Toronto FC at Chicago Fire: Your Running Commentary


Good evening folks. The Chicago Fire play host to Toronto FC in a key Eastern Conference clash. On one side you have the Fire, which hasn’t won in a month and has been subpar at home. On the other side you have Toronto, which is terrible on the road. What will give?

If you will be watching the match please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

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20 Responses to Toronto FC at Chicago Fire: Your Running Commentary

  1. Bri says:

    anyone know any videofeed? beside fsc?

  2. WiscFan says:

    FIRE 1-0

    Rolfe goal – 6th mintue

    Oh, anyone know what trickery is? Apparently Maurice Edu got a yellow for doing it according to

  3. brant says:

    meanwhile over at on HDNet, The Crew are already losing to RSL in the 5th minutes… here we go again. ugh.

  4. brant says:

    Edu faked a dive when Busch came out to claim a ball that had been played thru to Edu. Busch knocked the ball out and Edu went down like a deer hunter put a round of 30-06 thru his ankle.

  5. WiscFan says:

    Thanks for the insight!

  6. Jacob says:

    He did clip his feet though, to be fair. He might have exxagerated (sp?), but there was contact.

  7. brant says:

    yes there was contact, but Edu went down like Busch tried to amputate his foot. But Busch got the ball, and every keeper in the world – not named “Lehmann” – is going to get the benefit of the doubt on that call.

    Edu probably wouldn’t have been carded had he not tried to re-enact the Paul Reubens death scene from the original Buffy movie.

  8. Shakes says:

    Happy to see Ibrahim get the goal for TFC. That was a nice touch he put on the ball to get around Busch.

  9. brant says:

    I’ve been on The Crew game most of the night. How many sitters has Barrett pooched so far tonight?

  10. RSF says:

    what an ending….

    Chicago wins 2-1

  11. Jeff says:

    Toronto gets burned playing bunker ball. Much the same way Chicago has been lately.

  12. Fred says:

    Toronto was out of gas at the end. You could see that most of the players stayed back and bunkered.

  13. duthie says:

    Brant I suggest you watch the replay. Busch made no contact with the ball and clipped Edu, regardless of how Edu went down it’s a penalty end of. The ref will go home watch the replay and realize his error.

  14. mike Ruze says:


    was three rows from the play Busch definately got a hand on the ball.

    The biggest ref mistake came when Sega got hurt and wouldnt let CJ come in as a sub leading to that weak Toronto goal.

  15. Loonarie says:

    This is probably a prospective you are not expecting tonight.

    I was in section 109 tonight, row 2. The throw in before the 90+ minute goal was started from what happened much earlier.

    The 2 ball kids were completely oblivious that there was a soccer game going on until the play at the Southwest of the field left them with no ball to throw back and forth to each other or show their friends at the bottom of the stairs. One of the two ran around the end line and took a ball from a kid behind the goal. If he does not go get this ball, Blanco is going to be standing around for several precious seconds after the bsll is cleared from in front of the goal with players coming back to defend and get in position. About 2 sections of us screamed for the kid to throw Blanco the ball, which he did immediately. As far as I am concerned, this kid needs to be on the stat sheet with an assist.

  16. brett says:

    trickery 😀 lol…. im watching the replay here on FSC at 1pm… Trickery XD

  17. duthie says:

    Well then Mike Ruze I suggest you invest in a pair of glasses cause Busch was no where near the ball. I suggest you do the same thing the ref did last night and watch the replay.

  18. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Och, was a good game but christ our schedule is killing us (see how tired we were? its rare that happens this season). 8 games in 24 days. What a heartbreaker. Ibrahim is a revelation tho. Pretty excited for that kid.

  19. brett says:

    OMY- quite right with Ibrahim… he looks like he may make an impact in the league… but with him being 16, anything can happen…. good news is you guys have him until he turns 18 at least…after that euro will call if he continues to grow in the direction he showed against the fire….

    a great game…. some excellent physical play, none really dirty… TFC looked flat but picked up their game… Fire looked good all around, hoping they can continue that play for the rest of the season… this win was very much needed…

    great work fire…

  20. colman says:

    Mike Ruze, I dont care how close you were. I dont care if you were Jon Busch himself. Watch the replay. That is the clearest penalty and red card I have ever seen. We wuz robbed.