Altidore to be sold to Villarreal for $8 million (updated)


U.S. national team forward Jozy Altidore has been sold to Spanish club Villarreal for a fee of $8 million, sources with knowledge of the deal confirmed on Wednesday afternoon.

The New York Red Bulls confirmed that they have reached an agreement with Villarreal on the fee. Sources tell SBI that the fee is $8 million with a sell-on clause and performance bonuses that could increase the fee to $10 million.

According to sources, Altidore has already reached an agreement on a new contract.

The sale shatters the old record for largest transfer of an MLS player, which was set when Clint Dempsey went from the New England Revolution to Fulham after the 2006 season.

The deal has been agree to in principle, but cannot become official until July 1, when the European transfer window opens.

Altidore is still expected to play in the Red Bulls match against Chivas USA on Thursday.

What do I think of the move? I think it’s a dream move for a player who was ready for the jump. Yes, he did lose focus and was distracted by the impending European move, so he wasn’t training or playing as well as he could have been for the Red Bulls, but he’s still a good kid and quality prospect who could flourish in Spain (and let’s face it, older and more experienced players have fallen victim to Europe-itis as well).

I have said for more than a year now that I thought Spain was the best league for him to go to and now not only will he be there but he will go to a smaller team where he can get playing time (assuming the scenario where Villarreal loans him to Recreativo Huelva happens.)

What will this mean for the Red Bulls? The team will be hard-pressed to replace him, but will have resources to bolster the team in several areas. They won’t find a player as good as Altidore this year, but they will have the chance to add multiple upgrades this summer and will have a nice war chest to go and sign a high-profile designated player in 2009.

I also think that ultimately, losing Altidore early and getting a chance to replace him this season could have its advantages. Altidore was slated to miss considerable time with U.S. national and Olympic team duties, so now the club will be able to acquire a player who will be here the full schedule and who presumably won’t be distracted by an impending move to Europe.

What do you think of the news? Share your thoughts below.

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132 Responses to Altidore to be sold to Villarreal for $8 million (updated)

  1. inkedAG says:

    Great for Jozy!! No he better get his head on straight or he’ll be sitting on the bench at Huelva!! The US Nats DO NOT need Eddie Johnson 2.0

    Great for the league to as it gives MLS a good profile. Now they have to work harder to make the league better.

    Not so good for RBNY, but nothing is ever good with them, so I can’t whine about that.

  2. 4now says:

    Oh WOW!

    First Obama and now this!!!!

    Good week.

  3. joe k says:

    can the mls change the rules again and give the red bulls an extra DP slot to compensate for jozy’s departure?

    it’s really the only fair thing to do.

  4. Adam R. says:

    Ives…can we assume Jozy will be held out of the lineup between now and July 1st?

    And please refresh my memory as to how it works with the transfer fee…will NY get a portion of it? How much? And are they free to spend it on players?

  5. littlerockannt says:

    Wow! and to my favorite league…I guess I’ll be buying a villareal shirt!

  6. Don says:

    can’t believe this is actually happening. hard to grasp. congrats and good luck jozy!

  7. Matt says:

    Best of luck Jozy from Metro fans everywhere! Knock ’em dead.

  8. Coach says:

    $10 mil? Not bad, not bad at all. Goodbyes are often sad, but good for us, great for Jozy!

  9. nathan3e says:

    If his attitude really has become as piss poor as has been reported, it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to a league where his place in the team is not assured every week.

  10. Aljarov says:

    NYRB get what, $5m of the fee (what is the split again? 50/50 or 67/33?)

    That gives them a LOT of money to go out and sign some players…without having to rely on freebies which should open up their options considerably.

    Or they could keep it and put it towards offsetting the horrendous losses at Meadowlands, new stadium… etc…

  11. Dr. Modibo says:

    This helps to explain some of his listlessness on the field of late – he had at least 10 million reasons to be distracted.

  12. tedhill says:

    I concur with most everyone here that this is a good move for him. He will be in the best league and on a team (assuming they loan him to Huelva) that he should get significant playing time and opportunity to improve. I don’t think the attitude is much of a concern. I think he had this bad attitude because he knows he should be in Europe and not in the MLS. Well now he is in La Liga and he will be motivated to improve and perform well. I may have to pick up a Villareal Altidore shirt as soon as he is in the starting eleven there.

