McBride leaves Fulham, MLS return imminent (updated)


American forward and retired U.S. national standout Brian McBride has parted ways with Fulham FC, the club announced on Wednesday.

McBride, who is a month shy of 36, leaves after scoring 40 goals in 150 appearances for Fulham, including several crucial goals in the Cottagers escape from relegation this season.

“After much consideration with my family, we have decided to leave Fulham after four and a half fantastic years," McBride said in a team-issued statement. "I have always stated my intention to return to America at some stage and this seems like the right moment in my career to move on."

The big question now is where will McBride go? Reports have linked McBride to a move to the Chicago Fire, which is his home-town team, but the Fire do not hold the necessary allocation place to sign McBride, or the Designated Player slot you would expect McBride to hold. A trade would likely have to be worked out in order for McBride to wind up with the Fire.

There is also the matter of McBride’s former MLS team, the Columbus Crew, which could desperately use a forward like McBride, who spent nine seasons with the Crew before joining Fulham in 2004.

So who is holding the cards in the McBride sweepstakes? That would be Toronto FC, which currently holds the top spot in the allocation order. Trade offers have already begun pouring in, but prying away that allocation won’t come cheap.

So you have the Fire, which has the trade pieces to get the allocation from Toronto, but not that AND a designated player slot, and you have the Crew, which has the available designated player slot, but not the trade pieces to get the allocation from Toronto.

One team that must be kicking itself right now is the San Jose Earthquakes. San Jose previously held the top spot in the allocation order, but used it to acquire Peguero Jean-Philippe, who has just been ruled out for the rest of the season because his surgically-repaired knee is a mess. OUCH.

(According to this report from Centerline Soccer, San Jose general manager John Doyle is stating that the Earthquakes have regained the top allocation slot after releasing Peguero. My sources tell me this is not the case and Toronto does have the top allocation slot.)

McBride’s departure from Fulham also increases the likelihood that he will join the U.S. Olympic team. As SBI first reported in March, McBride is interested in being one of the over-age players on the U.S. team, and is a safe bet to join Peter Nowak’s squad.

Where do you think McBride will go? Where should he go? Share your thoughts on McBride’s departure from Fulham below.

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115 Responses to McBride leaves Fulham, MLS return imminent (updated)

  1. Greg says:

    As much as I would love to see McBride across a crew shirt again, you have to think that in this stage of his career he will want to play in his hometown. Will the league turn a blind eye to the DP rules for McB?

  2. Ben says:

    I’d like to see him go to DC United. With Emilio out of form (maybe coming back in) and the lack of a second effective forward, I think it makes sense.

    They could also use DP cash to lure him. Could he be signed as a DP instead of allocated? Not sure how that works. . .


  3. Modibo says:

    Where should he go? Chicago of course.

  4. EDB says:

    I don’t think the fire could afford him w/o a dp slot .. maybe trade conde to someone for a dp slot and then send tornoto some cash for the allocation slot.. I don’t know seems like it would be difficult to work out for the fire

  5. HomeyBoehme says:

    Seattle…you can pair McBride w/Henry! 😉

  6. Murphy says:

    If McBride goes to Chicago they will be a great team. Just think of all the misses Barrett has had that McBride would finish! Blanco could put crosses on McBride’s head all day…

  7. Rob says:

    This all but sets up for him to be the senior player in the Olympics IMO.

  8. irishapple21 says:

    Since McBride isn’t coming to RBNY, I hope he signs with a western conference club, like RSL maybe. Most likely he’ll end up in either the Cowlumbus Village People or the Third City Flamers.

  9. Igor says:

    If he goes to the Fire I might shoot someone.

  10. Tim F. says:

    He should go to Columbus or San Jose.

  11. Brant says:

    I love how the Fire fans just assume McBride is theirs, as though he’s some birthright.

    Does anyone in MLS even hold his rights?

    And why wouldn’t he go back to the Crew? They’re a perfectly good, competitive team that’s lacked for – get this – goal-scoring. Gee, what forward and former team hero wouldn’t want to ride back in on a white horse and help?

    Of course, now that the Crew-Fire argument has started, he’ll end up in Salt Lake or Chivas or something totally off-the-wall.

  12. gonzogrover says:

    Come back to Columbus!!!

  13. John says:

    This is where the MLS rules come into play… the question is what pool does MLS determine McBride fits into. Can he be a discovery signing (rule E), or does he have to fit into rule L – returning USMNT player?


