USA vs. Argentina: Match Night


Good evening folks. The u.S. national team is set to face Argentina today at Giants Stadium in what should be close to a sellout crowd. The fans arrived here pretty early and it’s looking like a good day/night for soccer.

I will be doing a running commentary during the match so feel free to follow allong here. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

Enjoy the match and follow our match night coverage after the jump:


FINAL- USA 0, Argentina 0. The non-soccer people call scoreless draws boring. Tonight’s match was anything but. The Americans saved their best performance of this rough stretch of friendlies for last.


90th minute+- Five minutes of stoppage time. Is this ref insane? There’s lightning and heavy rain.


90th minute- Hejduk for Beasley and I can’t imagine there’s much stoppage time.


87th minute- Mascherano just saw a red card for a vicious tackle on Donovan. Donovan is walking off and looks okay.


83rd minute- Freddy Adu draws a dangerous free kick as the rain starts to come down REAL hard.


81st minute- Tonight’s attendance is 78,682.


78th minute- Eddie Lewis coming on for Heath Pearce. Great game from Pearce tonight.


76th minute- I’m still trying to understand why the referee would ruin a great game with a red for dissent.


74th minute- Kljestan on for Eddie Johnson.


72nd minute- Mastroeni just got a second yellow for a phantom call. No idea what that was for. The USA is down to 10 men. Mind-boggling call.


70th minute- Johnson is back on the field.

Yellow to Maurice Edu for a rough challenge.


69th minute- Johnson appears to have hurt his ankle on a USA attack.


63rd minute- Frankie Hejduk is on the bench for this match and in uniform. Why is that impressive? He played in the Crew’s loss to San Jose last night (okay, so maybe it’s not that long a flight from Columbus, but still).


61st minute- Freddy Adu is coming in for Clint Dempsey and DeMerit for Onyewu.


60th minute- Jay DeMerit will be coming in for Onyewu shortly.


59th minute- Argentina is definitely a different team when Messi is not in the match. Their attack still creates chances but the speed of their attack is a notch or two slower.


57th minute- Argentina with another dangerous free kick attempt.


54th minute- Appeals for a penalty are denied after Aguero looked like he was brought down by Howard. It looked like Aguero jumped over Howard and wasn’t touched.


50th minute- Donovan has definitely come out with more attacking purpose in the second half. He looks very dangerous early on here.


49th minute- The Americans have come out with some extra energy at halftime.


48th minute- Onyewu with a header off the crossbar.


48th minute- Donovan with a shot blocked out for a corner.

Messi was also subbed at halftime.


47th minute- Maurice Edu is on for Michael Bradley.


HALFTIME- My observations from the first half-

Tim Howard has been outrageous today. Maybe it’s the green jersey. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s playing his last game at Giants Stadium. Whatever it is, Howard is making a clear case for being one of the top goalkeepers in the world.

Heath Pearce has put a chokehold on the starting left back spot. He was good in the first two games against England and Spain, but tonight he’s been top notch and probably the best field player for the Americans.

Dempsey and Beasley have been active tonight and concerns about them being rusty heading into qualifying have been answered.

Michael Bradley has looked very good tonight. I hear complaints about him getting starts despite some shaky performances but today he has shown vision and work rate that I just don’t see other American midfielders providing. Also, he turns the ball over but many of his turnovers happen when he delivers a smart pass where a teammate should be making a run but doesn’t.

Landon Donovan has been okay in his 100th appearance. He’s done a lot of dirty work today, but hasn’t done as much in the attack as you would like.


HALFTIME- USA 0, Argentina 0. A very good first half from the Americans. Yes, Howard has had to make three or four very good saves but the U.S. defense has done well to stand up to a dynamic and dangerous Argentina attack.


45th minute- Howard SAVE!! WOW, his best save of the day is a jaw-dropper.


42nd minute- Heath Pearce has been very good tonight. Bradley with a great tackle and Johnson puts a header on goal.

A good game all around from the Americans except for the final pass in the attacking third.


40th minute- Donovan is still complaining about the penalty no-call. He needs to work on his fall a bit f he’s going to really sell that.


36th minute- Pearce with a long-range blast that forces a very good save from Abbodonzanzieri. Nice pass from Bradley on that one.

Howard with another good save. He’s been great tonight.


34th minute- The Americans have done well so far, and US fans should take not that Mexico was down 3-0 by now to Argentina.


32nd minute- Dempsey with a deflected shot that nearly goes in. The USA corner leads to nothing. Argentina counters but the Americans hold up as Beasley makes a nice play. Beasley has looked fresh today as well. He doesn’t look rusty at all.


29th minute- Califf with a bad foul in a dangerous spot about 30 yards in front of goal.


28th minute- Howard with a clutch save on a Julio Cruz shot. Messi splits the US defense with a perfect pass but Howard thwarts a wide-open Cruz.


26th minute- The USA attack is way too stagnant. Not enough running off the ball and no anticipation of passes.


21st minute- Aguero just got a header to the skull and is a bit wobbly.


17th minute- Heinze with a free header that goes over the bar. Who was marking him?


15th minute- Eddie Johnson has been active early on and doesn’t look too bad so far.


13th minute- USA with a spell of possession here. They need to create a chance though.


10th minute- Clint Dempsey looks very lively today. After two subpar performances (okay bad performances) recently, he has come out to play tonight.


8th minute- The USA midfield has to be better at avoiding turnovers because the Argentina counter is just plain deadly.


7th minute- Argentina with another dangerous sequence but Califf clears the danger. Another Argentina corner.


5th minute- Tim Howard with two clutch saves on Cruz. Argentina is pressing, but here comes the USA.


4th minute- Argentina just looks so scary every time they get the ball. There’s just a speed they can hit at times that the USA won’t be able to handle unless they stay disciplined and compact defensively.


2nd minute- And we’re off. Messi gets his first touch and his halted by Michael Bradley.


PRE-GAME- Argentina looks to be lining up in a 3-4-3.


PRE-GAME- Donovan and Macherano are the captains for today’s match.


PRE-GAME- Kasey Keller was honored before the match for earning his 100th cap last year.


PRE-GAME- Argentina’s lineup:






Interesting grouping. Zabaleta is normally a defensive midfielder, but with Gago and Mascherano here, it would seem like either Zabaleta is playing in the back today or Argentina is going to play some sort of 3-2-4-1 with Gago in a more advanced role.


PRE-GAME- Messi, Aguero, Mascherano, Gago, Maxi Rodriguez, Heinze and Cruz are in the starting group.


PRE-GAME- Still haven’t seen the lineups but Messi and Aguero are warming up with the group that looks like the starting lineup.


PRE-GAME- I think we’ll have the US in a 4-2-3-1 rather than a 4-4-2, with Donovan playing in a playmaking rule. That formation worked well against Spain in the first half, though part of the reason it worked well was because of Adu’s work in the playmaking role. I’m not sure if Donovan will be able to do the same things, though his speed could cause problems for


PRE-GAME- Still waiting on the Argentina rosters. There’s a problem with uniform numbers that is stalling proceedings.


PRE-GAME- Cooper’s exclusion will anger some U.S. fans but Bob Bradley was pretty clear in his press conference on Saturday that Cooper is still a work in progress.

Danny Califf gets the call ahead of Jay DeMerit in central defense. I know there are plenty of DeMerit fans but he didn’t play much down the stretch for Watford while Califf is in his season in Denmark.


PRE-GAME- No Freddy Adu in the starting lineup today, which is a head scratcher in my mind. Eddie Johnson has been active in the first two matches


PRE-GAME- Here is the U.S. lineup for the match:






One of the players who won’t be playing today is Kenny Cooper, who isn’t active for the match. Cooper, Drew Moor and Dom Cervi are inactive for the match.

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400 Responses to USA vs. Argentina: Match Night

  1. jmart says:

    No Adu?!

  2. Spencer says:

    No Adu, or Edu, chalk it up as a loss already. And I’m not impressed with Califf either he just doesn’t have the speed. 2-0 Argentina.

  3. Shoshana says:

    Bradley’s thought process:

    I’ll start the two most disappointing players on offense against Spain (Dempsey and Johnson) and not the one that created all the chances. Yep that’s the best chance for a win.

    I was thinking of trying to find a site that was streaming the game, but now…why bother?

  4. Chris says:

    Then what was the point of calling Cooper up? Please not Eddie Johnson again. Can’t we just retire this guy?

  5. Chris says:

    I didn’t even see that we weren’t starting Adu. What the hell is goin on?

