Red Bulls at Houston Dynamo: Matchday


Good evening folks. The New York Red Bulls travel to Houston tonight to take on the defending champion Houston Dynamo.

A road win won’t be easy this time around for the Red Bulls. As if missing injured captain Claudio Reyna and expectant father Dave Van Den Bergh wasn’t enough, now comes word from Houston that Juan Pablo Angel will not play because of a virus. Also, Colombian striker Oscar Echeverry was left home despite making good progress with his injured knee.

Tonight’s match is being shown exclusively on HDNet, which means unless you are lucky enough to have HDNet you will be trekking to a bar to watch the game (I’m probably heading to Mulligan’s in Hoboken).

If you are watching the game, and will be online, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on the match in the comments section below.

So what lineup should we see tonight? Here is what it will probably look like:







It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Chris Leitch replace Freeman, who had an awful game last week.

On the bright side, the Dynamo will be without Dwayne DeRosario, Eddie Robinson, Wade Barrett, Pat Onstad and possibly Brian Mullan. That still leaves Brian Ching, Brad Davis, Stuart Holden and Ricardo Clark as quality players to worry about, but that Dynamo defense will be susceptible to the Red Bulls attack, with Dane Richards having a chance to have a big game.

Share your thoughts on the pre-match here, and check in here throughout the evening for updates.

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81 Responses to Red Bulls at Houston Dynamo: Matchday

  1. Marlon says:

    anyone know if i can watch this game online for free somewhere?

  2. Athan says:

    I was wondering the same thing. I didn’t see it offered on, so it doesn’t look good. If anyone finds out, please let us know. Thanks.

  3. irishapple21 says:

    Actually, after hearing about those injuries, I’m kind of glad this game won’t be viewable to most Red Bulls fans. *shudder*

  4. pipo says:

    is cameron starting for houston?

  5. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    No HDnet for me. I’ll look for a link.

  6. cathy says:

    if I’m not mistaken guys, I watched an HDNet exclusive game on MLSLive TV this season. It’s worth checking out, just in case.

  7. Tim F. says:

    Anyone watching this game, please provide updates to those of us who can’t. I hate this HDNet agreement and I hope it is not renewed. I’ll be happy if the Red Bulls come out with a point tonight with Angel, Reyna and van Den Bergh all out.

  8. maybe altidore read your scathing criticism (jk)and wont suck.

  9. cbr says:

    mlsnet doesnt have the little tv logo available for this game.

    if anyone could find a stream please post

  10. Dro Scott says:

    I think im gonna go over to Buffalo Wild Wings and drink some beers. they better have HDNet. otherwise ill just get drunk watchin the yanks

  11. Louis says:

    so far every touch Altidore has gotten has led to him passing back or losing posssesion, he’s having a hard time trapping the ball

  12. Louis says:

    Brian Mullen is on the end of a well timed lob and the RB is caught napping, a last minute tackle by Parke in the box saves the Bulls

  13. Tim F. says:

    It’s a shame to read that Altidore’s training form is falling short of where it needs to be.

  14. mikemike says:

    Louis and anyone else watching on TV-

    Keep up the info! Please!

    I’d owe you one.


  15. bob says:

    Great try Jozy, but stop crying about getting your shirt tugged

  16. cbr says:

    wth? i have to purchase matchday audio even though i purchased the streaming tv coverage for the season on mls net? common

  17. ives says:

    hey guys. Im at mulligans trying the cell phone reporting thing. Blah game so far.

  18. Rob C says:

    Alright, seriously. Everyone stop pointing out all the negative things about Jozy Altidore. It’s annoying already. I have a bad feeling that Ives’ article is going to open up a huge can of worms that really never needed to be open.

    The kid is 18. He leads this putrid team in goals. He has no help around him, especially when JPA, Dave and Reyna are out. Can we support our teenage phenom please? Thanks.

  19. Tim F. says:

    Thanks for reporting in Ives!!!

  20. ives says:

    blown non pk call by the ref. Borman shanks the fk

  21. Louis says:

    RB corner leads to a boyens header that goes wide 30 minute

  22. Louis says:

    Ching flicks a header to Mullen who fails to control it in the attacking third, conway collects

  23. AlexS says:

    blown no free-kick call by the ref for the foul from behind on Mullan as he was breaking away… wait… shouldn’t that have been at least a yellow as last defender pulling jersey from behind?

    guess the Ashe-foul Karma is even.

