It’s Q&A Time

Good afternoon everybody. It is that time again. Time for you to send me questions and time for me to try to answer them.

You know the routine by now. Send me one or two soccer questions of reasonable length and I will look to answer them as soon as possible.

What questions shouldn’t you ask? Nothing about promotion-relegation, John O’Brien, where Fulham’s Americans will go, anything involving looking into the future (as in where will MLS be in 10 years), the Red Bulls stadium (it’s being built), Arturo Alvarez’s Olympic team chances (or anything related to the U.S. Olympic team roster), or where I think Michael Bradley/Oguchi Onyewu/Bobby Convey will go.

Why not? Well, these topics have been covered to death so anything you want to know is likely in previous installments of the Q&A. I generally recommend you scanning through recent Q&A sessions anyway just to see what has been covered (or not covered).

Now it’s your turn. Send your questions my way.

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108 Responses to It’s Q&A Time

  1. fieldsy says:

    hey ives,

    great columns. any news on cervi going to celtic? any possibilities of beasley playing in the uefa cup finals?

  2. Dave says:

    1) Who do you see as the champions league final starting 11’s?

    2) Champions League and UEFA Cup final score predictions?

  3. RS says:

    Any more new info on ESPN looking to get Premiere League rights starting in the 2009-2010 season? If anybody can find out some new info on this, it’s you. Thanks Ives.

  4. bgnewf says:


    To put it mildly, the level of officiating in MLS is quite poor. I understand that there are only a few full time officials paid by the league. To me this is Mickey Mouse and is something that needs to be addressed for the good of the game. Any word on if MLS will get serious and hire full time professional officials?

  5. Nick says:

    Ives, I know this is still early times for Toronto, but have you heard anything about MLSE putting on additions to BMO? They have 16,000 season ticket holders in a 19,000 seat stadium. I feel like if they made the stadium fit 25,000 they would still sell out every game, they also appear to have a good amount of space for renovations as well. Just wondering if you had heard anything, thanks.

  6. Sushant Rao says:

    Hi Ives,

    2 questions:

    – Since European leagues play in inclement weather, why do most people say that soccer can’t play in the fall/winter? Competition with football, bball, hockey, etc? Fans won’t come for a soccer game in the snow / rain / etc?

    – I love American’s abroad but it just lists whether someone played and for how long. I wanted to find out how the player did in the game? Is there a site that reviews how the players actually did in the game?



  7. JSquaredNY says:

    Ives – Any news on the Barcelona v. NYRB game? I know that you mentioned it was in fact going to happen, but haven’t heard anything since…I thought that this would be officially announced by now to try to sell the stadium out, no?

  8. Seth says:

    I know you said no Olympic questions, but please listen….

    I’ve heard a couple of times about the U23s playing a few matches before Beijing. Do you know anything about that? Any updates you can pass on?


  9. Scott A says:

    Is there any information available about European teams’ payroll? In baseball teams are always compared against their salaries and I’m curious who is underachieving, overachieving. I know it’s complicated with transfer fees, undisclosed salaries, etc, but there’s got to be information about how much the clubs pay their players.

  10. Chris says:


    Can Matt Kassel go to another team since NYRB don’t want to sign him? What are the odds of a Reyna & Kassel midfield in 2009?

  11. emilio says:

    Hey Ives,

    Osorio said 1 or two players would most likely arrive prior to April 15, that didnt materialize. Are those players (one was probably Marmol) going to arrive or will he not sign any players? Any names?

    Is Barca’s potential CL qualifiers if they finish 3rd in Spain gonna prevent there trip to play the Red Bulls?

  12. Trex says:

    This isn’t so much a quick answer question as a request, but I’d be interested in hearing you give a little more insight into the different strategies for Osorio’s 3-5-2 at home games. I (along with many fans I assume) are very familiar with a 4-4-2. What are some of the differences with the 3-5-2 (besides just more attack). I’m interested in what that format is designed to do as opposed to other formations and also what things can I look for during a game to see it in action?

