New York Red Bulls at Chivas USA: Running Commentary


The Red Bulls are in Home Depot Center tonight to take on Chivas USA in a key match for both teams. The Red Bulls are hoping to keep pace in the stacked Eastern Conference while the Goats are looking to exact some revenge for their loss at Giants Stadium earlier this month.

If you will be watching the match, or if you want to follow the match, you can check in here. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

I will be doing a running commentary so check in for that throughout the night.

Enjoy the match.


FINAL- Red Bulls 1, Chivas USA 1. The Goldthwaite blunder was painful but the road point is about what the Red Bulls deserved today. They played hard, but not as well as last week. Jon Conway, Dane Richards and Dave Van Den Bergh played well tonight. Sinisa Ubiparipovic, Kevin Goldthwaite and Seth Stammler didn’t have the best days. That’s three straight matches without a loss for the Red Bulls, who have a busy week ahead of them.


92nd minute– Chivas USA running out of time. Goldthwaite does well to head a ball clear of danger.


90th minute– We’re in stoppage time. Somebody tell Goldthwaite.


89th minute– Can the Red Bulls hold on here?


88th minute– Nice play by Boyens to hold up Justin Braun just enough to prevent a goal.


84th minute– Van Den Bergh with a shot on goal. That’s as close as the Red Bulls are going to get based on how their attack looks.


82nd minute– Mike Magee with a wasted cross. He hasn’t shown much tonight either.


80th minute– Luke Sassano for Seth Stammler. Interesting sub, although the way Stammler’s been playing with a yellow card it might be cautious.


75th minute– Will we see Danleigh Borman tonight? I hope so.


73rd minute– Oscar Echeverry looks terrible since coming in. I think his knee is bothering him and I wonder if he stays in the whole way.


69th minute– Has anybody seen Seth Stammler?


67th minute– Will the Red Bulls create any good chances? I wonder where it will come from.

Jorge FLores is on for Bornstein. THis kid is dangerous.


66th minute– Chivas USA is picking up the pace here as the Red Bulls central midfield has disappeared.


62nd minute– Chivas USA has taken the foot off the gas, allowing the Red Bulls to breath a bit.


61st minute– Yep, that’s the sub. With one sub left, I think we need to see Borman come in.


60th minute– Mike Magee looks set to come in, probably for Ubiparipovic, who did nothing today.


55th minute– The Red Bulls midfield looks shaky right now. Stammler and Mendes have lost it a bit this half.


54th minute– The Red Bulls bring in Echeverry for Wolyniec. Echeverry is coming off a good game in the friendly against Chivas de Guadalajara.


52nd minute– We’re back in the second half and Conway has already made TWO great saves, including an unreal save on a redirected shot. Chivas USA has all the momentum right now.


HALFTIME– I have to say that Goldthwaite hasn’t looked comfortable at left back tonight and that blunder was the clearest evidence. I won’t fault Jeff Parke at all for that one because there was no pressure coming on Goldthwaite so Parke just ran upfield. WOW.


HALFTIME- On basically the last kick of the half, Goldthwaite just gifted the Goats a goal and some confidence heading into half in a game the Red Bulls had total control of. It will be interesting to see how that affects the Red Bulls, who had been playing very well up to that point.


48th minute- GOAL CHIVAS USA. WOW. What a mistake. Unbelievable. Goldthwaite lazily sends a pass square to Jeff Parke, who wasn’t paying attention. Razov takes it and finishes it off to tie the game. WOW.


47th minute– Red Bulls have done very well this first half of squashing the Goats’ few build-ups and controlling things.


43rd minute– Good observation by Shep Messing. Van Den Bergh has done well to neutralize Sacha Kljestan, the most dangerous player Chivas USA has.


41st minute– Dave Van Den Bergh has a world-class left foot and a high school right foot.


39th minute– A lot of passes turned over by the Red Bulls but I like the ideas I’m seeing from this group.


