What would you do if you were Kenny Cooper?


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(No, there are no updates on Kenny Cooper’s transfer decision. It appears will be waiting at least one more day, if not longer for a final conclusion. If you are wondering what is taking so long, you may not realize everything involved in this big decision. With that in mind, consider the following:)

You are Kenny Cooper, a 23-year-old American striker with two transfer bids to consider. What do you do?

Yes, it may sound a bit like a bad impression of Dennis Hopper in Speed but the question is a good one. If you are Cooper do you go with the bid from Norwegian power Rosenborg or English First Division club Cardiff City? It is the question Cooper is in the midst of trying to answer as two European clubs and one league wait with baited breath to see if the big kid from Texas will stay or go.

Do you take more money from Rosenborg in a lesser-known league to play with a team that plays its share of UEFA Cup and occasional Champions League soccer, or do you take less money and join Cardiff City with an eye toward possible promotion to the EPL, the richest league in the world?

You can choose A or B, or possibly C, which would mean staying in MLS at an increased salary with the hope being that your continued success leads to bigger offers from bigger clubs down the road. You’re playing for your hometown team, for a coach you’ve known and respected for year. Do you stay another season and enjoy dominating MLS?

Cooper has to know how lucky he is to even have the decision. If you had asked Taylor Twellman the same question he would have had his passport stamped before you could get the word "or" out of your mouth. The same goes for Shalrie Joseph, who still dreams of Europe even as he continues to lead the league’s best team and enjoys a big (by MLS standards) new contract.

It might seem like a no-brainer but sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make. Just ask Eddie Johnson, who could have jumped on an offer from Derby County, but chose to wait a while. He eventually joined Fulham and now heads into a second season in the EPL while Derby is back in the First Division. Jozy Altidore was seriously considering making a move to Reading, a club that pursued him for years, before things fell apart. Now instead of having joined newly-relegated Reading (and yes, you could argue that Altidore would have kept Reading up) Altidore is set to join La Liga runners-up and Champions League participants Villarreal.

You see? The decisions aren’t nearly as easy as some would like to believe. All three options have their merits, which makes it that much tougher for Cooper and his people to reach a decision. Perhaps staying in MLS leads to a move to an EPL team in the winter or next summer. Perhaps another injury like the one Cooper suffered last year costs him another year and the chance to make a similar move a year from now.

These are all the questions and scenarios that have Cooper so torn. It is far from an easy decision, no matter how easy it may seem on the outside.

So, tell me, what would YOU do?

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71 Responses to What would you do if you were Kenny Cooper?

  1. Erik Abarca says:

    I’ll go to Cardiff City, i still got a chance to be seen by EPL teams.

  2. Adam R. says:

    Definitely go to Rosenborg. He’d get European competition, more money and would have better players around him. If he has success, surely the Premier league teams would come knocking, if he was inclined to get there.

    The obsession with English leagues baffles me. I’ve not watched much of the Championship, admittedly, but I’ve watched plenty of bottom-dwelling Premier League teams, and the games are typically hideous.

    Go to Rosenborg, Kenny.

  3. socmin says:

    I know one thing. I would be leaning on my Dad (Kenny SR) for all his advice, as well as sounding out just what MLS would do to keep me.

  4. Cyrus says:

    I’d play for Rosenborg. They’ll be playing in Europe and it would be more money. I’d love to see him playing against big clubs and see how he’ll do against their defenses. Cooper could have the opportunity to move to a bigger club with either team. Though Cardiff City has a chance to move up to the EPL, it isn’t in there yet, and we’re speculating on the best case scenario.

  5. Ryan says:

    I’m of Norwegian descent, so Rosenborg for me. My great-grandparents would be cheering from the grave.

  6. papa bear says:

    Rosenborg plays in Europe pretty much every year. Cardiff is in the Colaship. Big clubs in Europe care more about how a player plays in the big international spotlight than how they shine in a lower division. It’s a no brainer.

    Plus, my hope would be that he’d get picked up by a league other than the Prem once his stay in Rosenborg comes to a close. His game seems more suited to La Liga anyway.