    Each team has the opportunity to make six (6) discovery signings per season. The last day for discovery player signings is September 15, 2008 – coinciding with the roster freeze date and trade deadline. The six Discovery signings can be used to fill senior roster spots only. If multiple teams claim the same player using a Discovery, the team that filed the claim first will have first rights to the player. Discovery claims expire following each season. If a player was unable to come to terms during the season, the team that first filed the discovery retains the right of first refusal in the event the player is signed.


    In the event a U.S. National Team pool player playing abroad returns to the U.S. and there is interest from multiple MLS teams, preference will be given first to a team prepared to use an allocation. If there is more than one team prepared to use an allocation on a particular player, the current season’s allocation rankings as determined by the MLS Competition Committee would be used. In the event no team is willing to use an allocation, the player will be assigned via waivers.

  14. EDB says:

    umm .. I’m a fire fan.. and if you see I don’t just assume he is ours.. however, I’m sure if he expresses an interest in joining the Fire the MLS would find some rule to get him there.. but i think i also laid out what i believe would have to happen for the fire to get him and I just don’t think that will happen..

  15. duthie says:

    dosen’t TFC have top allocation?? I doubt McBride would play for them but could it be possible TFC use there allocation to pick him up and drop Cunningham?

  16. Nathan says:

    I hope Houston ends up with a good foward out of all of this somehow (though not McBride–we’ve already got a slight variation on that kind of forward).

  17. Steve says:

    I love how the Fire fans just assume McBride is theirs, as though he’s some birthright.

    Posted by: Brant | May 28, 2008 at 02:07 PM

    Yeah, Fire fans are the unrealistic ones but Red Bulls fans are all for making the claim that Thierry Henry will come only to New York? Maybe not birth right but birth place. But you know what I love? That we smoked your a$$ on Sunday on your own field, and your team is having emergency meetings to straighten out your mess, while at least the rumors are that we could be stregthening the best team in the league.

    If he’s coming to MLS he’s playing for either Columbus or Chicago. And it will be his call. Either team will be forced to make a trade with Toronto but I am guessing there will be Garbers-prints all over this.

    I know I’m being overly optimistic but, considering Columbus had the number one slot in the allocation table until 13 days ago. Don’t you think if he wanted to go to Columbus it would already be done?

  18. tyson says:

    SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC should get Mcbride.

  19. Johnny says:

    As a Fulham fan I am sad to see him go. It will be very hard for Fulham to replace him…EJ is not the answer.

  20. Jeff says:

    The Crew would be an absolutely perfect fit for McBride. I hope it happens. Even though the Crew have started out on fire, I don’t trust the forwards. They NEED McBride if they want to be a serious player.

  21. irishapple21 says:

    McBride would be too scared of a career-ending thrown streamer injury to go to Columbus. That and the racist chants of “Honky.”

  22. Amit says:

    Toronto can’t keep an unhappy American Brian McBride on their roster. They’ll probably try to trade for a Canadian player in any deal.

  23. Ross says:

    I could see Chicago trading Marmol or Conde or one and additional considerations to Toronto for the allocation. Toronto could use a stronger defense.

  24. Jeff says:

    Chicago shouldn’t mortgage their future for BMcB. They are already the best team in the league.

    One question…Won’t he be a DP? Does Chicago have another DP? Columbus has their slot left, right?

  25. chris says:

    He’ll go to the Fire. MLS makes up the rules as it goes along. They’ll force Toronto to make a trade to allow this to happen. Just like they did with Adu and Donovan.

  26. Hincha Tim says:

    I assume he would be in the DP category, which opens up a second problem for Chicago: they need to acquire a DP from someone. From what I understand, Columbus still has theirs. But hasn’t Toronto used theirs? I don’t know where RSL sits on the Allocation list, but they have a DP available, they have cap space, and they need a finisher.

  27. J says:

    LA…I’m surprised no one said that yet

  28. cc says:

    Hmmm, maybe Houston could trade DeRosario to Toronto for that allocation. The Dynamo definitely need a forward and have depth in the midfield.

  29. Rocco says:

    Doubt he is going with TFC when he stated the main decision was a return to the United States, not Canada.

    Fire – no way they have a DP already and very good fan support.

    I would say he goes back to the Columbus Crew. They need a strike partner for Rogers. Also, it would help their anemic attendance figures. McBride on the end of Schelloto’s services, he will have 15 goals in half the season.

  30. Marcos says:

    link to

    According to Jeff Carlisle, after speaking with San Jose honcho Doyle, they haven’t lost their spot on the allocation order since Jean-Philippe has been released. Check out the full story at the link above.

  31. Michael F. says:

    Since RBNY is going to lose Altidore this summer, wouldn’t aquireing McBride make sense?

