SBI Reader Roll Call

(Hey all, I posted this at the end of April, and again in mid-June, but wanted to re-post to get enough readers to give me the thousand I need for my demographic breadowns. If you already included you info the last time around then you don’t have to do so again.)

As some of you may recall, I did an extensive reader roll call on the old Soccer By Ives, a project that allowed me to get a better sense of what subjects, teams and leagues to cover once the new SBI launched.

For now, since the new SBI has more than double the readership of the old SBI, I am looking to do a new reader roll call. Please provide your name, email, location, age and clubs and national teams you support and the information will not only allow me to get a better sense of the readership, but also provide some valuable information I can share with potential advertisers. I will also make the results of this survey available once it is completed (I am shooting for the beginning of August).

Please be assured that if you list your email under the email line in the comments box only I will be able to see the address, so don’t worry about it being seen and used by others. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing that information in the comments section, you can also email me your information at

Thanks again to all of you readers who have helped the new SBI get off to a great start in its first six months, and thank you again to those of you taking part in the new reader roll call.

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1,060 Responses to SBI Reader Roll Call

  1. mikemc says:

    Mike (32)

    Annandale, VA

  2. Justin says:

    Justin (23)

    Traverse City, MI

  3. AlexS says:

    Alex (20)

    Richardson, TX

    Hmmmm, no favorite team this time?

  4. brett says:

    Brett – 24


    The Chicago Fire

  5. bgnewf says:

    Tim (bgnewf), (40)

    Toronto ON

    TFC and Arsenal

  6. bill says:

    Bill (30)

    Hillsboro, OR

    There’s no pity in the “Rose City!”

    Go Timbers!

  7. kilmier says:

    John 24

    Bronx, NY

  8. EdTheRed says:

    Ed (35)

    Washington, DC

    You didn’t ask this time, but for no extra charge, I’ll tell you that I support DC United. ;-)

  9. Dave says:

    Dave (23)

    Costa Mesa, CA

  10. brent says:

    brent (33)

    louisville, ky

    Louisville Cardinals(only soccer team in town)

  11. dallen says:

    Dallen 22

    Phoenix, AZ

  12. Scott says:

    Scott 28

    Baltimore, MD

    Vamos United

  13. Matt says:

    Matt (40)

    Pawling, NY

    RBNY and Chelsea

  14. Joe says:

    Joe (30)

    Washington DC

    DC United

  15. Orlando says:

    Orlando (32)

    Austin, TX

    Austin Aztex (USL-1, starting 2009)

  16. j1m says:

    Jim (44)

    Weehawken, NJ


    I like long walks on the beach and hate mean people, am well endowed, and have lots of money (pass this info onto the lovely ladies that keep popping up on the right hand banner ads.)

  17. Brit says:

    Brit, 38

    Munster, Indiana

    Manchester United, DC United

  18. JSquaredNY says:

    Josh (24)

    Mamaroneck, NY


  19. Douglas says:

    Douglas (25)

    Burbank, CA

    Rapids, Barcelona, SDSU Aztecs

  20. Chris says:

    Chris (21)

    Charlottesville, VA

  21. Tony says:

    Tony (28)

    Boise, ID

  22. Spencer says:

    Spencer (21)

    Port Neches, TX

    General soccer fan but Houston and RSL.

  23. Marc says:

    Marc (39)

    Hunterdon Co, NJ

  24. Pepe says:

    A fan since ’96 from East Orange NJ

  25. cs28 says:

    Casey (28)

    Chicago, Il

    Man U, Celtic, the Fire

  26. Zoran says:


    Toronto ON

    TFC, Drexel Dragons :)

  27. kpugs says:

    Kevin, 28

    Couple miles from Giants Stadium, North Jersey

    RBNY, team USA, any team playing DC Scum

  28. MGerbs says:

    Matt Gerboth (20)

    Stony Point, NY

    RBNY and Manchester United!

  29. Andrew says:

    Andrew (20)

    Silver Spring, MD

    DC United and US Men’s National Team

  30. Jim says:

    Jim (23)

    Omaha, NE

    Colorado Rapids

  31. AJ says:

    Andres (25)


    Arsenal, TFC

  32. jevanvoo says:

    Jennifer (a woman should never tell her real age) Hoboken, NJ

    NYRB, USWNT, USMNT. Jim, I’m going to tell Ellen next time I see her you’re trying to hook up with internet hussies.

  33. Brian says:

    Brian (27)

    Calgary, AB, Canada

    Arsenal, TFC

  34. Jake says:

    Jason (32)

    New Orleans

    Chelsea FC, Chicago Fire

  35. Ted says:

    Ted – 19

    Stillwater, Oklahoma

    I support Liverpool and Hamburg SV abroad, and the Rapids here in the states. I also follow any Americans playing abroad.

  36. DCM says:

    Don, 38


    USMNT, DCU & Americans in EPL

  37. Rene says:

    Rene (21)

    Los Angeles, CA (specifically Glendale)

    Fan of LA Galaxy, Manchester United, Darlington FC, and USC Trojans

  38. PatrickfromNC says:

    Patrick, 26

    Gastonia, NC

    National Teams, Man U and starting to get into MLS…

  39. Ken says:

    Ken, 46

    San Rafael, CA

    Revs, USMNT

    Four years as a paperboy for the Herald News while growing up in Bloomfield!

  40. AT says:

    Alex, 25

    Philadelphia, PA

    Quakes supporter, but soon to be rooting for Philly’s new team.

  41. Udo says:


    Atlanta, Ga

    No team yet.

  42. Chris Lavell says:

    Chris, (29)

    St. Catharines, Ontario

    TFC, National Teams, EPL

  43. Andrew says:

    Andrew (23)

    Real Salt Lake, Arsenal, USMNT

  44. wrc says:

    bill, 27

    brooklyn, ny

    MLS, Redbulls, EPL, ChampsLeague, Euro leagues, maybe more about south american football?


  45. Phillip says:

    Phillip (21)

    Greenville, NC

    USA, DC United, Bayern Munich

  46. Justin says:

    Justin (29)

    Waxahachie, TX (near Dallas)

    FC Dallas and Liverpool

  47. roar its me im a lion rawr says:

    nelson (20)

    Los Angeles, CA

    Galaxy, Crew, MNT, yanks abroad.

    oh yeah, and ohio state.

  48. Brant says:

    Brant (35)

    Columbus, OH but relocating soon to Raleigh, NC

    Newcastle United, Columbus Crew, USMNT

  49. Kevin says:

    Kevin (36)

    Sacramento, CA

  50. froboy says:

    Andrew, 22

    Puebla, Mexico

    USA, DC United, Puebla FC (here’s to staying in the Mexican first division!)

  51. Jeff says:

    Jeff – 45

    Los Angeles

  52. Gabe (24) says:

    Charleston, SC

    Liverpool, USMNT, Charleston Battery

  53. STJ says:

    Steve (26)

    Toronto, ON

    TFC, Liverpool, Vancouver Whitecaps

  54. Eric says:

    Eric (29)

    Atlanta, GA

    Premier League, Americans Abroad, US National Team, MLS Expansion, Transfer Rumors

  55. gaucho says:

    Greg, 29

    Manhattan, NY

    USA, MLS, Champs League

  56. Rob (44) says:

    Los Angeles, CA

    LA Galaxy, Fulham, ManU, US, UCLA

  57. Joe G (22) says:

    New Brunswick, Nj

    Red Bulls, Bayern Munchen, USMNT, US U-23 etc.

  58. Robert says:

    Robert (29)

    Princeton, NJ

    Colorado, Liverpool, all US teams

  59. Tim K says:

    Tim (22)

    Chicago, IL and Lillington, NC

    Chicago Fire, Tottenham Hotspurs, and the proud USMNT

  60. Brett says:

    Brett (28)

    Columbus OH

    Liverpool, Columbus Crew, USMNT

  61. Greg says:

    Greg – 29

    Tampa, FL.


  62. sublicon says:

    Geoff (24)

    New York, NY

    Red Bulls, Fulham (til I die), USMNT

  63. Monkey Boy says:

    John (32)

    Madison, WI

    Fire, Bayern Munich, Princeton 56ers (local NPSL team)

  64. Elliott says:

    Elliott – 24

    Columbus, OH

    Columbus Crew

  65. Erik says:

    Erik (40)

    Washington, DC

    DC United, Liverpool, Real Betis, USA

  66. corksoccer says:

    Tim (46)

    Newark, DE

    USMNT, ManU, LAG and soon to be Philly MLS

  67. quakes fan says:

    Mike (36)

    Petaluma, CA

    Earthquakes and Yanks Abroad

  68. Adam says:

    Adam (29)

    Dallas, TX

    Tottenham Hotspur and FC Dallas

  69. Mike says:




    Sounders (and Sounders FC), Champions League, EPL

  70. Chris (23)

    Arlington, VA

    DC United, Liverpool

  71. Mark says:

    Mark, 25

    Denver, CO

    Rapids, Juventus

  72. John says:

    John (42)

    Denver, CO


  73. Johnny says:

    Johnny 29

    ManU USMNT FULHAM (or any team abroad with americans) MLS Philly?

  74. Matt says:

    Matt (20)

    Richmond, VA

    DC United, USMNT, Richmond Kickers

  75. Tee says:

    Tee (19)

    Aiken, SC

    LA Galaxy, Charleston Battery, Man U, U-17 MNT, U-23 MNT, USA MNT, Columbus Crew,

  76. Gene says:

    Gene, 64

    Brooklyn, NY

    NYRB, USMNT, MLS generally

  77. Lee says:

    Lee (32)

    York, PA

  78. Gene says:

    Gene, 64

    Brooklyn, NY

    NYRB, USMNT, MLS generally

  79. Brian says:

    Brian (22)

    Davis, CA

    Spurs, MLS, USMNT

  80. Christopher says:

    Christopher (40)

    Middlesex, NJ

    Glasgow Rangers, Chelsea, and Red Bulls.

  81. Mike says:


    Kansas City, MO


  82. Nick says:

    Nick (20)

    Richmond, VA

    MNT, Czech Republic, Fulham, Galaxy and DC

  83. fhqwhgads says:

    Brandon (26)

    Albuquerque, NM

  84. Homey Boehme says:

    Mark (28)

    St Louis Park(suburb of Minneapolis), MN

    Favorite Teams: MN Thunder, USMNT.

  85. CACuzcatlan says:

    Wow, someone else on here lives in San Rafael.

    Nelson (24)

    San Rafael, CA

    L.A. Galaxy, Barcelona, US National Team

  86. Evan says:

    Evan, 27

    Iowa City, Iowa

    MLS, USMNT, Yanks Abroad mainly EPL

  87. Louis says:

    Louis (21)


    Bulls, Barca, Fulham

  88. Gil says:

    Gil (35)

    FIRE till I die

    Zion illinois, 40 miles north of chicago. drive 65 miles (1.75 hours in traffic) to watch the Original Men in Red play.

    FulhAmerica, Real Madrid, San Luis and any team playing New jersey Red Bulls

    Only change I would like to see is you cover more of the Mexican league. We have more and more Americans playing down there. The stuff you post now is great and covers all my interest.

  89. Landis says:

    Landis (27)

    Louisville, KY

    Crew, ManU, USMNT

  90. smokeminside says:

    Scott (51–but I have young kids!)


    EPL, US Men’s and Women’s national teams

    Dynamo, Galaxy, and Seattle Sounders Football Club.

  91. Chris says:

    Chris (32)

    Bloomington-Normal, IL

    Fire (will be SLSU), Hammers

  92. Jeff says:

    Jeff (25)

    Cincinnati, OH

    Crew, USMNT

  93. Steve says:


    Seattle, WA


    American players in europe

  94. Mighty says:

    Ed Z.

    North Bergen NJ.

    Red Bulls, United States National Soccer team.

  95. Tripper says:

    Tripp (30)

    Palm Beach, FL

    Fulham, DCU

  96. northzax says:

    Josh (33)

    Washington, dc

    DCU, Reading, Timbers.

  97. Dave Hubner says:

    Dave Hubner (34)

    Frederick, MD

    USMNT, DC United, & players abroad

  98. Markk says:

    Mark Sieffert (31)

    New Jersey

    RBNY, US Men, Barcelona

  99. Chris Thompson says:

    Chris Thompson(24)


    Manchester United, Houston Dynamo

  100. Lenny says:

    Lenny (26)

    Boston, MA


  101. dano says:

    Daniel Taylor

    24, Austin, Texas

  102. Steve says:

    Steve (24)

    Hoboken, NJ

    Red Bulls, Fulham, Inter Milan, USMNT

  103. Justin (44) says:

    Arlington, VA

    DC United, US NTs, Juventus, Roma, Barca, SASC

  104. David W says:

    David (26)

    Springfield, NJ

    USMNT, NY Red Bulls

  105. Trex says:

    Jonathan (25)

    Rehoboth – MA


  106. SoccerMan says:

    Bob – 35

    Toronto, On

    Toronto FC

  107. josh says:

    Josh (19)


  108. HerthaBerwyn says:

    David (45)

    Chicago Fire

    I know you have the Guernsey flavor, but keep up the good work league wide.

  109. Elmer says:

    Elmer (26)

    Lynn, MA

    DC United, New England Revolution, Reading FC, USMNT

  110. crash2180 says:


    Tulare, CA

    Arsenal, FC Dallas, SDSU AZTECS

  111. Collin says:

    Collin (20)

    Kansas City, MO

    Liverpool, Wizards, USMNT

  112. Jon says:

    Jon (32)


    Bulls, Fulham, USMNT

  113. tsingletonvt says:

    Tim (36)

    Boston, MA

    New England Revolution, USMNT, UVM

  114. Sean says:

    Sean (29)

    Brooklyn, NY

    (Originally from PA, also lived in Baltimore and Chicago – have a girlfriend from Ontario)

    What’s the news with Red Bull Park?

  115. Chris says:

    Chris (27)


    Liverpool, USMNT, new Philly team

  116. Yeah that's me says:

    Odeen Domingo, 27


  117. Djep says:

    Djep ( 37 )

    San Francisco, CA



  118. Christiano, 21 says:

    New Jersey

    Red Bull New York, Portugal, Manchester United

  119. Dave says:

    West Chester, PA

    Philly 2010,USMNT,ManUtd

  120. Jordan says:

    Jordan (23)

    Philadelphia, PA

    Olympique Lyonnais, Monterrey, Arsenal, USMNT

  121. Sam says:

    Sam, 29

    Minneapolis, MN

    MN thunder, Arsenal, Bologna FC

  122. Phil says:

    Phil Kiffer (19)

    Westchester County, New York (summer)

    Carlisle, Pennsylvania (College)

    Metro, Zenit St. Petersburg, Swansea City AFC (Promoted to English Championship this season!)

  123. Tim Crawford says:

    Tim Crawford (23)

    Billerica, MA

    Revs, Real Madrid, Fulham, Arsenal, USA, Holland, Spain, UConn

  124. locolos says:

    Juan Carlos (39)

    New York City, NY

    NY RedBulls and Atletico Nacional de Colombia

  125. M!ke Incarnate says:

    Mike (34)

    Portland, OR


  126. Rob says:


    Falls Church, VA

    DCU, Bayern, SD Quito

  127. Mike says:

    Mike (38)

    Portsmouth, NH

    Revs, Barca, USMNT

  128. Centrejack says:

    Jack, 33

    New York, NY

    RBNY, US NATS, EPL, Yanks Abroad

  129. Henry says:

    Henry (32)

    Normally Colorado Springs, but currently in Amman, Jordan

    DC United

  130. Greg says:

    Greg (36)

    New York, NY


  131. Gilly73 says:

    Jason (35)

    Chicago, IL


  132. Adrian says:

    Adrian (32)

    Albuquerque, NM

    Galaxy & Chelsea (they’re gonna beat down Liverpool today to get into the finals…….. just watch.)