  7. KingSnake says:

    “would have helped keep Reading up” please. That tense melange bugs me.

    Anyway, depends on if he is comfortable in an international/non-English speaking environment. (I am.) If so, Rosenborg is first choice due to money and especially European football. Plus it is a chance to learn other cultures, and how other people around the world do things. (Something more Americans of all kinds could stand to do.) Otherwise Cardiff. Not MLS, no way.

  8. Dannyc58 says:

    I’m an MLS fan, but I wouldn’t consider that. You have to go when you can. You don’t know what can happen in the future, he wants to go to Europe and he knows NOW that he has 2 options.

    Of course Champions league is nice, but I’d go to Cardiff, and if I have a good year, even if Cardiff doesn’t go up, someone like Sunderland will buy me.

  9. Jon E says:

    Good choices to have.

    Either European team, especially Rosenborg, would probably be a step up in terms of quality of play. Either is sure to provide a much better salary. So if I were Kenny Cooper and if the family issues that helped bring “me” home from England are resolved, the only way I’d consider staying with Dallas is if the team were to match the kind of salary and guarantees that Rosenborg and Cardiff are offering. And I can’t imagine Dallas would do that.

    Well, I might stay if I already had serious interest from a bigger club (not an offer necessarily). But I lean toward bird in the hand on this one.

    Past that, it’s close. Rosenborg would give Cooper Europe, and Cardiff would give Cooper time in an environment that he already knows (which would allow him to focus more completely on soccer).

    If Cooper were to play well and stay healthy, I think either team would give him a shot at attention from bigger clubs. (My hunch is that once the pros and cons balance out, doing well at either Rosenborg or Cardiff would be more likely to get him such attention than staying with Dallas.)

    I guess in the end, I’d say Norway because (I’m told) Rosenborg plays more interesting and sophisticated soccer than Cardiff.

  10. Jason says:

    If I were KC, the biggest non-negotiable is playing time. Cardiff out of the two appears to have the best opportunity so Cardiff it is.

    Yes – staying in the MLS pretty much guarantees a spot in the starting 11, but the long term goal is to make the USMNT. And the best way is to get better against better competition.

  11. Coach says:

    In the words of the immortal Bobbi Flekman: “money talks and bullsh*t walks”

    In other words, make your money when you can, you don’t know what can happen tomorrow, next season, whatever..

  12. Mark says:

    I’m pretty sure Cardiff can offer more money than Rosenborg.

    As a Reading fan though, I don’t want rival teams being strengthened. And as an MLS fan too, I want Kenny to stay in the league.

    I think if he finishes out the season on this roll, he can go to the Premiership or another elite division.

  13. Lee says:

    I’d pick whichever team paid more, with the secondary decision being who played more attractive football. So its gotta be Rosenborg.

    As a fan I hope its Cardiff cause I have no idea how to see any Norway league games.

  14. kpugs says:

    It hurts me to say it but I wouldn’t even think about staying in MLS if I were Kenny.

    As for where to go? I’d value playing time over money. I would go to a club where, at the very least, I’d be in the first team and fighting for a starting slot. The money will come eventually, right now he needs to PLAY competitive, first team football every week.

  15. soccerfutbol says:

    What is wrong with the “tense melange” KingSnake? Please explain. Because, as you should have probably noted, it isn’t really a melange at all, and while it is cumbersome, there is nothing wrong with it.

  16. Dave says:

    Go to Cardiff and play in a quality league. I don’t like that MLS loses out on players to leagues like Norway, where the quality of play is the same, if not less. The players go there for the money and that’s pathetic for the MLS. The MLS needs to step up and pay competitive wages to match these lower-tiered euro leagues. The MLS is never going to develop if they lose their best players to leagues like Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Unless players are going to a better league (or in this case a team with a good chance of going to the Premier League) the MLS will not work….

  17. Eugene says:

    Rosenborg. No doubt in my mind. Go to Rosenborg, play consistently in the UEFA Cup, perhaps even the Champions League, play well and you can get picked up by a top flight team anywhere.