  32. Jeff says:

    I heard he would rather play in Columbus than NY because the Crew have a better attendance draw.

  33. irishapple21 says:

    Word on the street is that Altidore’s replacement on RBNY will be Thierry Henry. Just in time for Red Bull Park to open.

  34. Chow says:

    He’s stated that he wants to play in Chicago and I’m confident Klopas can make a deal happen. Plus last I checked McBride isn’t racist so why would he play for Columbus??

  35. papa bear says:

    it’s comical to even talk about MLS rules and allocation order.

    Let’s face it, pretty much every team in MLS could use him. Even RBNY with Jozy likely to miss time and perhaps even Angel if Colombia realizes that he is actually still pretty damn good.

    It’ll 100% come down to who he wants to play for. TFC will end up getting a perfunctory allocation or some other garbage compensation and McBride will pick between Columbus to go the ‘full circle’ route, or Chicago to play in front of his hometown fans.

    I know I hope he comes to Chicago but I wouldn’t be too shocked if he went to Columbus.

  36. CD says:

    McBride will go where McBride wants to go. At this point the MLS needs him more than he needs the MLS.

  37. Jeff says:

    Chow…nothing racist ever happens in Chicago. That city has a serial offender (Ozzie Guillen).

    I hope your comment was a joke. I thought it was funny if you were being sarcastic/joking.

  38. Tucks says:

    To Ross: Toronto wouldn’t want defense to get Mcbride. They need a striker.

  39. Steve says:

    Ives –

    Do you have the current allocation tables?

    The MLS web-site is not up to date with it still showing the tables that expired mid-month.

    btw GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ives says:

    Folks, my sources tell me San Jose does NOT have the top allocation spot despite what Earthquakes GM John Doyle told Centerline Soccer. Toronto FC has it. Hopefully MLS officials can address this one soon.

  41. Nathanhj says:

    Houston could make this happen. They have enough talent to part with for the allocation slot and they have yet to use their DP slot.

    Someone’s going to say that Ching and McBride have the same game, but I don’t think that’s a huge problem against most MLS defenses, at least for these two. Plus the Houston midfield, even if they get rid of Davis/Mullan/Holden/Mulrooney has the talent and speed to support back-to-the-goal players like Ching and McBride.

  42. kpugs says:

    Wherever he ends up, I’ll give him a nice hand when he comes to Jersey.

    Personally, as much as I hate the Fire I don’t want to see McBride go anywhere but Columbus or Chicago. I’d like to see him come full circle and end his career with the Crew. Not that I think my preference matters.

    I also think any freaking out over allocations is pointless. Wherever McBride wants to play he will play. The league will help whatever team that is set up the appropriate trades. The team he chooses might have to give up kind of a lot, but we’d be foolish to think anyone but McBride himself will decide where he ends up.

  43. Dominghosa says:

    I was just about to post the same thing CD. No way is McBride coming back and not play for the team he wants to.

    This is, after all, the MLS.

    Congrats Chicago.

  44. Murphy says:

    lineup: link to

    Califf? Ridiculous. No Donovan.

  45. sal says:

    Yeah, Fire fans are the unrealistic ones but Red Bulls fans are all for making the claim that Thierry Henry will come only to New York?

    by Steve


    Steve beat me to it.

    Friggin’ hypocritical RBNY fans. We’re delusional despite our guy McBride actually going on record stating he’d like to come to play for the Fire? Where are the Henry quotes even saying anything close to that with regards to NY? Thought so. Yet you guys are absolutely convinced he’s yours. El oh El.

  46. kpugs says:

    Papa bear…didn’t read your comment before posting mine. You are correct of course.

    All of this jibber jabber is meaningless. Regardless of what McBride’s future team has to give up, the choice of where to play is his and his alone.

  47. John says:

    Marcos – great info.

    If that is true, and they have first dibs – they should start a bidding war, rather than taking McBride on a team that is 2-3 years away from contending.

    Who knows, they might get bids from Chicago, Columbus, Houston and New England…

    Nothing less from Chicago than Nyarko (GA), Soumare (GA), and major allocation $.

    Nothing less from Columbus than Rogers and Gavan.

    Nothing less from Houston than Ashe, Ianni (GA), Holden, 1st rd pick, allocation $.

    Nothing less from New England than Igwe (GA), Valentino (GA) and Parkhurst.

  48. JCF says:

    Jeff, when has Ozzie Guillen made racist remarks? I believe hes only made remarks about gays.

