USA vs. England: Running Commentary


Good afternoon folks. The moment has arrived. USA vs. England. Can England exact revenge for the 1950 World Cup and the Revolutionary War?  Can the Americans finally get payback for England subjecting us to Simon Cowell?

I’m kidding.

Today’s friendly will be a good test for both sides (despite what more cynical American fans and egotistical English fans might think). Landon Donovan will not play today, but there is still plenty to look forward to. How will the Americans do in a packed Wembley Stadium? We are about to find out.

I will do a running commentary throughout the match so feel free to follow along here. Please share your thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section below.

Let’s get it started:


FINAL- That’s all for today. Thanks for following the match here and be sure to check back in tomorrow for some post-match analysis.


FINAL- England 2, USA 0. The AMericans were outclassed today and even if Landon Donovan had played I don’t think it would have mattered that much. He might have helped the U.S. team create some more good chances, but the overall quality of England’s starting XI was clear throughout the first half.


93rd minute- When you consider that the first goal came off a set piece and the second courtesy of a blown assignment in midfield.


90th minute- England has dominated play as most expected, but I have to say the U.S. defense didn’t do terribly today.


89th minute- Anytime Peter Crouch sets up for a bicycle kick you have to just watch in amazement. It’s like a National Geographic episode.


86th minute- Random question, do you think John Terry would go completely psycho if an American player brought up the missed PK?


81st minute- Some very nice work from Eddie Lewis, who is making it clear that he can still contribute at his age. He deserves his chances when World Cup qualifying roles around.


73rd minute- It’s impressive to watch England’s players break out on the counter. You really see the speed disparity between the teams.

England’s just knocking it around now.


71st minute- Pearce with the yellow card for the foul on Bently. I thought Pearce had a pretty good first half actually.


69th minute- Freddy Adu comes into the match. It will be interesting to see what he can do.

Also in the match now is Peter Crouch, which may make that the biggest disparity in size between two subs coming into the same match at the same time. (Someone call Guinness).


63rd minute- As most expected, the American attack has been toothless without Landon Donovan and with Eddie Johnson and Josh Wolff. It’s time to start looking into getting some uncapped Brazilian forwards married to some American women or something because the U.S. forward pool needs some help (and that’s even with Jozy Altidore on the way).


59th minute- Who to blame on that goal? Ricardo Clark gets lost in the midfield, leaving Gareth Barry completely unmarked and Barry has all day to deliver a perfect pass to Gerrard. Is that a preview of Liverpool next season?


58th minute- GOAL ENGLAND. Steven Gerrard splits the American defense to make it 2-0 England.


HALFTIME- England 1, USA 0. The Americans are lucky not to be down by two or three goals. Some tactical fouling and poor finishing by England has kept the Americans in the game. What needs to change? Josh Wolff has to come out of this match. Freddy Adu needs to come in. Ricardo Clark should come out as well but I’m not sure Bob Bradley will make two halftime subs.


44th minute- Cherundolo takes down Defoe and draws a yellow. Here comes another dangerous free kick.


41st minute- USA dodges a bullet when England wastes a very dangerous free kick.


39th minute- GOAL ENGLAND. John Terry heads home Beckham’s free kick. Terry outjumps Bocanegra for the goal.


37th minute- Clark halts a long stretch of England possession with a bad foul. Here comes Beckham for a free kick.


34th minutes- England comes VERY close but DeFoe sends a close-range shot wide. Bad finish after a great pass from Gerrard.


34th minute- Josh Wolff has looked pretty useless today.

Also looking a bit off is John Terry. I think it’s safe to say he’s still thinking about the Champions League final.


32nd minute- Johnson runs at Terry and gets a foul call. Nice.


31st minute- Defoe whistled for a foul on Onyewu. Yes, you read that right.


29th minute- Eddie Johnson gets a nice pass in space, but drops it off to Dempsey, who loses it. I’ll give Johnson credit for being active, if ineffective.


27th minute- Nice long pass from Bradley to Johnson but Johnson’s touch is bad. He’s bailed out by a foul call.

Wes Brown fouls Dempsey, setting up another decent free kick from distance for Beasley.


26th minute- Eddie Johnson works a give-and-go but his shot is a weak one right to James.


26th minute- A U.S. free kick falls to Johnson, who chips it back across, but the pass is cleared out of danger.


24th minute- A dangerous free kick from England results in a clear shot from Gerrard, but Dempsey heads it away.


23rd minute- Rooney just undressed Bocanegra but his pass into the box is a bit off, keeping Gerrard from getting a good shot on goal.


21st minute- Beasley and Wes Brown clash, foul on Beasley. Good to see Beasley run at somebody. He needs to get more of the ball.


19th minute- Beckham with a rushed shot and sends it high.


18th minute- Americans doing a good job of staying compact, which isn’t leaving England much room in the final third.


17th minute- The Americans with a spell of possesion. Nice to see Michael Bradley win a 50/50 ball from Steven Gerrard.


16th minute- For all the question marks in the U.S. lineup, it is definitely a comforting fact that the Americans have Tim Howard in net.


15th minute- Not much of a rhythm to this match yet.


12th minute- Beckham’s first free kick results in a Gerrard goal but the ref hadn’t blown the whistle to restart play. Beckham’s second kick misses a bit wide.


11th minute- Those wondering about Josh Wolff can keep wondering. He hasn’t done anything yet.

Gerrard fouled by Clark. Good free kick position for England.


10th minute- You’re going to see a lot of tactical fouling by the Americans to contend with the English team’s quick counter.


9th minute- Bradley with a rough challenge on Beckham to break up a counter.


8th minute- Pearce does well to break up an England counterattack. That one was close. Defoe has some wheels.


7th minute- Beckham with a foul on Pearce, who made a nice move.


5th minute- Rooney almost catches the U.S. offside trap but gets called for it. I can’t see him not scoring one today.


4th minute- Cherundolo is up. England is knocking the ball around right now. Beckham’s first pass goes straight to Heath Pearce.


3rd minute- Beasley is looking very active early on.

Cherundolo is hurt after knocking knees with Gerrard.


1st minute- Look for Dempsey to have some freedom to roam throughout the midfield today. He’s going to be the key to sparking any U.S. attack.


1st minute- And we’re off


PRE-GAME- Landon Donovan missing the match is pretty disappointing. I like starting a match with a big understatement. Thank you.


PRE-GAME- Looks like a late-arriving crowd for this one.


PRE-GAME- Looks like a good crowd for this one (duh). You can definitely hear them.


PRE-GAME– For those of you who missed it, here is the U.S. lineup:


Beasley—————————– Dempsey




Here’s England’s lineup:






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325 Responses to USA vs. England: Running Commentary

  1. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Here we boys. Let’s do it.

  2. randomher0723 says:

    Got nervous that you would not be doing commentary for this. Thank you.

  3. kpugs says:

    Gerrard gets the ten shirt, interesting.

  4. Dro Scott says:

    any1 wanna post the lineups? …please

  5. Dominghosa says:

    Revolutionary War. HA!

  6. Braden says:

    Seriously, shake and move along… shake and move along.

  7. Dominghosa says:

    Well, US is extremely weak up front with no Donovan and with Johnson and Wolff. Yeesh. Yuck. And Yikes.

  8. Dan K says:


  9. SkiFast! says:

    No Landon, that stinks. Wolff and Johnson up top won’t score goals unless they are awarded a penalty.

  10. Dominghosa says:

    WHat’s a cap if he can’t wear it?

  11. Braden says:

    Hey, you never know about Johnson. Maybe he’ll be really up for it.

  12. Chase says:

    Classless Brits booing the national anthem??

  13. FTK says:

    Can someone please confirm gooch is starting? bbc says califf.

  14. Matt says:

    Does anyone know where I can stream the video of this game online? says it isn’t available for my internet provider at work.

  15. Brant says:

    Anyone got a good feed? link to isn’t working for me

  16. Chase says:

    Gooch is starting, he came out with the team, it has to be a screw-up because the Guardian, BBC, and soccernet all had it…

  17. JH says:

    Looks like a decent number of Americans in the stands. Not bad.

    As for Johnson, oh, we know. He’s not up for it.

  18. josh says:

    someone explain how england’s midfield is supposed to work

  19. FTK says:

    Thanks Chase. Pray for a miracle.