  13. CommonSense says:

    What is the deal with Freddy Adu? The kid was playing pretty well for Benfica early in the season, he absolutely tore up U23 qualifications. He returns to Benfica, who were/are playing poorly, and finds himself sitting in the stands.

    There’s a lot of rumors floating around Benfica boards that there’s a 20 appearance clause in his contract that would force Benfica to pay MLS a significant fee. He’s currently stuck at 19 appearances.

    I don’t generally buy into conspiracy theories, but there’s no conceivable reason as to why Freddy is not at least playing sub minutes like he did earlier this season. Have you heard anything about this clause, which could explain Motzkin’s firing?

  14. ERICK says:

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT EXACTLY D.C. United President Kevin Payne and GM Dave Kasper are up to down in Argentina? Are they really there to see the clasico or they have something up there sleeve? Any Insights?

  15. David W says:


    I love your blog; it’s very habit-forming.

    Everyone always asks you about the fact that the salary cap needs to be increased when MLS renegotiates the CBA. I think a change that is just as important is the 18-player limit on senior roster spots. With clubs expected to compete in multiple competitions without scheduling accommodation from MLS for league games, I think that teams should not be limited at all in the number of players that they can sign. If you already have a salary cap, the roster limit seems redundant and only detracts from a team’s flexibility in building their roster based on the competitions that they’re involved in. What do you think?

  16. William says:


    I played midfield in high school and college (Division 1), but I’ve spent the last 20 years behind a desk as an attorney. During this time, I have never missed a U.S. men’s national team game, and I also watch a lot of EPL, MSL and Mexican League Games. As of last week, I was also slightly ahead of you in the ESPN Fantasy League. My point here, and I do have one, is that despite my years of inactivity on the field, I still have a good head for the game. This being the case, I was wondering if I could use you as a reference when I submit a resume for the soon-to-be-vacant coaching position at Manchester City?

  17. SeaOtter says:

    What’s your prediction for Donovan testing European waters again? It seems that the stars a aligning a bit for the Winter transer window. Probably a stretch though.

    1. He’s said he’d be willing to give it another go if the situation were right.

    2. He and Ruiz are the odd DP’s out at the end of the year with Beckham there. Of course, that assumes some level of integrity in the MLS Rule Changers committee.

    3. He looks like he’s going to have an outstanding year with Beckham’s service. That assumes a lot too, I know.

    4. He has a respected European coach whose opinion other Euro coaches will likely trust.

    It just seems a little too coincidental for him to say he’d be willing now just when Beckham’s healthy enough to provide all those wonder crosses and Gullit is there and able to help sell the idea.

    Thanks for all you do.


  18. Reid says:

    Ives, I know you dont really cover it, but seeing Avery John go to Miami, and others now playing in USL, do you have any idea how much they pay players on their squads (high or average #’s?)

  19. Thesumn says:

    Sushant wrote:

    – Since European leagues play in inclement weather, why do most people say that soccer can’t play in the fall/winter? Competition with football, bball, hockey, etc? Fans won’t come for a soccer game in the snow / rain / etc?



    link to

  20. Cornballer says:

    Any word on if Fox Soccer Channel are thinking of putting up an HD version sometime soon? Just curious if that’s something they’re looking into.

  21. Andrew says:

    What kind of TV ratings do Champions League and World Cup games get?

  22. Craig says:

    What happened to the Crew fans perspective this week? (practical question)

  23. Jeff says:

    With all the talk about future expansion sites, I have one question…

    Why would they put another MLS team in NY when the current team has games when they only get 9,000 fans? Am I the only one that thinks that the MLS should concentrate on having one successful team in New York before the plan on the second???

    I mean, even my team (The Crew), get better crowds!

  24. Michael says:


    Good stuff. Enjoy your blog.

    As you know there is a good chance that Cuba will play the US in World Cup Qualifying. Have you heard anything about where the away leg will be and the possibility of US supporters getting special permission to charter a plane to the match? I really think it would be an incredible experience to see a game in Cuba.

    As for now this is all speculation until it happens but it any insight would be appreciated.

  25. Freddy says:

    What club or national team do you think the “Special One” will end up coaching at?

