Bradley names USA roster for Cuba/T&T qualifiers

U.S. men’s national team coach Bob Bradley has named his 20-man roster for the upcoming games against Cuba and Trinidad & Tobago.

Here it is:

  • GOALKEEPERS : Brad Guzan (Aston Villa: 2/2 SO), Tim Howard (Everton FC: 4/3 SO)
  • DEFENDERS: Carlos Bocanegra (Rennes: 14/2), Danny Califf (FC Midtjylland: 2/0), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96: 16/0), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew: 12/1), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege: 9/0), Michael Orozco (San Luis: 0/0), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock: 3/0), Marvell Wynne (Toronto FC: 0/0)
  • MIDFIELDERS: DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers: 17/4), Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen: 3/1), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo: 1/0), Maurice Edu (Glasgow Rangers: 2/0), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA: 1/0), Eddie Lewis (Los Angeles Galaxy: 20/3)
  • FORWARDS: Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo: 8/4), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy: 22/8), Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC: 9/2), Eddie Johnson (Cardiff City: 8/8)

              *numbers indicate all-time World Cup Qualifying caps/goals

Michael Orozco and Marvell Wynne are the new faces, earning call-ups after their performances at the Olympics while Ricardo Clark replaces injured central midfielder Pablo Mastroeni. The other 17 players are the same group that made up the squad that beat Guatemala, 1-0, last week. You might be surprised to see Steve Cherundolo on the list but he is just suspended for the Cuba match, meaning he should be in the lineup vs. Trinidad & Tobago.

As for the absences most likely to cause a stir among fans, Kenny Cooper, Freddy Adu and Jozy Altidore are not on the roster, which is probably causing some U.S. national team supporters to go crazy.

Here’s a closer look at the squad:

So why no Altidore, Adu and Cooper? Bob Bradley has decided to go with veteran options in attack while giving newcomers Orozco and Wynne look in the back-line, where Cherundolo’s red card suspension from the Cuba matc has opened the door for one of them to possibly get some playing time.

So why no Cooper? I offered this explanation as to why we haven’t seen the FC Dallas striker in a Q&A this morning:

It boils down to this. Bradley has had Cooper in camp, had him in camp in January of 2007. At that time Cooper was not impressive and didn’t play that well in the camp. Even before he could work his way back into serious consideration he suffered an injury last year. Fast forward to now, while Cooper has emerged as a great goal-scoring threat in MLS, you could argue that he was also scoring goals in MLS in 2006, which is right before he went into that 2007 camp and failed to impress. Now, I think Bradley would want to be able to bring Cooper into another camp and have a long look at him in training, playing against fellow national team players to see how much he has really progressed.

I think this still applies. I’m sure part of the angst from fans over Cooper is the fact that Eddie Johnson is getting call-ups even though he has struggled mightily with the national team. While this is true, Johnson does have a track record of playing well against lower-level CONCACAF teams (eight goals in eight World Cup qualifiers) so these games could theoretically be the type of games that help Johnson get going on the national team.

So why no Altidore and Adu? Perhaps Bradley wasn’t impressed with Adu at the Olympics, where he played well against the Dutch but struggled mightily against Japan. He did have that quality half against Spain and showed some glimpses late in the England game, but there must be something. Could it be a desire to led Adu settle at Monaco? The French club is off for two weeks so that doesn’t seem to be the reason.

As for Altidore, there may be more to his exclusion than meets the eye. The story coming out of the Olympics was that he was slowed by an ankle injury, but the injury doesn’t seem to be affecting his transition to Villarreal. (Not getting anywhere on the story I heard regarding the real reason behind Altidore’s lack of playing time at the Olympics, but let’s just say don’t be surprised if Altidore isn’t seen on the national team any time soon.)

What do you think of the roster? Happy to see Wynne included? Surprised to see Orozco included? Angry as heck that Cooper/Adu/Altidore were left off?

Share your thoughts below.

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205 Responses to Bradley names USA roster for Cuba/T&T qualifiers

  1. Accion says:

    HMMMM, Is Cooper going to have to play for England or what? I guess Jozy and Freddy are left out for the same reason as last time, to let them settle in at new teams, even though its a FIFA date and they wouldnt miss any games.

  2. kriznm says:

    i dont even know what to say anymore….

  3. Rudy says:

    I guess Edu doesn’t need time to settle in at Rangers.

  4. KC says:

    Why should we expect anything else from Bob Bradley? Ching, Johnson & Hejduk again…yippee.

    In what world is Kljestan > Adu? I like Sacha but he still needs some work.

  5. Louis says:

    Hey Ives do you have any response to the craziness that the league is saying

    “I have no idea who the source is for this story but it’s absolute nonsense. While I can’t comment on this specific player since he’s under contract to Atlanta, Red Bull and the League work absolutely in lockstep on player negotiations and the League has not blocked any move for anyone by the Red Bulls.

    It’s difficult to respond to blog entries where unknown sources are referenced – and of course blogs are driven by hits, not necessarily by the same standards as print media.”

  6. frank says:

    I can see no Altidore or Adu due to the newness of their clubs, but Cooper? Why do I get the feeling that this is personal?

  7. Steve says:

    Good for Bradley for bringing in Orozco after the Olympics. That’s important for a kid whop’s shown promise as well as for the ongoing battle with Mexico for these players.

    The Altidore / Adu / Cooper thing is mind bogglign at this point. We gonna wait for South Africa to blood these guys?

  8. Shakes says:

    Why does he keep refusing to play Kenny Cooper??

    – Scott

  9. Bob Bradley says:

    If you think i care what you people think, I don’t.

  10. Gabe says:

    hahaha, it’s worth it not see Cooper just for everyones reactions.

  11. Ives fanboy says:

    Cooper is better than Dempsy and Johnson combined. This is hogwash!

  12. KC says:

    Also why no Parkhurst? Certainly Califf isn’t a better player.

  13. nyc says:

    Glad Orozco and Wynne got called.

    Hope Sacha gets a start.

    Maybe BB will swap Landon for Clint, ie. play Clint wide R and Landon at forward. I think Landon’s best attribute is running into seams that he sees very well. Clint deals better with tight spaces along the line and making space by quick moves and passes.

    Do not understand Johnson/Ching call up over Jozy/Cooper.

  14. Fumar says:

    Makes no sense what so ever. Edu doesn’t need time to settle in? Are we missing something? Or is Bradley just a idiot in judging attack players. BAHH! Get Adu and Altidore some time with this team so they know how to play together.

  15. Adeux says:

    I hope Adu boycotts Bradley and plays with his African team. This is ridiculous!

  16. KingSnake says:

    Watch for Edu and Beasley to develop mysterious ailments …

  17. Freddy says:

    They’re playing at Toyota Park and no Fire players… Certainly Thorrinton deserves some consideration. Rolfe definitely deserves a call over Johnson.

  18. MN Soccer says:

    Please, please, please start Landon Donovan at forward with Brian Ching rather than on the right wing where he has been moved to over the last few months. The team tried to put Dempsey into the withdrawn forward role, but he just isn’t the player that Donovan is. Dempsey or Klestjan can start at the RW position instead.

  19. Dannyc58 says:

    What happend to the imagination, fair shots to all, and general fresh air from post World Cup by Bradley.

    He really is Arena all over again. Sticking to guys to a fault, a la Johnson.

  20. AC says:

    Okay, Bob Bradley as some serious love affair with Eddie Johnson! This is rediculous….There is not possible explanation other then that he’s starting to become too conservative as a coach and is scared to make a small change other then what he’s “comfortable” with….I was all for supporting Bob Bradley at the beginning, but what the heck?!