    If he goes to Cardiff City, the best he can do in a season is get promoted. Promoted clubs usually get whipped in the Premiership. If he does well, he can get picked up by an EPL side.

    In my mind Rosenborg is a better opportunity hands down.

  18. mike from linden says:

    if i were him, i would go to Cardiff City over going to Rosenburg. What are the chances of Rosenburg getting deep into the champions league?I think theres a better chance of cardiff city going into the epl this coming season then rosenberg getting out of the group stages of champions league

  19. Terry says:

    I have no idea why he would go to Norway, sure Rosenborg occasionaly get in Europe but ranking wise I think the Norweigen league is down there around 19th on the European coefficient. Average attendances leaguewide of 10,000…

    With Cardiff he has the chance of premiership football, will be moving into a nice new stadium next season, and the team has high aspirations after making it to the FA Cup Final.

    Its a no brainer, go to Cardiff Kenny.

  20. steve says:

    Im gonna go ahead and recommend that he stays in MLS because i have tickets to the FC Dallas @ Columbus Crew game and i wanna see Cooper play.

  21. Johnny says:

    Option C shouldn’t even be on the table. If the MLS is allowing him to go he should. If he signs a contract with the MLS for 350,000 a year they will hold him to the contract and not let him go if other bids come in (Taylor Twellman, Sharlie Joseph, and for a time Clint Dempsey come to mind).

    I think either place would be fine. It probably would be easier for Cooper to adjust to life in CCC, and the BORG plays in Europe. So flip a coin.

  22. Joe says:

    If prem teams buy Championship players thats where the usually end up the next year. So going to Cardiff isnt gonna do anything different for Cooper. I think he should go to Rosenberg. Get the money so he can relax later in life. Get the money and then look to go other places.

  23. Derek says:

    Rosenborg — b/c if he does well there, he’ll open himself to more options in Europe. Cardiff isn’t bad, but playing there might pigeonhole him to the UK for a while.

  24. Mo says:

    Technically, Kenny Cooper’s home city is Baltimore, seeing as though he was born there. But that’s all semantics.

    Anyway, the decision is tough, regardless. You mention all the luxuries of playing for Rosenburg (the UEFA Cup and Champions League possibilities) and Cardiff City (possible promotion), but you don’t say the one thing that’s probably knawing at his brain: where will he get minutes?

    If he goes to Rosenburg, will he play? Will he sit on the bench? What about Cardiff City? Where does he stand on the totem pole? Kenny Cooper doesn’t need to go overseas and not play. That won’t help his career, regardless of how much money he’s making. Sure, he shouldn’t be GIVEN a spot on the Starting XI either, but you have to go where you think you may get the most times.

    He’s 23, not 18 like Jozy or Freddy. They can afford to go to organizations that might not utilize their talents right away. They have time to gain their teams trust, grow and thrive as players in sensational leagues.

    Cooper is 23, nearing his prime. He needs to play NOW. And he needs to produce BIG, wherever he goes, if in fact he wants to have a higher payday somewhere else down the line.

  25. jig says:

    Rosenborg. Rosenborg is a better team than Cardiff, plays a more attractive style and would still give Cooper a chance to shine on the field. And he’ll get paid.

    I don’t know where some people get off saying he’ll “occasionally” get a shot at Europe. Everyone knows that Rosenborg are unquestionably the cream of the crop in Norway and are always involved in Europe. Come on.

    I also don’t understand the notion presented by some that if he goes to Norway he’ll somehow disappear, as if the top leagues are for some reason forbidden to buy from Norway. Give me a break. If anything he’ll be exposed to talent-seekers from more leagues than just the Premiership. And that’s probably a good thing.

    People need to stop ushering our best talent to the Premiership so you get to watch them on FSC. Cooper has all the tools to make is mark for a mid-bottom table Premiership side. Its what he doesn’t have and would develop in a more technical league that will help him improve by the greatest margin. Ultimately, that will only benefit our national side.

