USA 8, Barbados 0: A look back


It was a bloodbath worthy of a regional champion facing a minnow, but through all the goals and the domination by the U.S.national team in its 8-0 drubbing of Barbados on Sunday, we are still left trying to figure out exactly what we learned from the exercise.

Well, we learned that the Americans won’t be facing a humiliating upset in this round of World Cup qualifying. We also learned that Eddie Johnson can, in fact, still score against low-level CONCACAF teams. We learned that playing against the world’s best teams has helped sharpen the U.S. team from top to bottom and we were reminded of just how young the American team is, with youngsters Michael Bradley and Freddy Adu featuring on Sunday.

So here is the question for you. What do you feel you learned about the U.S. team on Sunday? Share your thoughts on the blowout, and the performance of the U.S. team in the comments section below.

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90 Responses to USA 8, Barbados 0: A look back

  1. steve says:

    I think we learned that Dempsey should be played up top, and not on the wing

  2. Mikemike says:

    We learned that David Beckham is the reason people go to LA Galaxy games.

  3. sublicon says:

    I learned that Eddie Johnson can kick a ball, and it can go in the back of the net and count as a goal, all while wearing a shirt that doesn’t say WIZARDS on it . . it’s a beautiful thing.

    Ching needs to get more starts with Dempsey. I love them together. I didn’t see the game so I’m not sure how they did together yesterday (i mean, they scored 5 goals combined), but I think they synchronize well.

  4. tedhill says:

    I agree with steve. I’ve always felt Dempsey should be played up top and not on the wing. Plus with the amount of quality midfielders and the lack of quality forwards it seems like that decision should be a no-brainer.

  5. Matt Mathai says:

    We learned that we have progressed considerably as a soccer nation. The game was a laugher, but it wasn’t all that long ago that we’d have struggled to score half as many goals, let along create all those chances, no matter the level of the opposition.

    I began to feel sorry for the opponents; a feeling I’m not accustomed to having during WCQs.

    Freddy Adu is becoming more and more comfortable on bigger stages. He brings a vision and calmness that not many other players have. He still tends to fade in and out of games, but that will improve with experience.

    We seem to be finding our answers at outside defenders. It’s the center that still concerns me.

    I’m glad Eddie Johnson scored a goal. Sure, it was against weak opposition, but at least he scored. If it gives him any confidence at all against the next higher tier of opponents, then that game was worthwhile.

  6. Mike says:

    Nice comment “Mikemike”. As far as US Soccer, there is nothing to learn from this game. I’m just glad they took care of business so that they can give their “tired” players a break next Sunday

  7. B.A. says:

    We learned that Beasley is not at 100% yet.

  8. DL says:

    I’ll agree with steve in that we learned Dempsey is most effective as a target forward or withdrawn forward. It would be interesting to see if he and Jozy might develop into a strong tandem up top.

    Other than that, we learned that… the US can handedly defeat a bottom-tier soccer team? Truly ground-breaking.

  9. DCM says:

    ESPN2 is replaying the Turkey Czech match right now if anyone missed it (currently in the 83′ and is still 1-2).

  10. Joe A. says:

    I learned that the Goalkeeper for Barbados is actually not that bad….Even though 8 goals were scored on him, the blame is put on a team that is just not good at all. He should get a try in the MLS….Even as a second string.

  11. random observation says:

    We learned that Dempsey is going to be a father? (Or at least that I what took out of his goal celebration)

  12. Dominghosa says:

    We learned that no matter who the opponent, Bob Bradley like his two defensive mid lineup.

    That good things happen when M. Bradley is allowed to sneak into the offensive third.

    That the masses will cry foul if Cooper, Rogers, Parkhurst, DeMerit, Alvarez, Rolfe and the like are not called up to face Barbados in the away second leg.