38th minute– Good work from the Red Bulls midfield today. Mendes and Stammler are breaking things up and Richards and Van Den Bergh are keeping the Chivas USA defense busy.


33rd minute– SAVE by Hunter Freeman to take a ball off the line after Conway was caught off his line. WOW.


31st minute– Navarro isn’t missing any calls here. His whistle has been going off over and over.


30th minute– Sorry folks but I’m not buying that elbow as card-worthy. Boyens was jumping and the arm swing wasn’t that unnatural.

Will the Red Bulls be able to protect this lead? They need to take advantage of set pieces, where the Goats look vulnerable.


25th minute- GOAL RED BULLS!!!! Dave Van Den Bergh curls a free kick past everybody, including a fooled Brad Guzan.


21st minute– Dane Richards needs to finish that breakaway. Guzan did well to take away the near post, but Richards’s shows once again that his finish ability is suspect.


20th minute– The Red Bulls midfield isn’t keeping the ball enough and all this knocking it around the back is risky against a team like Chivas USA.


17th minute– Neither team has taken control yet, but Chivas USA is certainly capable of creating something quickly.


16th minute– I still worry about Kevin Goldthwaite sometimes. You wonder if Goldthwaite is having flashbacks of his last game against Chivas USA at Home Depot Center. For those of you who don’t remember, Goldthwaite got torched repeatedly before being injured in a Chivas USA blowout last season.


9th minute– Wolyniec gets the start tonight and I think this game is important for Wolyniec’s future with the team. With Oscar Echeverry working his way back, Juan Pablo Angel close to returning, and Dane Richards being used as a forward lately, Wolyniec could struggle for minutes if he doesn’t show something tonight.


7th minute– If you’re wondering why Mauricio Navarro, a Canadian, is reffing this match, some Canadian refs do MLS games as part of a ref exchange program thanks to the presence of Toronto FC in the league. Navarro is solid.


6th minute– Dane Richards off to a good start tonight. Will be interesting to see if he can school Francisco Mendoza like he did the last time these teams met. He’s on his way.


2nd minute– Looks like a 4-2-3-1 for the Red Bulls tonight, with John Wolyniec as the lone striker.


1st minute– We’re under way.


PRE-GAME– Will the Red Bulls play with the same intensity as in recent games? They’ll need to in order to win tonight.


PRE-GAME- Not sure what the delay is here.


PRE-GAME– John Wolyniec gets the nod tonight, with Oscar Echeverry on the bench. Kevin Goldwaite is back in the lineup.

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67 Responses to New York Red Bulls at Chivas USA: Running Commentary

  1. ManicMessiah says:

    Wolyniec instead of Echeverry? Is this injury, or is it just a coaching decision. I thought Echeverry had a good game on Wednesday.

    Also, I’m pumped for this game as I assumed it was exlusive to hdnet, so I’m very happy I turned on MSG to find the game about to start.

  2. ManicMessiah says:

    A streamer got tossed into the 6 yard box during that corner. Not that it really made a difference, but it just gives me another chance to say how much I don’t like streamers.

  3. ManicMessiah says:

    That was good hustle by Wolyniec to force Guzan into an early clearance upfield which was turned over. Then Richards showed some good speed, and crossed in a ball that almost found Wolyniec inside the 6 yard box, but it was a nice stretch by Curtin to put the ball out for a corner.

    It’s something liket that that makes me glad Wolyniec is on the team.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Considering Josh Wolff rights are still somehow held by KC. If Altidore come back to MLS someday are his rights still held by Red Bulls? If so, is that indefinite?

  5. ManicMessiah says:

    2 players who were open on that free kick and could have gotten to the ball, and that is the best header Boyens could get?

  6. Ives says:

    The Red Bulls lose Altidore’s rights when they use the allocation they receive for his transfer, which I’m sure will happen before Altidore returns. So no, the Red Bulls won’t have Altidore’s rights whenever he comes back, much like Columbus not having Brian McBride’s rights.