  49. Nick says:

    My feeling is that he wouldn’t have turned down Fulham’s one year extension unless he had already talked with MLS and had something set up already. McBride is a smart guy and he isn’t going to turn down what is probably upwards of a million dollars from Fulham in the hope that MLS will put him on the team he wants. SOMETHING has to have already been sorted.

  50. JeffM says:

    Is there any way DCU could essentially swap Emilio for McBride? That’s surely too good to be true.

  51. kpugs says:

    If Chicago were smart they’d ship Barrett to Toronto for the allocation spot.

    JCF, bigotry is bigotry is bigotry, are you defending it?

  52. eric says:

    Since MLS rules are already only a suggestion, I hope MLS does what it needs to for McBride to land where he wants to play, provided they can make it work capwise and with the DP slot.

    If that means “screwing” over Toronto or someone else in line, give them some allocation money or something for their troubles.

    McBride is accomplished enough on the field, and valuable on the marketing side, to control his destination within reason.

  53. Steve T. says:

    Everyone is saying that what McBride wants McBride gets, but didnt American Legend Kasey Keller get snubbed out of joining RSL? Does anyone know if that situation was way different?

  54. A.S. says:

    Agree with the above comments that it would be odd for McBride to state that it’s always been his intention to “return to America” and then end up in Toronto. (Notwithstanding Canada being the 51st state and all… :) )

    This seems to me like an NBA free agent “sign and trade” situation. McBride’s going to sign with the team he wants to play for – and once McBride makes clear which team that is, that team is going to have to work out a deal with Toronto for compensation.

  55. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Bwahahaha fight away.

    We want big money!

    Cmon Mo!

    I suspect we have other ideas in the wings for our Dp striker so im sure we will need at least money allocations out of this. Sadly our slots are filled (Cunny will be dropped)but money is always nice.

  56. frank says:

    What if BMB was to get an offer from a Champions League club-think he might stay overseas for an extra couple of years?

    Otherwise-it’s back to MLS….

  57. John says:

    McBride has always been a classy, hard-working guy. If he truly wants to end his career in Chicago, I’d like to see a way to make that happen without being too obnoxious (unlike the Donovan “great-grandfathering” example).

    That said, I’m feeling the same way about McBride that I did when Reyna came into MLS: classy, hard-working, international vet with NT credentials who does much of his best work in small ways and off the ball but also has an issue with injuries. Be careful what you wish for–whoever gets him may very well be getting the striker version of Claudio Reyna.

    I don’t know how MLS decides who gets him. But I can’t see him signing with TFC–it makes no sense (leave Fulham to go to…Canada? Nothing against Toronto but that’s not “home”). And whether it’s a discovery or allocation or DP, you’ve got to figure that he’s going to require DP money, even for half a season. So that means Chicago would have to acquire a DP slot if the Fire are going to sign him. It also means any such team would have to clear sufficient cap room.

    Possible contenders from my perspective:

    –Chicago (has the pieces to acquire a second DP slot and by trading some of those pieces they get the cap room).

    –DCU (don’t know if he’s willing to play anywhere other than the midwest but Niell is likely gone and if Emilio is sold at mid-season than that frees up a second DP slot with more than enough salary cap room. DCU is the least likely in terms of geography and “home” but the easiest in terms of DP and cap room because they’re likely to sell Emilio)

    –Columbus (has the DP slot but would probably need to clear some cap room)

    –San Jose (though I doubt that Doyle is right about them regaining the top allocation–I suspect they’re a potential trade partner for Chicago if that’s the case).

    I think all of the other teams in MLS either would have too many cap issues unless they get rid of players they don’t currently intend to get rid of or don’t have a DP slot to hold a player of McBride’s salary. RSL would be the team I don’t know about.

    As for Red Bulls signing Henry if Altidore leaves, I think think that would be impossible unless that happens in Jan 09 because the team can’t have 3 DP players. Nah, if Altidore is sold, that just hurts the team because he doesn’t clear much cap room and that’s the issue with replacement players–the team doesn’t have the cap space to go out and sign max salary or near max salary players for 2-3-4 positions (left back, left mid, striker, A-mid). Instead, the team is looking for budget alternatives or role players–at least for this season. That is why the Conde situation hurt so much–because he was a central defender, D-mid, left-side defender, just very versatile.

  58. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    I can assure you his rights are ours and we dont want him, we do want his value in allocations/spots/etc. Im very much looking forward to this (as well as the DP we are ideally eventually going to sign).

  59. JCF says:

    kpugs, true true.

  60. ANTONIO MIGUEL says:


    San Jose gets the rights to McBride. Trade the rights to CHI for Rolfe/or Barrett with Justin Mapp and a few draft picks — which im still left to decide where CHI will get another DP slot.

