Morning Ticker: More Spain interest in Jozy, Subotic update and the Brit that got away

Good morning everybody. Let me be the first to tell you that I officially love Toronto and plan on moving here. Okay, I’m kidding, but Toronto is a pretty good place to visit.

I’m going to get your day started with a variety of tidbits I have been meaning to get around to. I will give you an in-depth look at tonight’s Red Bulls-Toronto FC match shortly, but for now enjoy these bits of news:

Villarreal interested in Altidore

You can add another Spanish club to the list of teams interested in Jozy Altidore. Spanish publication AS reported on Wednesday that Villarreal is interested in Altidore. This is good news for U.S. national team fans, but not as much for Red Bulls fans. I still say Altidore doesn’t leave until the winter transfer window, but with more big clubs interested there comes a greater chance of a winning bid being delivered this summer.

Subotic still undecided

If you have been wondering what the status is of former U.S. youth national team defender Neven Subotic, your fears may be realized. According to a U.S. Soccer source, Subotic is still weighing his options about which national team to play for. He was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina and could also consider playing for Germany after having lived there as a young child. He currently plays for German Bundesliga 2 squad Mainz 05.

U.S. Soccer officials are in discussions with Subotic about him playing for the United States, but when asked if Subotic was still straddling the fence, a U.S. Soccer source said, "That’s a good way to put it."

Subotic, 19, has played for the U.S. Under-17 and Under-20 national teams, but was passed over for a place on the U.S. roster for last summer’s Under-20 World Cup. It should be noted that even if he had been on that roster, he would not be cap tied to the United States. He has until his 21st birthday to make a binding decision on what national team to play for.

Pickens has shoulder injury

Those wondering why former Chicago Fire goalkeeper Matt Pickens hasn’t dressed for the past two Queens Park Rangers matches can put away the conspiracy theories. Pickens suffered a seperated shoulder in training and looks likely to miss the remainder of the season.

ESPN tried to lure Brit for Euros

American fans of legendary English soccer announcer Martin Tyler will be interested to know that ESPN made a strong push to sign Tyler to call the European Championships this summer for ESPN but fell short in its quest. Tyler will call the tournament for Australian broadcaster SBS.

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61 Responses to Morning Ticker: More Spain interest in Jozy, Subotic update and the Brit that got away

  1. Scott A says:

    Good. Let Jozy take Rossi’s place.

  2. CACuzcatlan says:

    Do you think he’d get the needed playing time if he transfers to the yellow submarine?

  3. Tim K says:

    Good to hear about Pickens.

  4. Mikey Dude says:

    Hey Ives,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your time here in our fair city. It doesn’t really impress at first, it’s the kinda place that grows on you over time the more you discover the unique neighborhoods. Don’t forget to check out the supporter’s section (sections 112-114) at tonight’s game and please stop by Shoeless Joe’s or the Dufferin Gate at King st. and Dufferin for a beer with the supporter’s groups post match!

  5. kpugs says:

    Why would Subotic choose Germany? I can understand him choosing between USA and Bos/Herz but would he even get a game for Germany, like, ever?

  6. Yea I can only figure that the gods have a sense of humor – enable a potential pairing of what should be American superstars – and have that be a constant reminder of Rossi’s decision to play for Italy. Ugh.

    But a great opportunity for Jozy none the less.

  7. RK says:

    It is possible that Villarreal might not be able to keep Rossi, too — I forget what the ManU clause was, and if Rossi wants to play for Italy, he needs to join Serie A.

    Villarreal is a small club and could look to profit on Rossi — or the resurgent Nihat.

  8. dano says:


    I think he’s a heck of a prospect that has a shot, just as Rossi has a shot at playing for Italy. It might not be a great shot (or as good as Rossi’s), and hinge on how his further development goes, but there’s still a chance. I’d think about it if I were him.

    Here’s hoping he chooses to play for us, and keeps developing into a first class defender.

  9. Christian says:

    RK, I don’t think Villareal are a small club at all. They’ve been one of the better spanish clubs over the past 4/5 years and have great attacking third play with Nihat, Rossi, and Guille Franco among others.

