U.S. Men’s Olympic team unveiled


Here it is, the 2008 U.S. men’s Olympic soccer team:

Goalkeepers– Brad Guzan, Chris Seitz

Defenders– Michael Parkhurst, Maurice Edu, Michael Orozco, Marvell Wynne, Nathan Sturgis, Patrick Ianni

Midfielders– Freddy Adu, Michael Bradley, Sacha Kljestan, Stuart Holden, Danny Szetela, Benny Feilhaber.

Forwards– Brian McBride, Jozy Altidore, Charlie Davies, Robbie Rogers

Alternates: Dominic Cervi, Frankie Hejduk, Dax McCarty, Robbie Findley

As expected, McBride, Parkhurst and Guzan got the over-age calls while Altidore will be there along with Adu and Bradley.

What do you think of the team? What is the most surprising selection? And the most shocking absence? What should be the starting lineup?

Share your thoughts below.

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104 Responses to U.S. Men’s Olympic team unveiled

  1. Betinho says:

    Nice looking team. I like Parkhurst as one of the over age picks. I’d like to see him against some strong international competition.

  2. John says:

    Love the team, couldnt ask for anything more

  3. Chuck says:

    I guess the only one I’d pass on is Ianni who hasn’t impressed me at all. I would have taken Sean Franklin or Kamani Hill.

  4. Mike says:

    Glad Franklin wasn’t selected. The Galaxy could not afford to lose him!!!

  5. Betinho says:

    oh and it will be great to see McBride back in a USA shirt again!

  6. steve says:


  7. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Bit surprised Edu was left out, hes not had an amazing year but we do know hes a fan favorite down there. Regardless im ok with it as we cant afford him leaving.

  8. Sam Nishi says:

    AGAIN – Enough talent to get to the semi-finals .. ..

    But, will we be able to gel as a team?

    We’ve always had the talent, but never played as a team!

  9. brett says:

    im kind of surprised Hill wasnt included… he was a bright spot during quals and during the french tourny… but i guess when it comes down to an intl’ competition with quality opponents we may not want to try the guy in such a newly obtained position… but i thought Hill’s as a utility player would have been his ticket

    glad to see Rogers get the nod…

    Feilhaber?? now i like the guy and i liked what he did for the USMN last year, but the guy has been injured and out of commision for Derby for nearly an entire year… i dont know how fit he can actually be…. but i guess if you have to find a player who could sub in for Adu, then feilhaber wouldve been your choice but i dont see him as anything but a sub for adu….

    apart from Feilhaber’s inclusion and Hills exclusion, im not too surprised by the lineups…

  10. mcgarryj says:

    left back…or are we going to play a 3-5-2?

    If any of those guys play left back i just see up getting torched..hopefully feilhaber..gets in shape and back on form.

  11. Steve says:

    The one that surprises me is the exclusion of Dax McCarty, who was perhaps their best player in the friendlies. I know the injury played into it, but I think he got shortchanged here. I feel bad for him, although I’m sure FC Dallas is happy they’ll have him thru the summer.

  12. IndyYankFan says:

    Michael Parkhurst meet Lionel Messi…

  13. BellusLudas says:

    Benny’s best chance to resurrect his career…here’s wishing him all the best!

  14. Ives says:

    Ossington, Edu was selected. I have him listed as a defender since I think he’ll play there.

  15. ChiTownFireFan says:

    What? No Barrett? I was hoping he would get picked for the U.S. team bench so he wouldn’t be missing shots for the Fire.

    Looking forward to McBride in the U.S. jersey then in the Fire jersey.

  16. mcgarryj says:

    alitore mcbride


    rogers sacha


    sturgis orozco parkhurst wynne



  17. brett says:

    Ossington Mental Youth- surprised by Edu’s exclusion?? im not…

    he’s included in the defense

  18. Christopher says:

    The Revs are so F***** in the Super Liga now. F You Nowak and the stupid Olympic team.

  19. KingSnake says:

    1) When do the players report?

    2) When does the soccer portion of the Olympics end?

  20. mcgarryj says:

    the revs are a deep team they will be fine

  21. brett says:

    steve- from what i understand Dax is just recovering from an injury…

  22. brett says:

    KingSnake – i heard they are reporting to camp on the 20th, and going to china on the 25th… i think???