  6. phil says:

    I think we will see both Freddy and Mo in the second half. From what I can tell it is really hot out there, so my guess is BB is going to use a lot of his players. Mastro is trying to buy time and not be down 4-0 at the half…we are really playing something of 5-4-1

  7. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Kenny Cooper needs the photos of Bob Bradley that EJ has.

  8. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    And if Cooper is a work in progress, WTF is EJ?

  9. Ben says:

    The folks over at BigSoccer are in fine form over Adu’s absence, and frankly I don’t blame them.

  10. DD says:

    Adu not starting??? WTF!!! Can’t believe Cooper is inactive while the always inactive EJ gets the start??? I think it’s time for a new coach

  11. phil says:

    “fine” form is the way to say it Ben–because that sort of crazy talk is surely not “rare.”

    I think the bigger omission is Parkhurst…or maybe Califf is ready to handle this.

  12. gimmi says:

    anyone know of any english links to the game

  13. JB says:

    On Adu’s absence I will reserve judgement on that until I see how Donovan plays in that role.

    I would rather the U.S. use a 4-1-4-1 with Adu rather than Mastroeni, but this is Bob Bradley we are talking about and he seems bent on playing the most dour tactics imaginable.

  14. jonathan says:

    Bradley needs to go… if he’s really not starting Adu and starting johnson for the 3rd straight game.. he really has to go. Ives if you don’t back us up on this, i’m going to stop reading your site b/c this is seriously a joke, i don’t even really care that he’s not starting adu… maybe an excuse can be made… But EJ three freaking times in a row!!!!!!

  15. gimmi says:

    I mean, do I even wanna watch this game anymore?

  16. KC says:

    I am done with Bob Bradley. Adu earned the right to start tonight, Cooper at least deserves a chance..whats the worse that can happen? He won’t score? thats a wash, Eddie Johnson likely won’t score either.

  17. Ted Tedman says:

    Bob Bradley needs to go. EJ is a joke and should not be called in for anymore US camps. We need a foreign coach. How does Michael Bradley get consistent playing time with inconsistent results where Adu is the only player with any offensive creativity and can’t get a start. It will be interesting to see what the lineups are for the qualifiers.

  18. Alex says:

    As incensed as I am to not see Adu, there may be a reason for it. He could still be carrying the slight knock that took him out of the Spain game.

    However, if it’s for a “He’s not ready to handle a big game” or similar reason…

    Well, if I don’t see Freddy at halftime (or earlier) then I’m just about done with Bradley Sr.

  19. matt says:

    nepotism says what!

  20. phil says:

    I love these comments of “I am done with BB.”

    Well, anybody think that Freddy may still be carrying the knock, we’ll see him in the second half and then he will go a full 90 in the qualifiers?

    BB knows that the type of game it will take to win (or at least not get blown out) has to have bite down the middle AND we are starting a new CB–hence Mastro. And once you have Mastro, it gets pretty tough to find a place for Freddy. You may disagree with that line of thought, but it is certainly not crazy.

  21. Justin says:

    Califf over Demerit is idiotic. If Adu is still ailing from his injury the other day I can see not starting him, otherwise that is sad too. EJ needs to ride the bench, he has missed several gimme goals. Make him sit and think about it and either come bak stronger or be done with USA. Why call Cooper in and not even have him available as a sub? He is a “work in progress”? But Josh Wolff is worthy of a start…..right. Come on Bradley, I am really starting to dislike you.

  22. NICKEL23 says:

    cooper and adu should have been int he starting line up.

  23. NICKEL23 says:

    U can watch da game on or in spanish on Galivison

  24. Jeremy says:

    I have been a defender of Bob Bradley but I really don’t get starting an out of form EJ and not having Cooper on the roster.

  25. jayrig5 says:

    califf can’t handle this type of competition. argentina will score at least twice in the 1st half, and he and onyewu will look horrible on at least one of those goals.

  26. waldo says:

    where can i watch sopcast? tvu?

  27. CrewCrazed says:

    anyone have a link to where I can watch this match, I dont have ESPN classic and I cant get on espn360… thanks!

  28. matt says:

    ives: on the espn lineups theyre showing argentina w/ 3 @ the back



    aguero- cavenaghi – messi

  29. brentmcd says:

    very surprised adu is not starting

  30. dvm2971 says:

    Two things

    1) Does BB have something against Freddy? Skill will be needed tonight. Having Johnson up top along with the central midfielders, which goes into my second point.

    2) The double destroyer role has to stop. The midfield is void of any passing attack. BB for some reason always decides to go with this lineup.

    With those two points, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the US will keep the ball 30% of the time and have few scoring chances. This is mind blowing!!!

  31. Neal says:

    Adu better be injured, because if not, Bob Bradley can **** off.

  32. Neal says:

    I hate Bradley for starting Johnson.

    That boy has not earned the right to wear the shirt. Sorry, but its true

  33. Neal says:

    EJ better have a hat trick, or I can no longer support bob bradley

  34. brentmcd says:

    is giants stadium sold out? looks like an impressive atmosphere….

  35. Aquaman says:

    Has Argentina scored in the pre-game/opening ceremonies yet?

  36. brant says:

    Picture me as one of the monks from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, and the following as a chant…

    “WhatIsEddieJohnsonDoingOnTheField” [thunk!]

    “WhyIsBradleyDoingThisToUs” {thunk!]

    “HeMakesMeWantToWhackMyHeadWithABoard” [thunk!]

  37. omar80013 says:

    link to

    free live stream in spanish though

  38. brant says:

    Anyone know if Cambiasso is there with the Argies? Is he on the bench or talking some time off?

  39. brant says:

    Anyone know if Cambiasso is there with the Argies? Is he on the bench or talking some time off?

  40. brentmcd says:

    why are both sides wearing home shirts? really hard to distinguish the teams!

  41. Chris says:

    What idiot decided for them to wear white and light blue tops and for us to wear white tops? You can’t tell the difference!

  42. golfstrom says:

    the fire BB talk is amusing. I like how he is easing Adu and Altidore into the nats. these are friendlies, everyone needs to relax.

  43. DL says:

    ….and Onyewu smashes the ball needlessly out of bounds. Sigh.

  44. brant says:

    (sorry ’bout the double post – it’s turning into one of those days)

  45. Neal says:

    Again, our defenders do the same thing every time – “uh oh, a ball is at my feet, I better hoof it out of bounds. God forbid I have composure on the ball.”

    We play not to lose or not to get embarrassed, and it makes me sad.

  46. brant says:

    Any chance we can get Bradley to Newcastle? I need aYank on the Magpies to cheer for…

  47. Neal says:

    Thank God we have Howard – the only world class player on our squad

  48. aristotle says:

    These comments are hilarious. Bob Bradley is no different now than when he was hired. He never was a very good coach. He is without a doubt the most overrated American coach.

    Peter Nowak and excellent players were the reason for Bradley’s “success” at Chicago. Since that time, and away from those favorable circumstances, he has been average at best.

    Since everyone now despises Arena the only choices left for a good coach are all foreign. So unless you’re alright with a foreign coach you better get used to Bradley.


    Why is the announce making comments that suggest Keller is retired?

  49. brant says:

    Let’s just do better than Mexico, please! :)

  50. matt says:

    wow they’re shredding us w/ ease.

  51. Forrest says:

    Like everyone else I don’t get why Cooper gets called in and then not listed on the roster. What the hell does EJ have to do to not start never mind not make the game day roster? Freddy needs to play the whole second half. Games against more technical teams such as Spain and Arg are ones where he excels. Playing against bigger physical teams like England is when he has problems. Anyone know if Giants Stadium is going to keep the wavy grass there for a few weeks for the Red Bulls?

  52. aristotle says:

    % minutes into the game and the U.S. looks totally outclassed. Unless they break this run of play they are going to be clobbered.

  53. Neal says:

    this is getting ugly fast….

  54. VMan says:

    Wow, Argentina’s team speed is insane. Oh yeah, and they’re pretty skilled too. Our CBs are gonna get shredded.

  55. brant says:

    Is it just me, or would “Cherundolo” make a great verb?

    “Messi had the ball at his feet, but the defender plowed in and just Cherundolo’ed him.”

  56. jahs says:

    anyone else think the choice of jersey colors was dumb today? its hard to see the diff b/n the usa and arg unless they zoom in.

    ps messi and aguero are ripping us apart on the wings

  57. matt says:

    the u.s. defender saw the argentinian attacker coming and cherundolo’ed his pants.

