You Write the Caption: Sven and the Galaxy

Good afternoon everybody. It has been a long while since the last You Write the Caption but I was finally able to find a few photos that I’m hoping will produce some caption gems from you, the SBI Mafia.

I’m changing things up a little bit this time around. For this installment, I am having two photos for you to write the captions for and I will pick the 10 best combined. As always, the winner of the caption contest will receive a free soccer-themed t-shirt from SBI sponsor Objectivo Apparel. Objectivo has a whole new line of t-shirts so definitely check them out and remember, SBI readers get free shipping by typing IVES in the Promo Code section.

Now, back to the photos. One photo is of Sven Goran Erikkson sharing some pleasantries with Nery Castillo (not the funniest photo but there is caption potential) while the second is of some Galaxy players reacting to something pretty big.

Here are the photos:


"This is my last game here Nery so do what you want. Just remember this when I’m coaching Mexico."


The Galaxy players meet their newest signing, Peter Crouch.

Now you’ve seen the photos (and my captions). Now it’s your turn to offer up your own captions. Remember, you can offer up captions for either photo, or for both. I will pick the 10 best captions and post the winners next week.

Fire away

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103 Responses to You Write the Caption: Sven and the Galaxy

  1. Brant says:

    The Galaxy players examine their position in the standings relative to the rest of MLS.


    The Galaxy players try to see the upper limits of Beckham’s contract.

  2. kpugs says:

    “I got it. No you got it. No I got–and it’s another goal.”

  3. DemonJuice says:

    Galaxy photo:

    Prior to the match against Chicago, the Galaxy players watch Chad Barrett’s efforts on goal during warm-ups.

  4. tedhill says:

    For the Galaxy photo:

    Add up the numbers on their jerseys and that’s how many times Abel Xavier will get beat this week.

  5. Brant says:

    So Nery… have the guys from Mexico meet me under those stands after the game, and we can wrap up the deal. And they’ve got your share, I promise.

  6. Ilya says:

    1) “Don’t worry, the Americans aren’t as scary when they are playing for Fulham…Oh cr*p, yes they are!”

    2) Beckham and Roberts: “No Abel, there is no spaceship to take you back to the home planet. Now focus on the game please.”

  7. duder823 says:

    You might be awarding yourself a t-shirt

  8. rafavic says:

    photo caption comment Galaxy: They sure do grow footballers big in Vancouver!!

  9. Kenobi says:

    The Galaxy players were not at all surprised when Alexi Lalas’s overinflated ego broke off and floated away.

  10. Speedball says:

    Now Nery, I don’t want my hedges trimmed too low this time, about this height would be fine.

    Galaxy players examining a graphical representation of just how big an a-hole Lalas is.

  11. douglas says:

    #1 Sven: Pay close attention Nery . . . this is how you make a crocodile shadow puppet.

    #2 The Galaxy players are checking out the Eastern Confrence Standings.

  12. douglas says:

    Speedball WINS!!!!!!!!! that is hilarious.

  13. THE Nick says:

    Galaxy players were treated to quite a surprise today at practice as they witnessed David Beckham’s best pal Tom Cruise and his robot wife Katie catch a ride back up to the mother planet.

  14. SF says:

    Abel: “See that cloud up there? THAT’S how high I was when I thought this was a good look for me.”

  15. voodoo says:

    So far Kenobi wins….

    For the Galaxy photo:

    Close Encounters of the Third Place Kind.

  16. Adam says:

    For Galaxy:

    Red Bull really does give you wings.

  17. Dallen says:

    “Dude, Becks, your boy Tom Cruise is gonna break another couch if he keeps jumping around the sky box like that. You know Alexi said we couldn’t afford to buy anymore new ones what with your contract and all.”

    “So wait, you’re telling me I should leave Europe to go coach in a country full of reactionary nut jobs where I’ll inevitably get prematurely canned after my squad keeps losing at the hands of some dude named Landycakes? I think I’ll pass.”

  18. Ski says:

    Galaxy photo: Looks like Baggio’s penalty kick still hasn’t landed yet.

  19. Adam says:

    For Sven:

    Nery, are the news anchors in Mexico good looking?

  20. Ski says:

    Xaiver: Hey Becks, is that Tom Cruise’s spaceship because mine is blue.