  26. John says:

    Realistically do you think Beckham will make Capello’s 2010 roster or is Capello giving Becks false hope?

  27. CACuzcatlan says:

    What are the chances of either Cobi Jones or Martin Vasquez learning enough from the big name coaches they are working under and eventually becoming the first U.S. coaches to get jobs with recognized clubs in Europe?

  28. Andy says:

    Is Kano Smith the Nicolas Anelka of MLS in terms of his incredible ability to sulk all game?

  29. Brian says:

    please for the love of God:

    is it Peguero Jean Philippe

    or Jean Philippe Peguero?

    : )

  30. John says:


    I was wondering how the transfer window works for MLS teams since we are on a different schedule from most of the other leagues. Can you explain when the transfer window is open during the year for player who are currently under contract?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  31. Moritz says:

    Do you think the CONCACAF Champions Cup should have been demoted to the status of the UEFA Cup in order to give other mid table clubs a taste of international soccer or do you think it was the right decision to do away with it?

  32. Mr. Goodbar says:

    Could you take Luis Arroyave in soccer:

    1. 1v1 real life

    2. 1v1 FIFA 08

    Follow up, how about all of the other soccer reporters?

  33. Matt says:


    What are your thoughts on the average attendance around the MLS and why there appears to be certain cities (Toronto for instance based on your earlier post) that draw better crowds than others? It is just amazing to me that teams in such large metropolitan areas like NYC and Boston that have such diverse populations cannot draw more than 10-12K fans to a game. Especially the Revolution who have been consistently one of the best teams in the league. Maybe we could see a post that discusses each team’s attendance and what factors may be contributing to the attendance or lack thereof (i.e. demographics, previously had a professional soccer team, other pro teams (NFL,NBA,MLB) in the area).



  34. joe k says:

    do you play soccer video games? preferences on the konami or fifa version?

  35. mikeK says:

    Will Keano’s Sunderland make any big landings this summer? They’re up for this year, but is a sophomore slump likely?

  36. Steve says:

    Given all players available are at perfect health and at the top of their game REGARDLESS of age, what’s your 2010 World Cup roster look like?

  37. Glen says:

    What’s going on with Jimmy Conrad? Why hasn’t Bob Bradley been using him in more National team games lately?

  38. Gage says:

    You talk a lot about trying to grow the presence of soccer in the states. I play on a few different rec league teams with people who LOVE the game but I’ve encountered very few people who actually follow the professional teams. I’ve even tried in the past few weeks to say things like “how about that Man U/Chelsea match?” and people know the teams, but just don’t follow the game.

    So why do you think more rec players (at least in my area) don’t follow professional soccer? Is it just an exposure issue?

  39. Erika says:

    1. Who are you rooting for to win EURO and who do you think will actually win the tournament?

    2. Who do you predict coming out of the Italy, Romania, France and Holland group?

  40. OZZIE says:

    Any word on the whereabouts of Kyle Martino???

  41. Giorgia Chinaglia says:

    Do you think the Red Bulls will ever sign a striker as great as I was?

  42. koriordan says:

    Hi Ives,

    No questions about where Bradley/Dempsey/et al. will go. I am curious about the CRITERIA that you think they should use to DECIDE where to go (e.g., potential playing time, club prestige, league, training quality). Obviously, this is different for every player, but it seems like selecting a club for prestige alone is a bad idea. At the same time, players seem to try to sign with the most prestigious club they can get an offer from (the result: Preston Zimmerman is mired in reserve games for Hamburg SV II, Szetela is on loan to a Serie B club from Racing Santander).


  43. chesterton chris says:

    i’ve been watching mls for a few years now. the quality has been going up. do you think the games are playing at a higher level this year compared to last year?

    la galaxy have defensive problems. abel xavier is a little rough to watch. cory gibbs is available…..not really knowing mls rules, would it be possible rules wise to drop xavier mid season and pick up gibbs if he was willing to come to mls?

