Houston at D.C. United: Your Running Commentary


Good evening folks. Apologies for the late posting but, as you know, today was a crazy day in the soccer world.

Houston is in D.C. tonight to take on D.C. United at RFK Stadium. Can the champions build on last week’s win against the Red Bulls? Can D.C. forget last week’s blown lead against New England and start a new winning streak?

If you are watching the match, and are online, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and some play by play, in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

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24 Responses to Houston at D.C. United: Your Running Commentary

  1. Mike O says:

    Wow, what a mess…first a lightning delay and now a rain delay 15 minutes in. The match is suspended and it looks like it won’t be resumed. The play was about on a bad U-9 level. All props to Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles hanging in and maintaining their support. They’re the only ones having fun. LOL

  2. Ives says:

    This game has been halted due to torrential downpours

  3. FC Uptown says:

    Escape from New York is on AMC. What channel is the DC game on?

  4. DCM says:

    There is nothing like switching back from the Stanley Cup game and having a blue “Direct Kick Weather Delay!” screen to watch.

    The field was ridiculous the 15 minutes they did play.

  5. KingSnake says:

    Weather Channel

  6. Mike O says:

    The heaviest storms have pushed through. I’m watching this game on Comcast (local cable sports network). I overheard them announce a 8:55 restart (that seems a bit ambitious). D.C. United looked dominant the first few minutes before the conditions at RFK and therefore the play deteriorated to an absolute quagmire. Good decision halting the game and keeping the players and fans safe. The pitch is still a lagoon and the whole D.C. area is still under severe thunderstorm warnings. Here in Northern VA there’s still occasional lightning. It’ll be interesting to see how the delay and the conditions affects the flow and execution in this match. I have a feeling this evening might get stranger…

  7. DCM says:

    Thanks for the updat Mike O.

    We had the same weather overnight here in Indy and it went on forever.

    Let us know if it restarts.

  8. Mike O says:

    Still waiting…United President Kevin Payne says the game should resume soon. We’ll see. At least Bruce Arena is in the studio and being a good sport. Arena was asked about Jozy’s transfer to Villareal and he said that he believes Altidore isn’t ready for La Liga tactically yet but with his athleticism thinks it’s a good situation for him long-term. Right now it looks like Comcast is switching to taped programming for the time being.

  9. Dynamo Dan says:

    Do you think that Eddie Robinson’s actions against FC Dallas deserved and extra game suspension?

  10. eric says:

    What’s up with no Ching?

    Soccernet match tracker has Hou lining up with an unprecedented 7 midfielders, 3 defenders, and no forwards. And somehow Brad Davis is still on the bench.

  11. KingSnake says:

    Somewhere, Steve Sampson just creamed himself …

  12. Mike O says:

    Quick update, guys…according to the local broadcast the absolute latest they will resume play for this match is 11:15 p.m. (and they'll have to finish by 1 a.m.). The rain has lightened up a bit but there's still water everywhere on the field and they are are still waiting for lightning strikes in the area to subside (I've seen a few around my home as well). Apparently MLS rules dictate a 20 minute wait after the last lightning strike. BTW, thanks, DCM. It's been storming violently on and off around here since early this afternoon and it's still pretty warm and muggy out even now. Just one of those nights.

  13. brant says:

    I've got a friend in the DC area who had his chimney ripped off his house earlier by a suspected mini-tornado. I hope they send everyone home and worry about the game later.

  14. eric says:

    Soccernet scoreboard has the game as "Abandoned"

    Actually, right now I'm more bummed about no televised Copa Libertadores semi's, and even more so, the Mexico – Argentina friendly from Seattle in an hour. I'd totally watch that rematch of one of the best matches from the last WC.

  15. eric says:

    Soccernet scoreboard has the game as "Abandoned"

    Actually, right now I'm more bummed about no televised Copa Libertadores semi's, and even more so, the Mexico – Argentina friendly from Seattle in an hour. I'd totally watch that rematch of one of the best matches from the last WC.

  16. Mike O says:

    Last update…game's canceled to be rescheduled later. Glad they didn't wait any longer. Any game would've been risky and poorly played to an empty stadium. I was looking forward to this match-up and it deserves a good game.

  17. DCM says:

    Ching was held out due to a tight hamstring.

  18. Im watching Boca / Flume now.

    Boca fans going nuts.

    Boca controlling and not finishing.

    If your a Boca fan, you havent missed anything lol. JUST ONE GOAL LORD! PLEASE!

  19. BOCA 1 – FLUME 0 – The Lord is CLEARLY reading SBI.

  20. oooof. thats what i get for calling out God. . . flume 2 – 1 Boca

  21. combo breaker karma says:

    link to bitcast-d.bitgravity.com

    thats the argentina mexico stream, in spanish, but the game is exciting

    only the 10th minute, ARG is up by 1-0 , but the game should be MEX 1-2 ARG, a great would-be goal clearance by mexican defender and a barely miss open goal by carlos vela making this game exciting

    much more exciting than the us spain game, by far.

  22. combo breaker karma says:

    argentina 2, mexico 0, 20th minute

  23. Ives says:

    Game postponed and will be replayed in full at a date to be determined.

  24. Jonathan says:

    what does this mean for fantasy????????????