    IMHO this would be the perfect club for Jozy since they’re almost guaranteed Champions League play next season and with a few additions will deffinitely be fighting for the La Liga title. Not to shabby I’d say.

  10. Dutchie says:

    The Yellow Submarine would be amazing place for Jozy to go. Champions League next season, and playing besides the likes of Nihat, Rossi, Fernandez, Pires would help his adjustment

  11. Mark says:

    Martin Tyler almost always commentates for SBS. Besides, he’s on the books of BSKYB which is affiliated to Fox in the US so it would probably have put him in an uncertain position with Sky, which is his bread and butter.

  12. USvsIreland says:


    He can only choose between the countries he had citizenship with when he played for the U-17,s and U-20s, which is presumably Bosnia and US.

  13. A.S. says:

    Villareal certainly is a “small” club – just a very successful small club recently. They are going to be playing Champions League next season, so it would be a great place for Altidore to go IF (and only if) he’d have a chance to get playing time. I don’t see the point of him going there just to watch Champions League football from the stands.

  14. Ives says:

    No need to yell USvsIreland, particularly when you may be incorrect. Subotic lived in Germany as a young child, earning him citizenship status there. That’s what my sources are telling me.

  15. GD says:

    RK – Just a note, you don’t HAVE to play in Serie A to play for the Italian National Team. Granted that has been the trend over the years, but it is not a rule. Cannavaro, Zambrotta, Grosso and Toni all play outside of Italy. Perhaps you could make the argument that its easier to break into the national side when you play domestically, but Rossi has played for Italy at every youth level, so I’m assuming he’s on the senior team radar…

    As for United, I thought I remember that they have the right of first refusal, which means they have the option to buy him back first (if Villareal were to want to sell him). But I can’t find any confirmation of that.

  16. brett says:

    last i heard about subotic, his chances of playing for Germany were shot down when his citizenship application was denied… everyone on BS was saying that he was trying to get it for his club play, but i assumed he was eager to play for Germany’s Nats… hate being player’s “silver medal”…

  17. inkedAG says:

    Whether it’s Villareal or someone else, let’s hope RBNY or MLS doesn’t f**k it up and become ridiculous when it comes to the selling price and what not.

  18. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Jozy should go where the playing time is.

  19. RK says:

    Villarreal IS a small club — by virtue of the fact that it is a town of 40k. A true underdog in La Liga that has really shined in the last few years. They’ve cashed in on others’ castoffs.

  20. Dominghosa says:

    Villareal would be a great club for Altidore. Top to bottom, La Liga is arguably the best league on this here Earth.

    I just wonder what the reputation Villareal has with developing players.

    Yes, Jozy needs first-team minutes but he also still needs a training/practice environment that will help him develop every skill a forward needs to succeed.

    As for Subtoic, I think he felt slighted when he wasn’t chosen for the U-20s. I would be, too, if I was passed over for inferior players like Tim Ward, O4E Sarkodie and Tony Beltran. The first two mentioned were disasters.

  21. MGerbs says:

    if jozy goes to villareal..we would be able to witness what should have been the future strike tandem of the USMNT

  22. Felix says:

    That’s interesting about Altidore. How many offers can he refuse until the temptation gets too strong. Villarreal would be a good team for him too. I think if an American can succeed in La Liga, that might open more doors for Yanks in Spain.

    The Subotic saga is interesting, only because the kid has so many options. He was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but I believe in the Serbian autonomous zone, which makes him eligible for Serbia as well (I believe), lived in Germany as a boy, and plays there professionally, and by far as the best national team and has developed and lived in the US as well and played for our youth teams. I think of everyone, Germany is his top choice, however, I don’t think his chances of being considered eligible for their national team are strong, plus the fact of his chances of breaking into the first team.

    Who he’ll pick… who knows. When someone has had the upbringing he has, and really no true roots as we understand them, I don’t know if he looks at national teams in the traditional sense. Ideally, I hope he chooses the USMNT, he’s seems like a talented center back, however who knows where he’ll end up.

