Should New England sell Taylor Twellman?


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Jozy Altidore left. So did Brad Guzan. Juan Toja could be leaving soon too, as could Kenny Cooper.

As the list of MLS players set to make moves to Europe continues to grow, one name not on that list is Taylor Twellman, the New England Revolution striker who had his bid for a multi-million dollar move to Preston North End rejected last winter.

Preston North End is still interested in Twellman, and sources tell me the English club would be willing to at the very least match the $3 million offer it made in the winter for Twellman. No offer is going to be made though as long as it looks like the Revs and MLS won’t realistically consider a bid.

When New England turned down the offer for Twellman in the winter it was easy to understand. Twellman had been the focal point of the Revs offense for years, so replacing him seemed impossible. The only problem is New England has essentially done just that this season, posting the best record in MLS despite the fact that Twellman has played just three games this season (and started none) due to an assortment of injuries.

So the question is a simple one. Should New England let Twellman go and sell him to Preston?

The simple answer, at least as far as the Revs are concerned, is no.

You could argue that situations have changed since the Revs turned down Preston last winter. New England now boasts a forward stable including Adam Cristman, Kheli Dube and Kenny Mansally, who have all looked good, with Cristman and Dube being real revelations this year. With Pat Noonan ready to return to MLS, New England could conceivably sign Noonan to replace Twellman (though I’m hearing Noonan isn’t in a hurry to come back to play for the Revs).

That said, you can’t argue with the fact that Twellman still has two more years on his current deal after this season, and you also can’t argue that for all the success New England has enjoyed this season none of its other forwards are playoff tested the way Twellman is. With the hunt for that first MLS Cup still under way, the Revs probably aren’t in a rush to do anything that might make a return trip to the final (and first victory in the final) tougher.

The Revs were probably hoping Twellman’s European aspirations would eventually find their way to the backburner in the same way Shalrie Joseph’s did. The only problem is Twellman has been injured most of the season and has had plenty of time to think about the ‘what-if.’ Couple that with the seeming ease that a player like Kenny Cooper has had with getting into position to make a transfer move and you have a situation that has to be grating on Twellman.

Does Twellman still want to leave? You can bet your British Pound on that one. He is 28 years old and still sees this as his last chance to make a move to a quality European league. While I won’t go as far as Sepp Blatter and call the situation a form of slavery (like Blatter did when discussing Manchester United’s unwillingness to sell Cristiano Ronaldo) I can understand Twellman’s frustration.

Which brings us back to the original question. Should New England sell Taylor Twellman?

Share your thoughts below.

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55 Responses to Should New England sell Taylor Twellman?

  1. Betinho says:

    Yes…if he wants to go there’s not 1 reason to make him stay. I think it’s simple.

  2. Tim F. says:

    If he wants to go and there’s a fair offer for him, sure!

  3. Felix says:

    New England should have sold him over the winter, the problem was he was worth more to the Revs than he was to PNE. But now, that New England have been rolling without Twellman, and Noonan is set to return, I think New England can do without him now. However, it seems that the Revs are historically one of the most stubborn teams in the league when it comes to selling players, and I don’t like TT’s chances in moving on.

  4. brett says:

    coming from the revs point of view, when he becomes healthy they’ll have the deepest front line of ANY other team…. a player goes injured, and a quality forward steps up…. BUT they would get a HUGE chunk of salary cap back, plus allocation, plus a roster spot…

    tough decision…

    im sure Tightshirt would love to go, and im curious to see how many more years he has in his career… i cant see why he should be held back since NE is thriving with up front talent…

    trade him…. everyone wins…. but then again the league could argue the fact that we are trading away all this talent and hoping for quality players to be found or step up… dunno

  5. Rorvis says:

    For the Rev’s sake, no. For Taylor, yes. I have long thought that players should get their chance overseas. I know all the arguments from BS, and I understand he has a contract, but imagine if you were stuck in a job, and couldn’t leave for your dream job, which would mean tons of cash too! Moreover, imagine you are only going to be in your prime for another few years, so this is your last chance. It just seems like a tough break. I don’t think Twellman is replaced by Cristman, etc., and I’m a Revs STH, but let him go. We can take him back at 36 a la McBride (if we can get the allocation rights from Vancouver, or whoever owns them then!)

  6. spiny norman says:

    As a selfish Revs fan, who knows that they’re unlikely to get equal value with the money they get from the transfer now or later, i’d say to wait until the off-season. Like you said, none of the others are tested the way he is in the playoffs, and Dube and Cristman are just beginning to show a flicker of the same killer instinct that is the difference between a goal and a weak dribbler at the keeper’s feet.