  20. eric says:

    That was one cap they gave to Beckham… have the Brits always given that to their 100th cap guys, or is that a modern design abomination?

  21. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Here’s your England starting lineup.. in a 4-4-2: James, Brown, Terry (c), Ferdinand, Cole, Beckham, Lampard, Hargreaves, Gerrard, Defoe, Rooney…

    US is


    Cherundolo – Onyewu – Bocanegra – Pearce

    Dempsey – Clark – Bradley – Beasley

    Johnson – Wolff

  22. Braden says:

    The Audacity of Hope….

  23. Dominghosa says:


  24. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Four players on the roster won’t be dressing tonight: Landon Donovan, Jay DeMerit, Jonathon Spector and Dominic Cervi.

  25. eric says:

    Does Beas really get to run at Beckham? Am I reading that right?

  26. Chase says:


  27. Fireball says:

    link to

    in Spanish

  28. randomher0723 says:

    Is this gonna be replayed sometime tonight?

  29. Dominghosa says:

    Too bad for DeMerit. That’s got to hurt. He lived in Wembley when he first went to England in 2004. It would have been great for the guy to come full circle. and play in the stadium four years from rags to today’s riches.

  30. Moneyball says:

    Is Onyewu starting? For some reason Guardian’s commentary has Califf starting instead…

  31. Dominghosa says:

    oh no, dolo is down…

  32. Dominghosa says:

    Gooch is starting. Califf isn’t on the pitch at all.

  33. Chase says:

    Why didn’t all of our players dress if the English have all 29 of their players available?

  34. Dominghosa says:

    You would think with David James playing in an international, it’s good for at least one gift goal.

  35. eric says:

    Nice play by Bocca, but you could see how that could go horribly wrong, with Rooney running on goal…

  36. Trex says:

    I admit I peek at Jen Chang’s play-by-play to try and get info from both and so far all he’s got is:

    3 mins: So far the ball is just pinging about the field, both teams have yet to settle down.

    Pathetic!! Thank you Ives so much for being competent and knowing something about the game. Otherwise I’d be stuck with the only details from the game is that the ball is “pinging around” lolol give me a break.

  37. Dominghosa says:

    As expected, England with much of the possession.

  38. BBC have a done a terrible job reporting on this US team. They have gotten so much wrong. The pre-game had Hedjuk and Jay DeMerit starting. They obviously did absolutely no research on the team.

  39. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:


  40. Dominghosa says:

    England looks to have scored but ref blew whistle before Becks takes the free kick. Free kick retaken and it goes out for a goal kick.

  41. eric says:

    I heard that whistle, that was a legit restart waving off a Beckham to Gerrard goal.

  42. Chase says:

    Our touch collectively as a team is hideously heavy…

  43. eric says:

    Rooney looking dangerous again, but Howard clears out a backpass in close quarters

  44. locolos says:

    is the game on t.v. anywhere?

  45. Dominghosa says:

    Boca does well to break up a dangerous through pass from Rooney to Defoe.

  46. eric says:

    Bradley upends Gerrard with a great challenge! That was fun

  47. eric says:

    game is on ESPNClassic

  48. Steve T. says:

    When will our nation become more than gritty defenders and tactical foulers? Didnt we do that when Harkes, Lalas, and Caligiuri where running the show?

    How many more years do we think before we are a good footballing nation?

  49. Dominghosa says:

    Give it 10 maybe 20 years.

  50. Fireball says:

    Hard to see where a US goal is going to come from. England pressure on our first touch is immediate. Even Rooney pressures. I think our D looks good though. Has Defoe even touched the ball yet?

  51. Igor says:

    Mike loves to foul people.

  52. Chase says:

    Ricardo Clark looks overmatched, but I love Bradley’s fearlessness, he has taken out Gerrard and Beckham when needed…

  53. Dominghosa says:

    Bradley with another harsh challenge. He’s definitley getting a yellow today. but that’s no surprise. Here’s hoping he gets just one.

  54. Fireball says:

    Beckham sending crosses and freekicks in hard and low. Maybe to neutralize Gooch.

  55. Steve T. says:

    Give it 10 maybe 20 years.

    Posted by: Dominghosa | May 28, 2008 at 03:26 PM

    Yeah, I am afraid so.

  56. eric says:

    Beasley is running with the ball at least, hasn’t done anything great yet, but I’m glad he isn’t hesitant.

    God I want to see 30 mins of Freddy Adu today – that’ll help him for the Olympics, right???

  57. dominguez hills says:

    What exactly happened to Donovan?

  58. Dominghosa says:

    Dolo or was it Boca? with a bad deflection, straight to Rooney who makes a mockery of the defender and takes it down and crosses low to space inside the box. US does very well to get back.

  59. Chase says:

    Cole is a diving c-word…

  60. eric says:

    Whew, Beckham fools everyone on a free kick and rolls it up top to Gerrard, who has his shot blocked

  61. Dave says:

    I am done w/ Eddie Johnson.

  62. Dominghosa says:

    Becks free kick low to Gerrard who shoots but Onyewu heads it out.

  63. Fireball says:

    Wow. Scary set play. Beckham sends a FK in on the ground and Gerrard onetimes it. Doesn’t threaten goal but how many more of those plays did Capello draw up?

  64. Dave says:


  65. eric says:

    I can buy it that Bocca and Gooch are stronger in the air that anyone England has. Doesn’t mean we might mess up our marking, but Terry is their only real threat off headers.

  66. Steve T. says:

    Eddie Johnson pouncing on that give and go like a ferocious kitten.

  67. Dominghosa says:

    EJ does well to chip into the box but it gets headed over Bradley far post. US had a chance or two there down by England’s box for a scoring opportunity.

  68. smokeminside says:

    Need an answer for Rooney. Bueller? Bueller?

  69. Chase says:

    I’m pretty sure my 13 year old cousin could have put in a harder cross than EJ did on that 2nd opportunity…

  70. eric says:

    Wes Brown commits a dumb foul on Deuce, giving the US a decent swipe…

  71. Dominghosa says:

    Dangerous FK given to US, Brown on Demspey, about 35 yards away.

  72. Fireball says:

    EJ’s running all over the place. but that’s because his first touch is so bad.

  73. Dave says:

    US D looks solid, gooch especially.

    Offense just making it too easy to close us down.

    Let’s GOO

  74. JH says:

    Eddie Johnson shot….26th minute…WEAK doesn’t even begin to describe that shot

  75. Dominghosa says:

    Beas’ FK doesn’t even get over the two-man wall. Headed all the way out to other side of field.

  76. eric says:

    D@mn, Beas just isn’t getting it done on the fk’s today

  77. Dominghosa says:

    US midfield doing well to break up through passes up the middle.

  78. Dave says:

    Bring Adu on for EJ at the half

  79. eric says:

    Who SHOULD take the kicks with this line-up? Choices aren’t good. Either Clark or Bradley?

    Never thought I’d miss Donovan for his corners, but they’ve been much better recently than what we’ve seen.

  80. Dominghosa says:

    English fans want a call again Gooch for being big in the box. But it was Defoe who was doing the shoving. Call on Defoe.

  81. Dave says:

    we miss lando big time in this game, we need a player to run at this back line w/ pace, england are closing us down way too easily.


  82. Dominghosa says:

    Another dangerous FK chance for US, right side of box.

  83. Dave says:


  84. Dominghosa says:

    Doesn’t get over first defender in the box….

  85. Chase says:

    Am I the only one who thinks John Terry looks pretty out of it? He has made several silly fouls and losses of possession? England are definently there for the taking if we get anything going in the final 3rd…

  86. eric says:

    After a (gasp) sweet EJ touch, Terry takes it from Wolff in the box, who then commits the foul on Terry.

  87. Dominghosa says:

    Englad with a chance! Gerrard gets the ball, puts it into space and crosses low to box, Defoe with a beautiful chance but his deflection shot is just wide.

  88. Fireball says:

    Gooch just shut down Rooney on the run down the right side. Sweet.

  89. So, is Beasely the only option on free kicks. He has not gotten the all over the 1st defender yet.

  90. eric says:

    Right now, I’d rather see Adu for Wolff than for EJ, actually.

  91. dave says:

    i agree completely game is 50-50, gonna take some individual play to break it open.

    Well-defended by Pearce-showing his class.

    Well-played Gooch on Rooney!

    The USA is in this game we just need more quality in the final third.