  23. dabull says:


    If I remember correctly, Pickens’ contract is up at the end of the season. How does his injury impact his likelihood to sign with another European team? Will he have to come back to MLS for a year or two before he can get a starting spot across the Pond?

  24. Homey Boehme says:

    Totally off topic, but anybody see Bayern Munich get totally hammered by Zenit?

  25. Modibo says:

    RE: Subotic – Germany, Bosnia, Serbia, US… sounds like he’ll play for whichever nat’l team his lawyers say he should.

  26. Brant says:

    Are you going to sneak it this week’s power rankings before tonight’s game? I didn’t see them yet… :)

  27. John says:

    With Mainz 05 on track to promotion back to the Bundesliga if I were Bradley I would be pushing hard to get Subotic into the U.S. fold. What better to blood him into the system then against England, Spain, and Argentina? Also if he accepted the U.S. call, him and Spector could patrol the center of the defense at the Olympics, freeing up another overage slot. 1. Goalie (Howard/Keller/Guzan) 2. Forward (McBride’s interested) 3. ? (Donovan, Dempsey, Beasley, etc?)

  28. Brant says:

    Never mind – I’m an idiot… found ’em.

  29. hoya says:

    I can not believe Subotic was passed over for Rongen’s last U20 squad. I was under the impression that Subotic was older and simply missed the cutoff. This single handedly changes my impression of Rongen, I used to be a big fan of the guy. I really, really hope this guy picks us. From what Ive heard/read he is considered one of the top defenders in Bundesliga 2 at only 19 years old and Mainz looks to have a good shot of being promoted. IMO this kid would be one of our best young prospects for the future. Not too far behind Adu, Altidore and Bradley.

  30. Brooklyn Zoo says:

    I would LOVE to see jozy in spain, but it’d be tough for him to break into the first team at Villareal, they have a lot of striking talent.

    Gotta love the spanish, they refuse to call American’s “Americans” instead Nortamericano!

  31. Ryan says:

    Anyone else annoyed that they got Jozy’s age wrong in that article?

  32. scrandal says:

    Hoya-IIRC Subotic was coming off an injury and not in shape when Rongen brought him into a camp. Rongen was not impressed by him and even mentioned so. A lot can change with fitness, experience, and familiarty with other back line players ie it’s not necessarily Rongen’s fault. Still think Nevin would be crazy to turn down the chance to train with the full team and get assessed for the England, Spain, and Argentina friendlies. That’s if Bob wants to use that forum for review.

  33. Mikebsiu says:

    Ives who is going to be doing the commentary for Espn this summer? Thanks

  34. dwbpnm says:

    By virtue of his youth national team games isn’t Subotic tied to the US unless he files paperwork changing it before his 21st birthday or plays in a FIFA sanctioned competition at the senior national team level (World Cup Qualifiers, World Cup, Confed. Cup, or a confederation’s champhionship)? This would mean that appearing in a friendly for us wouldn’t change his status. So if I were Bradley I’d be convincing him that coming to camp for the friendlies doesn’t hurt his options and could help him improve by giving him more practice and possibly some game time with/against top players. Then once he’s in camp I’d rely on the squad to do a hard sell on him and convince him that this is the best place for him. Seems like a win-win for him and the US. And maybe just maybe the hard sell works well enough to get him to play in one of the qualifiers this summer/fall and we can get this saga over with!

  35. CommonSense says:

    Ives, I’m really hoping you can comment on the Adu rumors (that he has a clause in his contract to pay MLS a good chunk of cash if he reaches a certain number, believed to be 20 appearances).

    I’d just REALLY like to know what you’ve heard on the topic. I’m just really perplexed how a player that looked so influential for the U23s, and looked pretty darn good for Benfica early, isn’t even riding the pine while Benfica struggle mightily.

  36. Brant says:

    Anyone heard about Sven Goran Erikson supposedly interested in Benfica? Would that be good or bad for Freddie? If Sven brings in his own guys, that would probably be bad, but Sven might help Freddie develop, too…

  37. ConMan24 says:

    now now dominghosa, i wouldnt say that those three guys for the U20s were complete disasters, simply put, Subotic could have been better, we’ll never know.

