SuperLiga semifinal: New England Revolution vs. Atlante (Your running commentary)


Good evening folks. The New England Revolution puts its unbeaten SuperLiga record on the line tonight against Mexican champions Atlante in the SuperLiga semifinal at Gillette Stadium. The winner of tonight’s match (8pm, Telefutura) takes on the Houston Dynamo in the second-annual SuperLiga final.

New England has looked sharp in SuperLiga play but will have to beat Atlante without its best defender, U.S. Olympic team defender Michael Parkhurst.

If you don’t have Telefutura, you can watch the game online at

If you will be watching tonight’s game, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. I will be watching and commenting but won’t be doing a full running commentary.

Enjoy the match.

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201 Responses to SuperLiga semifinal: New England Revolution vs. Atlante (Your running commentary)

  1. Sack Lodge says:

    It’s too bad that there isn’t room for any more advertisements on Atlante’s uniforms.

  2. nico says:

    Question, I haven’t watched this tournament so I am unfamiliar but is this a one-leg affair?

    (If so, seems strange that both MLS teams got home-field advantage. Is there a reason? If not, what was the score of the first-leg?)


  3. Mig22 says:

    That’s funny, Sack….and too true.

  4. Mig22 says:

    my my…lots of action between 24 and 27 minutes. A crossbar, two saves by Reis. Wild stuff.

  5. Mig22 says:

    F’n great free kick.

  6. Dro Scott says:


  7. RSF says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaa shalrie!

  8. Mig22 says:

    I mean, holy crap, can you flight a ball better? Joseph steps to exactly the right spot to head home. 30th min. Lovely.

  9. Julio says:

    Can these commentators give some credit to a US team…DARN IT!!!! THey keep talking about how the MExican team is not doing this and not doing that. That is why I watch these games on mute.

  10. Mig22 says:

    This game has some talent, some flair, and some suspect defense. Makes it fun to watch.

  11. Julio says:

    BOth guys were going for the ball when IGWE gets a yellow and they keep saying he was going “to hard to aggressive”. I mean for PETE’S sake are we playing Futbol or patty cakes. Grow some Stones MExicans.

  12. Julio says:

    It a one leg game for the guy that asked the question about above.

  13. Julio says:

    I wish Joseph would have played for the US instead of the Grenada.

  14. Sack Lodge says:

    Julio, are you talking about the Spanish or English broadcast?

  15. Julio says:

    About Telefutura, the Broadcasters are so PRO MEXICAN and I know they are Mexicans but they are some supposed to be calling it down teh middle. If anything towars a US club team since they are the Station of the US Men National Team.

  16. Sack Lodge says:

    English language broadcast online is great because it is the Rev’s normal TV guys doing the game.

  17. Mig22 says:

    I don’t think they are supposed to be calling down the middle. Think who their audience is. Mostly Mexican-Americans…what do they care about New England?

    All that said, this is a corker of a game.

  18. Mig22 says:

    Defensive backline for NE with the second great step up in the last 5 min. That was on 42 min….caught a dangerous break offside again.

  19. Mig22 says:

    I think I’ve been watching the wrong MLS games…NE is…really, really good.

  20. spencer says:

    The NE Houston final should be interesting.

  21. Mike says:

    Telefutura broadcasts MLS games every Sunday as well as the Super Liga so they are very aware of the goings on of the MLS. But their main priority of course in the Mexican League and Mexican American fans so they’ll obviously cater their announcing to that audience.

    Great goal by Joseph!

    p.s. I was just wondering how many people here have learned Spanish just to understand what the announcers are saying? Or, did you start to learn Spanish just by watching soccer in spanish? Just curious…

  22. ?Question Man? says:

    I have a few questions maybe someone can answer for me.

    1. Shouldnt the USMNT add another star to their logo/crest since we recently won the gold cup?

    2. Why does the Houston Dynamo jerseys still only spot one star for their championships?

    3. If DC United were to win another MLS cup — making it five — will they add a 5th star above their crest or something different?

    4. Why do only half of MLS clubs have jersey sponsors?

  23. Tim F. says:

    Monster first half by Shalrie.

    Regarding the question above, so far (2nd year), all Superliga games are played in the US. Once group play ends, it’s single elimination from that point forward.

  24. Mig22 says:

    Hey Mike, in my case, I’ve always had a bit of Spanish…not quite conversational but I can read it pretty well. Watching spanish-language broadcasts only helps.

  25. Mig22 says:

    More anger….this is a good, spicy tournament.

  26. Julio says:

    for the 2nd straight night, the MExican teams are being thugish.

  27. Is Greg Lalas getting on anyone ele’s nerves?

    How did he get into the position he did? He sucks.

  28. spencer says:

    question man, the US jerseys just have 3 stars they don’t stand for tournaments won. those without sponsors simply haven’t signed an agreement yet or they are still looking for one with enough money in it.

  29. Mig22 says:

    NE’s confidence on the ball is really impressive. They are controlling the ball, preventing 50-50 situations, and deeply, truly, madly frustrating Atlante. Good stuff.

  30. Mig22 says:

    I don’t think Atlante is being thuggish…I think they’re pressing every tackle and raising the physical element of their game…..I also think it’s working.

  31. Mig22 says:

    Reis has made two strong plays that REALLY mattered in the last 90 seconds. Good step ups to control his box. 55th min…Atlante looks better in the 2nd half so far.

  32. Mig22 says:

    Weak yellow vs. Atlante….ngetting sh*tty in the box…Joseph having a little tete-a-tete…with a defender.

    67th min.

    Oh…Joseph just makes another great possession decision, directing the ball back to an open man.

  33. Mig22 says:

    If Atlante could cross the ball….mmmm…different scoreline. Blew two crossing opportunities in teh 67th and 69th.

  34. EDB says:

    Fire up 1 – 0 on Everton in the friendly

  35. Mig22 says:

    Sorry, I ment 57th and 59th.