  7. Michael F. says:

    Absolutely. Give the guy a chance. He said repeatedly he wanted to go, but the Revs and MLS thought 3M wasn’t enough. C’mon, they’re treating him like a slave. :)

  8. Matt says:

    Absolutely they should sell him. One, it makes sense now for the team and league as they have a replacement and he has had a rash of injuries. Two, if they don’t offer a “two-way” street of eventually accomodating a players interest’s following years of genuine service (at sometimes well below market price’s), then the league will perpetuate a reputation that will not attract young players looking to develop. Thus young players won’t come to the league. MLS needs to understand and value it’s role much like the Dutch league does in that it can make alot of money, be fun to watch, and also be a very effective developmental league for young players. Creating a reputation will also not attract established veterans who may want to return home after only a few years abroad. Fluidity in a market is healthy and breeds continued market growth. Stagnation promotes market decline.

  9. JSquaredNY says:

    I think this is a definite yes. It’s really easy to see that they are just fine without him right now and I find it hard to believe that he would make a huge difference in the post season when he’s practically seen no time at all so far this season. NE isn’t gaining anything by having him sitting around frustrated and not playing

  10. CD says:

    His ability to get a work permit in the UK was questionable previously. With no USMNT call ups since the last offer from PNE I don’t see him having any chance of playing in the UK. Maybe someone in continental Europe would take a look at him. A certain team in Norway might have some funds still available for an MLS striker if their current purchase doesn’t materialize. I can’t see why New England doesn’t want to offload Twellman now and use the available funds to bring in some additional quality next year. I wouldn’t mess with the lineup now if I am New England.

  11. CD says:

    The only concern I could see the REVS having is upsetting their MVP and Joseph complaining because they didn’t let him go also.

  12. sublicon says:

    He should 100% be allowed to go. At some point, this is a dude’s livelihood we’re talking about . . he should be able to pursue a career in England. It’s unfair to hold him back from that.

  13. MikeinSD says:

    YES…but is he still worth 3 million????

  14. David W says:

    @ Rorvis

    If Taylor Twellman does what McBride has done, it will be the MLS franchise in St. Louis where he will want to end his career, and St. Louis will fight with Vancouver over his rights. Twellman is from St. Louis and, like McBride, if he made a triumphant return at the end of his career, he would want to go out in front of the fans in the town where he grew up.

  15. Johnny says:


  16. FF and SS says:

    The easy answer is to sell him in January after they make their MLS Cup run.

    I’m all for anything that makes the Revs weaker. Sooooo sick of losing to them.

  17. JMR says:

    If TT and his agent weren’t smart enough to put some sort of a release clause into his new contract then no if the Rev’s say so. While I would like to see everyone able to earn their maximum potential in dollars and work, sports agents need to be savvy enough to cover this possibility. He knew he was getting offers. If he wanted the possibility to go to another league he should have written it in. Same with Shalrie Joseph and any other player signing a contract with single entity MLS.

  18. Imad Ashell says:

    I say keep him until the end of the MLS season and let him go in January. Even with the team on a roll, he’s the Revs’ best striker when he’s healthy. I suspect the Revs want to keep him to get as much hardware as possible this year.

  19. Alex says:

    Its unrealistic but i think he should come to NY atleast for a season, find back his form and then maybe Europe..or might as back stick around in MLS for the Red Bull park opening and be a part of a new dynasty

  20. kpugs says:

    This question couldn’t possibly be easier. If the Revs care about only themselves, their team and its success, the answer is no.

    If they care even a little bit about Taylor Twellman, the answer is yes. And come on, this is the Boston area. Would it surprise anyone if they lacked that type of class or respect for one of the hardest-working players in the history of this league? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  21. EDB says:

    I think the clubs should always let them go.. however, I understand the Revs point of view.

    1. They want to win the cup and get into the champ league so they can make money

    2. They said no the joseph, will he try and renew talks to leave if TT does

    3. They are trying to show thier fans that they are not just a feeder team, im guessing this part of thier marketing of the team.. Americans like to connect with players on their teams..

  22. kpugs says:

    Oh, and Noonan failed in Europe? Big surprise there. He’s one of the most overrated MLS players of all time, I couldn’t believe there was even any interest in him from Europe when the deal happened.

    I really don’t want him to come back, I was enjoying the lack of crappiness that appeared in the league when he left.

  23. Mike says:

    If they can get $3,000,000 for Taylor Twellman, then by all means they should sell him. They’ve got a crop of young prospects who look to be able to replace him. Plus they really could get Noonan back for much less than they pay Twellman. The major allocation money they’d get should allow Nicol to work his magic and find a suitable replacement for next year.