  13. Mike says:

    Wonderful news. Great for Jozy, great for the Red Bulls. If I remember the rules correctly, the RB get to keep 2/3 of the $10 mil and use it in a variety of ways, including new contracts, salary cap offsets, acquistion money, etc. This is probably why/how they got to sign Rojas from Venezuela. This move should make them much more competitive and give them a leg up on signing new DPs next year.

  14. Ralph says:

    With Jozy leaving let us bring in Johan Smith to the RBNY team. That could work well or I would like to see RBNY bring in Kirk and play him up front or RM and have Richard play up top. Anyways I am glad that MLS did the right thing and sold Jozy. He wanted that move to Europe soon, and I believe MLS did good this time. MLS is a seller league and should sell for the moment. Dang it now I got to get GOLTV for real.

  15. Mighty says:


    Adios Jozy!!

  16. bkyn says:

    Marca says 10 million euros which is $15.5 million.

    link to

  17. Don says:

    Wow 15.5 million. That will stand as a US record for a long time

  18. Eric515 says:

    Wow – that is huge for him. I agree with the posts saying he was probably distracted. Let’s hope this continues his development, and he’s a regular in their lineup by…oh…I don’t know…’09-’10? :)

  19. Mighty says:

    Good job Ives…. getting this Information!! you the Man!

  20. Speedball says:

    bkyn –

    The Marca article says that only part of the $10 M Euros from the sale of Cรกceres could go to buying Altidore.

  21. Mikemike says:

    Man oh man.

    How much is GOL TV?

  22. FirstStar says:

    Great move– the Spanish game will be very good for Jozy’s development. Perhaps he may even come to thank Arena for playing him out left all those matches.

  23. brent says:

    Jozy start learning spanish immediately. It could save your career.

  24. HomeyBoehme says:


    Man…this is like one of the biggest f-in’ news days…and the f-in’ Spain vs. USA match isn’t even for another couple hours! I am so f-in’ pumped up now!

    F yeah! Spain can beat us 12-1 and I still wouldn’t f-in care!

  25. Ives says:

    The 10 million euro figure is what Villarreal got in the Caceres deal, NOT what they’re spending on Altidore. It could be what they pay in combined fees for Altidore and Robert Flores.

  26. irishapple21 says:

    Congrats to Jozy. I hope he gets playing time unlike the debacle that greeted Adu at Benfica.

  27. brett says:

    Great for Jozy, good for the Redbulls and great for the league….

    but what will the redbulls do without their leading goal scorer ๐Ÿ˜›

  28. anon_e_moose says:

    Last year when I was watching the US play in the U20. I told my dad about how everyone(only amuricans actually) thought that Adu was going to be a great player. His response was, “yea, u know that kid wearing #12 is really good. whats his name?”

  29. john says:

    If tomorrow’s his last home game I’m there. What do you all think?

  30. RK says:

    I get Gol TV for $5…

    I’ll be interested to see if he does go to Huelva, because if he doesn’t, all we’re going to hear are complaints about Adu-like playing time.

  31. Amit says:

    I am happy for Jozy! I was pulling for a move to La Liga. I’m just wondering how bad RBNY is after this move. Unless someone has a wonder year out of nowhere, we’re screwed.

  32. chris says:


  33. royce says:

    sweet. sweet. now we just need a european offer for ching and/or rodgers and we’re good through 2010

  34. Felix says:

    It’s sad in the sense that MLS can’t afford to keep players like Altidore. But for the sake of the national team and Altidore, this is huge!! I’m really excited for him in that regard. And I hope he does well over there, no matter where he plays, Villarreal, Huelva, or wherever. IF he does well in La Liga, that’ll open doors for other American players.

  35. Amit says:

    Every time I walk by a bus stop with Jozy’s poster in it I might have to cry a little bit on the inside.

  36. Good luck to Jozy! and if he is loaned to Recreativo Huelva, that is an opportunity for lots of PT. Hopefully he seizes this chance.