    As of the 61st minute, Atlante has the better of the play in the second half. Just working a bit harder.

  36. Mig22 says:

    Where are you watching the Fire/Everton game?

  37. Julio says:

    I can’t take it anymore, why don’t these guys get Pom poms and run to the field and put on a Green Mexican shirt and just show they the obvious.

  38. Mig22 says:

    Handball, vs. the big red-haired polish guy not called…announcers and Atlante players rather upset….it was close….his hand was about 5 inches from his knee when the ball hit it. Tough call.

  39. Mig22 says:

    NE not showing much this half.

  40. jb says:

    1. Shouldnt the USMNT add another star to their logo/crest since we recently won the gold cup? – those are just part of the badge. stars for world cups would be over the badge

    2. Why does the Houston Dynamo jerseys still only spot one star for their championships? – they have the MLS Scudetto, the small logo on the opposite side of their jersey. will get the 2nd star next season

    3. If DC United were to win another MLS cup — making it five — will they add a 5th star above their crest or something different? – scudetto first season after, then the 5th star in the 2nd season after

    4. Why do only half of MLS clubs have jersey sponsors? – not getting enough money offered, not finding the right group that the mls offices will approve

  41. Paul says:

    NE blew that open goal attempt… it’s gonna haunt them

  42. Mig22 says:

    Joseph looks like he’s getting tired. Any history of that with him? He seems late to a few balls all of a sudden

  43. Mig22 says:

    Who is the left back for NE? He’s having a fantastic game.

  44. Mike says:

    Will the Revs be moving out of Gillette Staidum anytime soon? I hate seeing soccer in big football stadiums.

  45. Mig22 says:

    Is the ref EVER going to back up the marker on those free kicks from the right side. Last 2 kicks, the single marker was about 7 yards from the ball.

  46. Mig22 says:

    Tell you what, Mike. The stadium might be a bit empty but the pitch is f’n beautiful.

  47. edb says:

    listening from evertontv..

  48. hoyanick says:

    Matt Reis is a BEAST.

  49. Mig22 says:

    Resetting. 78th min. NE 1-0. Atlante has the better of the play but hasn’t forced any big saves from Reis. The seem to be a bit panicky on the ball when inside the box. Still, it’s an open game where very little would surprise me.

  50. Mig22 says:

    Thanks, edb

  51. Mike says:

    I’ll give you that Mig22, pitch looks great. But tell me how great it looks in a few weeks when it has a Patriots logo and yard markers all over it lol.

  52. Mig22 says:

    Reis has been an absolute beast…not so much with saves…but the way he is controlling the area is awesome.

  53. mig22 says:

    fair enough, Mike. :)

  54. ?Question Man? says:


  55. Mig22 says:

    NE comes close for only the second time this half…but they’re playing good, structured football, and holding their lead. 8 min. + stoppage to go.

  56. RSF says:

    Khano should have scored there…

  57. Chris says:

    To answer question man…

    1. Most stars on a senior national team jersey stand for World Cup Titles — Hence why Brazil has 5 stars, Germany and Italia 3 each. As a die hard US fan, I’m not really sure why we have the stars, maybe just to go with the ‘stars and stripes’ feel. Maybe we could incorporate some other type of “tribute” to our Gold Cup victories.

    2. I believe Houston is sporting the “American Scudetto” at the moment, which is a patch the reigning MLS champs wear the next season, “showing” they are MLS Champs. The following season (2 seasons after the title is won) is when they switch to the star to represent the title. MLS Champs also play with a “silver” ball during the next season to also show they are champs.

    3. I would add a 5th star if DC won another MLS cup — it just looks better, like more history is involved, as opposed to just 1. In Italy, I believe a gold star stands for 10 titles, hence why Juve has 2 gold stars above their crest. (I could be wrong on the specific color.)

    4. Only 5 MLS teams do not have sponsors:

    Colorado, KC, San Jose, New England and Dallas. Of those 5, KC, San Jose and NE are trying to get new stadiums built (insert your cynical stadia joke here) which might explain why they don’t have sponsors yet. They might be waiting for “momentum” to build up once their stadiums are up in order to drive the price up in sponsorship dollars. Colorado and Dallas a different story though — Ives — could you help out on that one?

  58. Mike says:

    Atlante are getting a bit rough here. RED CARD for a cheap shot!!!

  59. Mig22 says:

    Now THAT’s a bit chippy. 2 Atlante fouls in 6 seconds. Poor ref didn’t get a chance to whistle the first before the 2nd happened.

    Now there’s some angry folk in the Atlante box. Joseph hams up a love tap he took to the midsection (not very manly that)…and pushing, shoving, and pointing ensued.

  60. Jordan says:

    Why do these mexican teams always start sh*t?

  61. Mig22 says:

    No red card…Joseph was…embellishing. :)

  62. Mike says:

    I dont know why but Atlante’s GK has really annoyed me the entire SuperLiga…

    No way back for Atlante now down to ten with under 5 min to play.

  63. starks says:

    Haha last night there was an argument about how saying that this stuff always happens with Mexican teams showed that we were racist. I think this just proves our point.

  64. mig22 says:

    They’re not starting sh*t…they’re digging hard and frustrating. Let’s hold on the cultural remarks….this has been a great game.

  65. Dro Scott says:

    goddamn mexican teams are always sore losers. always! The revolution team is a lot bigger than them, lol. theyd get beaten down.

    see Oswaldo Sanchez…

  66. Thomas says:

    Handbags…just like all MLS FMF games.

  67. starks says:

    Agreed this has been a good game. That is just poor discipline and frustration. Doesn’t need to be here in this game.

  68. Dro Scott says:

    my bad mig… and your right it definitly has been a good match to watch.

