Morning Ticker: Revs reach SuperLiga final, Fire downs Everton and Champions League results


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Good morning all. Last night was a good night to be an MLS fan. New England toppled Mexican champions Atlante in SuperLiga while the Chicago Fire defeated Everton in a friendly. Couple those results with the latest in the European soccer world and we’ve got a lot to get to this morning. Let’s get started:

Revs reach SuperLiga final

Shalrie Joseph’s first-half header goal was all New England needed as its defense held up without Michael Parkhurst in a 1-0 victory against Atlante in the SuperLiga semifinals on Wednesday night at Gillette Stadium.

The game was marred, as so many matches between Mexican and Amerian teams are, by post-game scuffles (call them handbags if you prefer). The result was five red cards for Atlante and one unfortunate red card for New England and Jay Heaps (has he ever not looked shocked at getting a card?).

Now England moves on to the SuperLiga final, where it will take on the Houston Dynamo in a rematch of the past two MLS Cup finals.

Fire downs Everton

Chris Rolfe’s first-half strike proved to be the difference as the Chicago Fire defeated English club Everton, 2-0, at Toyota Park on Wednesday.

The Fire played most of its starters in the first half, with the exception of Cuauhtemoc Blanco, who did not play. Tomasz Frankowski added a second half score to make the final 2-0.

Everton also played several starters, including Tim Howard, Jolean Lescott, Ayegbeni Yakubu and Mikel Arteta.

Champions League qualifying underway

The second round of Champions League qualifying got underway this week with a full slate of games on Wednesday. Teams will play a home-and-home series, with the winners moving on to the third-round of qualifying. Here are the first-leg results:

Anorthosis Famugusta (Cyprus) 3, Rapid Vienna (Austria) 0
IFK Gothenburg (Sweden) 1, Basel (Switzerland) 1
Tampere United (Finland) 1, Artmedia Bratislava (Slovakia) 3
AaB Aalborg (Denmark) 5, Modrica (Bosnia) 0
Domzale (Slovenia) 0, Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) 3
Anderlecht (Belgium) 1, BATE Borisov (Belarus) 2
Fenerbahce (Turkey) 2, MTK Hungaria (Hungary) 0
Beitar Jerusalem (Israel) 2, Wisla Krakow (Poland) 1
Rangers (Scotland) 0, Kaunas (Lithuania) 0
Panathinaikos (Greece) 3, Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia) 0
Sheriff (Moldova) 0, Sparta Prague (Czech Republic) 1
FC Baku (Azerbaijan) 1, Partizan Belgrade (Serbia) 1
Brann Bergen (Norway) 1, Ventspils (Latvia) 0
Drogheda United (Ireland) 1, Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) 2


What did you think of last night’s SuperLiga semifinals? Did the post-game scuffle just absolutely shock you? Were you impressed with Chicago’s performance against Everton? Are you still in tears after Modrica’s 5-0 shellacking against Aalborg?

Share your thoughts below.

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54 Responses to Morning Ticker: Revs reach SuperLiga final, Fire downs Everton and Champions League results

  1. Residents of Earth says:

    Dear Rangers – Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed last year thinking you were realtive outisde of Glasgow.

  2. AJ says:


    What’s with Tony Lochhead getting a tryout for Boro? He couldn’t move ahead of superstars like Jay Heaps, Joey Franchino, and Avery John on the Revs depth chart and now he’s got a trial for a midtable team in the self-proclaimed best league in the world?

  3. mig22 says:

    Yeah, that 7-4-0 formation they play is really powerful. But hey, FBK Kaunas is a powerhouse. Sheesh. If it’s possible for them to lose in this round, the CL will be better for not having them. Of course, then they can lull us to sleep in the UEFA Cup.

  4. RK says:

    What does handbag mean?

    Glad that the Spaniards got off to a good start at Fener…but it was the old La Liga player that put the first goal in.

  5. Nordy says:

    Typical Mexican soccer….starting fights with guys who can’t fight back. It’s the ultimate coward move, and it infuriates me to see Mexican teams do this over and over again. It’s only a matter of time until some American fan jumps onto the field and gives some Mexican player the butt-kicking that (s)he deserves.

    Unlike the Atlante losers, the Revs still have soccer to play.

  6. A.S. says:

    Rangers result = not good.

  7. BFBS says:

    AJ, my thoughts exactly. If Tony Lochhead is good enough for Middlesbrough, Shalrie Joseph is good enough for Man U.

