FC Dallas confirms rejection of Cooper bids


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FC Dallas general manager Michael Hitchcock has confirmed SBI’s report from earlier today that the club has decided to turn down all offers for all-star forward Kenny Cooper.

"We received offers from multiple international clubs for Kenny Cooper during this transfer window, but we elected to decline them all," Hitchcock said in a written statement released by FC Dallas. "The international interest is a credit to Kenny, FC Dallas and the ever increasing talent level in Major League Soccer.

"Winning championships is our priority, and we feel strongly that Kenny will continue to be an important part of our success as we compete for the MLS Cup this year and in the future."

Now that it is official, what do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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62 Responses to FC Dallas confirms rejection of Cooper bids

  1. Dannyc58 says:

    I think I’m confused. Could the Red Bulls have rejected Jozy’s bid (not that they would at that price). I thought this was up to MLS, not the teams?

    (Honest question, not being bitter)

  2. Danny says:

    Our All-Stars should have to go over to 2nd rate leagues simply because it’s Europe. Good move MLS. Sucks for Cooper in many ways, but he’ll get his. It’s time good players quit settling for playing in a lesser European league just because it’s Europe.

  3. Danny says:

    Rather “Shouldn’t” in the last post. Oops!

  4. Dannyc58 says:


    Cardiff went to the FA Cup finals and would win MLS or at least be a top flight team. I think calling them 2nd rate is a bit unfair.

  5. scott47a says:

    Repeat of my (very) recent post in the other thread:

    Count me among the silent majority of fans who just want to see some good players playing in MLS games. If that means keeping Cooper and Twellman against their wishes until their contracts run out, so be it.

    I look forward to the day when it isn’t seen as a step up for U.S. players to leave MLS to play in the Coca Cola Championship or in Norway or Denmark or Austria or Belgium or Portugal or any other country or league that isn’t the highest flight.

    If MLS ever has aspirations of winning over fans and growing to be in the top 10 leagues in the world, it can’t just keep selling every time it gets a good player.

  6. mikeK says:

    Option 3? Surprise, I suppose.

    The red bull could have rejected the bid, but it wouldn’t have been of much use. He wanted Villareal, they wanted him, they certainly paid us enough, so…

    I suppose this means Cooper wasn’t too keen on Roseborg or Coventry, eh?

  7. Modibo says:

    Well, it answers the questions from earlier in the day. If Dallas automatically eliminates choice A and B, then I guess the decisionmaking is a lot easier for Kenny. Maybe he will get bigger offers in the winter when clubs realize which of their offseason signings aren’t panning out, or think they’re not where they should be in the table.

  8. Will C. says:

    Perhaps MLS cleared the move, but it was ultimately up to FC Dallas. Either way, this league control of players thing has worn itself out.

    It’s time to release control to owners and do away with the salary cap, or at least significantly increase it!

    MLS must do so in order to become more competitive with the European first leagues…

  9. Modibo says:

    Scott47a said: “I look forward to the day when it isn’t seen as a step up for U.S. players to leave MLS to play in the Coca Cola Championship or in Norway or Denmark or Austria or Belgium or Portugal or any other country or league that isn’t the highest flight.”

    It’s debatable whether some of these leagues are really a step up, esp when players are on relegation-threatened sides (Cletus, Jacqua). But Noonan made $400,000 last year. It IS a step up in pay and I bet Pat’s laughing his way to the bank, no matter what anyone says about quality of play.

  10. Betinho says:

    lesser leagues but bigger pay….

  11. Reid says:

    so they want a title but trade alvarez for a draft pick, Hitchcock your a d-bag. I hope KC is gone in the offseason and then he changes his last name to bornstein, cause thats the only way bob is gonna get him into camp

  12. Charlie N. says:

    Put yourself in KC’s shoes for a moment. His salary was about to increase 10X, now its not, how would you feel. I dont think cardiff city was a step down, it’s not villareal but so what. If i’m him im not a happy frankencooper right now.

  13. h4 says:

    Yep, it’s about money, not just quality of play. Noonan probably made DP-level salary, and that was just an average paycheck there. We need fans supporting teams here so that there is money to pay good players to stay.

  14. irishapple21 says:

    I wonder if MLS rejected the offers because they want to increase the value of the league by trying to entertain offers from bigger clubs?

  15. Kaiser says:

    I can understand the move by Dallas…who wants to lose your top goal producer in the middle of the season?…but this sucks for Cooper! He deserves more pay and the opportunity to play in Europe. Hope he makes the move this winter.

  16. Casey C. says:

    Kenny will get his pay increase regardless of this. He’s a professional, he understands the situation.

  17. Steve says:

    Good for the league and good for Kenny for not jumping at the first team to throw some Euros at him. More players should be discriminating about what ‘opportunity’ they jump at. Any comment on that Mr. Noonan?