  61. John Giles says:

    Some saying here he should be able to where he chooses. What if a team don’t want him?

    How could you force the Crew to give up Rogers, so he can play there? That would be subtraction by addition in the case of the Crew.

    Also, this is a business, he’s almost done. Why should anyone have to give up as much as is being stated here, to get him.

    Lastly, the U23’s is for the young un’s. Brian has had it all… it’s pure selfishness for him to take a roster spot on that squad.

  62. gerald says:

    I agree with those who have already said it. McBride will play where he wants to play as far as the MLS is concerned

  63. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Not particularly sure as to why people want to believe that San Jose has the allocation.

    Im willing to bet that McBride will pick where he wants and we will get a first round draft pick or two over the next year or two, hopefully some allocations in there too.

  64. Chris says:

    Don’t DP slots count ahead of Allocations? When Reyna came to the RB’s I don’t remember any talk about allocations. None for Blanco, Beckham, etc. Chicago would still need to get one if it were to try to get McBride.

  65. mumbly joe says:

    As much as I like McBride, a 35 year-old, injury prone player is not worth a DP slot. He’s a very good player and a great teammate but he’s not exactly a prolific goal scorer. He’ll probably provide a slight attendance boost but not the big boost you would want from a DP. I think Chicago is going to have to give up too much to get him.

  66. Craig says:

    I hope he comes back to Columbus…I tend to agree that BMcB does what he wants, I’m sure he’ll be in the Midwest somewhere and I hope to see him up top for the Crew with GBS punching in goals via Brians forehead. Plus, he will be a great marketing tool. As a kid I can remember listening to countless things with him featured as the face of the Crew. Bottom line, MLS is gaining a great player no matter where he ends up. Welcome home Brian!

  67. Skinn says:

    Assuming that TFC has the top allocation, and assuming that TFC are actually in control of the situation (and thus ignoring the fact that MLS likes to massage these situations), I don’t think TFC would work a deal with either of their two closest geographic rivals–who not incidentally are 2 of the 3 teams ahead of them in the east. Assuming the above (a big risk, I know) why would Mo help either the Fire or Crew get stronger. (Plus Ross, TFC doesn’t need defensive help; they need a goal scorer.)

    From a TFC fan’s perspective, I like the Houston scenario, though I’m not sure DeRo is ready to leave Houston (he’s stated publically that he’s not, and signed a new contract last season). I’m also not sure that Houston would deal their engine and marquee player.

    In the end, I fear MLS will step in and resolve the situation, finding a way to funnel McBride to the Fire or Crew.

  68. Acme says:

    MLS can make, break and bend rules as it sees fit and they have done so for other teams that aren’t the Fire.

    Bride goes where he wants to go without much of a peep from anyone and so far it seems to be the Fire.

    With a small ammount of luck it will happen shortly.

  69. dhines says:

    where can we find the MLS allocation tables?

  70. Ben says:

    He’ll go to LA (they have 800k allocation $ to use on players who come from outside the league… and they will then trade him, or Ruiz, or Buddle/Gordon for some beef on the sides and defenders… or Robbie Rogers :)

  71. H Bomb says:

    Would love to know 100% who has his rights. As a Toronto fan I understood that we did but the SJ guy has me worried. Please update as soon as possible. Truth is I can’t imagine us getting much more than a pick or allocation for him….but something for nothing would be great.

  72. William the Terror says:

    mumbly joe — “not a prolific goal scorer??”

    between his brief stint at Everton and his time at Fulham, McBride scored 45 goals — most of this while serving as the lone target man on mid to bottom of the table teams. He scored 34 goals for the US MNT, including 3 in the World Cup Finals (1 in 98 and 2 in 02).

    had he played on stronger teams, i shudder to think what his numbers might have been. he is a class act and by far the greatest pure forward the US has ever produced. show some respect.

  73. Manny F says:

    What makes you guys think that McBride might even want to be signed as a DP? He could just take a nice max salary.

  74. Tom Long says:

    From all the reports I’ve seen SJ claims to be #1 but in truth TORONTO has the #1 spot.

  75. TFC Fan says:

    To all the SJ fans claiming they have the #1 allocation spot back … too bad you wasted it on a guy with bad knees. No “do-overs” in this league unless you are the Galaxy.

  76. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    The Fire don’t need a DP slot for McBride. They can pay him MLS max with some allocation money to settle the balance.

    Toronto needs a striker the most so I’d guess the Fire trade Barrett and a draft pick for the rights to McBride.