  21. Nick says:

    #2: Holy crap, Lalas really can stick his head up his own @ss.

  22. Darren says:

    1. Amigo, to beat the US it is inevitable to bring me the head of capitan Donovan, before the start of the rainy season.


    It’s a bird…

    It’s a plane…

    It’s… Super Ladycakes

    or Super Donovan whichever fits better

  23. RoboKop says:

    Galaxy photo:

    Abel Xavier and Troy Roberts admire another majestic Beckham penalty.

  24. Older but not wiser says:

    Galaxy photo:

    Former NY Cosmo Marinho comes out of retirement to add some Red Bulls scoring punch and confirms his nickname “Mezzaninho.”

  25. steal your sounders says:

    Members of the galaxy look up to see how far down the standings they really are.

    sven explains that he is not taking mexican’s jobs but only do a job a mexican is not able to do.

  26. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    Becks: I knew our new signing Ronaldo was a little hefty from rehab, but I can’t believe Alexi had to Dumbo-drop him into the stadium.

  27. leftcoastmetro says:

    “Listen Tom, I’m OK with being friends and all, but you can’t just come here during practice and land your flying saucer on the pitch!”

  28. brent says:

    3 galaxy players can not figure out how they ended up standing right below and old man and a mexican. Only in Los Angeles.

  29. Dominghosa says:

    1) “Nery, you’re either a Mexican or a Mexi-CAN’T.”

  30. Mighty says:

    Beckham “landon do you call that a cross!!! Not even Peter Crouch can get a touch on serve!!”

  31. j1m says:

    Castillo gets advice on ball handling from the new coach of his team, his bowling team, that is.

  32. Mighty says:

    Beckham- “That’s it, Landon is not taking any more corner-kicks……!!”

  33. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    Sven: Screw the result! UEFA en nos manos! No rojas o amarillas!

  34. Angel says:

    Hey Beck is that Tom Cruise, Man!! I told you not to hang out with that guy, see now He already have Will Smith & john Travolta riding that spaceship From the Movie “Independance day” and waiting for you to get on. With all that talk about scincetology Crap.

  35. Joe_in_ND says:

    First Photo: “By the by, Nery, Thaksin is probably going to sell you after this season, but tell your teammates that in protest you should let a slightly average Boro team score eight goals on us.”

    Second Photo: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…oh…never mind…Tom Cruise is just jumping on another couch.

  36. chupacabra says:

    Galaxy photo:

    After finally winning a match, members of the Galaxy scan the skies in hopes of spotting a flying pig.

  37. Mark says:

    Galaxy players watch during an Alan Gordon finishing drill.

  38. Dominghosa says:

    2) It’s true, the sky is falling, fulfilling the prophecy of Chicken Little (left).

  39. Dominghosa says:

    Another offering for No. 2 —

    Says David Beckham to his teammates, “There. You see? That’s how high my salary is compared to yours.”

  40. chupacabra says:

    Erikkson to Nery: “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”

  41. Jeff says:

    Having lost to Vancouver; the Galaxy’s players contemplate heading toward the light.

  42. Jeff says:

    Sven: “Do you think green would make my butt look big?”

  43. Dominghosa says:

    yet, another offering for no. 2….

    Galaxy players fly like paper, get high like planes.

  44. Michael F. says:


    “Nery,” he said – “sometime, when the team is up against it — and the breaks are beating the boys — you’ve got to go out there with all you got and win just one for the Sven.”

  45. Joe A. says:

    Abel: “Hey guys, lets catch some raindrops in our mouths…seriously its fun, it always keeps me busy while I am sitting on the bench!”

  46. Michael F. says:


    XAVIER: He’ll do anything to promote the game.

    BECKS: Now he’s skydiving?

    ROBERTS: Freekin’ Lalas…

  47. Amit says:

    2) A blimp flies across the stadium reading “hippopotamus.” Abel Xavier woefully pronounces the word as “hip hop anonymous.” Becks and Roberts left shocked after finally realizing Abel can read.

  48. Michael F. says:

    C’mon Ives,

    Time to give Michael F. the first “Double” in the you write the caption contest!

  49. jevanvoo says:

    the Galaxy players are trying to get a good look at the top photo so they have a chance at a free t-shirt too

  50. Daves says:

    P1: “Now remember, my credibility is just over there. Don’t trip over it on the way out to the pitch.”