  8. Gino says:


    “Handbags” means the mexicans left their knives in the locker room.

  9. Angel says:

    I saw the game last night and the night before, I did enjoy watching MSL Teams prevail and beating the Mexican teams, but WOW this tournement is getting to be a joke. First the Referring Suck and the Soccer field were in the worst condition. MLS have to do something about this stadium. Now the Mexican Team are sore looser they all want to win all the time and can’t get it or understand that MSL team are getting better, They expect to come to play and win cuase they are better than us..LOL is a joke. Pachuca and Atlante the all accusing the referi, the stadium and the worst that we are racist to the mexican team and that they can’t express their feeling cause the affraid cause they are playing in a country that don’t like Mexican. And I hope that we can do better in the Concacaf Champion league, And my last comment I think this Superliga need to go away forever, it doesn’t do anything for The MLS TEAM.

  10. Paul says:

    Hey Ives,

    Not that this is a surprise, but I was watching Sportscenter last night and Steve Levy (during the top 10 plays) described Shalrie Joseph’s goal as by the “Mexican team.” At least the goal made the top ten.

    Keep up the fight for soccer!

  11. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    Suspect its a result of a good agent, trying out doesnt mean signed. Dont forget that Doe tried out Bayern Munich…

  12. Lee says:

    Jay Heaps played for Coach K he teaches that look when a player gets called for something.

  13. mig22 says:

    I thought the pitch rolled very well last night. The stadium is kinda cavernous when almost empty but the ball moved cleanly all game. Was I missing something, Angel?

  14. kpugs says:

    Hahahaha, “superstars.” Well done AJ, couldn’t agree more.

  15. Fumar says:

    Angel, Have Mexican players said that? Do they feel threatened? Cause that’s flat out hilarious. Have you seen what our national team goes through down there? We’re basically rolling out the red carpet here, compared to that.

    P.S. Love the SuperLiga. Love the budding rivalry between the Mexican teams and the MLS. Love the fact that these so called “meaningless” games end up getting very chippy and emotional. Love it! We just need to start playing some of the games in Mexico to legitamize the whole thing.

  16. Angel says:

    Lee, no yesterday Field was fine, I’m talking about the field in the Houston game, The one Chivas play against New england in Fullerton CA. The Pizza Hut Stamdium. All those field were awful and the ball bounce cause of the condition of the field, and Yes yesterday the ball was rolling very clean.

  17. Einar says:

    i thought it was funny right aftter the match the atlante goalie told the telefutura interviewer on the pitch that this country is dangerous. very dangerous. lol

  18. Einar says:

    I want this superliga tourney to not happen again. waste of time.

  19. AJ says:

    I don’t think there is such thing as a meaningless game for American soccer when playing against foreign clubs. Even the all-star game means something.

    American soccer is fighting for legitimacy within its own country and in the eyes of the world. Every match means something because of that goal. Beating the Mexicans at the club level is a big step forward for the league. MLS teams need wins in these tournaments and international friendlies to prove that the league is legit and worth paying attention to.

  20. Angel says:

    Kpugs I’m with you, I know how they treat us when we go down there, and that is why it was hilarious when Donovan pissed on their Stadium. Yeah after the game the got interview and they said that. I was watching TELEFUTURA, and of coure the commentary are Mexican and they make the Mexican Team as the Innocent victim. GO USA Can’t wait for the Olympic games..

  21. Allan says:

    I know that when I need my “anti-Mexican” fix, I can always come to Ives’ blog. I am sure his sponsors love it.

  22. Fumar says:

    Who’s being anti-mexican. I haven’t heard any opinions of mexicans on this board, simply facts.

  23. Kevin M says:

    Superliga kix arse.

  24. Robert says:

    the Mexican media is completely outraged by what they call “bad refereeing against Mexican teams” in both concacaf and conmebol (sudamericana, libertadores)

  25. Tony in Quakeland says:

    SuperLiga matches have been uniformly entertaining and passionate.

    Some please explain to me what is wrong with that?

  26. Miguel says:

    The Douche Atlante Goalkeeper (he sounded Argentinian or Uruguayan) should have been arrested for several assaults. I don’t know how this is allowed by the security or police. If it happened in the stands there would be arrests. As a matter of fact, at Giants Stadium there are arrests in the stands for much, much less. Anyway, too bad about the post game scuffles between the Mexican and Amerian teams. I hope Now England wins the Superliga. Ha, ha!