    And cut the FA Cup Final argument. Unless you’re the Big 4, who actually don’t care about the competion that much, there isn’t another team in England that can count on making FA Cup Fianls in consecutive years.

  18. Johnny says:

    I really hate how the MLS works. August 16th can’t come soon enough!

  19. Jeffe says:

    He doesn’t really have enough caps to play in england does he?

  20. Toronto or Bust says:

    This is total BS… if league waits til he’s out of contract- they get nothing for him. UNREAL this MLS

  21. KingSnake says:

    Another MLS player takes it in the shorts …

  22. Eric K says:

    Maybe Kenny declined the offers. Maybe he’s waiting for something better. Maybe he’s committed to his team for the season and won’t consider leaving until the job is done.

  23. Seisco says:


  24. Matty C says:

    Jeffe, his dad’s British so he doesn’t need a work permit…

  25. Hincha Tim says:


    For the upteenth time as posted on this blog, Cooper’s father is British, so he is not considered a foreigner.

  26. Hincha Tim says:

    It is a smart move for Dallas (although I don’t like it as an RSL fan). Dallas keeps him through the end of this season, which will greatly increase their chances of making the playoffs. He will no doubt continue his good form, which will maintain of increase his transfer fee, at which time Dallas will sell.

    At the end of the day they will get at least as much or more money while having the use of his services for the rest of the season. Smart move.

  27. Sin2R says:

    Pay up MLS. I have watched Cooperboy and he needs to be paid for his services. I agree with most, MLS maybe close to being as good as a second teir league in performance, but not in pay. How can Joey Worthen of RSL last year quadruple his salary in the USL. The MLS may have a number of fronts to fight; fending off Europe and the USL. Is MLS really better than the USL? MLS looks better on the field, but is it really? Is the Open Cup a show about David and Goliath, or is it about almost equal leagues in terms of quality, but one has more show? Does anyone know that cares to share?

  28. 4now says:


    nice Reid.

  29. Wes says:

    I’m shocked how many people are ripping the Alvarez trade.

    He’s been unmotivated, unproductive, and plain bad this year.

  30. Eugene says:


  31. eric says:

    So did the league bump up his salary? I sure hope that is the case, so I can enjoy watching Cooper the rest of the year without feeling bad he missed out on his payday.

  32. Dan Karell says:

    This is tough for fans and cooper alike, because one side of the fan wants to have him stay and have FC Dallas do well but the other wants to see him make a name for himself on the big stage, and hopefully make the US National team. I still think that it is good that MLS is trying to keep the best players here, but hopefully this wont turn into an eddie johnson thing right after they rejected benfica, and he played like crap for the next couple years.

  33. East River says:

    I think Dallas maybe getting a little ahead of itself talking championship. I mean it was 1 4-0 win.

    This also backfire on MLS big time in respects on attracking young talented Americans to play here over playing in Europe. Cooper came into the league making $80K(I could be wrong on that#). Even if he re-signs I he better have in his contract that he would go if a certain transfer # is reach. I also don’t know what Dallas thinks its can offer besides playing time (professionally speaking). But one should consider that Kenny Cooper’s little brother is at SMU, the school the Dallas head coach just left for this job. It may be that Cooper is very happy playing for Hydman and is willing to stay a little longer. But I really hope they are not drunk off of 1 win. If Cooper wants to go he should really go in the summer so as to come in at the beginning of the season and for more $.

    Also what does this do to his National Team aspirations? If the US is preferring Euro based players over MLS based. Will Cooper be the next player rewarded for staying home by getting consant National Team callups?

  34. Will says:

    FC Dallas offered a higher salary package to KC and he and his advisors rejected it. And KC had also agreed to terms with Rosenborg so this deal not going through is all due to the idiots in the Dallas FO. If the kid wanted to leave then you let him go. It’s not like we will be raising any cups this season anyway!

  35. I read that the players in the Championship get paid pretty well compared to MLS wages.

    You only have so much time as a Footballer, so you have to go where the money is. Until MLS raises its salary cap and starts paying its players, there will always be a desire to get paid more in Europe.

    Especially now, with the $ so craptastic. I would get paid in English Pounds any day.

  36. One other thought…who would not want to go play in front of big crowds week in and week out.

    On TV, Frisco always seems to be empty if you ask me.

  37. cm says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t be unhappy for Coop to be our DP. He certainly couldn’t do worse than Denilson. I’m thrilled that he is staying, I just hope that HE is happy with it and I REALLY hope that he gets paid what he deserves.

  38. Byron says:

    It’s not like a regular position. Your body depreciates as an athlete and you need to take as much money as quickly as possible. Playing time and titles are great but should be a secondary consideration for every professional soccer player.