    P2: Endorsement deals with Gillete for three Galaxy players are seriously questioned when they fail to show any knowledge of their sponsor’s products during a commercial shoot.

  51. noucamp says:

    sven photo:

    just pretend your opponents are all franco neill, so they’re this tall and can’t play soccer.

  52. Daves says:

    P2 (alternate): Three Galaxy players are unable to discern whether a far off object is Phil Anschutz’ money pile.

  53. Pablo Chicago says:

    First pic:

    Nevermind what my right hand is doing. Look at my left hand!

    Second pic:

    Three blind mice, three blind mice…

  54. Justin says:

    Sven to Nery: “Are these the two fingers Americans use when they stick it to you?”

    Xavier: “What are you looking for?”

    Roberts: “A defender.”

    Beckham: “Is there anybody out there?!”

  55. gaucho says:

    Sven: Nery, do they have Swedish meatballs over there in Mexico City?

    Beckham: Is that you God? Have you answered my prayers for a defense?

  56. Brant says:

    there are many good ones, but only Ski’s made me laugh out loud.

  57. Brant says:

    to clarify – the Ski comment about Baggio penalty, not the spaceship

  58. DavidJ says:

    Older but not wiser: thanks for the flashback.

  59. GALAXY:

    A strong gust of wind sends Posh Spice into Orbit.


    The crowd watches in amazement as Sven and Nery fumble their way through different languages to communicate!

  60. Justice says:

    Galaxy Photo:

    Abel Xavier, David Beckham, and Troy Roberts look up in awe as Alexi Lalas confirms once and for all that he is full of hot air.

  61. Gil says:


    Nery, I’m replacing hugo! you have to remember Hugo. He was this tall with a big fro?


    Wow, Hugo alwaya looked shorter on TV

  62. older but not wiser says:

    Galaxy photo:

    So Tiffany May’s taken her gig to the upper deck, eh? Hope Posh doesn’t see me looking up there.

  63. Justice says:

    Sven and Nery Photo

    Sven: Okay, so is this how you throw the shocker?

  64. FredMacMurray says:

    have to go with Kenobi so far

    not to be negative – but this round just does not have the laughs of previous YWTC installments. I think they have less to work with with those photos…

  65. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    Gotta go with Kenobi

  66. Seisco says:

    2) “Wow Ruud’s getting really turned on by our ‘sexy’ football”

  67. Rocco says:

    #2: Beckham is trying to show his teammates just which planet his wife comes from.

    #1: Being that he doesn’t see one very often, Sven is attempting to show Nery what a pitch that the first-team plays on looks like.

  68. Justice says:

    Okay so i didn’t see kenobi’s before i posted. my first entrant for the galaxy photo is withdrawn, may i humbly submit the following:

    Galaxy Photo;

    David Beckham and Troy Roberts look skyward for confirmation that Abel Xavier’s best years have indeed evaporated and floated away.

    Sven Photo Suggestion 2:

    Sven: No my friend, you’ve got to rub them counter clockwise. Otherwise you’re wasting her time and yours.

  69. inkedAG says:

    For the Galaxy photo:

    How the Galaxy defense plans on man-marking for the next game.

  70. RoboKop says:


    Tired of Xavier dragging his name through the muck, the REAL sasquatch paid a visit to the Home Depot Center

  71. Mike Caramba says:

    After receiving word of the horror, the Iraqi government sent its air force over the Home Depot center to drop MREs and water for the Galaxy’s scorched back line.

  72. Heffe says:

    Galaxy Photo-

    Roberts to Beckham and Xavier: Somebody told me in order to fit in with everybody here in LA, you have to walk with your nose in the air.

  73. Gabe says:

    Galaxy Photo:

    Beckham: “Are those vultures?”

  74. Mike Caramba says:

    Like so many unenthusiastic little-leaguers before them, the Galaxy pray for rain.

  75. Gabe says:

    Man City-

    “We’re this close to being back in it, just try to get us a goal and it’ll only be 8-2″

  76. Topher says:

    Photo 1: “C’mon Thaksin is this tall. Seriously, you think I could take him?

    Photo 2: Becks: First person to sneeze wins.

  77. Nordy says:

    Well played on the Peter Crouch one, Ives. I’m not even going to try to top that one!