  21. matt says:

    Ives can you do some research and maybe even a specific post dedicated to why BB refuses to select Cooper. At this point in time it seems to defy logic. The entire interweb is clamoring for Kenny’s inclusion…there has to be some reason for his continued exclusion

  22. BigWave says:

    Johnson again??? The only way I can understand the inclusion of Johnson is an attempt at getting his confidence back and/or getting him experience while he’s still young. I can understand the non-call of Altidore, since he needs to get his feet wet with Villareal. However, why call up Ching? He’s done OK in WCQ’s, but by the time 2010 rolls around he’ll be 32 yrs. old…I would’ve called up Cooper. 1) He’s young and needs the experience in WCQ’s and 2) He deserves a 2nd chance after performing well this season.

  23. mpatt75 says:

    What the…

    Almost half of our field players are defenders.


    Defenders- 8

    Midfield- 6

    Forwards- 4

    That sure seems to foreshadow our playing style/formation I would think.

    Not to mention Michael Bradley and Rico Clark are played as DM so therefore 10 defenders and 8 ‘other’ field players. Color me confused.

  24. Bob says:

    What the heck Rico Clark?!?!?!?!? and no Cooper. Does bob hate us all???

  25. Art says:

    If Bradley is going to call in Eddie Johnson, and just let him warm the bench, might as well leave him with Cardiff City and give him some playing time. Dannyc58 is exactly right, the Bruce Arena all over again type of attitude….He’s thinking if it “worked once,” might as well stick with it…NO possible imagination, trying to improve the team at all mentality…Just a coach who thinks he’s playing it safe, but is really putting this team on a road to complacency!

  26. Kenny Cooper says:

    BB stinks more than a piece of rotting crap

  27. matt says:

    scrap lewis, ching, and hejduk and replace them with convey, cooper, and parkhurst respectively. i don’t understand the rationale in selecting players that will be too old to compete @ the 2010 WC…i.e. lewis and hejduk

  28. kevin says:

    Parkhurst and DeMerit deserve a call up over Orozco and Wynne, although i rather think Wynne should play a sub role in WC qualifying.

    Altidore and Adu need time to fit in to their new clubs. Especially Altidore if he wants to be on the first team. They’ll probably feature alot come the next round of qualifying, as im sure we will advance.

    Though strange why Edu got call-up he needs to ready himself with Rangers.

    Why did Ricardo Clark get a call up? Let him work his magic with Houston Dynamo.

  29. Ryan says:

    I was never on the anti-Bradley bandwagon. I am now. He is awful. If he is coach at the World Cup expect 3 and out again.

  30. AC says:

    Eddie Johnson-Once a high prospect with amazing speed, BUT now is too scared to run at opponents, keeps passing it backwards even in one-on-one situations, and does not make cuts when other players are moving foward looking for a pass, and doesn’t score….

    Kenny Cooper-A player who will actually try something imaginative with the ball, is selfish when he has to be running at opponents because thats what great players do (know when to take the opposition on!), and actually scores!

    You do the math…..

  31. kebzach says:

    No Kenny Cooper? WHY GOD OH WHY!!!! I’m an internet soccer fan so I must have my way and I must be right, and what I know is that KENNY COOPER IS THE GREATEST FORWARD EVER!

  32. kevin says:

    Ching and Dempsey should get the call up front. EJ should be used as a super-sub. I imagine come World Cup that will be his role with Altidore/Cooper being our starting strikers.

    Hell even Charlie Davies should get a call up during the next round of qualifying so he can be in South Africa.

  33. Frankie B. says:

    Clearly B. Bradley is incompetent. It seems like he doesn’t have the balls to do something different. We need to shake things up a bit if we are ever gonna threaten.

  34. Reynolds says:

    Lewis hasn’t played 1 game for Galaxy, let him settle in

  35. Tim says:

    Edu shouldn’t be called up because he should be given time to settle in with his new club especially it looks like his coach likes him, and he will get plenty of playing time with Rangers.

    Jozy and Adu should be given the same chance to fight for spots in the starting eleven in their respective club sides.

    We really don’t need them to defeat Cuba or Trinidad even though we can’t underestimate Trinidad as the Revs did so with Joe Public. I would rather Jozy and Adu get starting positions for clubs in two clubs in two of the best leagues in the world rather than let them “get to know each other” there is plenty of time for that. We still have the bulk of qaulifying left.

  36. kevin says:

    Frankie Hejduk, Ricardo Clark, Eddie Lewis are either too old or too poor at the international level. Same with Chris Rolfe, Taylor Twellman and Brian Ching. They only need call ups if we are playing a winter friendly with Canada or Latvia.

    Let’s focus on our Euro players only with the exception of Donovan, Klejstan and Wynne. Within time they will also be playing in Europe.

  37. Brian says:

    Was mad at first when I didn’t see Jozy listed, but that basically confirms that he is going to be loaned out very soon so Bradley just wants him to settle in at his loan club. Adu should have been called up in my opinion. Cooper as well, although something tells me he will be something like Taylor Twellman when he does get his chance. The more and more I see Eddie Lewis getting picked into the squad, the more and more I want to strangle somebody. Actually that goes double for whenever I see Michael Bradley in the squad and just think about how his own father is misusing him in the XI.

  38. Art says:

    Is there some type of petition we can do to bring to USA Soccer President Sunil Gulati to let him know Bob Bradley is becomming a scared, “play it safe,” coach who will lead this team to no where if he continues at this selection pace?!

  39. Tim says:

    Eddie lewis plays for the Galaxy. He is already in the starting 11. It doesn’t have to earn a spot like Adu and Jozy and Edu have to. (Still clueless why Edu is in the lineup) We should give some other players chances to play like Kenny Cooper.

  40. Reid says:

    Everyone with complaints go to the USA/Cuba game and voice them so Bradley can hear, definite chants and singing. Maybe then BB will get the dick out of his ear and listen

  41. Reid says:

    or any respective other venues, i guess i was just talking to the northeast contingent

  42. Ben says:

    I wish Bob had to explain all of decisions in an interview or something. I’m baffled.

  43. Tony in Ninerland says:

    Take full points from the next two matches and experiment more in the final three.

    At least that is what I would do.

  44. aatabak says:

    I am really looking forward to the defensive alignment we are going to come out with. I really like the two defensive mids in front of the back four, BB is a joke. If M. Bradley starts it will be an absolute joke.

  45. Bernie says:

    That uber-scrub Pearce and no Kenny Cooper! I am officially boycotting this team

  46. Adam says:

    Bob, what the f—!

  47. Sushant Rao says:

    First of all, this is WCQ guys, not friendlies. We need to take our best team with some guys that may be important by 2010.

    That said, UGH!!!!!!!!

    It’s a fairly BB squad, meaning very little new blood and very little creativity.

    Here’s my take in each area:

    GOALKEEPERS: Guzan & Howard

    – No surprise here. I can’t think of anyone else to consider here

    DEFENDERS: Bocanegra, Califf, Cherundolo, Hejduk, Onewyu, Orozco, Pearce, Wynne

    – I like the inclusion of Califf, Wynne and Orozco, but I’m flabbergasted that he kept ‘Dolo who has a red card and will have to miss the first game. I would have thought that he would have brought up Simek or Bornstein.

    MIDFIELDERS: Beasley, Bradley, Clark, Edu, Kljestan, Lewis

    – Clark and Lewis surprise me. Clark? Lewis did NOT do well against Guat. I would have preferred Adu here. Also, any creativity here? Nope, I don’t see it either.