  58. Neal says:

    Too bad that cross never made it to EJ’s head so he could nail it way over the bar

  59. andrewk says:

    Any chance we can do something once we get possession other than just boot the ball deep into their half?

  60. brant says:

    While our defense is going to spend most of 90 minutes looking like the Maginot Line (and defending about as effectively) I challenge you guys to find a defense that Messi and Aguerro *don’t* shred…

    Brazil? Italy? Who else?

  61. Neal says:

    Pablo’s playing well

  62. aristotle says:

    I think we’re pretty much Cherundoloed for this game!

  63. Forrest says:

    And EJ with the 1st of what I’m sure will be 7 or 8 offside calls against him because he’s too lazy to run back onside.

  64. brant says:

    “Every time our defense gets the ball, they just cherundolo it to the other end, without bothering to look first.”

  65. matt says:

    in other news dempsey looks a hell of a lot better today as compared to the last 2.

  66. DL says:

    Dempsey actually looks very active so far. He must read SBI.

  67. aristotle says:

    You have to admit that playing Eddie “a deer caught in the headlights” Johnson is really a smart decision in front of a massive crowd like this.

  68. brant says:

    Wow – big crowd shot. nice of the fans to wear their red, white and blue for the game!

  69. Robert says: has live feed under “deportes” link

  70. Neal says:

    Well, we all know that we always play to the wings and try to cross it in – you would think we would practice crosses and master that, but we are failing at that. Sorry to be so negative today, but I am just baffled by Brdaley’s decisions – it borders on insane. I guess EJ has been giving a starting job for life – I guess we have to hope he comes down with the flu on matchday from time to time.

  71. brant says:

    Sadly, no minute-by-minute running over at The Guardian. Those guys would have a field day with this game.

  72. matt says:

    heinze and dempsey talkin some cherundolo to each other.

  73. brant says:

    Anyone know if Messi’s grandmother was an elf?

  74. aristotle says:

    disgraceful space on that header.

  75. andrewk says:

    Could’ve been worse…bad memories of free kicks against Italy…

  76. brant says:

    Seriously – Messi looks like a stuffed animal someone brought to life. Are we sure he’s not Mascherano’s kid brother who just accidentally wandered onto the field?

  77. brant says:

    Hey! A Johnson header on goal!

  78. aristotle says:

    There’s Johnson’s highlight for the game.

  79. brentmcd says:

    EJ = Mr. Excitement! lol

  80. brant says:

    I mean c’mon whaddo youse guys want outta da guy? A goal *every stinkin’ time* he touches da ball?

  81. Neal says:

    At least we are getting free kick/corner opportunities….our only hope methinks

  82. brant says:

    I think Pearce was just Cherundoloing the ball out of the defense, and he didn’t quite realize he was close enough to the goal that it would look like a shot.

  83. aristotle says:

    That would still be low goal production!

  84. brentmcd says:

    don’t mess with califf, b!tch

  85. Neal says:

    I hope EJ starts playing with the skill that Adu showed against Spain, and that he scores 3-4 goals this game – then we know Bradley will bench him for sure

    but well done by Eddie to get that header on target

  86. brant says:

    It’s the magic soccer water! Cures any ailment in seconds!

    (Seriously – Aguero will be back in about 30s)

  87. matt says:

    lol ej.

  88. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Don’t take no guff, Clint!

  89. Neal says:

    Eddie Johnsosn wishes he could take that Cherundolo back…

  90. aristotle says:

    Another highlight from the Edster.

  91. brant says:

    So far the US doesn’t seem intimidated, but it seems to be a lot of motion with not a lot of purpose. There’s a lot of running, but not a lot of getting open, supporting the ball, linking passes, or thinking about the *next* pass beyond the one they’re about to make.

  92. aristotle says:

    Hey Califf bashers. He just saved a goal.

  93. brentmcd says:

    great let’s get the argies mad, that’s real smart. oh well, i do like the fight in the us team right now….

  94. Yo says:


  95. aristotle says:

    That was total Cherundolo! #%%^!

  96. matt says:

    lando actually looks good tonight too so far.

  97. brant says:

    Dude – I’m all about the Califf. He’s the only one back there not totally Cherundolo’ed by the Argies.

  98. Dave says:

    Totally off topic but our southern neighbors are up 1 nil on Peru, on a relativly sweet goal by fernando arce

  99. aristotle says:

    Give that guy a gold star for chasing the ball!

  100. brentmcd says:

    i’m a michael bradley fan, but he looks terrible so far….

  101. Neal says:

    Please come back brian mcbride….i would take him in a wheelchair any day at this point

  102. Jonathan says:

    Let’s not play soccer and just have Gooch, Bradley, and Dempsey fight them.

  103. brant says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Eddie doesn’t just *look* fast during those rare sprints toward the goal since he spends most of the game jog-trotting in circles.

  104. aristotle says:


    Oh yeah? Well, we’re 0-0 against Argentina!

  105. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Tim Howard. You the man!

  106. brant says:


  107. Neal says:


  108. matt says:

    friggin cherundoloed that one.

  109. brant says:

    That was a Sportscenter-quality save. Won’t make the show b/c ESPN doesn’t *really* care about soccer, but it was a fantastic bit of ‘keeping from the Howard.

  110. andrewk says:

    Because we can’t pass our way forward out of a paper bag.

  111. aristotle says:


    It’s called Eddie Johnson Syndrome.

  112. Sandro says:

    BTW…Mexico 2 – Peru 0 on the other game happening right now in the US.

  113. aristotle says:

    Messy with a messy free kick.

  114. Dave says:

    I would be watching the better Argentina game but if it were not for comcast who does not carry ESPN Classic on their standard package Oh and Guardado just scored 2 nil to el tri.

  115. Sandro says:

    BTW…Mexico 2 – Peru 0 on the other game happening right now in the US.

    Game is 10 mins in 1st half.

  116. brant says:

    Alright – new page of comments… time to retire the “cherundolo” joke and find some new running gag we can riff on. Any suggestions?

  117. Neal says:

    I have to give dempsey credit thus far, he is out there to hustle and win

  118. matt says:

    damnit brant it looked like maxi just spiked dempsey in the ol cherundolo.

  119. JB says:

    That was an amazing save by Howard.

  120. Sandro says:

    Where is Altidore?

  121. brant says:

    Damn! A deflection that wrong-foots the keeper is always good for an upset goal.

  122. aristotle says:

    For a tough guy Dempsey sure puts his hands over his face a lot. Did anyone else think Dempsey’s shot was deflected?

  123. DL says:

    Wow Beas looked great right there vs. Messi

  124. Dave says:

    Any other North Jersey folks upset with their cable provides, comcast and cablevision for their noncompliance with its soccer fans, No classic or 360

  125. DL says:

    Dempsey’s shot was deflected. Hence the corner kick.

  126. brant says:

    isn’t holding your hands up just universal sign language for “Mr Referee, sir – pay no attention to the fact that I’m kicking the holy snot out of my opponent’s ankles” ?

  127. brentmcd says:

    someone please teach EJ to time his runs! he’s good for at least a half-dozen offsides per game. that is, if he decides to run

  128. brant says:

    Anyone on the US bench going to have fingernails left?

  129. aristotle says:

    I was too quick to speak on the deflection. I was just instantly responding to the announcer who seemed to think Dempsey almost “placed” the ball in the corner.

  130. Neal says:

    great pass and volley

  131. brant says:

    Gee-zus! What a shot! If that goes in it’s on freakin’ Sky Sports, never mind Sports-exceptforsoccer-Center.

  132. Neal says:

    please play adu with the “first” team

  133. brant says:

    Hey – Eddie was spotted running! ONSIDES!

    “In other news, Satan seen shopping for long-johns. Film at 11″

  134. aristotle says:

    I don’t like Pearce too much as a defender, but I would like to see him replace Eddie Johnson.

  135. Neal says:

    shoot that LD! You can do it

  136. brant says:

    Can we maybe play a game in Herrenveen colors instead of the US uni’s? Lil’ Bradley ought to be good for at least 2 goals if we do.

  137. aristotle says:

    Is it just my imagination or are the Argentinians playing this game like it’s the World Cup?

  138. ManicMessiah says:

    I’m surprised there haven’t been any drinking game suggestions so far.

  139. brant says:

    Aristotle – we aren’t? 😉

  140. Neal says:

    They are trying hard aristotle, thats only good for us – we should take somthing from this game, even if is only a leson

  141. brant says:

    Manic – I think we were a little too Cherundolo’ed out to come up with one.

