D.C. United at New England: Running Commentary


Good evening folks. Tonight is the big Eastern Conference clash between I-95 rivals D.C. United and the New England Revolution. The Revs will be looking to move into sole possession of first place while D.C. will try to take a step closer to escaping the Eastern Conference basement.

Tonight’s match is on ESPN2. If you will be watching, and will be online, please feel free to follow the match here and share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

I will be doing a running commentary on the match so feel free to follow along.

My prediction? New England 2, D.C. United 1.

Enjoy the match.


FINAL- That’s all for tonight folks. Thanks for following along tonight and be sure to check in Friday for more soccer news and analysis on Soccer By Ives.


FINAL- D.C. United 2, New England 2. Matt Reis is the man of the match, keeping D.C. from blowing it open in the first half. Steve Nicol makes a key adjustment and the Revs respond with two goals. ‘Disco’ Tom Soehn won’t be happy with the blown lead but a road point is better than another loss. D.C. will begrudgingly take the point.


94th minute– Cristman with a late chance but sends it into The Fort. Not the best shot.


87th minute– Larentowicz hip-checked Fred and the Brazilian winger is down. I’m not a doctor but he may have a ruptured spleen (okay, so maybe not.)


83rd minute– Pardon me for dozing off. This game has gotten ugly.


72nd minute- GOAL NEW ENGLAND- DUBE scores the equalizer off a Ralston free kick. Larentowicz heads the free kick to a wide-open Dube. Revs 2, D.C. United 2.


71st minute– D.C. has really looked dangerous throughout the match and this is looking like the team we thought D.C. would be when the season began. At least on the attacking side.


67th minute– My verdict is in on the D.C. road jersey. I think it’s ugly.


66th minute– Emilio breaks in alone on goal but tries to power a shot through Reis. Not going to happen. He would have been better off sliding it into the corner.


59th minute- GOAL REVS. And it’s Adam "Frankenstein" Cristman. finds a deflected shot at his feet and finishes from close range. D.C. 2, New England 1.


57th minute– D.C. 2, New England 0 and the D.C. attack looks to be waking up just in time. Here’s a question though. What is the deal with the REvs at home? Aside from a win against lowly San Jose two weeks ago, the Revs have been bad at home this month.


54th minute– D.C. is still alive and Tom Soehn, who looks like he’s heading to a club after the game, looks to be breathing a bit easier.


53rd minute- GOAL DC UNITED and it’s FRED finishing off a sequence that saw several amazing saves. Where in the world was New England’s defense?


50th minute– Great Joseph passes misses by inches to Ralston. More promising stuff from the Revs attack.


48th minute– When I watch Adam Cristman run I think of one word: lumbering. Not a good word for a striker.


HALFTIME– What will the REvs need to do differently in the second half? Well, for one, Shalrie Joseph and Jeff Larentowicz need to gain control of possession. They haven’t had much of the ball, which makes it tough for the Revs to create many chances. D.C. just needs to keep up the energy. If the slow down, New England will definitely pounce.


HALFTIME– D.C. 1, New England 0. Other than that last shot by Dube, New England hasn’t really done much today. In fact, D.C. looks like the home team, attacking, while New England seems like the countering team.


45th minute– SAVE WELLS. Wow. Dube races in and takes a shot from close range but Wells saves it.


40th minute– Odds on a fight in this game: 4/1


39th minute– Adam Cristman comes in for Wells Thompson. Very early sub. Look for Nyassi to create some problems on the right flank.


37th minute– Is it ever a Revs game without an altercation?


30th minute– Still waiting to see New England’s attack do something in response to the goal.


24th minute– SAVE REIS. He stops a great Jaime Moreno shot after a nice D.C. sequence. Should be 2-0 right now.


19th minute– New England knocks on the door but can’t get it past Zach Wells, who gets a little lucky that he didn’t get caught off his line.


15th minute- GOAL D.C. UNITEd. And it’s Luciano Emilo with the goal (pardon while I puke for removing the captain’s tag from Emilio on my horrendous fantasy team.)


13th minute– Here’s a question. Do we need random rundowns of the bios of players throughout MLS for every national broadcast? Just a thought.


10th minute– WHAT A SAVE from Matt Reis, stopping a shot from Clyde "Godfrey" Simms. Nice shot, great save.