  7. ManicMessiah says:

    everything you need to know about Richards as a player you saw on that last play. Great speed to go by Bornstein and get the ball, but a terrible finish that never troubled the keeper.

    Frankly, the worst thing you could do as a defender would be to try to block his shot, as you might accidentally deflect it on target.

  8. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    OH YEAH!!! 1-0

  9. ManicMessiah says:


    what a great free kick from van den Bergh. Guzan played it like it was a cross, but it just passed a Chivas defender, hit the ground with just the right spin, and found its way into the net!

    1-0 Red Bulls.

    Also, Richards earned the free kick, who has gotten the better of Bornstein tonight.

  10. ManicMessiah says:

    I didn’t know what Shep was talking about when he said he thought that was a cardable offense. The Chivas player looked like he ran into Boyens, who had his arms well before the player got to him.

  11. ManicMessiah says:


    Conway was caught out of the net, and the ball was taken by Freeman about a foot and a half from the line. That’s the 2nd important challenge at least he has had tonight.

  12. Jeffrey says:

    Old Man Suarez gots some ups

  13. ManicMessiah says:

    Chivas has had about 4 or 5 chances the last few minutes. The Red Bulls just need to calm things down.

    Of course as I type that, Conway throws it long to a streaking Richards, who once again got behind his man, but Guzan got to the ball and cleared it.

  14. Ted says:

    Is this ref from New York? He’s been calling a lot of stuff, but he’s let three horrible calls go (foul against Braun, foul against Kljestan, two handballs in the box). Chivas bookings have been warranted but he is missing some big ones.

  15. ManicMessiah says:

    Streamers on the Red Bulls goal kick, which fell short of Conway by a couple of yards. Bleh.

  16. Ives says:

    Ted, the second handball was definitely ball to hand and practically hit Boyens in the shoulder. Didn’t see Mendes’ alledged handball because the shot wasn’t conclusive.

  17. Milo (me low) says:

    Id like to see Etch in the 2nd he’s got the speed for the counter attack

  18. ManicMessiah says:

    Ubiparipovich has done nothing that I can remember tonight, after what was a pretty promising game from him against Chivas proper.

  19. Ted says:

    I’ll concede on the second handball, but the first one looked clear here in Oklahoma.

    I’m a little frustrated because Chivas has been on and off with their rhythm.

    Chivas needs to watch all these little fouls on their left side. Bulls have the size and the delivering ability to score off one again.

  20. Ted says:

    Shep Messing? Is their a separate broadcast besides the HDnet one? Shep Messing isn’t exactly an upgrade over Balboa but I’ll take it.

  21. Fellin says:

    Is this game being streamed anywhere?

  22. ManicMessiah says:

    3 minutes is an excessive amount of stoppage time for a 1st half. Am I missing something obvious that took up time?

    Terrible blunder by the Red Bulls. Goldthwaite with a stupid pass across the field, and Razov poaches the ball. I have no words for how I fell about that goal.

  23. Ted says:

    Goal! Razov! Parkes and Goldy don’t communicate and Razov cooly finishes it.

  24. ManicMessiah says:

    Ted, the game is being shown locally on MSG.

  25. Fellin says:

    Don’t have cable. Not sure I would have wanted to have seen that goal anyway.

  26. Ted says:

    Chivas seems to be missing Nagamura a little bit. Talley is an able replacement but I think most people like to see him at right back. That said, both teams aren’t the same without their players and Angel is definitely a bigger absence than Nagamura.

    On HDnet, Glenn Davis has a nice little pre-filmed segment with Ante Razov. He’s saying some nice things about Bob Bradley.

  27. On that stupid goal by Razov, was it just me or did Conway not really commit to the breakaway? Keepers are taught to keep the hands low (almost to the floor) on the way out to a striker in a one-on-one. The dude is over six foot, he’ll stop the high shot if he’s close enough and can react (which is all Conway has) or he’ll slow the attacker and give a back a chance to clear a lofted ball.