  23. John says:

    Sturgis at left back maybe? i really want to see feilhaber and bradley in the center with adu right behind jozy as a support striker with Rogers and Klestjan on the outside



    Rogers Feilhaber Bradley Klestjan

    Sturgis Parkhurst Orozco Wynne


    this is what i would like to see, but im sure mcbride will be in there so that will take feilhaber out of the middle and play a diamond in the center with bradley playing deep

  24. brett says:

    mcgarryi- i agree the revs are deep… i just dont know how deep they are in the defense… thats one position i dont see them ever changing or needing to change…

  25. Robert says:

    I’m glad Jozy’s in although that means he won’t get the nod at Villareal for at least half the season. What happened to Torres from Mexico (Chivas, is it?)? Did he ever decide on which team to play for? No love for Ferrari either, I see.

  26. daniel says:

    I remember them having a lot of trouble finding someone to serve the ball in from the wings to Altidore, etc. during qualifying. Who is going to provide the service for McBride/Altidore header goals? Can Rogers handle that?

  27. Randomher0723 says:

    Alternates: GK Dominic Cervi, D Frankie Hejduk, MF Dax McCarty, F Robbie Findley.

  28. Robert says:

    Are the games gonna be shown on TV or online somewhere?

  29. seven says:

    If the US gets knocked out in the 1st stage how soon will the players be back with their clubs?

  30. SCNewJersey says:

    Dax is one of the alternates along with Cervi, Hejduk and Findley.

    I’m a bit surprised to see Hill, Zizzo and Freeman left off the roster. But I, for one, am happy to see Feilhaber included. I hope he can use this as an opprotunity to get the hell out of Derby and ressurect what was looking to be a promising career.

  31. KingSnake says:

    Heh, found this: link to en.wikipedia.org

    August 6 through 24

  32. swansuite says:

    I’m surprised by:

    No Dax? Makes no sense. Easily and consistently the best performer at the last tourney. Not for our team, for the entire tournament.

    No Hill? Makes no sense. Again, easily the most flexible and one of the three most dependable players at the last tourney.

    Fielhaber over either of those two? Man, I’ve defended the guy all year, but he’s done absolutely nothing to deserve this call-up over the aforementioned.

    Still, a sound team and one I expect will play with pride and poise.

  33. Martek says:

    Holden and Ianni being gone will hurt Dynamo more than this hurts just about any other MLS team, what with our recent spate of injuries.

    Oh well, big feathers in the boys’ caps, so it’s hard to begrudge them that.

    Why Feilhaber continues to get call-ups is beyond me. His club career should be resurrected first. Why does US Soccer continue to do this? If he hadn’t scored in the Gold Cup final, I don’t think we would even be having this discussion. But, you know, that was a year ago. He’s not qualified to be on this team.

  34. Ted says:

    Ianni is a bit of a surprise. I guess they wanted more than two natural center backs (Parkhurst and Orozco) and a converted midfielder (Mo) as options for the center of defense. I would have preferred Hill, as I doubt Mo plays anywhere but the back in this tournament. Hill’s ability to play all across the field is a huge selling point when you have such a small roster. Of course, if Spector wasn’t injured, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    Charlie Davies deserves it. He has been on an absolute tear for Hammarby. Let’s hope he stays away from the diving acts he had during qualifying.

    I’d like to see this:

    McBride, Altidore


    Kljestan, Bradley, Feilhaber

    Sturgis, Parkhurst, Edu, Wynne


  35. milo says:

    wow i sowre he was gonna call Landycakes, oh well.

    I think this puts it on Adu and Jozy theyre the new young stars and now thyre role will be extra imortant!!

    Great to see McBride there imo he’s got nothing to lose.

  36. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    i was looking in the mids.

    Bit retarded, HAHA.

    Oh well, i guess harmse will have to do (erg). Maybe our younger kids will get a go at his position…

  37. M. komar says:

    McBride is a big surprise. I expected somebody like Donovan or Dempsey, but McBride is a perfect choice. All that experience and leadership skills.

  38. Robert says:

    We have to keep in mind that some of the other players you guys are mentioning may be reserved for WCQ against Guatemala on Aug 20.