  39. RP says:

    What I hope to hear soon is an announcement that FCD sign Frankencooper to a new contract extension at a significantly raised salary. The guy is making $83K base and approx $100K overall.

    I think that would set up a win-win for club, player and the league with the following scenario:

    1. Cooper finishes out this season, continues to play out of his mind, and the Schellas Hyndman Youth Movement Experience actually goes somewhere (not a requirement).

    2. European clubs needing a scorer are even more hot for Cooper during the winter transfer period.

    3. Copper gets sold for even more cash.

    4. FCD, Cooper and MLS all smell like roses and generate more fan pride, more league respect, and more money for all considered.

  40. Erik Abarca says:

    Yank abroad Eddie Johnson played the full 90 minutes today against Crystal Palace. He had 2 shots on goal and one off the post. Clint started and went 45 minutes. Game finished tied at 0-0.

  41. Jonathan says:

    MLS will pay for that in the long run. Young foreign and US players will hesitate to sign up for a league that turns down offers for its players. I hope that Cooper copies Dempsey’s actions when the league was against his move.

    Rant *Mickey Mouse League*Bush League* Pub League*

  42. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    A couple of things:

    Yes, Cooper’s father is British, so he doesn’t need a work permit. As far as how the transfer works in MLS, the player, the team, AND the league have to all agree. Okay?

  43. CD says:

    I thought 4 million was a very good offer. I am surprised they turned it down. Cardiff was looking to bring him in to be a big piece of their squad.

    MLS I have an idea why don’t you put a sell on option in the transfer. If he does great in Europe and gets transferred to a bigger club for something like 20 million in 2 years get %20 of it.

  44. CD says:

    “Yank abroad Eddie Johnson played the full 90 minutes today against Crystal Palace. He had 2 shots on goal and one off the post. Clint started and went 45 minutes. Game finished tied at 0-0.

    Posted by:Erik Abarca | July 29, 2008 at 06:46 PM”

    Any word on how many back passes Eddie Johnson made.

  45. CD says:

    If Fulham puts Eddie and Andy up front together that could pave the way for a new lucrative sponsorship deal.

  46. kco says:

    “we feel strongly that Kenny will continue to be an important part of our success as we compete for the MLS Cup this year and in the future.”

    In the future? His future is in Europe banging heads with the best in the world in the Prem or another world class league. I Love MLS and the league is progressing, just not progressing fast enough for KC to have a future here, much less in suburban Frisco.

  47. Michael F. says:

    I doubt Dallas rejected both bids without talking to KC. And I bet he got a raise for staying. They are probably hope he keeps his scoring touch the rest of the season and waiting for a bigger offer from a bigger club in the next transfer window.

  48. Adam M. says:

    This was a necessary move for MLS that nevertheless highlights why MLS has to take the financial limits of its teams right now. A league where all of the top players leave (worse, because they want to) and no one can be signed of equal or better worth to replace them immediately is a league headed for the dumpster fast. Clubs have to be able to have the financial ability (forget even the will) to immediately replace a Cooper or Toja or Altidore with someone better. Otherwise, you will have a hollow league that never achieves even one real quality side. the Galaxy are proof that two truly solid internationals aren’t enough to make a good side in MLS. Take out the tier or two below that across the board and there is little reason to watch.

  49. Ski Fast! says:

    I’m glad they are holding on to him. This is good for the league. Now, just pay him more!

  50. Thom says:

    It sucks for Kenny Cooper-that’s for sure.

    I think if a player has his mind set to go you should let him especially when he is going to triple his pay.

    Also- not good for the U.S. national team as a player with potential should be pushed by the best in order to achieve his best.

    Maybe there is more behind this story Ives?

  51. Joe Quake says:

    I think this move (or non move) is bad for MLS. What stud college player is going to want to play in MLS if they know MLS is going to constantly pull this kind of stuff? I think it’s short term thinking that will hurt MLS in the end.

    Now if Cooper decided to stay on his own, it’s a totally different story, but MLS has a history of holding players back.

  52. BrianK says:

    This is bad news for Kenny Cooper,….earning $100K when he could have been earning $1 million.

    However,….MLS can’t be in the business of giving its players away. Tottenham paid $32 million for Luca (“I am 10 lbs away from being a jockey”)Modric. If Modric is worth $32M then so is Shalrie Joseph. Good for MLS sticking to its guns.

  53. Richard says:

    hopefully 6 months – 1 year from now he will be a USNT regular, have more options to choose from, and be a better “yank abroad”

  54. Josh says:

    Business wise, isnt it buy low sell high? I think they can get much better for Cooper. Yeah it sucks for Cooper but its great for the league. They are actually making money on players and balancing out the flow of players going out. Its smart business. I think they will eventually sell Cooper, but to a better league and somewhere that the MLS can get credit for breeding a great player (yes I realize he was at Man U.) You cant sell all of your product (soccer players) and you have to buy low (80k) and sell high (over 4 million) thats a pretty good investment.