    I will continue to say that was a STUPID play, but since the Defense bailed Conway out earlier when he was out in “no man’s land,” him defending intelligently could have still salvaged something from that blunder.

    Conway sucks so bad. I can’t stand him. Just a mess of a technical goalkeeper.

  28. ManicMessiah says:

    That was completely on Goldthwaite. Even if that pass worked exactly like Goldy wanted, the ball was hit with such a lack of pass that Parke would have had to deal with Razov coming right on top of him. I’d love to hear what Goldthwaite was thinking on that one.

    Still, as a Red Bulls fan, I’m still feeling relatively okay about the 2nd half. Dane Richards is getting behind the Chivas defense whenever he wants, and the Red Bulls have looked dangerous on set pieces. Now all I need to do is ignore the 3 or 4 other breakdowns by the defense that could have led to Chivas goals, and I’ll be all set.

  29. Ted says:


    link to

    I think that is the MSG broadcast. normally has a decent stream for MLS games.

  30. Yossarian says:

    How can you not fault Parke at all on that? The idiot just completely put his head down and had zero awareness of the ball. Isn’t that the first rule of defending. Goldthwaite was just reversing the ball. Isn’t that a completely normal tactic? I’m confused.

  31. Ted says:

    I’ll have to side with Manic on that one. Parke may not have been paying attention, but one of the first things you are told in youth soccer is not to casually play the ball across the middle of the field that close to the goal. It’s a standard play, yes, but a bad pass. Parke should have been paying attention, but Goldy knows better.

  32. Ives says:

    Yossarian, Parke looks over and sees an uncovered Kevin Goldthwaite half a field away from him. Why on earth would he think that Goldthwaite would pass it to him? Parke saw that and proceeded to head up field. You can blame who you want but I don’t blame Parke one bit. After watching the replay it looks like Goldthwaite doesn’t even look over for five seconds before his pass.

  33. KingSnake says:

    Thornton in for Freeman!? Surely a mis-print …

  34. Fellin says:

    Ted: Thanks.

  35. KingSnake says:

    MLSNet is really stepping on its crank tonight …

  36. ManicMessiah says:

    Good save by Conway on that free kick!

    The start of the 2nd half is basically a continuation of the end of the 1st half. The Red Bulls need to get the ball out of their end for awhile.

    And another great save from Conway!!

  37. ManicMessiah says:

    Echeverry in for Wolyniec. He brings some skill on the ball that will help keep posession, but I don’t know how it stops them from giving up all these chances.

  38. Ted says:

    Ives: HDnet just ran a VDB interview and he sounded like he didn’t have an accent. In your memory, has he always been like this? I know he has an American wife, but his English was very good for someone born and raised in Holland.

  39. Nic says:

    Taking the past 10 minutes of the match into consideration, i think it’s pretty safe to say RBNY needs 4-5 more players when the transfer window opens.

    Ives, any chance of signing anyone?

  40. KingSnake says:

    I’ve travelled in Holland quite a bit and good English speakers are the rule, rather than the exception.

  41. ManicMessiah says:

    I’d take off Ubiparipovich, but I don’t see anyone on the bench I’d really want on instead.

  42. ManicMessiah says:

    Bad first touch by Echeverry, otherwise he’d have been able to turn with a clear look at goal.

  43. Ted says:

    I never would have guessed if I met him on the street.

    I’m liking what Atiba Harris is bringing to this game. Kljestan in midfield is helping a little with possession.

    Magee in for Ubi.

  44. Ted says:

    Free kick to Chivas on the right side of the box. Goldy with a foul on Atiba and a yellow.

    Conway collects it cleanly and Boyens is down.

  45. ManicMessiah says:

    Borman in for Goldthwaite with van den Bergh moving back to left back is what I’d like to see out of the last Red Bull substitution.