  39. boneall says:

    No Dax surprises me too. Especially considering he’s missed most of this season with FCD because the elected to have surgery on the back spasm right away so that he would be ready for the olympics. He was a key part of qualifying and outstanding in the friendlies. Seems like he got short changed.

  40. mcgarryj says:

    brett don’t worry igwe will step in for parkhurst no prob

    Felihaber shoud not start.with adu and sacha’s passing and rrogers running all day on the left side will do good things up top for mcbirde and his underated passing skills and altidore

  41. Ted says:


    Is anyone else hoping for the return of the Benny and Sacha podcasts?

  42. kpugs says:

    That midfield should be pretty nasty, it’s too bad Argentina and Brazil have the gold medal game locked up already.

  43. brett says:

    robert- yes i agree alot of the players that couldve been brought into the Olympics could easily be brought into the WCQ’s….

  44. chris says:

    does anyone know when we play and who we play against?

  45. brett says:

    kpugs- im calling the Argie group stage EXIT!! i know its a long shot, but i would put $50 down hoping for a quality payout…

  46. Juan from Seattle says:

    Benny Feilhaber?! He is a has been who is on the verge of getting kicked out off his club. C’mon Nowak stop playing! The overage players are solid. I would rather have had a LB over Parkhurst but with Spector gone that’s a big hole to fill.

    And also I was wishing the delay of the list announcement would had been cause of a surprise like Neve Subotic…unfortunately that didn’t happen…big freaking bummer…

  47. Sin2R says:

    I really think FIFA needs to step in and make a rule that players cannot be picked unless they have recovered from injury enough to be regular selections with their club. Sturgis isn’t even healthy and has not played since early May. This is recockulous. Risking an aggrivation to his injury is nonsense, and someone needs to stop this madness.

  48. Joey says:







  49. arena futbol says:

    Apparently Ianni, Sturgis, and Feilhaber do not have (significant) injury concerns. That’s good news.

    For defense:


    -Ianni: as expected, not Franklin. “told ya so!” I wish Ianni was NOT on the team, but it was preety obvious that PN was going to choose players he had looked at, i.e., not Franklin.

    -Parkhurst: Tough break for Revs, especially with one of Parky’s possible replacements – Phelan – getting knocked out (literally) last night. But I’m sure they knew of this decision before today and Nicol must have some sort of plan. The Tierney kid was decent yesterday (even though reportedly playing out of position).

    -Edu will prob. be in back too assuming PN stays with 4 in the back. I don’t recall him using a 3-man backline with this team at all to date, but could be forgetting.

    – Hill had some decent showings, but apparently did not do enough to crack the top 6 backs. Personally, I’m fine with that.

    – So left to right: Sturgis-Edu-Parky-Wynne, with option to go to Sturgis-Orozco-Parky-Wynne and use Edu in midfield.

    In midfield:


    – Nothing shocking. Too bad Dax is not there as he was a key contributor in getting the team to this point. Not sure if decision was based on injury or strategy (or both).

    – Slight surprise to see Szetela in the mix given that PN didn’t use him much before. I mean, we knew that PN rated Bradley and Spector and Altidore and Adu but couldn’t always get them from clubs. But with Szetela, it was unclear what to make of his previous absence from U23 matches. I had thought maybe PN wasn’t particularly impressed with him.

    – Let’s hope Feilhaber starts his comeback to top form right now.



    -Mcbride: was he the ‘comissioner’s pick’? Sending him to the Olympics gives MLS another month to sort out the allocation process for him.

    – Looking forward to seeing McBride and Altidore paired. Some seem to think they are too similar, but I don’t. I think they could combine very well.

    In sum like the squad, hope for attractive play, but trying to keep expectations reasonable in terms of results.

  50. Chuck says:

    Dax, Cervi, Hedjuk and Findley are the alternates.