  26. CD says:

    Rosenborg is based in this town:

    “Trondheim is situated where the river Nidelva meets Trondheimsfjorden…At summer solstice, the sun rises at 03:00 and sets at 23:40, but stays just below the horizon – there is no darkness from May 20 to July 20.[5] At winter solstice, the sun rises at 10:00, stays very low above the horizon, and sets at 14:30.”

    That sunlight stuff would freak me out in Trondheim. Go to Cardiff Kenny. They are already hyping you up and they are bringing you in to replace Fowler and Hasselbank, they think very highly of you. They are thin up front and you would be a key player for their squad. Alex Ferguson is already singing your praises. GB is the place to be.

  27. Peter says:

    Rosenburg will sign him for bench depth and his playing time will not be consistent

    Cardiff will sign him to be their top line striker. He will get more playing time.

    In the end though, as much as I love Kenny and want him to stay in Dallas – if he doesn’t stop drifting wide, trying to play “step-over like Nani” and start playing to his strengths (ie: Duncan Ferguson) it won’t matter what team he goes to because they won’t play him.

    Kenny has so many positive qualities, but he makes the game too hard on himself by trying things both skill-wise and tactically that will make you nuts.

  28. MiamiAl says:

    I would have stayed one more year in MLS and tried for a bigger team. He was at Man U and has the pedigree, so he could have held out and played his way onto a bigger club in the EPL.

  29. Michael F. says:


  30. Joel says:

    MLS salaries are a shame, but I would like to see Cooper stay for the rest of the season and wait for a better move in the January transfer window.

    With that said, if someone offered to double my salary, I probably wouldn’t want to wait for a better offer to come along.

    We really need to raise this salary cap!

  31. Matty C says:

    I’d go to Cardiff… top to bottom it’s a better league then Norway so week in and week out you’d see better competition. Europe is all well and good, but other then a few games a year against very good opponents, why woulnd’t you take the chance to play against better competition the entire season?

  32. Barry U says:

    Rosenborg. Play in Europe, UEFA cup or Champs League, more money and different experience. Go for it Kenny! See you with the MNT soon.

  33. Manny F says:

    I’d go to La Liga. We need players to get more technical on the ball. Unless, he goes to one of the big four, or six at this point I don’t see him getting better. England has horrible football. Again the only teams that play nice would be the top 4. La Liga should be he his target. But since its between Cardiff and Rosenborg, I’d go to Rosenborg. European league action.

  34. Jeremy says:

    If I am KC it all comes down to playing time. If I know that I have a good shot at fist team minutes then I would go with the club that would give it to me.

  35. Fire_Juve10 says:

    Go to Norway, of course. Three words: Norwegian Black Metal.

  36. Schellas...Er...Sammy, I mean... says:

    I would stay in Dallas (seriously). I think Cooper is on the cusp of getting attention from larger clubs. Plus, the January transfer window is not that far away. And that will be when (a) all the crappy lower-end EPL teams are struggling to find answers to their striker problems (e.g. Fulham/Eddie Johnson) and (b) by getting transferred at that time, you get an ‘all eyes on you’ type scenario (which can be good or bad).

    Some folks made a good point at CL action @ Rosenborg. That’s a good point to make, but getting some good minutes there doesn’t guarantee success (e.g. Benny Feilhaber).

    Anyway, as an FCD fan…er, disinterested 3rd party…I’d advise the K-man to stay — for now.

  37. baconboy says:

    Well, he’s probably got a better shot of learning the language in Norway. :)

  38. baconboy says:

    by the way, 3rddegree.net is reporting that MLS has accepted the bid from Cardiff and that only the personal terms have to be worked out. They are usually extremely reliable on all things FC Dallas. (usually, with regard to Cooper, the unnamed source is his father)

    For you Cardiff City fans, you are not only getting a good striker, but an even better person. Cooper is a class act, a bit like Brian McBride in that he’ll work hard the entire game, work hard in practice, and never let you down off the field. He has plenty to learn on the field, but he’ll never let you down off the field — you’ll be proud to have him in your community and our community will be sad to see him go.