  24. adam b says:

    i agree with CD. what are his chances of getting a work permit?

    other than that, let the man go.

  25. anotherbodymurdered says:

    Send him to Abu Dhabi!

  26. Betinho says:

    when does the tranfer window close for Euro clubs?

  27. Kevin says:

    Yeah, it seems like a decent situation for both teams, and after all his years of great service to New England, the Revs owe it to Twellman to give him a shot in England if that’s what he wants.

  28. Rocco says:

    No, they should not sell him for the simple fact that he’s under contract. This is not slavery – he CHOSE to sign on for multiple years. Let him see out his contract. If NE wanted to lower his salary because he has been injured for most of the year and hasn’t produced for them, do you think he’d let them? He’d want them to honor their end of the bargain, just like he should honor his end of the bargain. If he had any inkling of maybe wanting to leave before the end of his contract, he should’ve negotiated an “out clause”. Time to pay the piper, yo.

  29. Rorvis says:


    Of course, I forgot the St Louis connection, but hopefully by that time a 27 year old Nyassi and Mansally will be here preventing us from taking him back anyway…

  30. Will says:

    If they can actually get the same amount from PNE offered in January, I say yes. I would be shocked at that though due to his injuries.

  31. chris says:

    I’m confused with MLS transfers. How are the Revs able to tell MLSHQ NO yet other teams are always having players sold by MLSHQ even when they don’t want to. I thought MLSHQ decided who gets sold and who doesn’t since they own all the contracts and the teams have no say? Am I wrong about this?

  32. BanBinkley says:

    Why should I support this league if they only look to sell off any decent players they have?

  33. MiamiAl says:

    hmmm. I wonder how Bob Bradley would weigh in on this…

  34. Betinho says:

    @ Rorvis, youa re assuming Nyassi and mansally won’t be sold. Nyassi won’t last long in the MLS. That kid is sick…

  35. ren says:

    As Imad Ashell said, sell him in January. The Revs will have either brought a cup home or, at the very least gained playoff experience for their youngsters. TT will have one(?) more year left on his contract. He will benefit from healing and demonstrating his health on the field anyway.

    I have no problem with quality players being sold off to European clubs. the way Stevie brings in younger players The Revs have little to worry about. Frustrating situation for Taylor, sure. Revs fans have had their championship frustrations and Taylor is certainly a striker who puts away most of his quality chances – a reason to keep him around.

  36. Danny says:

    Here’s a conspiracy theory:

    How many of the injuries to Twellman are “legit” and how many are “doctored” to hide the fact that Twellman has essentially said, “I won’t play… much”?

    I don’t know if I believe what I just threw out there, but I think you have to wonder how much of the injury situation is also maybe Twellman taking a little longer to come back from. I mean, if the club won’t grant your wishes in moving on, why grant the club’s wishes in coming back from an injury ASAP?


    In the end, I think it’s a silly move to go from MLS to League 1 or whatever Preston North End plays in. Are they in the Cokeship? Either way, it isn’t like he’s moving on to Real Madrid or anything. It’s Preston Northend. Sheesh!

  37. joeshmoe says:

    “He should 100% be allowed to go. At some point, this is a dude’s livelihood we’re talking about . . he should be able to pursue a career in England. It’s unfair to hold him back from that.”

    He is not exactly starving. he makes over 375 a year which goes up after next year. Dude just signed a new contract, should of had a clause to get out if an offer was received. he should fire his lawyer and deal with life making 375k

  38. Eric K says:

    How many people on here who’ve said the Revs should sell Twellman are fans of fellow eastern conference foes? :-) I think TT would do well over in Europe and I’d like to see him get a shot, but as a Revs fan it would be tough to see him go. I think he should shoot for a higher level than English League One. Dempsey was pissed that the league didn’t take an initial offer from Charlton, but it worked out better for him in the end because Charlton got relegated. Taylor is a big-game player and we’ll need him later on. Lead us to some trophies this year and get a deal to a better team than Preston. My friend always says that his production would be very expensive to replace, more than they’ll get in a transfer fee. I’m still not totally comfortable handing the keys to the attack permanently to Dube/Cristman/Mansally. There’s still a lot of soccer left this season.

  39. KingSnake says:

    Maybe if the league paid players what they were worth — or in many cases, a living wage — they would not be so quick to leave …

  40. NFLPatriot says:

    Once the Revs buy a player with the money they got from selling Dempsey, then they can consider selling Twellman.