  51. Joey says:

    Juan – Subotic would have started in this team. It is too bad he didnt get selected. This would have been great for he and the USMNT

  52. NIck G. says:


    Rogers ——-Adu——–Holden/Kljestan

    ———– Bradley



  53. KingSnake says:

    It does not do any good to be in the mix if you are not climbing the ladder …

  54. AJ says:

    I echo those who are nervous about a Parkhurstless Revolution side. The Revs are deep with attacking talent, but defensively, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much available to them. Igwe is available, but he’s only played when the Revs have switched to a 4-4-2. Going with three in the back with Heaps as the only real center back isn’t something I would be looking forward to. Rob Valentino will have to step up big time, or Shalrie could see time in the back three with Pat Phelan playing central mid, assuming he’s able to recover from that injury last night.

    As for this team, I like it. Altidore and McBride should be able to score some goals and seeing Edu, Orozco and Parkhurst available in defense is good. I don’t think we’ll beat Brazil or Argentina, but I don’t see this team disappointing at all. Possible bronze or silver depending on how the tournament shakes out.

  55. Reid says:

    where is Dax, i guess Benny will keep getting the nod, could you imagine if he was riding the pine at a decent team, he might be named captain of the nat’l team

  56. dr dcr vcr says:

    The one guy I forgot to mention yesterday, who would have a great selection due to the depth at left back is Igwe, who plays for the Revs. This guy just started getting PT with the first- team this year and has been pretty good. Michael Harrington of KC could have also help at left back and left mid.

  57. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Go get em boys! First up, Japan, August 7th.

  58. Juke Box Hero says:

    Just about right, and quite close to Ives’ guess yesterday. I would’ve taken Hill or Franklin over Ianni, as I’ve seen Ianni getting beat for goals all year on mlsnet highlights. He probably won’t play much though.

    One thing I notice is most of the chosen defenders are suited towards centerback. Or, more accurately, Wynne seems the only natural outside fullback for a 4-4-2. Along with a glut of center-mids, does this suggest Novak going with his perferred 3-5-2? I think so. My guess for game 1:








  59. Camjam says:

    Sturgis not played since May? Which games have you been watching? More poignantly, LB is where Sturgis has filled in periodically,and done well.

  60. Warren says:

    People, given the fact that we have five of the six defenders being center backs, I highly doubt the intention is to trot out a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1. With the addition of Parkhurst we will be coming out with a 3-5-2, aka Nowak’s favorite.

    Expect something more akin to:








  61. Casey says:

    I can’t wait for the games to start. I just hope all of them are televised.

  62. Randomher0723 says:

    I hope Benny is fit to play. I wonder if they are using this as an audition for him to other teams? The midfield is looking pretty good though, I wonder who will start on the right side of MF? At least with Benny we know he will be able to play at this level due to his full MNT experience.

  63. Sin2R says:

    Camjam: I have watched every minute of every RSL game. Sturgis only entered the Columbus game on Sat in the 89th minute. Thus, he really hasn’t played since may. What games have you been watching. Sturgis hasn’t even played much for the Reserves and only played 8 minutes recently in a friendly on Tuesday. So, yes, Sturgis has not played since early May.

  64. Angel says:

    Why Ianni? I not a fan of the way he plays. too slow (SuperLiga).

    Ives, what’s the story with Torres from Pachuca?

  65. alexarmac says:

    I know this will provoke but putting Sasha on the outside is like giving a symphony conductor a trio to work with. he can be lethal in the middle.

  66. arena futbol says:


    I agree that a 3-5-2 would be great, but I thin kyou are overstating the evidence:

    For this team, Sturgis has been primarily a left back (also some time as a CB, and I think may have gotten a portion of a game as a d-mid).

    Also, I don’t think PN has gone 3-5-2 in the earlier matches at all.

    However, Parkhurst is very familiar with a 3-5-2 and is a good anchor for that formation. I like the idea of this team going 3-5-2, as it gives the chance to play to our strength in the center of midfield.