  46. briguy says:

    Is anyone watching this on Direct Kick (as I am)?

    What the hell is up with the way that Christian Miles says “Vandenberg”?? Sounds like a fake British accent with a mouthful of cucumber sandwiches at afternoon tea. He’s driving me nuts…

  47. Ted says:

    “What the hell is up with the way that Christian Miles says “Vandenberg”?? Sounds like a fake British accent with a mouthful of cucumber sandwiches at afternoon tea. He’s driving me nuts…”

    Can Miles sound like anything else?

    Flores on for Bornstein. Obvious switch. Bornstein has looked a long ways from being able to play the full 90.

  48. briguy says:

    Eche looks like a rec league player tonight. A rec league sub…

  49. Ted says:

    Eche’s first touch is horrid. I haven’t seen this guy play much other than tonight, but is his first touch always this bad.?

  50. briguy says:

    He looked good vs. Guadalajara. Tonight, not so much.

  51. ManicMessiah says:

    The Red Bulls have only scored more than 1 goal three times this season. They have not scored more than 2 times in any single game. And it has been more than a month since they have scored multipled goals in a game (A May game against the Galaxy).

  52. ManicMessiah says:

    Sassano for Stammler is the last Red Bull sub.

  53. Ted says:

    Mendoza has been good on the defensive side of the ball since he was moved to left back. That said, Richards is basically operating by himself up top.

    Stammler takes Harris out with a bad tackle. Looked more clumsy than malicious. Ref keeps the card in his pocket, which is probably the right call.

    Sassano in for Stammler.

  54. ManicMessiah says:

    The transfer window cannot get here soon enough.

  55. Echeverry has only had one or two decent games. I didn’t understand that acquisition when the coach was complaining about needing attacking mid and/or left back, but with Jozy gone, at least we have someone up front with JPA hurting.

    His first touch is pretty bad, but Dane doesn’t do much more with his.

  56. briguy says:

    Corner. Sweet.

  57. briguy says:


  58. Ted says:

    Isn’t it a little weird that if Galaxy fans want to catch the game tomorrow they have to watch at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning?

    Free kick Chivas. Kljestan to take. Flies right by Talley and Braun for a goal kick. That was close.

  59. Man, this last 8 seconds can’t go quickly enough.

  60. briguy says:

    I’ll take a point in LA, with this skeleton crew. Just sayin.

  61. ManicMessiah says:

    Before the game, I would’ve taken the result, so I won’t get too worked up over it. I know the Red Bulls gave up a terrible goal, but they also cleared 2 balls off the line and had Conway make a couple of great saves so it probably evened out.

    As for who played well: Richards, van den Bergh, Freeman, Parke, Boyens. It’s debatable to me about Conway. Stammler and Mendes had good 1st halfs, but did not carry it over after the break.

  62. Conway can make great saves but the routine stuff that you teach to 12-13 year olds, the dude messes up. He drives me nuts. Imagine sitting at Giants Stadium next to me while I pick apart EVERYTHING this dude does.

    He’s the Red Bulls’ version of Guillermo Mota. I have season tix but won’t go to the Corner Pub because I might just start berating him.

    And we have mutual friends.


    Technically, he’s a mess. Does some spectacular stuff, but he’s a 6’6″ Frankenstein.

  63. Jonny Walker's Bad Back says:

    Shawn, you’re 100% correct on Conway…he’s the most frustrating keeper in the league. It’s a constant rollercoaster ride with him in net…

    There’s a reason Arena went after Waterreus last year, and it wasn’t just senility or indifference.