  133. Kevin says:

    Kevin (22)

    Boston, MA

    Liverpool, YA, MNT and YNT

  134. Steve says:

    Steve (19)

    Napa, CA

    LA Galaxy and USMNT (and Yanks Abroad)

  135. Joe says:

    Joe (30)

    Portland, OR

    USMNT, Sounders, EPL, YA

  136. Jengibre says:

    Craig (27)

    Denver, CO

    Colorado Rapids

    Jaguares de Chiapas

  137. Joe says:

    Joe (30)

    Portland, OR

    USMNT, Sounders, EPL, YA

  138. Rick says:

    Rick (31)

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    Fire, DC United, Man U

  139. Jason says:



    Paramus, NJ

    NYRB, USA, Primetown

  140. Chris says:

    Chris (35)

    Hartford, CT

    RBNY, Man U

  141. Pat Pug says:

    Pat, 25

    Nutley, NJ

  142. Brian says:

    Brian (19)


    US Nats, Red Bulls, Sporting de Gijón (3rd in the Segunda at the moment), Notre Dame, Tottenham

  143. Doug Shaftel says:

    Doug (34)

    Tumwater, Washington

    Seattle Sounders FC

    Chicago Fire

  144. zackc says:

    Zack Cravens

    22, Louisville

    Yanks Abroad, USMNT

  145. kyle says:

    Kyle (29)

    Boulder, CO


  146. Brad says:

    Brad (28)

    Des Moines, IA


  147. Max says:

    Max (20)

    Los Angeles, CA and New Haven, CT

    USMNT, Galaxy

  148. debbie says:

    I wish I could type this in pink, just to put a little more estrogen in the air. :)

    Debbie (old enough)

    Sevierville, Tennessee

    RBNY, USMN -well, all your basic USNTs, Sevierville Middle School Boys, and the fearless AYSO Region 440 U-10 Hokies.

  149. Rusty says:

    Rusty (27)

    Arlington VA/DC

    DC United, Yanks Abroad, US Mens Team

  150. Matt says:

    Matt, 23

    Richmond, VA



    DC United

    Richmond Kickers

  151. Steve (37) says:


    Fire, USMNT

  152. Steve says:

    41, Portland, Ore.

  153. Werner says:

    Werner (22)

    Los Alamitos, CA

    Galaxy Fan since season 1

    Arsenal Fan

    and gottta give a shout out to Guatemala’s Municpal!

  154. bshire says:

    Brad (31)

    Dallas, TX

    FC Dallas

  155. MiamiAl says:

    Alan (34)

    Washington D.C./Miami

    USMNT, DC UNITED, Flamengo, Bayern Munich, Miami FC

  156. Aengus says:


    Edison, NJ


  157. jeffe says:

    Jeff 33

    hoboken, nj

    NYRB; Villa

  158. Aengus says:

    George (20)

    Edison, NJ


  159. THE Nick says:

    Nick (26)

    Secaucus, NJ

    NY Red Bulls, USMNT, Italy, Secaucus FC, Juventus

  160. Corey says:

    Corey (20)

    Boston, MA – school: North Brunswick, NJ – home

    NYRB; Manchester United; Rotherham United; US, German, English MNT; Americans abroad

  161. Drew says:

    Drew – 33 – Chicago, IL

    Fire, USMNT, Real Madrid, Spain (MNT & league), Chicago Sting ;)

  162. Alex says:

    Alex (20)

    Indianapolis, IN

    Ajax USMNT Oranje…havent figured out my MLS team still

  163. Adam says:

    Adam (21)

    Berkeley, CA

    Liverpool, Galaxy, Atletico Madrid and of course the USMNT

  164. Dutchie says:

    Jurgen (42) Stratford, CT

    Follow USMNT, Dutch National team (whose under 23 side will win the Olympics) Any Americans in Premier League.

  165. Kevin (21) says:

    Champaign, IL

    Chicago Fire, USMNT, and the Fighting Illini

  166. Scott says:

    Scott (29)

    Washington, DC

    DCU, USMNT, EPL, Champions League

  167. eric says:

    Eric (30)

    Durham, NC

  168. Travis says:

    Travis (32)

    Atlanta, Georgia

    MUFC, USNT, Reading

  169. jmart says:

    jmart (38)

    Los Angeles, CA

    Arsenal, Fulham, Reading, Valencia, Galaxy

  170. Scott A says:

    Scott (21)

    From Brick, NJ/College in Fredericksburg, VA

    Team USA, RBNY, Everton

    Mostly follow countries’ national team games, Champions League, MLS, EPL, and La Liga

  171. Kenneth says:

    Kenneth (25)

    Houston, TX

    FC Dallas (hometown team), Everton, USMNT

  172. Roman says:



    Fire and any Club with a Ukrainian on the roster

  173. Sam (26) says:

    Endicott, NY

  174. guillermo says:

    Guillermo (40)

    Dyer, Indiana

    Chicago Fire, USMNT, Fulham, MLS

  175. Tim - 23 says:

    Providence, RI

    RBNY, Celtic, USA

  176. Stan (6x) says:

    Bridgewater, NJ

    Red Bulls, Newcastle Utd

  177. Jarrod says:

    Jarrod (24)

    Stillwater, OK

    Go Pokes!

  178. Tim Pramas says:

    Tim, 39, St. Paul, MN.

  179. Andrew Karl says:

    Andrew; 22

    Brighton, MA

    NERevolution, Liverpool, MNT…..University of New Hampshire?

  180. smorebs says:

    Ben (24)

    New Jersey

    USMNT, RBNY, Liverpool, Ajax

  181. Dan says:

    Dan (18)

    Mamaroneck, NY

    RBNY, USA Nats, Arsenal, Beitar Jerusalem

  182. Dannyc58 says:

    Dan (29)

    West Orange, NJ

    West Ham, NYRB, USMNT, NY Giants, NY Yankees, NJ Nets, NJ Devils

  183. Rich says:

    Rich (32)



  184. Reid says:

    Reid (28)

    East Haddam, CT

    Liverpool, PSG, Revolution

  185. dwbpnm says:

    Marc (24)

    Durham, NC

    DC United

  186. Eric says:

    Eric (19)

    Attending college in Lynchburg, VA but home is back in Raleigh, NC.

    USMNT, Chicago Fire, Carolina Railhawks, Reading FC

  187. Neumannator says:

    Jeff (38)

    Lambertville, New Jersey

    Red Bull Season ticketholder who will jump ship to Philly if I don’t see some goddamn results by 2010. No, I’m not angry.

  188. ben says:

    Ben (24)

    Switzerland – on top of (Miss) Italy ;-)

    LA Galaxy & MLS in general + all kinds of club/NT competitions

  189. Chaz says:

    Chaz (22)

    Austin, TX

    Arsenal, USMNT, FC Dallas

  190. Beckster says:

    Cathy (50+)

    Great Falls VA and Bedminister, NJ

    DC UNITED; MNT; WNT; Yanks abroad and former DC united players in particular

  191. nicholas s. says:

    nicholas s. (27)

    Tottenham Hotspur, RBNY

  192. Brice says:

    Brice (25)


    Arsenal, USMNT

  193. alexanderj says:

    Josh (26)

    Chino Hills, CA

    DC United, LA Galaxy, UCLA, Man U, USMNT

  194. Doug (36)

    Chicago, IL

    Arsenal, Chicago Fire, USMNT

  195. Casey (24) says:

    Garland, TX

    FC Dallas, Celtic FC, Americans Abroad

  196. spiny norman says:

    Rob (31)

    Newton, MA

    Revolution, Charlton Athletic

  197. Gabe says:

    Gabe (19)

    Los Angeles CA/ Santa Cruz CA/ North East England next year

    Los Angeles Galaxy, USMNT

  198. kco says:

    Matt (25)

    Olathe, KS

    KC Wizards, Bayern München

  199. James says:

    James (30)


    MNT, Arsenal

  200. Ted says:

    Ted (20)

    Columbia, MO

    USA! USA! USA!

  201. Mike says:

    Mike (23)

    Springfield, PA

    RBNY until 2010

  202. Mark says:

    Mark (18)

    Reading in England.

    Support Reading, obviously, as its my hometown team, well before they became an EPL club. I love MLS so I’ll support any of the teams, but mainly root for Toronto and Kansas City Wizards.

  203. Mark says:

    Ah gone and put my email into the actual comments, could that be deleted, Ives? Thanks

  204. Will says:

    Will (20)

    Live in Appleton, WI, but go to school in Lexington, VA

    Chicago Fire, US, AS Monaco FC

  205. Adam says:

    Adam 29

    Brooklyn, NY

    Chicago Fire, USMNT

  206. Leif says:

    Leif (22)

    Rochester, NY

    USMNT, TFC, Arsenal

  207. B.A. says:

    B.A. (23)

    Unspecifiable location between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC

    …Guess? :)

  208. Bob says:


    Huntington Beach, CA

  209. ben says:

    Ben (19)

    Hilton Head, SC

    USMNT, Man United, Yanks Abroad

  210. Seth Meicke says:

    Seth (40)

    North Plainfield, NJ

    Red Bull NY, Arsenal

  211. Nicholas says:

    22, Los Angeles, CA

  212. David (29) says:

    David (29)

    Anchorage, AK

    Houston Dynamo, USMNT, YA

  213. Chris says:

    Chris (27)

    Long Island


    My softball team’s name is GSE

  214. MemRook says:

    James (24)

    Grand Forks, ND (I know, I know! I just moved here from Memphis and there is ZERO soccer. It’s basically a soccer fan’s HELL)

    Rangers, USMNT and MLS (all teams; I have no affiliation).

  215. Ace says:

    Ace (31)

    Harrisburg, PA relocating to Baltimore, MD

    GO Terps!

  216. Stuart says:

    Stuart (44)

    Columbus Ohio

    Columbus Crew


    US M, W, U-23

  217. Jamie says:

    Live in Minnesota. Currently liking Columbus.

  218. Bubba says:

    Mike (30)

    Munster Indiana (near Chicago)

    US men’s national team, yanks abroad, MLS general

  219. Mike says:

    Mike (30)

    Washington, D.C.

    D.C. United, Liverpool, Ipswich Town

  220. Dave says:

    Dave (22)

    Rochester, NY

    USA, Man Utd, Rochester Rhinos

  221. John says:

    John (48)

    Walnut Creek, CA

  222. Chris says:

    Chris (18)

    Richland Center, WI

    Chicago Fire, USMNT

  223. Paul says:

    Paul (49)

    New Jersey


    US MNT

    SK Brann (my dad’s old club in Norway)

    (and NY Cosmos)

  224. Willis says:


    F.C. Porto

    Colorado Rapids

  225. Paul says:

    Paul (49)

    Please add: Norwegian MNT

  226. Christopher says:

    Chris (22)

    Boston, Ma

    New England Revolution, Liverpool, FC Groton House

  227. Andy says:

    Andy (25)

    New Orleans, LA

  228. TCompton says:

    Ted (30)

    Alexandria, VA

    DC United Supporter

  229. Chris says:

    Chris (18)

    Richland Center, WI

    Chicago Fire, USMNT

  230. Camjam says:

    Cameron (20)

    SUU and Orem, UT

    RSL, USMNT, Man U

  231. Coach says:

    Coach (36)

    Clifton, NJ

    Spurs, Rangers, RBNY

  232. Eric Anderson says:

    Eric (20)

    Grand Rapids, MI and Norman, OK

    Chicago Fire and Manchester United

  233. StartaRevolution says:


    Falmouth, MA


  234. Moneyball says:

    Stephen (24)

    Philadelphia, PA

    New York Red Bulls, AS Roma, Gli Azzurri

  235. Greg (51) says:

    Austin, TX

    Great site!

  236. HE from NJ says:

    Hubert (26)

    Newark, New Jersey

    AC Milan/Barca, RBNY, USMNT (Beat Argentina!)

    oh, and I play left-mid ;-)

  237. Chris says:


    Long Island, New York


  238. jesus says:


    Age 26

    Jersey city, New Jersey

    I support NYRB, MNT, and Fulham.

  239. Bruce says:

    Bruce (42)

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    soon moving to Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Fire fan

  240. Dan says:


    Vienna, VA

    DC United, Barcelona, La Liga

  241. Chris Martin says:

    Chris (27)

    Birmingham, AL

    USA, DC United, Tottenham Hotspur

  242. Don says:

    Fire, Crew, MLS, USMNT, overseas players, Man U., Everton, Reading, EPL, Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga

  243. Joamiq says:

    Joamiq, 24

    Currently DC, but soon relocating to NY

    Red Bulls, Spurs, USMNT

  244. m@ says:

    Matt (39.5)

    Spring, TX

    Go Dynamo!

  245. jerry says:

    Jerry (24)

    Sterling VA

    FC Barcelona, NYRB,Honduras NT

  246. General Tso says:

    Matt (42)

    Portland, OR

    Mighty Mighty Timbers!!!

    Portland Griffins


    Americans Abroad

    Park University

  247. Chris says:


    Long Island, New York

    Manchester United

    I play for a locacl developmental academy team(we are playing RBNY this weekend)

  248. evan says:

    23 chicago

  249. Thomas says:

    Thomas (27)

    Vienna, Austria

    Manchester United, USMNT, Red Bulls

  250. Jerry says:

    Jerry (24)

    Sterling VA

    FC Barcelona, NYRB,Honduras NT

  251. Chris (28) says:

    Chris (28)

    Hempstead / Astoria NY

    USMNT, Red Bull NY

  252. Palermo Son says:

    Jake (21)

    Asheboro, NC/Princeton, NJ



    Any team not named Arsenal

  253. NateinSF says:

    Nate (26)

    San Francisco, CA

    Quakes but first and foremost Barcelona since 1996

  254. Andrew C. Kennedy says:

    Andrew (32)

    Atlanta, GA

    MLS, USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  255. Michael D Williams says:



    Newcastle United and USMNT

  256. A Diddy says:

    Andrew (27)

    State College, PA

    USMNT, Liverpool, Metro

  257. Kevin says:

    Kevin 22

    Toronto, ON


  258. Don says:

    Don (51)

    To add briefly, Indy, IN (is there another one?)

    An old defender that now coaches (does this qualify as learning a new trick?)

    Also, Ives, thanks for the good material. Those of us in the hinterlands (we have good youth soccer, but NO local news coverage) can’t find much news locally.

  259. Geoff says:


    Age: 20

    University of Southern California

    Los Angeles, CA

    Teams: Galaxy, any European team with US players on it, USMNT

  260. Michael says:

    Michael (26)

    Houston, TX

    US National, Dynamo, Fulham

  261. jig says:


    Manchester, VT

    MNT, Arsenal, FC Dallas

  262. scott47a says:

    Scott (41)

    Bellingham, Wash.

    Sounders FC, USMNT, Arsenal

  263. soccerroo says:

    Eric (35)

    McKinney, TX

    FC Dallas and allthings involving USA soccer players.

  264. Drew says:

    ives – any chance you can add “last” and “first” buttons so we can more easily navigate the comment section? thanks!

  265. matt says:

    Matt (25)

    East Lansing, MI

    USMNT and Trindad&Tobago National Team

  266. Nick says:

    Nick (25)

    Saratoga Springs, NY

    Manchester United, RBNY, USMNT, Sporting Lisbon

  267. Kurt says:

    Albany, NY

    US Men’s National Teams, Yanks Abroad, Arsenal, NY Red Bulls, The Vagabonds

  268. TomM says:

    Tom (39)

    Denver, CO

    Rapids and MLS, USMNT, Yanks playing overseas, Eredivisie, Dutch MNT, Champions League

  269. Amit says:

    Amit Sathe

    North Bergen, NJ


    Supporrt: NYRB, USMNT, FC Barcelona

    Ives, being in college without T.V. sucks. Please keep up your running commentaries. Hope to see a podcast soon! I love this site!