  77. ChicagoSoccerGuy says:

    Why assume he is a D.P. spot or that he’s asking for D.P. money- BIG assumptions! If he was in it for the $$$$ he’d just stay where he is now.

    At this stage in his life, one has to think it’s about more than soccer. It’s about life with his wife and kids.

    I couldn’t see him going to anywhere but Chicago or it was pointless to leave the BIG BUCKS across the pond.

    Think about it and use some logic.

  78. brian says:

    please come back to columbus.

  79. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    We need a striker (TFC) and there are talks we are looking at several in Europe to sign as a DP. We will only have room for them if we drop Cunny (both financially and fist team wise). I doubt we will take a player in any trade, most likely allocations and or first round draftpicks.

  80. Forrest says:

    This is what I see most likely happening. McHead wants to play in Chicago. Its where he and his wife is from, and they already have a house there. MLS will strongly “encourage” TFC and Chicago to work out a deal. If I’m trader Mo I’m asking for Rolfe, another player, and a draft pick. Rolfe and Dichio up top would be a pretty good pairing. Whether or not Rolfe would hold up on the turf and Carver would dump his 4-5-1 are other questions.

    As for the DP slot I don’t think Chicago needs it. If it was all about the $$ McBride would have signed another two year deal with Fulham. He wants to play for his hometown team. I agree with ChicagoSoccerGuy, he’ll settle for MLS max salary or close to it. The worst case scenario from McBride’s point of view is that he plays in the Olympics, and then takes an extended vacation this fall with Chicago working out a deal during the off season. I seriously believe he’d rather not play this season than settle for another team.

  81. Chris UCF says:

    Jozy playing with and learning from McBride at the Olympics? Couldn’t have asked for a better fit…

  82. Chris UCF says:

    also, I don’t think McBride would have made this decision to keep his future in the air. He obviously has spoken with the MLS already and a plan is already in place.

  83. Joe_in_ND says:

    Chicago. Fire. PLEASE!!!

  84. MIKE RUZE says:

    Dasan Robinson, Logan Pause or Calen Carr and the rights to Cervi for Mcbride.

    Then sign Mcbride for 1 dollar less than what would require a DP slot.Or give him Schelotto money. Why give a DP slot to someone who wont be available till after the olympics.

    Not to rip on Columbus but Mcbride dereves better than to go to an empty stadium with an organization tht just doesnt give a sh!t.

  85. Yo says:

    So Fulham let him go too……….

  86. combo breaker karma says:

    i grew up in columbus and had season tickets to their first couple seasons.

    still have the shoelace he gave me after a crew game once that he used to have to tie his then long hair with. ive watched him these last seasons at fulham. The guy is a legend and should be able to go where he wants.

  87. MonkeyBoy says:

    If LA can get away with not acquiring another DP spot for Donovan this year, and then getting a 3rd DP in Ruiz, then no one should have a problem with McBride going to Chicago.

    I think either Marmol or Conde will be traded to TFC for the allocation spot and MLS will just ‘allow’ the Fire to add McBride. Unfortunately for the Fire though is that they’ll likely lose 2 players for the Olympics – Barrett, McBride.

  88. Felix says:

    I don’t think McBride will have come back to let his future team float in the wind. I believe all of this stuff has already worked itself out, and its either going to be the Fire or the Crew.

  89. brett says:

    Forrest- while McBride is a top notch player and scorer, he is also getting up there in age… anyone who’s foolish enough to think we would trade Rolfe is just insane…

    while the fans may love it, Barrett will probably not get traded either… he is on form and, oddly enough, one of our top finishers and assisters (behind blanco i believe)…. i dont see him going either…

    Nyarko wont be leaving either… the team seems too high on him to let him go for a player who will be around for maybe a year (regardless of how many goals he may put up)… while the fire need to look at this year they also need to play on future years…

    a BIG question is how many more intl’ roster spots does TFC have?? your bargaining chips may not be as strong as you think…

    allocation…. $$$…. Herron??? i dont see the fire trading any key players for this… however, whether they’ll get it by not making any big trades, I dunno..

  90. TJ says:

    While we wait for everone to finish fighting for him, we’ll take him on the Rochester Rhinos USL team. I think we scored 1 goal this season.