    Good PR for MLS also.

  37. chris says:

    Good news for Jozy bad for RBNY. Some of the posts on here are wrong about MLS rules. RBNY are only allowed to put 5ook of that transfer fee towards getting other players. It doesnt do much for them.

  38. ohmyessien says:

    i have been waiting for this moment so i could stop following this wretched excuse for a soccer team. altidore was the only reason i followed this marketing arm of red bull.

    fantastic news. i hope he earns a spot with whatever team he gets loaned out to.

  39. Trex says:

    Happy for Jozy, but sad to see him go. He’ll always be a favorite of mine. I’ll never forget being in giants stadium and watching him come across the goal and rip that shot against the Galaxy! Man, this is crazy news.

  40. ohmyessien says:

    How about McBride to Red Bull?

  41. tedhill says:

    I can’t wait to hear, “Golaso! GOOOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSOOOOO de Altidore!”

  42. Rocco says:

    Wow 10MM, I can’t believe it. Good luck Jozy!.

    This can only help US Soccer abroad and domestically.

    Red Bull needs to sign some youth now. Kassell & Exantus, lets go!!! The heck with U Conn and Columbia. Its going to get old quick.

  43. Sandro says:

    Good Luck Jozy. For now I will not say what the Red Bulls should do, because this is Jozy’s time. I will just say Congratulations, Josmer Altidore. It was a pleasure seeing you with NY. Hopefully you can hone and grow your skills in the spanish league. Good luck with your future endeavors.

    Jozy, you have offered us many great moments from your rookie year, Beckham game, and today. For me personally it was a pleasure meeting you after a game. You were a down to earth guy whom someone can follow and root for. Best of luck!

  44. brett says:

    ohmyessien- why do you build up such hopes?? you’re only going to be let down…

  45. brett says:

    Rocco- perhaps this is why both Kassell and Exantus continue to train with the redbulls… b/c the RB’s knew jozy was gone this summer….

    even from a fire fan’s standpoint that makes sense…

  46. joe k says:

    great — now the red bulls just need a striker in addition to a left back, a central defender (since mendes apparently forgot how to play), a backup defensive-mid, and an attacking playmaker.

    a right wing who can cross consistently could be good too.

  47. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Sweet. Go get em Jozy! Work your ass off!

  48. JustinR says:

    Altidore and Rossi up front, that should be the US combo as well. Why Rossi, whyyyyyyyy

  49. El Rey says:

    Good for Jozy. Good for the Fire since we have two games left against NYRB and now won’t have to worry about marking him. I can’t wait to see how the RBFO will screw this golden opportunity up. Maybe offer John O’Brien a DP slot and money next year?

  50. Reid says:

    this is great news for salzburg, now they dont have to pay attention to the team until the next youth player is ready to transfer out. Converting Euros to Euros is great

  51. Brian Lomax says:

    Congrats Jozy, great move. On the plus/negative side, now we’ll finally be able to see what an Altidore/Rossi tandem would have looked like..

  52. Jamie Z. says:

    I can’t explain how relieved I am he didn’t go to a Fulham or Reading. On the surface of it, this looks like a great move and a great opportunity for Jozy.

  53. HomeyBoehme says:

    So does this also have something to do with the DP coming June 2008 banner ads? This definitely opens a spot for Henry coming to NYRB.

  54. h4 says:

    Can somebody refresh my recollection — do RDNY have the extra DP from Chivas forever? If so, that a crazy-bad deal for Chivas and brilliant by RBNY.

  55. Joamiq says:

    Wow . . . great for Jozy, but I can’t believe I’m never going to see him in a Red Bulls jersey again . . .

  56. PCFC says:

    Glad to hear the confirmation. MLSRumors (stupidest site) posted the same article that you did earlier, but now there is a confirmation. Good Luck to Jozy, I feel sad to see him go however. The Bulls will never be the same. Hopefully, he will announce his last day, not just leave like Adu.

  57. mikeK says:

    Well… this is depressing. I was hoping he’d stick until the winter. Well… Good luck Jozy. Even if you’re no longer part of my red bulls, you’re always going to be USMNT, so learn quickly. And come back to us one day.