  64. ag nigrin says:

    The Bulls played well for the first 35 minutes then tired and the “Brain Fart” ensues as a result. This was the BUlls 5th game in 13 days and they looked spent midway thru the game vs Chivas. Conway was terrific again and he kept the Bulls in the game. Nice goal by VDB,but we need a striker real bad! Hopefully Angel will be back for the

    game on Friday. Here are my player ratings for this game:

    Conway 8 MOTM Made two critical saves… I would have given him a 9/10 but he wasn’t vocal enough to stop the Brain Fart from happening

    Freeman 7 had a good game but had his hands full with Bornstein moving forward so he couldn’t attack as much

    Parke 4 Had a decent game until he spaced at the end of the 1st half and was part of giving up the goal

    Boyens 6 Played OK but not as good as last game vs. Guadalajara… The,effects of the busy schedule showed as he resorted to fouling towards the end of the game

    Goldy 3 Creator of last night’s and the Red Bull’s 2nd worst Brain Fart ever.. I still think Mendes’s own goal vs NE tops this one

    though. Goldy cannot play left back…leave him in the middle and play Gilkerson or VDB there!

    Richards 7 Deadliest player for the Bulls… if only he had a decent shot on goal.

    Stammy 6 Seemed gassed in the 2nd half… stiffled Chivas’s attack most of the game

    Mendes 6 See Stammy..

    VDB 7 Lovely Free Kick goal… gave some lovely thru balls to Richards

    Woly 5 The Emperor and Curtin were all over him so he couldn’t do much all by himself..


    Etch 3 The Yang to Wednesday’s Ying…

    Magee 4 El Culo was basically ineffective

    Sassano Not on long enough

    Anyway a point on the road is better than no point but oh 3 points

    would have been like Gold!

  65. ag nigrin says:

    I forgot to include Sinisa in the rating above:

    Sinisa 5 The Yang to Wednesday’s Ying…

  66. uss says:

    Maybe that’s why Chivas USA let him go last year.

  67. Thanks Johnny Walker’s Bad Back. At least someone is paying attention. See, Conway was NOT amazing; he made two big saves.

    Pssst, Bruce Arena was a keeper. He knows talent (at that position), hence his nat’l title at UVA and work with DC. Keller was never higher in the pecking order than Friedel (another Wookie of a keeper) until Arena was in charge. Size doesn’t make you a better keeper: Jon Busch (formerly with Columbus, now with Chicago) has better career stats on average teams because he controls his box and defense far better than his 5’8″ would leave you to believe.

    As a keeper, you get it or you don’t. Conway is a shot-stopper, he isn’t a good distributor (please explain the miskick in the second half) or tactician.

    On the blunder, he needs to:

    1) slow the attacker, make them think,

    2) try for the save


    2a) make the forward bend the ball around so…

    3) the defender has a chance to clear the ball off the line.

    Yes, it’s a dumb play, but he has to defend the play better and if the team doesn’t back him up (and Parke and Goldy were on their horses headed back to clear the ball if need be) then you can completely vilify Goldy for the pass.

    Conway can stop shots. Anyone could stop shots. He’s an attractive height, wildly inconsistent and has no mind for the game. He makes dumb plays; really, really dumb plays. He’s not a student of the game and playing in goal requires you to know every best play in every situation.

    He makes those big saves so you would think that he should have the knowledge to make the smart plays as well. Twice in the first half he let his defender shield a player off a ball that we running out of bounds for almost 20-30 yards. That’s leaving a lot up to chance. If the defender falls or is beat to the ball before its out, you’ve suddenly created a very pressure-packed situation when simply collecting the ball would have sufficed. He needs to grab the ball.

    He doesn’t talk to his defense (and certainly doesn’t have their confidence) as he never called anyone off the ball in the second half where he wrecked Boyens. His mouth didn’t move at all.

    I am sure he’s a very nice guy. I have heard as much. He just isn’t going to pull wins out of potential ties or losses (like Cannon, Busch, Hartman, Reis) do. Big saves might look good on TV, but that isn’t what makes a keeper great.

    If that was the case, we’d still be talking about how great Jorge Campos was. We’d be calling Bruce Grobbelaar an all-time great.