  13. brett says:

    we learned that if the US were to play teams of weak caliber consistantly we would have obtained too many bad habits…

    you could see that our players were used to playing against Euro teams (as well as Arg.) by everytime they got the ball they played it half expecting someone to be raping them from behind… this is good that we are getting to the point to playing the game at a fast pace, but as the game went on there were more and more mistakes being made by putting forth less effort… lazy passes, lazy runs, etc…

    i stand by with what the announcers said, in where teams of the US and Mexico’s caliber should get a bye through this stage…. it is very very VERY unlikely that there will be an upset in our (mexico and US) games at this stage…. perhaps in the group stage, but these 2 legs are so weak its a waste of time….


    we learned that our forwards have no problems scoring against these weak of teams but struggle against any real competition…. we need to develope forwards of class and fast

  14. andy b. says:

    I disagree, respectfully, that we learned that Eddie Johnson can still score against low-level CONCACAF teams. I don’t think his goals should even count to prove that– not only because Barabados is about as “low-level” as you can find (okay, I’m sure worse could be found, but you know what I mean…) but because the game was well past the point of being in “garbage time” at that point. Way, way past it… and finally, it seemed to me that at least the header goal (#7, I think, but it’s all a blur) would probably have easily been saved by a less demoralized, slightly more talented keeper.

    On the positive side: Dempsey does have truly excellent touch at times (a few really nice balls yesterday), Beasley will be as active as ever despite the long injury layoff, and Freddy Adu is way, way above the level of 95% of the defenders he’s going to face in CONCACAF qualifying.

    That said… I just think we didn’t learn much at all, sadly. It’s hard to think anything after the first 10 minutes yesterday could mean much of anything, one way or the other. It’s not a good state of affairs– it’s the reason why Bradley has to schedule such a brutal slate of “friendlies.” Oh well.

  15. HomeyBoehme says:

    I think games like that should be shown to people who complain that there is not enough scoring in soccer. Because IMO, games like that are more boring than your average 0-0 draw. I certainly don’t want to watch Brazil score 4,000 goals against my High School JV squad. It just wouldn’t be entertaining.

  16. Dominghosa says:

    soccer is the beautiful game….


    “Then, on Sunday, there occurred an event that even the most hard-hearted of sports editors surely would not have denied their reporters a chance to witness — a six-a-side game along the shores of the Danube between two teams of topless women.

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    Actually, the players were more than topless. They wore thongs — and body paint in the national team colors of Austria and Germany — and not much else.

    The match was a prelude — or pre-lewd — of sorts. The two countries will play each other in Vienna on Monday night in a very real and very meaningful Euro 2008 match, with a spot in the quarterfinals at stake.”

  17. brett says:

    Dominghosa- this 2 def. mid arguement is stale

    ill repost my thoughts on it…. anyone else think that in BB’s 4-4-2 that he’s playing simply 2 center mids?? while the list looks like a 4-5-1, the “adu or LD” position is truely a 2nd forward….

    anyhow, when it was MB and Feilhaber, it wasnt deeemed as a 2 def. mid formation, but when MB is paired with the likes of Pablo or Edu it is?? why?? everyone complains about if only MB would get up in the attack, blah blah blah…. anyone ever think that maybe MB is given the chance to attack, but when he gets back on defense and the defenders try a 60 yrd pass to our forwards that perhaps JUST PERHAPS, MB cant make the 60 yrd run to help before we lose the ball?? perhaps MB is in fact an Center Mid with free reign to attack??

    i blame it on the constant Boom Ball our defense tends to play…. anytime the US gets possession and actually pass out the back, MB is capable of attacking…. FACT!

  18. White Kix says:

    I thought Ching looked awful out there. I know he got a few goals, but he should have had 5. His touch was terrible, and his speed of play was incredibly slow.

  19. Dominghosa says:

    The U.S. defenders don’t play boom ball all the time.

    M. Bradley is supposed to be this “box-to-box midfielder,” yet there are very few times when he seems like he is.

    I’ll chalk that up to the two defensive mid lineup.

  20. Spencer says:

    We learned absolutely nothing from that game. I still don’t think Ching can play at that level. Johnson needs to find his stride and he could still have something. I saw signs of him coming to life against Spain, but Barbados give me a break. Scoring a goal against them means nothing. It’d be like them beating my high school team.

  21. DeLarge says:

    Ching was sloooow. He will not beat any Concacrap defenders in the hex.

    Kenny Cooper would have scored a hat trick.

    Eddie Johnson doesn’t deserve the reward of another cap, let alone a “goal.”

    Brad Guzan probably battled gnats more than anything yesterday.

    Heath Pearce got nutmegged by a guy who probably brings you room service at the Barbados Intercontinental Hotel.

    We learned nothing, just that twelve thousand people have no European team affiliation in Los Angeles.

  22. kpugs says:

    No offense guys, this is jut my personal opinion. But I think we learned a big fat nothing.