    FORWARDS: Ching, Donovan, Dempsey, Johnson

    – This is really shocking. EJ is doing so bad that he gets loaned out and he still merits a call-up? I would have taken a chance on Cooper in place of Johnson and possibly Charlie Davies in place of Ching.

    Get ready for a couple of 0-0 games.

    I think I’ll skip watching these games.

  48. Bobby says:

    BB stands for Boring Bradley. This roster puts me to sleep!

  49. BJR says:

    No Cooper?

    I really don’t get it.

    And I’m getting tired of listening to myself bitch…

    Klinsi, come back to the states. Please!

    So Sunil passed on a coach that actually got Germany to play attractive futbol and is now leading the top team in the Bundesliga. And what do we get? An MLS coach.

    WTF!? Fire Oompa Loompa Gulati and Bradley!

  50. CD says:

    so johnson is a better option then Cooper????

    Lewis> Adu????????

    also Bradley insists on playing his kid as much as possible, give other guys a chance!

  51. Amy says:

    You guys are so drama.

  52. Murphy says:

    Adu and Altidore should be left to play for their new clubs.

    But this Eddie Johnson thing is ridiculous. He has done nothing for club or country for at least a year now. Make him earn his spot! Definitely either Cooper or Rolfe (for the Fire fans) would have filled his spot just as well.

    DeMerit keeps getting screwed by Bradley and I don’t understand. He is definitely better than Califf, no question about it. And Wynne is a good prospect and fast as hell, but not a better defender than DeMerit.

    Otherwise, I think its a good roster overall. Edu probably would have benefitted from staying with Rangers but who would be a good replacement for him? Pablo “Red Card Waiting to Happen” Mastroeni?

  53. NOLA soccer fan says:

    Ives…You are the reporter man…you have more contact with BB than the rest of us…you gotta find out what the deal is here. because when EJ was the amazing striker in Kansas City, he got called up..

    I dont want to complain about kenny cooper, but i find it hard not to..

    that and eddie lewis and frankie needs to be replaced by someone who will be there in 2010.

  54. Frankie B. says:

    Frankie Hejduk??? Eddie Lewis??? -way too old

    EJ hasn’t done anything to be selected time after time.

  55. DL says:

    I feel like Bob Bradley personally hates me.

  56. Louis says:

    In a way I hope we actually dont qualify

  57. Feilhaber says:

    Dempsey is so overrated…he has really become awful….Give the young man a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. rob says:

    no kenny cooper? bob bradley needs to see a psychiatrist.

  59. roberto says:

    someone remove BB out of office please its a regime started by arena…the regime of boring times and loosing soccer. Someone leave Bradley locked up in guanatanamo bay

    this team needs kinnear & Spencer or nicol & mariner

    help please

  60. KCJ says:

    Cooper couldn’t even score on Kansas City last week. Certainly Cuba and TNT are better than KC : )

  61. Frankie B. says:

    fire his ass. we need someone with cahones making decisions.

  62. Jacob says:

    This is a total departure for me:

    F*** Bob F****** Bradley.


  63. Tommy says:

    Bob Bradley get a clue.

    EJ and Dempsey suck lately and don’t deserve the national shirt.

  64. Barry U says:

    Bob Bradley is really getting on my nerves!

    Keep calling in the same guys no matter what happens and Sunil better start getting ready for a European Vacation again.

    Eddie Johnson (on current form)and Eddie Lewis do not merit call ups. Mo Edu should stay in Glasgow. Orozco is not playing for his club team in Mexico. Brian Ching is playing in USMNT form? Not sure.

    Califf amd Gouch seem to be in great form. Califf’s team played two games versus Man City and gave up one goal. Gouch’s team played two games versus Liverpool and gave up 1 goal. These guys have the type of form going we need. Getting time and playing well no matter the who you play.

    It is only Cuba and T&T but still very dissapointed in the selections.

  65. Ricky Williams says:

    Hey Bob,

    Pass it back, man!

  66. kid says:

    i agree it’s a bit dissapointing to not see cooper again. but as for people saying there not gonna watch the games and hope we don’t qaulify, come on support your team. As for calling in older players i love watchin frankie and lewis is good for a few minutes to rest beas. and ya can’t just call in a group of youngsters you have to have some vets in camp to help them grow.

  67. Mikeype says:

    Is this our potential World Cup team? Know I understand why the United States never improves, they play the same players over and over again.

    Look at other teams in our region, they are getting better. Why? They are playing their youngsters and having them gain experience and we are not.

    Why did our Olympic team bow out in the group stage? Lack of composure! We need our young, up and coming players, to obtain some experience!

  68. BK says:

    Does anyone know why Hejduk is still called up? I mean, he can’t cross a ball to save his life, he’s a red card waiting to happen, and he reminds me of a Caveman.

    At this point, I’m not really sure what Adu needs to do to get a sniff at the team. I mean, every game he plays in he sets up a goal or scores himself, he’s by far the best free kicker the US has, and he actually plays attacking soccer.

    As I’ve said for years and years, Eddie Johnson is garbage. Put Usain Bolt on the field and he could do exactly the same thing. Run and shoot like a Jeff George offense.

    I’m also not real sure when Kljestan became a shoe-in for the team. In my opinion, his Olympics sucked. He gave away at least 50% of the balls that were passed to him and it killed us on numerous occasions. I see the same thing on the MNT.

    I didn’t even mention Ricardo Clark for Mastroeni. Do you think the MNT has job descriptions? It seems like they must b/c it seems like a requirement for our defensive mids to get a yellow each game. Whether it’s Bradley, Clark, or Mastroeni, they’re always hurting us with worthless yellows.

    I agree with everyone else. Time to see some fresh faces. Some cats with creativity (i.e. Adu, Altidore, etc.).

  69. If this is based off of recent performances, how does Orozco get a call and not Adu? You’d think it was Adu that got the red card against Nigeria and not Orozco. Adu was our best player on the field against Netherlands. I just don’t get it. We need his creativity and passing.

  70. Evan says:

    I’m wondering if the Altidore situation has anything to do with discipline. I know hes a good kid but there were reports of issues he had while still with the red bulls.

  71. Sigi says:

    Stop playing favorites, BOB!

    Johnson and Dempsey are NOT in form!

    Get a freakin clue!

  72. Jason says:

    Bradley, Clark & Edu?! They all play the same position with nearly the same style.

    Orozco?!?! EJ?!?! This pretty much confirms it. Suck a** for your country or club and you can get your confidence up with WCQ under Bradley.

  73. Conner says:

    Cooper is a call up that should be a no brainer. He is better than Brian Chiing in almost every facet of the game, wxcept for experience and heaven forbid he get the opportunity to get that. Bradley really should clarify his reason for not callinf Adu and Altidore is that they are new at theier respective clubs, because if not he needs to be removed even sooner than i already think. They are the future, i respect eddie lewis, but there is no upside to him. We have to quite bringing in the average players in their late twenties and early thirties at the expense of giving younger more promising talent a chance. The older guys have no upside, and even more importantly its not like we are dealing with the question of calling up Befetimbi Martins instead of Thierry Henry, we have no Thierry Henry. It would be one thing if we were leaving out legends of the game, or our countries history, but we dont have those so why not give the younger players a chance. Am i the only one who feels that giving guys like Cooper and Charlie Davies would be a good idea, and even players in the midfield like Holden and Robbie Rogers offer youthfulness and an UPSIDE. What do we have to lose? My isue is that after out last World cup failure this was the time to rebuild and look to the future and it seems that bradley only has shortterm goals. I realize qualification is important but we cant use that as an excuse to stunt the potential growth of our future players.