  142. aristotle says:

    Speaking of Bradley, just what kind of league do they have in Holland that makes him look like a superstar? I don’t think he’s even earning his spot on the U.S. team.

  143. andrewk says:

    Wow…clear foul on Donovan there…not even close.

  144. Neal says:

    drinking games? every time dempsey falls, drink. and EJ, we wont do that again…

  145. aristotle says:

    The ref explains the Cherundolo motion of the ball to Donovan. Oops! Sorry Brant!

  146. brant says:

    I think we should’ve put a side bet with the Argies on this game – losers adopt the winners’ haircuts.

    They’d probably all be playing twice as hard.

  147. aristotle says:

    Califf again!

  148. NICKEL23 says:

    Donovan needs to use his speed breakaway and shoot. USA USA!

  149. aristotle says:

    Who is that tall black guy playing up front for the U.S.?

  150. Neal says:

    God, Argentina is really giving it there all.

    Good shot by EJ, but I refuse to say that he should be out there.

    MOTM so far for us, either Howard or Dempsey; and just as i say that, dempsey tries a pass thats a shocker

  151. brentmcd says:

    no easy ones before the half, boys

  152. Neal says:

    scratch that – heather pearce is playing excellent

  153. brentmcd says:

    Tim Howard!!!

  154. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Pearce is putting a hammer lock at left back. Good defending and grwat going foward,


  155. aristotle says:

    They dance, they weave, they display incredible skill, they’re tenacious, but…. they can’t beat Tim Howard!

  156. KC says:

    Califf has impressed me tonight. No arguments with starting him over Demerit based on what we’ve seen.

  157. aristotle says:

    I think Howard’s performance is getting into “playing out of his mind” territory.

  158. brentmcd says:

    Howard with 7 saves by halftime. Incredible

  159. Neal says:

    Great job Timmy – but not even he can hold up to another 45 minutes of that attack, unless the defense can find that extra gear, and hopefully we can score also

  160. yo says:


  161. phil says:

    agreed on pearce…he is playing well. So is Mastro–doing everything expected of him. And Clint may well break out in the second half.

  162. Neal says:

    If Howard plays like that for another half, then we may have a kasey keller v brazil kind of performance, but I dont want to jinx him.

    Bradley may bring on Guzan anyway. I hope he brings on adu. Or is adu still injured? did I miss that – if so, sorry

  163. octo says:

    Eddie Johnson has is not a forward, but a backward.

  164. Bobo says:

    The US’s style (or formation) just about sucks the life out of any game they play in. They’re playing not to lose and it’s a testament to Argentina’s quality that they can still muster up a shot on target every 2 minutes. Absolutely pathetic display from the United States.

  165. aristotle says:

    (Commercial) “Remember, they don’t do it for themselves, they do it for you!”

    That might explain Eddie Johnson’s play. Maybe he’s selfish?

  166. Dr. Rockzo, The Rock N' Roll Clown says:

    Tim Howard is God.

  167. ag nigrin says:

    Mexico was losing 3-0 at this point so I would say the USA is doing just fine… each of the last three games the US has done better. Keep it up boys… I have a feeling the US will sneak one in next half and pull the upset… The Argies look spent already… 0-0 at the half! Go USA!

  168. Kyle says:

    Tim Howard, daaaaaaamn! he is ON tonight.

  169. phil says:

    gotta say that Gooch had a good half as well. They could get a goal of a counter the longer it goes on. The Argies will get really frustrated if it stays 0-0 for long.

  170. jonathan says:

    My first half observations, are that MB sucks, DMB is awesome, Tim Howard is half man half amazing… and Either MB or Dempsey needs to sit so that Adu can start…. and EJ actually isn’t playing that bad… But he still sucks

  171. ag nigrin says:

    bobo what are you smoking? The USA has looked very good against the #1 team in the world!

  172. brant says:

    sorry I disappeared – network problems here at Casa Brant.

  173. aristotle says:

    If Bradley replaces Howard with Guzan in this game he really is clueless. Obviously this game has become something other than just another friendly, and Howard will need to continue his performance in goal if we are taking the game seriously at all.

  174. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    The haters come out for halftime.

  175. Ben says:

    It is frustrating to watch Eddie Johnson especially when we have Adu on the bench.

  176. Neal says:

    I am being harsh on the usa tonight, but bobo is being simply unfair. They havent been that bad.

  177. Hincha Tim says:

    It looked like to me that the USNMT was gaining confidence as the game went on. I like that Donovan and some of the other guys are not afraid to run at the Argie defenders. We’ve been close a couple of times but missed the last pass. The defense is just barely holding on. Wow, Howard has been incredible.

    Take out Johnson, put in Adu. And go for it, boys! Run at em and at least try to beat them. They are having some trouble with our pace.

  178. aristotle says:


    You’re absence was inexcusable. You are no longer welcome here. We have moved on without you!:)

  179. Neal says:

    i agree aristotle. this game has risen in intensity; something about that atmosphere in Giants stadium i guess. but argentina is taking this very seriously, and obviously we are tired of losing lately. Howard should stay on, and hopefully we can win in LD’s 100th cap

  180. Paul says:

    Howard with career performance.

    Backline doing generally well…pleasantly surprised w/ Califf…not sure why Cherundo is giving so much space out wide

    I like M.Bradley and believe he will be a top-performer, but he is clearly not at this level…he can’t hold the ball w/ this kind of pressure.

    Mastro is always borderline out of control (see WC matches), BUT he makes the plays…he is still our best option at D-mid.

    Beasley & Dempsey both spicy.

    EJ not bad, but just not that dynamic.

    Landon playing decent…slow start…clearly best when he can run.

    how do we get Freddy & Landon on field at same time and not be overexposed defensively?

  181. brant says:

    I’m bummed we didn’t manage to nick a goal, but I’m balancing that against Tim Howard’s superhero performance.

    I’d like to see an actual attacking mid that takes possession at center circle, holds possession toward the opponents’ 18, and then connects a pass to one of our own guys.

    I know, I know…

  182. aristotle says:

    All hype aside, I still don’t understand how Tim Howard stopped that shot on his last big save. The ball looked like it was past him and then something like a third arm seemed to come from somewhere and stop the ball at the last possible second.

  183. Isaac says:

    WELL. that is what im talkin about howard! hopefully adu will be coming in AT LEAST for dempsey or johnson.

  184. EssEff says:

    The US is surprising me and I’m a huge nat fan.

    Ref = Argentina fanboy.

    Dempsey has no fear. Love that guy.

  185. brant says:

    I want to see Pablo stay on – he’s playing great. And I need something good out of NC State after they got schwacked today by Georgia.

    I hope Guzan doesn’t come on at the half. Not that I don’t want him to get game experience. Just that Timmy’s in such a zone right now, he might stop bullets.

  186. ben says:

    we are getting torched down the right side.

  187. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Gee, with all the complaining here, people are missing out that the US is playing a good match. Agree with Ives: Pearce has nailed down the left back spot. He’s been great.

  188. aristotle says:

    Let Bradley “assess” in another game!

  189. NOLA soccer fan says:

    Very disappointed by Bob Bradley’s call to not start Cooper…When else are you gonna play him? and sticking us with EJ at the point yet again…

  190. NICKEL23 says:

    I like Bradley, but we need somebody else in to sub like Adu and Mastorini.

    Da defense looks good, hopefully their is no dumb errors that cause the U.S. a goal.

  191. aristotle says:


    What do you do, look for complaints? I don’t see it that way at all. There’s been a few, but mostly it’s just people calling it as they see it.

  192. Neal says:

    come on timmy! keep the legendary performance alive

  193. Neal says:

    did you just see timmy warming up again? he has this look on his face – a really focused look – sort of like a “zone” face.

  194. brant says:

    Ben – find me any team that doesn’t get torched by Messi on a regular basis?

  195. Sandro says:

    On the other game tonight in US….Mexico 4 – Peru 0 …1st half just finished.

  196. brant says:

    Just think – Mexico was down 3-0 by now. Know why? THEY DIDN’T HAVE TIMMY!


  197. brentmcd says:

    edu for bradley is a great sub.

  198. Neal says:

    yes!!! come on lads!!!

  199. brant says:

    As a public service announcement, I wish to inform everyone in search of sporting goods that is NOT the website of the sports store.

  200. DL says:

    I would have liked to see MB get another 20 min. or so.. I thought he was linking up well.

  201. brant says:

    keep shooting! you don’t shoot you don’t score….