  44. Jeff says:

    Why have we not heard from Red Bull in such a long long time? Any idea? Have they lost interest in their NY franchise? To date, if I’m being honest, the ownership has not lived up to the hype and leaves me unimpressed in a big way. I wish Steinbrenner was interested in the team.

  45. brent says:

    Ives if you could pick any 11 pro athletes to make up a soccer team who would it be. If they had grown up with soccer would the USA dominate? MY team

    Chad Johnson(keeper)

    Larry Johnson(Left Back)

    Ray Lewis(center Back)

    Shawn Merriman(center back)

    Ladanian Tomlinson(Right Back)

    Lebron James(holding mid)

    Reggie Bush(Right Mid)

    Tracey Mcgrady(Left mid)

    Chris Paul(attacking mid)

    Randy Moss (Forward)

    Kobe Bryant(Forward)

    any thoughts or just too far out there of a question.

  46. Steve says:

    How adventageous is the Adidas-only kit deal in MLS? When does it expire?

  47. KLB says:

    We’ve heard the ESPN Euro games are going to be in HD? What about FSC matches (Murdoch owns Sky, so he can do it), Gol TV, Setanta, or the Champions League on ESPN?

    I know you probably don’t know the answer to all of these, but surely you have a little inside information about the WWL.

  48. Michelle says:

    What’s the deal with Landon Donovan? Is the MLS front office at all aware of the joke going on? He’s been an absolute a** on the field taunting people and commiting blatant handballs. I think it makes the league look even more Mickey Mouse not to be coming down hard on him. Yet I don’t even hear the media going after him let alone the league. Pathetic!

  49. Brant says:

    When/how might the salary cap start to go up in MLS? And coupled with that, are we going to see a rise in minimum salaries so we don’t have guys playing for $14k? Also, when do you think the roster sizes might start to expand, so that teams involved in multiple competitions (Champions Cup, SuperLiga, US Open Cup, etc) don’t wear out the same 15 guys with too many games (a la DC and Houston)?

  50. Tom says:


    Just how narrow is the Giants Stadium pitch? Feels like the Bulls are playing on a bowling lane. Any idea how close the new stadium pitch will be to the FIFA 80-yard (international) max?

    Love the site.

  51. Danny says:

    Any rumors about potential jersey sponsors for teams like D.C. United? Plenty of space on their new jersey, but nothing yet. Any insight?

  52. tedhill says:

    1. How does it feel to have picked against Chelsea in all three knockout rounds and all three times they have progressed? What do you have against the Blues?

    2. What are your thoughts on the Republic of Ireland national team? They didn’t get a tremendously difficult World Cup qualifying group (ITA, BUL, CYP, GEO, MNE), do you think they can make it to South Africa?

  53. Brant says:

    One last (short) one – are we likely to see you on TV regularly any time soon? Or are you just living in the written world?

  54. jeff says:

    When does MLS plan on raising the salary cap? I get a sense from fans around the league they are getting frustrated with watching a product with a 2 million dollar salary cap. MLS is clearly doing much better financially and is on far better footing then 7 years ago. If anything the league should allow a soft cap like the NBA or MLB have so it will allow teams that want to spend money to be allowed to and then pay a luxury tax for when they go over the cap that can be distributed to the smaller market teams. I fail to see why LA or NY should be held back because of the New Englands and Colorado’s.

  55. Mike says:

    Love the site, Ives. With MLS dipping into Canada with TFC, and the amount of support they have, do you see MLS including more Canadien cities in potential expansion?

  56. J says:

    Jeff(crew fan) I hate to be one to throw stones, but didn’t the crew only draw 6,733 for a game against Chivas a few weeks back?

    Ives, real question, you did say no RB Park questions, but what is the status of the RB’s training facility?

  57. Steigs says:

    Ives —

    With Concacaf WC qualifying around the corner, your thoughts on the most likely to qualify and any potential dark horse/sleeper candidates? The US and Mexico seem pretty automatic at this point but after that…?

  58. Ryan says:

    If Jozy does make his transfer this summer, does that man he’ll be out of the Olympics? It’d be tough to work your way into your new club if you miss the beginning of the season.

  59. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    George W. Bush – Great President or Greatest President?

