Columbus Crew at Real Salt Lake: Your Running Commentary


Apologies for posting this late. The Columbus Crew are in Utah tonight to take on a Real Salt Lake squad that has yet to lose at home this season. The Crew need a win to keep pressure on New England atop the East standings while RSL is looking to score a win rather than tie at Rice-Eccles Stadium, where it has tied three of the past four matches.

If you are watching the game, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the rest of the match

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13 Responses to Columbus Crew at Real Salt Lake: Your Running Commentary

  1. brant says:

    What to say so far – The Crew defense made a bush-league mistake on RSL’s free kick in the 4th minute. The all jumped, and separated when they did. Morales sent a screamer right through the gap at the end of the wall btw Hejduk and Junge. If Frankie keeps his feet, the ball bounces off his tookus and clear.

    The Crew aren’t playing with a lot of urgency, and every pass seems to be about 2 seconds later or behind where it should’ve been. The players are running to all the right spots and trying to do all the right things, but the passes just arent’ connecting.

    Rogers in the 40th minute is a perfect example – great run to split two defenders and cut back toward the middle of the box, but the dish to Schelotto cutting in from the middle was just a tapper instead of a pass with some ‘oomph’ and RSL closes it down.

    On the flip side, RSL is having to work to get it forward. The Crew are chasing them everywhere, but Fightin’ Xangos are generating a lot of contact and a lot of free kicks.

    The not-so-bold predictions for 2d half: O’Rourke will concede a PK that Hesmer will save, and Kovalenko will get 2 yellow cards (at least one of which will be really stupid) and head for the showers.

  2. brant says:

    The Crew can’t seem to get a shot off at all – RSL closing down every shot with 2-3 defenders. But it’s a good thing Columbus doesn’t pay Schelotto a per-corner-kick rate. He’d really be earning it tonight.

  3. brant says:

    There seems to be a lot of chatter between Kovalenko and Schelotto.

    In what language, tho?

  4. brant says:

    oddly enough – no offsides calls on either team in the 1st half.

  5. brant says:

    Schelotto hits the post! Rogers channels his inner Chad Barrett on the rebound and puts it in the 22d row!

  6. brant says:

    Much better effort from Columbus in 2d half. more aggressive runs from Columbus and forcing RSL to foul a lot on defense. Olave is lucky not to be carrying a card yet.

  7. brant says:

    Marshall barretts one wide on a corner.

  8. brant says:

    Findley on a break beats Hesmer to a long ball and top-nets it for a 2-0 lead.

    Why can’t Findley do that for the Olympic team?!

  9. brant says:

    The Crew finally get a good rip and it’s right at Rimando. Ugh!

  10. RPH says:

    RSL: First in the West!

    But then again, it is the West.

    But then again, it is RSL.

  11. Andrew says:

    Huge win for RSL tonight!

  12. rslfutbolfan says:


  13. Tom says:

    The horrible turf, altitude and narrow field truly gives RSL a home field advantage. Be interesting to see what happens when they get on the new field.