  270. John Conrad says:

    John (28)

    Chicago Fire


  271. Jimmy Bobo says:

    James (53)

    Jackson, MS

    FC Dallas, USMNT,any foreign team which has a member of the “Yanks abroad” coalition. I’m a Jersey boy lost way the hell down South and I appreciate your blog.

  272. Brant says:

    Brant (25)

    Knoxville, TN

    USMNT, Manchester United, and hopefully a soon to be Atlanta based MLS team

  273. mz says:

    Max 15

    Baltimore MD

    Chelsea DC United

  274. Matt says:

    Matt (36)

    Fairfax, VA

    DC United, Arsenal, USMNT

  275. Keith G. says:

    Keith, 23

    Margaretville, NY (45min from our National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta, NY.)

    Diehard Bayern Munich fan and Red Bulls fan, also root for Liverpool only cuz the EPL is whats always on tv.

    Also follow the USA of course and Germany.

    For the fun I am a big Michael Ballack, Franck Ribery, and Jozy Altidore fan.

  276. Matt Laurenzano says:

    Tacoma, WA


    DC United, Seattle Sounders FC (in 09)

    Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich

    USA, England

  277. SF says:

    Scott (40)

    Fort Smith AR

    ManU, Liverpool, Newcastle, Fulham, QPR, Ebbsfleet United, Celtic, Motherwell, Hearts, USMNT, England, Scotland and the new MLS squad in Seattle.

  278. Erik says:

    Erik (32)

    San Francisco, CA

    USMNT, San Jose Earthquakes, Arsenal

  279. PZ says:

    Matt (29)

    Huntsville, AL

    LA Galaxy, Atletico Paranaense, USMNT

  280. Steve says:

    Steve (29)

    Tallahassee, FL

    USA/DC United/Arsenal

  281. Abe says:

    Abe (24)

    Washington, DC

    Arsenal, DC United, USMNT

  282. Dave (26) says:

    Falls Church, VA


  283. Lee says:

    name: Lee S.


    location: San Francisco, CA

    age: 42

    clubs: SJ Quakes, Man Utd, Fulham

    national teams: USA

  284. Geoff says:

    Geoff (22)

    Oakville, Ontario Canada

    Toronto FC, Chelsea FC, Canada

  285. Ryan says:

    Ryan- 19

    Los Angeles, CA

    MNT, Galaxy and Spurs

  286. Aquaman says:

    Kyle Bartow

    Jensen Beach, FL

    FC Dallas, Arsenal, Real Madrid

    USMNT, Norway and France

  287. MLW says:

    MLW 29

    London, UK

  288. JGager says:

    Jason (31)

    Akron, OH

    Columbus Crew

    Coventry City (England Championship)

    US Men and Women Nats

  289. Corrado (42) says:

    New York, NY

    Red Bulls

    Genoa FC

  290. KirkBhoy says:

    Kirk (25)

    Clubs: Celtic FC, FC Dallas, FC Barcelona

    National Teams: USA, Scotland

  291. Kinney says:

    David (25)

    Arlington, VA

    USA, DC United

  292. Andrew - 24 says:

    College Soccer


    Yanks Abroad



    Red Bulls

  293. nate says:

    Nate (26)

    Chicago, IL

    Fulham, Barnet, Fire

  294. Andrew - 24 says:

    Greenville, SC

  295. Chris says:

    Chris 36


    Arsenal, FC Dallas, USA

  296. Keith says:

    Keith (29)

    Vancouver, WA (this is just outside Portland, OR, not near the other Vancouver)

    team – DC United

  297. gride says:

    JIMMY -42

    Culver City, CA

    Galaxy, USMNT, fulhamerica, UCLA

  298. Larry Y says:

    Larry (31)

    Parsippany, NJ

    NY Red Bulls, US National Teams

  299. Suraj H. says:

    Suraj (26)

    Tampa, FL

    USMNT, Corinthians, Barcelona, EPL

  300. Kate says:

    Kate 23

    Alexandria VA

    USMNT; DC United; Americans Abroad; Fulham, Reading, and most of the other EPL underdogs

  301. KLB says:

    Kyle (23)

    Arlington, VA

    Tottenham (strong); DC United (weak)

    United States; interest in all of the home nations (as well as the Republic)

  302. Paul says:


    Saranac Lake, NY


    Galaxy, ManU

  303. Mark says:

    Mark (23)

    Arlington, VA

    Chicago Fire, Racing Santander, CABJ

  304. Matt C says:

    Matt C (43)

    Tampa, Florida

    Houston, FFC, USMNT

  305. Trevallion says:

    Trevallion (35)

    Sioux Falls,South Dakota

    USMNTs, Holland, MLS

  306. A.S. says:

    Alex, 37, NYC

    Chelsea, USMNT, RB

  307. Rob says:

    Rob – 38

    Albuquerque, NM

    USMNT, YA’s, all MLS news

  308. Phil says:


    Washington, DC

    DC United and Hertha BSC


  309. Mike says:

    Mike, Baltimore, MD, 32

    DC United, Crystal Palace FC USA, Everton

  310. Jarrett (34)

    Cary, NC

    Carolina RailHawks, Chicago Fire, USA, Fulham, Everton, Ebbsfleet United

  311. rslhomem says:

    Nathan (26)

    Salt Lake City, UT


  312. Mike says:

    Mike (31)

    Columbus, Ohio

    Crew, USMNT, EPL

  313. Jarid says:

    Jarid (25)

    Raleigh, NC

    USA, RBNY, Carolina Railhawks, Fulham FC

  314. BW-Madison says:

    Beth (34)

    Madison, WI

    US National Teams, anyone playing Chelsea

  315. Dro Scott says:

    Dro (20)

    Pearl River, NY

    RBNY and USA

  316. Swan says:


    Tallahassee FL

    West Ham USMNT

  317. Ben says:

    Ben (36)

    Redondo Beach, CA

    LA Galaxy, USMNT

  318. Homey G says:

    Matt (33)

    Granbury, TX

    FC Dallas, USMNT, Arsenal, Glasgow Rangers

  319. chesterton chris says:

    Chris (35)

    Chesterton, IN

  320. bwidell says:

    Please provide your name, email, location, age and clubs and national teams you support

    Bryan (18)

    Pembroke, NH

    New England Revolution/Bristol City


  321. White Kix says:

    Scott (26)

    Tampa, FL

    The 2008 MLS Cup Champions Beckhovan (I mean Galaxy)and US National Team.

  322. mikeK says:

    Mike (20)

    Pequannock, NJ

    Republic of Ireland NT, USAMNT, Metro, St. Pauli

  323. Adam says:

    Adam (23)

    Fayetteville, NC

    Carolina RailHawks, USMNT

  324. Melissa says:

    Melissa (not telling)

    Ashland, MA

    Revolution, Breakers, USA MNT and WNT, Wolverhampton

  325. JAT says:

    Jack (47)

    near Albany, NY

    Liverpool, Nottingham Forest, USMNT, Guatemala, MLS in general

  326. Kawa says:


    Queens, NY

    NYRB, FC Barca , AC Milan

  327. ctsoccer13 says:


    Newington, CT

    USMNT, Revs, ManU, UCONN

  328. Matt says:

    Matt (22)


    USA, Metrostars, wherever Timmy Howard happens to be playing

  329. dave says:

    Dave 51

    Long Beach, CA





  330. rmiller says:

    Ryan 17


    Riverhounds, USA, MLS

  331. David (38) says:

    Bountiful, UT

    USMNT, Real Salt Lake

  332. Chris says:

    Chris (25)

    Atlanta, GA

    Chicago Fire, U.S. Cita Di Palermo, USMNT

  333. Matthew says:


    Harrisburg, PA

    DC United, probably switching to Philly’s new team

  334. Brandinho says:

    Jason – 19

    Lawrenceville, New Jersey

    Manchester United, Internazionale, Red Bulls, United States

  335. ConMan24 says:


    Lexington, KY

    MLS side: FC Dallas

    Euro sides: Arsenal,Celtic, any club with yanks abroad

    USMNT, Republic of Ireland National team(im of heavy Irish decent)

  336. Bonji says:

    Ben (30)

    Denver, CO

    Colorado Rapids, Tottenham Hotspur, University of Michigan, USMNT & Youth Teams

  337. Larry says:

    Any team with USMNT players or prospects on it.

  338. doug says:

    doug 28

    New brunswick, NJ

    Liverpool FC, NYRB, Valencia CF

  339. Hudson_Street says:

    Me – 22


    The Crew, The Crew Reserves, and USL-2 side Cleveland City Stars.

  340. DMee says:

    Dan, 30

    Arlington, VA




    Yinz United

  341. Cyrus says:


    Atkinson, NH

    MLS, New England Revolution, USMNT, yanks abroad

  342. Gerry says:

    Gerry (47)

    Raleigh, NC

    US Nat

  343. TapocoL says:

    Craig (22)

    Salt Lake, UT

    RSL, Arsenal, USMNT

  344. Patrick says:



    RBNY,USMNT,Everton,Blackburn Rovers, and all the Americans abroad.

    Love the site, keep up the good work! More posts and informations the better to keep me away from doing anything productive!

  345. jdt says:

    Jason (27)

    San Francisco

    Arsenal, San Jose, USA

  346. Ryan says:

    Ryan 21

    Oklahoma City

    Wizards and Arsenal

  347. PotomacBoater says:

    Jeff (40)

    Cabin John, MD (near Wash DC)

    DC Utd, USMNT

  348. zenabi says:


    Fort Worth Texas

    Fc Dallas, USMNT, yanks abroad, Arsenal

  349. puffyjrkfan says:

    Mike, 25

    River Falls, WI

    Manchester United, Boca Juniors, Lazio, USMNT, Polish National Team

    And of course, the River Falls Falcons!

  350. angler23 says:

    Jeremy (36)

    Los Angeles, CA

    Galaxy, USMNT, Fulham

  351. Steve says:

    Stephen Wattles (32)

    Naperville, IL

    Chicago Fire, USMNT, Newcastle United

  352. Colm says:

    Colm, 23, Birmingham, AL by way of Washington, DC.

    DC United, US Men’s and Women’s National Team. Irish Men’s and Women’s National Team (mom was born and raised there and I hold citizenship)

  353. Chris says:

    Chris (22)

    Orangeville, ON

    Toronto FC

    Canada, Republic of Ireland

  354. Aaron says:

    -Aaron, 22

    -Muncie, Indiana

    -USMNT / any MLS team that pops up in Tennessee or Indiana!

  355. Kurt says:

    Kurt, 22, Columbia, MO

    KC Wiz, MNT/WNT

  356. Jeremy says:

    Jeremy (27)

    San Luis, CO

    Manchester United, Colorado Rapids, USMNT

  357. Julia= says:

    Julia (18)


    Revs, Spurs, Barca, US&Italy

  358. Hank says:

    Denver CO

    Arsenal, CO Rapids, USMNT

  359. el fur de ball says:

    Jerry(a young 37)

    Portland, Oregon

    Portland Timbers,

    Arsenal, the ole’ USofA.

  360. tedhill says:

    Ted (21)

    Miami, FL

    Chelsea, Juventus, USA, Republic of Ireland

  361. Tom (37) says:


    Portsmouth FC, RBNY

    A bit more about the non-Big 4 EPL teams would be welcome

  362. Doug (47) says:

    San Jose, CA

    Earthquakes, Arsenal, USA

  363. Doug (47) says:

    San Jose, CA

    Earthquakes, Arsenal, USA

  364. Myles says:

    Myles (18)

    Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl (but soon in Orlando at UCF)


  365. Graeme says:

    Graeme (27)- Grand Junction, CO

    Fire 4 Life



  366. QJA says:

    Dan (18)

    Reston, VA (but attending college in VT)

    DC United, Chelsea FC, USMNT, yanks abroad.

  367. david says:

    david 17

    port washington, NY

    USMNT! arsenal, red bull, israel, and yanks aborad.

  368. David (28) says:

    New York, NY

    DC United, AS Roma, USA

  369. WunderCat says:



    SJ Earthquakes, USMNT, Arsenal,and Palermo

  370. Freddy Coba says:

    Freddy Coba, 22

    Chicago, IL

    Chicago FIRE, USA National Team, VfB Stuttgart and any other European Team with an American on it.

  371. Frimp says:

    Jeff (30)

    Somerville, NJ


  372. Frimp says:

    Jeff (30)

    Somerville, NJ

    RBNY, USMNT, Barca (+Euro, Champs, SouthAm)

  373. Brian says:

    NYRB & Napoli & US National Team

  374. Ben Harreld says:

    Location:Westlake, OH

    Age: 26

    Teams: USMNT, Everton, Fulham, Reading, also would follow any Michigan based MLS team that came around (originally from Detroit).

  375. John says:

    john (25)

    Minneapolis, MN

    USA & Manchester United

  376. Cindy says:

    Cindy (22)

    Dix Hills, NY

    RBNY, Manchester United, USMNT, USWNT

  377. Reed says:

    Reed (18)

    Eugene, OR relocating soon to Seattle, WA

    Seattle Sounders FC, USMNT

  378. Rudy (43) says:

    McAllen, TX


  379. David says:

    David (32)

    Cambridge, MA

    New England Revolution

  380. Mike S says:

    Mike S (33)

    Toronto, ON

    TFC, Canada, Greece, Newcastle

  381. aka Fred says:

    Paul. 43. NJ

    RBNY, MNT and WNT (cover those women a bit Ives! Some good soccer and good stories there)

  382. BMer says:

    26 yrs old

    Denver CO

    Manchester United

    Colorado Rapids

  383. James says:

    Highland Park, NJ (44)

    Red Bulls, MNT, Rangers, Fulham

    I grew up in Seattle watching the Sounders play in the old NASL. Now I support the Red Bulls. I am ecstatic that Seattle will have an MLS team–and one with the right name.

  384. Richard says:

    Richard (15)


    RBNY, Roma, Italy, USA

  385. Tim F. says:

    Tim (41)


    New York Red Bulls


  386. jamin barnes says:

    jamin barnes 32 from San Diego

    All the teams in SD.

  387. Mikebsiu says:

    Michael, 23


    Fire, Anderlecht

  388. jahuff says:

    Andrew (29)

    Camden, NJ

    NYRB, DC United, LA Galaxy, US Men’s National Team, Bulgarian National Team, Everton FC, Fulham FC

  389. Cameron Schulten says:

    Charleston, SC!!!!! DC UNITED + Anywhere americans play

  390. Don says:

    Yamhill, Oregon


    portland timbers


  391. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Patrick (32)

    Long Island, NY

    USMNT, RBNY, Fulham, Barca.

  392. Chris says:

    Chris (21)

    Athens, GA

    RBNY and the Atlanta Silverbacks

  393. Roehl says:

    Roehl (26)

    Fukui, Japan (from Westchester, NY)

    New York Red Bulls, USMNT, and absolutely no other team or player in any other league outside of the US under any circumstances; I don’t follow Yanks Abroad and I don’t watch the Champions League, so give me MLS every day of the week

  394. TFC OZZ says:

    Geoff (18)

    Toronto Ontario

    Toronto FC and Newcastle United.

  395. hoyanick says:

    Nick (24)

    Washington, DC

    USMNT, DCUnited, Georgetown Hoyas, Yanks Abroad and the Jupiler League

  396. Scott says:

    Scott – 29

    Springfield, MO

    All US soccer teams

    I am a general MLS fan. I don’t have a favorite club team.

  397. jjf3 says:

    Joe, 41

    Houston, TX

    Dynamo, Blackburn, USMNTs, interest in all EPL and La Liga games, and catching Americans in top leagues

  398. Peter (58) says:

    USMNT, USWNT, NYRB/MLS, Real Madrid/la Liga, Inter

  399. annie says:

    annie (40+)

    Massachusetts, USA

    #1)NE Revolution


    #3)Fulham & other “Americans Abroad” teams


  400. Jason says:

    Jason (31)


    Red Bull, USMNT, Liverpool

  401. Bill says:

    Bill (20)

    Milwaukee, WI

    Man Utd, USMNT, Chicago Fire

  402. Mike M says:

    Mike (31)

    Hazlet, NJ



    NJ Ironmen

  403. Ben says:

    Ben (17)

    Indianapolis, IN

    Chicago Fire, Fulham(hopefully not relegated), USMNT

  404. William says:

    42 years old. Kearny, NJ.