    This is a full-strength England squad, maybe minus Owen up top. I’d love to see Jozy and Lando up top in this game w/ Freddy behind them…

  92. Dominghosa says:

    Onyweu has been doing well negating England’s long-ball tactics.

  93. Dave says:

    Beck’s aerial play is really impressing me in this game.

  94. Dominghosa says:

    England, 1-0.

  95. eric says:

    Beckham to Terry, 1-0 England

  96. Dominghosa says:

    Terry header off Becks FK. foul on Rico clark that leads to fk.

  97. Brant says:

    Crap – I buffered just in time to watch the Brits score. Ugh.

  98. Dave says:

    hope that opens things up.

    terrible marking. that’s john terry guys come on now

  99. Chase says:

    Terry with the goal, wow, especially after such a poor start, thanks Ricardo Clark, your 2nd idiotic foul just cost us a goal…

  100. eric says:

    Tough, tough header, Terry had to reach behind him. Marking wasn’t too bad, but no one took responsibility for going for the ball.

    I’d call that a good set piece more than a bad defensive play. Speaking of which…

  101. dave says:

    stupid foul by clarke but the marking cost the goal.

    now we’re in big trouble.

  102. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Pretty much why I’m not crazy about Clark on the national team…

  103. Dominghosa says:

    Onyewu called for a foul on Defoe,two feet away from the box. Yikes.

  104. Brant says:

    Are our guys really knocking the Brits around that much? Or are they guys in white just a bunch of pansies who are diving for the free-kicks?

  105. Matt says:

    How many times is Bradley going to let Gooch on the field? How many times is Gooch going to let his mark go on a free kick?

  106. Dominghosa says:

    Gerrard shot hits wall. Thankfully. Whew.

  107. Steve T. says:

    Watching this just makes you realize how far behind we really are.

  108. Dave says:

    Terry was the ONLY player who attacked that ball, any us player could have challenged Terry but no one even put a body on him

    Schoolboy stuff.

  109. eric says:

    Matt, I’m not buying the goal was Gooch’s fault.

  110. Fireball says:

    Howard getting angry back there.

  111. Matt says:

    Bocanegra was just covering for gooch…Gooch lost Terry. Gooch is terrible.

  112. Chase says:

    If Jermaine Defoe is creating this many problems, how are we going to fair against Torres and Villa next week?

  113. Dominghosa says:

    Yellow on Dolo, on Defoe again, two yards from the box, almost same spot as last FK. I think it was a 50/50 ball. should have been a no call.

  114. Dominghosa says:

    Becks shot hits a jumping wall. another whew.

  115. Dominghosa says:


  116. Steve T. says:


  117. eric says:

    Rooney gives a little payback on Clark, wiping him out over the turf as the half ends.

  118. Dominghosa says:

    Would like to see what LD could have done to change what we’ve seen in the US’ final third.

    Hopefulyl Adu comes in for Wolff. Soon. Like now.

  119. Ac says:

    Hopefully Bradley will make changes at halftime. Without Donovan in the attack, this team looks so very flat. The 4-4-2 formation needs to be switched to something else that will work, but even that’s hard without Donovan available. Will we see Adu in the 2nd half?

  120. Fireball says:

    I get worried every time Beckham has possession.

    US losing composure on the ball.

    Blaming Gooch for the goal is an overreaction.

  121. Amit says:

    Please Bob, no more Josh Wolff.

  122. Bob says:

    England is playing two or three times faster than the US. I’m not talking about foot-speed, but in terms of decision making. Going to be a long day if the US continues to chase the action.

    Not much to be pleased with so far. Could be 2-0 or 3-0 by now.

  123. Jonathan says:

    Bradley Needs to go, he doesn’t have the balls to play a creative player like ADu, but he has the balls to play a piece of shite, like EJ or Wolff?? incredible…

  124. rocky says:

    their is no imagination no player who has the passing skills on the u.s. how can josh wolff be better in bradleys eyes then freddy adu, you have to be kidding me. we are totally outmatched without jozy and landon. PLEASE PUT FREDDY ADU IN HE IS OUR BEST PLAYER.

  125. Bob says:

    Yeah, can anyone explain to me why Wolff is still in the player pool? I have never seen much in him.

  126. Jamie Z. says:

    We are getting shredded through the midfield and it’s like Josh Wolff isn’t even on the pitch. Even if Bradley keeps Johnson in the game, he needs to get Clark and Wolff out of there.

  127. We have better options at forward than Wolff. We need a target against an English team. Why not bring Cooper over?

    For this game, I agree, bring on Adu. Let’s see what he can do because the 2 in there now aren’t causing too many problems.

    What happened to EJs 1v1 skills we saw several years ago? It’s like he has taken out of his game.

  128. smokeminside says:

    I missed most of the first half….what was the payback on Clark for? I thought Rooney should have been carded…..

  129. Pepe says:

    Apparently it’s become a game of the official doing nothing but awarding dangerous free kicks for England.

    Dolo gets a yellow for nothing and Rooney nearly breaks Clark’s leg and gets nothing.


  130. Elmer says:

    What’s with Josh Wolff playing? Come on! Bradley didn’t think we have better options?

  131. $Matt$ says:

    Bob Bradley, please put Adu on for Wolff or Clark during halftime!

  132. Murphy says:

    I just hope he doesn’t bring in Califf. And Adu better play at least 30 minutes here–there is NOTHING happening up front for the US.

    The defense is playing well for the most part (besides the goal).

    Thanks to whoever posted that link to the game online.

  133. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Beckham, class of the pitch.

    Pearce is leading my MOTM so far. EJ with a couple of positive plays, Bradley also. . Gooch OK, may have lost his Terry on the FK, but it was Clarks foul that gave them the chance (again!) way too many FK.

    Dolo really struggling as is Dempsey on the right, getting eaten alive. DMB has not been a positive factor till now.

  134. Dominghosa says:

    Dempsey also needs to step up and show that 1v1, 1v2 skills. Though he has been hindered with defensive responsibilities. Still, he needs to be this team’s difference maker.

  135. luis says:

    wolf you got be kidding me..what is bradley thinking.

  136. Chase says:

    Pretty disapointing stuff, without Donovan we lack the speed our attack is usually dependent on against more talented teams. It doesn’t help that Dempsey and Wolff have been invisible and EJ ineffective in attack. Clark’s (and maybe even Bradley’s) tempermant is also very worrying, he just seems out of his depths (despite the nice cross he had)…

    For England, Gerrard and Beckham have been their best players, though Hargreaves has dominated in the CDM role. They really should have scored 2 or 3 goals. I’m sure they will make big changes in the 2nd half bringing in Abonglahor, Young, Bentley, etc.

  137. eric says:

    The assault on Clark wasn’t direct payback, it was more of a karma thing, both players have been in more than their share of ’em…

  138. VMan says:

    I am following the action based on the comments here. Haven’t seen Dempsey’s name much. Is he being marked out of the game?

  139. erik says:

    agree with ives, wolff has got to come off. he’s done nothing. EJ hasn’t set the world on fire, but they keep launching long balls over his head. he’s done better when he’s come further up field. i’d like to see and EJ/Adu pairing.

    and also agree about rico, he’s really struggling out there.

    BTW – wtf, how does rooney not get a yellow on that challenge, when stevie’s was soft as????

  140. matt says:

    pretty sure clark is a sub on his best day for us…he’s terrible and really cant defend outside of fouling the crap out of someone..he’s also a bad passer. why’s he out there again? johnson wasnt nearly as bad as i thought he’d be but he really doesn’t belong either. who’s wolff? where’s wolff? does he play for us? oh he’s out there? who ‘s that again? huh?

  141. andrew in tampa says:

    I’m tired of you folks who can only see poor play from EJ and no one else. Bradley and Clark are clearly out of their depth. This game calls for Pablo. and Freddy

  142. Dominghosa says:

    johnson shot! wide open! goes jsut wide…ball from pearce…first-timer from ej..

  143. Fireball says:

    EJ/Dempsey aren’t getting service out of the middle. England’s midfield is in a different class, aggressive and have an amazing workrate.

    BTW, I disagree with half of what is being said on this board, if you’re following along onine.

  144. eric says:

    VMan – Dempsey had no service, but he also didn’t bowl me over with his efforts to get open.

    Wow! EJ rips a first timer just wide!