  74. thumpjosh says:

    I’ve had enough. Who do we need to write to in order to voice our frustrations? Is it Gulati or is there a board?

    I’m no longer making it a priority to watch US matches-maybe we should all watch less? There has got to be a better solution to the US than Bradley.


  75. CDeeps says:

    Califf knocked one into his own goal in the 90th minute today when his team was minutes away from eliminating Manchester City from the UEFA Cup qualifiers. Man City capitalized on this gifted opportunity and won on penalty kicks. Nice job, Danny.

  76. Kenny Cooper's Mom says:

    Please give my son the opportunity that you have given yours.

  77. DeLarge says:

    If we are taking EJ and Ching to South Africa, it better be because Adu, Altidore, Landycakes, Cooper, Rolfe, Buddle, Twellman, Davies, Jaqua, Arnaud, and freaking Sebastian LeToux are all injured.

  78. Jurgen Klinsmann says:

    Somebody has to start it…

  79. Andrew says:

    I have largely been ok with Bob Bradley, but this exemplifies why the U.S. is always second-rate. He goes with safe mediocrity because it has done well in the past against Caribbean soccer teams. Anyone on the U.S. team should do well against Caribbean soccer teams. I see that he isn’t concerned about Eddie Johnson settling at a new club. And Kenny Cooper and Taylor Twellman should be called in before Eddie Johnson and Brian Ching. Clint Dempsey also should have played himself out of the picture at forward, because he is not playing well and that is not his position.

    That people are celebrating Orozco’s inclusion is amazing. What is wrong with punishing a player for bad performances and stupid actions? Besides throwing the elbow and rightly deserving of scorn, he played like shite in the Japan game, where his side leaked like a sieve. That was at the U-23 level.

    Ricardo Clark also has done nothing to deserve a call-up.

    Jozy and Freddy better be starting when it matters.

    Eddie Lewis is over the hill and should not be on the team in 2010.

  80. Leech says:


    Tell me you are joking about Jaqua nad Arnaud please? Ching is 100 times better than that garbage.

  81. Robert says:

    I agree that these games just won’t be fun to watch without Adu/Jozy/Cooper. No flair, no creativity, no attractiveness… will cheer for Cuba… and he better call up Jozy for the DC game since I plan to attend!

  82. Eddie Johnson, bitches! says:

    Hey, I’m a good soccer player for a guy who started playing at 16! Better than most of you guys anyway, ha!

    I’m fast, play for Ful — Cardiff City, and have a six-pack. I can eat anything I want because I run quick and burn fat. I’m way more awesome than you, and I love Bob Bradley because he is the greatest coach who ever lived.

    I’m better than Kenny Cooper too, because I’m playing now for the team that he wasn’t good enough to play for! I scored against Barbados after like, two minutes on the field dawg!

    And had a hat trick against Panama after coming on as a sub! Ha, think you can do that?!And I almost scored against Spain. It was rainy though and the ball skimmed off my forehead. But whatever, I’m young and run fast. Faster than you guys!

  83. Kenny Cooper says:

    Dear Bob,

    “I apologize for everything that I have done wrong to you. Now will you let me play?”

  84. metrostar 4 life says:

    bob bradley just doesn’t get it, we barely beat Guatemala. It should be a wakeup call, get Ching, EJ, Lewis,Orozco out of there. Cooper, Adu, and Jozy definitely deserve call-ups

  85. Isaac says:







  86. God says:

    Bob Bradley, you’re a moron.

    I’ve made a huge mistake.

  87. Tina Turner says:






    The weak spots cannot be hidden here.

  88. hoyanick says:

    I am really, really curious about what Ives has to say about Altidore.

  89. Jordan says:

    If you dont like this email Sunil at

    That is his actual email. I emailed him in the past to bitch and I know he got it because he personally replied. Let him know how you feel

  90. Isaac says:

    I would be very interested to hear what the HELL Bradley’s reason for not including at LEAST Adu in his roster. Its getting ridiculous. Scratch that. Its been ridiculous. It’s F***ing Cuba. CUBA!! go ahead and put the majority of experienced players out there but seriously you cant expect young blood to get any better without putting them in a place where they need that experience.

  91. Eddie Buddle says:

    Dear Bob,

    I look like Eddie Johnson. Will you call me up?

  92. Rob Usry says:

    Yeah you can’t just say that about our most prized young player and leave us hanging.

  93. K. Bowen says:

    “I think this still applies. I’m sure part of the angst from fans over Cooper is the fact that Eddie Johnson is getting call-ups even though he has struggled mightily with the national team. While this is true, Johnson does have a track record of playing well against lower-level CONCACAF teams so these games could theoretically be the type of games that help Johnson get going on the national team.”

    Why don’t you grow a backbone, Ives?

  94. Sean says:

    Man, this lineup is a bummer. Heydude? Lewis? Is it 2002 again?

    More significantly, are we really not developing more prospects than this? I like Heyduk’s game at the MLS level, but for full internationals I’d really like more out of a right back than Frankie’s runrunrun game. Crossing, or combination play, or a touch of flair, or decent positioning, or something. Gah.

  95. A.S. says:

    Dannyc58 really nailed it above. Bradley is set with his guys, and it doesn’t really matter how badly they play, or how well others play. Bradley is going to play Bradley’s guys. Period. End of Story.

    Folks, you are looking at your World Cup 2010 roster. Expect Eddie Johnson and Eddie Lewis and Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey to start, now matter how crappy they are playing for the national team, and no matter well guys like Adu, Altidore, Cooper are playing. And we all know that this roster is good enough for us to get to World Cup 2010, thereby vindicating Bradley’s choices, and then go 0-2-1 in the group stage again.

  96. randall says:

    so how does your “getting settled in at their new club” theory apply to eddie johnson?

    glad to see wynne get the call. and lets see cuba try the rough stuff with clark and orozco in there 😉

  97. K. Bowen says:

    And if not Cooper or Altidore, why not Buddle or Charlie Davies?

  98. Pwell says:

    No Adu??? I bid Adeux to this team!

  99. Anderson Cooper says:

    “Just don’t be surprised if Altidore is in the national team wilderness for a while.”

    did he piss off Bradely or someone in U.S Soccer?

  100. scott47a says:

    whoo boy are you guys irate.

    personally, I thought Ching played well in Guat.

  101. DeLarge says:

    A.S. is 100% correct. This is our 2010 roster. Adu, Altidore, Holden, Wynne, Feilhaber, Kjelstan on the bench.

    Here we come South Africa! Three and out.

  102. dave nelson says:

    Ives, please elaborate on the rumblings about jozy!! That makes it seem as if him not being included is for reasons not obvious (settling in with his club).

  103. JK says:

    A little surprised to see EJ and Edu since they just arrived on new teams. Other than that (let the posts fly) this roster is good. Think, if we win the next two games, we are pretty much assured of qualification to the next round. Then we can callup Cooper, Adu, and Altidore.

  104. beckster says:

    Really unbelieveable. Who are the two best field players in England right now? DeMeritt and Convey. Where are they? Where is the offense in this lineup. Edie Johnson and Dempsey aren’t playing and there are real issues. Bradley has to prove that his team can score a goal that isn’t off a defender’s head in a set play. The players that can make that happen? Adu, Convey, Josy, Beasley, ….only one of them made the cut. I maybe get the Cooper thing as he really hasn’t played with the MNT at all but not the others.

  105. Michael Bradley says:

    Dear Dad,

    If you are going to play me 90 minutes each game, please get me some better players so I dont look so bad.

  106. wrong says:

    i wish saying “i told you so” would make me feel better. same old, same old. let me look in my crystal ball: i see set piece goals, absolutely no possession due to 2 defensive midfielders, still qualifying for the world cup and then promptly losing in the group stage.

    anyone want to give me odds against that?