    In the same way that it was pointless to analyze what lineup we should use against Barbados, any and all analysis of this game is also pointless.

    I hope EJ gains some personal confidence from his goal. Other than that, anyone taking anything away from this game (positive or negative) doesn’t know all that much about CONCACAF.

    Having said that…it’s still awesome and still a world cup qualifier, and after all, we aren’t going to lose 9-0 next week. So it is certainly a GOOD thing, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a good thing that is absolutely meaningless in terms of any and all analysis.

  23. brett says:

    Dominghosa- yes i know we dont play it all the time…. hence y i said “anytime the US gets possession and actually pass out the back, MB is capable of attacking”

    heres a prime example of what usually happens…. the US is back on defense… midfield as a whole, and solo EJ up top…. a defender ends up winning it and lays off a 60 yard ball to EJ, attempting either a fast break or to control… neither occur and MB (with the rest of the team) is in the our own half… OR, Ej controls it for a few seconds and then loses it and we are on the defense again

    i stated before that the US doesnt always do it, and when we get control and possess it MB is capable of moving forward… its happened before and it’ll happen again… he was able to do it in spain and recently against barbados… b/c there were players capable of holding onto the ball for more then a few seconds (ie Adu and LD)

    i dont see MB as a defensive midfielder… i see him as a center midfielder always being forced to play defense b/c of lack of control (in previous games)….

  24. KC says:

    I don’t think we learned much other than we are way better than Barbados. FIFA rankings may be a big joke but a difference of 100 spots is signficant.

  25. jdawg says:

    to all the Ching haters out there: he scored 2 goals and was involved in the buildup for almost every goal. Is he world class? No, but he is certainly worthy of more looks as qualifying continues.

  26. m-d0g says:

    Does anyone else thing donovan’s free kick did not show good sportsmanship? The Barbados defensive wall hardly had any time to get set and the game was a friendly in which the US was already up 3-0 and completely in control. Perhaps I should be pleased with the killer instinct but I just thought it showed a lack of class on his part.

  27. ben says:

    I’m worried Dempsey is beginning to reach his ceiling as a player or at least as an attacking player. More every game, with both Fulham and the US, he seems to be a player good for two or three sequences a game but completely irrelevant otherwise. He doesn’t have great pace, his first touch can be iffy, he’s never shown much of an ability to make a good pass, he has no real position that he can function in for the whole 90 minutes. He’s great if those two or three flashy moments turn into something, but if not, he’s essentially useless other than as a set-piece target. To his credit, when he feels like it and he’s in the right place at the right time, he can be a solid high-playing ballwinner and is a great finisher of easy chances (something to be prized on this national team).

    When one keeps all these factors in mind, why not play him as a free-roaming attacker behind the striker(s) where he can pop up all over the place to create chances?

  28. William the Terror says:

    We learned that Michael Bradly is much more effective going forward, as he plays for his club team. In that role, he reminds me of Phil Esposito of the NHL in the early 70’s, hanging just off the box and knocking in loose balls – a “grabage collector” of sorts.

    With an 8-0 lead, my lineup for the return leg in Barbados is as follows:

    Wambach —– Tarpley

    Chalupny — Boxx — O’Reilly — Osborne

    Rampone — Whitehill — Dalmy — Mitts


    Sunny Barbados. Maybe we can get a few paparrazzi shots of Hope Solo in a bikini. That’s soccer entertainment.

  29. Joamiq says:

    It was not clear to me before this game that this team was actually capable of playing with precision and speed in the attack. I did not know whether our players had the ability to put together quick passing combinations and make smart runs. That is now confirmed. There are certain skills that good teams simply must have, regardless of the opposition. Now we know that the US possesses a modicum of attacking skill. They do need to learn how to translate that to games against stronger opponents. But at least there is something to translate. This is not insignificant.

  30. LJBound says:

    Michael Bradley doesn’t look comfortable attacking.

    Most goals he scored with Heerenveen were just finishes, not playmaking or dribbling. I actually don’t think he’s an attacking midfielder.

  31. rc says:

    Lack of class? What do you want him to do, send them an handwritten note that he is aboutt to take the kick?

  32. HomeyBoehme says:

    @jdawg – One deflected off of his back so he only has one goal that counts. We know what we get when Ching is on the field – not much, IMO.