  24. cathy says:

    here’s a direct audio link

    link to

  25. Louis says:

    Dynamo are trying to play a lot of long balls over the top, trying to exploit RB weak central defense

  26. Mikemike says:

    Thanks Louis

  27. Louis says:

    Yellow card for Wollie, hard tackle on Clark near half way line

  28. cbr says:

    thanks for the radio links ppl ..very much appreciated!

  29. Louis says:

    RB fails to clear the ball, Houstons cross deflecting out, Dynamo corner

  30. AlexS says:

    Wolynec gets a yellow on what looked like a clean tackle, but on reply showed was a bad one, hitting nothing but Rico Clark’s leg just bellow the back of the knee.

  31. Louis says:

    Holden swings in but Parke heads it out, Richard collects at midfield, attacks from the wing but is stripped by three defenders

  32. Tim F. says:

    Thanks for the commentary!

  33. AlexS says:

    Ashe picks off a NY backpass, brings is up, lays off to Mullan, who gets it past the NY defender by kicking it up into the goalie’s arms

  34. Louis says:

    Sassano loses ball at mid, Dynamo attack but Boyens deflects strips Mullen of ball in box

  35. Louis says:

    Ching is bleeding and receiving attention, got cut up contesting a header

  36. Louis says:

    Sinisa in for Sassano who got banged up on the header

  37. AlexS says:

    Wow… Sassano gets Ching’s head on a 50-50 ball. Ching bleeds a lot from it, but is Sassano who stays down for a while.

    It’s been a slow game so far, but the worst part of it is that I have a ticket for it sitting in front of me, only to have had my car die this morning! Grrrrr

  38. Louis says:

    Ching back in wearing a huge white bandage across his head, looks like a mummy

  39. RBNY says:

    What’s the story with Magee?

  40. eric says:

    Don’t worry, Alex, MLS still counts you as at the game!

    Thanks for updates y’all

  41. Louis says:

    Houston attack leads to deflected cross, corner, houston brings everyone up, corner goes to back post but is cleared, half time

    really dry game so far, RB clearly needs a holding mid fielder

  42. Louis says:

    Houston coach even describes game as “Street Fight”, so far I give Houston the edge, they are the only team actually stringing together some passes, RB has relied on the counter but it hasnt produced anything

  43. AlexS says:

    oooh! Halftime story about the Dynamo stadium situation… in HD!

    With new drawings I haven’t seen before (no sketches or projections, mind you)… it’s pretty in HD.

  44. Louis says:

    lol the half time show is one giant infomercial for the Dynamo stadium, I dont care just give me more details on Beckham!


  45. AlexS says:


    Don’t disbelieve in the 1-0 counter win, especially if neither Mullan nor Ching can knock one home.

    Personally, I’m hoping for a Holden 20-yarder.

  46. Louis says:

    Only 1 shot on goal for both teams combined, hopefully this game picks up

    and I hear you Alex, I’m hoping Jozy nets one and gives RB a much needed win

  47. Louis says:

    Brad Davis in for Cory Ashe

  48. AlexS says:

    Second half starts, Davis in for Ashe, who was having a good game, but you can’t keep Davis out and they play the same position.

  49. Louis says:

    Ching controls a goal kick, dribbles to wing, cross is deflected, Dynamo corner, Boswell heads it to RB defender ball who clears

  50. David W says:

    I’m happy that there’s been some chatter about a new Dynamo stadium; it was looking for a while like the owners were content sharing a stadium with the University of Houston.

  51. kahlva says:

    So how goes the 2nd half?

  52. AlexS says:

    Ball comes in from the right wing after a nice buildup from the Dynamo, and Ching misses thanks too… Etchevery? slowing him down. That was close.

  53. ives says:

    67th minute and no real chances this half. Freeman coming in. ESC killing it at Mulligans. Woly out for freeman

  54. AlexS says:

    Watch for a delayed yellow on Holden for attempting a bicycle kick while being under the Twellman-line for salary!

    Houston’s getting closer…

    but as I write this a deflection from a Freeman shot ALMOST gets past Caig. He gets to it before it goes in the corner.

  55. ives says:

    highlight of the night is ESC singing All we need is a team of David Roths. Yes Roth is here.

  56. AlexS says:

    Wow… stupid play by Boswell, throws his hands up and brings the ball down after being fouled from behind.