    Altidore/Rossi frontline sounds wicked good

    CommonSense, i think that clause would be the only thing making sense at this point, because all Freddy did when he was subbed in was score goals, ofcourse 3 managers in one year cant be easy, but regardless of the manager you would think that Adu would figure in just because of his consistancy off the bench in previous matches

  38. USvsIreland says:

    Lo siento Ives! I didn’t realize that he already had German citizenship as a young child. I thought you were implying that he was trying to get it.

  39. Chase says:


    I highly doubt that Subotic is eligible for German citizenship, even if he lived there as a small child. German citizenship laws are based on “Jus sanguinis” or “right of blood”, so unless one of his parents are German or he has resided their for a long-period of time (a recent reform enacted) than I don’t see him being eligible anytime soon.

  40. USvsIreland says:

    In addition to what “Chase” said:

    German citizenship may be acquired by naturalisation by those with permanent residence who have lived in Germany for 8 years. Additional requirements include an adequate command of the German language and an ability to be self-supporting without recourse to welfare.

    link to

  41. usnavysrchief says:

    Hello Ives.

    Hope the game tonight is as good as advertised. Was in Germany almost a year ago and happened to catch a match with Subotic and Mainz. He is the REAL DEAL boys and girls. Big strong and VERY Athletic. Rated this year as one of the 4/5 best defenders in Bundesliga 2. Bradley needs to get off of his Butt and bring him in at all cost!!!!! Adu is being looked at by several EPL sides but he will not thrive there his size will always hurt him in a rough and tumble league like that. He needs to impress at Benfica and grow!!! Jozy has what it takes to succeed in La Liga. If young guys like the trio at Barcelona (Messi, Dos Santos, and Krkic) can take the pounding then certainly Jozy can. Now don’t get me wrong he does not compare with Messi in any way but his size and speed tells me he can at least compete!! Rumors are swirling around Mike Bradley on the 606 in England saying Aston Villa, Everton, Blackburn and Possibly even Arsenal are interested. That’s really exciting. After we Thump England in May, handle Spain and stay on the field with Argentina in June the offers for our boys will be flying. Subotic would be wise to jump on the train while can!!! Go Usa!!!

  42. USvsIreland says:

    I mean obviously one of his parents must have done this for him to have citizenship at this time.

    And this has never come up before.

  43. hoya says:

    Chase I really, really hope your right.


    I know Rongen is not necessarily to blame and Subotic may very well have played poorly prior to the U20 wc. I just find it very hard to believe that a guy playing as well as he is for Mainz could ever look worse than the guys who were picked ahead of him.

  44. Chase says:

    So Arsenal is the G-14 clubs that is interested in Bradley?? It actually makes a lot of sense, as they are the team with the least depth at central midfield of the three English G-14 clubs…

  45. AK says:

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing Altidore in the Champions League anytime soon.

    Many people on here seem to be conveniently forgetting that Spain (along with Italy) has VERY strict rules as to the number of non-EU players that can be fielded by a team. This may dampen the Spanish ardor somewhat.

    If Villarreal does indeed take the gamble on Altidore (who, for the record, has real potential but I’m trying to think of him as a gamble from a club perspective), then that would be a sight to behold… an American in La Liga! Here’s to hoping he does all of us proud! But it’s all very iffy, as most prestigious clubs get linked to every player under the sun as summer transfer season approaches(just ask Real Madrid, who, I believe, is another purported suitor of Altidore’s).

    As far as the “other” American in La Liga, you guys have got to be kidding if you think Altidore can displace Rossi in the starting XI. First of all, they don’t even play the same position. Rossi is more of an SS / fantasista and Altidore is a big target forward. If a million factors fall into place, such as the spontaneous combustion of Rossi and Nihat’s strike partnership (one of the most successful in La Liga), then MAYBE Altidore will get first team action… but alongside Rossi, not in his place.