  78. CD says:


    “Listen they are trying to take me out. We have to get revenge. Nery listen, you are going to meet Thaksin Shinawatra at the restaurant. There is going to be a lot of security but there will be a gun hidden behind the toilet. Get it go back to the table at take care of Thaksin first. The crooked cop with him will think he is safe take him out next. We got family in the Swedish country side that will take care of you until everything cools down.”

  79. CD says:


    “Damn Atlanta is that high on Ives list of blog readers and they still don’t have an MLS team.”

  80. CD says:


    Scenes from “The Thetan” starring Victoria Adams are shown prior to the Galaxy match.

    link to


    Photo from the Galaxy match in Roswell, New Mexico.

  81. Zungazan says:

    1) OK Nery. Now just do whatever it takes to save my dang job.

    2) Yeah Abel, that smog sure aint helping your hair any.

  82. Danny says:

    The Galaxy players have to look waaaay up to get a glimpse of Alexi’s enormous ego.

  83. mls fan says:

    #2 – And God called down from the heavens ….. “Hey Becks, I told you that adultery would not go unpunished. Don’t worry you only 3 1/2 years left.”

  84. Darren says:

    OH Crap! Thats Lord Xenu and his Galactic Confederacy coming back to wipe out the remaining thetans… SAVE US TOM CRUISE, USE YOUR VOODOO MAGIC!!!!!

  85. Loonarie says:

    Nery…Don’t make the same mistake when you are in Brazil. You feel the breast like this…Hey? Get your hands out of your pants.

    Boys, look hard…that is a yellow sun. That is why I have super powers and you do not.

  86. MiamiAl says:

    Nery, should I live closer Tijuana or Nuevo Laredo?

  87. Mike Caramba says:

    Stumped by his team’s downward spiral, Sven takes a chance on Swimfan actor Jesse Bradford.

    link to

  88. John says:

    Galaxy players watch the result of Khano Smith’s attempt to hit a low shot into the corner of the net.

    “Castillo, you look confused. I thought only English players didn’t understand my tactics. Are you sure you aren’t English?”

  89. Justin says:

    1.Nery Castillo takes a leak while recieving last minute instructions from Sven.

    2.Galaxy players bath in Castillo’s…

  90. Nelsonis says:

    Remember Nery, if you want to play under me then all you have to do is pull a Wilman Conde, okay?

  91. BK says:

    1st photo:

    Nery, I have something to tell you. No, you’re not going in. Why would you think that? No, no, you won first prize in the Claudio Reyna look-a-like contest sponsored by Icy Hot.

    2nd photo:

    See Abel, we weren’t calling you Giraffe Sac last week for nothing.

  92. JustinR says:

    In his last game as City Manager Sven tells Nery what he’ll miss most about England, The FA Secretary pool.

  93. JustinR says:

    Come on Nery, 8-1 looks a lot better than 8-0. Be Champions!

  94. HE from NJ says:

    1) You have 2 put the ball in the goal… It’s simple. Why is this like pulling teeth with u mexicans?

    2) Uh, coach. I don’t think signing Shaq on defense was such a good idea.

    2A) Finally the players are allowed to c the size of Alexi Lalas ego.

  95. Rob O says:

    Sven: You WILL score a goal and save my job, young padawan…

    Becks: See, I told you he had no balls. He’d play me 90 minutes even if I was on one leg and out of form…Wait, didn’t that happen here in the states?

  96. Jeffrey says:

    Galaxy players look on as Carlos Ruiz practices some new aerial flops.

  97. Helpman says:

    2nd photo: “You got a bit under that one, David”

  98. Charlie N. says:

    Galaxy photo– Becks is awaiting the newest member of his wifes band————-outer spice..

  99. Alexher123 says:

    For Galaxy

    “Players admire the new statue 100 foot statue of Beckham erected to honor his saving the MLS”

  100. Eric says:

    At Home Depot Center, the Herbalife Blimp was unveiled today with a 25 foot face of the GM, Alexi Lalas face next to the logo.

  101. Helpman says:

    Picture one

    “Santiago, just go out there and play like I know you can…”

  102. Helpman says:

    “Santiago, just go out there and play like I know you can…”

  103. Leif says:

    P2: So I guess thats the inflatable defense Lalas ordered.