like Edu in the midfield if Adu is on the field. A defensive minded team should be fielded against Spain. The Argentina game should have MLS faces (i.e. Altidore, Cooper, Rogers)

  94. brett says:

    FK PIRIN- im glad to see that someone is finally typing sense….

  95. eric says:

    I’m worn out by the “Adu plays no D, and therefore can’t start”. Really, with 11 guys on the field, we can’t sacrifice some defense for some attacking ideas? Even when playing 2 D-Mids behind him?

    Adu definitely isn’t a sure thing to jump start the offense, but isn’t that what friendlies are supposed to be for, to find out?

    But the biggest thing about the situation I don’t get, is that if BB didn’t mean to give Adu big minutes, including at least 1 start out of the 3 games, why didn’t he just make Adu captain of that U-23 embarrassment we sent out, and get the kid some minutes ahead of the Olympics.

  96. FK PIRIN says:

    I also hope that Josh Wolff won’t start. Hopefully we will see Dempsey and Johnson up top. I think Johnson might have done better with Dempsey as an attacking midfielder behind him relaying the ball from the defensive midfielders. I would also like to see Donovan on the right side. Also maybe Lewis should start on the left and bring Beasley in at the half.

  97. Spencer says:

    Spector deserves to start this one if he is healthy. I know he had an injury, and I’d also like to see Orzoco to get a look this game. But stop bringing overage players. If we are going to lose lets lose with young players gaining experience. Not old players that won’t even hear about the World Cup.

  98. Andrew says:

    Here’s a great idea. Air the game live online but not on TV. What is the sense in this?

  99. A.S. says:

    I can accept not having Altidore called up for England or Spain IF he gets called for (and plays significant minutes against) Argentina at Giants Stadium. No travel, not as much time and energy away from the Red Bulls, so seems like a perfect opportunity.

    Altidore needs to get this kind of experience if he is going to become what we hope. Playing Olympics is good experience, but playing North Korea’s (or whoever we are facing in Beijing) U-23 central defenders isn’t the same as facing guys like Terry and Rio…

  100. JesseMT says:

    I suspect we’ll see the MLS-based players everybody is clamoring for in the Argentina match. I’d really like to see Rogers get some minutes somewhere, in addition to Cooper, Altidore, and Adu.

  101. joe says:

    I think an argument can be made for…


    Beasley Adu Dempsy

    Edu Bradley

    Spector Gooch Boca Dolo


    By all accounts (I missed the England game because my job is hell), Beasley looked good, we need Donovan and Adu, Clark was bad (and Edu looks to be a rising star), Pearce was ok but Spector deserves a look. I know Donovan isn’t a classic lone forward, but with his speed and first touch, he can go on goal or hold up and dish to Beaz/Deuce/Freddie and give time for Michael Bradley and Edu to transition and get into the attack.

    I might also see starting Lewis at left back so he can get into the attack down that side.

  102. Thom says:

    If Spain is more technical, as everyone always describes them, then England then Bradley better start Adu. Clark and Wolff should not see the field.

    Also his son better play better then he did vs. England. Because his tackling and touch were God awful vs. England.

    Either way- we are going to get killed unless:

    A: Spain is still laughing about our England performance and shows up flat.

    B: we just out hustle them to earn a draw

  103. jamin barnes says:

    I’ve seen West Ham use Spector as a DM before. I think he would do a better job than Clark. Spain’s speed is going to give the US real problems. We’ll see how the back-line does against a world class striker.

  104. HomeyBoehme says:

    @FK PIRIN – Agreed with everything you said, except your last paragraph. Josh Wolff is not good enough, period. Nate Jaqua is still young so maybe you are right there.

    Bocanegra is technically “Out of Contract” also, but I haven’t heard anyone saying he must be terrible. Still, Boca has definitely proved his quality, which is not something you can currently say of Jaqua.

  105. ben says:

    There is potential for several US players to make good club moves this summer, but if that doesn’t happen, this is the weakest player pool the US has had since the 2000.

    How do we seriously plan to make noise in the World Cup when we call up players from the Austrian league? When our best option at left back is an occasional sub for a Bundesliga 2 side? Josh Wolff is still STARTING?