  69. mig22 says:

    Guys, really. Atlante is digging hard…they’re not diving…they’re not starting anything…it’s just down to crunch time. Every team at this point does the same thing: some late tackles, some hard fouls, and a lot of bitching. No big deal.

  70. Julio says:

    Ok so these guys are playing like a bunch of punks (Atlante) and all the commentators can say is why is Nichols coming out of the bench !?!?!?!?! I concur.

  71. mig22 says:

    Been fun, Dro.

  72. Mike says:

    Ton of stoppage time added. Atlante can still get a goal here if they push.

  73. starks says:

    If I did this and told my coach it was digging hard, he would be a bit disappointed in me.

  74. Dro Scott says:

    i love the revolution fans chanting “ayeos meos”(sp?) during that whole scuffle in the box

  75. starks says:

    But admirably, it only lasted about 2 minutes and they regained their cool.

  76. mig22 says:

    If my futbol spanish is up to par, I think Telefutura just awarded the Man of the Match to Striker (delantero) Shalrie Joseph. He ain’t no striker…..right?

  77. Mike says:

    lol tackle on Joseph from behind bringa Atlante’s second red card.

  78. Julio says:

    LIke I said these guys are punks.

  79. Mike says:

    I believe Joseph is a mediocampista

  80. hoyanick says:

    Digging hard and bitching does not equal smart soccer – second red, good bye FMF.

  81. Dro Scott says:

    getting ugly…

  82. Julio says:

    Mexicans are punk bitches

  83. Mike says:

    and ANOTHER horrible foul!!!

  84. mig22 says:

    Yellow for that? I think the ref is scared 5 min. into stoppage that it will get away from him. There was nothing in that…just a step in.

  85. starks says:

    gettin chippy

  86. Julio says:

    If I was there I would have stuck one these guys in the face, how can they abuse the NE players like this. I would say to MLS not to play these tournaments anymore.

  87. Mike says:

    FINAL! NE 1-0! GO MLS

  88. Dro Scott says:

    sore losers wow

  89. Mike says:

    and here comes the pushing and shoving. we knew this was gonna happen with the game went and especially ended. SORE LOSERS!!!

  90. starks says:

    I’m sorry, but despicable. These guys are a disgrace to football. When it happens this often, you just have to stop making excuses for them.

  91. Mike says:

    And a 3rd red card for Atlante!!! Reis looks like he wants to kick some ass!

  92. Mike says:

    OMG at the comments of Atlante’s GK!!! WOW

  93. Dro Scott says:

    i wish i understood what the atlante gk is saying right now

  94. Dro Scott says:

    god why didn’t i take spanish in high school.

  95. Thomas says:

    what did he say?

  96. starks says:

    The smile on the mexican keeper’s face explains it all. Complete lack of class and respect for the game.

  97. Julio says:

    How can you interview this F*cking P*ssy….These guys are irresponsible in promoting this sh*t. This guy says this country is dangerous and you can buy everything. You F*cking COWARD go back to Argentina or go make tacos in Mexico. One thing you can buy is Freedon @sshole. I hate that punk @ss.

  98. mig22 says:

    Lots of yappin’ on the pitch. Chris Albright is reportedly mad because somebody stole his international career. I just don’t see why there has to be this crap. Albright should probably get suspended…or put out of his misery (his career).

    Good game, besides the BS at the end.

  99. hoyanick says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. From now on, any US v. Mexico match – club or country – must have security separating the two teams.

  100. Julio says:

    He said

    “This is a country where you can buy everything even a game and the refs” “This is a dangerous country, since you can do anything you want”

  101. Lee says:

    Look at the mexican losers acting like babies at the end of the game lol.

  102. Derek (Brooklyn) says:

    Such a typical lack of class by a few members of the Mexican sides. This is the unfortunate part of SuperLiga.

  103. Billy says:

    What was said by the goalkeeper and the coach? Can anyone give us a summary for those that don’t speak Spanish?

  104. Phil says:

    Yeah I was with mig for most of teh game. But yeah… Mexican teams in this tournement are a disgrace! How could they ever play this is in Mexico! If the players act like that imagine how the fans would behave!

    BTW MLS wins!

  105. starks says:

    He got outplayed and finds it easier to put the responsibility somewhere else rather than on his punk shoulders.

  106. Julio says:

    Albright is not the instigator, how can you put this on C.Albright, I bet your a Mexican sorry @ss fan.

  107. Mike says:

    I didnt hear exactly what he said because of yelling in the room but he said something about “how dangerous it is to play in this country.”

  108. EnglishBrit says:

    In both semi-final matches, both Mexican teams tried to start a fight when the game was over. One can argue that both Mexican teams took the game seriously and didn’t take the MLS lightly. This fighting is good for the future of the SuperLiga. It’s stirs the emotions of the players for the future.

  109. RSF says:

    f— that

    atlante got heaps a red card at the end it looks like. what did the keeper say in the interview?

  110. ANTONIO MIGUEL says:

    Stupid. Inconsiderate. Disgraceful. Classless. All terms for mexican soccer players.

  111. Julio says:

    THe coach said:

    It’s unfortunate this had to happen at the game but it was a poor officiated game” oooohhhh PPPLLLUUUZZZZEEEE

    Give credit to N.E.

  112. hoyanick says:

    It looks like Albright was given a jab to the ear – like a violent wet willy – by some Atlante COACH! Watch the replays!

    A legit translation of the Atlante GK’s statement would be appreciated.

  113. Geoff says:

    Why is it that EVERY TIME an MLS club or the national side plays a Mexican club or their national side their is ALWAYS handbags at the end???? Just absolutely classless

  114. Mike says:

    I didnt hear exactly what he said because of yelling in the room but he said something about “how dangerous it is to play in this country.”

  115. starks says:

    Emotions are good for the game when they are kept under control. The MLS players took the match just as seriously, but didn’t behave like a bunch of criminals.