  145. Dominghosa says:

    guzan in for howard, hejduk in for dolo. becks is also out.d. bentley in.

  146. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    No Hejduk for Dolo votes?

  147. Chosun says:

    Good shot by Johnson… Maybe if he scores, it’ll renew his confidence?

  148. ma says:

    andrew i dont think bradley’s really be out of his depth…especially compared to clark. this has been a horrible game to watch also.

  149. Mikebsiu says:

    Boring game, both teams cant even put a series of passes together. Even the english crowd seems quite bored.

  150. Dominghosa says:

    Chosun, I swear when I saw that Pearce cross, I thought EJ was going to score. what a great chance.

  151. Dominghosa says:

    james didn’t even move.

  152. Fireball says:

    Man, now THAT tells you how far we have to go. Beckham comes out and Bentley comes in. He’s just as much of a threat.

  153. fireball…what the hell is that supposed to mean?

  154. eric says:

    Wolff gets the ball in the box, can’t turn with it. Get him out. There is no future there, and maybe the future is on the bench with Mr. Adu. How does he not come in???

  155. Dominghosa says:

    rooney whiffs on a bike. provides entertainment for the crowd.

  156. Brant says:

    Good God – did England think this was a doubleheader? They’ve got an MLS-sized roster on their bench…

  157. Dominghosa says:

    guzan saves low, pacing shot from defoe.

  158. Dominghosa says:

    Defoe turn! shot! guzan with a good catching save.

  159. matt says:

    jermaine defoe is so damned fast. can we get a beasley/defoe match race while the rest of the guys are pretending to be interested in the game?

  160. Chase says:

    Gerrard is bossing the midfield, Dempsey is really having a shocker, you expect better from a guy that plays against these guys on a regular basis professionally…

  161. Fireball says:

    Paul: I’m talking about the opinions, not the play by play.

    Gooch isn’t having a really bad game, and doesn’t need to get off the field. Rooney’s challenge was hard but didn’t merit a yellow. Adu is our best player and could do better than who’s on for us now. etc. That’s all.

  162. eric says:

    Dempsey crosses in to Beasley, who knocks it down, Pearce takes a whack, out for a corner.

    But, uh, can we not attack in the air thru beas?

  163. kgoodies says:

    I think they booed our national anthem because they know they are under our thumb geo politically. I don’t blame them I suppose. Still, scumbag move.

  164. Dominghosa says:

    Beas’ CK is caught by James.

  165. Nutmegger says:

    Pearce showing very well for himself at both ends if you ask me. NM

  166. IMundog says:

    Yeah, here the usa needs to get some action going on this attack maybe involve the midfielders more. and also, i mean seriously why the did wolff start…ADU needed to be in there not only is he BETTER but hes still 19 folks he needs the experience lets face it Wolff is never gonna be in the next world cup . he’ll have retired by then.(probably)Adu is just much more needed up top

  167. eric says:

    Agree about Pearce, even if his match low-point was 2 mins ago when DeFoe got around him

  168. Dominghosa says:

    For the record, Gooch is having a great game. It was a great FK by Becks that laid in front for Terry. Boca was also there with Gooch as England scored.

  169. matt says:

    is dempsey or most complacent player or what…what the hell is his problem

  170. Dominghosa says:

    Clark has space to go 1v1 but sends a woeful ball downfield to a double-covered Wolff. As expected, nothing comes out of it.

  171. eric says:

    Surprisingly, an EJ to Clark break leads to a turn over.

    Please, please, 30 Mins of Freddy…

  172. Chosun says:

    Dominghosa: agreed.

    Is it just me or does it seem that we’ve got serious issues trapping the ball when it’s passed?

  173. Dominghosa says:

    g. johnson and g. barry in for brown and lampard.

  174. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    53rd Right side of the midfield looks much more stable, is it the insertion of Hejduk, or the departure of Beckham.

  175. Dominghosa says:

    Barry sends it through to Gerrard. 2-0. England. 59th minute.

  176. Brant says:

    That’s the ’70s on line 2. They want their hair back.

  177. Chase says:

    Gerrard is having a great game, just wait for that Barry to Gerrard combination next season fellow Reds…

  178. Brant says:

    Where was Onyewu going on that one? Looked like he was running *away* from Gerrard…

  179. Bob says:

    This is ugly . . . only going to get worse, I fear.

  180. eric says:

    England ping around 4 one touch passes, and the last release Gerrard, ripping the defense to shreds. Gerrard, unlike anyone on the US, knows how to finish.

  181. Dominghosa says:

    Very nice passing sequence by England. worked the triangle very well. Defoe gives a little touch to barry, (same time gerrard is running in between two US defenders toward goal), barry one-times a low through pass to gerrard who seats guzan for an easy goal.

  182. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Dominghosa, your killing me. I’m streaming the match so a couple of minutes behind you. But oh well it was a pretty 1 touch series

  183. kawa says:

    the guys are playing like they dont care

  184. eric says:

    Just into the 61st, still no more subs. I’ve wanted to see this match for so long, and I’m really getting disgusted.

  185. Dominghosa says:

    lo siento pancho

  186. JP says:

    Josh Wolff is pointless in this game. Break a leg Josh…Break a leg!

  187. kgoodies82 says:

    Josh Wolf is the man…I’m not even watching the game and he is annoying me.

  188. Danny says:

    Anyone else tired of the 2 holding mids philosophy by Bob Bradley? Seriously. Can someone remind him that goals are what win matches. Can we see some attack?

    Also, note to Eddie Johnson… YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING! Wake up!

  189. mikeK says:

    We just look purely outclassed. It’s sad. I thought we’d look better than this. Let’s see Adu please.

  190. Jonathan says:

    unbelievable Bradley won’t put in adu… really it’s unbelievable… when was the last time EJ had first team minutes??? Wolf got demoted from a Bundo leag 2 side… seriously ives.. please start being non-bias in reporting get off of Bradley’s tip and admit taht ti’s time we had a real coach… we’re the only developed nation that has an invalid as a coach… not even England insists on hiring an inbred coach just b/c he’s indigenious (mclaren not withstanding)… please Ives can you write a piec on teh ineptitudes of Bradley, his line up choice? and Nowak’s also while you’re at it??? something tells me Klingsman wouldn’t have Josh wolff started vs england for gododness sake…

  191. Dominghosa says:

    US just cna’t keep possession. No more than four touches so far.

  192. matt says:

    wolff with the pass to no one…i mean owen hargreaves…get the hell off the field.

  193. Are we going to see any subs for the US?

    It’s time to make some changes and give some other players a chance to play.

  194. Chase says:


    I have the same feeling, hopefully we put together a better performance against Spain.

  195. Rocco says:

    I’m not even watching and I’m starting to get angry. What is going on?? What is Bradley doing? I haven’t seen Wolf or Dempsey’s name anywhere. Are they playing. Where is Adu. I bet he brings on Lewis. Guaranteed.

  196. Dominghosa says:

    Demps wakes up with a nice move, but gets it tackled away on another try. he did well at first but didn’t look too much into it after undressing an england defender.

  197. Steve T. says:

    Rooney is a fat mess who should not be starting anymore for England.

  198. Milo says:

    whose on the US bench?

  199. Elmer says:

    I love Ives’ comment about getting some uncapped Brazilians to marry American women, let’s get on that.

  200. matt says:

    on the plus side. we do have better uniforms.

  201. Rocco says:

    Bring back McBride PLEASE…

  202. Dominghosa says:

    asu and lewis in. wolff and beas out. ok, let’s see what this kid can do. let’s go.

  203. Fireball says:

    Wolff looks winded.

    It’s insane how much defense Rooney plays. It’s like England has 5 midfielders and their all playing hard both ways.

    Adu for Wolff!

  204. AC says:

    If they’re already losing, why not get some new blood in there?! Get Eddie Johnson out of there! Why not try Nate Jaqua or Adu?…And Clark looks really lost. I think its time for Edu to come in.

  205. Tim F. says:

    Nothing on free kicks. Nothing on finishing.

  206. eric says:

    I’m fine with the idea that two mids are thinking about possession and defense, especially if they have finishing skills like MB does. We just need the right partner to emerge. Maybe that’s a good place for Dempsey as the 2nd, he’s played it before.

  207. Danny says:

    I hate Wayne Rooney. What a putz.

  208. Dominghosa says:

    crouch in for defoe.