  33. Brian says:

    Per the comment above, the match was a WC qualifier and not a friendly so I have no problem trying to score as much as possible and get goals any way we can.

    As far as setting up the wall, I think that’s the ref’s decision as far as how much time they get; besides, in any EPL or La Liga game you would see the same thing. If Ronaldo got the go-ahead to fire away against Chelsea or Liverpool, I have no doubt in my mind he would do it even if Reina or Cech wasn’t ready.

  34. Marc says:


    I respectfully disagree. ching looked slow, had a poor first touch and I didn’t think he linked well with this teammates. I was shocked at how poorly he played. EJ is not the answer (or at least has not proved he is), but he is a better option than ching.

  35. CamJam says:

    Count me as a ching supporter… We know that Dempsey(and LD frankly) are best at a 2nd forward position, which means you need a target forward to hold up possession and be strong in the air. Fingers Crossed!! Jozy should be this very soon. Until then, we have Ching and Cooper, with Ching being the more experienced. Ching’s ball holding allowed for the rape of Barbados.

  36. HomeyBoehme says:

    @m-d0g – There was a lot of fervor over this when Henry did something similar in the EPL a couple years ago. Plain and simple, if the team wants to take it quickly they do not have to wait for the whistle or for the ref to line the wall up.

    This is why someone from Barbados should have been standing directly in front of the ball so that Donovan would have been forced to ask for the referee to back him up, which means the referee would have told Donovan to wait for the whistle before taking the free kick.

    Barbados fault dude, don’t blame Donovan.

  37. LJ says:

    Donovan showed class by not trying to tear Barbados apart and score a ton of goals, which he could have. He tried to be a playmaker instead. (response to m-d0g)

    Anyone using this game to promote Ching, or demerit (not the name) EJ is retarded. Ching played awful, and EJ was barely on the field.

    Adu got his shot against one of the worst teams in the world and didn’t look so brilliant. He did surprisingly look bigger and tougher, which has always been the problem with him in my eyes.

    We better not take the full team to the away leg.

  38. Bill says:

    m-d0g: this game was not a friendly, and at the time Donovan did that we hadn’t scored since the 20 minute point of the first half. If we go stale and end up only winning 3-0, the return leg is a little different. Now we can send our U-15 team, assuming they get notes from their Moms. Plus, that keeper played in the top division in ireland last year, he should have been on his toes.

  39. Joamiq says:

    sublicon – EJ scored with his head, and Ching and Dempsey only combined for four goals, but I agree. They complement each other well up top.

    I don’t get the Ching hate. He got into great positions and combined well in the attack. He’s also our most dangerous striker in the air. As for the lack of speed, no one ever picked Brian McBride to win a race, and yet he’s revered. A target striker doesn’t need to be fast.

  40. NJ Guy Stuck in DC says:

    We learned that Barbados would be bottom of the conference in the ACC.

  41. DCM says:

    I also thought that Ching played well as a target forward. I thought he layed the ball off to others very well especially as the game went on and he got in better sync with the other US players.

    Ching played his roll well. Sometimes you need roll players to play their part for the rest of the team to be able to do their “thing”.

    Is Ching a McBride? No, but I will take him over EJ, the way these two are playing currently, any day.

  42. Javier says:

    i learned that the EJ haters would still come out in full force. let’s face it, it was going to take a score like this for any of us to be satisfied. EJ starting and scoring 3 goals wouldn’t have proven anything, so who cares what he did?

    funny thing is, Ching is being praised for doing the things EJ did in a lot of those 3 friendlies. that is, they got in good positions and worked off the ball. EJ didn’t take guys on because he lacks any confidence, and Ching didn’t because he doesn’t have the speed or ability to. my problem with Ching is that blew multiple sitters because, well, he’s Bring Ching.

    so what does this all mean? our forwards stink. in other news, the sky is blue and the grass is green.

  43. KC says:

    If Chings role was to have a poor first touch, have no speed to beat mediocre defenders and make poorly timed runs then yeah he played his role well. I give him credit for his second goal, it was legitimate but Twellman or Wolff would have scored against Barbados too and I don’t want to see either of them in a Nat uniform again.