    It gets even worse if you watched the Toulon tournament where our squad looked completely out of their league and could barely muster a few shots on goal a game.

    If we are to begin advancing, the standard has got to be higher than this. With some of the ‘established’ players we have right now, I’d rather see Bradley take more chances, but I know thats a dream.

    But my real concern is the clubs our players are at. The only outfield players on our team who are regular starters on squads in European leagues of a higher quality than MLS are Beasley, Dempsey, Cherundolo, Onyewu, and Bradley. And only Beasley is at a club of any high regard on the world stage. People, especially with the Altidore discussions are always complaining that young players ‘dont go to a big club and sit on the bench’. Well…..our players aren’t playing at small clubs either! Szetela? Feilhaber? Spector? Zizzo? Might as well get some of our players some of the stardust at big clubs if not playing time.

    We always hear the tough talk from the Bradley/Nowak regime about ‘recent form’ and ‘must be playing with their clubs’ but truth is, they never seem to adhere to this rule except when it comes to holding back the most gifted young player in our ranks who still plays more at Benfica than other players Bradley caps regularly. One would hope that a pre-requisite for the US national would be regular appearances (at least every other game) for a top division team in America, Mexico, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Scotland, Portugal, or a team in a smaller league that qualifies for Europe.

    But apparently, after all the work we’ve done, we’re not even close.

  106. Dominghosa says:

    Adu doesn’t need to be a 90-minute player, he’ll have more of an impact as a 65-70-minute player than what he is now, a 20-minute player. The kid will have more chances to create something from the get-go and through most of the match than just the feeble 20 minutes he has seen. What’s the use of a having two defensive midfielders if you can’t cover for a player like Adu?

    It’s tough to see Adu AND Alitdore starting vs. Argentina. The way Bradley does things, only one or none of those two will start.

    That’s too bad.

    Here’s hoping the Cooper-Altidore-Adu-Dempsey-Donovan-Bradley front six will develop enough together to do something in 2010.

  107. Dominghosa says:

    Adu doesn’t need to be a 90-minute player, he’ll have more of an impact as a 65-70-minute player than what he is now, a 20-minute player. The kid will have more chances to create something from the get-go and through most of the match than just the feeble 20 minutes he has seen. What’s the use of a having two defensive midfielders if you can’t cover for a player like Adu?

    It’s tough to see Adu AND Alitdore starting vs. Argentina. The way Bradley does things, only one or none of those two will start.

    That’s too bad.

    Here’s hoping the Cooper-Altidore-Adu-Dempsey-Donovan-Bradley front six will develop enough together to do something in 2010.

  108. Henry says:

    Still waiting on a Altidore & Cooper Tandem they are the only promising guys we got playing the position. Hopefully we’ll see them against the argies.

  109. Paul says:

    Ives: I *love* your proposed 4-2-3-1. I know many people have argued that Dempsey is not a true striker, but I think having Donovan and Adu on the field together is worth it, and may serve to create spaces that Dempsey can exploit. Adu, Beasley, and Donovan provide an awful lot of attacking speed and creativity. I think a friendly would be the perfect time for such an experiment. I do not want to see Wolf and Johnson up top again.

  110. JRhode says:

    Anybody wonder if Bob Bradley is still “punishing” Kenny Cooper for his yellow card for celebrating his first career Natl. team goal vs. Denmark (January 2007)? I think he was subbed out after as well.

  111. Aquaman says:

    I just hope that when the Nats come back across the pond to play Argentina they don’t do one of those “We’re trying to look at some different players” B Teams. I understand looking at different players, but why not look at them with the people they’d be playing with if they were to make it onto the qualifying roster? Hopefully, on the return home, they have more otpions to choose from just not at the expense of being competitive.

  112. Adog says:

    Josh Wolfe sucks! Never call him up again. He is useless.

  113. Jey says:

    Hey Ives what do you think of something like this:







    I think Dempsey needs to be given a chance to play CAM. He has the qualites so why not give him a go. I know Adu is not capable of starting but maybe try this formation out in the second half.

  114. eric says:

    “What’s the use of a having two defensive midfielders if you can’t cover for a player like Adu?”