  116. Bob says:

    Haha, more fighting at the end. Icing on the cake — thank you, Mexico, for setting a new standard for poor losership. So fun to watch . . .

  117. ANTONIO MIGUEL says:

    Like the announcer said… “LOSERS, JUST LOSERS”

  118. Ok…MLS wins Superliga this year.

    Next up, Champions League. For the league to get some respect, they need to win all these competitions. Somehow, I think the Champions League is going to be a little tougher.

    The other lesson is stability wins. Both NE and Houston did a great job for the league.

  119. Derek (Brooklyn) says:

    It is very easy to paint with a broad brush (they are all without class) but some members of the team were shaking hands with Shalrie, etc.

    It was predictable that it would get out of hand given the bad call last night and the questionable handball this evening.

    I wish there was something that could be done to prevent two teams shoving each other after every game…security anyone?

  120. B diddly says:

    So i guess that makes 6 red cards all around with 5 going to Atlante? Classy.

  121. Julio says:

    That’s because MExicans have no class.

  122. Elmatador says:

    Allow the excuses to begin…..The penalty, MLS is in MID season blah, blah, blah They need to have S.W.A.T. present everytime a Mexico National Team or any Mexican team comes play against us….

  123. Dro Scott says:

    Im sure Ives will be able to debrief us soon enough. T

    hese are the kind of douche-bag kids that think there better than others and always ruin the game of kickball in gym class.

    Classless Unprofessionals.

  124. starks says:

    You reference the bad calls in each game. The majority of the players on the field can’t even see that play. They won’t know about that call being wrong or right until they hit the locker room and see replays. That is no excuse for their actions.

  125. ChiTownFire Fan says:

    Every time the Mexican national team loses or a Mexican team loses the Mexican team claims it is not because of the superiority of the team they are playing but something else. These last two games have shown a lack of class by the Mexican sides. The cheap shots and lack of respect for the game and their opponents comes through loud and clear.

  126. Mike says:

    Like someone else mentioned, I think this could be good for the future of SuperLiga and could lead to some intense matchups in the future.

  127. Thomas says:

    I’d love to feel bad for the FMF teams for some of the poor officiating, but welcome to the sh!t we’ve been getting in your country for the better part of a century. Kiss our @ss.

  128. mig22 says:

    Derek, you hit the nail on the head. Players from both sides (a handful) were being that way…whatever.

    But you know what? Nobody got hurt, no big sucker punches, kicks, spitting. So who really cares if they bark at each other and push around at the end of the game. Does it REALLY matter. It was a good game of footie. End of story.

  129. starks says:

    Agreed Thomas.

  130. Phil says:

    BTW if NE beats Joe Public they will play in the same group as Atlante in Concacaf Champions League. So there will be a rematch in Mexico as well as another game in Foxboro.

  131. CD says:

    Pretty standard end to a Mexican match. I was in a cafe on a Sunday in Juarez,Mexico while multiple Mexican matches were ending. Many of the matches ended in shoving matches. I think it is unfortunately a little more excepted down there. They might have acted the same if they got out out classed in a domestic fixture. Atlante needs to be disciplined by their own league, and not invited back.

  132. mig22 says:

    and Phil, THAT will be something to watch.

  133. Phil says:

    MIG – Atlante got 5 RED CARDS! That’s F*cking unacceptable! And yeah when you start a fight after a game and insult the host country and tell television the game was rigged – Yeah IT MATTERS!

  134. Tony in Quakeland says:

    That display by Atlante was pathetic. That keeper is a punk.

  135. Mike says:

    I’m sure Atlante are chomping at the bit to get NE at home in Mexico.

    Especially since it’s so dangerous to play in our country.

  136. starks says:

    Mig, its not about some terrible consequences or anything. Its just about a lack of respect. I don’t like to see anyone spit on the game. Whether its ken griffey jr miming the slicing of someone’s throat or these players showing this way. It just doesn’t belong in the game and its an outrage.

  137. hoyanick says:

    I’m a DCU fan, but I would LOVE to attend the next NE-Atlane match in the US. Maybe the NE supporters’ group could invite some other MLS fans into their section.

  138. Tony in Quakeland says:

    If the Mexican league has any pride at all, that team will be punished. I won’t hold my breath…

  139. green says:

    Go back to your cesspool losers!

    These chumps will never have an ounce of class.

    MLS final chavos!

  140. Mexican anger is the precursor to respect. In ya face, Mexico soccer! Just burns, doesn’t it?

  141. CD says:

    Nice You Tube Mexican Soccer Brawl in a friendly.

    link to

    Quick someone wakeup Dempsey and Johnson at Fulham to put tonights brawl to some nice music and get it on youtube.

  142. Mike says:

    My sound went out for the last 15 minutes. Can anybody explain what the hell all the scuffles were about? Atlante is full of cheapshot artists. Typical Mexican team. No class whatsoever. Now I see where Blanco gers it. This just makes me want to crush Mexico even more the next time we play. Nunca he visto a un equipe mexicano con ni una onza de clase.

  143. Phil says:

    Here is the full discipline summary:

    NE — Amaechi Igwe (caution; Reckless Foul) 27

    NE — Sainey Nyassi (caution; Pushing, Holding) 52

    ATN — Giancarlo Maldonado (caution; Dissent) 53

    ATN — Gerardo Espinoza (caution; Pushing, Holding) 56

    ATN — Fernando Navarro (caution; Pushing, Holding) 71

    ATN — Alan Zamora (caution; Reckless Foul) 84

    ATN — Luis Gabriel Rey (ejection; Violent Conduct) 85

    NE — Chris Albright (caution; Dissent) 85

    ATN — Federico Vilar (GK) (caution; Dissent) 86

    ATN — Federico Vilar (GK)(ejection; Second Caution) 91+

    ATN — Alan Zamora (ejection; Second Caution) 94+

    ATN — Javier Munoz Mustafa (ejection; Second Caution) 95+

    NE — Jay Heaps (ejection; Violent Conduct) 95+

    ATN — Luis Venegas (ejection; Violent Conduct) 95+

  144. A.S. says:

    I don’t think this is good for SuperLiga or US-Mexico soccer matches in general. To the extent that this increases in frequency, I think we’ll see the Mexican federation and possibly the US federation more reluctant to play these types of matches. This isn’t a mandated tournament – if FMF or USSF thinks it is causing more trouble than it is worth, they simply won’t agree to play.