  27. EssEff says:

    Yes, Tony! Superliga is primo soccer watching. I don’t understand how some people want it to go away. I guess I can understand if I were a Rev fan and worried about my players getting hurt for a total payout of $5k per player, or whatever it boils down to. That would be a legit concern.

  28. Miguel says:

    Oh, and I also heard the Atlante Goalkeeper comments after the game about how they are in a very, very dangerous country. Ha, ha! Yeah, good one bro!

  29. Wolfvillage says:

    I only watched the last 20 minutes of this game and was pleased with the way New England handled the Atlante attack. They did not bunker down at all and kept the lines moving forward creating opportunities to score a second goal.

    I would have loved to see a Mexican team in the final but they just didn’t show up in their respective semifinal games. I loved the Pachuca players comments when they arrived in Mexico yesterday…bad officiating, biased calls, blah, blah, blah…I’m sure Superliga officials and its sponsors would prefer a team from each country in the last game.

    NE and Houston in the final could very well be a midweek U.S. open cup game for me.

  30. CD says:

    I like Superliga but I would like to see different MLS teams in it than are in the CONCACAF Champions League. As the MLS expands it will allow for more clubs to get into international competitions.

  31. Frank says:

    This Superliga was a supreme failure with its ridiculous home team format, tie breakers, and refs. Chivas GDL and Pachuca already said they will not participate anymore under the current format. I think this was the last Superliga and I am glad. I loved last years version and was excited about this years but have come away realizing how unfair this tournament is for the Mexican teams. Good riddance.

  32. Mikebsiu says:

    The upset of the night has to be my club RSC Anderlecht losing against a no name team from Belarus.

  33. brentmcd says:

    The Superliga matches have been entertaining, but the format is a joke. Hopefully the CONCACAF Champions League will grow to the point where Superliga is not needed.

    “In the end, we’re not happy. We’re not happy with the way things went down. We played a good game and all they wanted to do was come here and fight us. You see it all the time. I’m sure if you went back and looked at all the tapes of every game that one of the teams from Mexico has lost, they’re all screaming at the referee. They’re sitting there, they have people from their staff coming and taking shots at people.”

    — Matt Reis

  34. BJR says:

    Anybody have a link to the highlights (That is, if they exist?) from the Fire-Everton game?

    much appreciated…

  35. Julio says:

    My Gosh I can’t believe what a bunch of whinning I hear from the Mexican fans on this Blog. Get over it, your team lost. Everytime your clubs or Nat’l team goes to an event it’s always “we did not get a fair shake from the Refs” OH pluuuuzzzzee. How about for once saying the other teams are better and we suck.

  36. EDB says:

    Fire v Everton highlights only available through evertontv .. which costs about 5pounds a month..

  37. Seriously? says:

    Really Miguel? The players should be arrested because they do things that would get arrested if done elsewhere? So you must also think that most football and hockey players should get arrested after each of their games, not to mention any soccer player who makes a reckless challenge. What else? Should NASCAR drivers be arrested for driving illegally modified cars, speeding, driving to endanger, etc? That’s what would happen if they drove their cars outside of the track.

    Sadly, seeing such behavior, while angering me because there are never any consequences for those players who do it, no longer surprises me. I’ve pretty much come to expect it. Should we ever get anything other than a pathetic CONCACAF president and governing body, then maybe something will happen, but I won’t hold my breath. But arresting them? Don’t be ridiculous.

  38. NOLA soccer fan says:

    I love that the mexican league teams are getting a proverbial punch in the mouth.its about time that they realize they arent the only big boys on this small block.

    and as for their complaining about bad referees…all i have to say is welcome to the world of soccer. you can complain all you want but no one really cares.

  39. mike ruze says:

    Yea Foxboro that haven for anti mexican gang bangers and anti Mexican snipers. Then those hoodlums who kidnapp soccer players and their faimilies, cops who always ask for a bribe without fear of retribution, Narco terrrorsits klling everyone and taking over whole towns. Plus we grow those Slamonella laced tomatoes and jalapenos….oh wait that last two thats MEXICO.

    They should bring in Euro refs for Superliga. They do have a point the Refs were HORRIBLE. Im happy Houston won but Pachuca was robbed. I want to win but fair and square.

    The future of Superliga should be cut down to two teams of each league. The two Mex champs and the MLS champs and supporters shield champs. it should also be home and away.

    Thou MLS teams dont have an advantage because half the crowds are pro mexican. Also Mexican home games have the advantage of smog, pollution and altitude which we are not used too.