  41. Tim Crawford says:

    If the rumors about Pat Noonan are true, I say yes. The Revs (and this is from a “we” – Revs fan – perspective I suppose) would make a boatload of money both from the sale of Taylor, and the cheaper salary Noonan would demand. I’m not saying Noonan would score like Taylor, but he’d definitely give the veteran leadership. He, alongside Cristman or Dube, would be ideal and could be very effective. I think Twellman is one heck of a finisher, but the money has to be too good to pass up and we have survived so far this year without him.

  42. Eric K says:

    KingSnake – the huge salaries in other sports are mostly dependent on TV revenues. The amount of money the NFL and the EPL get from TV is staggering. Combine that with luxury box sales, and these make the regular ticket sales a small part of the financial pie. Until MLS gets more TV revenue, they’ll be largely dependent on ticket sales to pay the bills. And that will only support so much. Think about how much Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan, and some other small teams can afford those salaries and even a few multimillion pound transfer fees. Those teams play to a lot of empty seats in small stadiums but they can operate at that level due to the TV money. Even still the tickets are expensive. But look at the NHL – they get almost no TV money and that’s why the tickets cost so much. So the point is…tell your friends to watch every thursday night and soon we might get, and keep, a lot more talent.

  43. ldq says:

    If we get Noonan back (and I’m not that big of a fan of Noonan) yes. If not, no. We need to have depth if we want to make a run for the title again. And Cristman has been hurt, Mansally slow in getting back to form and Dube inconsistent. We need one more solid option.

  44. Eric K says:

    I always liked Noonan. I saw him as more of a complimentary player, in that he made plays that made other guys better.

  45. Eric K says:

    And seriously, if TT wanted to go to Europe so bad, he should’ve done like Clint and turned down a contract. That put the team and the league in a position to find a buyer before he walked for free.

  46. ldq says:

    Noonan is back in the MLS.

  47. Nordy says:

    Sell him…as soon as the season is over.

  48. tom says:

    Of course they should sell him. He is “excess to requirements” and the sale would be a win/win. It would also signal to players with other options that playing at NE is not going to kill your European ambitions.

    Of course they won’t because the NE front office has an NFL mentality that does not give a crap for the players individual welfare.

  49. Nordy says:

    Also, just say no to Noonan! Dude is soooo slooooowwww. No way he would fit into the new and improved high-octane Revs attack.

  50. Curtis Spiteri says:

    I think the Revs should deal Taylor to the Fire. We’ve been able to get everyone else, why not TT?

  51. Tim Crawford says:

    I always think of a forward duo as 2 opposites, and I’m not saying that Noonan being slow is a good thing, but the fact that he’s a smart, gritty, flair forward rather than a burner like Mansally/Dube/Cristman is a definite good thing. He brings something different to the table, and as much as you may think he’s slow, look at the stats. The fact is the guy scores goals, and his teammates score too. I wonder how Taylor would be doing without him if he was playing . . .

  52. Jonathan says:

    If the MLS won’t acknowledge there’s a bigger world out there, I will keep refusing to watch and bad mouth the league to others.

  53. Thom says:

    If he wants to go then let him. He can’t wait for ever to try his hand in Europe.

  54. Kevin James says:

    Guys, lets get a few things straight. PNE play in the Championship – one league below the premiership. Foe the last six or seven years, we have been knocking on the door of promotion. Last year was a blip for us (due to having a poor manager who was replaced mid season) but we recovered to finish mid table under our new manager. Whilst PNE may not be a glamour club, any good player who signs for us knows there is a chance that they will end up playing premiership football with us – how big that chance is, is up to interpretation. Aside from promotion through us, remember Brian McBride played for us prior to playing for Fulham so we must have helped his exposure. Also, Eddie Lewis played for us after leaving Fulham and he went on to play in the premiership again for Derby. I can tell you that this ‘transfer’ saga has been frustrating for all PNE fans as we would love to see TT playing for us. I understand that TT failed to insert a get out clause in his contract but I also feel for the player. I mean, none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes in our lives. Over here, if a player that can be held to a contract gets disillusioned because a bid from another club he wants to join is rejected, it can often transpire that the player loses motivation (or sulks, if you like). Consequently, on balance, it may be in everyones best interest to forget what they can force the player to do and to concentrate on doing what is best for everyone in the long term.

  55. Evan says:

    Yes, they should sell him: He wants to go, the Revolution have proved they can win without him, and it would eliminate the Mickey Mouse b.s. where the League points its finger at the Revs saying they’ve blocked the move while the Revs point right back at MLS saying they’ve scupered the deal.