  209. Brant says:

    Here’s my take – the US seems to have a lot of role players. There are a lot fo very productive guys out there than can play good consistent soccer for good teams all over the world.

    Now, start naming the Brits, and stop when you get to the first one that you’d replace with an American if you were building a team around a player. They’ve got Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Terry, and Ferdinand that you could put as the centerpiece of virtually any team in any league. They’ve also got Beckham, Hargreaves, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, DeFoe, and Owen (tho not all in this game) who aren’t quite the same level, but would go before any American except (maybe) Donovan, and the keepers.

    They’re just better than we are, plain and simple. A great bunch of role-players wins titles in MLS with a salary cap, but they won’t win in the wide-open world of big-time soccer. Not now, not ever.

  210. Elmer says:

    You know you are in rough shape when people are requesting Nate Jaqua to come into the game.

  211. matt says:

    eddie lewis? thanks bob…bringing on a real difference maker.

  212. eric says:

    Finally, Freddy in the 68th. I’m still p!ssed he didn’t get 30 mins, no excuse.

  213. Dominghosa says:

    all of a sudden, i’m not looking forward to facing spain and argentina.

  214. Chase says:

    LMAO @ Elmer!

    The 2-0 scoreline is pretty flattering at this point…

  215. Danny says:

    I think we should play a 4-1-2-2-1. Altidore up top with Beasley and Dempsey attacking on either side. Adu and Donovan should also play attacking mids. Put A defensive mid in there like Bradley or Edu. Then have our back 4. That way we could actually get all our talent on the pitch at once.

  216. eric says:

    I was going to complain about Lewis, but at least he can hit free kicks. Still, meaningless for the future. I’d rather have seen Edu come on, but I understand not risking Beasley further.

    Freddy with a back heel!

  217. ManicMessiah says:

    Perhaps Bradley is using this game to give Spain a false sense of security, hoping to catch them by surprise in our next match?

  218. IMundog says:

    Finally adu comes in for exactly who we ALL knew he would. Wolff. hopefully freddy can put some good finishes in

  219. Danny says:

    The Wave? Seriously? Brits.

  220. Chase says:

    If the US injures Gerrard seriously, I may have to renounce my citizenship…

  221. Fireball says:

    Dominghosa – I was thinking the exact same thing. All three of these teams are like world all stars.

  222. eric says:

    Freddy with another great touch to flick Guzan’s clearance to EJ

  223. Brant says:

    we couldn’t score with a drunk prom date.

  224. Dominghosa says:

    Freddy actually does something we haven’t seen this game. A US player bringing the ball upfield on his own with five touches.

  225. Brant says:

    “If the US injures Gerrard seriously, I may have to renounce my citizenship…”

    Why? Afraid it might cripple their Euro ’08 chances?

  226. A says:

    NO MORE EDDIE JOHNSON! His lazy playing is torcher to watch!!!!….I don’t care if he doesn’t have experience, at least get Jaqua in there….Maybe he’ll put forth effort

  227. eric says:

    Rooney with an ugly tackle for a YC on Heydude. Could’ve easily been his 2nd…

  228. Dominghosa says:

    adu bothces a fk. not syre what that was about.

  229. Elmer says:

    I like what ManicMessiah said. Spain’s ranked higher, so maybe we are hoping to pick off the higher ranked team. Also, what’s with Jonathan and his railing against Bradley. It’s one thing to dislike the tactics and lineups, it’s another to call him inbred.

  230. matt says:







    that looks good danny. don’t bet on it though.

  231. Chase says:

    Wow, Rooney with another wild challenge…

  232. eric says:

    The US looking MUCH better

  233. Fireball says:

    Hhahaha. Anyone catch Rooney with the sailor mouth at the ref? “F*@($ Off. you F(#*ing Pri&*.”

  234. AC says:

    About time Bradley made a good decision. He brought in Adu, a player with guts to attempt some offense. This team is just too timid and has no imagination from the years of being stuck on nothing but set-pieces style of offense.

  235. Dominghosa says:

    Edu for clark.

  236. Chase says:

    @Brant, no the Prem season you twat…

  237. Dominghosa says:

    besides that fk, adu has done well, three back heels, bringing up the ball.

    j. cole in for rooney.

  238. Dominghosa says:

    and hejduk has been calm and smart. good stuff.

  239. eric says:

    Argh. Pointless long ball that EJ doesn’t try and win.

  240. AC says:

    Altidore, where art thou? Maybe in the next few games, we’ll see him. And hopefully Robbie Rogers. We need younger, fearless players with a combination of veterans. Eddie Johnson’s time has come and gone. So has Josh Wolff’s.

  241. Fireball says:

    Cole in for Rooney? It’s depressing how much depth they have.

  242. Steve T. says:

    EJ with another Stone touch

  243. eric says:

    And who is complaining about Lewis!

  244. Dominghosa says:

    Lewis undresses a defender! great ball in the box, james just gets his hand to clear it out for a ck. ck goes nowhere.

  245. Brant says:

    Chase – I’m a Newcastle fan. I don’t wish anyone an injury, but if Gerrard took a sabbatical and backpacked around Nepal for a season, fine by me :)

  246. AC says:

    I wonder why Bradley doesn’t call in Hejduk more? He’s still smart and fast.

  247. Dominghosa says:

    if only lewis, hejduk and mcbride were 5 years older. that would be great.

  248. Fireball says:

    Eddie Lewis with a nice move, then cross. D. James gets a hand on it to push it away.

  249. Freddy has made a difference. He is the only player that can hold the ball.

  250. Dominghosa says:

    i mean younger. and as much as i love timmy howard. add b. friedel into that mix too.

  251. Rocco says:

    Hey at least MLS got $4MM for EJ. Now he’s Fulhams problem. And I used to think he was going to be a danger man up front, a few years back.

  252. Steve T. says:

    We’re playing like the bad news bears right now…terrible turnovers.

  253. eric says:

    It’s such a tough call, “American Beckham” can still hit a good ball, and at least is in shape if he ain’t that fast. But he’s not the future. You don’t really want to see him, but then he hits some actual dangerous balls and your glad he’s there.

    Wow, Eddie Lewis really has stayed ‘American Beckham’, that’s him to a T.

  254. Dominghosa says:

    Adu with a shot, gives james a bit of trouble but would like to see adu take it in a little more, he had space.

  255. Steve T. says:

    Why Can’t lewis contribute in 2 more years? We’ve got nothing better.

  256. eric says:

    Funny, Ives. I would have loved to see Landon bring it up, he woulda been the one.

  257. Dominghosa says:

    jacqua in for ej

  258. matt says:

    ives- lets hope its eddie johnson that does bring it up so he can get his face mashed so we dont have to watch him play anymore during this stretch of games.

  259. Brant says:

    That sucking sound? That was our last attempt at 1-touch play before the corner kick.

  260. ManicMessiah says:

    For me, the reasons you wouldn’t start Adu in this game were:

    1)You don’t think he’d put in the defensive work required.

    2) You want to save him for the start in Spain, because you think he’ll make more of an impact.

    3)Depending on how the game is called, Adu gets muscled out of the game.

    Thinking about it like that, I can almost understand why Adu didn’t start, but I still would have liked to see it.

    Still, if you wanted experience, than it would’ve been better to put Lewis on the left, switch Beasley to the right, and play Dempsey up top with EJ.

  261. TBryantMU says:

    Can someone tell me why EJ deserved a start and not Adu? EJ has got the same amount of playing time over the last few months (none) as Adu, but Adu can at least stir up some excitement and not give away posession with every touch on the ball

  262. hamburglar says:

    nice hustle jaqua

  263. Dominghosa says:

    Bradley hasn’t played very well. Either you have to nix playing him the a central defensive mid role and play him higher or don’t play him at all. I’d prefer the former.

  264. eric says:

    This match can end, very disappointing, and it was doomed from the start as soon as we where stuck with poo-poo platter at forward, and just got worse with no Donovan, and a scant 23 mins from Adu. Freddy better get some big minutes in the next 2 games.

  265. Dominghosa says:

    Game over. England, 2-0. Not much from US.

  266. Dominghosa says:

    agreed, eric

  267. hamburglar says:

    seriously outclassed.

    must. find. way. to. explain. away. feeling. of. humiliation….

  268. Steve T. says:

    Does John Terry have the worst Balding hair cut in history of all of time? What a tool.