    Second of all, and this ties into another argument that seems to plague all the jilted lovers (oops, I meant fans) that comprise the USNT fan corps when it comes to the Rossi issue, the majority of you people just don’t seem to understand how special a player like Rossi is. He’s been classed as one of the most outstanding young players in Europe for a while now, and in Italy there have been calls for him to join the Azzurri for Euro 2008. However, this seems unlikely only because the Italians don’t like to rush young phenoms and not because Rossi is not talented enough. He most certainly is. Case in point, even Roberto Baggio made his Azzurri debut when he was 22 or so, which is a little late for most national sides but a bit early for the Italians, lol.

    When a player has been touted IN ITALIAN FOOTBALL CIRCLES (even if you consider this hype, all that matters is that the Italians are convinced, right?) to be a reincarnation of Serie A great Giuseppe Signori with the grace of Juve legend Alessandro del Piero, then you have to believe that he’ll be playing for the Azzurri sometime soon. He’ll be capped after the Olympics, mark my words.

    I mean come on, he’s already formed a great strike partnership with Sebastian Giovinco for the Italian U21 that has every chance of being the Azzurri frontline of choice as the next generation of Italian players gets phased into the squad. So, in short, get a clue people. It’s tragic that he didn’t want to play for the USNT, but don’t keep deluding yourselves into thinking that his Italy dream will never come true. At this point in time, it is virtually guaranteed that he’ll get his shot.

    As for you, Altidore… like I said, I don’t have a lot of faith in transfer rumors this close to the summer (if I did, Milan would have at least 15 strikers / midfielders by now and Ronaldinho would be dividing his time between there and Inter… gosh, what an interesting derby that’s going to be be), but I sincerely hope he secures a move to the very technically adept La Liga (or even Serie A) in order to nurture his undeniable talent. Best of luck, Jozy! and yes, even you, Rossi.

  46. alexandre says:

    totaly agree w u UK. Some people hear a transfer rumor and then get all excited about it. I agree that jozy has the talent but in no way is he gonna get a starting chance any time soon. as for bradley, I don’t think he has what it takes to play for arsenal just yet being that he hasn’t competed in a league as tought as the premier league.

  47. alexandre says:

    totaly agree w u AK. Some people hear a transfer rumor and then get all excited about it. I agree that jozy has the talent but in no way is he gonna get a starting chance any time soon. as for bradley, I don’t think he has what it takes to play for arsenal just yet being that he hasn’t competed in a league as tought as the premier league.

  48. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: dwbpnm | May 01, 2008 at 04:47 PM

    you are right. I mean, it’s not too hard to go to and look up the rules. Once you have been in a youth tournaments for a country the only country you can switch to is the country of birth/lineage.

    He is eligible for Bosnia, the US and MAYBE Serbia, depends on what part of the former Yugoslavia his parents were born (that actually hasn’t been determined yet and Bosnia/Serbia get a special exemption due to the recent splits)

    Even if he was eligible for Germany, he’d be facing a giant mountain to climb to get into the senior team. It would be the equivalents of Mastroeni trying to walk onto the Argentina national team when he was 20.

  49. doug says:

    I think the big story is Martin Tyler. Last year we were all talking about how bad Dave O’Brien was and that ESPN should can him. At least now, we can’t say they werent trying to do their very best when it comes to broadcasting the games. That wouldve been a MASSIVE boost for ESPN this summer. Unfortunate, but Derek, Tommy, JP, and Harkes will do just fine

  50. Clueless says:

    I was just wondering…

    Can anyone do a thorough analysis of Jozy Altidore’s game for me? Some of the more exuberant US fans have compared him to Alexandre Pato and Sergio Aguero, although I believe el Kun is actually a withdrawn forward. I’ve heard so many great things about him, but selective memories often help when assessing young footballers :)

  51. yo says:

    Good. Let Jozy take Rossi’s place.

    Posted by: Scott A | May 01, 2008 at 11:58 AM

    —–> U area STUPID MORON .