5th minute– You know its a small crowd when you can hear every curse loudly and clearly.


3rd minute– D.C. knocking it around, but not really making progress.


2nd minute– And we’re off. Late arriving crowd at New England.

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45 Responses to D.C. United at New England: Running Commentary

  1. Blake says:

    For how many times I’ve seen that insufferable Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial that runs like 6 times every MLS game, I went there today and I didn’t find a lick of MLS gear. How disappointing.

  2. Johnny says:

    My ESPN2HS isn’t working…suddenly I have lost inteterst in watching this game.

  3. Johnny says:

    correction ESPN2HD is not working

  4. Ives says:

    Johnny can’t you make due without seeing Jay Heaps in HD? Kidding.

  5. DC outplaying NE so far? FAAAAANTastic!

  6. nico says:

    DC looks good, but NE looks uninterested. Castro and Heaps seem to be the only ones on NE interested in playing.

  7. nico says:

    DC looks good, but NE looks uninterested. Castro and Heaps seem to be the only ones interested in playing.

  8. nico says:

    i wish Beckham’s name didn’t come up in every MLS game on ESPN…particularly when his team isn’t playing.

  9. eric says:

    Not that new anymore, but it’s the first time I’ve seen the new DC road unies, they look good.

    Less long balls from both sides, please.

  10. Well, I would assume his name would come up when his team is playing. otherswise that’s just silly. But I take your point. DC hasn’t struggled to get into that final third but that last pass and that second to last pass are just a little ahead or a little behind. Eventually one of those ought to match up and United should grab a second. This has been encouraging.

  11. Once again, wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had actually been marking Nyassi(sp???)? Namoff was still 4 yards away form him as he tried to clear and miss.

  12. eric says:

    Karmically, I’m glad Wells makes the save, thought Moreno was fouled to start the attack. But, that was no good that the central defender couldn’t make the clearance, Nyassi’s cross never should have found the forward.

  13. Ives,

    completely irrelevant question:

    So the major part of Guzan’s difficulty in getting the work permit was his lack of play with the US National team. So one of the reasons he was put in for the second half of the England game was to get him another cap. But how much is that really going to help unless Bradley is planning on getting him in every one of these upcoming friendlies? How much did that move really help?

  14. oh and sorry for calling Dube the wrong name – Nyassi. But Wells didn’t make that save. The shot was high and it hit off Namoff, or at least that’s what it looks.

  15. Forrest says:

    Blake, its the same way here in West Tennessee. I know the South is college football country, but the only MLS gear the store here in town or the ones in Memphis have are Beckham jerseys. They barely have any balls and shin guards for kids. You’d think they might have 3 or 4 Dallas, Columbus, or since most fans in this part of the country are DCU fans some of theirs. Its pathetic how badly Dicks’ is just wasting their money.

  16. eric says:

    Nice build up by New England again, maybe there is hope for attacking soccer. Hope Fred gets on track, that’s when I think DC is most dangerous.

    Ooh! Nice by Joseph.

  17. eric says:

    Nice play by Reis, but that was one heavy first touch (Fred?)

  18. If you really want to show it to Dicks, in most parts of the country they don’t tie up their compound bows. If you pull back a compound bow and release without an arrow in it to dissipate the energy it will completely explode. Just so you know. I am in no way recommending that course of action.

  19. kpugs says:

    Man…I haven’t witnessed most of DC’s awfulness this year. But they are all over Reis right now.

  20. Where were the NE defenders? Who cares? Way to control the ball in the box! and Emilio actually making some moves!

  21. eric says:

    Bad clearance by Parkhurst, and it was amazing how much time and space all 3 United players had to fire away at Reis.

  22. I’ll say it again, Fred, Quaranta, Gallardo are a nice group of mids. Add in that Moreno has settled into that attacking midfield role and I’m happy with them. Up top and in the back? well…

  23. MiamiAl says:

    Yeah FRED!!!! GOAL!!!

  24. eric says:

    Emilio is starting to get going, nothing like a couple of poacher’s goals to get a forward going. But it’s amazing how often it just seems to be a willingness to make the runs, and sometimes he just doesn’t do it.

    The 2nd DC goal wasn’t quite against the run of play, but the Rev’s looked good for the first 5 mins of the 2nd half, and have to be disappointed being down two now.