    Which would be a shame. This game wasn’t a real high quality match, but last night’s game was very very good, and in general SuperLiga matches are superior to MLS matches (IMO, last year’s SuperLiga final was the best match I watched in any competition the entire year).

  145. mig22 says:

    Guys, let’s face it…if an MLS team or EPL team did that…you wouldn’t be QUITE so wound up about it.

    And it DOES belong in the game. Not every game…not all the time…but in a hard fought semifinal…it happens.

    Man U players got into it with the Chelsea field staff after their league game in May. Matches are halted because of fan violence, throwing things, etc. That is the game and that’s why it’s the world’s favorite sport. Players care, fans care (more), and that is how the game has ALWAYS been…in every country except the US.

    I don’t like that Atlante got chippy after the game. I’m ok with it though if I compare it to if they were making dirty tackles to hurt other players. They weren’t. Soooooo, if you’re looking for dignity and decorum…I don’t think soccer is what you should be watching.

    And seriously, no offense to anyone…just my two cents.

  146. Mike says:

    Why did they red card Heaps? He hadn’t done anything? Man I wish Reis could be turned loose against those boys. They deserve to be taken behind the shed for s serious lesson in manners. To hell with all Mexican teams.

  147. Phil says:

    CD – if you want a more recent example of a Mexican brawl in a friendly, Red Bull played Chivas in Arizona a couple of weeks ago. Each team got a red card in a fight completely instigated by Chivas (A Goat got fouled then got up and took a swing at someone who had nothing to do with the play – Stammler I think).

  148. Bootsy says:

    That discipline summary makes no sense. Vilar (the Atlante GK) did not get an ejection for a second caution 1+ minutes into stoppage time; he finished the match and got a red for taking a swing at someone after the match was over.

    Heaps got his for retaliating; no mention of the Atlante assistant coach who boxed Albright’s left ear.

  149. Mike says:

    I really like the SuperLiga. Last year’s tourney was excellent and had a lot of good games. This year hasnt been quite as good but it’s been entertaining. Anyway im all for more soccer games on TV and getting that important Mexican-American demographic into the MLS.

  150. Paul says:

    The Atlante ‘keeper was looking for someone to take a poke at, with that silly grin on his face. Then he says the refs were bought and that this is a dangerous country. (And then the coach justifies these shenanigans by carping about the officiating.) What a joker. What does he care about a red card, anyway — he’s not going to the final. There have to be some consequences for this nonsense. Maybe not everyone can be a good sport about losing, especially when you think you got cheated. But mixing it up with the obvious intent to cause violence is different, and deserves punishment.

  151. AlexS says:

    It’s a shame that the final will be in front of 9k in New England instead of in front of 20k fans in Houston…

    Expect a Nicol bunkerball game after the first 20 mins prove ineffective for either side’s offense.

    But the end of that one.. Atlante (esp. Vilar) was out of control.

  152. mutiny fan says:

    please check out Federico Vilar wiki page

  153. combo breaker karma says:


  154. Scott A says:

    So disappointed in Mexican soccer for all this behavior. And that goalkeeper is Argentinian by the way, I think his parents are Italian. An Argentinian talking about impropriety in soccer in a country? Hmmmm

  155. Derek (Brooklyn) says:

    Although I don’t agree with some of the calls for violence as retribution, I have to say that something needs to be done to prevent the situation we had tonight.

    One team has no fear of red cards at the end of the match and is actively looking for conflict. The other team has to stand there and get slapped…not injured but certainly insulted.

    Also, predictable that Heaps would get the red card. He was looking for trouble earlier in the match.

  156. Mike says:

    From his WIKI page:


    “Federico is well known for his incredible reflexes and has established himself as one of Mexico’s best goalkeepers, Vilar also possess a deadly striking ability and has managed to score goals from the free kick distance. His charisma and leadership ability has also earned him the title of team captain. He is known to be an avid homosexual. When his team loses a game, he spitefully picks fights with the players of the opposing team, out of an apparent belief that he is entitled to win, as in the July 30 Superliga Semifinal match against New England Revolution. Psychologically, Vilar is thought to be seriously unstable.”


  157. Scott A says:

    I’m so disappointed in Mexican soccer for all that. And Atlante’s goalkeeper, Federico Vilar, is Argentinian by the way…I think his parents are Italian. An Argentinian talking about impropriety in a country’s soccer league? Hmmmm

  158. Scott A says:

    Sorry for the double post. It didn’t come up at first

  159. marc says:

    The way that atl was playing made it nearly impossible for the referee to allow the game to have any flow. When there are fouls on every play and dead ball (and bitching), any ref will lose control.

  160. Scott A says:

    Atlante’s goalkeeper is astoundingly ugly

  161. Chavez says:

    SuperLiga is a great tournament, but it’s so obvious what these Mexican teams are going to do when eliminated. Last night I kept the game on even at 2-0 bc I knew it was going to be a brawl. And tonight the same. If it’s that obvious, why wouldn’t the stadiums have twenty cops on the field immediately after the game? Houston had two, and NE had none. I’d love to see some of the poor losers in cuffs.

  162. Reid says:

    anyone know where i can get a mexican diving team shirt?