  202. Neal says:


  203. brant says:

    Donovan traps! Quick touch inside! Sets up to score! Attention Houston: we have lift-off!

  204. Neal says:

    well Lando, has the right idea.

    very proud of this team right now

  205. brentmcd says:

    Mr. Excitement! drink!

  206. aristotle says:

    Poor pass to Johnson, but he could have at least made an effort to get it!

  207. ManicMessiah says:

    Can we just save some time and rename the Michael Bradley debate Claudio Reyna 2.0, because I have a feeling I am going to spend the next decade witnessing it amongst US soccer fans.

  208. matt says:

    haha mascherano has to take a peek at his sack to make sure its not cherundoloed.

  209. Neal says:

    hahaha, ej just cherundolo’d Macherano’s wang

  210. KC says:

    EJ with the crotch grab! LOL

  211. aristotle says:


  212. aristotle says:

    That should be a yellow card!

  213. mikeK says:

    That was a penalty.

  214. matt says:

    tim howard really is fearless. that was great.

  215. brentmcd says:

    huge break for the US. should have been a penalty for Argies

  216. Neal says:

    we will pretend that timmy did not just foul in the box

  217. aristotle says:

    These announcers are dopes. Even if it had been a legitimate penalty I wouldn’t have called it for the ridiculous acting. I guess we “got away with murder”!

  218. brant says:

    I wish the US had played with these cajones against England and Spain. Either that or Argentina’s over-rated, which I’m pretty sure is not the case.

  219. brentmcd says:

    ok if Donovan has no left foot then why is he playing left wing???

  220. Alex Rendon says:

    Wow, close call, I think were lucky not to get a PK there.

    Is it just me or is this a perfect time to bring on Adu for Johnson? We are playing with great attacking intensity and Adu is capable of taking advantage of that and bringing our attack to another level. Not that Johnson has looked atrocious tonight, but I think Adu will do great in this game right now.

  221. Neal says:

    good call alex, ej can leave now. adu on

  222. matt says:

    argentina doesnt really have a full squad and didnt have their best 11 to start either. i also think theyre kind of playing half assed. but aside from any of that the 2nd half that we’ve put forth so far has been awesome.

  223. Neal says:

    well matt, needless to say, you havent been watching this game. argentina played very hard in the first half, and they put out a great 11

  224. Alex Rendon says:

    And what’s with not getting any free kicks tonight? I think the ref has missed a few fouls against us.

  225. brant says:

    There were enough bodies flying there I thought I’d accidentally tuned into the UFC matches on PPV….

    Not sure why the ref picked out that particular moment as a foul over all the others.

  226. aristotle says:


    Argentina’s playing half assed? Please tell me you didn’t watch the first half?

  227. matt says:

    neal: they played hard for at MOST about half of it. also, i didnt say they didnt put out a great 11, i dont think they put out fhtier BEST. reading comprehension never cherundoloed anyone.

  228. Neal says:

    I must have somehow misunderstood your definition of “half-assed.” Or has someone just cherundolo’d their vocabulary….

  229. aristotle says:


    Are you watching the game in Cherundolovision?:)

  230. brant says:

    Alright – it’s a complete game now, Pablo’s got his yellow card.

  231. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    I see Fredy!

  232. ManicMessiah says:

    Mastroeni gets a yellow. I guess it’s a real game now.

  233. brant says:

    I’ve created a monster… sigh…

  234. Alex Rendon says:

    Ok, you lost me when Cherundolo was used as a verb.

  235. brant says:


  236. ManicMessiah says:

    fair play to you for beating me to it, Brant.

  237. DL says:

    Dempsey put in a very solid 60 min. Great to see. And thank god Gooch is coming out.

  238. matt says:

    they didnt play hard the whole first half..they came out on fire they settled it down after awhile playing possession…then tried to pick and choose training ground goal chances. then they came out in the second half and are trying to work on their counter attacking while we’re not really having any of it…except for the aguero thing and the cruz/onyewu foul

  239. Isaac says:

    YES! Adu and DeMerit! awesome. this should make things good for USA

  240. Neal says:

    oh my god – i want to cry. I just dont understand how EJ gets to stay in these games. I just dont get it.

    how many touches does he have to murder. you know its bad when we praise him on SBI just because he didnt mess up alot. Its like praising a grown man for not hitting the toilet lid when he pisses

  241. brant says:

    Alex – “Cherundolo” as a verb : link to

    page 2 of the comments on this game. Started as a smart-ass remark. Turned into a monster…

  242. Neal says:

    matt, looks like you have cherundolo of the mouth….well have to agree to disagree, but just so you know, you’re a bit outnumbered with that opinion

  243. brentmcd says:

    EJ! offside! drink!

  244. brant says:

    Johnson called for offsides somewhere on the Jersey Turnpike…

    In other late-breaking news, gravity continues to hold people to the planet.

  245. Neal says:

    ej offsides. drink

  246. matt says:

    neal: it’s cool..they have a new listerine for it anyhow. i’m just trying to say if you think that argentina got above 3rd gear more than 5 times in the first half you’re crazy. but whatev.

  247. KC says:

    It would be great if we had a sub for Eddie Johnson because he looks tired. Maybe someone who is still a work in progress who could give a good 20-25 minutes or so.

  248. brant says:

    Was fuer ein Beschiss war dass dan?!

    Eddie! Plant the &%$^# ball in the net!

  249. Neal says:

    ej blows a great opportunity. in other news, the war in iraq is failing

  250. phil says:

    Why take out gooch?

  251. aristotle says:

    All I know is that if the first half was Argentina playing half assed, then I would hate to see them playing full assed! Alright, that’s enough talking about asses!

  252. brant says:

    Get out the magic soccer water! A few squirts of that and he’ll be good as new.

  253. brentmcd says:

    take the loser off the pitch

  254. DL says:

    Excellent work on the ‘stache, Sacha.

  255. Neal says:

    sach doing his best gary neville impression

  256. matt says:

    what the hell just happened there????

  257. JB says:

    EJ you are a striker go for the goal.

  258. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:


  259. KC says:

    RED!!!!!!! Ugh

  260. brant says:

    What did he do? I’m not denying that Mastro doesn’t occasionally rack up a red or two, but I have no idea what would’ve caused that.

  261. ManicMessiah says:

    what on earth was that red card for?

  262. aristotle says:

    Is he being sent off because his name is Masroeni?

  263. brentmcd says:

    what the hell did pablo do??!?

  264. DL says:


  265. brant says:

    I didn’t realize we were using MLS refs for this

  266. Neal says:

    why was mastro sent off?

  267. Isaac says:


  268. quakes fan says:

    did he get carded for hiking up his shorts like that?

  269. Neal says:

    mastro looked at the ref funny, and he is gone now – here we go again, fifa always trying to help out the usa

  270. brant says:

    Mastro was already carrying a yellow card from earlier. So if that was a 2d yellow, then it was a red.

    But I don’t know what the 2d yellow was for.

  271. aristotle says:

    Perhaps he is trying to save Argentina from possible embarrassment?

  272. brant says:

    Kliejstan for DMB… Bradley’s not going for the win, he’s protecting the tie.

  273. Neal says:

    if hiking up your shorts is a red card offense, lampard would never get to stay on the pitch

  274. ManicMessiah says:

    The hand of God stikes again… or something. Leaving Mastroeni in with a yellow is like leaving a lit match in a fireworks factory, but it was a terrible call.

  275. Neal says:

    now we have to protect the tie – i am still not sure what pablo did

  276. aristotle says:

    I told you this game was just like the World Cup!

  277. phil says:

    what was that?

  278. KC says:

    So will we bunker down for the next 15 minutes?

  279. brant says:

    that was a weak pass from Lando

  280. aristotle says:

    Now to be fair, if we lose this game now we all need to blame Bradley for his game strategy.:)

  281. brant says:

    Pearce has totally earned his paycheck today

  282. quakes fan says:

    Wow even the guys on Galavision don’t get that call. I don’t speak much spanish but from what I can tell they are baffled too

  283. aristotle says:

    Can’t we implement a system where the fourth official can red card a ref?

  284. Isaac says:

    Kjlestan….a forward….interesting call

  285. Neal says:

    ld is tired – understandably

  286. brant says:

    Anyone who says a 0-0 soccer game is boring needs to watch this one. Not that it was all stellar play, but rarely dull.

  287. ag nigrin says:

    This ref has just ruined the game for a bogus red card…. Thanks motherf******!

  288. BBB says:

    Neal @ 9:23 – Quality.

  289. brant says:

    My mistake earlier saying Sacha for DMB… he’s on for EJ.