  60. Pat Noonan's Mom says:

    How would you rank the top 10 forwards in MLS, in order?

  61. Homey G says:

    After reading about the $4 million sponsorship deal between DC United and VW, it made me wonder why the league doesn’t mandate that every team does this. It seems like very low-hanging fruit, and it’s basically enough money to pay the entire team’s salary for a year. Isn’t this the easiest way to increase salaries and get better players?

  62. smorebs says:

    Hey Ives,

    Thanks for the Q&A. How bad is Renya’s injury and will it keep him from distributing the ball against one of the worst defenses in the league (and disrupting one of the best offenses)? He has been doing so well controlling the game this year, I think LA will be a problem with out him steadying RBNY against such an effective offense. Do you have any predictions about the LA game, with and with out Renya?

  63. Freddy says:

    Not exactly sure if you covered this before… Do you think MLS should go to a single table? I say no because Eastern/Western Conference, playoffs and a final are a staple of American sports and since MLS is an American league (w/ one Canadian ingredient) I say keep the format the way it is. Your thoughts…

  64. Adam says:

    Ives, hello from Florida!

    I have heard (seen) a lot of talk about Charlie Renken and read a couple of profiles on him at various sites but what do you know about him and what is your take on him as a player and his development? Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

  65. Kevin J says:

    Hey Ives. Hope all is well. My question is how is DaMarcus Beasley rehab going and does he look able to take a part in the UEFA Cup Final for Rangers or play in the USA’s game against England? How has he done so far for the Rangers? Has he done well?

  66. Jamie Z. says:


    Any truth in rumors regarding Brooklyn Beckham’s desire to play for England instead of the U.S. National Team, despite the fact he was conceived here? Perhaps it would be worth our while to cap him during an upcoming Olympic Qualifier? We’re a bit thin at left back. Is he even on Bradley’s radar?

  67. Kevin J says:

    What’s your pick as of the next 5 US players to play abroad? And do they have the skill to cut in overseas?

  68. Irene H says:

    Who’s the biggest or famous or well respected US player abroad? Brian McBride, Kasey Keller, DaMarcus Beasley, Brad Friedel? Who has achieved the most in term of goals or assists or most clean sheets (in regard to goalkeepers) or trophies?

  69. Legolas H. says:

    Concerning the lack of fit and skilled strikers for the US national team, are Brian Ching and Taylor Twellman out for World Cup qualifications? Are Eddie Johnson and for that matter Jozy Altidore the only real options for strikers?

  70. Q says:

    Again, love the blog.

    I feel like Zach Wells is the weakest goalie in the league (and it hurts since I’m a DC fan) because of bad communication, bad positioning and no knowledge of his position. Who do you think is the weakest goalie in MLS and why? How about the best?

  71. John K says:

    How would you rate the current US roster for the Mexico/Poland games and most likely for WC qualifying in comparison to past squads such as the 2002 World Cup and Gold Cup?

  72. Seisco says:

    1.)Who’s more likely to be a DP first Henry or Shevchenko?

    2.)Realistically what range do you see the salary cap being pushed up to within the next couple of years? When will MLS abolish the salary cap?


  73. shawn says:

    Since MLS uses secondary assists is it possible to have the secondary assist on a goal you score? Example would be a quick give and go where the intial passer then scores.

  74. Ben says:

    With Villareal asking about Jozy, how much you think his transfer fee will be if he leaves in this summer transfer period?

    peace out dawg

  75. derek says:

    this isn’t an MLS in 10 years question, i hope — but we’ve always heard that these soccer-specific stadiums are supposed to help improve MLS’s bottom line — how far along is the league doing in terms of that, and when will the league as a whole turn a profit i.e. any time soon? Thanks.

    btw i love the blog.

  76. Dominghosa says:


    1) If you were Barca’s technical director or what not, how would you makeover the team?

    2) Maybe you’re not “up there” yet. But the moment where you realized you “made it”? If it all.