  269. Well that was fun to watch. Getting beat to every loose ball, lack of precision. It was like watching DC except more important. That was not a hopeful game, even knowing that jozy and landon weren’t there and it was being played at Wembley.

  270. Elmer says:

    I agree with Dominghosa on Bradley’s play. I think he should be playing a bit higher with Edu behind him in a holding role.

  271. Dominghosa says:

    Despite the two goals, much of the griping is going to be about the attack. the midfield and the debacle that was the starting forward tandem. EJ did OK, not as terrible as some have said here. but would expect better.

  272. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Well. Lots of work needed. For those of you who bash LD, well hard to say what would have happened but clearly he was missed on FK’s.

    Good: Pearce, Bradley

    Better than expected: EJ,Guzan,Adu,Hejduk.

    Below Average: Every one else

    Poor: Dolo, Dempsey,Wolff,DMB

    Central defense not terrible,poor control of flank play. Too many poorly chosen fouls.

  273. Dominghosa says:

    too bad we’re not at a point in soccer’s standing in the US that we don’t get any type of postgame coverage.

  274. East LA Chiva says:

    Let’s be honest, the offense was garbage. The defense was admirable, but it wasn’t their best.

  275. luis says:

    that was a bad starting line up choice by bradley..adu and edu should have started

  276. Jonathan says:

    Well Ives.. the ball is in your court now.. you can either be a responsible journalist and correctly report the crap of a coaching job that bradley did, or you can continue to sing his prase for beating south africa, poland, canada, and a rag tag, mexican side on american soil… go ahead ives, rave about how the Copa didn’t realy count b/c we brought a B squad, or how our offense really opened up against Guatemala… I like your reporting Ives b/c you’re the only american socer reporter who truly loves the game, and goes after every bit of information you can find.. I’m going to lose a lot of respect if you don’t call for either a change of coaching philosophy or a change of coach after this exhibition of futility.

  277. Scott says:

    On to Spain.

  278. Dominghosa says:

    Not sure what good Bradley did, Pancho. He should be in your below average. And Gooch despite that first goal was great. EJ was actualyl better than expected. mostly becasue we expected a worse performance.

    DMB should get a pass. He’s just working himself back. Dempsey wasn’t bad. But below average.

  279. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Chiva, nice summary. You are right. D was OK despite losing 2-0. Central Defense was not too shabby, coulda been better but has been a lot worse. Pearce held his own. Dolo had an off night, Hejduk helped when he came on.

    I’m attending the game in Spain as well as the Argentina game. Would be nice to see Adu in from the beginning. He holds possession better than any other Forward on this roster. Will be disappointed if BB trots out Wolff again, or Jaqua.

  280. eric says:

    I think EJ wasn’t horrible, given who’s there. It’s Wolff who really needs to not play. I agree with Ives, I was pretty happy with our backline, Gooch was good and Pearce hopefully extended his run as the man out left. Dolo had an off day, but I’m not over eager to replace him.

    ESPN sucks me in with the Euro programming right after the game…

  281. Chris says:

    michael bradley had a nightmare today

  282. Gene says:

    This is a game U.S. would like to forget. With the exception of Adu, Dempsey (at times), and Eddie Lewis, no one could hold the ball against the pressure of England. I am glad we played England, but it shows how much work U.S. still needs to do.

    Also, I’d like to find out exactly what Fulham management had been snorting to sign Eddie Johnson. May be the guy is good in training and he does have speed, but he just cannot seem to do anything with the ball, other than pass it back or lose it to an opponent.

    I presume Altidore is injured; otherwise, I don’t understand why he did not play.

    As for the English team, looking at their players, I think they are punching waay below their weight internationally. They have a very good team. Cudos to Croatia and Russia for beating a team of this quality.

  283. Murphy says:

    I think Pearce showed he’s the best left back we have. Adu didn’t look that good though–it definitely looked like he hadn’t played in a while.

    We need a better partner for Bradley in central midfield, and something that could at least look like a threatening attack.

  284. Chosun says:

    Wow Jonathan, you’re saying if Ives doesn’t agree with your senitment completely that you’ll lose respect for him? Give me a break.

  285. Steve T. says:


    Lets wait for the changes in the next two of these 3 prime time matches. If we see EJ and Wolf again, then we know he is a dullard with no business running our program.

  286. eric says:

    I was pretty happy with MB, he made some good tackles and was in the better half of our side. Some turnovers, but he was solid. But how can BB not figure out how to get him into the offense more, after the year he had???

  287. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Dominghosa, I guess its a matter of perspective. Bradley was one of the best players on the field for the U.S. which is not saying much. Still, he did what he is supposed to do, clog the middle make the opposition go through the outsides, which England did…and we paid for it with the loss of control of the wings.

    DMB does not get a pass in my book. If he wasn’t fit he shouldn’t of been out there. Dempsey is capable of much more, but needs to simplify his play.

    I agree on EJ. Best outing for him in a long time, (long time). Still lacks a good first touch, with a nice first touch he would be the best forward in the U.S. pool. but then again if I was 10 years younger, blond, blue-eyed, and sleeping with Angelina Jolie I’d be Brad Pitt.

  288. Dominghosa says:

    Altidore didn’t play becuase he wasn’t even in England. Bradley did all he could to not call in MLS guys who are very important to their club besides Donovan.

    Hejduk and Edu were added after injuries.

    Anyway, folks, I’m outta here. Time to work. Have fun debating.

  289. josh says:

    m. bradley didn’t put a foot right tonight. what a nightmare! will everton pay $5mil for that??

    i think a lot of our guys looked nervous out there from the start. some bad first touches and poor decisions. and with no true leader on the field, we never recovered.

    i think that a 4-4-2 away at england is a ridiculous formation, particularly when both wide players are so attack minded for their clubs. what are we trying to prove? did wolff contribute anything today? wouldn’t we have been better off with another man behind the ball in the middle of the field?

    adu looked pretty good.

  290. jeff says:

    I find this Michael Bradley to extremely overrated. He has never done much of anything with all of his considerable playing time his dad gives him. I’d rather see someone else in that spot.

  291. eric says:

    Beasley was pretty mediocre, he kept possession but didn’t really have his speed back. If he was healthy, he could’ve really run past Beckham. Could’ve. Sucks to say.

    But I’d still start Beasley, either on the right paired with Lewis on the left, or on the left with Donovan on the right.

  292. Geach says:

    It is time for a big name coach. BB is not the answer.

  293. andrew in tampa says:

    Not sure what some of you guys were watching, but MB was terrible. Can you count the number of times his passes went to the other side? I’ve seen nothing of the flashes we’ve come to expect. Clark struggled in the first half but did much better after half time. Adu came on the field and looked comfy right away. BB needs to give him much more time. EJ wasn’t bad but I want to see more to justify his position. But we need to find players who are comfortable on the ball. Disappointing game..the score i can live with but not the performance.

  294. This game exposed our lack of quality. It was the EPL vs. MLS. (Yeah…yeah, I know most of the roster was from Europe but the quality in midfield and forward line were all MLS products). The 2nd goal was a jog into the box and a simple pass beyond Guzan. Gerrard’s body language was, “this is so easy.”

    My observations:

    1. Dempsey seems to have regressed a little. He does not have the swagger he used to have and I wonder if his time in England has really helped his game. I say he would be better off in Spain or he should have gone to the Dutch league first to be schooled more in the game.

    I am not hating on him. I love Dempsey, I think we have lost a little of him since his move to England. Something is different.

    2. Eddie Johnson is one of our better players technically. Where is he mentally? Where has his swagger gone? Since he did so well his one year, he has regressed also. I like how he receives the ball at the 18 dribbles back 20 yards, gives up a weak pass that result in a turnover when we were in the final third. That’s not him.

    Eddie, come back please wherever you went. Get your head back into the game, man.

    3. It is time to let Freddy play a bigger role. I am not saying he is the greatest or the best player. I am saying its time to let the boy make an impact like we let Donovan and Beasely. He is a different player and showed some quality on the field. Let him take on more responsibility with the senior team.

    4. I would like to see Kenny Cooper get a look on the NT. We miss a big strong forward. He is young too but could be the answer to missing McBride. If we can’t have Altidore, give Cooper a chance. (Sounds like a song – you know…like that Beatles song. Now everybody sing…”If we can’t have Altidore, give Cooper a chance”).