  290. aristotle says:

    This jerk of a ref has turned a great game into a matter of survival for the last fifteen minutes. Hopefully the U.S. can still get a couple of breaks- especially with Argentina playing half assed. (Sorry! Last time!)

  291. ag nigrin says:

    Whatever the outcome the USA showed the smakind of grit and determination tonight as they did vs. Italy in the last World Cup!

  292. brant says:

    Let’s just make sure we run up the score next time we play El Salvador.

  293. Isaac says:

    great game pearce. definitely a great left back.

  294. Isaac says:

    great game pearce. definitely a great left back.

  295. ag nigrin says:

    should have read as “same kind”

  296. brentmcd says:

    whatever the result, i applaud the us for this effort. helluva game

  297. rmiller says:

    I think that Allen Hopkins needs to interview the ref after the game about the red card. Then FIFA can suspend him.

  298. brant says:

    The ref sure Cherundolo’ed that one, eh?

  299. aristotle says:

    ag nigrin:

    You mean like when Mastroeni was sent off to save Italy from certain defeat?

  300. brant says:

    great game pearce. definitely a great left back.

  301. brant says:

    great game pearce. definitely a great left back.

  302. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Anybody have thoughts what the crowd split is?

  303. aristotle says:

    That Argentinian defender saved EJ from certain embarrassment of missing a sitter.

  304. DL says:

    Let’s see how many make-up calls the ref can make. He’s doing well so far.

  305. brant says:

    I don’t think FIFA allows the refs to talk about the calls after the game, do they?

  306. brentmcd says:

    DeMerit: “I must break you”

  307. brant says:

    I wanna see Sacha score just to see the karate kicks.

  308. Neal says:

    well done freddy!

    anyone else notice just how smart eddie lewis is? He does these little things that may be hard to notice, but he is very clever

  309. brant says:

    is it just me or do we seem to play better with 10 men… played better v Italy, played better here…

  310. Neal says:

    a round of applause for the usa home fans too – outstanding

  311. DL says:

    brentmcd: hilarious.

  312. brentmcd says:

    2nd yellow for mascherano. make-up call?

  313. aristotle says:

    If Freddy had scored we would have had a great chance at an extraordinary upset! Still, gutsy performance!

  314. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:


  315. brant says:

    That might’ve been worthy of a straight red with the studs up like that

  316. Neal says:

    mascharano = enormous prick

  317. brant says:

    Great crowd, but could’ve used some streamers on the corner kicks. 😀

  318. brentmcd says:

    look at that rain. wow!

  319. aristotle says:


    You’re right. The resemblances to the U.S. vs Italy World Cup game are getting creepy.

  320. brant says:

    tho streamers + rain = big mess

  321. eric says:

    where’s the support?!? great run!

  322. aristotle says:

    Alright everyone start with the “Why the hell wasn’t Freddy in this game from the start?” comments. They’re justified.

  323. brant says:

    Lessee – if we’re going for the full-on Italy comparison, we need a goal disallowed on a phantom offside call.

  324. brentmcd says:

    ok everyone, clench sphincters….

  325. brant says:


  326. Neal says:

    brentmc – lol

  327. aristotle says:

    Freddy started it again.

  328. BBB says:

    Cholo = Most Underrated Player on the USMNT. Best outside back I can recall ever wearing a US kit.

  329. brant says:

    Any chance we’re going to take a shot that *doesn’t* land in section 108, row 12?

  330. Neal says:

    omg ! almost!

  331. aristotle says:

    We need to get a few Podolski’s! It’s our only hope if EJ is all we have.

  332. eric says:

    I’d rather Eddie Lewis be hitting outswinging corners from the left than Donovan’s in-swingers

  333. Neal says:

    bbb, he has done great in 2nd half.

  334. brentmcd says:

    so yeah, bob bradley sucks, right?

  335. brant says:

    It’s not the phantom cards – it’s the inconsistent phantom cards… why isn’t that a card?

  336. aristotle says:

    Again, a yellow card foul against Freddy is not a yellow card foul.

  337. aristotle says:


    Why do you hate me so?

  338. brentmcd says:

    freddy is getting hacked

  339. brant says:

    US wins 0-0!

  340. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    A superlative effort against the world’s best team.

  341. BBB says:

    ftao Neal. I’d say he does well in every game. He is one of those guys that just does his business like a true pro but isn’t flashy and therefore goes unheralded.


  342. eric says:

    Oooh! Freddy wanted one more attack, bad. Keep that kid in the line-up! Arg couldn’t handle him!

  343. aristotle says:

    We were so good in the second half that we didn’t even need anymore heroics from Tim Howard!

  344. brant says:

    Frankie’s hair totally belongs on Argentina’s squad.

  345. Neal says:

    freddy adu was telling some argie to “cherundolo off”

  346. BBB says:

    Well done, Boys!

  347. aristotle says:

    Fredy needs to be assigned a bodyguard for future games.

  348. brentmcd says:

    gutsy performance by the red, white, and blue. fun game to watch. the argies are gonna get brutalized in their media tomorrow morning. hehe

  349. Forrest says:

    This sorry excuse for a ref makes MLS refs look like top notch world class refs. I’m sure that means that he’ll be assigned to one of our qualification games on the road.

  350. brant says:

    aristotle – that’s normally Pablo’s job… when he’s not getting tossed for, well, for being Pablo.

  351. aristotle says:

    A great game by the U.S. overshadowed the fact that we were shutout for the third straight game, and that if we had a forward we might have won a huge upset.

    We all have to guess what would have happened if Freddy had played the whole game and EJ had been removed sooner.

  352. Neal says:

    very proud of the team, but:

    -still scratiching my head at bradley’s earl tactics and player selection

    -still cringing at the thought of johnson starting for the usa throughout qualifying

    -still wondering what adu has to do for the usa and benfica to get more playing time for either

    -still hoping our defenders can have more composure in the back and not hoof the ball

    however, I am very please with the game overall, and we owe alot to howard, pearce, and some other individual performances

  353. brant says:

    Howard for MVP, and not a lot of complaints about many of the performances. Even EJ had a few moments.

    Big ups for Pearce, Adu, DMB, Eddie Lewis, Danny Califf, and Cherundolo – for his performance and for loaning us his name for a running gag that probably lasted 4 pages too long.

    Want to see more from EJ (perpetually), lil’ Bradley, and the refs.

  354. aristotle says:


    I think you’re on to something! The ref sent Mastroeni off to enable Argentina to get to Adu.

  355. eric says:

    Great job, and it’s great to see the US look better every game for 3 straight.

    That said, we didn’t score in 3 games, and have to commit to getting Adu on the field. He played maybe 90 mins for all 3 combined, and created by far the most danger.

  356. ag nigrin says:

    Congrats Nats… you guys played with a lot of heart. I am proud of you. As for the ref from El Salvador…he makes Marrufo and Toledo of MLS look great. Mastro, Pearce, Howard, Donovan, Adu were great as were Dolo, Califf.. For me Mastro was MOTM until has was carded for no appaarent reason… It looked at the replay Ivesand it doesn’t look like he said anything to ref except “it wasn’t me.” Mastro should start as one of the D-mids… he has the composure Edu and Bradley don’t have.

  357. aristotle says:

    I’ve been as big a critic of Adu as anyone for his under performing and over hype in the past, but clearly his time has now arrived and he needs to be a fixture in the lineup from now on.

  358. Adam says:

    Any clue yet what happened with Pablo

  359. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Analysis and or criticism can wait. That was a great, gutty performance.

  360. Nick says:

    I’ve never really seen Heath Pearce play, he was FANTASTIC tonight. Timmy, what else can be said, he is the MAN! I’ve never been so entertained by watching a 0-0 draw before, what a game!

  361. aristotle says:

    Yes, let’s not criticize or analyze anything. All comments must be of a positive nature. Did you by any chance purchase “The Secret” recently, Tony?

  362. Hincha Tim says:

    What I liked: Sasha,Freddy and the other young guns running at the Argies and trying to play them on their own terms. What I didn’t like: EJ not having that kind of guts to take them on, and Landon not finishing. That’s so old school.

  363. Cantona says:

    This game was more exciting than the 4 Euro games so far. Also I don’t know who sucked worse EJ or the ref.

  364. Scott says:

    Every time Freddy got a call for a dive the ref repeatedly apologized for the Mastroeni ejection. And Heath Pearce – great game. Great game goes to Sam’s Army as well. The defense managed to hold on for the first twenty minutes, which was very impressive.