  40. martha says:

    Fire spanked Everton. Obviously the Fire would be a top four EPL team.

    Thanks KFC for takin Barrett. It forced Haml;ett to play Nyarko who is far superior. I was afraid KFC was going to ask for him. So afraid I dared not mention it on a soccer blog till the deal was done.

    Enjoy those field goals over the net from three yards out!!

  41. Sin2R says:

    I have really enjoyed Superliga. However, I do hope that it is played in both countries next year with the final in a neutral southern city. Also, I think they should have only Mexican refs, so no more Mexican complaints!

  42. Matt in SF says:

    Mexican teams got owned by MLS. Mexican players left the matches with tears and excuses.

    What’s new?

  43. irishapple21 says:

    When I heard the Atlante keeper had said that the US was dangerous, I laughed out loud. In the US, professional sports stars don’t have to worry about their relatives being kidnapped in broad daylight by street gangs and held for ransom. In Mexico, that’s a common occurrence. Which country is dangerous?

  44. Fire_Juve10 says:

    Chicago played very well last night. Nyarko is gonna be a stud in the next couple of years. Two Everton fans ran out on the field at the end of the game and it took a long time for security to react. That should be looked at, but probably won’t. Daniel Woolard may see some time out of the line up after suffering from a horrible two footed tackle by an Everton player who was promptly red carded. Good game all around.

    Tampere United lost 3-1 at home? It looks like it’s going to be yet another year of Champions League football without a Finnish representative.

  45. Paul says:

    Hey, everybody, where’s the excitement over SK Brann (or just plain Brann, not Brann Bergen)? The defending Norwegian champions are struggling this year, but hope to make it to the CL group stage.

  46. Ryan says:

    Heaps got screwed. He played well, and Joseph’s goal was textbook. The Revs need their own stadium. The Mexicans went long periods looking like a high school team.

  47. John says:

    How many years will it be before MLS teams are clearly better than their Mexican counterparts? With the salary cap expected to increase after next year and a halt to expansion (at least momentarily) after 2011… I will call the over/under at 3.

  48. Joe says:

    The Fire did play well in the first half when both teams were trying to get the win/play well. Nyarko is a much better option for the Fire than Barrett. We lose Carr to injury and get Poppa, who by the way looks like he could be quite dangerous, and we give Barrett away and get McBride. That is the ideal situation for the Fire and its fans. When we get McBride from the olympics we will have quite the battle for the outside wingers with Rolfe, Thorrington, Mapp and now Poppa in the situation. Things are looking good for the Fire in the upcoming months.

  49. nico says:

    did Lou Dobbs cover the SuperLiga games?

  50. Miguel says:

    Was I writing In Korean, Seriously? I couldn’t care less what they do in Hockey, (American) Football or Nascar (Nascar? – Ha, ha!). What the Atlante Goalkeeper did constituted assault. Elsewhere – like in the stands, the street, wherewever – anyone else doing the same thing would be arrested. Yeah, that guy should have been seriously arrested. Let me know if you want me to translate the above text into whatever language you understand.

  51. rick says:

    Is there a country that produces more sore losers then Mexico? They are pathetic when they lose. They need to stop making excuses and fighting when they lose, and figure out how they can play better.

  52. martha says:

    Mex called up another proffesionl naturalized player. An argetninan named leondro.

    Maybe the Atlante goalie is showing hes ignorant enough for the Mex nat team

  53. Angel says:

    Martha the player that was call up for the Mexican National team is not Argentinian, He is Brazilian, and Yes Atlante Goalie is an ignorant but remember that we have Argetinian people in our MLS league so lets give them some respect.

  54. Seriously? says:

    I have been away, so you probably won’t see this Miguel as it’s old, but it appears that you are the one needing a translation. Nobody asked if you care about other sports, the point is, you can’t punish people for things that happen in sporting events are only slightly beyond the norm for that sport. Hence bringing up other sports to show how ridiculous your statement was. How about another example, should contestants in boxing matches get arrested, because if we use your standard of ‘if fans were to do that to one another in the stands, they’d be arrested, so people in the ring should be arrested’, then of course, all boxers would be arrested. Oh, and as you obviously missed in my previous post, using a soccer example, should we arrest every player who makes a slide tackle where they also take out the legs of the opponent? If fans were to do that in the stands, they’d get arrested. Do you not understand why your point is inane or do you need this translated?