  44. brett says:


    its not a friendly, its a WCQ… and if barbados are outclassed by such a play they have no right to progress anyhow…. this is why players stand 3 yrds from the ball, so that the ref is forced to stop the quick shot and move the wall back…. Barbados has learned a lesson and i thank Donovan for having the common sense to teach them it in order to strengthen the knowledge of this sport in our Qualifying group…

    Ching looked slow, and yet scored “2”… i would only say 1 tho b/c i feel for Pablo who’s shot was perfect regardless of the accidental deflection…. while ching played a role in our victory it was against Barbados… is he our best option?? perhaps for these early stages, but goals will be harder to come by in the later stages, and most likely through the hands of LD, Dempsey and other midfielders

  45. HomeyBoehme says:

    I wouldn’t say people “hate” Ching. I think people want to see someone else, COOPER, get a shot in Ching’s place.

  46. nico says:


  47. Paul says:

    Realistically, you don’t learn anything from a rout like that except perhaps some things about fitness and physical condition. e.g., Beasley’s ongoing return from his injury. That was essentially a practice session against an overmatched and, ultimately, uninterested side. For next Sunday, Bradley should send all the MLS guys back to their clubs and replace them with some of the European-based youngsters who deserve a shot.

  48. 4now says:

    -Beaz can be an effective central player.

    -EJ is not maturing as a professional.

    -Ching is a decent guy who should only feature in these kinds of games.

    -Freddy is uber talented but lacks discipline.

    -Dempsey might be better as a withdraw striker.

    -Pearce is still capable of bad days, but is learning how to recover.

    -Cervi did not impress.

  49. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    We learned that listening to JP and Harkes immediately after Rae and Gray is just painful……

  50. Dave says:

    Ching looked slow and had poor touch. When I say slow, I don’t just mean straightline speed, but he was also slow to turn and pass, and slow to get to balls being crossed. I like to hold out that EJ will eventually find his touch because he has potential to be a quality option. Ching does not have that potential and, while he might help us win some games now, we really need to be looking toward the future when we’ll be playing real competition. EJ has the necessary speed, and often found himself in good places in the three friendlies leading up to yesterday. If he could ever learn to finish, I think we all agree he would be a very good asset. Ching? What he needs to be a quality international option is not teachable, and that is raw physical tools. We’re wasting our time with him up top. Separate from this argument entirely, I thought he was one of the worst players on the field yesterday.

  51. KC says:

    4now, Cervi did not impress? Not that anyone expected him to considering he wasn’t even active on gameday (Reis was). Can’t really say thats a lesson learned.

  52. 4now says:

    How do ppl feel about this?






    I know Gibbs is not on the radar, but assuming he regains match fitness.

  53. brett says:

    Paul- personally id like to see Ferrari and Bernardo get a shot with some 1st teamers…. i know some people may haze me about Ferrari and his performance in France, but that was hardly a squad you could base any judgement on anyones performance…

    if we are solely going on wants, id want to see Bernardo start up top with Cooper… Rogers out left Adu in the middle… Edu also in the middle… can someone help me with a young right mid…. i guess Zizzo could have a go… i truely enjoyed his play in the U20’s but havent heard a peep from him since :-/ cept a small callup against the swiss i think??

    and im sure some people may say Bernardo doesnt deem a callup yet, but im basing this solely on WANTS 😀

  54. 4now says:

    Sorry KC, didn’t know I’d have to spell that out. Cervi has been training with the team for weeks now, and if he had impressed the staff then you’d think he would have been included in a gameday roster as Guzan’s backup against Barbados at home. The fact that BB felt the need to call Ries in from New England would lead me to believe that Cervi has not been impressive.

    A lesson


  55. inkedAG says:

    The thing I learned from this game is that the CONCACAF competition, for the most part, isn’t so great. If we play more world-class talent, that would sharpen the skills.

  56. brett says:

    4now- or it has taught us that BB is more cautious then risk taking… perhaps Guzan got injured, would you want to take a chance putting in a GK that has potential despite unattractive games already played…. disregarding the fact we were playing Barbados….

    BB is playing the safe route for the first leg…. expect Guzan to get the start on the 2nd leg (to rake up the starts for the work permits) and possibly subbed out (altho i dont know if BB is wanting to waste a sub on a GK…

  57. brett says:

    inkedAG- which i would say we’ve done since BB has taken control of the team… more out of country games… especially some big names home (arg. and brazil) and away…..

    its clear those games truely improved us in the long run….. hopefully BB picks up a few here and there against some other teams like Croatia and Czech…. not quite the Arg. but at least a team that we can continue to sharpen our skills throughout the process

  58. Nicholas says:


    Yes, it’s not exactly a 2 Defensive MF set. There’s some flexibility for MB depending on who we are playing.