  39. Jay says:

    He needs to move now, that’s for sure. And my choice would be Cardiff, easily. He’ll make plenty of money, and he’ll have plenty of game time. And with all the cup competitions in England, he should get chances against bigger clubs. Scoring for Cardiff against Arsenal in the FA Cup would generate far more buzz for his abilities than scoring for Rosenborg in the UEFA Cup. And if he gets promoted, all of a sudden he’s a lead striker on an EPL team in the 2009-2010 season, which happens to lead right into a certain global soccer competition. Even Bob “Status-Quo” Bradley wouldn’t be able to ignore that.

  40. Jay says:

    Also, off-topic, but what’s the latest on the Michael Bradley situation? Have I missed any updates? I was hoping he’d be with Everton by now.

  41. Jonathan says:

    Doing well at the URFA Cup will open more doors than doing well at the FA Cup while in a 2nd division team.

  42. Jonathan says:

    Oops UEFA Cup not URFA

  43. EssEff says:

    “Bobby Flekman…Bobby Flekman….yeeeeahhhhhh.”

    Man, this hot stove talk is good reading.

  44. jleau says:

    A bit of topic but what do either of these moves say about MLS? Admittedly I’m new to watching the league and there is a lot to be excited about but is US Soccer a feeder league for Cardiff City and Rosenburg?

    Cooper is exactly the type of player the MLS should kill themselves to keep. He’s young, exciting and not ready for a major move. MLS needs players like him to move forward.

    I’m not banging on MLS, I’d like to see it succeed and they need to quit shipping off the talent to second rate Euro clubs. If we were talking about a Marsille or even Schalke I’d say let him go

  45. milo says:

    I hope he stays and makes the Nats, if he does well with the next for an extended time hell get a shot at the EPL.

  46. Mike Caramba says:

    How many Americans who have gone to smaller European leagues because of “easier access” to Europe’s bigger leagues and clubs have actually made that leap? None that I can remember… Rosenborg is bigger than most of the clubs yanks have played at before, but I’d still go for Cardiff.

  47. Eric Anderson says:

    I think I’m one of the only people who would stay in MLS, assuming I get the deal I want. Cooper is still young, if he could sign a one or two year deal worth around $300,000 a year, he’d be in great shape to stay here. He’ll keep getting first team minutes, I think he’ll be on the National Team radar in MLS much more than he will for a team in a lower European league, and he’ll leave the opportunity open to move to a big team if the opportunity comes. Teams like Rosenborg and Cardiff will still be there for Cooper in a couple of years, but I think Cooper can still raise his stock playing in MLS. He’s been a good forward in this league, but he has plenty he can still accomplish here.

  48. joshW says:

    i’m thinking rosenborg. assuming he can become a starter there, his chances of impressing b. bradley and other teams are going to be better on a team that has success year after year. the risk in going to a team in transition like cardiff (that is trying to replace two veteran forwards to make a push for promotion) is that the situation could easily go sideways (read derby county) and he might end up outside of the new coach’s plans like benny. i would go to rosenborg for the stability and the cash, but i would, however, give robbie russell a call before i pulled the trigger on this one.

  49. Bryan Bofill says:

    Well, Rosenborg is in the Champions League, but Cardiff City went all the way to the FA Cup Final. Cardiff is middle of the table last year for the Championship. Kenny will do better going to Cardiff, he will get a lot of veterans helping him out.

  50. Neil says:

    Home based Cardiff City fan here. Admittedly Rosenborg play in Europe most seasons, but never go very far. Apart from that, they are currently 6th in one of the worst leagues in Europe and some way off the leaders – is that the sort of standard of football a player with international ambitions should play at? Attendances are small and the season in Norway is coming towards a conclusion, so his game time would definitely be limited until next season at least.