  91. TFC Fan says:

    Forrest- while McBride is a top notch player and scorer, he is also getting up there in age… anyone who’s foolish enough to think we would trade Rolfe is just insane…

    while the fans may love it, Barrett will probably not get traded either… he is on form and, oddly enough, one of our top finishers and assisters (behind blanco i believe)…. i dont see him going either…

    Nyarko wont be leaving either… the team seems too high on him to let him go for a player who will be around for maybe a year (regardless of how many goals he may put up)… while the fire need to look at this year they also need to play on future years…

    a BIG question is how many more intl’ roster spots does TFC have?? your bargaining chips may not be as strong as you think…

    allocation…. $$$…. Herron??? i dont see the fire trading any key players for this… however, whether they’ll get it by not making any big trades, I dunno..

    Posted by: brett | May 29, 2008 at 09:23 AM


    Mo will not be fleeced here. They can easily make a trade and free up an int’l slot if need be. Wit that in mind, TFC will not take a couple of crap players in addition to $$$/ draft picks. Because they have to drop to make room for anything but Cdn players, they will want a top notch player (Rolfe or maybe Soumare/Nyarko – possibly Mapp but his salary would make that slim). At this point they will be dealing Cunningham to free up DP striker spot and then would have to deal either Phelan/Dunivant/Marshall to free up another spot for whatever player they may acquire in deal for McBride. With that in mind, bundling crap won’t cut it. They can always play hardball and make McBride settle for C-bus.

  92. zoran says:

    I played against McBride a couple of times in the Robbie tournament in Toronto back in 90-91 (Scarborough technically) and he was playing for Scott Gallagher from St. Louis. I thought he was from St.Louis, but I guess he joined the team because of his college affiliation. I just hope we get something for him, but I am not sure what that would be from the current Chicago side.

  93. rkupp says:

    A deal for an allocation would probably start with Barrett and Conde or Marmol – and maybe a draft pick going back to balance it out.

  94. Mark says:

    Why doesn’t MLS just put Toronto next in line for an allocation spot and then Chicago goes back to the bottom of the list. Not that complicated.

  95. Hincha Tim says:

    I dunno, Martin Palermo is out of contract at the end of the clausura, is a little younger and more durable and just as good, and would probably come cheaper. I wouldn’t personally trade my team’s future for a 36 year old who has had injury problems (no disrespect meant for MCbride who is a classy individual and player).

    As far as draw, I’m not sure he’d be that big a draw beyond Chicago or Colombus based on his rep/ name alone.

  96. brett says:

    TFC Fan- he most certainly will get face value, but if Mo doesnt see a need to have him, he may settle for other things….

    not to burst your bubble, but Soumare is in top form, Nyarko is a future star (hopefully), and Rolfe is franchise player, even JCO said it…

    you wont receive a future talent from us… perhaps draft picks and allocation (as i stated)… i doubt Conde would even be thought of, b/c TFC knows this is the last year on his contract and he probably wont resign… Marmol wont be considered (especially with all the drama we had to go through to get him) seeing as we will lose CJ, Conde and Guit. within the next season or 2… if a deal is made, you’ll be looking at D.picks and allocation

  97. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    I agree whole heartedly.

    The fact is that we dont have any room either for any players and we need money (and slots if possible). Im willing to bet thats exactly what we get.

    For any doubters, proof that TFC has first dibs

    link to

  98. Mark says:

    “For any doubters, proof that TFC has first dibs

    link to

    “McBride joined Fulham in January 2004 and scored 40 goals for the COTTAGES.”


    Wow, you can tell that article was written by Toronto FC’s media relations. GO COTTAGES!

  99. Will says:

    Perhaps Toronto could get De Rosario from Houston. That would be a great way to fill a domestic slot for them (Canadian). Also, he has played forward before, in addition to midfield.

  100. Will says:

    I think that article is an MLS thread, not written by Toronto.

  101. TFC Fan says:

    Brett – the previous situation where the returning player was placed by MLS to meet the desire of the player was Landon Donovan. LAG had to give up Carlos Ruiz in exchange (their leading scorer having scored 50 goals in 72 games and only mid-20’s at the time). Donovan had age on his side but McBride has proven experience.

    I would certainly say that with that precedent the league would have no problem forcing you guys to give up one of those guys for him. Hell they forced NYRB to give up $$$ and a 1st rounder for your freaking coach.

  102. Mark says:

    Even though it clearly says “Toronto Media Relations” at the top of the article

  103. EDB says:

    Donovan at the time was proven and younger.. you cant expect much for a guy with 2 yrs , or 1 & 1/2 left..

    i would think maybe robinson or conde and herron!