    Exactly, Dominghosa.

  115. Jon E says:

    “hey! I play on an amature team, and of american nationality…how come I didnt get a call up??”

    Because Freddy Adu is 1,000-10,000 times better than you. And he’s substantially better than all but five to fifteen guys in the national team pool.

    Lord knows there are better coaches than Bob Bradley, but it never fails to amaze me that people are indignant that he isn’t calling up our world-class players. We don’t have any world-class players. The guys who at this moment are the closest to that level are on the roster.

  116. Jon E says:

    “How do we seriously plan to make noise in the World Cup when we call up players from the Austrian league? ….

    But apparently, after all the work we’ve done, we’re not even close.”


    Do we seriously expect to “make noise”? Should we? I mean, I think we should go into 2010 with serious plans to get out of the group stages, and I don’t think it’s crazy to plan and hope for a quarterfinal appearance. But teams significantly better than us often don’t make the quarters. So, no, we’re not even close to being a realistic semifinals prospect in 2010. But we’re closer than we were in 1998. And, really, we’re closer than we were when the stars aligned in 2002, when we played great, overachieved, and still had to rely on South Korea as much as ourselves to get out of the group stage.

    Could our progress have been faster since 2002? Sure. Could it have been fast enough to make us a short-odds contender to win 2010? I don’t see how.

  117. sushant says:

    Based on watching just the England game, I would:

    – Sit Wolf and R. Clark and replace them with on Donovan on offense and P. Mastroenni as the holding mid

    – Sit Beas, Eddie, Pablo and ‘dolo at halftime and bring on E. Lewis (for Beas), Adu (for Eddie), Edu (for Pablo) and one of the defenders (for ‘dolo) at halftime

    – For the last 15 minutes, bring on Jaqua and either Califf or DeMerritt to see what they can do.

    I know Bradley wants to win, but not giving significant minutes to guys that you need to evaluate instead of guys that you already know (Wolff, Johnson, R. Clark, etc) is pointless. After England scored the 2nd goal, BB should have used up his subs. They took the foot off the gas and we should have seen if any of the subs could have made it a game again.

    Color me frustrated!


  118. El Maestro says:

    Ives, are you sure you didn’t accidentally post this on BigSoccer? The amount of handwringing and sky-is-falling posts in here is just pathetic.

    Get some perspective, people! Bradley has to be extremely careful to manage not just a soccer team, but relationships with dozens of clubs, the press, numerous FAs, and then last, AND LEAST OF ALL RIGHT NOW, the fans. You.

    Bradley doesn’t give a flying frack what you all want, which is to put our A team out there at all costs and run them into the ground for, what? A chance at beating an elite team in a situation that has zero meaning in the grand scope of things? Get over it.

    Bradley has one single mission: to qualify for WCQ ’10. Everything he does with these three games is related to that. Do you think playing three games against vastly superior talent is going to do anything but help us against the technical disaster that is CONCACAF (besides Mexico)? After losing these three, we will annhilate Barbados, and then we will be off to the next round well prepared to DOMINATE.

  119. Ralph says:

    I am against both line up of yours because I rather see Jaqua and EJ up top. They are true strikers unlike Dempsey and Donovan. Yes Donovan is killing it in striker position for LA Galaxy. My thoughts are that he is doing it in MLS and the US midfield is not going to give services like he receives from Beckham. So let Donovan run the midfield and let him create oppurtunities for our real strikers. Also 3-5-2 should be used by Bob I just do not see why he has not applied it yet with this team.

  120. Geach says:

    For once I would like to see the lineup and go, man, we have a chance tonight.

    It has been a long time. (See WC2002 and multiple Mexico games)

  121. Julio says:

    Ok, I’m convienced now that Josh Wolff has nake pictures of Coach Bradley or something. Why the hell else will this scrub be in the US Team!?!?!?!? Either that or Bradley has sick sense of humor.

  122. ben says:

    Yeah, the Wolff thing is absolutely perplexing.

    If I’m in charge, which would be after a dark day for soccer in this country, heres my first choice eleven at the moment.