    On the other hand, if he were to join us, he would be playing against good sides every week in front of a passionate crowd of 17 – 20,000 who are crying out for a goalscoring hero who wears the badge with pride. We currently have 4 full Scottish, two Welsh, a Finnish and 2 Irish Republic Internationals in our squad, along with an English Under 21 goalkeeper and a Dutch under 21 centre back. We have just beaten Middlesbrough, Glasgow Celtic and Guiamares [2 Champions League sides there] to win the inaugural Algarve Cup in Portugal and only lost narrowly to EPL side Portsmouth in the FA Cup Final in May.

    I am sure we would match Rosenborgs wages and contrary to what you might read elsewhere on here, we play a very attractive, passing style of football that would suit Kenny down to the ground.

    With a new 27,000 seater stadium well on the way to completion in readiness for the 2009/10 season, he would be joining a club that is ambitious and going places. Not forgetting our highly rated coach Dave Jones who has guided Wolverhamton Wanderers to the EPL before taking a job with us and he has built a squad of very talented younger players. Kenny come to us and become a hero – its a simple choice really…

  51. beckster says:

    Rosenborg…and “help keep Reading up”? Pleeeeeeeeeeeze. Jozy is good with potential of great but he is not in the same league as Doyle, Kitson and Lita right now. He would have had a tough time breaking into the starting line-up. The only advantage with Cardiff is that the Championship offers the opportunity to play and get noticed by the epl teams.

  52. Hudson_Street says:

    Stay for another year or two in MLS. Come on, Rosenburg, who would bow out first round in any Euro competition. Cardiff won’t get promoted to the EPL. Kenny could win the Golden Boot this year and next. He could leave for top flight Euro football. MLS is better than it was 5 years ago. The only leagues that trump MLS are the big four: EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and the Bundesliga.

    Stay in Dallas, then go back to Man U. in 2 years.

  53. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    I’d go to Rosenborg.

  54. Dylan says:

    He’s going to Cardiff.. You can bet on it.

  55. for says:

    Cardiff City only!

  56. Felix says:

    I just don’t understand everyone’s obsession with all things EPL. People do realize they are other good leagues in Europe besides the Premiership.

    Now the only factor in this conversation we are not aware of is playing time. We don’t know which club he’ll have a better chance at playing week in and week out. Outside of that unknown factor, I say its Rosenborg BK, no-brainer, slam-dunk. Cardiff City is a second division club, and being so he’ll only be in the eyes of other Premiership clubs (which for some Yank fans is all that matters), but at Rosenborg he’ll be in the eyes of all the major European leagues, plus he’ll get paid more, and he’ll get European football.

  57. northzax says:

    so there are two questions, right? leave or not, and Rosenborg/Cardiff City (assuming both offers are roughly the same financially)

    first off: leave? yes. given either of these options, it’s time to go to Europe again for KennyC. the comparison to Jozy isn’t very good, actually. Jozy was 18 and only going to get better in six months, he had a half season of MLS ahead of him, Olympic Quals and senior team duty. six months is a long time at 18. he can go train for a season or two like Freddy did and it’s good for him. Kenny needs to play, training alone isn’t going to help him at 23. if he waits, all of a sudden he’s a 24 year old striker, on a team that isn’t getting better. he could score a goal a game for the rest of the season and still not improve his stock much, frankly. he needs to go back and prove himself on a bigger stage. either club works for that purpose.

    if I were him, I’d go to Cardiff City. I’d rather have the FA Cup ad Carling Cup games than low level Euro games (everyone knows Rosenborg needed Intertoto to get into UEFA Second Round Qualifying, right? they aren’t in CL this year, and sitting in sixth right now need a huge press to make next year. I don’t see how it’s even a question, if the finances are roughly the same.

  58. Rafa says:

    KC has gotta go to the team that gets him the most experience to finally get regular call ups to the MNT. You would think that he slapped Michael Bradley or something. Rosenborg would be better but I think that Sir Alex’s comments makes me feel he is Cardiff bound. The FA cup experience alone would equal playing in a few UEFA Cup games. I do agree with the comments that we should not push all our players to the BPL but with KC’s past experience in the UK he may be better suited their than a player who has never trained or played there.