  67. ok says:

    i overall love the selections except for mcbride. if you put a guy with that much experience and history out there, that means he has to play every second pretty much. this is a problem for 2 reasons. 1- i see the olympics as a chance to try to grab a medal but also to let some of the young guns like kljestan and rogers shine and maybe get a transfer deal, or in the case of feilhaber, resurrect a career. with mcbride out there, it pretty much guarantees he will start up top, and assuming jozy is up there with him feilhaber/kljestan/some one else in the middle will not get much playing time. 2- i do think jozy and mcbride are very similar. both are big powerful guys who are capable of great hold up play, but they also both dont have the best ball skills and i think would be better off paired with a smaller more skillful player. here’s the lineup i would love to see



    rogers – feilhaber – bradley – kljestan

    sturgis – edu – parkhurst – wynne


    jozy – mcbride


    kljestan – feilhaber – bradley

    same back 4

    but here we’ll have the problem of having no wingers/width and therefore will get little service to our big target forwards.

    finally, i dont want to see feilhaber on the wing, 1 because i think we have better wingers, 2 becaues i think hed be out of position, play poorly and then it would only make the hole he’s in deeper. i still think we need feilhaber (or at least a player like him) on the MNT. someone with composure who can hold possession and distribute well. he’s the best we have now, and i think derby not kicking him to the curb or sending him to israel (for a pretty good sum too) shows they still have faith. i do too

  68. Eugene says:

    Most surprising? Dominic Cervi — who is not a pro player. No idea why the guy keeps getting called while he can’t sign a pro contract and actually play pro soccer

  69. sn00zer says:

    Seriously, our 2nd best U23 GK doesn’t have a team? What’s wrong with this picture?

    Is Cervi getting undeserved caps with US Soccer, or do we just not have anyone better? There are other U23 GKs that play professionally:

    M. Allen, 86 – Bryne FK (Nor)

    Q. Westberg, 86 – Troyes (Fr)

    T. Hall, 85 – Esbjerg (Den)

    Given our reputation a gk-factory nation, you’d think our 2nd best u23 GK could find a team to pay him!

    p.s. Hey, Cervi, Chivas USA need a keeper. Talk to them.

  70. Dominghosa says:

    Subotic, like Francisco Torres, has yet to select which country he is going to play for. Not sure when people are going to catch onto that.

    Not sure about Ianni. Would have liked to see Zizzo in as one of the midfielders. If he had to replace Holden, so be it. I think Zizzo adds more creativity than anyone in the current midfield roster other than Adu.

  71. Don says:

    i swear people need to look at the list before they post something. cervi is not on the team. he is currently on trial at portsmouth instead.

  72. Ryan says:

    Remember that the Olympic schedule is very condensed (group games August 7, 10 and 13) so our lineup for all 3 games could be different. McBride is up there in age and hasnt’ played a match in months so while he’s likely to start our first match, he could come off he bench the second or be subbed for early in any match. No way he goes a full 90 for every match meaning Davies will get time. With our glut of midfielders we could see nearly everyone get significant time to keep everyone fresh. The only two people I see that could play the full 90 on every match is Freddy and Parkhurst. Even Jozy and Edu could be subbed out.

  73. Byron says:

    I think that McBride was an excellent selection. Some people may have short memories but goals were hard to come by in qualifying. Also, don’t sleep on Holden.The dynamics of the team completely changed once he started game 2.

  74. Goalscorer24 says:

    I agree with the questioning of Patrick Ianni as a selection. I usually see him giving up goals. I would have preffered to see Kamani Wolf, Sean Franklin or someone else. Would have liked to see Dax McCarty as he played well during olympic qualifying. Otherwise I like the group. Hopefully they will Gel.

  75. Danny says:

    I can’t wait to see Brain McBride put on the U.S. Jersey again

  76. Pete says:






    Couple problems with this team:

    1. No right wing. I guess you could, as most people have suggested, put Klejstan there, but I would prefer him in the middle. What you could do is drop Holden from the above lineup and play Klejstan on the right, but have him drift centrally while Wynne makes runs out wide from the fullback position (something RBNY did last year on the left side with Mathis and VDB for a time). That would mean switching to a 442, leading to problem two.

    2. No fully fit left back. I guess you can take your chances with Sturgis, but why would you when arguably your best three defenders all play in the center? Nowak played a 3-5-2 in DC and picked pretty much the best defender in the league, who just so happens to be the anchor of the best and most consistent defense the past few years (in a three-man backline!), as an overage player.

  77. dave says:

    wow – cervi didnt make it… i think its kind of a disservice not to allow a young gk to get olympic experience by naming guzan – who never impressed me to begin w/.. its not like guzan has a future w/ the full team any time soon over howard. also, 2 gk’s is kind of a risk in itself – ask john terry

  78. mike ruze says:

    Hopefully Mcbrides inclusion will help him get to the Fire. Mainstream sport fans will get to see more of him plus the press usually accorded to local Olympians is good. Imagine what a long run for the team can do for him and US soccer.

