Red Bulls Update: Reyna out, Van Den Bergh Questionable for Houston

The Red Bulls could be without two key starters for Saturday’s match vs. Houston, but will be welcoming another player back from the injured list.

Red Bulls captain Claudio Reyna is expected to miss the Red Bulls match vs. Houston on Saturday with a hamstring injury. It will mark his third missed match in the team’s past four.

Red Bulls midfielder Dave Van Den Bergh may also miss the match. Van Den Bergh’s wife is due to give birth to the couple’s second child and Van Den Bergh will likely miss the Houston trip unless his wife give’s birth tonight.

One player the Red Bulls should have back is Colombian striker Oscar Echeverry, who has been out for a month with a knee injury.

Seth Stammler is healthy andy looks set to start on Saturday.

Share your thoughts (and complaints) on the news below.

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50 Responses to Red Bulls Update: Reyna out, Van Den Bergh Questionable for Houston

  1. Haig says:

    “Red Bulls captain Claudio Reyna is expected to miss the Red Bulls match vs. Houston on Saturday with a hamstring injury.”


    Thatsallright, the regular season doesn’t mean anything, as long as he’s ready for the playoffs, we’re a far better team with him so don’t even TALK about how he’s a complete and utter waste of money who is cheating the fans because you clearly have no appreciation for the subtleties of soccer…

  2. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Push hard Mrs. VDB, please. I’d complain about Claudio, it doesn’t help. Need a result, real bad saturday night. How’s Jozy’s toes?

  3. Karl says:

    Hopefully Mrs VDB pushes that baby out, we need him.

  4. Reid says:

    Haig – if he is so good for your team and he is gonna be out the whole year, that calls into question if New Jersey is gonna even make the playoffs

  5. Will says:

    The NY energy drinks have injury problems all season. Too bad, cause they’re a stacked team when they’re healthy.

  6. Haig says:

    Post your favorite canned responses from the pitiful suckers who still stick up for this human leech.

    I’ll start:

    “You couldn’t do any better than Reyna, so you shouldn’t moan about it”

  7. Haig says:

    Reid, I agree with you. I’m just posting the cliches that his apologists always use, so they don’t have to.

  8. Matt says:

    Reyna, just retire and do us all a favor. Salary cap leech.

  9. Haig says:

    He does all the little things well, like making sure that his direct deposit is set up correctly.

  10. Haig says:

    God knows he shouldn’t have to go to the bank– he might blow out a knee walking up the sidewalk.

  11. ben says:

    i would have to question claudio on this because of this simple fact. the MLS offseason is the longest in soccer and he had no international commitments, so for the first time in years, he got the chance to get his body all rested and healed and viola! dude can’t keep it together. he’s a great player, this is true, but his body is breaking down at an alarming rate.

  12. VictorM says:

    I wouldn’t want Reyna on my team for $100,000, much less a million, but I have no doubt he’s doing his best. I can’t blame him for taking the money. The guys I blame are Osorio for thinking Reyna can be an attacking midfielder, and the Red Bull organization for not paying Reyna to go home. I mean, if they can sack Arena and pay him to go away, why not pay Reyna to retire (or make him an assistant coach) and use his DP slot for a player worth the money?

  13. Reid says:

    I’m glad its warmed up down at giants stadium, i know it can be cold for reyna sitting on the bench

  14. Josh says:

    You simply DON’T sign an injury-prone player if you play your home games on turf. I don’t blame Reyna for taking the $$$–who wouldn’t?–but RBFO should never have given him a DP contract in the first place. Oh well; next year, maybe…

  15. Haig says:

    ” I can’t blame him for taking the money.”

    I can. F him. Quit cheating the fans.

  16. Haig says:

    Sadly, an MLS team can’t buy out a contract of one of its own players. Basically that player is being paid in excess of the salary cap for only fulfilling a portion of his contract length. It’s viewed (wrongly, but that’s the way it is) as a potential way to get around the cap/pay excessively to players.

    So the league’s solution is for Metro fans to go hang.

  17. Rob C. says:

    As much as I don’t like to pile on Reyna, it’s over for him…it truly is. I know Ives and others like to point out the things he does well – and they do exist, I don’t deny that – but at this point I’d rather have a guy who can be in there and effective for 30 games plus Open Cup, Playoffs, etc., ESPECIALLY at that price. It’s just not fair to the Red Bull team, organization and supporters.