  365. No more EJ! Bring on Altidore. Good games by Califf, Mastro, Edu, Adu, Pearce and of course, MOTM, Timmy. Klejstan looked good when he came on. I’m downgrading Gooch, Bradley (he’s playing out of position, IMO). Mastro showed Bradley how the destroyer position is played tonight. Bradley needs to obviously play a more offensive role. This game reminded me of the Italy game at the World Cup in ’06. Gritty, gutsy performance by the boys. Nice to see this improvement.

  366. Kutama says:

    Great game tonight, Ref sucked but BB has to realize that Adu has to start, he draws defenders to him leaving others open and he is not afraid to take on opponents one on one with some step over moves, something no other US players dare not do…..Pls leave EJ out of matched like this and hopefully when Altidore is ready to play for the senior team, we’ll drop EJ. But good game overall…This is the same Arg team that beat Mexico (who is ranked above us in the FIFA rankings) 4-1 and couldn’t beat us….hopefully we will be on this and learn from the two defeats we just had….but overall good game, kept me on my toes all match long….for non-soccer people who say that a 0-0 scoreline is boring, they just need to watch this game…

  367. Graeme says:

    So does anyone care to recognize that the USMNT just drew with the world #1 & kept composure after a horrendous red card on Pablo?

    Well, if it isn’t Bob Bradley & his coaching staff that pulled this off & because we apparently only have 1 world class player on the team, I just don’t get how we pulled this one off because personally this is a satisfactory result considering the circumstances and the opponent.

    As for the comments on who should have started – remember these 3 games were EVALUATION games for the upcoming World Cup qualifying and so the staff want to see how certain players will react under pressure situations. They’re building a squad for the World Cup after all. The lack of football knowledge from people who call themselves fans, especially on this thread, is appalling. No wonder why this sport struggles domestically – the people who know the game get drowned out by the people who think they know the game. It seems many here would rather have a victory over Argentina and get eliminated by Barbados in the 2nd round of qualifying. – G

  368. eric says:

    I thought both DeMerit and Califf played well, the gap between our 4 best CB’s is smaller than between Pearce/’Dolo and the other outside backs. Very good run of games for our backline.

    Awesome attendance too, hopefully US Soccer realizes people will show for top teams, and stay aggressive scheduling top friendlies.

  369. Kutama says:

    Ives, why don’t BB take a look at Cam Weaver who is tearing up the Norwegian 2nd league (top goal scorer) instead of sticking with EJ…..he has to have other options forward wise and not stick with EJ, Landon is ok but from the last two matches (where LD was not available due to injury) and Altidore was also not available….bring in Cam Weaver, there is nothing to lose instead we’ll be strengthening the options for the forward role….or bring back Brian McBride

  370. Robby says:

    Central defense was solid. I like Califf and Onyewu on the inside….

    Have to give it to the midfield. Could have easily allowed the game to be dominated by Mascherano & co., but they played gritty.

    As stated above several times over, EJ needs to be taken out of the rotation. He has failed to earn it, internationally or with his club.

  371. Josh says:

    Great game !! I thnik it was one of the better games I have seen in a long while for USA!! Damn the ref had to be from El Salvador i’am Salvadorenean but come on I have seen Joel Aguilar do better than today Red card for pablo that’s OUTRAGEOUS!!! imagine if Altidore was there or Cooper,Rogers,and our defense did great I wish we could have played like this for the 2 previous Games!! On to Barbados GO USA !!! And Ives Do you think that for barbados what kind of team will BB call up !!

  372. Robert says:

    Amazing. USA rules!

  373. Keith G. says:

    That was a great game, if Altidore was in the line up we would have won 1-0. Johnson just doenst have what it takes. Atlidore has the speed, strength, and abilty to hang with Argentina, I think he could have put one in the bak of the net. It was one of the best games I have seen the team play in a long time. The red card, still lost on that one. Great game US, I think if we keep playing like this and keep getting better, we will go far in the World Cup. But to get past what we did in 2002 we are going to need two guys scoring goals up front.

    GO USA!!

  374. Kevin Suir says:

    So I just got home from watching the game at a friend’s house, and just wanted to add to the comments. Like people have said before, I’m gonna avoid any criticisms for now, and just enjoy the great result. We seem to have grown from every match, which is the point of these big friendlies. So, good job and keep it up, boys. Go USA!!!

  375. kpugs says:

    I am proud of our boys and the fans. In my opinion we really showed up, the stadium was booming with our chants.

    The unfortunate part? We should have won…and deserved to win.

  376. kd says:

    the us played very, very well. however, that was one of the sloppier performances that i have seen from argentina. i’m not trying to dismiss the extraordinary performance of our boys, but it is always more satisfying to beat or tie a team when they are truly playing their best. in the end, this is a good result for both teams. it gives the us much more confidence in their abilities and it will motivate argentina to bust their butts in training to face brazil.

  377. sushant says:

    I only got to see a portion of the game. Anyone know where I can see a replay of the full match?


  378. really though says:

    best game in a while. amazing to be there.

    central defenders got burned at least twice, but timmy saved their butts. demerit and califf looked better than i expected.

    mb plays way better alongside mastro. i saw a couple runs off the ball that left him free in the box and showed me why he’s scoring in europe.

    dmb still looks a touch worried on every tackle. he played great though and just needs a bit more time to rehab and get the mental bravery back.

    was great to see sacha looking good. completely miffed that we didn’t get a few minutes of cooper.

  379. Rocco says:

    Just got home. 8th row center field. Great game. Atmosphere we crazy. When the rain came down, if the US would have scored the place would have exploded.

    Dempsey & Dolo played terrible in my opinion. Dempsey looked his sluggish self again and was going 75% at guys, he needs to sit. Dolo almost gave up 2 in the first half.

    Besides Howard Pearce was the man of the match from my point of view. Him & Bease connect well with each other and attack & defend together nicely.

    Kljestan played well & so did Edu. I think our Olympic team is going to be solid.

  380. boneall says:

    I havn’t read all you’re comments but I feel a Adu/Donavan/Dempsy/Cooper combo would have cleaned house…Come on BB, use your tools…

  381. Tom says:

    Tremendous game! Really thought we were going to steal a win in the last 10 minutes with the rain pouring down and the USA crowd on its feet.

    Howard played out of his mind.

    Only thing that ruined the evening was the GODAWFUL Giants Stadium parking setup. Couldn’t get out of the stadium runaround for well over an HOUR. Ridiculous and insulting after being charged $20 to park. What a bunch of morons they have at NJSEA.

  382. boneall says:

    Also, Howard saved our A$$!!

  383. DL says:

    Dempsey and Dolo played poorly?? Dempsey was our biggest attacking threat in the first half, and Dolo was absolutely rock solid (as usual) at right back. What game were you watching?

  384. Mayor Bloomber says:

    He’s right. Dolo wasn’t that hot. Defensively he was solid but he stayed on the ball too long. EJ and a few others were making runs and he didn’t pick it up.

  385. chupacabra says:

    I was at the game tonight – really wondering how the ref is going to explain the phantom yellow on Mastro. From what I could tell, it looked like he was influenced by the complaint of the Argentinian player who was lining up the free kick. I saw the Argentinian arguing with the ref and holding up two fingers, then a few moments later the ref ran towards Mastroeni and presented the red. I get the impression that the Argie somehow confused the numbers 25 and 26 and thought that Mastro got a second yellow.

    Whatever happened, that ref should retire out of embarrassment. He couldn’t keep track of the cards he handed out, was incorrectly influenced by a complaint because of pressure from an Argentinian player, and he panicked. It was complete BS, and it definitely screwed up the US’s momentum. It has to be one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

    Incredible atmosphere tonight – big up to the US fans who really brought it. The last 15 minutes in the rain were incredible – although again I have to question the ref’s judgment for endangering fans and players with five minutes of added time. You could see lightning bolts flashing in the vicinity – much closer than the normal five miles that leads to MLS game delays.

  386. Will says:

    Not sure what Bradley was thinking tonight. He’s starts Johnson, which is questionable but i’ll accept it. What is unforgivable was the fact that we did not have 1 forward on the bench. He subs dempsey out and Johnson gets hurts.

    WTF was he thinking?

  387. chupacabra says:

    Just watched the replay on my Tivo. Now I get the impression that the Argie thought that the ref showed the yellow to Mastro instead of Edu since they were standing near each other when the ref presented the yellow. The ref should have corrected the Arg (maybe said something like “no, the yellow was for the black dude”), but instead he panicked and made a hideous blunder.