    Thanks as always and keep on keepin on…

  77. jake says:

    Whats with the multiple page comments section??? Its really annoying sometimes especially if theres like 200 comments, it takes 5 minutes just to get to the end. Just wondering…

  78. guillermo says:


    How would you rank each MLS referee? Are there one or two that you think are better than the others, or are they all bad?

    The 1v1 against Luis Arroyave question was hilarious.

  79. William says:

    tedhill chided you for picking against Chelsea and asks “What do you have against the Blues?”

    well, ted, the simple answer is this: “If you’re not a Manc, your a Wank.”

  80. wally says:

    Hey ives. any news on carlos ruiz’s return match?

  81. Dan says:

    Hi Ives.

    Would MLS consider staging any matches, even if they are exhibitions, in Philadephia in anticipation of 2010? I think it would be a great way to build interest in the new team. Franklin Field would be a perfect small venue for such events.

  82. Mark says:


    1.Which 3 players do you see getting their first cap under bob bradley this year?

    2.Do you think we will see Arsenal make a trip to colorado this summer now that the two clubs are affiliated?

  83. EDB says:


    do you prefer a system like the MLS where every team every year has a chance to be competitve, or a league like the EPL , Series A where there are only 3-4 teams that have a realistic shot of winning the league

  84. Andrew Karl says:

    Hey Ives,

    Random question and one not related to a specific player/team/league…

    What kind of role does public relations play in the soccer media? I can imagine that front offices send you press releases and such, but do you ever recieve story pitches in your email? If so do they come from agencies or front offices? I’m curious to know if i can take my current carear path down this road.

    Thanks so much. Seems like the Q&A’s are coming around more and more often nowadays, love it!

  85. Mike O says:


    Great site! Question about the overall finances of the MLS. A mere 5-10 years ago the league was swimming in a vast sea of red, two franchises folded and the league almost became yet another ghost of American professional soccer. Given the rapid new expansion, higher salaries (for top players), corporate sponsorship, new TV contracts and construction soccer-specific stadiums the league appears to be on pretty good footing (pun intended).

    My question is this: is any of this a mirage? A couple franchises like LA Galaxy and Dallas declared profitability a couple years ago and one would assume TFC is close if not there as well. However, it all still seems so fragile. The league still carries significant debt and outside of hard-core fans like us the league is still pretty anonymous to most U.S. sports fans. Despite the growth from what you can tell is the long-term viability of the league still a concern at MLS headquarters in NYC? With a dampening economy this seems especially prevalent right now.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  86. mz says:

    what are the US’s starting lineups at wc 2010 2014

  87. Mark says:

    Who was Mr. Rumor?

  88. Mike says:


    How did you get into soccer?

  89. Victor says:

    What, if any, are the relations between MLS and USL? If in a few decades MLS becomes a major American sports league do you see a merger happening a la NBA/ABA or NFL/AFL? Or can USL survive as a small league sort of like the AHL vs NHL?

    Love the site, keep up the hard work!

  90. Rocco says:

    What is the news regarding the formerly highly regarded Johnny X (Exantus)of the Red Bulls youth academy. I see he has been scoring goals left and right in the U-18 games. Is he back at the top of the list of Academy player’s who may eventually be signed to the senior squad? I have a hunch he might be the guy the Red Bulls wants to sign before Kassell. Wasn’t the league rule that allows senior teams to sign players from their youth system basically implemented b/c of this kid.

  91. Victor says:

    How come the MLS hasn’t seen a large contingency of Asian players yet? It seems as though we have all corners of the world represented in our league except for Eastern Asia. When I see the support the Korean demographic gives for mediocre MLB players like Chan Ho Park and Choi Hee Sop, it makes me wonder how much interest MLS can garner from heavily asian populated regions if they signed someone like a Park Ji Sung or even someone more reasonable for an MLS salary.

  92. Keith G. says:

    How come there are no American women playing in the womens EPL or what not? I was shocked that when the league went out here that they werent picked up bye clubs like Arsenal and what not.

    Also when the new league does come around, how long will it take to get where the MLS is now, and who will be the 1st big name international?