    USMNT, Red Bulls, Arsenal, Harrisburg City Islanders and any team putting balls past DC United.

  405. Justin says:

    Justin (23)

    Traverse City, MI


  406. Michael (23) says:

    San Francisco, CA



  407. Michael says:

    Michael (26)

    Denver, CO

    Man United, SK Rapid Wien, Rapids, USMNT

  408. Mark says:



    Middletown, NJ


  409. Erik Abarca says:

    Erik (27)

    Fair Lawn, NJ

    NYRB, USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  410. Jeffrey says:

    Jeffrey (39)

    Bowling Green KY

    Chicago Fire

    Bayern Munchen

  411. Bob O'H says:


    New Jersey

    Red Bull NY

  412. andy (27) says:

    Berkeley, CA

    MNT, Yanks Abroad, Quakes

    Weneed to set the expansion team blues to music– my singing is bad enough as it is.

  413. Gabe79 says:

    Gabe (29)

    Hawthorne, NJ

    RBNY, USMNT, yanks abroad

  414. adam says:

    Adam (33)

    Minneapolis MN

    USMNT, and all yanks abroad


    Real Madrid


  415. Alissa says:

    Alissa (37)

    Orlando, FL


    AC Milan and Serie A in general

    USMNT, Yanks Abroad, USWNT

  416. Bryan says:

    Bryan (22)

    Berkeley, CA

    US MNT

  417. Mit says:

    TFC , Liverpool , MNT

    Toronto, Canada

  418. Mark says:

    Mark 33

    Asheville, NC /Atlantic Beach, Fla

    US MNT/u23’s, Yanks abroad, EPL, MLS

    Hell, I even follow the PDL.

    First time poster…love the site Ives.

  419. Brandon says:

    New York, NY

    Red Bull, USMNT, Fulham

  420. Original Aaron says:

    Aaron (27)

    Atlanta, GA

    Fan of MLS in general, USMNT, Man U, Tottenham

  421. ZACH says:


    Davenport Iowa

    I Support:Redbulls and Marseille

  422. Lucian says:

    Lucian (20)

    New York, NY

    NY Red Bulls, Arsenal, Fulham, USMNT

  423. Seisco says:

    Sean (16)

    Rochester, NY

    NYRB, TFC, Rochester Rhinos, USMNT, EPL, Serie A

  424. Mikemike says:

    Mike (25)

    Highland Park, NJ

    NY, US

  425. Hincha Tim says:


    South Jordan, UT


    Portland Timbers

    River Plate

    and Teams that play beautiful soccer:




    Werder Bremen

  426. Marlon says:

    Marlon (14)

    Jersey City, NJ

    Red Bulls, Arsenal,Salvadoran and US national teams.

  427. stefan says:

    Stefan (32)

    Silver Spring, MD


  428. The Legendary FF&SS (25,NJ) says:

    In order:

    US National Team

    The Mighty, Mighty METRO

    Any Euro team with an American on it.

  429. guillen5 says:


    santa barbara, ca

    yanks abroad, us mens national team

  430. Matt says:

    Matt (24)

    Orono, ME

    USMNT, Seattle Sounders FC, Arsenal

  431. Ilya says:

    Ilya (27)

    New York, NY

    Revs, Fulham, USMNT, Israel

  432. James (59)

    Bloomfield, NJ

    RBNY, Bayern Munich

    USMNT, Germany, Italy

  433. Garret says:

    Garret (14)

    Washington, DC

    DC United and Everton FC

  434. smacking says:

    Aaron (26)

    Appleton, WI

    A fan of USMNT, yanks abroad and Ives Galarcep.

    Seriously, I appreciate all you do. Keep on Keeping on.

  435. Bill says:

    Bill (24)

    Gainesville, FL

    USMNT, Colorado Rapids, Ecuador, Fulham

  436. Blake says:

    Blake : 17

    live in WI, College in Tampa, FL

    Everton, Rangers, and any team Mike Bradley plays for. But above all, USMNT.

  437. Darren says:

    Darren (30)

    Dallas Tx

    FC Dallas, Real Madrid, USMNT

  438. Dylan (23) says:

    Indianapolis, IN

    USMNT, YA, Rapids

  439. Alex says:

    Alex (16)

    Seattle, WA

    I support ManU, and any team with an American on it, especially Everton. (I can’t stand Liverpool or Chelsea.) I religiously follow the USMNT, the USL Sounders and the MLS team when they get here.

  440. Schteve Town says:

    Steve B. (39)

    Toronto, ON

    Support TFC and Canada

    Follow MLS, EPL, Bundesliga

  441. Matt says:

    Matt (28)

    Austin, TX

    US Nats, Houston Dynamo

  442. JD says:

    NYC, 37. Metros.

  443. Pietro says:

    Pietro, 22

    New York, NY

    RBNY, Juventus

    U.S. Nat’l, Italy Nat’l

  444. Johnny says:

    Johnny (33)

    Newark, NJ

    RBNY, USMNT, Puerto Rico Islander, West Ham United

  445. Peter says:

    Peter (21)

    Living in London, UK

    Going home to Vermont soon.

    Fulham, USMNT, Revolution, Barca

  446. Andolini says:


    Cincinnati, OH

  447. Chic says:

    Chic (40)

    Short Hills, NJ

    NYRB, Partick Thistle & USMNT

  448. Galocura says:

    CD (26)

    Portland, OR

    Atletico Mineiro, Sounders FC, DC United

  449. Paul says:

    Paul (38)

    Charlottesville, VA

    DC United, USMNT, Americans abroad

  450. Weaver83 says:

    Zak (24)

    Maryville, TN

    USMNT, Fulham, Everton, haven’t decided on an MLS team yet

  451. Brad (45) says:

    Loma Linda, CA

    USMNT, LA Galaxy, MLS, ManU

  452. Garrett says:

    Garrett (29)



  453. Weaver83 says:

    Zak (24)

    Maryville, TN

    USMNT, Fulham, Everton, haven’t decided on an MLS team yet

  454. Ryan says:

    Ryan (25)


    Roma, US MNT, & Americans Abroad

  455. Matt says:

    Matt (23)

    Washington, DC

    USA, DC United, Fulham FC

  456. HSH says:

    Blake (22)

    Columbus, OH

    Columbus Crew, Arsenal, Scunthorpe United

  457. Murphy says:

    Murphy (28)

    New York, NY

    Arsenal, Fulham, USMNT, MLS

  458. David (35) says:

    Chicago, IL

    Red Devils

    Chicago Fire


  459. JJ says:

    Justin (34)

    Houston, TX

    Houston Dynamo, USMNT, New York Cosmos (of my youth)

  460. Doug says:

    Doug (25)

    St. Louis, MO

    USMNT, Barca

  461. Don says:

    Don (20)

    Lawrence, KS

    MLS, MNT, Yanks Abroad, and Manchester United

  462. Tony in Quakeland says:



    San Francisco, East Bay

    Quakes, Arsenal, US Nats

  463. jcmckenney says:

    J Dawg (26)

    Houston, TX

    Dynamo, Manchester United, USMNT, John O’Brien

  464. Richard says:

    Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

    Age: >50

    Clubs: Vancouver Whitecaps, Toronto FC, Montreal Impact,

    National team supported: Canada

  465. Dave says:

    Dave (17)

    St. Louis, MO

    Liverpool, TFC, (the future) STL MLS team!

  466. brian says:

    Brian (27)

    Bowling Green, OH

    The Crew, Nottingham Forest, USA

  467. Sven says:

    Sven (35)


    Clubs: Roma, Arsenal

    National Teams: US MNT, Italy

    Other: yanks abroad

  468. Stephen (18) says:

    Seattle, Wa

    Seattle Sounders FC, USMNT, yanks abroad

  469. Sam says:

    Norwalk, CT


  470. Thomas says:


    Irvine, CA

    LA Galaxy and USMNT

  471. jpc says:

    james (25)

    NY, New York

    Red Bull

  472. Sam(31) says:

    Norwalk, CT


  473. Stephen (18) says:

    Seattle, Wa

    Seattle Sounders FC, USMNT, yanks abroad

  474. Sam(31) says:

    Norwalk, CT


  475. Matt says:

    Matt (22)

    Outside Philadelphia

    DCU (for life), USMNT, Ajax, Argentine soccer

  476. Matty C says:

    Matt… 26 y/o

    Stockholm NJ



    Red Bull NY

    And whatever team Jozy Altidore ends up with after this summer (unless it’s Man U or Chelsea)

  477. Anthony says:

    Anthony (20)

    Emmitsburg, MD

    DC United, Fulham FC

  478. Miguel says:

    Miguel (21)


    Chicago Fire, Manchester United, USMNT

  479. AJ says:

    AJ (23)

    St. Bonaventure, NY (originally Quincy, MA)

    Favorite team is the Revolution

    Interesting topics are US MNT and Yanks Abroad which you cover very well. Something I am interested in is more about the soccer/football culture across the country and the world.

  480. Scott says:

    Scott (29)

    Morgantown, WV

    Oxford United, DC United, West Virginia University

  481. Matt says:

    Matt (21)

    Attleboro, MA

    Revolution, Bolton, Celtic, US Nats

  482. mike says:

    mike (30)

    Phoenixville, PA

    RBNY and Fulham

  483. VictorM says:

    Victor (56)


    NY Red Bulls



  484. Ryan says:

    Ryan McCauley

    Milwaukee, WI


    Celtic, Man United, MLS in general

    United States National Teams

  485. Jamie says:

    Jamie (45)

    Bronx, NY

    Red Bulls, Arsenal, US Nat Teams

  486. Bill says:

    Bill, 37

    Lexington, KY

    Columbus Crew, Liverpool, USMNT

  487. chris says:

    Chris, 21, ATL, Ga

    Red Bulls, USMNT, Arsenal

  488. Scott says:

    Scott (30)

    SLC, UT soon to be Austin, TX

    RSL, Atletico de Madrid, Fiorentina, USMNT

  489. James says:

    James (21)

    Bellingham, WA

    Seattle Sounders (soon enough FC)

  490. GC says:

    GC (23)


    FC Dallas and West Ham

  491. Gary says:


    Salt Lake City, UT

    Manchester United, Real Salt Lake

  492. Joe_in_ND says:

    Joe (20)

    Fargo, ND originally from Bismarck, ND

    Liverpool, USMNT, Chicago Fire, Creighton University, Ireland (in that order of importance)

  493. Sam says:

    Sam (27)

    Raleigh, NC

    Man U., Bradley Braves

  494. Hector says:

    Hector E. Mendoza

    El Paso, TX

    United States Men’s National Team

    Chelsea FC

    Houston Dynamo

  495. Hector says:

    21 years old. Haha I knew I forgot something.

  496. mza says:

    andrew, 31

    Brooklyn, NY RBNY

  497. Greifie says:

    Greifie (32)

    Arlington, VA

    DC United, USMNT, U23, U20 and George Mason

  498. Kevin Anderson says:

    Kevin (21)

    Ann Arbor, MI from September to April, Grand Rapids MI from May-August

    Chicago Fire, USMNT

  499. mark says:


    Kenilworth, NJ

    Arsenal, Red Bulls, USMNT

  500. Jamie Z. says:

    Jamie (28)

    Rochester, NY

    USMNT, Everton, Portland Timbers

  501. Geoff says:

    Geoff, 24

    Liverpool Football Club, US + England National Teams, MLS, US Soccer, Champions League, EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Americans Abroad

  502. John says:

    John (34)

    Tacoma, Wa (relocating to Santa Monica, Ca in fall)

    LA Galaxy (also root for Columbus, Toronto, DC)

    US National Team

    FC St. Pauli

    Fulham FC

  503. Andy says:

    Andy 21


    Red Bulls, USMNT, Chelsea

  504. KaseyR says:

    Kasey (19)

    Vancouver, Canada

    TFC! , Liverpool

  505. Chris Cramer says:

    clubs i support:

    * Rapids

    * US Nats

    * Tottenham

    * River Plate

    * Flamengo

    * FC Groningen (seriously)

    * Yanks abroad

  506. Kyle says:

    Kyle (21)

    Omaha, NE

    USMNT, KC Wizards, Creighton U

  507. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Joseph (51)

    Fullerton, Calif.

    U.S. and Canadian men’s national teams

    Alexi Lalas is to MLS what Rev. Jeremiah Wright is to religion.

  508. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Joseph (51)

    Fullerton, Calif.

    U.S. and Canadian men’s national teams

    Alexi Lalas is to MLS what Rev. Jeremiah Wright is to religion.

  509. Camjam says:

    Cameron (20)

    SUU and Orem,UT

    Love RSL, USMNT, and Man U

  510. Luis says:

    luis (28)

    Beaumont Ca,

    la galaxy, usmnt,

  511. jamin barnes says:

    Jamin Barnes 32

    san diego ca

    THFC, USMNT, I haven’t picked a MLS team. I hoping my city will get a team.

  512. JustinR says:

    Salt Lake City, UT

    RSL, EPL, La Liga

  513. Raffi Norian says:

    Raffi (35)

    Reno, NV

    Clubs: Arsenal, Galaxy, USMNT

  514. Alex says:

    Alexander (22)

    Queens, New York

    RBNY,Manchester United, USMNT

  515. Greg says:

    Greg (41)

    Gladstone, NJ


  516. J. says:

    J. (31)

    London, UK, possibly relocating to Dubai, UAE

    US National Team, MLS as a whole in general.

  517. Austin27) says:

    Houston Tx

    Dynamo, Fulham, USMNT, USWMNT

    Would like to get some USL and NCAA updates as well.

  518. KC says:

    Kerry (35)

    Memphis, TN but currently in Herndon, VA until July

    DC United & USMNT

  519. Frank R. says:

    Frank R. (61)

    Rochester, NY

    Rochester Rhinos, USMNT

  520. Thomas says:

    Thomas (20)

    Baton Rouge, LA

    USMNT, Fulham, Aston Villa, yanks abroad

  521. Mike says:

    Mike (31)

    Toronto ON

    Toronto FC, CMNT, Charleston Battery

  522. jamesclark says:

    Don’t know if we are meant to do this again … James Clark, 38, Northfield, New Jersey. West Ham, Lazio, Red Bulls, US men’s national team.

  523. Rick (>50) says:


    Revs,Galaxy, MLS, USN[M/W]T, Premiership, any team Kasey Keller is playing for.

  524. Christian says:

    Christian (29)

    Denton, TX (Close to Frisco where the stadium is)

    Dallas FC, Barcelona FC, USMNT

  525. Dan says:

    Dan (48)

    Philadelphia, PA

    Sons of Ben, USMNT and Hamburg SV

  526. JW says:

    JoshW (34)

    Philly (by way of New Ro)

    RBNY (form. Metro)

  527. ManicMessiah says:

    Daniel (22)

    North Arlington, NJ

    RBNY, Newcastle United, US Nats

  528. AG (49)

    Somerset, NJ

    NY Red Bulls, USMNT, USWNT, Yanks Abroad, and my 7 cats Atticus, Asta, Manu, Hampton, Emma, Sonia and Nev!