    Only a moron w/o any knolwleg of Euro soccer will make a statment like that

  52. Disbeliever says:

    ^ Just a thought, but maybe more people would take you seriously if you used proper grammar. Otherwise, you’re spot on.

    First of all, as another poster pointed out, Rossi and Altidore DON’T EVEN PLAY THE SAME POSITIONS. So unless Manuel Pelligrini takes an unholy liking to the lad, chances are he isn’t going to compromise what may be one of the very best strike partnerships in La Liga in order to field a formation suitable for target forwards like Altidore.

    Besides, Rossi is a VERY rare talent and is progressing quite nicely at Villarreal despite problems with injury. Kid’s going places fast, trust me.

    So Altidore can relish the prospect of doing a lot of fun things in Spain, such as enduring monkey chants and slipping on banana peels hurled at him by classy Spanish fans, but displacing Giuseppe Rossi ain’t gonna be one of those things.

  53. Mike says:

    He’s not ready to go. His game lacks the fundamentals and great skill. It would serve him best to focus on his game an improving before the unforgiving european game. jozy altidore will be another name that did well but never makes it huge. McBride and Bradley are two examples that I can give that were perfectionist. Michael and Brian attempted perfectionism in juggling, touch, accuracy, etc. McBride was a great player and Michael should continue to develop into a great player.

  54. Mig says:

    Rossi may have a ton of talent but I watched him last weekend in the Betis game and he looked rather lazy to me. He also gave the ball away as often as not. Maybe it was just a bad game for him.

    I’d rather see Altidore go to England or Germany. His size and pace would fit better with the play. We shall see, though.


  55. Disbeliever says:

    Yeah, I watched the Betis game as well, and it wasn’t very pretty except for the Marcos Senna wonder goal. However, we have to keep in mind that Rossi has only recently suffered a major injury and that he isn’t quite fully recovered yet. So that Betis game as well as a few of the preceding ones represent a patch of minor bad form.

    I find it interesting that you also noted his laziness… perhaps he knows that he has no chance of going to Euro 2008, so he just doesn’t care that much anymore? If so, it’s an incredibly stupid decision on his part to let himself and his talent down like that. Anyone who places international football over club football should be dealt a severe blow to the head.

    That being said, I have complete faith in Rossi rebounding back from the injury. When most people talk about his glittering run at Parma, they don’t really care to remember that he was lambasted for not scoring goals after his brilliant debut. He responded to the pressure very well (I daresay) and ended up having the last laugh. But if you want evidence of what Rossi can do with a little focus, then rewind to the latest installation of the Atletico de Madrid – Villarreal saga. He was simply stunning in that game and really showcased his versatility as a playmaker when most think of him as a pure goalscorer. Or watch his goal against Real Madrid, which is pure class and involves him beating Fabio Cannavaro, of all defenders!

    Of course, what else should we expect when the concept of a fantasista or trequartista is almost purely Italian by design? Sorry, I couldn’t resist….

    You’re also absolutely right in saying that Altidore’s size and pace would be much more of an advantage in the Premier League or Bundesliga. But that’s precisely why he shouldn’t go to either of those two leagues. One of the problems with Altidore is that he is not quite sound technically, so going to highly technical leagues like La Liga or Serie A would be better in terms of development if not immediately better in terms of success. At this point in Altidore’s progression, he should be focusing on mitigating his weaknesses rather than relying on his strengths.

    That is all.

  56. Mig says:

    Disbeliever, good analysis. I look forward to catching some more of Rossi next season when he is (presumably) fully fit.

    You have an interesting take on Altidore. I like the concept of learning the technical aspects better and I absolutely agree that La Liga (or even France) would be beftter for that purpose. I worry about playing time though at bigger Spanish clubs. A mid- or lower-table team might be preferable.


  57. Disbeliever says:

    I think that if Altidore does indeed transfer into a (relatively) major Spanish club, he’ll most likely be loaned out to places like Real Murcia or Real Zaragoza to see if he can force his way into the starting line-up there. Now, mind you, I have little knowledge of the depth charts at the places that I have mentioned but all I’m saying is that he may indeed see playing time if he impresses for lower level clubs. But who knows, Villarreal also has a B team that plays in a lower division, so he may end up there… but I think that would be a step down for Jozy.