  93. Neds FC says:

    Do you know any of the details of then Metrostars sale of Michale Bradley? Are MLS or the Red Bulls entitled to a sell on fee? It is amazing how the Metrostars managed to rid themselves of a future National Team coach and one of the National Team’s most promising young players in one fell swoop. I can’t imagine the person who was responsible for this is still working in American soccer! Obviously, it is difficult to say without knowing the details, but where do you think that sale ranks in terms of the all time worst trades/sales in MLS history?

  94. Dannyc58 says:


    Why do they water the surface at Giants Stadium?

  95. Austin says:

    First of all, Your web site is great. Keep up the great work.

    This is not a possibility anymore, but lets say liverpool or Ac Milan finished 5th in their leagues, but won the champions league…would they get a spot in next years champions league even though they missed 4th in their league?

  96. Mike says:

    Ives- Keep up the great work. Quick questions:

    1) With Crystal Palace backing a team in the US, what other teams from Europe do you see setting up feeder teams in theUS?

    2) Who, in your opinion, in their prime, was the best goalkeeper for the US and why? Keller, Friedel, Meola, Howard?

  97. Bill says:

    1. What’s the one or two (or more) things the Toronto franchise is doing that other MLS teams could learn from or utilize immediately?

    2. To the extent you can tell or know, how does Jozy feel about playing in midfield? I thought that was going to be all in the past once Arena left…

    Thanks, as always.

  98. Petey says:

    Hey Ives-

    Who do you think will become the next club to win the EPL for the first time? Liverpool seems the obvious choice, but it hasn’t happened yet, you know? Also, as close as Hearts came a few years ago, which still wasn’t hugely close, do you think a non-Old-Firm club will win the SPL as long as Celtic and Rangers are a part of it?

  99. Will says:

    What has happened to Freddy Adu? It seems as if he’s fallen out of favor yet again at Benfica with the relentless coach-swapping they’ve gone through. Do you see him getting more playing time there soon?

  100. Jonathan says:

    This might seem like a very random question, but does MLS, EPL, La Liga, etc. etc. use the same trophy each year awarded to champions (a la World Cup), or are there separate trophies each year for the champs?

    Love the blog!!! as I have for years! Keep it up

  101. Federer says:

    Why the MLS still allows syntetic grass stadiums? I think is really dumb because increases the chances of a serious injury.

  102. Mike says:

    Can you elaborate on the Altidore to Europe rumors? More specifically, the Altidore to Villareal rumors? Where do they come from? Have you confirmed with the Red Bulls that talks or inquiries have happened? What is the real truth there?

  103. Jerry says:

    Ives –

    2 questions

    I read on a Honduras newspaper that George Welcome the guy who score the goal to win the Olympic qualifiers over USA has a tryout with NE Revs any news on that and whether its true? whats the possibility of him getting signed?

    Also, What really happened with Amado Guevara that I read that he wouldnt talk to reporters untill after you left the press room? was it that bad? what did he say when he saw you at BMO field last thursday?

  104. Amit says:

    Hello Ives,

    a)Are the Red Bulls trying to sign any free agents, or are they just waiting until the summer window? Players are dropping like flies, which is starting to scare me.

    b)Where do groceries for the SBI compound come from?

  105. Eric Anderson says:

    Who do you see as the best 11 players in MLS? What about if you had to make a starting XI using only one player from any team?

  106. Geoff says:


    Fantastic Blog mate, excellent work by far.

    My issue is the guys on ESPN who cover the Champions League matches what is your opinion of them? I personally can’t stand any of them. Tommy Smyth, what has he done in the game? He has no previous history of playing or managing in the game! The only respectable character who was on there was Stevie Nicol who at least played at the highest level and won a European Cup. Adrian Healey has to be one of the worst commentators ever! Whats your thoughts on them?

  107. Adam (Joliet, IL) says:

    Is anyone else concerned about the lack of big name, U.S. born stars in the MLS? Seems like this season, more than in the past, the only two I hear mentioned are Donvan and Jozy. Are we getting flooded with internationals?

  108. Ives says:


    Thanks to all of you who submitted questions this time around. I will look to provide answers by early next week.

    Thank you again.