  104. brett says:

    Will- while Osorio may be a great option for the trade, i dont see it happening…

    for one, DeRo has more years ahead of him then McBride does… Houston would give up a quality midfield for a quality forward but would lose out in the years obtained…

    second, DeRo has pointed out he hates playing forward, and would much rather be in the middle… ironically, TFC seems pretty solid in the middle and would either have to shift formations or sit a typical starter on the bench…

    and lets not forget, that DeRo takes up what, 300-400k of Houston’s Cap??? Does TFC have that much space?? would the trade be seen as a Allocation swap?? not sure if it’ll work… assuming DeRo is ready to leave Houston

  105. brett says:

    TFC Fan- according to Ives, JCO got us those things on his departure out of the kindness of his heart… not b/c he was forced to…

    EDB- Robinson-> possible (and quite possibly most likely that’s been posted)but like ive said in terms with Soumare, unlikely b/c of the most likely retirements of CJ and Guit soon, and the departure of Conde at the end of the year (or sooner)…

    Conde-> unlikely as he most likely plans to leave the league (unless TFC can somehow work out a quality deal with RBNJ)

    Herron is one of the few i posted that may see a trade…

    i stand by the fact that if we trade people, TFC would have to find the intl’ spaces and the Cap space…. 2 BIG problems… i see MO taking allocation money in hopes to bring over another bigger name when he picks up a DP…

  106. Allez RSL says:

    I’d like to see RSL work it’s way in here as a method of getting a DP slot to Chicago for a year or two. We’re unlikely to use it in the near future, and I bet we could benefit from what the Fire would be willing to offer for the slot. Is that crazy? Does Chicago have enough to offer Toronto for the allocation and to RSL for the DP slot?

  107. Annonymous Source says:

    Ives, McBride is a lock for Chicago. My source is his cousin, who I date. I spoke to Brian, and he said that its either Fire, or retire (excuse the rhyme.) The question now becomes: what will the Fire have to give up to get him aboard?

  108. stickfigure says:

    mcbride wants to play in chicago more than chicago needs him. that being the case, i don’t see chicago giving up too much outside of maybe a disgruntled player (hmmm… maybe conde?) and some cash.

  109. TFC Fan says:

    Toronto holds the cards here. Mo has went public with his announcement that TFC is interested in him and listening to offers. As is pointed out on the TFC boards, this was probably a pre-emptive move to keep MLS from thinking they would screw over TFC.

    For all those suggesting that TFC will take what is offered and be happy ….. having McBride retire without playing in MLS and us getting nothing is better than the crap that has been mentioned. Frankly why accept some marginal offer and make your rival better? TFC has already taken a player (C Casey) they did not want with an allocation just to try to get value out of his hometown team (Col).

  110. Mark says:

    I feel like there are three possibilities for McBride. In order of likeliness, IMO:

    1) Chicago Fire. He’s an Illinois native, and has expressed interest in playing for Chicago. I feel, as many do, that MLS rules will be flexible if McBride pushes for Chicago, and I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Fire just accepted the penalties for taking him on outside of the rules.

    And the other two are sort of tied:

    Seattle. New team, lots of cash, looking to bring in some big names for their new season. With a name like Thierry Henry on their list, we know they can afford to pay for the players.

    Toronto. They have the top allocation pick. They can also afford to bring him in with the way they’re selling out their games. Though I think if he was willing to go to Canada, he would have said he wanted to return to MLS, not America specifically. Though Toronto isn’t that far from the States.

    But that’s just my opinion. We’ll see how it plays out. Maybe New England will get incredibly lucky (and start to express interest in him) and he’ll end up with the Revs. Probably second least likely behind New York.

  111. John says:

    It is going to be awesome to read/hear/see you all go ape when the Galaxy trade Canadian Ante Jazic and the #3 allocation spot to Toronto for the #1 allocation spot, and then sign Brian McBride.

    Of course, they’ll then trade Macca to Chicago for a starting center half (bring on Soumare)… but those few hours when McBride belongs to LA is going to incent some hilarious whining.

  112. david says:

    Given that this is MLS, you have 2 things that could happen – the less likely: McBride comes home as an allocated player. The more likely: He comes home as a DP and the allocation process is bypassed (forget what you think the rules are, the team with a DP spot to offer that is also a location he wants to sign will be the team that signs him – You don’t think Beckham went though the allocation order, do you?).

    Look for Chicago to trade Conde for a DP spot. They’ll be looking to trade to the West – like Dallas or SJ.

  113. Matt says:

    link to

    i mean his brother basically says he wants to play for the fire is there any doubt?

  114. Chow says:

    Here is what’s going to happen:

    —- McBride —- Rolfe —-

    Mapp —– Blanco —– Thorrington

    ———- Marmol ———-

    Segares – Soumare — Conde – Brown


  115. brett says:

    chow, nice play on words 😀