    When Adu went in for Mastro, I think we were fielding our best attacking lineup (besides the addition of Altidore for the Forward du Jour.)

    It’ll be interesting to see who we take to the next leg. I would like to see some depth built in the backline. Otherwise, I’m pretty comfortable that we have enough guys. Also, would Kenny Cooper be available?

  59. Michael F. says:

    Adu is ready

    Donovan is invaluable

    Boca is sorely needed

    Onyewu is still hit or miss

    Pearce and Dolo are the pair to beat

    EJ should never wear the shirt again. Celebrating when you are up 6-0 is classless.

  60. Nicholas says:

    Also, in the spirit of flexibility, I think you can see why the US was so successful last year with Feilhaber.

  61. Jimmy says:

    EJ is going to dominate Concocaf again!!!

  62. dwbpnm says:

    Ching was a poor man’s EJ in this game and it was against Barbados. Ching’s only possible role would be to hold the ball up and be a target for crosses. The only time he got onto the end of a cross he blew a golden chance, where as EJ put his sitter away. In terms of holding up the ball to allow the defense to clear out and join the attack I’d say EJ did a better job of this type of work in the last 3 games then Ching did against a far inferior opponent. In total I’d say EJ is the better “target” forward and he adds the threat of running onto a long ball which Ching certainly doesn’t. EJ is not the long term answer unless he suddenly realises his talent but he’s definitely a superior option for now.

  63. Sushant says:

    What did we learn? Uhhh, not much.

    We learned that our first team and our 1.5 team is much, much better than Barbados.

    So, what? Will this tell us anything when we get to the next stage?

    Hopefully, BB uses the away game to check out some players.

    I would recommend that he starts our 1.5 team (no Landon, Dempsey, Beasley, Mastro; starting Adu, Edu, DeMerit, Califf, Jaqua?) and bringing a number of MLS players to check them out (Rogers, Parkhurst, Cooper, Reis).

    Really, we need to look at the big picture. Which of these guys will help the Nats in a game when one our first team has gone down and we need to bring someone off the bench?

    It would be a waste of time to have EJ, Wolff, Hejduk, etc play because we know what they can(‘t) do. I’d like to find out what some of these others can do.

  64. sushant says:

    One other thing.

    You can tell we have improved by playing England, Spain and Argentina.

    Having watched Euro ’08, I think we should try to schedule some games against:

    Big Fish (yes, these are obvious): Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy

    Smaller Fish: Russia, Czechs, Turkey, Croatia (generally attacking teams; though you could argue about the Czechs)

    Maybe: Romania, Greece (get a taste of true defensive soccer, but they may open up playing us)

    Personally, I think we’d learn more about the team by playing the Smaller Fish and the Maybes.


  65. Sushant says:

    Last thing: I’m frustrated that Adu doesn’t start.

    That said, if I’m BB and we are generating no offense, it’s really valuable to have Adu coming off the bench. Really, we have no one capable of changing the game aside from Adu.

    If there was someone that could bring some offense off the bench, then Adu should start.

  66. Javier says:

    some are failing to consider that Bob could throw some of the MLS clubs a bone, and not keep players away from them in the return leg (ex: Landon)…with that said, i think the european based players are a lock to be on the roster, because their teams are done for the year.

    even if it’s just to maintain a higher level of training, it’d be silly to send those guys home.

  67. Bill says:

    @ William The Terror: I think Whitehill’s out with an ACL so we’ll probably have to call Chastain out of retirement :)

  68. Thom says:

    We learned that we pass the ball around better then ever before even vs. a Glorified Amatuar squad.

    We also learned we should thank God we are in CONCACAF.

    We learned that it will be good not to be a mexican player or coach this morning.

    We learned MikeMike is more then capable of a great one liner.

  69. Jason says:

    That the graphics being used on Euro 2008 telecasts are better than the “traditional” ESPN graphics used on USMNT telecasts.

  70. Reid says:

    I learned that FSC is pissed because they didnt air this game. They love these type of qualifiers like Germany v Andorra or Frace v San Marino.