    It would be a shame if Toronto ruins this opportunity for the popularity of soccer in the US.

  79. martha says:


    Why would Cervi make it,

    Hes never played a minute of real top level soccer in his life and looked suspect in the amatuer games hes played.

  80. grumpster says:

    >i swear people need to look at the list

    > before they post something. cervi is

    > not on the team.

    yeah, wtf, people!! stop talking about cervi as if he were named to alternates list! there is no “dom cervi”! he does not exist! he is a proganda tool, just like 9-11!!

  81. grumpster says:

    > also, 2 gk’s is kind of a risk in itself

    Dave, um, how many GKs would you take given an 18-man roster?

  82. Amit says:

    Are we allowed to have an overage alternate?

    On a side note, as unfortunate as the situation is, I’m kinda glad that there is no more stock in the Eddie Gaven reclammation project.

  83. Cyrus says:







    I would have chosen Dax over Feilhaber, but this team still looks good anyways. I’d really like to see this line up, but Nowak will probably put 4 in the back.

  84. dave says:

    that’s true – i’d be surprised if some teams didnt take 3 tho, and even more surprised if ANY other teams named an overage gk..

  85. Steve says:

    Dang it Nowak! You were supposed to get Barrett out of the Fire’s line-up!!!!!!

    Chad get used to it. Won’t be the last time McBRide takes your spot this summer.

    I hope Ianni doens’t take the field too oftne. I was wathcving SuperLiga the other night and that mofo is SLOW!!!! Messi could walk past him.

    Which he would do in the Gold Medal game after we win the group to avoid the Argies until then.

  86. Jonathan says:

    I hope the excuse of “but we didn’t send in our 1st and strongest side” will not used if the Olympic team fails to get out of the group stages or is demolished during the knockout portion of the tournaments. It is such a BS excuse.

  87. kco says:

    ya know, this team could win a medal. USA! USA! USA!

  88. grumpster says:

    > Are we allowed to have an overage alternate?

    Amit- I think the deal is that we only add Hejduk if one of our overage guys goes down. Of course if Guzan was injured, they might call Cervi (gulp) instead. But if McBride or Parkhurst gets injured they have the option of calling Frankie.

  89. Justin says:

    Just to point out since everyone is so confident, if Argentina and Brazil win their respective groups in group stages and their quarterfinal games, they will meet in the semi-finals. So everyone saying it will be Argentina vs. Brazil for the gold might want to take a look at the bracket and realize that probably isn’t going to be happening, unless one of the 2 teams doesn’t win their group. Just a thought…..GO USA!

  90. Joe says:

    Why didnt he do all Fire fans a favor and take Barrett??? Damn you Nowak!

  91. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I’m with those predicting a 3-5-2 with the selection by Nowak, as well Holden on the right and Sasha in the middle with Bradley:







    Wouldn’t surprise me to see Wynn on the right either, although I hope not in a 3-5-2. If a 4-4-2 then Holden out Klejstein moves to RM & Wynn to RB.

    I still think Forwards may suffer from a lack of service as the wing play will be weak.

  92. sn00zer says:

    I seem to recall that in the qualy tournament PN changed formation from game to game depending on the situation. Sometimes it looked like a 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 with Adu and Altidoire up top, and other times it looked like a 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 with Davies-Altidore-Findley or Gaven-Barrett-Findley.

    (Of course, we had trouble generating much scoring in any of the matches, so hard to draw conclusions on what works best. )

    But we can say that PN doesn’t necessarily have to come out in just one formation, as most of the above posts seem to suggest.

  93. Pete says:

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting only one formation will be used. I think people are suggesting what the best formation, based on the personnel selected, would be in a vacuum.

  94. Jacob says:

    And the race for fourth is on!!

    No, but really, I’ll take this 6.62 days of the week. I’d love to see Benny become who he was and what he should be, but Dax was on fire in Tampa and Nashville. Oh well, I’ll certainly take it.

  95. Bob says:

    What no Chad Barrett?!?!?!

    I kid, I kid.