  529. ADG says:

    Aaron (28)

    Indianapolis, IN

  530. Justin O says:

    Justin (37)

    Still in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    USA, Sounders, Alania Vladikavkaz

  531. Scott, PA says:

    Scott (31)

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Celtic FC, Fulham, USMNT, Scottish MNT, Pittsburgh Riverhounds

  532. Marc says:

    Marc (31)


    Support RBNY, Fulham, Arsenal, MNT

  533. Steve says:

    Vienna, VA


    DC United

    AS Roma

    US National Team

    Italian National Team

  534. Tom says:

    Tom – 36

    Round Lake, IL

    Chicago Fire

    US National Teams

    Man U


    Real Madrid

    Any team with a US player

  535. J.Rhode says:

    Jivan (31)

    San Diego, CA

    MLS, yanks abroad, USMNT

  536. Frank says:

    Frank (34)

    Robbinsville, NJ


  537. Steve says:

    Steve (44)

    New Jersey

    RBNY, USMNT, any Yank abroad

  538. Sam says:

    Sam (26)

    Windsor, CT


  539. Jeremy says:

    Jeremy (31)

    Athens, GA

    USMNT, Yanks Abroad, and all of MLS (just happy to have a legitimate 1st Division!)

  540. Jason (31) says:

    New England Revolution

    US National Team

    Nashua, NH

  541. DavidJ says:

    David, 60

    Hanover Township, NJ

    Red Bulls, Liverpool, Manchester United, USA, England, foreign teams with Americans.

  542. Tim Archer says:

    Tim Archer (23)

    Winston-Salem, NC

    Chelsea FC, USMNT, The Ohio State University

  543. Mig says:

    Mike (43)

    Greenville, SC

    Chelsea, Valencia

  544. Brandon Robins says:

    Not sure if you wanted us to repost from the old SBI readers poll, but if so…

    Brandon Robins (25)

    Arlington, VA

    DCU, Man City, USMNT

  545. Jason says:

    Jason (25)

    Bloomington, IN

    USMNT, Indiana Hoosiers, DC United

    Waiting for the day when Indianapolis can get a team so i don’t have to travel far to see a game.

  546. Andrew says:

    Andrew (22)

    Atlanta, GA

    Chelsea, USMNT, FC Barcelona, Any team playing against Man U!!

  547. John (33) says:

    Guntersville, AL

  548. Keith says:

    Keith, 45

    Pittsburgh, PA


    AC Milan

    DC United



  549. Dave says:


    St. Petersburg,FL

    RedBull, Tottenham

  550. EDB says:

    Anthony (29)

    Chicago, IL

    AS Roma , Aston Villa , Chicago Fire!

  551. GoNYforDCU says:

    Adam (26)

    Arlington, VA

    DC United, FC Barcelona, Israel, USA

  552. JeffM says:

    Jeff (27)

    Vienna, VA

    DC United, Fulham, US Nats

  553. Aljarov says:

    Al (32)

    Frankfort, KY

    Tottenham, Toronto FC, St Mirren and England.

  554. Christian (30) says:

    Boston,MA, but born and raised in Jersey!

    NYRB, Man U, USMNT and Holland!

  555. Q says:

    Kevin- 27

    Fairfax, VA

    DCU, Everton, USMNT

  556. Andy says:

    Andy (36)

    Prairie Village, KS (Kansas City – Metro)

    USMNT, Kansas City Wizards, Yanks Abroad

  557. markspence02 says:

    Mark (28)

    Fort Worth, Texas

    FC Dallas, USMNT, Man U

  558. Mauricio says:

    Mauricio (21)

    North Bergen, NJ

    DC United, Manchester United, Real Madrid, USMT

  559. fieldsy says:

    Jon (30)

    Ithaca, NY

    USMNT, New York Red Bull, Scotland Rangers, EPL

  560. Matt Johnston (38)

    Frederick, MD

    EPL–Fulham FC

    MLS–DC United

    USL-2–Real Maryland

    College–Univ. of Maryland

  561. Brian says:

    Brian (22)

    Columbia, SC

    DC United, Arsenal, USMNT

  562. Brian says:

    Brian (22)

    Columbia, SC

    DC United, Arsenal, USMNT

  563. Travis says:

    Travis 28

    Houston, TX

    USMNT, Dynamo, West Ham

  564. Ivan says:

    Ivan (40)

    Berrien Springs, MI

    USMNT, Fire, Galaxy, EPL, Iceland’s MNT

  565. Pete says:

    Pete (23)

    Bellmore, NY


  566. frank says:


    dove canyon, CA

    galaxy, usmnt, whoever in europe hires americans, pachuca

  567. f4denz says:

    Denzel 42

    Salt Lake City

    Real Salt Lake, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Roma, USMNT

    Miss your weekly MLS picks.

  568. Tonerl says:

    Dan, 29

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    RBNY, Arsenal, USA

  569. Jay Five says:

    Jared (32)

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Rapids, USMNT

  570. Chosun says:

    Howard (33)

    Brooklyn, NY

    RBNY, Man U, South Korea, USMNT

  571. Josh Winger says:

    Josh (26)

    Eastern Shore, Maryland

    DC United, Fulham, USMNT, Bayern Munich, various USL teams

  572. Joe says:

    Joe (21)


    Season ticket holder for the Fire and Arsenal supporter

  573. Jay Marks says:

    Jay Marks, 34

    Yukon, OK

    FC Dallas, Manchester United, US national teams

  574. Mike says:

    Mike – 36

    Lakewood, Colorado

    Colorado Rapids and US Nat. Team

  575. Dave (38) says:

    Go Fire!

  576. Dave (38) says:

    Chicago, IL

    Go Fire!

  577. Jared (25) says:

    Manhattan, KS

    KC Wizards, most MLS sides,

    Arsenal, Boca, Fenerbache, USMNT

  578. Chad (32) says:

    Chatham, Ontario, Canada

    TFC, Chelsea

  579. Paul says:

    Paul (32)

    Los Angeles, CA

    Galaxy, USMNT, G14

  580. Tom says:

    Tom (39)

    South Orange, NJ

  581. He was on! says:

    Doug (39)

    Ottawa, Kansas (near Lawrence, KS – Home of the 2008 NCAA Basketball National Champions – Kansas Jayhawks!)

    Kansas City Wizards, USMNT, Manchester United, EPL, Spanish Primera and Americans Abroad (Come on Fulham!)

  582. Zach says:

    Zach (22)

    Bozeman, Montana

    Huddersfield Town, USMNT

  583. BBB (33) says:

    Denver, CO

    USMNT, Americans Abroad, Rapids, Leeds Utd and an honorable mention for Fulham.

  584. Jey says:

    Jey (25)

    United States National team, New England Revolution, Arsenal.

  585. DANIEL SULLIVAN says:

    Atlanta, GA

    USMNT, Galaxy, Red Bulls, and the unnamed MLS franchise that makes it’s way to Atlanta some day.

  586. Mark says:

    Mark (27)

    Atlanta, GA

    USMNT, Yanks abroad, MLS in general

  587. Daniel Sullivan (29) says:

    Daniel Sullivan (29)

    Atlanta, GA

    USMNT, Galaxy, Red Bulls, and the unnamed MLS franchise that makes it’s way to Atlanta some day.

  588. matt schmechel says:

    Bozeman, Montana


    FC St. Pauli

    Seattle Sounders


  589. RS says:

    RS (26)

    Jersey Shore

    RBNY, USMNT, ManUnited

  590. rogueleadzer0 says:


    Green Bay, WI soon out to Las Vegas NV

    Arsenal and Chicago Fire

  591. 4now says:

    Jason (30)

    Brooklyn, NY

  592. William says:

    William (50)

    Tallahassee, FL

    Ajax, ManU, U.S. National Teams, all of MLS – no favorite team, just a fan of the US game

  593. Aguinaga says:


    Alphabet City


    Barcelona, Ecuador, METRO, USA

  594. Chris says:

    Chris (39)

    Houston, TX

    Dynamo, DC United (Yes, I’ve lived in both cities when the teams won back-to-back championships. I’d be willing to move to Philly or Seattle to bring my good luck to those new franchises for the right price.)


  595. Adam (27) says:

    Joliet, IL

    USMNT, Fire, Beckham, Donovan, may switch to Sounders because of their passion already, and beginning to follow Celtic

  596. John (25) says:

    Ewing, NJ

    Mancheser United and DC United, USMNT

  597. Felix says:

    Felix (30)

    Chicago, IL

    Chicago Fire, USMNT, and Guatemala

  598. Walter Tymczyna

    33 years old. First time caller long time listener from Delray Beach, Florida.


  599. ian says:

    ian 21

    Washington dc

    dc united, USMNT, Virginia Tech, EPL Americans

  600. Rich says:

    Rich 38

    Astoria, NY

    Club Teams: Glasgow Celtic FC, Liverpool FC, RBNY, Boca juniors

    National Teams: Japan, USA, Scotland, and Argentina

    Ives, keep up the great work!

  601. Sean says:

    Sean (38)

    Potsdam, NY

    USMNT, DCU, Montreal MLS(fingers crossed)

  602. Mike O says:

    Mike (32)

    Fairfax, Virginia

    DC United, USMT, GMU. Fan of the growth of soccer everywhere, especially the MLS and North America in general.

  603. Neal (26) says:

    Edinburgh, UK via Little Rock, AR

    First and foremost the USMNT, Fulham, Hibernian FC, and Chicago Fire

  604. Garret says:

    Garret (35)

    Vernon, NJ


  605. RPH says:

    Rich (27)

    Bloomington, IN

    Real Salt Lake

  606. Nick (24) says:

    Raleigh, NC

    DC United, SL Benfica, Everton FC, FC Dynamo Kyiv

    US National Team, Ukraine National Team.

  607. Mike says:

    Toronto, Ontario


    CMNT (Canadian MNT)



  608. NDS10 says:

    Nicky (26)

    Houston, Texas

    Dynamo, USMNT, Olympiakos, Greece

  609. CPTKevin says:

    Kevin (45)

    Cranford, NJ

    NJ Red Bulls, Everton, USMNT, MLS, EPL

  610. Jim says:

    Jim (39)

    Reston, VA

    DCU, KC Wizards, USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  611. Andrew (29) says:

    Boston, MA

    USMNT, Revolution, EPL

  612. Seth says:

    Seth (31)

    Houston, TX

    Houston Dynamo & USMNT

  613. Scott (34) says:




  614. Jeff says:

    Jeff (27)

    Tallahassee, FL

    Chicago Fire, USMNT, All Americans Abroad

  615. Mr Fish says:

    Mark (38)

    West Orange, NJ

    Red Bulls & US

  616. Chris (37) says:

    Columbia, SC

    University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks, Charleston Battery, RBNY, Manchester United, Bayern Munchen, Sparta Praha, and USMNT

  617. Jeff says:

    Jeff (29)

    Atlanta Georgia

    Revolution, USMNT, and any top flight team with prominent yanks abroad.

  618. Fireball says:

    New York City

    EPL (Liverpool)

    USMNT/Yanks Abroad/FulhamUSA

  619. Tyler says:

    Tyler (27)

    new york, ny

    nyrb, arsenal, us mnt, americans abroad

  620. Branc says:

    Anthony (29)

    Harrison, New Jersey

    I live less than 500 feet from where Red Bull Park is going to be built.

    Support: Sporting Clube De Portugal and Red Bull New York

  621. Jordan says:

    Jordan (29)

    Ottawa, ON

    Canada MNT, TFC

  622. Dave says:

    Dave – 27

    Baltimore, MD

    USMNT, Tottenham Hotspur, DC United

    Any team with American’s in Europe

  623. cormaxtacy says:

    Brian, 28

    Little Rock, Arkansas


  624. Jeff (33) says:

    Toronto. Toronto FC, Canadian National Team, English National Team, Manchester United.

  625. Rob says:

    Rob (32)

    Alexandria, VA

    DC United, ManUtd, USMNT

  626. Marc (43) says:

    New York, NY

    MetroStars/RBNY and Tottenham Hotspur

  627. Artie says:

    Artie, 23

    San Diego, CA

    Despite the circus, go Galaxy!


    Sheffield Wednesday (Coca-Cola Championship, but facing relegation) – Go Owls baby!!

  628. Jon says:

    Jon, 18

    Chester, NY

    US national teams, RBNY, Fulham FC, Barca

  629. Ted Mechtenberg says:

    Ted (34)

    Seattle, WA

    USMNT, Sounders FC

  630. cg says:

    Chris, 39

    Gardner, KS

    KC Wizards, USMNT

  631. Mike says:

    Mike (26)

    Dallas, TX

    USMNT, FC Dallas, ManU

  632. Kevin 30 says:

    Washington DC


    Anything EPL or Champions League

    And I suppose DC United…

  633. Jay-Z says:

    Chicago Fire.


    Americans Abroad.


  634. Chris says:



    Dallas-ish, TX

    FCD, Stuttgart

  635. dvm271 says:

    Daryl (29)

    Atlanta, GA

    Arsenal, USMNT, any teams with yanks

  636. Simona says:

    Simona –17

    Fargo, ND (ha)

    Arsenal, Valencia, Chivas USA, Olympique de Marseille & for sure USMNT (I love this team!) If NY Revolution make it to the MLS Cup again I’ll be cheering for them, again.

    Others I like to cheer for when they aren’t playing against USMNT are Spain, South Korea, any African team really, Holland and France. I’m a sucker for underdogs so this summer with Euro2008 & the Olympics should be exciting!

  637. Matt says:

    Matt (26)

    Reston, VA

    Newcastle United

    Atletico Madrid

    Chicago Fire

  638. Joe B says:

    Joe (25)



  639. Drew (36) says:

    Richmond, Va

    US national teams (men & women), DC United, Richmond Kickers, Washington Freedom, UVa!, Liverpool

  640. Logan says:

    Logan, 27

    Cambridge, MA

    Clubs: West Ham United [come on you Irons!], Benfica, Valencia, as for MLS-I’d say RSL for where my roots are. I don’t like to see my local Revs lose, but have a feeling I’ll have all my loyalty thrown over to the new Philly team when they arrive.

    National: Portugal and US

  641. Noeldeanho says:

    Noel, 20s, St Louis MO

    Yanks, Barcelona, Reading

  642. CD says:

    Chris (36)


    Atlanta Silverbacks,QPR,Palermo


  643. JP says:

    Jackson, NJ


  644. Dennis A, says:

    Weston, FL.( relocated from Ives’ neighborhood..North Haledon)

    RBNY..US national team…Juventus

  645. Q says:

    Carlos Quintanilla (37)

    Irving, Texas

    FC Dallas

  646. Karen says:

    Karen (41)


    NYRB, MNT, good footie anywhere

  647. Joe Foreman says:

    Joe (24)

    Missoula,MT “Zoo-Town”

    US Nats,Houston Dynamo,Seattle Sounders FC

    FC Barcelona

  648. mogens agesen says:

    Red Bulls, Manchester United, Los Angeles Galaxy, US National Team, AGF Denmark

  649. Max (36) says:

    Manchester, NH

  650. Mike says:

    Mike (50)

    Durham, NC

    DC United, USMNT, Serie A, EPL

  651. AllNats says:

    Conrad – 26

    Baltimore, MD

    USMNT, Portland Timbers

  652. Steve says:

    Steve (29)

    Pittsburgh, PA

    FC Dallas and Liverpool

  653. kjk_40b says:

    Kevin, 28

    Boston, via San Diego, and originally NJ

    RBNY, USMNT, Fulham

  654. john says:

    John (24)

    Binghamton, NY

    US Nationals, Metrostars

  655. HardHatMike says:

    Mike (30)

    Columbus, OH

    Columbus Crew, Aston Villa

  656. Chris D says:

    Chris D (18)

    Brooklyn, NY

    Team Formerly Known As Metro, Man Utd

    Yanks Abroad, Barbados

  657. Travis says:

    Travis (23)

    Raleigh NC

    Fulham, Everton, Barca

  658. Mike Sands says:

    Grayslake, Il


    Chicago Fire, Barcelona


  659. Mario in SJ says:

    Mario (57)

    Southern NJ

    MLS, USMNT, Napoli.

    Great job Ives. Apparently I’m your oldest reader so far.

  660. Mario in SJ says:

    OK, 5th oldest…I feel much better now!