    It was a disappointing result after strong performances earlier this year. Our set pieces were terrible today. We did not have the players to deliver a killer ball today.

    Maybe if Donovan had been in to provide some service the result could have been different. Surprisingly, that is what we missed in him.

  295. hamburglar says:

    11 players with most caps under Bob Bradley

    16 – Feilhaber – WTF

    16 – Dempsey

    15 – Bradley

    15 – Donovan

    14 – Onyewu

    14 – Bocanegra

    13 – Johnson – WTF

    13 – Howard

    13 – Clark – WTF

    12 – Bornstein – WTF

    12 – Beasley

    Most here would prefer Cherundolo (7 Bradley caps), Edu (5), Adu (4), and Altidore (3) over some of the above names. Spector (9) and Pearce (7) have posters’ support too.

    It seems to come down to this: our players are not particularly good.

    Chances that the team will be significantly improved by new blood (Rogers… Renken haha) = not good.

    So, who can best help this squad of mediocre talent achieve the greatest degree of success — meester bob bradleee, or foreign superstar coach?

  296. Nick says:

    I understand that US fans love to pile on Eddie Johnson, but seriously, this is one of the better games that he’s played in a while for the Nats. He didn’t sit with his back to the goal the whole game and he looked to attack some. That shot he unleashed at the beginning of the second half was fierce, just a bit off. Maybe Fulham has helped a bit.

    The defense looked pretty good overall, just getting beat on a set piece and a breakdown in the midfield. The midfield looked absolutely horrid. I didn’t expect a win, but I thought that we would hold our own…we did not.

  297. Donovan says:

    Adu is the only one out there who looked like they had the skill to play on that English team. He had one bad ball and one bad free kick, but the bad ball I’m going to blame on “checkback johnson” and his lack of attacking desire not making a run. EJ was terrible. If people can’t see that then they never played. You can see it in the way he goes for the ball. He always starts his run half a step slow or pulls up at the end. He wants to get close to the pass or the header, but not so close that he’s forced to do something with it. He goes for head balls like I do, but I’m not professional. It’s more about knocking the other guy off then winning the ball. He is crap. He was terrible at Fulham. Beasley, Dempsey and Bradley are great players. I’ve watched clips of Bradley all year playing in Holland. That said, they all sucked today. Back line did well. I am disappointed that we haven’t progressed more than this since the world cup.

  298. Hincha Tim says:

    I only got to watch the second half, so my observations are based solely on that:

    Our real weakness was in the midfield. We need midfielders who can keep possession of the ball, take on a defender when he needs to to create something. Without that our midfield cannot hold onto the ball for any length of time to pressure the opposing defense and find a weakness in the opponent’s defense. Instead that is what is happening to us. At least Adu ran at England a couple of times. Eddie Lewis did too, but than crossed the ball too early instead of continuing towards the goal and forcing a scramble.

    Until the US Youth System produces players (midfielders) who are really comfortable on the ball, not just support/defensive players for European teams, the USMNT will struggle against the best.

  299. Nick says:

    I’ve played plenty, and I still say EJ had a better game today than he’s had in a long, long time.

  300. Mike O says:

    The back line hung in relatively well but overall the performance from the U.S. was repulsive. England dominated and if they had finished all their chances it would’ve been 4-0. It’s disappointing and it definitely exposed our weaknesses as a national side. More than even the speed of the English side was the superior strategy. Unlike the Americans, they knew where they wanted to take the ball and were able to be the aggressor as a result. They were able to string together combinations moving forward to eventually create holes and break down the U.S. defense (especially on the second goal).

    That said, I disagree with this fatalistic feeling of hopelessness of the US attack. We don’t need to throw up our hands and get Brazilians to marry American women (that joke was in bad taste, Ives). Our young USMT players coming up just need to focus on keeping possession with better first touches, moving the ball around more efficiently with quicker one-touch passing, maintaining their spacing and communication, improving their strength and conditioning to be able to win more 50/50 balls, and work on the accuracy of their long passing and shot making, especially off of set plays. Soccer has nothing to do with mysterious skills inherently beyond the American athlete’s mind. It’s simple execution and the U.S. team was dominated because they just weren’t as prepared, both individually and collectively as a unit, as England’s side. As we play more of these matches there will be more opportunity not only to test our current talent but also assess what skills we need to focus on developing in our U-21, etc. players moving forward. We have many good athletes already on our USMT but we’re just not as refined, confident, or imaginative as we could be. This is where we get beat against the highest quality competition in the world. It can be rectified with time and effort, though.

  301. Tim B says:

    This would have been an ideal time to play Robbie Rogers alongside Freddy Adu and Bradley. US needs some new blood or we are going nowhere fast.

  302. Thom says:

    Everyoner should be ashamed except Gooch,Heydude and Pearce.(at least he hustled)

    Terrible game to watch.

    I say start Heydude every game because he is a better national team player then Dolo.He just always hustles and agravates the opponent.

  303. Kevin says:


  304. kawa says:

    wats all this talk about MB playing good , did’nt even notice him in the game, the only thing good out there besides our defenders was Freddy he actually looked like he had some smarts on the ball but his cowardly attacking partners where too afraid to try anything he was up for.

  305. aristotle says:


    Scathing indictment to come:

    Still waiting for Bob Bradley to turn this team around from the “disaster” that was Bruce Arena. Bruce Arena’s “disaster” was better than anything you will ever see from this team while bumbling nice guy Bradley is in charge.

    It’s obvious we have practically nothing up front, but seriously, a has been and a mental case to start against England at Wembley? I thought EJ was the saviour? Wasn’t it Arena’s limited use of him that cost us elimination from the last world cup? Or was it that he didn’t make use of the fabulous Twellman and Ching the way he should have? Everything that’s happened since the last world cup has vindicated Bruce Arena completely. We wish we could play like we did in the last world cup.

    Two more humiliations to come. Then we might just be able to beat a Central American team in WC qualifying. Maybe.

    I can see it now. We’ll be eliminated from the World Cup in the first round under MUCH more favorable conditions than the last World Cup, and everyone will be giving Bob Bradley accolades. Nobody gives a damn about anything but personality anymore.

  306. Thom says:

    2 thoughts:

    1. Bradley tackles like Paul Scholes which is bad thing for him, us and opponents knees and ankles.

    2. We U.S. fans have so little to look forward to or get excited about that we seek positives where there are none except in goal.

  307. Lemoyne says:

    We must be the only national team on the planet with players out of contract starting in a major friendly. Can’t understand what the point is giving Wolff, Frankie, Lewis, etc. a run when they should be testing new talent. There’s something to giving them a testimonial appearance at Wembley – they’ve made their contributions over the years – but giving experience to Adu, Mapp and(insert other attacking-minded players that exist here) would be far more valuable.

    In the end, the physical difference between our boys and the English and other countries in general at this point is obvious: they have the top echelon of athletes funneled into soccer from the start. While we do have talented players, they are slighter and far less ‘battle-hardened’ coming up through our youth system/college.

    Finally, having the entire country behind you, no matter how small the nation, can only help give you the most complete passion for winning. It’s hard to find a player on our side with a stern brow of determination.

  308. Alex says:

    I had to catch this match on delay because I couldn’t get home in time to watch it, but here are some things I learned from this game:

    -Josh Wolff? Useless.

    -Eddie Johnson was certainly more adventurous today than he has been recently but was ineffective against a very good defense. I wrote him off as a bust as far back as the Copa America, but if he continues to improve the way he did today I’ll gladly accept that I was wrong and I won’t post angry anti-EJ comments on SBI anymore.

    -Eddie Lewis still has something to offer. He should definitely be given a shot in WCQ’s and if he’s still in this kind of form in 2010, he should make the roster.

    -Freddy Adu needs to be given a chance at starting. If we had had him the whole game I think we would have had alot more clear cut chances. (Having Lando on the field may have helped too.)

    -I’d like to see more of a Bradley-Edu center midfield combiation. Bradley-Clark wasn’t abominable today but Edu should be given a chance.

    -Until we have a forward who can win balls in the air (Hopefully Jozy in the very near future) long balls out of the back have to stop. I realize having a more effective central midfield that can do something with the ball would help this but long balls up to Josh Wolff just don’t work.

  309. Julio says:

    Josh WOLFF is GARBAGE!!!!!