  59. I would start learning how to speak Norwegian. If Cooper were 25 or 26, the calculus might be different, but at 23, Cooper could sign a three or four year deal with Rosenborg, who as noted are regularly in UEFA cup and sometimes Champions League play. Good performances on the European level, solid play in league matches and Cooper could see his ticket punched to La Liga or the Bundesliga in 2-3 years time.

    Of course, a national team call-up would also help if he could show the same scoring prowess for the U.S. that he does for Dallas.

    Cardiff are not going to get promoted and as much as people like to think, there is not that much movement of players from the Coca-Cola Championship to top clubs in the premiership.

  60. Mark says:

    “or English First Division club Cardiff City?”


    Cardiff City plays in the Championship, not the First Division

  61. Steve says:

    Mark, the Coca-Cola is the first division, always was until Coca-Cola put its name on it, so give us a break with the semantics.

  62. Warren says:

    If Kenny is narcissistic, he should stay in FC Dallas. He knows how much we FCD fans love him.

  63. A.S. says:

    He should go whereever he’d get more playing time.

    Ives makes Eddie Johnson’s move to Fulham out to be better than a potential move to Derby. But at least at Derby he might have played a bit, instead of being completely out of the side. It seems to me that Eddie made a bad choice (as did Fulham).

    The way to get better is by playing. You’re not going to get a lot better by sitting on the bench and watching. Cooper (and EJ) need to play.

  64. hartman says:

    i know the haters will roll their eyes, but i truly don’t believe the championship is any better than MLS…thus, it’s an easy choice, Rosenborg and champs league play. regardless, bradley needs to wake up and call him!

  65. Steve says:

    Rosenborg or stay in MLS.

    Cardiff isn’t going anywhere near the Premiership.

  66. Dave says:

    Why do people care that Rosenborg plays in EUROPE? What is that about 4-5 games a year? The competition for the season is much more important

  67. Rhidy says:

    Can you all stop saying Rosenberg are in the Champions League. They are in the Qualifying rounds for the UEFA cup – which is a very poor standard.

    I would like to see Cardiff and Rosenberg actually play each other on the pitch, as i think Cardiff would walk all over Rosenberg.

    There is no competition in my eyes where i would go, The english Championship (Division 2) is on a par with most countrtys 1st divisions for Quality of players.

    Coops’ international prospects would thrive at Cardiff City. Just wish you could get some CCC games in the states to see the Quality of footy thats being played.

  68. Rhidy says:

    Cant see him getting paid more at Rosenberg! Cardiff are in the position to offer him around $1.5M+ a year.

    Now tell me would you turn this down to play in a dreadfull norwegian League where 3 maybe 4 teams compete and the others make up the numbers?

    Last seasons championship was superb with at 1 point 12 teams competing for promotion, and 12 looking at the possibility of relagation if they had a bad run. What a exciting league to play in.

  69. Thom says:

    I wouldn’t even venture to guess. Hopefully his agent and his Dad will have input as far as which move is better to further his career.

    Truthfully- as fans do we really have any idea about the in’s and out’s of such a choice?

    The only thing I would say is if you play well the rest will take care of itself.

  70. David Fishwick says:

    Since when is the CC championship considered ‘First Division’? The last time I checked it was second division…

  71. Dai Taff says:

    I am amazed to read the posts on here that you all think Rosenberg play a better style of football than Cardiff.

    When we are on top form we tear apart teams like Middleborough whom are established EPL teams.

    We are one of the best footballing sides in the Coca Cola Championship and all we need is a top striker. I don’t think there is much of a decision if he wants to better his career, he could play in a poor standard of league in Rosenberg, or play in a league where any team out of about 12 could win the league and any out of about 18 could get promoted. It is one of the most open leagues left at high standards these days hence why it is the 4th best supported league in Europe (above most other countries first divisions including Rosenberg. It is a shame that the top teams in the Coca Cola Championship don’t get a chance to play off against some of these minor nations, as I am sure we would take the EUEFA and CL places of them no probs. Let’s start with our recent victories over Celtic and a top Portuguese side both whop have qualified for CL next season