  163. Fired Up says:

    I don’t like the whole retaliation carding business. If you start something, then the guy you attacked should get to have his shot at you without any punishment; it’s unfair otherwise and it leads to people instigating to get the other person thrown out of the next match with practically no consequence because they have lost the match. That Mexican keeper should have been punched right in the face and bloodied for being such a despicable sore loser. In addition the Atlante bodyguard should have gotten pistol whipped by police or security because he was a big SOB and tried to pop a couple of NE players.

    When players pull the crap that the 6 or 7 Atlante players did, they don’t deserve protection and there shouldn’t be a punishment for retaliation because retaliation in this case was well deserved. If you have no honor, you don’t deserve protection. Those guys acted like weasels, very low class.

    Where was stadium security and the police, why doesn’t NE have its own bodyguards like Atlante does?

    In addition the whole race card defense is ridiculous. Some Mexicans are racist and some Americans are racist; you never can tell. Most people have some sort of bias that they have learned while growing up, some people get over it and others build on it. One of the people who did seem pretty racist was the Atlante goalkeeper, although maybe he was just pissed about the refereeing and decided to take a crack at America and Americans generally. Although I have to say that Mexico seems to have more pervasive corruption problems throughout society than the US, Bush Administration aside. I suspect it is easier to fix a match in Mexico than it is in the US, but who really knows.

  164. Bill in Md. says:

    I’m with Mig. Let’s not blow this out of proportion and make generalizations. Some of the Atlante players were shaking hands with Shalrie after the match.

    Yes, it is poor sportsmanship, but it shows the passion of the sport and the pride players have.

    I really like the SuperLiga and hope it continues.

  165. Carlos says:

    Heaps will miss the final due to the red card, but will Albright, Igwe or Nyassi have to sit out due to yellow card accumulation? I don’t know what their status was at the start of the match.

  166. Marshall says:

    Julio – That’s a real quote? Someone suggested the refs could be bought?

    Just got back from the game. There were at least two reds after the game, one to Heaps (who hadn’t actually touched anyone when the red was pulled on him), and one I think to the Atlante keeper (as noted above). Heaps was mouthing off pretty good, still obviously steamed. An Atlante player had mock(?) threatened him with an elbow, but Heaps went by him, appeared to say something to the ref, and got a straight red. The red to the Atlante keeper was pretty much right after that I think.

    In the scrum afterwards, there was definitely some pushing and shoving, and it certainly appeared that someone took a swing at Allbright, and I think connected, actually, the way Allbright came out of it. Someone might have gone after Khano pretty good, too, but I didn’t see a swing. A couple of the other guys were definitely in some pushing and shoving, but most of it wasn’t very clear (too many people).

    It also appeared to me that the refs mostly stayed out of the scrum as it continued. Security eventually went in there, and there was plenty of waving and shouting, as well as a lovely upraised finger gesture from the back of the pack (if that went on camera, the league won’t be happy, but it’s a pretty minor offense in the grand scheme).

    Lots of off-the-ball stuff, too. A face-patting from their keeper on Doug Warren (Revs backup keeper), taunting Cristman with the ball before Cristman’s silly yellow, etc. The shoulder shot right at the end of the game was BS: no attempt to play the ball at all, but ah, well.

    Sorry for the long post.

    And now, Houston-NE in the final. ‘Cause we’ve never seen those two teams play in a final before…

  167. silent e says:

    It always cracks me up when I hear accusations of corruption and bought referees in American soccer. When somebody says that they either are just saying crap to say something or they are revealing a complete lack of knowledge of the place of soccer in this country.

    Nobody in America cares enough about soccer to buy a referee. Get it through your thick skulls.

  168. baconboy says:

    I hope Cobi Jones wasn’t watching that game, because he’d be having some bad flashbacks. He’s probably still sore from the kicking the Mexicans gave him in Korea.

  169. Eric K says:

    Mig22 – Atlante has not had the better of the play, no way. I’m impressed how the Revs keep possession against possession-obsessed Mexican teams. Atlante couldn’t create any good chances. Shalrie continues to simply dominate games. And after watching us miss chance after chance tonight – aren’t you fellow Revs fans looking forward to Taylor’s return? I think the forwards have done well in his absence but they’ve had a tough time physically against these Mexican teams.

  170. Eric K says:

    I love SuperLiga games. They’re always really competitive and full of strong teams and skilled players. These Mexican teams are real sore losers however, no class.

  171. Neal says:

    Once may be a fluke, but twice (in consecutive nights no less) is a disturbing trend.

    Maybe Mexico can get a little retribution against the US in the Olympics…oh, wait, never mind…

    F- all FMF teams!

  172. Marshall says:

    Folks, let’s be civil. There were positive spirited moments tonight. When one Atlante player kicked an injury ball-return out for a throw in a bad spot (and got pretty chewed out for it by Heaps), another Atlante player immediately volunteered to direct the throw-in back to Reis, and did so. Others shook hands afterwards, at least until the melee.

    None of the good things excuse the bad ones, but they also mean that it’s not 100% one way or the other. Heck, someone suggesting he got bought off doesn’t mean that he did, but neither did he do a great job reffing the game.

  173. isaac says:

    A bit of advice for all of you : DONT GET DISH NETWORK. 500 channels and they cant show one decent soccer channel. not even Setanta sports. all we have is ESPN, ESPN2, and, occasionally, ABC. They previewed Setanta sports for about 7 weeks last summer. heh not anymore.

  174. Jacob says:

    Well played, Neal.

    Im sorry I chose to go bowling instead of watching this, but still, once is an accident, twice is a trend. We’ll wait for the final to see if we can make it three for a, oh, right, my b.

  175. Ben says:

    I was listening to the end of the game on the radio on my way home from the pathetic red sox game. It seemed like Feldman (revs announcer) was taking any chance he could get to say how classless Atlante was throughout the whole game because of the bad fouls and then the fight. He also made it sound like Atlante got some good licks in. Was the whole game that chippy or just the end? Does anyone know where to find a video of the fight?