  310. Julio says:

    How terrible is Josh WOLFF?????

  311. aristotle says:


    He’s so bad that he went to Germany to play for a mediocre second division team and most people don’t even know he’s there. He doesn’t even start.

    Josh Wolff + Injury = Loss of speed= One terrible player.

    Bob Bradley + Selection of Wolff = Idiot coach.

  312. peteo says:

    Pretty much why I’m not crazy about Clark on the national team…

    Posted by: Tony in Quakeland | May 28, 2008 at 03:48 PM


    Can’t disagree there fellow Quaker. RC is over-rated, majorly. He plays scared. [/sigh]

  313. David says:

    BB needs to start COOPER!!! look at the shots he’s taking in the Dallas/Houston game.

  314. Justin says:

    Wow. I was so excited about the way we had been playing recently until today. I was getting so mad I almost turned the game off at half time. What happened to us, we looked like children playing out there. Some thoughts…

    -Ricardo Clark, not good. He was commiting stupid fouls and showing his lack of talent turning the ball over left and right

    -Why why why Josh Wolff and not Altidore or Twellman? Either of the latter two would be leaps and bounds better

    -Freddy Adu needs to be a starter from here on. Just playing the limited time he did gave us our best chances

    -Not having Donovan on the field hurt us bad and you could see it, no playmaker willing to go at defenders and be successful; his pace was much needed

    -Eddie Lewis needs to get more playing time, MUCH more

    -We need to learn how to play more of a possesion game; booting the ball from the defense to forward DOES NOT work, work it up through midfield

    ….well with all that said I will say I think this rotation would give us our best opportunity to play well, god willing….

    GK: Howard

    D: Pearce, Gooch, Boca, Cherundolo

    M: Beas, Bradley, Donovan, Adu

    F: Dempsey, Altidore

    Bench: Guzan, Hejduk, Demerit, Parkhurst, Edu, Mastroeni, Lewis, Twellman, Johnson

  315. doug says:

    I took 2 things from this match

    1. The US Forward pool is thin like Ally McBeal. Josh Wolff, nice to know ya. Eddie Johnson, lazy, no heart, desire. When will he learn that he cant rely on pure talent alone. I suggest he cannot be picked again for the national team until he proves something at Fulham when they start in August. Look at who was picked for the game. The forwards combined must have had the world record for “DNP-coaches decisions” on any international roster ever.

    2. Freddy Adu needs to start fulltime starting against Spain. Now, before you guys get all in a uproar, hear me out. The top four most creative US Born players right now, in no particular order, are Donovan, Dempsey, Adu, and DMB. Why not just adopt they style of system that Man U used last season. In the sense that they never played with a traditional #9 last season. Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, and Giggs spent all last season rotating left to right, forward and withdrawn, striker to midfield. Im not saying the results will be the same but, come 2010, wouldnt you like to see a fulltime lineup with these 4 in it. Do it now

  316. MiamiAl says:

    Eddie Johnson- SUCKS!

    Ricardo Clark- SUCKS!

    Josh Wolf – SUCKS!

    Heath Pearce – SUCKS!

    Bob Bradley- SUCKS!

    Sunil Gulati- SUCKS!

    Landycakes- B*TCH!

    I think Bob Bradley demonstrated today he really is the second coming of Bruce Arena circa 2005-2006…Lets cut our losses before any of us spend a ton of money to go to South Africa and see the same kind of garbage we saw in Germany. I can’t afford that again.

    Keep Donovan for qualifiers and to play against Mexico…All those other guys I hope we don’t see again…

  317. EnginBlue says:


    I agree with everything you said except your inclusion of Twellman and I’d switch Adu and Dempsey. Twellman’s been given so many chances and has shown he just doesn’t have the pace or finishing ability to compete at this level. The guy is a great MLS striker, but he isn’t the answer for this team. EJ may not have the finishing ability either, but he’s definitely got the pace and that makes space for someone like a Dempsey or Adu to play off. Altidore is definitely our best option up top even with his lack of senior team experience. McBride’s absence is killing us.

  318. rocky says:

    well well well what can i say another dissapointing performance by the good old usa. i was so excited for this game i really thought we had a chance, i even thought about betting on the usa, god im glad i didnt. I think the biggest problem we showed today was the coaching performance. what was bob bradley smoking today, can anyone explain to me how josh wolff started or even was included on this roster. He is straight garbage. what does he see in clark being paired with bradley they are the same player we already new this. the purpose of friendlies is to mix and match players usually ones that are young and need experience, this game would of been perfect for this. How freddy adu didnt start is beyond me and im still trying to figure that out. he has world class talent and he needs to be playing. he needs to play that #10 role with bradley holding in the midfield. Honestly i think the u23’s could of beatin this lineup today, were was sasja kleshtein or rogers these are the players we need playing not wolff, lewis, heyduk.

    if we lose the next two games we need to call for bradleys head and get a world class coach that we should of gotten in the first place, all in all a terrible performance from our team…

  319. Yo says:

    –> US needs to hire a world class coach.

    THIS Preformance was Pathetic.

  320. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Put Altidore, Rogers and Cooper on a plane to Spain. And Freddy needs to play 90 minutes. If we’re going to get our heads handed to us, at least see what these guys got.

  321. Nick says:

    Eddie Johnson was much more effective today than in the past, his possession play was good (didn’t turn the ball over much, and didn’t get caught dribbling into traps like he used to). I think a lot of the lack of possession in the final third can be attributed to Josh Wolf’s complete ineffectiveness, he didn’t get a single good touch on the ball. Also, EJ almost scored on his one good chance, and played in a dangerous cross that i didn’t know was capable of playing. Having Donovan up front with him would give him a ton more chances, that’ll be when we really see if he can make it work on this stage.

    The midfield was dreadful, apart from Beasley. Clarke and Bradley had a ton of trouble keeping up with the England attack and holding onto the ball at all, let alone finding someone to make a forwards pass to. Dempsey was ok in the attacking third, but didn’t link up well, that might change with players like donovan and adu starting. his real flaws showed up in the defensive third, where he gave the ball away cheaply, in dangerous positions, multiple times.

    As for the defense, Cherundolo is either out of form, which i’d like to think, or just isn’t cut out for this level of play. He got twisted and turned by anyone england through at him. Pearce played a solid game, and was the only back to get into the attack for the US. Hedjuk did decent late in the game, but a lot of his touches went nowhere. Onyewu was good, minus a couple rash challenges. bocanegra was good, minus a distinct lack of speed at this level.

  322. Nick says:

    conclusion: let’s start both donovan and adu. Maybe as CAMs? Adu surprised me with his ability to hold the ball, normally guys his size don’t maintain possession in the middle of the field well. On the other hand a guy like Donovan doesn’t, so maybe the combination of the two would give the US better possession in the middle and attacking thirds?






  323. Jey says:

    I have to say that I have been watching the US play for 15 plus years and this was one of the most disappointing games I have seen them lose. The lack of urgency really bothered me throughout the game and why Wolff and Rico were on the field at the start of the second half is baffling. The D was okay but the distribution from the back was horrible and the overall movement of the ball was lacking in quality in a severe way. EJ was actually not that bad and if the service was better he might have actually scored (yes I just said that). I am just really disappointed and this game ruined my week. I am glad I didn’t make the trip over as I had initially planned. I want to say Spain and Argentina are going to be better but both teams have offeneses three times as potent as England. I just really wanted us to beat England to shut that whole country up about how great they are and how much the US sucks. This whole thing has turned out horribly. I am a devote US soccer supporter and this game is absolutely crushing. Thank you USMNT for letting me and your country down.

  324. aristotle says:

    Finally some people are actually seeing Bradley for what he really is- a nice guy and a mediocre coach, at best. I wouldn’t be too shocked if we had a hard time qualifying for the world cup. Especially when we have virtually no one who can score goals consistently.

    It’s nice to see more and more people are noticing the absurdity, to put it mildly, that is Bradley’s reluctance to give Kenny Cooper a decent chance on the USMNT. I guess that’s just too much of a gamble when you have quality players like Josh Wolff and Eddie Johnson to play up front. Seriously, is there some kind of friction between these two? Kenny Cooper must be feeling pretty persecuted by now. I think I might be able to get a good chance as a striker on the USMNT before Cooper does.

    Sunil Gulati has screwed us royally.