  58. Dominghosa says:

    This is the right time for Jozy to go. He’s at the age where development mentally and physically are essential.

    This should be a win-win. SHOULD.

    Great news. Good luck, Jozy.

  59. kpugs says:

    Holy crap $10 mil!

  60. Danny says:

    Thank you Jozy (and MLS) for going to a decent team. Imagine had Jozy been sold to Reading. YUCK! Now he can learn in Spain and grow to meet his potential. He also gets away from the U.S. which hasn’t been kind to up and coming young soccer stars.

    Way to go all sides involved. Now if we can only get Freddy Adu some actual playing time somewhere. I would love to see him move to a lesser Italian club.

  61. brett says:

    HomeyBoehme- and just where are you going to get a 3rd DP slot??

    h4- i may be wrong, and someone correct me if i am, but i think it was a 4 yr deal… still brilliant of the Redbulls, just poor use of it ๐Ÿ˜€

  62. groovester says:

    Why would jozy play in any of the remaining games before July 1. What if he gets injured?

  63. brett says:

    Danny- “He also gets away from the U.S. which hasn’t been kind to up and coming young soccer stars.”


  64. smorebs says:

    This is both great and sad news. I’ll miss watching him on the Giants Stadium Pitch but, he is moving on the bigger better things.

    Ives, could you see if he would be willing to guest blog on your site to keep somewhat connected to his US fan base?


  65. kpugs says:

    Don’t get ahead of yourself Justin, if Jozy isn’t loaned out I doubt he’ll see much if any first team action at Villareal. Not only are we talking about the team that finished second in La Liga, but they are also absolutely stacked up front.

  66. eric says:

    I’m genuinely shocked that it finally went thru. Been rumored for so long, I guess I was pretty numb to it. So glad it’s La Liga!

    Also hope that he did break the $10 mil milestone, not that it really matters, I just think he’s worth it, even if he hasn’t looked right all year.

    Huge congrats to Jozy, and condolences to RB fans, your team is way up a certain creek, and a paddle won’t help, you need about 5 quality players.

  67. TCompton says:

    I’m not so sure it really hurts Red Bull New York. It’s not like he’s been producing like they’ve expected. It actually gives them the opportunity to get more production out of someone without the fear of losing them.

  68. Christian says:

    wow, I’m truly excited and very happy for Jozy. This is a top notch club who will be playing Champions League football next year and will be a great learning experience for him.

    He will most likely get loaned out the first season since Villareal have some great attacking players (Rossi, Franco, Nihat, etc) so it’ll be interesting to see who he will displace when he returns.

    Congrats Jozy!!

  69. I’m glad we got this good news today, because I’m expecting to receive bad news later in a loss to Spain by the Nats (although one can hope not).

  70. Chosun says:

    So can RBNY pay off Reyna now and free up a DP slot? I’m happy for Jozy…I think this is a great move!

  71. JSquaredNY says:

    Doesn’t this screw over RBNY right now? Aren’t they only allowed to use $500k to new player signings? Where is the rest of the money going to, MLS?

  72. JeffM says:

    This is great news. Valencia is a quality team in a quality league, and I think Jozy’s got a good chance to see significant minutes (I don’t think that would have been the case right away with Real Madrid). Am I wrong, or is this the best team for which an American striker has ever played?

    Also, what’s bad for the Red Bulls is good for DC :-).

  73. CACuzcatlan says:

    The Dutch, Portuguese, and French leagues can’t afford to keep their best players, so quit complaining. Its the reality of football.

  74. KingSnake says:

    I think Altidore is freaking fool if he plays this week.

  75. Aguinaga says:

    Ives, have read several other reports stating max value to Red Bulls for the transfer is $500,000 plus an allocation. What gives, can you explain why they wouldn’t receive more than that?? Is this another shady MLS overlord thing?? Seems ridiculously unfair to RB given how much he is worth to them and how much further depleted the team will be now. Thanks.

  76. Joamiq says:

    I hope the loan goes through. I’d be happy to see him play significant minutes for Recreativo.