    Jeez, is anything going right this year? Let’s get a result this weekend, please!

  18. Dannyc58 says:

    Without HDNet or going to a bar, no way to watch this game, is there?

  19. Frank the Frowner says:

    We get it Haig. You don’t need to make 25 posts in 10 minutes about this. We know Reyna is terrible, we got it.

  20. Jerry says:

    OMG REYNA WTF YOU!!!! . . . forget it hes not even worth it ! lol Haig, right on bro as a fan of the sport that Reyna is he should have the decency to retire and not screw the fans over for taking up a DP slot ! all you idiots who say dont bash on reyna whats your excuse now? not even 10 games into the season and he already missing his 3 game !!!!! this is bullshit ! lets retire him and land a DP quality player this transfer market !

  21. Jerry says:

    and by make reyna retire i mean pay him to retire, lets land Thierry Henry !!!!

  22. THE Nick says:

    And you all thought Tab Ramos was bad….

    Tab was a strongman compared to Reyna. And one thing you have to say about Tab is, he was willing to sign a heavily performance based contract so he wouldn’t cheat the team and fans….he only got paid when he played.

    Reyna would never do that.

    We should all remember that.

    It really showed in the Shitcago game…their DP was winning the match for them…ours (Reyna) was invisible. (Angel is hurt and playing through it, so I’m not going to get down on him)

  23. Mighty says:

    Please someone tell my Why do we still Think Reyna will be the player he was for Rangers?


    is there a way Red Bulls Cna cut htis Guy?

    Listen is each Fan gave 30 bucks …. We might be able to buy out his contract.

    Lets do this!!!

  24. northzax says:

    in other news, Haig just walked into his boss’ office and demanded a 50% salary reduction, to help the organization get better.

  25. Jerry says:

    hmmm lets just take a look here and compare all DP’s shall we?

    David Beckham – 70 yd goal,4 this season and numerous Assist not to mention still playing for the England NT, worth DP $.

    Cuahtecmo Blanco – numerous assist and goals worth DP $.

    Guillermo Barros Schletto – Assists, playmaker for his team, goals worth DP $.

    Claudio Reyna – Great NT career, holds possesion of the ball . . . . . .

    does anyone see where im going with this?

  26. m@ says:

    The Red Bulls will have the fortune of playing a makeshift Dynamo team it seems. DeRosario and Onstad will be out. (With Tony Caig in goal, it’s like Christmas for JPA.) Ricardo Clark will still be with the US team I think. Wade Barrett is injured and questionable. And whomever is paired with Ching up front will be a nonentity. The only thing working against RBNY? The heat and humidity.

  27. kpugs says:

    Praise jeebus, we need Stammler badly.

    I still like having Reyna, but at this point he should be getting paid by the minute. I’ll defend his usefulness (when healthy) until the ends of the earth but in terms of the club, you just can’t be using up a DP slot on a guy who barely plays.

  28. J says:

    maybe Agoos can convince Reyna to take a pay cut to help build character? This just flips my lid..even if he is a gamer, he has to realize what he is doing and hang them up. There is no shame in retiring, perfect excuse, bad turf…

  29. Nicole says:

    I’m not even a Red Bull fan, but if Claudio Reyna had a conscience at all he would either retire immediately or place himself on about 35,000 a year salary. That’s pathetic.

  30. Reid says:

    Ives save yourself some time and copy that second paragraph. You should just be able to paste it maybe another 12 times this season and just switch the team they are playing

  31. Michael F. says:

    Reyna is hurt? Are you serious? This guy is an Ironman! How can he be hurt?

  32. Zach D. says:

    Like I have said before, he is the biggest waste of space on the field

  33. Fate says:

    If Reyna didnt cost so god damn much I wouldn’t complain. Regardless of what he may bring to the table, which is arguable in itself, he gets hurt often, is paid too much, and is not the field presence he once was.

  34. aristotle says:

    It’s not Claudio’s fault. He’s a good guy. Just as soon as he gets over these injuries he’s going to be great. I don’t think you guys appreciate the subtle and little things he does for the team when he’s on the bench. It could be worse, he could be on the field.