  107. Sounder4Life says:

    Geez louise. I’m ready for some new blood too, but having Cooper and Adu and Altidore ready for 2010 means nothing if we don’t get out of this round. If we don’t see those names on the roster after the US has qualified for the final round, THEN we need to call for Bradley’s head.

  108. Joe the Biter says:

    BB get a DEMERIT for this one!

  109. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    The ways of Bob Bradley are an enigma. Seriously, if you ppl going to the game in Chicago don’t have either a “Where’s Kenny?” or “Fire Bradley” banner, I will of lost all respect for you guys.

  110. BJR says:


    I have trouble seeing how scoring in your first cap for the Nats is not impressive?

    See minute 4:45 for cooper’s goal:

    link to

    And for those who want to get more depressed, check out Cooper’s goals in the following link at 1:55 and 5:55. Pure class:

    link to

    How many players on the current roster have the technical ability to hit shots like those?

    (the goals at 3:25, 4:00, and 5:35 aren’t bad either)

  111. Eugene says:

    Seems like our whole team is in the wilderness, and perhaps our whole program at the senior national team level.

    While we managed a win in Guatemala, the quality of both our offensive and defensive play was very poor. This team has not made the tactical changes that needed to be made post the 2006 World Cup. And now, after 2 years, it appears our system is entrenched. Bradley has defined himself as a continuation of Arena, not surprisingly.

  112. JK says:

    Sounder4Life, THANK YOU. However, I am not a guy who will say to fire a coach that often.

    But we have time. We have time to expose these younger players to the big stage. Confederations Cup is perfect for the young players. A stage in which whatever happens, we won’t get eliminated no matter what happens. This is WCQ. If we fail, the callups of Adu, Cooper, Davies, Buddle, Altidore, and Holden are all meaningless. Let the vets who have gone through qualifying get through it, then expose our youngsters in the latter part of the round and maybe in Confed’s Cup/maybe Gold Cup 09.

  113. Rando says:

    Man Bob you really like to piss off the fans, Huh? Why do you bringing in the old farts lewis & Haydude they guys should be way passed their time with the Nats. Lewis is too old too slow and Heydud is well old too.Whats up with him not injecting some new life into this team that doesnt have a set style of play. The same f***ers keep getting called while the new up and comming playes cant get their shot. Doesnt he know that CHING & Johnson cant score with the Nats. What the F*** Bob? Its the same sh*t as if we were still being coached by Bruce Seriously I think the federatio a s a whole doesnt want to improve. Im gonna say it again until we can bring in an International coach with a proven track reords we’re not gonna get passed qualifiying so the WC a crashing out after 3 group games. This team doesnt show anything new any new sytle its the same soocer every single game they play. Honestly I love my National team but when you dodnt even see any type of improvement at all. Stop bring in players that dodnt see playing time with thier clubs ei. EJ Clint, and quit it already with the old timers.

  114. muscfiorentina says:

    Orozco…You must be kidding me. This Jerk should never wear the National team Kit after that stupid a$$ elbow he threw in the olympics.let him go play for the mexicans

  115. Tim says:

    Klinisman said no to the job. Bob Bradley was far from the first choice, but after the 2006 debacle no one wanted to coach the USA. Bob Bradley was good for the first year to keep the team disciplined throughout the gold cup, but he shouldn’t be the guy to lead our team to a world cup.

  116. Tim says:

    Also Ives can you please tell us why Bob Bradley picked the players he did. Specifically why no Kenny Cooper, I know why he didn’t pick Adu and Altidore, and it better be so they can settle into their new teams.

  117. dude says:

    ok wtf man, i’m aboard with the BB haters. below is our world cup 2010 lineup and we’re giving our young attackers nilch experience where our clearest gaping hole is the attack. great stuff bb.




    –(take your pick)————–SteveC—-



    key reserves:


    johnny specs



    benny f


    subotic (!)


  118. Rando says:

    Im hoping we loose both these games so Bob cant at least be in the hot seat the more keeps wining the longer theyll keep him on. Stupid ass US Soccer federation. Bunch of clueless A** Holes.

  119. Hurricane Gustav says:

    And I thought I blew hard

  120. peter says:

    This is getting ridiculous. I’m so sick of Bradley dragging his feet with young guys like Adu and Altidore who have the creativity, pace, and skill to actually dribble at opposing defenses. Too many excuses! It’s time to make some serious changes on the national team. Give these guys a shot already!!!!!!! What do we have to lose?

  121. Rando says:

    Klinsmann didnt take the job because the stupid Fed. didnt want to give full control over all male nat. teams. He wanted to have a say in everything somethig Gulati didnt want to do. This has been their biggest mistake. I could only imagine where we’d be with Klinsy we probably woudlve achaived all that BOb has done and then some like a great showing at the Copa last year, top 4 in the U20 WC in Canada. And who nows maybe even an olympic medal. But thats not gonna happen for a along time until the Suits at USSF realize that there doing it all the wrong way with the mens proram.

  122. spencer says:

    Once again I am unimpressed with Bradley as a coach and will once again be calling for his head whether we win or lose.

  123. kawa says:

    Bradley you idiot. c’mon ives adu not impressive enough ? then tell me what the heck has Bradley junior done in his previous games taht make him such a stand out .

  124. Conner says:

    Cooper is a call up that should be a no brainer. He is better than Brian Chiing in almost every facet of the game, wxcept for experience and heaven forbid he get the opportunity to get that. Bradley really should clarify his reason for not callinf Adu and Altidore is that they are new at theier respective clubs, because if not he needs to be removed even sooner than i already think. They are the future, i respect eddie lewis, but there is no upside to him. We have to quite bringing in the average players in their late twenties and early thirties at the expense of giving younger more promising talent a chance. The older guys have no upside, and even more importantly its not like we are dealing with the question of calling up Befetimbi Martins instead of Thierry Henry, we have no Thierry Henry. It would be one thing if we were leaving out legends of the game, or our countries history, but we dont have those so why not give the younger players a chance. Am i the only one who feels that giving guys like Cooper and Charlie Davies would be a good idea, and even players in the midfield like Holden and Robbie Rogers offer youthfulness and an UPSIDE. What do we have to lose? My isue is that after out last World cup failure this was the time to rebuild and look to the future and it seems that bradley only has shortterm goals. I realize qualification is important but we cant use that as an excuse to stunt the potential growth of our future players.

  125. Ron says:

    I have warning all of you since Gulati hired BB that he is clueless. Look at this gutless, unimaginative, group that is a product of nepotism and entitlement. Once again, this is an indictment on the US Soccer Federation and the man who rejected Klimsmann and hired an MLS reject in BB.

    Once again…I reiterate that a team of BB’s castoffs – Adu, Jozy, Cooper, Subotic, Arquez, Holden, Rogers, Beckerman, Westberg, Cervi, Szetela, Ferarri, etc would kick the butts of these USMNT “chosen ones”

    We will be 3 and out in South Africa once again! FIRE GULATI and BRADLEY!! It’s still not late to right the ship for 2010!

    P.S. I have always supported the USMNT since the days of Shep, Werner Roth, Rote Jr, Ricky Davis and Hugo Perez. They deserve to see their legacy of seeing the USMNT become a true international power while they’re still alive!