  25. Right. There’s the quality defending I was talking about.

  26. Johnny says:

    The HD is back finally! I’m in until Lost starts in 9 minutes. Speaking of HD it would be really nice if FSC had an HD channel. They don’t need to have every game in HD maybe one or two. Once you go HD you never go back. Christman scores! Its a game again!

  27. eric says:

    Just seconds after passing up what would have been I’m sure a spectacular bicycle attempt, Christman cleans up some slop in front of the DC goal and brings it back to 2-1. I wish he had tried that one over the head though, on the initial cross.

  28. A note on the commentating, did you know that NE is more motivated when down by one then down by two? I guess the second goal will be really easy with the increased motivation since the first one was with the run of play anyway.

  29. I’ve always been impressed by Pepe Reina’s incredible passing ability. That’s another skill Wells needs to work on cause from what I can tell all he does it kick really far.

  30. eric says:

    Johnny – without HD, suddenly Moreno and Namoff look nearly indistinguishable.

  31. eric says:

    Wow, Emilio is feeling it. What touch, even if he just slams it into Reis (who at least forced the action)

  32. More quality marking!

  33. eric says:

    Isn’t Jaime a little old to be rocking the highlights?

  34. Blake says:

    Yes, thank you Glenn, Shalrie Joseph and Matt Reis have been good…the first 10 times were enough though.

    Well, game over for DC, Rod Dyachenko is awful.

  35. eric says:

    I know it’s been said before, but I sure wish Shalrie Joseph was American, I don’t think Rico Clark will ever be as good.

  36. Blake says:

    Awww, Cristman should have rocked the bicycle there at the end.

  37. eric says:

    Despite the last 15 mins of that match taking place in a handbasket, DC definitely showing signs of life.

    I haven’t caught much MLS in the past few weeks, but I was impressed with Quaranta, the hype is right, he’s put together a good run of form.


    link to origin.ussoccer.com

    WTF josh wolff and no altidore.

  39. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Thanks Cesc. Go easy on us on Wednesday. Also, I heard it’s on a hour and half delay. WTF?! Ives will the commentary be delayed? Wouldn’t be the same without commentary and posts.

  40. No prometere nada, Pat :)

    espero que no sea un masacre del ee.uu.

    lo digo sin vanidad!

    okay ill stop speaking random spanish.

    de veras.

  41. eric says:

    Man, same thing all over again. I can’t believe these friendlies are finally here and we’re still in the Striker Quagmire.

    I’m not excited at all either to see Pablo back, I think the main experience he brings is dishing out ugly tackles. I’d at least bring in the guy the Rapids should have kept, Beckerman.

    I’m sorta glad to see DeMerit back, but the disheartened side of me just thinks it’s another American who spent the end of the season on the bench.

  42. Ceez says:

    Let’s keep this on-topic. There’s a seperate post announcing the US roster.

    Anyway. I was REALLY rooting for DC yesterday. I felt like crap cause I’m a Red Bull fan and…yeah. Rooting for DC is a no-no. But I kind of sympathize with Quaranta because of his troubles and I want Gallardo to succeed.

    Typical DC Collapse.

  43. KingSnake says:

    I remember about 8 years ago, on a night in New England, where the actual (as opposed to announced) crowd was maybe 2-3,000, and the sideline microphone picked up a Revs player screaming very clearly at the ball boy: “Give me the f**king ball. Jesus!” I about died laughing.

  44. rkupp says:

    Ted Chronopoulos?

    And the ball boys weren’t much better last night either!

  45. Chava says:


    I usually don’t post and enjoy reading everyones comments, but yesterday I saw Matt Reis pull one of his despicable antics that no one seems to call him on. I know that there is contact, some very rough, in the games but the crap he pulled really infuriated me and I am not even a fan of any of the two teams. If you look at the replay or replay the tivo’ed game and see Matt Reis attempt to kick emilio while on the ground after he headed in the goal. Yes I know, I know that crap goes on, but he could’ve injured that player. The worst part is that this is not the first time he pulls that crap. Sorry Ives but I REALLY HATE DIRTY PLAYS LIKE THOSE. Again if anyone else noticed it let me know that I was not the only one who saw it that way.

    Thanks Ives.