    Need to add Sons of Ben member.

  661. Nicole says:

    Nicole (22) Indianapolis, IN

    LA Galaxy, USMNT, Heerenveen (or whoever Michael Bradley ends up with)

  662. Evan says:



    Arsenal,USA,Kansas City,Creighton

  663. Jim says:

    48 – Cumming, GA

    USMNT, MLS, Liverpool & Silverbacks (USL)

  664. Joe says:

    Joe (33)

    Atlanta, GA

    DC United, USMNT, and I catch the occasional Atlanta Silverbacks game.

  665. Chris says:

    Chris (31)

    New Jersey via SLC

    RSL, USMNT, Fulham for now (Yanks Abroad)

  666. Ethan says:

    Ethan (25)

    Minneapolis, MN

    USMNT, Minnesota Thunder, Arsenal

  667. mgp says:

    Matt P (28)


    RBNY, USMNT, Yanks Abroad, but I’ll watch pretty much anyone

  668. Kirk Gibson says:

    Kirk Gibson (24)

    Dallas, TX

    FC Dallas, USMNT and MLS

  669. Joe says:

    Joe (28)

    Planfield, NJ

    Liverpool, RBNY, Plainfield HS, and Plainfield Red Falcons

  670. Scoofy says:

    Derek – 27

    West Lafayette, IN

    USA, Chicago Fire, YA

  671. Skinn says:

    Jamie (but will post under Skinn)(32)

    Champaign IL

    TFC, Everton, Canada, 3Lions, USMNT

  672. Nando says:

    Fernando (24)

    Fairlawn, NJ

    Red Bulls, USMNT

  673. Shaw (21) says:

    San Jose, CA

    SJ Earthquakes

    Liverpool FC

  674. robb jamieson says:


    29, Delaware

    Supporter of Arsenal and the future Philadelphia MLS team.

  675. Geoff says:

    Geoff (22)

    Portland, OR

    Support: USMNT, ManUtd, France

    Follow: Fulham, England

  676. Matt says:

    Matt (23)

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    Seattle Sounders FC, LA Galaxy, Fulham

    Americans abroad in general.

  677. Josh Westerman says:

    Josh, 33

    Frankfurt/Main, Germany

    USMNT, Barca, Milan, Chealski, HSV, RBNY

  678. Paul (31) says:

    Haledon, NJ

    Metro, West Ham

  679. Zeppo says:



    Keep up the good work, Ives.

  680. Jan says:

    Jan (25)

    The Hague, Netherlands

    American based Dutch players and vice versa. Also Toronto FC and CONCACAF players, especially Netherlands Antilles (good squad this year!)

  681. Brian says:

    Brian – 30

    New Orleans, LA

    Fulham, Galaxy

  682. smt says:

    mark 30

    elkton, md


  683. Seth says:

    Seth (26)

    Omaha, NE

    Creighton Bluejays, USMNT, Boca Juniors

  684. Bill says:

    Bill (26)



  685. eric-dynamo says:

    Eric (24)

    Houston, TX

    1. Houston Dynamo

    2. Chicago Fire

    3. Chivas USA


  686. Dominick says:

    Dominick (33)

    Chicago, Il

    Fire and Spurs!!

  687. dlew says:

    Daniel (24)

    Fairfax, VA (DC)

    DC United, Fiorentina, Arsenal, USMNT

  688. Paul says:

    Downey, CA (Los Angeles)

    LA Galaxy, USMNT, and G14

  689. GEORGE (42) says:


  690. john in atl says:

    John (31)

    Atlanta, GA

    DC United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd, US MNT, Argentina, England, Spain

  691. Michael says:



    Houston, TX

    Dynamo and USMNT

  692. IndyYankFan says:

    Brian (30)

    Indianapolis, IN


  693. Andy says:

    Andy (32)

    Dayton, OH

    US, Columbus Crew, Seattle Sounders, Houston Dynamo, Chivas USA, Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea

  694. Rusty says:

    Rusty (27)

    Arlington, VA

    DC United, US Mens, Yanks Abroad

  695. Adam says:

    The District

    DC United, Udinese, USMNT, Azzurri, Yanks Abroad

  696. Jimmy Bobo says:

    James (53)

    Jackson, MS

    FC Dallas, USMNT, and any club with a member of the “Yanks Abroad” coalition.

    Keep up the good work, Ives.

  697. Patrick - 30 says:

    Tucson, AZ

    Revs, USMNT

  698. Tyler says:

    Tyler (23)

    Longview, TX

    Reading, Houston Dynamo, and USMNT

  699. Scott Monette says:

    MNT, La Liga, Galaxy, Yanks Abroad, Valencia, Chelsea, Boca, Boca, Boca, Boca, Boca

  700. DavidJ says:

    David (60), Hanover Township, NJ

    Red Bulls, Liverpool, USA, England and foreign teams with Americans.

  701. Tom says:

    Tom (48)

    New York City

    Fave Team: None, except for whatever other MLS team goes into NYC, as long as they play somewhere in the 5 boroughs

  702. Jon says:



  703. silent e says:

    Houston Dynamo!!!

    MLS in general and US National teams.

    Also love the yanks abroad stuff

  704. Jonathon says:

    Jonathon (24)

    Boston, MA

    Colorado Rapids, Liverpool

  705. Wayne says:

    Wayne (26)

    Hoboken, NJ

    Red Bull New York, Fulham (til I die), USMNT

  706. Eric Griesheimer says:

    Nashville TN

    All of the US national teams

    Columbus Crew

    Fulham (any team that has americans on it)

    Yanks Abroad is one of my favorite sports culmns period!!!!

  707. Chosun says:

    Howard (33)

    Brooklyn, NY

    RBNY, Man U, USMNT, South Korea

  708. Athan says:

    Andrew – 31 Parsippany, NJ

  709. Adam says:

    Adam (24)

    Alexandria, VA

    Fulham FC, DC United, USMNT

  710. ZeusBrowne says:

    Name: Russell Browne


    Location: West Orange, NJ

    Age: 36

    Clubs: RBNY

    National team: USA, Brasil

  711. GoNeers says:

    David (31)

    Minneapolis, MN

    Everton, USA, and South Korea

  712. GoNeers says:

    David (31)

    Minneapolis, MN

    Everton, USA, and South Korea

  713. tyler says:

    Tyler, 19

    Burlington, VT

    Revolution (at least until Montreal gets an MLS team)

  714. Bill says:

    Bill (36)

    Washington, DC


    DC United

    Fulham FC


    All Yanks Abroad

  715. ari says:

    Ari 25

    Philadelphia, PA

    NYRB and USMNT

  716. lakaix15 says:

    Konrad (20)

    Rahway, NJ

    RBNY, Liverpool US/PLMNT

  717. Marty Ehrlich (40) says:

    Galaxy, USNat’s, Man U

  718. Pat says:

    Pat (38)

    Laramie, WY

    USMNT, Americans Abroad, MLS

  719. Scott says:

    Scott – 33

    Rochester, NY

    Rhinos, USMNT

  720. Ethan says:


    Kalamazoo, MI


  721. rand says:

    Rand (54)

    West Lebanon, NH

    Rev, USMNT

  722. Adam - 28 says:

    South Florida

    USMNT, and I follow teams that field Americans.

  723. DL says:

    Drew (24)

    Columbus, OH

    USMNT, Crew, Everton, Lazio

  724. Art says:

    Art (25)

    Corpus Christi, TX

    USMNT, Houston Dynamo, LA Galaxy, Yanks Abroad, EPL, La Liga

  725. EA says:

    Ethan (31)

    Baton Rouge, LA

    Support USNTs, Chelsea and Fulham, and follow any team where American players play, worldwide.

  726. Adam says:

    Adam – 28

    South Florida

    USMNT and Americans abroad. Also, MLS fan w/o team affiliation

  727. Randy says:

    Randy (32)

    Four Oaks, NC

    Fulham, US MNT, Villareal

  728. Phillip says:

    Phillip (21)

    Greenville, NC

    Carolina Railhawks, DC United, Bayern Munich

    United States

  729. Dr. Rockzo, The Rock N' Roll Clown says:

    Tavis (23)

    Cape Cod, MA

    NE Revolution, Third Lanark AC, American/Scottish/Portuguese football

  730. Johnny says:

    John (29)

    Perkiomenville, PA




    BIG 4-MAN U


  731. El Cuerpo says:


    Dallas, TX

    USMNT, England, Liverpool

  732. czf says:

    Chris (czf) – 27

    St. Paul, MN (as of 3 weeks, anyway).

    USMNT, Chicago Fire, Swiss Nati (poor bastards), Celtic, Tottenham (sort of). And I supposes I’ll pick up Minnesota Thunder.

  733. El Cuerpo says:

    Jason (25)

    Dallas, TX

    USMNT, England, Liverpool

  734. Matt says:


    North Syracuse, NY


    NE Revolution and Chelsea


  735. Steve (21) says:


    I like following the Americans abroad so I like Fulham, Everton, and whatever team Michael Bradley ends up on.

  736. Adam says:

    Adam (22)

    Columbia, MO

    Chicago Fire, Fulham FC, Manchester United

  737. Cornballer says:

    Erik (32)

    San Francisco, CA

    USMNT, Arsenal, San Jose Earthquakes

  738. Colm says:

    Colm (23)

    Birmingham, AL

    DC United, Reading, US Men’s and Women’s National Teams, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Derry City, Yanks Abroad, University of Maryland.

  739. J. says:

    J. (32)

    Delray Beach, FL

    Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, USMNT

  740. Chris says:

    Chris (28)

    Palo Alto, CA

    DC United, Manchester United, US MNT

  741. Chris says:

    Chris (28)

    Palo Alto, CA

    DC United, Manchester United, US MNT

  742. mymy33 says:

    Christine(30 something)

    New Jersey

    Real Madrid, RBNY, USMNT

  743. Athan says:

    Parsippany, NJ

    Red Bulls and US National Team

  744. Relacks says:


    Pasadena, Ca

    USMNT, and whomever plays against Mexico.

  745. really though says:

    Nate (30)


    USMNT, Colorado Rapids, Arsenal

  746. CO_Soccer_FAN says:

    Joe (44)

    Aurora CO

    Rapids, MNT, Yanks abroad and Portugal

  747. pompey says:

    James (16)

    Houston, Tx

    Houston Dynamo, MNT, and Portsmouth

  748. -Dave (34)

    and I also send anything interesting to:

    -Denise (47)

    -Nikki (20)

    -Mark (42)

    All are LAG fans!

  749. J. says:

    J. (32)

    Delray Beach, FL

    Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, USMNT

  750. Michael (26) says:

    Washington, DC

    Man Utd, DC United, USMNT

  751. Dan says:



    USMNT(where’s the MLS franchise in Minnesota?)

  752. Mike (35) says:

    Columbus Crew, Portsmouth, USMNT

  753. ajr says:

    Abe (28)

    SLC, UT but relocating soon to Mesa, AZ


  754. Dave (34) says:


    US Nats, DCU and Houston Dyn.

  755. 3vil l33t says:

    3VIL L33T (27)

    Houston, TX

    Dynamo, US MNT, ManU/fulhamerica, Barca, Leones(USL PDL)

  756. Rashid says:

    Rashid(23) or

    Los Angeles, CA

    Galaxy, Man U, Marsaille

    USMNT and France

  757. 3vil l33t says:

    3VIL L33T (27)

    Houston, TX

    Dynamo, US MNT, ManU/fulhamerica, Barca, Leones(USL PDL)

  758. adam says:

    Adam (26)

    dubuque, ia

    USMNT & Americans overseas

  759. Eric (23) says:

    Provo, UT

    Fulham – Anything MLS

  760. John says:



  761. Ben (23) says:

    Austin, TX

    Houston Dynamo, Arsenal

  762. Nicholas says:

    Nicholas (30)

    Columbus, OH

    Arsenal, Columbus Crew, USMNT

    Besides following the EPL, I enjoy knowing what Americans are doing abroad. Thanks.

  763. RK says:

    Tom (33)

    Atlanta, GA

    DC United, USMNT, Barcelona

  764. Rob C says:

    Rob (23)

    New York, NY

    RBNY, USMNT, Fulham

  765. Jacob S. says:

    Jacob, 24

    Nutley, NJ

    Red Bull New York, Tottenham Hotspur, USMNT

  766. Adam says:



    The Nats & Fulhamerica

  767. Joel (23)

    Poquoson VA, moving to DC soon

    Liverpool, DC, USMNT, and I have a certain amount of emotional investment is Sheffield Wednesday, we just don’t get any of their games here in the US.

  768. Seattle, WA

    Seattle Sounders FC

  769. Gary (27)

    Orlando, FL

    I’m a France guy, fave clubs are PSG, Man U, Bayern Munich, just starting to warm up to MLS.

  770. Garrett says:

    Garrett (24)

    Santa Barbara, CA

    Manchester City FC

  771. Neil says:

    Neil (38)

    San Jose CA

    Quakes, Fortaleza, Fluminense, yanks abroad

  772. Will says:

    Will (21)

    Winston Salem, NC

    FC Barcelona, Fulham FC, USMNT

  773. Will says:

    Will (21)

    Winston Salem, NC

    FC Barcelona, Fulham FC, USMNT

  774. Marcos says:

    Marcos 21

    Orange County, CA

    Galaxy,USMNT, El Salvador MNT, How about some WPS news

  775. Ernie says:

    Ernie (24)


    Newcastle, NYRB, USMNT

  776. Ferg says:

    Kevin (25)

    Norfolk, VA


  777. DeLarge says:

    Mike (26)

    Encino, CA

    LA Galaxy and Manchester United


  778. ChrisLav says:

    Chris (29)

    St. Catharines, Ontario

    TFC, and the EPL

  779. IHateDC says:

    Chris, 52

    Westchester, NY

    RBNY, USMNT, Team Evil, Anybody who beats DCU

  780. Justin says:

    Justin (20)

    Kansas City, Missouri

    Kansas City Wizards, Liverpool, US Mens Team

  781. Joe says:

    Joe (24)

    Ocean Isle Beach, NC

    RBNY, USMNT and now Villareal

  782. Jason says:

    Jason (28)

    San Jose, CA

    Quakes, USMNT

  783. ag nigrin says:

    AG (49)

    Somerset, NJ

    NY Red Bulls, US National Teams, Yanks Abroad

  784. Joey says:


    Denver: The Mile High City

    USA, Colo. Rapids, Ajax Amsterdam, Israel Nat’l Team

  785. Joey says:


    Denver: The Mile High City

    USA, Colo. Rapids, Ajax Amsterdam, Israel Nat’l Team

  786. Jeff says:

    Jeff (37)

    Arsenal, RBNY and USMNT.

    Washington, NJ

  787. Jerry says:

    Jerry (26)

    Tucson, AZ

    US National Team, Yanks Abroad, MLS

  788. DDT5583 says:

    Matt (25)

    Brooklyn, NY

    Chicago Fire

  789. Greg says:

    Greg (31)

    NY, NY

    NY Red Bulls

    Newcastle United



  790. Mike says:

    San Francisco, CA

    RBNY, Sao Paulo FC, USMNT

  791. joe says:

    Joe (30)

    Jacksonville, FL

    USMNT. Fulham

  792. Gord C. says:

    Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada

    Toronto FC


    Heart of Midlothian

    Vancouver Whitecaps

    Canadian National Mens Team

  793. Michael B says:

    Boston (30)

    Revolution, Team USA, EPL

  794. JH says:

    Joel (32)

    Humble, TX

    FC Dallas

  795. Kevin says:

    Kevin 22

    St. Louis, MO

    Chicago Fire (until STL gets a team), USMNT

  796. Bob says:

    Kansas City, MO (55)

    follow all MLS teams (no favorite)


  797. nico says:

    Seattle, 30 yrs.

    Can’t you just make people register in order to get readership information? this monthly roll call is getting ridiculous.