    I mean, no card or anything because he was FOULED… but there was no reason to do that.

  57. AlexS says:

    Ching with a diving header off a set piece, stopped point blank by NY keeper (Conway?). Ching’s been looking better this game (and from the highlights of the FC Dallas game) than he’s been looking all season.

  58. ives says:

    clutch save by conway. One handed point blank.dare i say tim howard like

  59. AlexS says:

    Now there’s a sight I never though I’d see… Craig Waibel blows by two NY players on the flank.

    With speed?

  60. ives says:

    goal houston.ching

  61. AlexS says:


    Cameron hits a nice diagonal ball into the box, Ching gets a leg to it and puts it in.

  62. Amit says:

    Conway must be pissed.

  63. Jeffrey says:

    Ives. I can’t believe you don’t have the entire package of everything available at your home. It is called business expenses man. Tax write off your whole cable/sattellite bill, Direct Kick, Setana, MLSlive, etc. Get yourself a HD Tivo. Also tax deductable for you. It is all part of business.

  64. Tim F. says:

    There goes our point!

  65. Forrest says:

    I see that JCO didn’t learn his lesson from last year. Several time with the Fire when he had a 1 goal lead he tried to pack it in and go defensive. The Fire would inevitably end up tying the game. Tonight with 30 minutes left he takes off a forward and puts on another defender in a tie game. It only took 8 minutes for NY to pay the price. I’d be shocked if NY gets anything out of this game now.

  66. eric says:

    Uh oh for the rest of MLS, if Hou is both getting their midfield healthy and Ching is getting going.

  67. AlexS says:

    Altidore has exactly NO space when he gets the ball. That’s how I like it, but I’m sure NY fans disagree.

    No Angel is worse for NY than no DeRo is for Houston.

  68. Ives says:

    the rbny offense is struggling to create anything. Houston facing no pressure.

  69. AlexS says:

    Questionable yellow on Davis for being too close to the ball on a free kick and not moving when the ref told him.

    I’d agree, but the ref never told him how far back he needed to go, just kept blowing the whistle.

  70. AlexS says:

    Kyle Brown in for Brian Mullan, who had a great game. Mullan was running on tired legs, and Brown has a bit of pace to him. Forces NY to stay honest in back.

  71. AlexS says:

    Cameron gets a yellow for an elbow to Goldwaithe’s head. The first time that happened this game it was incendental, but that one was worth a yellow.

  72. AlexS says:

    Holden makes a few DeRo style moves and a pass to spring Ching, but Conway gobbles it up first.

    The long counter pass to Borman gets him into a dangerous position, but the shot is way off to the left from the left edge of the 6 yard box. Didn’t see him getting it past Caig even if he did hit it on target, but more danger on the counter than I like.

  73. pipo says:

    I think Houston are better when Cameron is in the game. The rookie is legit.

  74. brant says:

    FWIW – the Crew is down 2 goals and a man at 22 minutes

    Danny ORourke straight red for studs-up tackle after 2d goal.

  75. DCM says:

    What has happened to the pitch at the HDC? It looks horrible on the near side of the field on tv.

  76. DCUinCT says:


    I think you made a typo. You said “expectant father Dave Van Den Bergh”. I think you meant “expectant GRANDfather”.

  77. Cosmos Forever says:

    The midfield that JCO put out last night probably gave the worst performance in franchise (and I include Metros) history. I don’t think I saw the team put more than 4 passes together. I know we didn’t have Reyna JPA etc…but I’ve seen better passing at high school games. This team’s not going anywhere folks.

  78. KingSnake says:

    Osorio scuttling off to New York doesn’t look like such a bad deal now …

  79. esc esc says:

    red bulls were lookin veryy tired at the 70th min i think jozy should take some rest next game and they should start woly woly with angel up front.. as for as richards playin striker thatmakes no sense to me osrio is messin up richards is a beast in right wing i dunno why he shold put him up front.. leave him and borman on wings and the red bulls will get a lot more chances.. and as a member as the Empire Supporters Club i have got to say there is no1 who drinks like us lol Mulligans bar was goin to turn on its side with the ESC screamin.. i seen ives there (he likes my hair cut lol).. but yea man if ya from nj/ny area go to to see where we are goin to be at for next away game

  80. gerald says:

    Good job to the ESC saturday night, I can’t believe we actually did “wipeout” in the bar