  71. brett says:

    Thom- “We also learned we should thank God we are in CONCACAF”


  72. m-d0g–all Barbados needed to do was have someone stand in front of the ball, forcing the referee to shoo him off, whilst teh wall is be set up. There is no requirement to wait for a second whistle until and unless the referee says to wait for a whistle. Is it a cheap goal? Yes, but Barbados is to blame.

    As for what we learned? We learned that Bob Bradley needs to get out of the bucket 4-4-2 and play a diamond midfield with Adu in attacking midfield and Dempsey and Ching/Johnson up top.

    Perferably, I would like to see Kenny Cooper or even Edson Buddle called up for the next match to give them a good look see.

    We also learned that the U.S. first touch is better than we saw in the friendlies, but not good enough against top teams.

  73. Thom says:

    Because we get to just show up and qualify for the WC.

    I think both us and Mexico would be the envy of many a nation for that fact.

  74. Casey C. says:

    Clint Dempsey (1)

    Michael Bradley (12)

    Brian Ching (20)

    Landon Donovan (59)

    Clint Dempsey (63)

    Eddie Johnson (82)

    Brian Ching (86)

    Brian Ching (89)

    Just a random observation, why do people keep saying Dempsey and Ching combined for 4 goals? Yes, one of Ching’s goals was lucky as can be, but it probably doesn’t go in otherwise.

  75. smokeminside says:

    hate to pile on, M-dog, but Donovan looked at the referee twice, willing to wait, and the referee TOLD him to take the kick. Donovan shrugged, and scored.

    As far as Ching is concerned, I agree that Cooper should get a chance. Buddle, not so much. And the fact is, BB is the one calling the shots, and if you read his comments at you’ll see that he REALLY likes Ching. So, unless he’s blowing smoke, and unless he suddenly sees the light so many of you think Cooper is, you’re gonna see a lot of Ching, whether you like him or not. I still say he helps the offense by his play with Dempsey and Donovan more than EJ does, and he’s fearless. Speed would be nice but I’d trade his play for EJ’s any day.

  76. Jeffrey says:

    I learned that no matter how tired and sluggish Bradley becomes in the course of a game that his Dad ain’t gonna take him out. He was jogging around on fumes.

  77. Adam M. says:

    Maybe its just me, but I was rather underwhelmed, if one can be by a 8-0 scoreline. Quick, name one attractive goal! I mean one goal that resulted from a true flow of offense, rather than a set piece, or defensive mistake or mad scramble against overmatched players. Neither can I. At a high level, goals are goals, of course, but one might think that, say, Freddy Adu (who I like), would be able to “create” against weaker opponents. Instead, he seemed to run straight until he couldn’t. I thought the US played more attractive soccer against Argentina, frankly. The bottom line here is that we all know the weaknesses of this team as presently constituted, and small island nations are unlikely to strain them. Brian Ching is not the answer. Alitdore might be.

  78. jdawg says:

    glad to see the commentary has turned a bit on Ching. Just can’t deny the fact that he was involved in the buildup in most of the goals, particularly the most technical ones (as compared to, ahem, Dempsey’s first goal in which the defender misplayed a most elementary boot from the back from Bocanegra)

    Ching provides, albiet in a less stellar form, many of the qualties McBride brought to the table: hold up play, passing ability, heading prowess. The haters just need to get over themselves and recognize he brings some quality to the side. Doesn’t anyoen remember he key performance and contributions against Ecuador (a goal + assist) in 2007, arguably one of hte US’s best wins last year.

  79. brentmcd says:

    Beasley is much better on the wing than in the middle of the park. He looked fantastic in the first 20 minutes. Then, after Mastroeni came off, he shifted towards central midfield and looked completely lost and disinterested. After halftime, Beasley played on the right wing where he was effective again. Also, I don’t know if he was worried about getting reinjured, but DaMarcus was really shying away from 50/50 balls all game.

    Regarding Ching, obviously he is not the fastest guy. But his soccer acumen is quite good — he plays good short passes and links well with Landon and the other midfielders. Also, importantly, he consistently displays hustle and a strong work ethic — something EJ could learn alot from.

    a brief conversation with the BlackMouth after the game….

    me: Where you playing next year, man?

    CB: I don’t know, man!

  80. Geach says:

    I was at the game I learned:

    -You can’t put a game in LA with the Lakers and the US open competing for the upper middle class dollar.