  77. ohmyessien says:


    1. It’s Villareal, not Valencia. Big difference. One is struggling, the other is Villareal.

    2. Keller played for Liverpool, Howard for Manchester United, Beasley for Rangers, Meola for the Ironmen. Get a hold of yourself.

    And what’s bad for RBNY is everything.

  78. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    Ankle injury? Ingrown toenails anyone? Make sense now?

  79. Bob says:

    Seems to me that this is a good move. Villareal is not the team for him at the moment, but they seem to do a pretty nice job of bringing young players up when the time is right.

    I hope Jozy has some concept of what soccer in Spain is like. Ives, perhaps you could slip him a copy of Phil Ball’s excellent book Morbo.

    La Liga is the league I watch the most, so I am excited to see Jozy when he matches up with Real Madrid.

  80. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    This is great news for Jozy. Congrats!

    And I feel for Angel. A consummate professional, I hope Osorio comes through with the promised help!

  81. Mark says:

    I agree with the prevailing sentiment on the blog, fantastic news.

    Is there a chance that Altidore and Rossi can play together? Not sure if Rossi is still on the books at Villareal.

    As a RBNY fan, I hope this pile of cash is put to good use getting some more pieces to the puzzle so we’re ready to win something our first year in the new building.

  82. John says:

    Sorry Ives, but you’re dead wrong about the UEFA transfer window – that’s open now. The FIFA player registration date is July 1, but all transactions can be signed and monies wired today.

    The hold up in the deal is the MLS transfer window (June 15 – August 15). Once June 15 comes, the deal will be signed and the cash wired.

    UEFA transfer window opened: June 1

    FIFA player registration date: July 1

    UEFA transfer window closes: August 31

    MLS transfer window opens: June 15

    MLS transfer window closes: August 15

    MLS trade deadline: September 15

    MLS discovery signing deadline: September 15

  83. David Berger says:

    Bring in McBride.

  84. HomeyBoehme says:

    @brett – What works in LA has to work in NY. I mean, LA has 3 DP’s!

    Ultimately, my post was more “someone please tell me wtf these DP coming June 2008 banner ads mean” becuase they are driving me crazy. It is June 4th. Tell us what the f-in’ news is already. I don’t want to wait another 26 days.

    This Jozy move has only heightened my curiosity because this is huge news, but definitely not the huge news the banner ad is referring to. I have already seen one confirmation the banner ad has nothing to do with McBride coming back to the MLS so something/someone else momentous must be on the way. Please someone tell us.

  85. kahlva says:


    The transfer money can’t be used on players, right? I’m under the assumption that teams have a set amount they can spend on players (the cap), with exceptions like allocation money – and this is all actually paid for by MLS.

    So transfer money is actually just used for stuff like stadiums, training facilities, coaches, etc. NOT on purchasing players or paying their salaries.

    Is that correct?

  86. Seisco says:


  87. zeusbrowne says:

    @ John

    We go through this every transfer window. The only transfer window that matters is the one for the destination FA. Our transfer window here doesn’t mean a thing in Spain.

  88. brett says:

    HomeyBoehme- perhaps TFC has someone in their pockets…. they have been banging away at getting a DP… witht he opening of another intl’ slot, i wonder if they plan on spending their soon to acquire Allocation $$ on another decent/big name to run with the new DP…??

    either way, where are you seeing these adds??

  89. danj says:

    I was at the Bernabeu for a Huelva-Real match in October. It ended 2-0 but could have been much worse. Given a rational coach, Jozy will get some playing time there and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a good number of goals, though not wins.

  90. Thom says:

    Let’s get real here. Now we will find out if this kid has what it takes. He has been way off form since last year. He is going to environment where it will be basically sink or swim and coming from one that protected him and brought him along. It is my understanding that physical and time demands of the training regime in Spain are higher than any other major European league so that will be a real shock to his system.

    Altidore seems like a nice kid with a load of talent. But a lot of kids had a load of talent at 18 and never panned out. This will be the setting where the truth about what kind of player Altidore will be and how he is remembered 15 years from now will be sorted out. Remember we few diehard American soccer fans have had a few players over the years we all had such hopes for that didn’t quite cut it at the highest levels.

