A little Messi to get you through the day

Admit it, you’re tired of reading about transfers, trades and contracts right? (okay, not really). I bet what you would like to do is see some beautiful soccer, some pin-point passing, creativity and clinical finishing. Right?

Of course you would. So with that in mind, here are some highlights of Barcelona’s recent 5-1 friendly win against Scottish club Dundee United, which included a second-half hat-trick from Mr. Lionel Messi. Enjoy:

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13 Responses to A little Messi to get you through the day

  1. andy b. says:

    Yeesh. Imagining that guy running on to Mr. Parkhurst is a good reminder of why the US team isn’t a realistic contender at the Olympics.

  2. John says:

    That fourth goal was beautiful soccer.

  3. Joe says:

    I cant wait until Sunday. Front row on the endline at about the 18. Its gonna be crazy. I hope they all play.

  4. Steven C says:

    As a play on my last name ‘Calmes’, I have a Barcelona jersey that reads “Calmessi”.

    Lame, I know. But people get a kick out of it.

  5. hokiegooner says:

    Brilliant pass on that third Barcelona goal. Really split the defense open.

  6. pat says:

    even with all c.ronaldo’s hype, its amazing how much better messi is right now.

  7. Pico says:

    It brings great joy and a smile to my face when I see football played the way it is supposed to be. They make it look so easy, and they seem to be having so much fun at it.

    Reminds me of one of the greatest phrases I heard from the Nike “Joga Bonito” ad campaign: “Make the ball happy”


  8. kpugs says:

    I think he’s got the quickest feet on the planet, apologies to Ronaldinho.

  9. jrnail23 says:

    interesting to see Eto’o and Henry having swapped numbers (Henry wearing 9 and Eto’o with 14).

    That was some absolutely beautiful soccer. I really hope Barca can get back to showing more of that this year.

  10. vdocer says:

    eto’o’s teamwork with messi is amazing, much better than that of messi/henry’s. i dont wanna see him leave.

  11. Scott A says:

    wow. clinic

  12. Pico says:

    Hey Ives,

    Do you have any idea if the Red Bulls vs. Barcelona game is going to be televised anywhere? I would like to go to the game but I am also considering my options.


  13. Alejandro says:

    Thanks. I always enjoy watching Barca score goals.