  126. metrostar 4 life says:

    I as well never was on the anti-Bradley bandwagon, but it’s getting old and boring now. I think Eddie Lewis has done enough for his country but let him settle with his troublesome new team. We need to play beautiful football if we want to be the best, no more scrappy and lucky wins. Get the youngsters in like Jozy and Adu, because when WC ’10 rolls around the Eddie Lewises, Hedjuks, WONT be around. Bradley puts his own son in but not Jozy or Adu who are both better in my mind. And Cooper? the guy has only been ripping MLS apart lately

  127. Aquaman says:

    I was sadly almost right with my prediction of the same sad sack attack that produced no goals against Guatemala. At least we have Onyewu and Bocanegra, otherwise we wouldn’t be scoring any goals. IF Dolo had to miss more than just the first game, I still predict Moor would have been called up. If they’re not going to give people a chance against sorry teams, then you can write off seeing them at all. I think one important thing you’re overlooking Ives is that Cooper did one thin in that camp in 2007 that Johnson has not…score a goal…as a sub at that.

  128. Tim says:

    I thought we learned our lesson in Venezuela with Marvell Wynne and Ricardo Clark…simply horrible choices.

    AGAIN I ask, why not Kenny Cooper or Taylor Twellman???…and WHHHHYYYYYY Eddie Johnson??!!

  129. joe says:

    Does Bradley ever have press conferences? Maybe one of you guys could ask him whats up with Cooper.

  130. stever says:

    lets give Bradley the benefit of the doubt – perhaps he feels he does not need to field his best team to get through to the next stages?

    whatever, reminds me of the history of Englands failure – play the big public names regardless of form or prospects, fail to blend a team and fail to achieve the results when it really counts.

    Bradley has done well to blood many new players, now he shud look ahead to the WC Finals. This is the big league.

  131. stephen says:

    i’m so perplexed.

    i know he can’t call up everyone who deserves to get a look, but to continuously bring in guys who don’t deserve a spot is when i begin to question bob’s ability to adequately lead this team.


  132. Including Johnson doesnt matter. Theres no way he will even see time in either game. Ching will start up top(more of the same). Dempsey and Donovan will play behind him.

    i like including clark for these 2 games. at least we dont have to see pablo b/c i think rico is as good a DM as him and doesnt play as careless.

  133. Ben says:

    The best striker is still….Brian McBride!

    Too bad the US team doesn’t have any good midfielders…

  134. quest says:

    I am a Houston fan and I hate Kenny Cooper, but I’ll admit he deserves to have a shot on the team.

  135. tom R says:

    Continuing stupidity not to integrate Robbie Rogers into the team.

  136. Kyle says:

    Some of the stuff you idiots spout off about here is just retarded. Think, people. It’s really not that difficult.

    I almost feel sorry Ives, how he has wade through this crap almost everyday just to find a turd he can polish up and respond to in his Q&A.

  137. Michael F. says:

    Absolutely outrageous and ridiculous. I hope Brian Ching, Clint Dempsey and Eddie Johnson all get injuries that keep them out until the WC.

  138. Bob Bradley says:

    I’m the dumbest Princeton grad ever, what can I say?

  139. John says:

    Frankie Hedjuk? Is there anybody else who sucks as much as Frankie Hedjuk.

  140. ryan says:

    i agree with whoever agreed that landon should be paired up top with whomever. preferably in the withdrawn striker/center forward position, or attacking midfielder. i’m sick of seeing dempsey put up there performing like an underachieving AYSO player.

    And as much as i dislike johnson…he does do well against low level CONCACAF teams, so i won’t be upset if he gets the nod to start, but for christ’s sake put dempsey back in the midfield…

    and whoever was begging for fire players…please, the only one who would deserve a look would be mapp, not thorrington or rolfe.

  141. Ben says:

    McBride,Cooper,Adu > Johnson,Dempsey,Bradley

  142. Bob Bradley says:

    No Cooper/Adu/Altidore yet again. Each should be starting, and learning and growing. This alone is reason enough for fire Bradley (Maybe Lalas actually knew what he was doing.) SOMEONE PLEASE call and beg Kilnsman to take the job. Ives reported it was a money issue. Hell, I’ll chip in – will you?

  143. ryan says:

    on another note…i agree with you Ives that he is probably waiting for Cooper to prove something in camp…after all, he hasn’t played really on any of our youth squads even, so that could be a reason he’s out.

    I’m also in argument with the call up of klejstan over the idle adu, and orozco, who’s bonehead play can’t be accepted at any time on the senior level….however, i do like marvell wynne in there, good choice for the suspended cherundolo

  144. dcpohl says:

    While I’m happy to see Orozco, I am absolutely beside myself that Freddy and Jozy were not called in! I do agree with leaving Cooper out at this point in time.

  145. Ryan says:

    First of all, anyone calling for one of these players:

    Davy Arnaud

    Sacha Kljestan

    Kyle Beckerman

    Taylor Twellman

    Robbie Rogers

    Dominic Cervi

    You need to have your heads checked and get off the MLS bandwagon.

    Secondly, Rico Clark, Eddie Lewis, Pablo Mastroeni, Brian Ching, Eddie Johnson, and Frankie Hejduk should be retired from international play until further notice.

    Guys like Charlie Davies, Nate Jaqua, Kenny Cooper, Danny Szetela, Preston Zimmerman, Cory Gibbs, Spector (When healthy), Simek (when healthy), Feilhaber, etc. need to be called in.

    We’ve settled into a poor crop of players who offer very little to an international match. We have quality talent like Michael Bradley, Onyewu, Bocanegra, and Maurice Edu, but nothing to offer creativity and change of pace ahead of them. Our wing play, both offensive and defensive, has been consistently poor, even brutal. Now that DeMarcus Beasley is healthy, at least the left-hand side can be shored up some. While Dempsey and Donovan are fine talents, as overrated as they might be, they just don’t fit well into an international setting. Donovan lacks any of the necessary skill to be effective against non-Island teams and Dempsey just has no effective position in this current group.

    What worries me most about Bradley is that he’s continually tried to fit square pegs in round holes. He determined to keep his formation the same and fit his players in. In reality, we have guys who are suited to better lineups than the one we play.

  146. Joamiq says:

    Thoroughly unexcited about the roster. Adu and Altidore are the keys to 2010. It’s high time they move into the first XI.

  147. Ben says:




    Offense anybody!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Ben says:



    How about some defense, Bradley?

  149. Julio says:

    I can’t believe Adu and Altidore are not on the team. I don’t have a problem with Cooper, he is a scrub. Come on fellas, if you watch La Liga and the English premier League you know talent. This guy Cooper has no talent, the MLS is a good competitive League but Cooper scores because he is playing against some scruby players…sorry I said it.

    Adu and Altidore have talent and I can’t understand why we keep leaving these kids of the squad. Brazil let’s their young players play, Argentina with Messi, Aguero let’s the youth play..heck right next door to us our rivals Mexico had Vela and Dos Santos in their game against Honduras. These are the games you groom your young players. Mastreoni, Lewis are or were nice players for us but they are old, they won’t be a factor come 2010, ALtidore and Adu should. This is why I say Klisman is a better fit for the US. I like Bradley he is a good coach but he sometimes shows his lack of knowledge or edge at a National Level when he leaves young players like Altirore and Adu out of games against lesser foes like T&T and Cuba. I mean come on should Cuba post a threat???? or Trinidad, heck no, not against the US. We should not be afraid to let our young players wet their feet against these teams.

  150. The Ronald says:


    “I can’t believe Adu and Altidore are not on the team. I don’t have a problem with Cooper, he is a scrub. Come on fellas, if you watch La Liga and the English premier League you know talent. This guy Cooper has no talent, the MLS is a good competitive League but Cooper scores because he is playing against some scruby players…sorry I said it.”

    You must not have seen Cooper play. Cooper is better than Altidore right now.