    Wow, I think I’ve talked more about Rossi today than I have in months… but he is a huge talent that often takes a slagging around here IMO because of petty grievances (but you had a valid criticism, Mig, so you’re off the hook!)and so I felt that I had to stand up for the old boy.

    I’m totally with you in hoping that he can recover sufficiently from his injuries and general end-of-season malaise to recapture sparkling form because, though he is well on his way to being a world class supporting striker (said to have Antonio Cassano’s talent without his nuttiness), he’s also got a lot to prove.

    I know that Rossi’s career path will almost certainly take him to AC Milan at some point (being a Milanista himself), but I also think that he’ll stick around at Villarreal for a couple of seasons yet… he does want Champions League football, after all :) What do you think, Mig, about Rossi’s transfer prospects? I wonder what’s he worth right now, considering he was signed for around $13 million….

  58. Mig says:

    Yeah, leaving Villareal now would be a poor move considering the ascendent club and CL next season.

    So, right now if he WAS to be sold…and I’m basing this on what people are saying about him and on his stats…you’d have to find a comparison player that transferred this year.

    So we have a support striker or CAM that can score a goal every other game (right now). Highly touted and only 19 years old. Hmmmmm.

    Man U payed £29M ($52M at time) for Shrek (Rooney) but that was kinda out of line. Aguero from Atletico Madrid is rumored to be going for a lot more than that but he being touted as the next coming of Christ or Maradona.

    So for Rossi, I’ll put his worth at maybe $30M (a bit than double his purchase 18 months ago). Half as good as Rooney? Sure….maybe better than that. However, if he improves a bit, stays healthy, sees time with Italy in the next year and 1/2, then I think his transfer price goes right to $60.

    Lots of guesswork in that though. Can you think of better comparative players that have hit the transfer market in the last year or two?

  59. Disbeliever says:

    I honestly can’t think of many supporting strikers with Rossi’s upside and talent being talked about right now.

    Sergio Aguero’s fee was ridiculous, but it was inflated by a transcendent showing at the U20 Youth World Cup and can be considered somewhat justified. He does look likely to pan out as a Maradona contender, but so did Tevez at one point and I’m not gonna go into the whole Messi vs Aguero debate right now. Too early in the day.

    But wait, I thought Aguero had pledged his loyalty to Atleti recently? I don’t think he’s on the market, especially if they end up in the Champions League.

    So, I don’t really know. I really like the idea that Rossi’s value has doubled (and unlike some other huge transfer fees, I think Rossi’s play merits every penny), but it’s all guesswork at this point because we don’t really have an out of work player to compare him with, lol. I’m just having a massive brain fart today, I suppose.

    You seem like a very knowledgeable person, so I’m wondering: what’s your general impression of Rossi as a player? What about Altidore as well? Unfortunately, I haven’t seen enough of the latter to really comment without it being hearsay.

    Thanks for your intelligent responses!

  60. Ted says:

    Neven Subotic can never play for Germany, period.

    link to

    That article came out in November. It talks of him being denied German citizenship in November.

    FIFA rules state that after playing in youth national team matches, you can only switch your allegiance to a nationality you had before playing in those youth matches. At that time, he had two, the U.S. and B&H. Because he didn’t have German citizenship at the time of those matches, he can’t play for Germany.

    Now, the B&H situation is tricky because of all the political and ethnic issues over there, so I wouldn’t doubt that he has had Serbian citizenship since Yugoslavia folded, but according to FIFA rules, Germany isn’t an option.

  61. todd11 says:

    Subotic does NOT have a German passport. I have a season ticket here to Mainz 05 games. The issue was settled last year…do a search of the Kicker website, there was an article about just this fact. The Germans were dying to get him into their national team programs, but his lack of a passport makes it impossible. His choices are the US or Bosnia—and apparently a couple other of the former Yugo countries.