    Good luck and congratulations to you Jozy, stay healthy, keep a level head, treat people in a way that honors your country and treat every training and game opportunity as if it’s your last.

    Worst case scenario- if you manage your money correctly you should be set for life and that for being just 18 is fantastic regardless what happens on the pitch

  91. Simona says:

    Oh wow! Best of Luck Jozy. La Liga is pretty awesome.

  92. This is good because he is going to the right league.

    I am happy he is not going to England. Playing in a technical league is better for our players than RUN, HEAD, KICK-EPL.

    I still think Dempsey should move to Spain too. His creativity would be appreciated there.

  93. Thom says:

    Question Ives or whomever knows:

    Is Reyna’s money guranteed? He is just awful at this point and with Altidore’s departure the Red Bulls will be in dire straits with just Angel to reley on.

    This team- coming from a causal observer- seems to be in real trouble for the rest of the season and what is bad for NYRB is bad for the MLS.

  94. HomeyBoehme says:

    @brett – Offside Rules and The Original Winger. The Original Winger actually did a post about it, which has some cryptic specifics: link to

  95. scott47a says:

    Given the MLS salary cap, the money is relatively meaningless.

    I mean I know it sets a good precedent for MLS stars to move on at a fair price. But it’s not like Red Bull can plow that money back into players. There isn’t $8 million (or even $4 million, if the league gets half) under the salary cap.

    So really, as fans, it’s nice to be happy for Jozy, but it really means we will get little back on the field in return.

  96. brian hartman says:

    ohhhh the irony, altidore & rossi up top. let’s start a “rossi sux” club.

  97. cam says:

    guess ill be buying an altidore yellow submarine shirt… does anyone know where you can get villareal shirts? i cant find them anywhere

  98. eric says:

    Great timing, thinking about it more. Get Jozy out of MLS so he can rest up, get his head on straight, and whoop some a$$ at the Olympics!

  99. J says:

    not to go off on a tangent here, but this also points out a major flaw to MLS’s academy system. If teams were allowed to bring in as many academy players as possible to the first team, than you could in theory have a quite a few Jozy Altidore’s that teams could then make money on transfer fees. This would be an interesting way for smaller market teams to actually compete against the bigger clubs.However, with rules limiting the amount of youth players allowed to the first team, for the short term, I don’t see the Jozy Altidore scenario happening often.

  100. brett says:

    J- i dont understand why there are rules about academy players….

  101. Brian says:

    why on Earth would he risk getting injured against Chivas USA if this deal is done? RBNY have four or so more games before July 1–how many will he play?

  102. Joamiq says:

    “Red Bulls spokesman Andy McGowan said Altidore was unlikely to play in Thursday night’s home game against Chivas USA because of an ankle injury”

    Well, I guess that’s that. I was really hoping to see him wear that jersey one last time . . .

  103. northzax says:


    what are you talking about? three teams (DC, Chivas and NYRB) can bring in two players (you’ll notice only one has signed yet) this year and three next year. even without exposing player to other teams under the odd rules, that’s one player this year and two next year. Are there three players in any of their systems worth more than a developmental contract? obviously not.

  104. northzax says:

    and I should clarify, I don’t know if Mayern counts as an ‘official’ academy signing. Even the highly touted Kassel wasn’t offered more than a bucket of warm spit by Red Bull, if he was a season from being Jozy, you’d think he’d be worth at least 30 grand…

  105. Bobo says:

    Uhhhhh… yeah, Rossi is still at Villarreal. Scored a couple of goals this season, from what I’ve heard ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rossi and Altidore could conceivably play together in a couple of seasons or so. Altidore is going to have to really impress at Recre if he’s going to be recalled to Villarreal and get serious minutes there.

    But I suspect that by the time Altidore is playing regularly with the first team, Rossi will already be at AC Milan.

  106. Eugene says:

    Great news, the challenge will be very important for his development. Villarreal was a mid-table team for a while but club management appears to have really improved and they performed very well last year (as everyone knows). Even if Jozy was at Villarreal, I think he would be competitive for minutes against Rossi and Kahveci Nihat — who was absolutely outstanding this season. It would be a great place for Jozy to learn with those strikers there. If he gets loaned to Recreativo Huelvo, hopefully that would result in him getting lots of minutes, otherwise it would be a waste of time.