  151. Harkesy says:

    Obviuosly Mr. Bradley hasn’t either….

  152. Aquaman says:

    Julio, I think your problem is that you’re comparing Cooper to players in La Liga and the English premier league. How many American players do you see lighting it up over there, yet alone playing regular minutes? The fact is, we don’t have the talent like those countries and those teams do. Until we do, we have to pick those who are producing. So all in all, yes those two leagues are full of talent, but your comparison holds no water because we as a country are not on that level. Cooper may not be comparable to that level but he’s the best the US has right now, but that’s just my opinion.

  153. Julio says:

    OBVIOUSLY, you dont know how to spell

  154. Ben says:

    What on Earth has Orozco done to get a call? He was very mediocre in the Olympics, and currently sits on the bench for his Mexican club. Definitely not a squad to get excited about here.

  155. Aquafart says:

    Orozco and Pearce were particularly unimpressive.

    I don’t understand this man…

  156. Ate & Switch says:

    Dempsey is simply a waste of time

  157. teaathoon says:

    I was definitely a Bob Bradley supporter, but I’m beginning to waver. If you are bringing in Eddie Johnson to languish on the bench, -and our starting forwards, no matter who they are, should be able to score on these teams- then why not bring in Cooper or Altidore or someone, anyone else? However, I forgot the commentators name, but someone on this board pointed out that Jurgen turned down the job because Gulati refused to give him full control. If that is true, then perhaps the reason Adu and Altidore aren’t getting called up is because of some political nonsense and perhaps is outside Bob Bradley’s immediate control, which is completely unforgivable, if true. I do wonder why some younger guys aren’t getting called up, even if just to watch from the sideline, like Orozco and Wynne in this case. But please Ives, tell us more about the Altidore situation. Is US soccer really serious that they would alienate our best young prospect, all due respect to Adu and others? I mean this Villareal team is easily the most quality team a young American, or perhaps any American, has made. Don’t give me any SPL old firm nonsense, the SPL is no where near the level of La Liga. What will this wilderness do? What has happened? Why can he be okay at Villarreal but no the Nats? Please Ives, at least send us to a website that will tell us what the rumors are. It seems that a lot of US coaches, from Bradley to Nowak to Rongren, with his absurd Subotic decision, have trouble with the most talented of our young players. Is this a problem with US soccer? For example, a player like Riquelme-i know he is young but my point is attitude-was always a headache for his club team but always found a spot, in his prime, for Argentina. I do understand Adu’s exclusion, to some degree, he isn’t built for a game like that Guatemala mess, so save him for a better more technical team, well that is what I thought before that game anyhow. However, I simply don’t get the exclusion of Altidore at all, just bizarre.

  158. Eric Anderson says:

    While I would have called up Cooper and Adu, I don’t see what the complaint about Lewis, Hejduk, and Ching making the team is. Although they’re older players, they are also good players. Hejduk is our first or second best right back, Lewis has established himself as one of our top 2 left mids, and Ching is our best target forward. Whether or not they will be “too old to play” in 2010, they aren’t now, and we still need to win these games. If guys like Hejduk and Cooper were on the field sucking like Eddie Johnson, I’d be mad at Bradley for including them, but if they keep bringing their best play, I’ll keep playing them. We can’t cut guys out of the mix because we’re afraid they’ll age too much in the next 2 years.

  159. KC says:

    The very fact that anyone calls Ching our best target forward shows how sorry our National forward pool is. Ching is a horrible international…no better than Twellman and I sure don’t want to see him back on the Nat’s.

    Hejduk is Mr. Giveaway and couldn’t put a quality cross in to save his life. He has very little technical skill, he makes up for it with his little bursts of speed.

  160. Tim F. says:

    Adu and Altidore should be invited in; not Orozco and not Lewis.

  161. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    SOS different day. Nice to see Orozco rewarded for his idiocy but better players for the U23s left off. And since EJ and Edu are as new to their clubs as Freddy and Jozy, let’s not hear the BB koolaide sippers use that excuse this time.

    Gutless wonder, scared of Cuba…

  162. Stephen says:

    Cooper must be given another look and another chance. In-fact, if I remember correctly … he scored in one of the few times he played for the US?

    I bet Bradley wouldn’t bring in Rossi if he was interested in playing for the US … in-fact, Bradley probably told Rossi he would not bring him in … that’s probably why Rossi is playing for Italy!

    There are 3 forwards more deserving that EJ … Cooper, Buddle, & Davies. Even Arena would bring in those 3!

  163. jayrig5 says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Danny Califf? Michael Orozco? The former scored an own goal today that kept his team out of the UEFA Cup. The latter was last seen completely costing his team with a stupid, unforgivable mistake at the Olympics. If Bradley’s true opinion is that Orozco, Hejduk, Califf, Johnson, and Ching are better for the USMNT than Demerit, Parkhurst, Adu, Altidore, and Cooper, then he needs to go. And if his reasoning is that there may be better options, but he’s still taking a look at people, then he needs to go. I’m sick of it. Part of me really hopes the USA somehow gets to host in 2010, so the spotlight will shine even brighter on Bradley’s idiocy. (This quote may look ridiculous if they reach the quarterfinals again, but should that happen, I’d feel pretty safe in saying that it will be in spite of the coaching, not because of it.)

  164. matt says:

    its not like our attack really strikes fear into anyone anyway but what is bradley thinking by weakening it even further? i’m so tired of this tool.

  165. west says:

    Why no Holden?He outplays Clark on a nightly basis and outplayed Sacha at the olympics

  166. Jason says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but Adu is cap-tied now, because of appearing in WC qualifers, correct?

  167. Charlie says:

    So here’s my theory of what may have happened between Jozy and the USSF. Prior to they Olympics Jozy and his new coach Pellegrini had an agreement that he would guarantee him first team football if Jozy would falsely claim an injury to reduce his chances of getting hurt or worn down at the tournament. Upon Jozy’s return to Villarreal there has been no other speak of an apparent injury and he has featured more minutes in all their preseason games then he did in the entire Olympics. Also, with all the injuries to the club’s other forwards I haven’t seen anyone express any concerns about his supposed ankle injury. He seems to have been the recent poster boy of American soccer and I can see this as one of the only reasons he could find himself ,for the time being, shunned by the federation. If my theory is correct though I’m sure we’ll never really have anyway of knowing it’s validity because it will surely be denied. Thoughts?

  168. daggius says:

    screw orozco keep your elbows down newb

  169. KC says:

    Why no Holden?He outplays Clark on a nightly basis and outplayed Sacha at the olympics

    Posted by: west | August 29, 2008 at 12:34 AM

    Because Bradley coached Sacha not Holden. I 100% agree with you though, Sacha does not deserve to be an automatic selection at this point…Holden, Adu and even McCarty outplayed him.

  170. DAve says:

    You sound like a bradley apologist. This is getting absurd. Does BB think he is a genius? Disgusting rewarding Orozco red and playing son after his bone head play against the dutch. Adu and Cooper should be shoe-ins at this point.

  171. Johnny says:

    I guess this will be the only time Kenny Cooper ever gets called in?

    link to

    I just don’t get it. This seemed like the right time to bring him in. EJ and Ching have done nothing in a long time.

  172. Ryan says:

    Do some of you really think Michael Bradley should be benched? If so, are you actually watching the games or just reading the results?

    Some of the fans on these comments sections and a few other boards are really, really clueless (or just blind MLS supporters).