    Yes, that’s Feilhaber in there. If Josh Wolff and Heath Pearce can make it in, why not Feilhaber, who’s a better player that both of them. Get him some playing time at some level because we need help in CM right now. Bradley is doing great in Europe but people who are saying he should play attacking midfield obviously do not understand the nature of why he scored 3 zillion goals this year. Bradley might have a talent for late-run tap ins and serve as a decent ballwinner, but his possession and passing skills pale in comparison to Reyna, O’Brien, and Feilhaber.

  123. Ron says:

    BB is BA(Arena) all over again….no imagination and a preference for pet players who haven’t done squat and are fat cats…no wonder Rossi wants to play for Italy!!

    If we’re going to lose to England, Spain and Argentina lets go down with all guns blazing away!! Let the young guys play with hunger and passion!!!

    With a young Donovan and DMB in 2002, the USMNT played fearlessly in the World Cup!

    The line-up that I wanna see:

    GK-Howard, Guzan, Seitz

    Starting Back line: Spector, DeMerit, Orozco (the rising star…)and Pearce

    Subs Back line: Dolo, Parkhurst, Gooch (too slow, but… ) and Subotic (give him a shot!!!)

    Starting midfield: DMB, Bradley, Donovan, and Freddy

    Subs midfield: Edu, Rogers, Klestjan, Holden

    Starting forwards: Jozy, Dempsey

    Forward subs: Cooper, Davies

    Other options: Bornstein, Cervi, Renken, Flores, Alvarez, Zizzo, Feilhaber (when he gets his head straightened out)

    Coach: Klinsmann, Quieroz, Hiddink….anyone else but BB and Nowak!!!

  124. hartman says:

    let’s all take a minute to send a great big middle finger to mr. rossi. i’m sure being on the fringes of the italian squad is just SO MUCH better than leading the line for a top 20 national team, jackasss

  125. Javier says:

    Okay, aren’t there any other available forwards Bob Bradley can call in? Josh Wolfe and Eddie Johnson sucked against England! How many chances does Eddie Johnson get? He’s just not that good. I don’t understand why he’s still getting so many chances. If the idea behind these games (England, Spain, Argentina) was to test the men’s team against top talent than why not bring in our best forwards and see if they can score against these teams. Not bringing in our best players for these games is the same STUPID thing Bob Bradley and the U.S. Soccer Federation did in Copa America which is to put out a team with no real hopes of winning. Welcome to America where soccer takes a back seat to the dollar and lining the U.S.S.F’s pockets.

  126. Justin says:

    You know what, I don’t blame Bob Bradley. I like the guy and what he has brought to the table. I feel no matter what team of Americans he would’ve fielded we still would’ve lost. That midfield England fielded, premier.

    One knock I do have though is that we, the U.S. national team, need to start fielding players that are playing and producing in their respective leagues and stop giving players a spot because they have been around. I think that would yield the best results.

    To start, why not let Jimmy Conrad play as a wide back? He scores beautiful goals on set pieces and plays solid defense. And Twellman, hear me out now, has produced the most goals over since 2002 than other other American striker has in their league. I just think we need to get him more minutes with the national team when he is healthy; it seems like the only chances he is given is when he is recovering from an injury or is ailing from an injury. I think he is a great aerial threat, maybe shades of McBride. After all, he is much better of an option than Wolff or Eddie Johnson.

    Those ar just a couple things that run across my mind……here is a tweaked roster from a couple days ago that I would love to see.

    GK: Howard

    D: Conrad, Bocanegra, Onyewu, Pearce

    M: Adu, Donovan, Bradley, Beasley

    F: Dempsey, Twellman


    GK: Guzan

    D: Spector, Cherundolo, Demerit

    M: Lewis, Edu, Mastroeni

    F: Altidore, Cooper

    But to make a lineup out of the current squad Bob has recalled, I would have to go with Ives second lineup…







    The only possible change I would make is maybe starting Spector instead of Cherundolo, all depending on how they do in practice.

  127. kpugs says:

    Brett, not that you’ll even see this, but the problem is that I DON’T agree with you.

    I expect us to compete against these teams, not to win. This is not expecting the improbable. That 2-0 loss to England could have been respectable, but it was a joke. I think you you get what I’m aiming at you’d agree.