  798. Joe says:

    Joe (39)

    Cortland, IL

    Chicago Fire, Newcastle United, USMNT

  799. steve says:

    Steve (20)

    Youngstown, Ohio

    Columbus Crew, Inter Milan, USMNT

  800. ajr says:

    Abe 28

    Mesa, AZ


  801. Jake says:

    Jake (22)

    Evanston, IL/Butte, MT

    Chicago Fire, USMNT, MLS

  802. Robert Ortiz says:

    Roberto Ortiz (32)

    Los Angeles, CA

  803. joe says:

    joe (26)

    Stateline NV

    River Plate, Bayer Leverkusen

  804. joe says:

    joe (26)

    Stateline NV

    River Plate, Bayer Leverkusen

  805. JustinV says:

    Justin (35)

    Los Angeles, CA

    USMNT, UM Terps, Yanks Abroad, Arsenal

  806. Mark says:

    Mark (35)

    Cranford, NJ

    Red Bull NY, USMNT, Arsenal

  807. Rishi (27) says:

    Philadelphia, PA

    USMNT, MLS Philly

  808. Jeff says:

    Jeff 30

    Joliet, IL

    Chicago Fire, Liverpool, USMNT

  809. Robin says:



    Galaxy, Liverpool, Spain and England National Teams

  810. megs says:

    Megan (23)

    Madison, WI

    DC United, Reading, US M&W NTs, Yanks abroad

  811. CamJam says:

    Cameron (20)

    Southern Utah University


    RSL, and in Europe Fulham for heart and Chelsea for viewing purposes

  812. Mark says:

    Mark (26)

    Washington, DC

    DC United, USA, Yanks Abroad

  813. ed says:

    ed (32)

    Chicago, Il

    Liverpool, Tottenham, Celtic, the Fire

  814. Eric says:

    Eric (20)

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Chicago Fire

  815. Julio A. says:

    Julio A:


    Bloomfield, NJ



  816. andrew in tampa says:



    Arsenal,Fulham, USMNT

  817. Chad says:

    Chad (34)

    Chicago, Il

    Chicago Fire, USMNT

  818. Peter says:

    Peter (26)

    San Diego, CA

    Galaxy(until we get a team down here), USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  819. adam says:

    Adam (23)

    Armonk, NY

    USMNT, any team an American plays on

  820. Levi says:

    Levi (25)

    Fairfax, VA

    US National Team, EPL, some MLS

  821. John says:

    John (32)

    Fairfax, VA

    USMNT, Fulham, Wales

  822. Squire says:

    Josh (31)

    New Jersey


  823. Stephen says:

    Stephen (18)

    Seattle, Wa/ Lewisburg, PA

    Seattle Sounders FC, USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  824. Brian says:

    Brian (40)

    Columbus, OH

    USMNT, Crew, Fulham

  825. Ben says:

    Ben (38)


    Play in the Bella Vista Futbol Club

    Liverpool, USMNT

    Philly MLS team when it comes on board

  826. patrick says:

    Patrick 24

    NYC, Manhattan

    USMNT, Fulham, PortugalMNT, Villareal

  827. David Berger says:

    David Berger

    Bronx, New York

    17 years old

    Red Bull New York

    United States mens, womens and youth national team.

  828. Mike says:

    Mike 24

    Xenia, OH

    Chicago Fire and Man U

  829. Tj says:


    Seattle, WA

    Sounders, USMNT, Fulham

  830. Paolo says:

    Paolo “Debien” (29)

    Paradise, TX

    Vasco, Dallas, Brazil, US, Rotherham Utd.

  831. WK (38) says:

    San Jose,CA

    USMNT, Earthquakes, FC Koln, Reading

  832. Kevin says:

    Kevin (19)

    Philadelphia, PA

    Chelsea FC, MLS Philadelphia, USMNT

  833. Vladimir says:


    Budapest, Hungary (formerly Seattle)

    Sounders, Americans in Europe

  834. Steve (40) says:

    White Plains, NY

    Arsenal, MNT, Redbulls

  835. Scott says:

    Scott (21)


    LA Galaxy

    Man Utd.

    Colorado Rapids



  836. Zoomosapien says:



    Newark, NJ

    NY RedBulls

    US National Team

  837. Eric (40?) says:

    Los Angeles

    Galaxy, USMNT, USWNT, ManU, Fulham

  838. Alison says:

    Alison (27)

    Seattle, WA

    Barca, Sounders FC, USMNT, Argentina, Boca

  839. Dave says:

    Dave – 20

    River Vale, NJ

    The clubs I support are Red Bull New York, Manchester United, and to a lesser extent, Juventus.

  840. Chris says:

    Chris (21)

    Poughkeepsie, NY

    RBNY, TFC, USMNT, EPL, La Liga, Spanish NT, soon to be Villarreal CF fan

  841. A-man says:

    Aurelien (32)

    Lille OSC in the French League (my hometown club), and any french clubs in the CL and UEFA cups

    MLS since I moved in the US in 2000, starting with TB Mutiny (RIP) while living in FLA, then NE Revs while living in MASS.

    I’m back in FLA and look forward to getting acquainted with Miami FC in the USL (maybe when my twin babies are older?)

  842. Travis says:

    Travis (21)

    Springfield, IL

    USMNT, Man U, hoping for an MLS team in STL!!

  843. Brooklyn Zoo says:

    Max (22)

    Brooklyn, NY

    USMNT, any YA squad

  844. Griffin says:

    Griffin (21)

    Fort Wayne, IN

    Fire, US, and Liverpool

  845. david says:

    David 18

    Port wahington, NY

    USMNT! Israel natl team ,RBNY, Arsenal, and all yanks abroad

  846. Z-Indy says:



    USMNT, England NT, Chelsea

  847. Adam says:

    Adam (21)

    St. Louis, MO

    hotspurs, fulham, Chicago (until STL gets a team), USMNT

  848. Kyle says:

    Kyle (29)

    Jonesboro, AR

    L’Pool, Yanks abroad

  849. Jonathan says:

    Jonathan (34)

    Los Angeles, CA


  850. Ben says:

    Ben (20) Boston, MA

    NE Revs, Fulham, Man U, USMNT, americans abroad

  851. Chris (37) says:


    TFC,Arsenal,Canadian MNT

    And of course London City (CSL)

  852. TonUpMike says:

    Michael (28)

    Ocean, NJ

    RBNY, Real Madrid, USMNT, Rutgers, local

  853. John F says:

    John (47 – that’s the oldest so far. How depressing!)

    Birmingham, AL, by way of far too many places to list

    Manchester United (since I can’t remember when)


    LA Galaxy


    England (but I do remember 66!)

    Dual nationality – it’s a wonderful thing

  854. John F says:

    John (47 – that’s the oldest so far. How depressing!)

    Birmingham, AL, by way of far too many places to list

    Manchester United (since I can’t remember when)


    LA Galaxy


    England (but I do remember 66!)

    Dual nationality – it’s a wonderful thing

  855. Aaron says:

    Aaron, 22

    Abilene, TX

    FC Dallas, Arsenal

  856. John F says:

    Oops. Excuse the double post – Typepad crashed on me

  857. Metrosct says:

    Pete (42)

    Rowayton, CT


    It’s a shame you don’t cover the team like you used to. I guess you are on to bigger and better things.

  858. duster says:

    Ricardo (19)

    Houston, TX

    D.C. United, L.A. Galaxy


  859. JP (25) says:

    Chicago, IL

    USMNT,Chicago Fire, Arsenal, Fulham, Yanks Abroad

  860. Cindy says:

    Cindy (26)

    Dallas, TX

    FC Barcelona, AC Milan

  861. Andrew says:


    Age 35

    Denver CO

    Colorado Rapids, Fulham, and USMNT of course!

  862. Brookdalepark says:

    James (60)

    Bloomfield, NJ

    RBNY, Bayern Munich and Germany.

    My wife follows RBNY, AC Milan and Italy.

  863. Doug (34) says:

    West Chicago, IL

    Clubs: Chicago Fire, Manchester United, UNAM Pumas

    National Teams: USA, Mexico, England

  864. Casey Moore says:

    Casey Moore (33)

    New Orleans, LA

    New Orleans ShellShockers

    Chicago Fire (first and only MLS game I have ever been to was Chicago Fire at Soldier Field)

    Houston Dynamo (closest MLS team to New Orleans, so gotta give them some love)

    Also keep up with my university’s women’s team: Mississippi State Bulldogs (we used to spend Sundays during football season watching the women play)

  865. Rick (42) says:

    Springfield, NJ

    Former soccer writer for North Jersey Herald & News (1987-1993)

    Arsenal, RBNY, Ebbsfleet United, USMNT, Cosmos (!)

  866. scott (27) says:

    USMNT and the Seattle Sounders FC. it’s been a long time coming, and it’s almost here.

  867. Seth says:

    Seth (26)

    Long Island City, NY

    Barcelona, To a lesser extent RBNY and Spurs

  868. Doug says:

    Doug (25)

    St. Louis, MO

    USMNT, FC Barcelona

  869. Nickel says:


    Los Angles Galaxy


    All Amercians abroad


  870. Matt says:


    Davis, CA

    USMNT, DC United, Fulham

  871. Drew D (From FL) says:

    Andrew D (20)

    Tampa, FL

    MNT, Yanks Abroad, Man U, Brazil, Colombia

  872. Will G says:

    Will G. (32)

    Costa Mesa, CA (in the O.C.)

    USMNT, LA Galaxy, Man U, Barca, EPL(Yanks specifically), any other team that has a Yank starting on it and preferably watchable via (FSC, GolTV, Setanta or even YouTube).

  873. andy says:

    andy 22

    houston, tx but moving to nyc in a few weeks

    south korea, dynamo, USA

  874. Brendan says:

    Brendan [22]

    Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

    Chicago Fire, USNTs, & Yanks Abroad

  875. Chris H. says:

    Chris (42)

    Brussels, Belgium (formerly Las Cruces, NM)

    USMNT, MLS, EPL, Bundesliga, Wake Forest MT, USLNT,

  876. dan Gossett says:

    dan (23)

    seattle, wa

    seattle sounders (usl/mls), usmnt

  877. Darnell says:

    Darnell (24)


    USMNT, Red Bull Park!!!, NYRB, EPL (BPL?)

  878. Richard says:

    Richard (39)

    Raleigh, NC

    Hartlepool United and San Jose Earthquakes

  879. Justice says:

    Justice (25)

    Brooklyn, NY

    DC United, Man City, Fulham

  880. Jeff says:

    Jeff (38)

    Kennewick, WA

    Seattle Sounders, Arsenal, USMNT

  881. Tim says:

    Tim (38)

    Louisville, KY

    USMNT, Real Madrid, waiting for St.Louis to get a MLS team. That’s a great futbol town and they deserve one.

  882. Damian says:

    Damian (33)

    USMNT, Mexican 1st Div., MLS, EPL, La Liga

  883. Bill says:







  884. Pete (24) says:

    Baltimore, MD

    -DC United


    -USM U-23 (not sure if that’s redundant or not)

    -Yanks Abroad

  885. Jeremy says:

    Jeremy (26)

    Pullman, Wa

    Sounders, Philadelphia MLS, MNT, EPL

  886. Brian says:

    Norman, OK

    USMNT, Fire

  887. Ken says:

    Ken (18)

    South Jersey

    Watford, NYRB, USMNT

  888. Ron says:

    Ron Moving from New York to St. Petersburg, FL…..Go USMNT!!!

  889. Thom says:


    Ft’ Laudedale

    US nationals, Yanks playing abroad, EPL, ALL MLS, Concacaf, Comebol,Euro

    Someone that can explains how the USSF thinks and where the power resides. Real insight into US national team politics and player selections

  890. Marc Silverstein says:


    Nanuet, NY

    Referee and a RedMetroBull fan

  891. Benjamin (36) says:

    Los Angeles CA

  892. John says:

    John (26)

    San Diego soon Pomona, Ca

    USMNT+USWNT, Houston Dynamo, Fulham, UCSD

  893. Rahul says:


    Atlanta, GA

    USA (seriously more stories) and Man U

  894. Ben says:

    Ben 16

    Ithaca NY

    Spurs, revs

  895. Joe B says:

    Joe (26)



  896. Steven says:


    Berkeley, CA


    San Jose Earthquakes, Wrexham, USA, Spain

  897. Drewcore says:

    Andrew (20)

    Rockford, IL

    Chicago Fire, USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  898. glenn says:

    Age: 38

    Team: LA Galaxy; USMNT, Switzerland

  899. glenn says:

    Forgot: Los Angeles, CA

  900. Stephen says:


    Seattle/Lewisburg, PA

    USMNT, Seattle Sounders FC,

  901. Chris says:

    Chris 20

    Orlando, FL

    US National Team, Liverpool, after tonights match against Atlante, the Houston 1836

  902. Ben says:

    Ben (23)

    Boston, MA

    Tottenham Hotspur, LA Galaxy, US MNT

  903. Rob says:

    Rob – 28

    Seattle, WA

    Seattle Sounders, US National Team

  904. Ryan says:

    Ryan (20)


    USA,Arsenal,Yanks Abroad

  905. Chaz says:

    Chaz (23)

    Austin, TX



  906. Erik Sotka says:

    Erik (38)

    Charleston, SC

    USMNT, MLS and Americans abroad

  907. Dave says:


    Portland, Oregon

    Portland Timbers

    Watford FC

  908. Adam R. says:

    Adam (27)

    Metuchen, NJ

    RBNY (ugh), USMNT, and any American abroad.

    New York correspondant,

  909. Jeff says:

    Jeff (41)

    Kobe, Japan (originally from Wisconsin)

    USMNT, Revs, MLS & J-league in general, any “Yanks Abroad” team

  910. Scott (24)

    Barrie, Ontario, Canada

    Toronto FC, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Canada Nat’l

  911. SCNewJersey says:

    James (17)

    Manasquan, New Jersey


  912. quartz62 says:

    John (32)

    Roselle Park, NJ

    U.S.A. Nat. team, Portugal nat. team( minus Ronaldo)

    S.L. Benfica and RBNY

  913. Jon Kamin says:


    Raleigh, NC via Boston

    Revs, USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  914. Brian says:

    Brian (22)

    Boston, MA

  915. Tim (24) says:

    Wingdale, NY

    Fulham FC

    Red Bull New York

    Virginia Tech Hokies


  916. Dave says:

    Dave 25

    Jersey City, NJ

    TFC & Liverpool

  917. Alex says:

    Alex (42)

    Philadelphia, PA

    Philadelphia MLS Team, USMNT

  918. Doug says:


    West Chicago, IL


    #1: Chicago Fire

    Others: Manchester United, UNAM Pumas

    National Teams:

    #1: USA

    Others: Mexico, England

  919. jesse says:


    Falls Church, Va

    D.C. United

    Boca Juniors

    US, Argentina, Ecuador National Teams

  920. Eric says:

    Eric (27)

    Cleveland, OH

    Columbus Crew, USMNT

  921. Kyle says:

    Chicago Fire and Arsenal

  922. Kutama says:

    Kutama (30)

    Long Island, NY

    MLS (esp Red Bulls, LA Galaxy)

    EPL (Man U)

    USMNT (All levels)

  923. Jimi V says:

    Jimi (42)

    Toronto, ON Canada


  924. sam says:

    Endicott, NY

  925. Andrew says:

    Andrew (28)

    Boston, MA

    New England Revolution, Atletico Madrid, Fulham FC, USMNT

  926. Bill says:

    Bill (24)

    Gainesville, FL

    USA men and women, Colorado Rapids, Fulham

  927. George (23) says:

    Evanston, IL


  928. ben says:

    ben (28)

    richmond, va

  929. Sean says:

    Sean (20)

    Austin, TX

    USMNT and Man U

  930. lawrenceterp says:


    South Riding, VA

  931. pat says:

    Pat, 25



  932. lawrenceterp says:

    Lawrence (35)

    South Riding, VA

    DC United, MLS, USMNT

  933. Dennis says:

    Dennis (33)

    Watertown, MA

    N.E. Revolution, USA

  934. Leo says:

    Leo (22)

    Fayetteville, AR

  935. blog says:

    Derek – 36

    USMNT, DC United, MANU

  936. matt says:

    Matt (23)

    Billings, Montana



    FC St. Pauli

    Seattle Sounders

  937. RP says:

    Reid (37)

    Washington, DC

    DC Utd, Manchester Utd, Celtic FC, AIK Stockholm

    USA, Sweden

  938. JMR says:

    John (49)

    Annapolis, MD


  939. Jeff says:



    St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

    Toronto FC

  940. Jacob says:

    Jacob (19)


    Atlanta Silverbacks, General MLS interest, Real Madrid, USMNT, and when the game matters, USWNT.