  388. kpugs says:

    Made it onto TV apparently several times, awesome. Including the anthem.

  389. Will says:

    Not sure which game you were watching but Dolo got beat over and over again. The majority of Howard’s great saves were a result of blow marking by dolo.

    Dempsey I thought was solid and should not have been subbed. We needed him on the field WITH Adu! Bradley is just too conservative for me, but I can also see the wisdom in not overloading the field with offensive players, especially against argentina. Having the momentum at that point, I would have liked to see them both out there at the same time.

  390. Street says:

    I think you have to look at who beat Cherundolo those times. Messi can beat the best in the world, so props go to the entire US D for shutting him down

    Also the traffic out of the stadium was so bad due to the almost 80,000 fans plus the new construction on the stadium and ski slope/indoor game thingy nonsense they are building

  391. kpugs says:

    P.S. To the pus sy who told us to sit down and refused to identify himself upon request. First, learn something about this sport. Second, dude, go down to the hundreds of fans surrounding me, and in front of me, and tell them to sit down. Or at least don’t cowardly hide behind your Manchester United jersey when we ask you a question. Stupid fellow Americans like you are why I hate admitting I like Manchester United because you know nothing more than the most famous team in the sport.

  392. kpugs says:

    Will, unfortunately we just got lucky tonight. I still say Bradley didn’t give a crap about the result, he was too busy evaluating is 6th bench player for the big time qualifer we having coming up against Grenada or some other random nation.

    Street, the traffic was bad enough without all the new construction my friend, not going to assume you’re from around here but I have to sympathize with you from tonight. Luckily after hanging out in the lot for 90 minutes or so (post-tailgate?) my bro showed his worth as a true NJ driver. We chilled with our boys in the lot for a while, then he managed to have us home in a grand total of 10 minutes after getting in the car. Having said that, I hear you my friend.

  393. jayrig5 says:

    I posted before the game that I thought Califf would look silly out there, and I was wrong, he looked decent (he actually atoned for his biggest mistake when he hustled back for the tackle on the guy he played on.) Onyewu looked okay, although I really liked Demerit in there with Califf. (This is exemplified by the fact that in the 1st half, with Onyewu in, Argentina had like 6 chances that Howard kept out, and once Demerit came in, things settled down. Obviously Messi was out, and so were others, but Argentina was bringing in guys like Zanetti, it’s not like Eddie Gaven was suiting up.) Really, this is the best the back has looked in a long time, and if you’re looking for a reason, I offer this: no Bocanegra. (Hard to believe that the subtraction of a slow, mistake-prone, foul-happy player with zero field awarenss could help the team, I know. He’s no better than 4th on my depth chart right now.) And I’m also glad we’re past the point where anyone thinks Guzan should be ahead of Howard for 2010. (By the way, I didn’t follow the team as closely as I do now, was it a big controversy when Arena started Keller over Howard in 2006? Because Timmy is a difference maker in goal, like Friedel was in 2002. The only times I’ve seen Keller play like that are in Youtube videos from 1998 games.)

  394. rocky says:

    i am still amazed that the us got a draw out of this game, what a terrific game. I was def dissapointed that adu didnt start, but to see him in their with beasley, and donovan, we can see that this team with more experience togetheir and altidore up top, we can become a very dangerous team. I dont think theirs any doubt now that freddy has to play from the get gohe is so dangerous with the ball he provides the element of magic that we have never seen before with any player for the usa. With him altidore, donovan on the right, Beasley on the left what a combination of talent up top for us. BB needs to play these players togetheir thru wc qualifying so that they can grow as a unit. To me dempsey could be the odd man out, but could be a very good bench player for us

  395. Tom says:

    Big Ups to Danny Califf–the only U.S. player to come back out and applaud the fans after the game

  396. Dan says:

    Tom- i agree the parking was a joke.

    It was amazing sitting on the USA side of the field yesterday. Just the atmosphere was amazing, we were so frekin loud, the argies must of heard us, and im sure our players fed off that too. We almost went into raptures when Gooch hit the post!! SOOOO CLOSE!!! And Tim Howard, well he is my new hero, what a game. Timmy Howard Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!!!! Go USA vs Barbados!

  397. brett says:

    Kpugs- why would he care about a result of a meaningless friendly.??? its obvious that our primary goal is to prepare for the WCQ’ers and nothing else….

    what’s more impt: beating arg. or getting into the WC?? obviously id rather try new combos and faces on a meaningless game then try it on a game that can change the next 2 yrs…


    Graeme- i agree with you on the fact that this 3 game stint was an evaluation process and nothing more… and what have we found out?? 4 major things….

    1) Pearce has solidified a starting position at left back..

    2) we need adu in the starting XI

    3) we need Donovan in the starting XI (despite how much i critisize him)

    4) we need a better forward(s) option…

    for all the EJ haters out there (myself included)…. as a coach, when you are playing some of the top teams in the world, who do you go with?? a forward with intl’ exp (EJ), or a forward who is a promising prospect (Cooper)?? when you play teams like Argentina you need people with experience… in that sitauation (if i was BB) i would have started EJ, but subbed him off at the 60th marker and put Cooper on… if anything this would have opened the game and given us a view into Cooper’s outlook with the Nats… i really wanted him to get some time…

    saying that, people i was impressed with.. Howard, Pearce, DMB, LD and Kljestan…. now saying that, that doesnt mean others didnt play well, those are just some that stood out…

    watching MB make a few bad decisions i came to realize the problem doesnt solely lie with MB… i felt he played well and he busts his ass to get to an opening to receive a pass, but alot of the time after he received it, he had no outlets… majority of his fouled passes were due to the fact that noone was opening up for him and he was forced to attempt threading the needle… alot of the critism he receives on here is no different then the critism i tend to get LD… LD made just as many mistakes last night, but due to alot of people hugging his nuts, they tend to overlook that… same can be said for just about anyone (excluding howard)

    i think howard said it best at the end of the game when he said if the US can incorporate these types of games into the WCQ then we should do just fine…

    on a side note, i hope Jozy is fine by sunday… we need an attacking force…

  398. brett says:

    i forgot to mention…

    MY MOTM GOES TO: the US fans that represented the red, white, and blue

    i was pleasently surprised how many US supporters attended… it wasnt long ago when i was up in chicago watching the US play brazil… the ratio was 5 to 1 in favor of brazil, and it saddened me :'(

    good work east coast for showing our team love

  399. inkedAG says:

    I was at the game and had a great time. I was in 102 and from my vantage point, Heath Pearce, Dan Califf, Freddy Adu, Landon Donovan and of course Tim Howard were excellent.

  400. Ddanford says:


    In EJ’s defense, I haven’t seen the USMNT creating a lot of goal scoring chances lately. Granted EJ could have done better with what chances he’s had but there is no Henry or Drogba in the US player pool.

    Sampson and Arena had a smaller player pool. The same basic core group played together a lot and understood each other very well. Our aerial threat on set pieces, for example, used to be much greater.

    In contrast, Bradley’s reign has featured a much larger pool of players. This speaks to growth in our game and is a good thing but it also means that there are times when it must seem like a fire drill to the players on the field. In Cooper’s case he really hasn’t even been available for camp all that much so to throw him in there with the likes of Argentina seems to be asking a bit much. Remember Eddie Gaven? I’ve been wondering why Bradley keeps playing certain players and perhaps it’s because he’s trying to develop some kind of team “chemistry”. Maybe he can get the team to stop treating the ball like it’s made out of plutonium.

    While I am as frustrated with EJ as everyone else, it might be worth noting since he’s moved to Fulham his passing, movement and runs off the ball seem to be better. In 2002 there were guys like Reyna,JOB, Sanneh, Lewis and Donovan to provide a telling pass to a guy like EJ. The younger Josh Wolff had many of the same characteristics that EJ has now and he was quite useful to the 2002 team. There was a time, young man, when the USMNT could actually string a series of passes together.

    Lewis hasn’t been playing much with EJ( he has frequently played left back) and Donovan and Dempsey have been pushed more up front. This leaves Adu, Feilhaber and and Mapp out of the current pool as likely providers. Feilhaber and Mapp seem to have played their way out of the pool for now and Adu has linked up with EJ very infrequently (unlike Altidore who seems to always have Adu with him while with the US). EJ has speed and physical presence. Perhaps if our strikers(EJ or whoever)can get hooked up with Adu and Feilhaber and if DMB and Donovan can reform their beep,beep partnership, the USMNT will start scoring a little more regularly