  96. silent e says:

    Why all the hate for Ianni? I’m not saying he’s a freaking beast on defense but let’s look at him realistically. In the league, the Dynamo are 4th best on defense and Ianni has been a big part of that. In all competitive games (champ cup, league, USOC, SuperLiga), Dynamo has a GAA of 1.09. That’s not too shabby. Then GAA for when Ianni is on the field is only slightly higher, at 1.12.

    Both the Dynamo and Ianni had a horrible beginning of the year. The Dynamo had a GAA of 1.44 for March and April, but Ianni’s was a rather bad 1.68. However, since then they’ve both improved defensively quite a bit. For May through today, the Dynamo have an impressive GAA of 0.86, while Ianni’s is even better at 0.83. Considering the fact that Ianni was not a frequent starter before this year (and this year only due to Robinson’s injuries and suspensions), perhaps his early failures were due to his inexperience.

    Chuck would rather Sean Franklin see the field. I agree that Sean is having a good year, but I doubt his numbers are anywhere near as impressive.

    At least two people have said that they rated Ianni horribly based on watching highlights on MLSnet. Really? Did it ever occur to you that highlights rarely include boring good defensive plays? If my opinions about players were based on highlight shows I would similarly say that about *any* defender. I would also probably think that Alan Gordon and Chad Barret were pretty good goal scorers, and wouldn’t that be an erroneous conclusion?

    Again, I’m not saying Ianni is the world’s best defender; just wondering why so many of you think he’s so godawful.

  97. Joey says:


    If you were willing to criticize the selection of Bornstein to the all-star team (as one possessing talent but not recent form), how could one not dispute the selection of Feilhaber to the Olympic team? The man has talent, but when was the last time he played consistently? I’m not sure why Feilhaber is granted the occasion to suit up for the USA when he can’t even find a pro club that wants him on the field.

  98. spencer says:

    I am just trying to figure out how the midfield will work with a 4 man defense. I mean you have Rogers, Holden, Sasha, Adu, and Bradley who should all start, and even Edu is good enough to slide into a starting role if he doesn’t play defense. I will say this we have the best group of midfielders in the tournament at this point, the question is will they gel together. I wish Spector wasn’t hurt because I think our problem will come in the defense.

  99. Steve says:

    Hill for Ianni. Hill can play right back, mid, or forward. That’s real versatility.

    I thought Sturgis and Feilhaber were both injured?

  100. Parkhurst is a brilliant selection and choosing Guzan for GK is probably a solid choice, giving the new Aston Villa man some real solid international experience in the pressure cooker of the Olympics.

    Not including Kamani Hill even as an alternate is a bit surprising, given his flexibility (I could even see him as an attacker if he had to).

    One of the most interesting things to me is that this is a very pacy team with lots of fitness. Of everyone, the only player on this list that can’t run like the wind is Brian McBride and that is not his job. What is also interesting to me is the emphasis on midfielders and strikers. Will Novak go all out on attack? Parkhurst I trust to keep the back line organized.

    I would like to see something lie a 4-1-4-1 formation like this






    With so much depth in the midfield and the toll that the Olympics will take on midfield players, I think Novak has done well.

    There are lots of options for Novak in terms of formation.

  101. adam says:

    one thing i’d be interested to see is where and how bradley plays against the dutch. having just put up 20 in their domestic league playing with and against most of the dutch roster, perhaps he should be moved to an attacking roll and let edu lock down the holding roll, moving freddy out wide (which would let him cross to mcbrides head all day long instead of slotting through balls to jozy).

  102. MonkeyBoy says:

    I don’t agree with Sacha out right in these line-ups. Szetela has had some success there though and Rodgers has actually stated that he prefers right mid.

    So why not?



    Rodgers —- Szetela



    The midfield would have 2 wingers who could both play inside. The advantage is that these guys can make runs off of each other and move with the flow of the game to pick apart the defense.

  103. NJ Guy No Longer Stuck in DC says:

    Poor Dax. I think he’s on the road to being Steve Ralston Jr. A very good and heady player who doesn’t get the true bigtime callups.

  104. JG says:


    Any idea why Donovan, Beasley or Gooch weren’t the overage players instead of Parkhurst & McBride?