    I’m sensing some negativity here regarding Claudio Reyna.

    Seriously, I can’t believe how much I’m beginning to dislike this guy. If you had told me several years ago that I would feel this way I would have told you you were crazy.

    Surely he must see what people are saying about him even if somehow he has deluded himself into believing there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. No class at all. None.

    Please do not compare this bloodsucker with Tab Ramos. Tab Ramos was probably the best player this country ever produced and was a class act. Tab Ramos hated being on the bench, and as someone already said, he started feeling guilty when he couldn’t play for extended periods of time and took pay cuts and incentives for it.

    I know it sounds extreme but I think Claudio Reyna really needs to understand exactly how the fans feel about how selfish and classless he is. Maybe if he was booed every time he played (whenever that might be) he might finally get the message. However, at this point I’m thinking he would probably just smile back at the fans waving dollar bills.

    Why doesn’t RBNY get rid of him? They don’t have much class either, I guess. It’s a good thing RBNY represent New York, a popular destination for foreign players, otherwise no one would want to play for this organization. Anyone have Claudio’s email address?

  35. aristotle says:

    One other thing. Maybe RBNY fans could take up a collection. Wouldn’t it be worth it to 50,000 RBNY fans to chip in $20 each for a total of one million dollars to give to Claudio to make him retire? (I’m assuming NYRB has at least 50,000 fans even if they never show up at the stadium at one time!)

  36. Adam R. says:

    It’s really refreshing to finally read candid opinions about Claudio Reyna.

  37. Richard says: might have something if u dont have hd net…

  38. Allegre says:

    Maybe they could’ve promoted Reyna to GM. While he doesn’t know much about building stadiums he does understand soccer. LOL. Plus they are paying him already! Take the salary to out of the DP pool and into management pool. Whaddaya thinK?

  39. guillermo says:

    Reyna is hurt?

    Oh no!!

    He’s such a vital part of the NYRB machine!

    Will anyone notice?

  40. aristotle says:


    That is an excellent idea! What better position for someone who understands so well how to make large sums of money while providing very little in return? At the very least he might be able to make NYRB rich, and NYRB, as you said could get their DP back. All in favor say aye!

  41. ag nigrin says:

    Dannyc58… I ask the same question on Big Soccer and Metz said all the HDNet games are available on line here:

    link to

    I haven’t tried ot yet but he says the quality is better than Mlsnet!

  42. Steve T. says:

    Claudia “Little Things” Reyna strikes again!

  43. onionsack says:

    Waive Him.

    Why not, we do it all the time to low salary players to make roster room and if you do it before a certain date (which hasn’t occured yet i think) they won’t count towards your cap totals.

    Waive him. Get our DP slot back, save a pro rated 350K on our cap…and Claudio can take up fishing. Makes perfect sense but i boubt Goose will do it since they are friends.

  44. Amit says:

    He has a guaranteed contract. Thus, he can’t be waived as per MLS rules. Reyna is at least rather shrewd with negotiations. I’d like a contract like his.

  45. Tim F. says:

    Induce the baby on Friday and have Red Bull fly him out on the company jet on Saturday morning.

  46. inkedAG says:

    Come on Ives!! Tell us again how Claudio Reyna does all those little things to help the team!!! Tell us why he is so good for RBNY!! That’s my favorite bedtime story!!!! 😀

  47. Simplicio says:

    I don’t have anything against Reyna. But I really would like for the coach not to include Reyna in the strategy of the team for the rest of the year. Yes, use him when he is healthy (maybe 2 or 3 more games during the season). Osorio should just pretend that Reyna will not be around and make do with the rest of the people.

    I am so upset with about it.

    I am an RBNY ticket holder and I really don’t care to see Reyna.

  48. sublicon says:

    The sad thing about Claudio, is that it’s almost more annoying when he’s out a match, comes back for one match, and then he’s back out. He should just stay out and recover for as long as he needs. Although, training must be very dangerous also.

    He’s looked good lately, though. So it sucks that he’s out at all, but what can we do but wait til the end of the season.

  49. JSquaredNY says:

    It’s going to be a great day when this guy retires….