  941. Joel says:

    Joel (23)

    Raleigh, NC



    Great site!

  942. 31

    Seattle, WA

    Seattle Sounders FC

  943. Bill (33)

    Cleveland, OH

    USMNT, Newcastle United, Columbus Crew

  944. Frank says:

    Indianapolis, IN

    USMNT, Manchester United, MLS

  945. Brian says:

    Please provide your name, email, location, age and clubs and national teams you support


    Dubuque, Ia, Chicago, Il.

    Chicago Fire, Chelsea, Germany, US national teams.

  946. Josh says:

    Josh (32)

    Somerset, NJ

    Red Bulls, USMNT, ScotlandNT, Arsenal

  947. Jeff Darling says:

    Lynchburg, VA


    DC United

  948. Ben says:

    Ben (17)

    Indianapolis, IN

    Chicago Fire, US Nats, Fulham

  949. Jeff Darling says:

    Jeff Darling


  950. Tony in Quakeland says:

    47, Quakes, Arsenal and ‘Nats.

    And count me among those who think MLS will be a top league within 20 years.

  951. frank says:



    Dove canyon, CA


    traveled to USA/MEX in Mexico City 2005 and 2006 WC

  952. Nate says:

    Nate (27)

    Raleigh, NC (relocated from CT)

    Revolution, USMNT

  953. Jerel says:

    Jerel Parenton (31)

    Missoula, Montana

    U.S. National Teams, Spain, D.C. United, Charlton Athletic, any teams with US players on them, and whoever is playing against Chelski.

  954. dvm271 says:

    Daryl (29)

    Atlanta, GA

    US MNT, French MNT, Netherlands MNT

    Aston Villa, Arsenal

  955. Aaron says:

    Aaron 30




  956. George Griffin says:

    Walpole, NH and Upton, PEI (Canada)

    Revs, USMNT, ManU

  957. jesus mansilla says:

    Jesus (26)

    Jersey city, NJ

    NYRB, MNT.

  958. Pernell (40) says:

    Queens, NY


    Arsenal (Gunners)

    Real Madrid

    Jamaica MNT

    US MNT

    Brazil MNT

  959. Kevn says:

    Kevin (22)

    Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

    Liverpool, Inter Milan and Team Canada.

  960. Junior Z says:

    Junior (29)

    San Pedro, CA


  961. Brad says:

    Brad (19)

    Mobile, AL

    Liverpool FC

  962. Igor says:

    Igor – 20

    New York, NY

    Red Bulls, USMNT, Russia NT

  963. Victor says:

    Victor (43)

    New York City

    Red Bulls, Arsenal, Kfar Saba, Ferro

  964. Matthew Lee says:

    Matthew Lee

    Glen Rock, NJ


    Tottenham Hotspur and Red Bull New York

    US National Team

  965. Marcos says:

    Marcos (21)

    Orange County, CA

    USMNT, LA Galaxy

  966. Brant Ivey says:

    Brant (26)

    Knoxville, TN

    USMNT, MUFC, and hopefully one day an Atlanta based MLS team and a University of Tennessee team

  967. Kevin Gagnon says:

    Kevin (18)

    Ft. Myers, FL

    New England Revolution


  968. John says:

    John (23)

    Toronto Canada

    Toronto FC, Canada and Norwich City

  969. Mikebsiu says:

    Mike (23)

    Chicago IL

    Fire, RSC Anderlecht, Belgian Nat team

  970. Scott says:

    Scott (21)

    Boulder, Co

    Man Utd, LA Galaxy, Co. Rapids

  971. Mike says:

    Mike (39)

    Seattle, WA

    DC United, Arsenal, and Sounders FC (as of next season)

  972. C.D. says:

    C.D. (36)

    Washington, DC

    DC United, AFC Wimbledon, Reading FC, Queen of the South

  973. Jared says:

    Jared – (22)

    New York, NY

    Clubs I support:

    RBNY (hold season tix, but not in a supporters club)

    Manchester United (since before I could walk)

    Zamalek (Egyptian squad – why? well, I have no good answer for that)

    National squads:

    USA all the way

    Anyone who plays against the cheating Italians or French (and when the two are against each other, I prefer France)

  974. Jared says:

    Jared (25)

    Mission, KS [Kansas City]

  975. Halton Hills, Ontario

    TFC -season ticket holder and blogger

    EPL – family ties to Everton, I tend to back London teams, Arsenal, Charlton Athletic

  976. Julian says:

    Julian, M, 36, Divorced (she didn’t like futbol)

    New York, NY

    Red Bulls, Team USA, Everton, Fortuna Dusseldorf, whereever the Americans play.

  977. John says:



    Manchester United & USA

  978. Matt (25) says:

    Toronto, On

    TFC, Birmingham City

    England, Canada

  979. Allen (32) says:

    Fayetteville, GA

    US National Team, any MLS team with guys I played against in high school (Wolfe and Mathis), Manchester United.

  980. Kevin says:


    Richmond, VA

    DC United, Real Madrid, Any team that beats the Pink Cows.

  981. Billy says:

    Billy, 25

    Mobile, AL

    USMNT, Manchester United, Sounders FC

    And try to follow as many of the Yanks abroad as I can.

  982. Justin says:

    Justin (20)

    Kansas City, MO

    Kansas City Wizards; Liverpool FC

  983. bill says:

    For now, since the new SBI has more than double the readership of the old SBI, I am looking to do a new reader roll call.

    Bill (30)

    Portland, OR

    US-MNT + WNT!

    Portland Timbers






  984. Rusty (27) says:

    Arlington, VA

    DC United, USMT, Yanks Abroad

  985. Rory (34) says:

    your name, email, location, age and clubs and national teams you support


    NE Revolution, USMNT

  986. Brian from Short Island says:

    Brian (19)


    Red Bulls, Spurs, US, Sporting de Gijón, Notre Dame

  987. jpc says:


    NY, NY

  988. SonicDeathMonkey says:




  989. Jacob (28) says:

    Denver, Colorado

    Rapids, USNT, all Yanks Abroad and the Mighty Wilmington Hammerheads

  990. Joe says:

    Salt Lake City, UT

    AS Roma

    Real Salt Lake

    U.S.A & Italy

    Serie A

  991. Dave says:

    Dave (27)

    San Francisco, CA

    Barca, Arsenal, Earthquakes

  992. Darius says:

    Darius (25), Canandaigua, NY

  993. fieldsy says:

    Jon (31)

    Ithaca, NY

    USMNT, Rangers, NY Red Bull, Rochester Rhinos

  994. Kasey says:

    Kasey (19)

    TFC, Can MNT , Liverpool

    Vancouver, BC

  995. Chris says:

    Chris (19)

    Richland Center, WI

    Chicago Fire/MLS, USMNT, Yanks Abroad

  996. BrianK says:

    BrianK (41)

    Princeton, NJ

    United States and Sheffield Wednesday

  997. Ron says:

    Ron (53)

    USMNT, Galaxy, Glasgow Rangers, Everton, and St. John’s University

  998. Michael says:

    Michael (26)

    Denver, CO

    United, SK Rapid Wien, USMNT, Rapids

  999. Ryan (37) says:

    Fishers, IN

    Fire, Reading, Rangers FC, USMNT

  1000. Caldwell says:

    Chris, 30

    Seattle, WA

    Seattle Sounders, Seattle Sounders FC, USMNT, Americans in foreign leagues

  1001. Brigid says:

    Brigid (19)

    Fairfax, VA

  1002. QJA says:

    Dan (19)

    Reston, VA

    DC United; Chelsea FC; US Men’s, Women’s Youth programs

  1003. Rob says:

    Rob (19)

    Utica, NY

    Chelsea FC, Toronto FC, Watford FC, USA NAT.

  1004. David (25) says:

    Seattle, WA

    Liverpool FC, Sounders FC

  1005. David says:

    David (25)

    Seattle, WA

    Liverpool FC, Sounders FC

  1006. golden-goal says:

    Selby (51)

    Westchester County, NY

    Clint Mathis, NYRB, opponents of USMNT, Guatemala NT, Toluca

  1007. Billy says:

    Nate (30)

    Lehi, UT

    RSL, Tottenham, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Ajax, Leverkusen

  1008. Dick says:

    Dick (71)

    Los Angeles, CA

    Galaxy; USMNT

  1009. Betinho says:

    Travis (36)

    Miami Beach, FL

    USMNT, Miami FC, any team vs. any Mexico team :)

  1010. Ryan says:


    Mt. Laurel, NJ

    Arsenal, RBNY

  1011. Paul says:

    Paul (43)

    Salt Lake, UT.

    RSL, Manchester United, and Chesterfield FC!

  1012. Jeremy says:

    Jeremy (34)

    Los Angeles, CA

    MNT, WNT, and Standard Liege!

  1013. Collin says:

    name, email, location, age and clubs and national teams you support

    Collin (20)

    Kansas City, MO


    KC Wizards, Liverpool, Tottenham, Americans Abroad

  1014. greg says:


    Redondo Beach, CA

    Chivas USA, UCLA, Arsenal

  1015. Ian says:

    Ian, 37, Boston MA area.

    MLS: New England Revolution

    WPS: Boston Breakers

    [WUSA: volunteered for all three years with the Carolina Courage]

    College: Duke, Cornell, Harvard.


    Also pay attention to major Latin American & European competitions.

    & (coming soon) Boston Breakers

    Duke, Cornell, & Harvard soccer


  1016. Liverpool_SC says:

    Ken (32)

    Greenville, SC

    Liverpool FC, DC United and MLS in general

  1017. John says:

    Columbia MD

    DC United

  1018. J says:

    Jonathan (29)

    Redlands, CA

    LA Galaxy, USMNT

  1019. Noeldeanho says:

    Noel, 26

    St Louis, MO

    USMNT, Barcelona, Reading

  1020. Nick says:

    Nick (29)

    Boston, MA

    LA Galaxy, Sevilla FC, USMNT

  1021. Samuel says:

    Samuel, 31

    USMNT,NY Redbulls, Puerto Rico National Team

    and the Puerto Rico Islanders

  1022. Brad (20)

    Andover, MA and Durham, NC – and this fall, Glasgow, UK

    Domestically: New England Revolution, USMNT, Duke Blue Devils.

    Abroad: Leeds United, Fulham, the Old Firm in the SPL, and Real Madrid.

  1023. Dave says:

    Dave (51)

    Kirkland, WA

    Sounders, Liverpool, USMNT

  1024. Marco says:

    Marco (31)

    Miami, Florida

    USMNT & InterMilan

  1025. Arena Futbol says:

    Arena Futbol, 33, LA


    appreciate the YNT info, Ives

  1026. David Yellope says:

    David (33)

    Near Boston, MA

    New England Revolution, Fulham, Cambridge United, MNT

  1027. Jeff Cooper says:

    Jeff (44)


    Liverpool, USMNT, and looking forward to supporting Sounders FC next year (from a distance).

  1028. Strider says:

    Don – 51

    Indianapolis, IN

    Chi Fire & Clb Crew

    Reading, Man U & USMNT

  1029. Sandro says:

    Sandro (over 30)

    New York

    Red Bulls, USMNT, USWNT

  1030. Justin O says:

    Justin O (37)

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Countries: USA and a handful of Asian countries in the wrong half of the FIFA rankings.

    Clubs: I’ll go with Alaniya Vladikavkaz (Russia), Tobol (Kazakhstan) and the Sounders

  1031. Justin O says:

    Oh wait – I was on one of these many months ago. Sorry.

  1032. jb says:

    John (57

    Colorado Rush (youth)

    Colorado Rapids (local)

    Man U; Inter; Monaco; Barca

  1033. Gustavo says:

    Capitol Hill in Wash DC

    DC United and Paraguay National Team

  1034. Mike (40) says:

    Toronto, ON

    Arsenal, TFC and Celtic.

  1035. Rafael says:



    D.C. United and Manchester United, and of course USMNT

  1036. joe k says:

    joe (27)

    brooklyn, ny (recently moved from jersey city)

    ny red bulls, us mnt

    and i’ll give villareal a shot this year.

  1037. Mark Lewis says:

    Silver Spring, MD

    Age = 32


    US MNT

    Univ. of MD

  1038. boneall says:

    Brandon (28)

    Dallas (Allen), TX

    FCD, USMNT, Man U, Liverpool, heavily follow the youth clubs here in Dallas.

  1039. Derek says:

    Derek (23)

    Fayetteville, AR and Arlington, VA

    DC United, Fulham, United States, Mauritius

  1040. soccerroo says:

    Eric (35)

    McKinney, TX (Near Dallas)

    FC Dallas, US SOCCER, Borrusia Dortmund

  1041. Chris says:

    Chris (27)

    Atlanta, GA relocating to Denver

    USMNT, Americans Abroad, MLS Highlights and News/Signings

  1042. Todd (30) says:

    Washington D.C.

  1043. Chris says:

    Chris (28)

    Indianapolis, IN


  1044. sirfallsalot_2000 says:

    Ricky (28)

    St. Louis, MO

    Arsenal, USMNT, MLS, Expansion

  1045. Tyler says:

    Tyler (22)

    Seattle, WA

    Seattle Sounders, Sounders FC, USMNT

  1046. patrick says:




    USMNT, Portugal MNT, Fulham FC

  1047. Christian says:

    Christian (34)

    Arizona native living in London, England.

    Support the US MENS NATIONAL TEAM players wherever they may be; and the state of soccer in the USA: hence MLS as a whole. (Until AZ gets an MLS team, then I’m ‘Zona till I die).

  1048. Fly the Coop says:

    Chris (25)

    Washington, DC

    DC United, MNT, Liverpool, Fulhamerica, Malbaza FC

  1049. Jimmy Lovering says:

    Jimmy Lovering (34)

    Lubbock, TX

    FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo

    Man U, Fulham

  1050. John (58) says:

    Plano, TX

    FC Dallas (Burn) season tickets from the beginning through 2007. Have not been to a game this season. My beef is with front office but glad I’m not supporting this year.

  1051. Ryan says:

    Atlanta, GA



  1052. Tokyo 30

    DC United/Fulham?yanks abroad

    Also, just wanted to say I really like how you just scratch out your edits so that we can see when changes have been made. I think is good journalistic ethics, or maybe its just fun to read what you were going to say.

  1053. Dan in FL says:

    Dan (34)

    Crystal River, FL

    DC United, USMNT, US players overseas

  1054. Jonathan Yeh says:

    TFC and Man U

  1055. Kevin Ebata says:


    TFC and Manchester United

  1056. Ryan from Baltimore says:

    Ryan (24)

    Baltimore, MD

    DC United, Arsenal, Crystal Palace Baltimore, Real Maryland (a little), USMNT, the occasional bit on Bayern Munich

  1057. Ben says:

    Ben (19)

    Cary, NC

    New England Revolution, Chelsea

  1058. King says:

    Ryan (16)


    Support Man United and New England Revolution

    Follow U.S. and England

  1059. Chris says:

    chris [13]

    new england and man city

  1060. TonySF says:

    Tony – 21

    San Francisco, CA