  176. Seth|NYC says:

    While I won’t defend the Atlante players or staff, I will say, never ever trust Brad Feldman.

    The refereeing was shockingly bad and almost uniformly anti-Mexican throughout this whole tournament. I think the Atlante GK has a decent point.

  177. Marshall says:

    There was a lot of chippy stuff in the game. A few times with people squaring up in each others’ faces (e.g., after the play-on when Joseph was down, after the ball out of bounds on an injury restart, a few times in the box and after fouls). A few taunts and a fair amount of mouthiness. (Heaps, whose effort I love, loves to talk. I’m not passing any judgment good or bad on just him talking, but it did seem to get on a couple Atlante players’ nerves.) There were a few players who got into it more often than others. Heck, seeing their keeper down in Matt Reis’ face after the Revs were on Arreola for playing on was, um, interesting.

  178. Thom says:

    Does almost every MLS game end up in a scrum around the referee? No

    Does almost every Mexican League game end up in a scrum around the referee? Yes

    Enough said.

  179. EssEff says:

    Man, I love me some Superliga. This stuff is so exciting, I look forward to these games waaaay more than any MLS Matchup. There is just so much more on the line and it shows in the play. Plus, you have the country rivalry…what else could you ask for?

    Shalrie was so impressive out there, especially his poise. Studly. I’m basically an MLS neutral, but NE really showed me something out there tonight. I used to think they were boring.

  180. Bootsy says:

    I’m not a Revs fan, but I don’t understand the complaints about the refereeing. Yes, I know there were mistakes in the tournament; there are always mistakes. Tonight, the center ref missed a handball in the box against the Revs; like none of us have ever screamed at a referee for missing that, upset that we should have been awarded a PK? It happens — refs don’t see everything. But as for the cards, every card I saw tonight was 100% deserved, on both sides.

    The referee for this match was Carlos Alberto Batres Gonzalez — generally considered to be the best referee in CONCACAF. I know that seems like damning with faint praise, but the point is that it’s absurd to suggest that with some different refs from CONCACAF in there, the refereeing would have been better.

  181. CG says:

    Just got back from the game as well… all of the ruckus really began in the second half when a Revs player was clearly down and injured. Atlante had possession and most of the players had stopped their runs/coverage etc. thinking the Atlante player was going to respectfully knock the ball out of bounds. He didn’t, and instead carried the ball quite a length down the field. The Revs had to desperately recover to avoid an in-the-box goal scoring opportunity.

    That Atlante player showed deliberate disrespect for the game and for the Revs. It’s not the excuse for the ensuing behavior, but it surely sparked it.

    Now that Heaps has a red, what on earth are the Revs going to do without him and Parkhurst against Houston?? Igwe – Larentowicz – Albright?

    On a positive note, the fans that I observed during and after the game were seemingly respectful of one another. It felt like we had just watched a playground fight. It seemed as though the players had a true disliking for one another but it wasn’t more than that (nationalism stuff). After all, a number of the Revs starting line-up aren’t from the U.S…

  182. irishapple21 says:

    isaac: You are right about Dish Network and soccer. I bought a subscription to DirecTV because Dish Network didn’t offer any decent soccer action.

  183. Brant says:

    @ starks (10:13 pm)

    “Whether its ken griffey jr miming the slicing of someone’s throat”

    I’d be very curious to hear when/where this happened. I can’t imagine him doing this.

  184. Tim F. says:

    I don’t think you can knock Chris Albright. What did he do? It looked as if he was attacked.

  185. Joe Quake says:

    Someone may have mentioned this already, but I didn’t see it. Atlante was clearly outplayed last night, so even with the bad call, they probably should have lost. At least Pachuca could comfort themselves by saying that they played better, but Atlante can’t pull that card. My guess is that is why they were so upset – they respected the tournament but not MLS clubs, so they feel like crap when they lose that badly.

  186. mig22 says:

    New England dominated the first half, Atlante came out in the second with a much tighter marking and physical play,although not dirty, until the last 10 minutes when it just became a mess. Even when Atlante was more forceful, though, they really didn’t create that much. So yeah, NE was really, really good last night.

  187. Christopher says:


    Card accumulation gets wiped after the group stage so the only Revs player to miss next Tuesday’s match will be Heaps.

    Get ready for 8,000 of us crazy fans in New England! God I hate your stadium.

  188. Joe D says:

    @ Isaac & IrisHapple21

    Ok, you are both ridiculously incorrect with your stance on DISH Network and having no soccer channels. Both DirecTV and DISH Network have the SAME EXACT SOCCER CHANNELS!!!

    I have DISH Network and it includes: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPNU, ABC, Gol TV, FSC, Galavision, Telefutura, Telemundo, Univision, the option to subscribe to the MLS Package, the option to get all regional local sports channels (like MSG, NESN, etc), the option to subscribe to Setanta Sports (for the same price as DirecTV charges), World Sport HD (if you have HD programming), and many many foreign language channels that you can subscribe to that show soccer like RAI (which DirecTV does NOT carry).

    So I am really curious where this idea of DISH Network not having enough channels that show soccer comes from when they actually have more than DirecTV!

  189. Joe D says:

    woops, also forgot to mention that you can get ESPN Deportes on DISH Network as well…

  190. BFBS says:

    These teams have played twice (previous time was a friendly @Atlante) and there was a flurry of cards each time. A team from Cancun and a team from New England: the biggest rivalry in North America?

  191. Marc says:

    lost in the post-game chaos is the fact that besides Joesph, some Revs played very well. Dube destroyed the man that was marking him several times, and Igwe looks like he could be quite good.