    -Adu is still a game changer. It had been 3-0 for some time when Adu made that beautiful run for the Donovan free kick.

    -Freddy disappears because people stop passing him the ball. He has to learn to DEMAND it

    -Beasely was more effective centrally than on the wing. But he would last about two games before an injury

  81. Casey C. says:

    “I told [the referee], ‘We don’t want to wait for the whistle,’ so he got the ball, made sure we were set, and said ‘You can play if you want,'” Donovan said. “It was a freebie.”

    But it was also a goal that was the result of some thorough preparation.

    “We talked about it all week about making the game fast, and that included restarts and corners,” Donovan said, “and if you can do those things sometimes they turn off for a second, and that was the case.”

  82. chris L says:

    will the mls internationals play this weekend before going to barbados or will they abandon there clubs this week and go to barbados early?

  83. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: m-d0g | June 16, 2008 at 02:15 PM

    not a friendly. this game actually counted for something.

    As for the lack of class; goal differential counts. You pound teams as badly as you can.

    Plus, the ref waved him on to shoot the ball. He at least asked the ref which a lot of people don’t even bother doing. He showed more class than he had to.

    Re: what we learned? We learned that Bob Bradley has very little imagination and is afraid to try different tactics against lesser opponents.

    We also learned that most of our team has such little faith in their and their teammates touch that they prefer to launch hopeful long balls over the top all day rather than clinically slicing a far inferior opponent apart.

    The scoreline was impressive, the performance, not so much.

  84. Tom says:

    I was at the game and had a great time. I heard a rumor that we are playing Brazil in San Diego next month. Can any one confirm this?

  85. DemonJuice says:

    I’m squarely in the “we learned nothing” camp. Seriously, there isn’t much to be gleaned from playing an opponent who lets our midfielders (or defenders) have 15 yards of space at the halfway line all game long.

    I came away from that match with no better sense of what any position’s selection should be, let alone the forwards.

  86. Tim says:

    I think we learned that outside of the U.S. and Mexico, CONCACAF is HORRID. I think both the U.S. and Mexico COULD be consistently better than they are, but are poorly managed at the higher levels.

    Canada, T&T, Costa Rica, and Panama can occasionally shine, but our region is simply light years behind Europe and South America.

  87. Don Futebol says:

    Do not forget about Honduras in regards to the CONCACAF..Very stong team and they have 3-4 guys playing in the EPL ; 3-4 in Italy’s Seria A, and a handful playing worldwide. Look out for David Suazo.

    Now on to the game….

    Adu is the key going into the WC but I am sure BB is trying to keep him supressed.

    Dempsey is looking slow to me and he always does the same moves. Any smart defender will start looking at tapes and will be able to shut him down.

    Donovan is okay and is the conerstone of the team.

    Beasely should be okay and is defintely starting 11.

    Pearce (WOW)…Glad to see him stepping up…

    My World Cup starting 11



    Beasely Donovan Bradley Dempsey

    Pearce Bocanegra Onyewu Cherundulo


    Must Substitutes

    1. Edu

    2. Hedjuk

    3. Guzan

    4. Lewis

    5. Ching

    6. Feilhaber(If he can get his stuff together)

    7. Gibbs (if he is 100%)

    8. Demerit

    9. Kismek (Can’t reemeber name but defender)

  88. tyduffy says:

    I thought the display was rather tasteless. When you are up 6-0 already with like ten minutes remaining, it is time to call off the dogs.

    The classiest moment was Landon’s quick free kick when they were already up 3-0 against feeble opposition.

  89. brett says:

    Thom- while im glad that we get a free pass (pretty much) to the WC and a 50/50 on the Gold Cup, i think CONCACAF tends to hurt the US and Mexico more…. we constantly play weaker opposition continually towards the WC… while teams in europe are constantly playing each other we get stuck competeting against CONCACAF teams.. dont get me wrong i truely enjoy knowing we have a 90% chance of making the WC (leaving 10% to injury and being unlucky), but just saying it hurts as much…

    tyduffy- its a WCQ match…. if we are up 6-0 i am NOT taking any chances and i’ll let anyone who can score, score…. not only does it ensure a move to the next round it also builds up the confidence (ie. EJ) by simply putting a goal away even if its against a weaker opposition…. this isnt rec soccer anymore, these are grown men who are professionals…. and this is a tournament