    The next couple years for Jozy will require a lot of hard work and a little luck, hopefully he just puts his head down and pulls through, then he could become a great player.

  107. rocky says:

    fantastic news for jozy and us soccer, now jozy needs to work his butt off because he could become a star, on a great team. Go jozy make us proud!!!!!

  108. Eugene says:

    Actually, I guess it should be Nihat Kahveci. Jon Dahl Tomasson is also there and is competitive.

    Kahveci is really their number #1 striker, at least by how things appeared to stand at the end of last season.

  109. aristotle says:

    Good news for Josie, but….

    How many American strikers of note are left in MLS now?

    Let’s see. There’s Twellman, who will also be gone if he ever stops getting injured. Then there’s Ching. Kenny Cooper is another, and I guess Donovan if you consider him a striker. After that it gets really weak. There’s not going to be anyone left soon. Is this good?

  110. Music says:

    “Last year when I was watching the US play in the U20. I told my dad about how everyone(only amuricans actually) thought that Adu was going to be a great player.”

    Umm… Adu was amazing in that tournament.

  111. royce says:

    let me defend my earlier comments:

    of course EJ wasn’t good tonight. he squandered two goals… but at the same time, the point i was making is that the US offense is so terrible that EJ is looking improved and more dangerous than just about any of our other attacking players. case in point: can someone name at least one other US player off the top of their head who even had a shot on goal in these last two games in the run of play???

    didn’t think so, or maybe EJ’s clear misses are clouding your memory… it’s amazing

    in my opinion, bradley needs to go, but not because of EJ.. he needs to go because of altidore, adu, ching, rodgers, orozco, bornstein, demerit and other striking omissions…

  112. royce says:

    sorry, i meant cooper, not rodgers

  113. royce says:

    dang, thought i was on the other post

  114. papa bear says:

    possibly the least shocking news of the season. I thin Ives and 1 or two others were the only onces fairly convinced he’d last the year. There was simply no way with all the international call ups and the ‘strike while the iron is hot’ thing going on.

    I LOVE that he is going to La Liga and not England. Watching us play Spain and watching the negative approach to the game B. Bradley employs with 2 d-mids and constant long balls while Spain moved the ball around effortlessly reminds me how much we still need to cure players of English-itits in this country.

    I look forward to seeing Jozy on GolTV next season!

  115. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: northzax | June 04, 2008 at 05:02 PM

    Chicago can sign players as well from their academy.

    You are right about no one really impressing enough to warrant a big contract though. However, there is a kid who is 14 or 15 in the Youth Fire (I think his last name is Pena) who is supposed to be a pretty tasty looking striker. I hope so for the Fire’s sake and for the sake of the league showing that they can develop quality youth prospects.

    I have no doubt Chivas will have some interesting players next year. They have a positively giant youth system in place that was mostly just Chivas d Guad’s California youth system that was converted to CUSA.

  116. Branc says:

    The first thing that came to mind when I heard this is maybe this is how RBNY is going to be able to afford to pick up the Venezuelan players Rojas and Cichero. Who will the Bulls pick up as a partner to JPA? Does Echeverry get the job by default?

  117. mike ruze says:

    Good for Jozy. Hope he kicks Rossi in the face with the ball then kicks Benedict Arnold in the Nuts when hes down.

    Red Bulls throwing in the towel after being shallacked by the Fire and Houston.

    Good move JCO.

    I understand your dissapointment 4now.First losing Altidore and then prospect of a crooked anti american used car salesman becoming the president.

    Im from Chicago, trust me, you dont want anyone From Crook County IL holding natl office.

  118. FK PIRIN says:

    I hope that Jozy will get loaned out to a team where he can start. I hope he doesn’t get stuck on the bench. I was hoping that he would get transferred to a less well known club where he might have a better chance of starting. Hopefully Ives is right about Recreativo Huelva. If Altidore starts, he might end up developing enough in the next couple of years to be a threat at the 2010 World Cup.