  192. Aguinaga says:

    To the credit of the first Mexican soccer broadcasters I’ve ever seen criticize Mexican players and teams for their conduct vs the USA or MLS, in last night’s ‘Futbol Picante’ (a Mexican roundtable discussion on the day’s events broadcast on ESPN Deportes), they discussed the match thouroughly. So I decided to watch for once. To my surprise, they SOUNDLY criticized Pachuca and Atlante for their antics, as well as mentioning what we all know already, that this type of behavior is absolutely nothing new with Mexican teams in general. They went on to implore Mexican teams to learn not only how to win, but how to lose. They gave NE and Houston full credit and praised their play. They also questioned the importance of Mexican teams participating in the tournament to begin with, lamented the quality (or general lack thereof) of the reffing in CONCACAF, blamed the inability to lose properly on Atlante and Pachuca proper, on ref inability to control the game, and insightfully, on the fact that should they act up & fight or foul away, there are no consequences of importance for the players and the teams, so they do what they want anyways. Most of all, they lamented over and over again leaving the US not only without a trophy, but without their sporting dignity. I was shocked.

    Now I don’t know what that discussion is like normally. And I know one of the roundtable members seemed to blame the flare-ups solely on the ref. But he got shot down quickly.

    For the first time I can remember, I heard Mexican announcers telling it just like it was, no bias. Kudos to them.

  193. Mario in SJ says:

    Wow, what a mess after the game. The Atlante players were clearly pissed off and I hope CONCACAF comes down on them for losing their cool.

    Not sure if the ref was bought but it seemed NE was to win that game. The disallowed goal for non-existent off side was the first indication. Second was Laurentowitz’s ball handling in the box that went unpunished.

    So when MLS is in preseason the Mexican teams are better. When the Mexican teams are in preseason the MLS teams win. However, as an MLS fan since ’96 I have to say we ‘aint’ good enough yet. To me it seems the Mexican teams still have the better players who connect better with passes and in finishing. We have good defense and very athletic players. In time we will fix those problems. For now, we can take those wins any way we can.

  194. silent e says:

    Joe Quake: did you really watch the whole Pachuca-Dynamo game? Really? Pachuca can comfort themselves by saying they played better? They did, from minutes 45-60. Minutes 61-75 were even, and the rest of the game was Houston’s. Cold comfort for Pachuca. Yes, a legitimate goal was disallowed but that stuff happens all the time. You know the saying, you have to be so good the referee doesn’t matter.

    Isaac: did you have a bad experience with Dish? Maybe you ought to fact check before you post. Dish does have Setanta sports (ch 406). Why do you think they previewed it last summer, to take it away? No, it was to get you hooked and then charge you for it. Like any good dealer, the first time’s free :). I agree it’s too expensive, but I believe that is the fault of Setanta, not Dish (it’s the same price on DirecTV). They also have GolTV (ch 407) and FSC (ch 149), both available as part of standard packages. Are there other soccer channels I should be getting?

    I’m no whore for dish, though. I am pretty annoyed that they cancelled their VoomHD programming without so much as a notice for those of us who loved those channels. By the way, Joe D, World Sport with its excellent coverage of La Liga is part of Voom, so that’s gone now.

    BFBS: Really? “the biggest rivalry in North America”? Two chippy games (1 a friendly) are going to wipe out the history of CD Guadalajara-Club America? Any of the passionate local clasicos in Mexico? Even semi-manufactured MLS rivalries such as Dynamo-FCD, LA-SJ, Fire-FCD, RSL-Rapids, or DC-NY are more serious than that. I admit to being intrigued by the likely meeting of NE and Atlante in the Champions League but let’s keep it in perspective.

  195. alex says:

    I would like to buy all Mexican players, mexican teams, and the Mexican national team for what they think that they are worth and sell them for wht they are really work. I have never in my life seen people try so hard to be so unsuccesful.They all need a huge reality check.

  196. Scott says:


    “I would like to buy all Mexican players, mexican teams, and the Mexican national team for what they think that they are worth and sell them for wht they are really work.”

    Alex, do you work in the financial industry? Unless you’re a short seller, I think you’ve got it backwards.

  197. alex says:


    thanks i never knew anybody paid attention to what I write . I got so upset that I got it backwards. Actually the Mexican coaches are the ones that play “short”. On the other hand they don’t have many tall choices.


  198. silent e says:

    Actually Alex, I was going to mention that your plan was the same thinking that led to the housing/mortgage mess :), but Scott beat me to it.

  199. Joe Quake says:

    @silent e – Just for your reference, I’m a San Jose Dynamo fan, so I wasn’t dissing them. Not saying that I agree that Pachuca played better, but they were not dominated throughout the game, so psycologically they can say to themselves that they played better and move on – Atlante can’t even say that to themselves and that’s why they acted out like that.

    Let’s compare this to dating – MLS teams are the average looking girl that isn’t ugly but isn’t cute either. Pachuca got rejected, but they were spinning some respectable game. Atlante got pimp slapped. Who do you think will feel better?

  200. Huey says:

    I’m not positive but I think each semifinal team gets some small purse, so why not the tourney organizers hand out fines and take it from the whole team’s winnings? That way they all suffer for some disrespectful behavior on their teamates’ behalf. The TV ratings already paid off handsomely in Mexico news coverage with the brawl, so I’m sure they’re fine with it…

  201. David W says:

    First of all, there was one really classless act by Atlante players when they streaked up the pitch trying to score after a New England player was down.

    Second, I don’t understand the thought process of FMF clubs or Mexican officials in saying that the CONCACAF officiating is a reason not to participate in Superliga. There are reasons for Mexican clubs to not participate in Superliga (no home or neutral games against an MLS club even if they earn it by winning a group), but the state of referees and linesmen in CONCACAF is not a reason. Who do the Mexican officials think are going to officiate at CONCACAF Champions League and at WC Qualifying? Something needs to be done about CONCACAF referees and linesmen (Atlante and Pachuca were the victims of bad calls that cost them each a goal in the semifinals), but deciding not to play in one competition is not going to accomplish anything.