  55. papa bear says:

    @Posted by:Dannyc58 | July 29, 2008 at 04:44 PM

    of course teams have a say. NE killed Twellman moves more than once.

    I don’t mind the move. The transfer fee is pretty low and the leagues he’s going to aren’t exactly super.

    If he keeps up his pace in the league, and the USMNT team call ups that MUST be imminent given his form and your dire need for quiality play from forwards I have to believe if he stays healthy he is moving to an actual big boy league for near Altidore money this time next year. $3-$4 million is just not an impressive enough number for a guy who is 1 goal shy of leading the league in scoring (who is also doing it in style)

  56. papa bear says:

    @Posted by:BrianK | July 29, 2008 at 09:38 PM

    Transfer fee doesn’t = salary. There was no way he was going to be paid a million. At that fee, $500-800K is more likely. Still a pay bump, but considering how much more he could make in a year, it’s not a bad move. If he moves to Cardiff and they do nothing this year he is a forgotten player and totally off the radar of any big club over there save the bottom feeding relegation fighters in England.

  57. HomeyBoehme says:

    I have to think Cooper nixed this move, either for more money this year or in the hopes of securing a bigger transfer to a bigger club at the end of the MLS season.

    As far as I can tell, there are not a lot of players “rewarded” for sticking with the MLS by getting national team call ups. Big Bradley wants the best players, and most of our best players play (or will be playing) for other leagues. Also, it does not appear Cooper factors into any current national team plans even though a lot of fans would like to see what he can do there given consistent playing time.

  58. BrianK says:

    Papa Bear,

    Are you for real? Please do not talk down to other persons who post on this board. I will repeat,…maybe you can re-read…..Ken Cooper was in line for a $1 million salary at Cardiff and a $1.2 million salary in Norway. He should be disapointed with a missed chance at a $900K pay increase.

    On the transfer front,…MLS did the right thing.

  59. roger_dodger says:

    No offence papa bear but you clearly have no idea about the English league setup. Cardiff are in the league below the premiership and hence if they get promoted they will be in the premiership.

    As for your comment that if Cardiff do nothing this season (I take it you mean dont go up to the premiership or get the the FA cup final like last season) then he will be forgotten, get your facts straight. Cardiff have sold many players to premiership teams over the last few season, each going for between £2-5 million (right now thats roughly $3.8-9.7 million) and one of these players (Aaron Ramsey, a home grown cardiff player aged 17 and not a first team regular) just went to Arsenal for £5million!

    So dont be an idiot and say that cardiff is somewhere players just vanish, they have fought hard to keep 3-4 players who are still with the club because they’ve been linked with premiership clubs!

    As for the transfer, I’m disappointed as KC looked a nice prospect and would’ve had every chance to succeed here (hopefully getting us to the premiership). Hope this doesnt bite him in the ass!

    But the mls is growing very quickly since beckhams arrival so he might strike lucky, but I think that maybe time will run out for him (MLS players are still seen as risky transfers, as nobody really knows the standard of the league) but I hope not.

    Anyway good luck MLS fans, I for one think you could have a great league in a few short seasons :)

    Sorry for the long rant 😉

  60. Hitchcock said, “Winning championships is our priority, and we feel strongly that Kenny will continue to be an important part of our success as we compete for the MLS Cup this year and in the future.”

    Well, last I looked, FC Dallas didn’t seem to be on a playoff run. Prior their win over LA (who has shipped more goals than any other MLS team), Dallas last win was in June against Chicago, who went 0 for June anyway.

    Yes, Dallas sits in a play-off spot right now, but with Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chivas and Colorado separated by 2 points, that playoff spot is going to be in jeopardy all season long.

    If Cooper continues his goal scoring run (he has 11, one less than Donovan) he could win the golden boot. I hope to heaven Bob Bradley calls him in for the next round of World Cup qualifying (same with Edson Buddle). Cooper’s value will go up. It sucks for Cooper, but maybe MLS is getting serious about keeping players in the league. Now, if they would only pay them more.

  61. Oranje Mike says:

    MLS has shown why players will continue to opt out of deals in the future. Players don’t get paid decent wages and when an overseas club comes snooping around they shoot the deals down. If I was a young player I would looks at something like this and what NE did to Twellman and may think twice about entering MLS.

  62. Jonathan says:

    Like Oranje Mike states, good US players should look abroad and research their genealogy tables. No point in wasting your precious years in MLS if playing in better leagues with better grasp of the global market.