    Good Luck Jozy!!!!

  119. martha says:

    Good for Jozy getting away form JCO’s anti offense philosophy.

    Jozy sould feign injury unil July 1 instead of risking getting hurt playing for a crap team going no where.

    Kinda like when JCO had Marmol feign injury in a feeble attempt to keep him away from Chicago…

    whats good for the goose…..

  120. say what says:

    Altidore struggling to handle early success

    By Ives Galarcep

    Special to ESPNsoccernet


    Updated: June 2, 2008, 1:31 PM ET

    How much is too much for an 18-year-old soccer player to handle? We might be learning just how much from Jozy Altidore.












  121. Bobo says:

    OK, people… he’s being loaned to Recreativo de Huelva. He would have to be the league’s topscorer next season in order to be considered ahead of Nihat earlier than a couple of seasons from now. Also, Rossi is a supporting striker / fantasista who can also play (extremely well) on the wing. They won’t be competing with each other for time.

  122. J says:

    Northzax…all I was saying is that there should be no penality to bring in youth players ie if you sign one, than another team with a youth system can sign one of your players. To me, that is discouraging factor for teams to bring up players and take their investment seriously. Though Jozy was not an academy player, my point is, teams could use the academy system to their advantage and reap the rewards of selling players, and right now, they can’t really.

  123. MonkeyBoy says:

    Does this mean that Jozy won’t be playing in the Olympics?? I think there’s a good chance that his new team will put up a stink about him playing for the U23’s. Of course he could play in the WC qualifier instead. It actually adds to the likelihood that McBride will be one of the overage players selected.

    Anyway, good for Jozy, good for MLS and good for US soccer. If he does well in La Liga, then he should open some doors in that league for other US players. It’s good for MLS because it’s more evidence that talented young players can use the league as a starting point to move to the top Euro leagues — making it easier to sign top young talent.

  124. Gene says:

    I think it is a good move, both for Altidore and for the U.S. national team. Looking at Freddie Adu’s game yesterday, you can see the difference following his time at Benfica. Hopefully, Altidore can do as well, if not better, and get more playing time at this high level. Plus, he is young, he gets to live in Europe for a bit, and he’ll make a lot of money – what’s not to like.

    The more interesting question is whom do the Red Bulls get to replace him? Any leads on that?

  125. Jez says:

    Villareal will be a great club for him: excellent manager, a recent history of success but none of the immense pressure of Real or Barca. Hopefully he does us Yanks pround.

    The only problem is he could be in a relegation dog-fight next year, not always so good for a player with his potential.

  126. brett says:

    for all the people harping on the depth at forward for Villareal needs to keep 1 thing in mind… players move around in europe all the time….

    just b/c they have 4 really good goal scorers doesnt mean they’ll be around in a year or 2… Jozy gets loaned and gets 1st team time…. Rossi has mentioned his hopes of going back to Italy… other players will be bought out or move… Jozy will have a starting chance will Villareal in a year or 2…. unless he goes above and beyond any of our expectations in such a short time, where he may be brought up earlier then that….

  127. brett says:

    Jez- jozy’s being loaned, not traded to Recreativo de Huelva… so if they are relegated, he’s still on Villareal’s options to pull back or loan to another team…

    it all depends on his play

    Mokeyboy- the olympics are up to Jozy, not villareal…. if jozy decides to start familiarizing himself with spain instead of the olympics then its his choice…-per ives on another thread

  128. PCFC says:



  129. brett says:

    it boggles my mind how some people who have a mls side so close dont go to more games…

    hell if Indy had their USL team back id be a season ticket holder O.o

  130. Sandro says:

    Is Jozy playing today?

  131. Isaac Mundia says:

    Well….i knew jozy wasn’t going to be in MLS forever. everyone did. but of all places to go LA LIGA?? wow…I think hes only like the 3rd American player to go there (Keller, Rossi). This is going to be one interesting Spanish Primera season….

  132. kike says:

    villarreal got nihat, who is one of europe greatest strikers, and rossi, who last season scored a lot of goals. But Villarreal is playing champions league, so that is a lot of matches to prove this kid, he will have to score goals in limited minutes