    I don’t expect these wins…but as a selfish fan I expect us to at the very least play to win. And to be honest I love Bradley as coach. But I cannot stand the fact that he half-asses some of the biggest games we’ve seen in YEARS, for no real reason (given the European season is over). My contention isn’t that we SHOULD win, only that we should TRY to, and we don’t, that’s the bottom line.

  128. kpugs says:

    I’m a moron…the problem is that I don’t NOT agree with you Brett. Your point is well taken, type-o in my previous post.

  129. kpugs says:

    Lloyd, first of all you are an idiot. Second of all since you have no idea how this game works, clubs and international teams try oh-so-hard to work together as much as possible. In this country we are extremely lucky, as it almost always works out without menace. You are obviously a genius, so you must think the constant club vs. country rows in Europe are fake. You obtuse fool. Wake up.

  130. kpugs says:

    All the people saying how Adu is basically Jesus.

    Guys, he is young and not playing regular football. He is better than any youth international this country has, hence his dominance in all those games.

    But you guys must be blind…he is not even close to being our best left mid, center attacking mid, or striker. And CAM is his true position. The fact that people are claiming at his age, as a benchwarmer in PORTUGAL of all places, that he is some kind of superstud is ridiculous.

    Wake up…he is slowly but surely fulfilling his potential. He has had enough of people rushing him to the limelight in his life. Don’t start doing it with the national team too. He should keep getting callups for experience but for anyone to even come close to suggesting he is one of our best 10-15 players right now just shows how ignorant posters on this blog are.

    Honestly, the more popular it gets, the less quality comments we see, and the amount of keyboard diahrrea in comments has exploded. Sometimes I wonder how such stupid people can even confidently comment.

  131. jpc says:

    I think hejduk is a decent player, but why is he here? Marvell Wynne, Jose Burciaga Jr., Jonathan Bornstein and michael parkhurst are all younger defenders who need national team experience, even if its just to train for a few days and be a part of the team. I would also say the same thing for older guys like Eddie Lewis and pablo mastroeni, why are players like Robbie Rogers, Arturo Alvarez, Eddie Gaven, sacha klesjtan and especially Kyle Beckerman not being given a chance. I understand its a long flight and its a pain for the MLS teams. I hope some of these guys are included for the Argentina game.

  132. brett says:

    kpugs- eek gad we both agree??

    id love to compete with these teams as well, but our depth of talent just arent up to par…. England’s squad are ALL on their off season, MLS ha players playing all year in several different leagues…

    we cannot always field our A-squad, therefore Bradley has to pick which games are most impt to do that… games against Mexioc and WCQ are the only ones right now… should Cooper and Jozy have been included?? i would have loved to see that combo…. i wonder what difference LD would have made allowing Demspey to push back up top (or keep him at right and put LD up top)…

    these are meaningless friendlies, and while id love to compete and possibly win all of them, its not feasible with how dispersed our team is…

    i agree with El Maestro that Bradley is looking to one thing… preparing us for making the world cup…. and having a large pool of players with experience who can come in and make the difference is MUCH MUCH better then what Arena used to do… Bruce used to keep the same starting XI with FEW changes… this caused a problem when someone got injured…

    also with the U23’s coming us, we didnt need to include players such as Jozy and Rogers…. players who will be making an impact in 2010…. its all preperation

  133. Isaac says:


    –Beasley– –Dempsey–


    –Spector– –Cherundolo–



    This is a line up i like and one that is very possible. Adu-good touch nice passer paired with donovan-quick(very quick) great finish. and of course Beasley with some Beastly crosses. IF his injuries dont hold him up…

  134. Isaac says:

    ooops….that look a bit weirder when i posted it….just push spector cherundolo and Beasley Dempsey to the out side a little and you’ll get the idea

  135. isaac says:

    Gotta get some creativity in the midfield. Not a fan of heath pearce, he played pretty poorly against england (although who didn’t?). I’d love to see a 4-1-2-1-2 system. Sitting back with two defensive mids against teams like spain just won’t work… unless john terry decides to become a US citizen in the next couple days.