  173. Nate M says:

    I think Wynne is up there for the most egregious pick. Speed is important, but I think it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t have the talent to play at the national team level. If he plays, he may do fine against Cuba, but he is a distraction from finding a true backup to Cherundolo. He needs a couple of years of seasoning, maybe learn how to kick a ball, and then he can be tried again.

  174. brett says:

    jeeez, all the adu comments are rediculous… im glad he’s not playing right now… id much rather him fight for his position on his team…. the WC is in a lil’ less then 2 yrs… with the Gold Cup, Copa (if we are invited) and Confeds, Adu will have PLENTY of time to play with the nats….

    he’s clearly proven himself from the U20’s WC and the Olympic quals and actual olympics… he’ll get time…

    as for no why no Cooper?? it boggles my mind… i cant wrap my mind around not including Cooper…

    Jozy needs to stay at Villareal… he needs to train and build his spot on the team… like adu, i feel he’ll learn more staying there then coming and playing for the US against the likes of Cuba….

  175. brett says:

    Ryan- its best not to get lumped into the MB arguements….there are a large number of people on here at are blind… not saying MB is amazing, but i blame alot of his faults on the rest of the team not helping… i cant count how many times ive seen him make the run to receive a pass and then turn to notice he has no outlet b/c our players hardly run off the ball.. hence y theres such a large number of back passes….

    either way i tend to avoid the MB haters

    Dave- MB’s time wasting was not a bad play…. in extra time, every second counts… the reason we tied the dutch was not b/c of MB or Adu’s 2nd yellow, but rather the fact our wall JUMPED… who teaches their players to jump in the wall?? ugggg

  176. brett says:

    KC- “Because Bradley coached Sacha not Holden. I 100% agree with you though, Sacha does not deserve to be an automatic selection at this point…Holden, Adu and even McCarty outplayed him.”

    holden would play left mid…. sacha would play (most likely) central mid… i would love to see Dax get some nat time… his quals for the olympics were excellent… as for adu, id rather he settle in at monaco, then play Cuba :-/

  177. brett says:

    jayrig5- so you chastize players on 1 mistake??

    while ill give it to you those seem like big mistakes…difference makers… but every player makes mistakes…. but Califf was solid against Arg. and Orozco is performing well for his age… Orozco cost us gravely against Nigeria, but honestly, the kid is showing promise and i applaud BB for showing him confidence… a young quality central defender is not something to throw around…

  178. Dan says:

    If Bradley wasn’t impressed by Adu at the Olympics, then he simply doesn’t know the game. Period. Sure, he “struggled” against Japan. But that’s because Japan was able to triple and quadruple team him because he had no support. Three or four defenders can mark anyone in the world out of the game. The key is to have a few other options (playing well) that can kill the opposition for focusing exclusively on one star player. Adu didn’t get that support in the Japan game. Against Holland, they thankfully gave Adu a little space and he killed them…this also instilled more confidence in the rest of the team.

    This isn’t rocket science, folks. If Bradley was indeed disappointed by Adu’s showing in China, then he needs to get far, far away from US soccer.

  179. rocky says:

    this is crazy. how does eddie johnson still get a look with this team, he has fallen way off the radar screen for me and he looks like an amatuer player he blows. how can bradley leave off adu and altidore. Adu is our best player i dont care what people think, we need to start to build a team around him for 2010, not leave him off the squad. heres a suggestion to gulati FIRE BRADLEY!!!!!!

  180. I am not liking the Bradley era because it seems it is about favorites.

    No Jozy and Adu? If it is about form, then some of the other roster selections should not be there.

    Freddy Adu is the only player we have right now that can hold the ball in the midfield while under pressure. He can also create something out of nothing. He did fine in the Olympics when the genius Nowak put him in the right position.

    It is not Adu’s fault that Nowak’s tactics did not play to his strengths. When he moved Adu back into the withdrawn forward role during the Netherlands game, his talent shown through.

    Then again, I remember someone pointing out that the players that got us to the next round 4 years ago, were not the players the ended up on the final roster. Maybe Freddy is in the long-term plans for Bradley.

  181. A.S. says:

    “Do some of you really think Michael Bradley should be benched? If so, are you actually watching the games or just reading the results?”

    Watching the games. What are you doing?

    Michael Bradley has done absolutely nothing for the national team. He was nonexistent in the Guatemala game, and was horrible in the Big Three matches over the summer. The guy has zero composure on the ball, gives the ball away virtually all the time, and makes reckless tackles as often as Mastroeni. The fact that Michael is the only US player to start every single game since Mexico in the winter points to only one thing: he plays because his father is manager. Because, objectively, his play on the field does not deserve to be the *only* automatic starter on the entire team, especially when we have other central midfielders (both defensive and offensive) who are as good or better.

    Honestly, I don’t understand what people see in Michael Bradley. It’s as if they read his stat line from Herenveen and think “he must be a good national team player if he scores goals for his club team in Holland”.

  182. Marc says:

    Everyone is so critical of Hejduk and Wynne. If not those two, then who should play right back? There are very limited options right now. Everybody needs to exhale. The purpose of a qualifier is to win and move on. The old farts will not be on the roster for 2010 if the US makes it. Remember the introduction of beasely and donovan to the team? it didn’t happen until very late in the cycle.

  183. Angel says:


  184. creige says:

    Worst roster ever!

  185. Bob Bradley says:

    Well I’m sorry that I don’t please everybody but this are the only players I feel comfortable. If I loose and don’t qualify to the world cup I might get fired, plus I playing it safe I don’t want them to know that I don’t know about soccer but I have a book call Soccer for Dummy. People should buy it. Anyways I love my players I always going to call Dempsey, Eddie Johnson, Brian Ching, My Son Bradley, Bocanegra, Gouchie, Lewis and of Course my savior Donovan.

  186. Mingjai says:

    Hmm…. do you think if we pooled our pennies, the US could steal Guus Hiddink away from Россия?

  187. boggled says:


    PREdICTION: BRADLEY is out after Xmas. I think this is already in the works.

  188. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Eddie Johnson?

    I’m calling nepotism!

  189. beckster says:

    Bruce Arena was overly loyal but he was loyal to better players – Bradley has gotta go.

  190. Paul says:

    Adu and Altidore would address two huge needs — creativity in the midfield and danger in the front line. But the biggest mystery remains Eddie Johnson. If he is better, and more ready, than Cooper, Altidore, and even Charlie Davies, my name is Vladislav Bogicevic.

  191. Chiller says:

    Orozco? are you serious? He was the worst player in the olympics IMO. What would posses BB to call him up. I do like Wynn getting called up. I hope he gets some time.

  192. Chris H says:

    I love that he brought in Orozco. He played very well in the olympics. He was a stopper for us in the back, i barely saw anybody taking it past him. Plus it was criminal what the referees did to him in the game against Nigeria. What a bad call, couldn’t the referee see that the Nigerian flopped. I thought it was Denzel Washington out there, with that superb acting job. Wynne on the other hand i am not to thrilled about. He did really bad in the olympics. He would make too many mistakes and then he would rely on his speed and athleticism to fix his mistakes. He always does this… on the Red Bulls he was the same way.

    I really think that we need Adu in the midfield though. He has proved in every game that he has played that he is creative and is not afraid to go against good competition. He will take it to the defense… no hesitation. Thats what we need because with the current midfield that Bradley chose there is no creative player. Why do u think that our fowards struggle to score? Why do u think Onyewu is one of our leading goal scorers in the past year. Because we have no creativity in the middle.

  193. Aquaman says:

    I think people who are down on Orozco from the olympics are overlooking two things: he’s normally a center back and he was stuck with a flood of players coming down the left flank because Robbie Rogers, though good in the attack, didn’t seem to provide any defensive help. Orozco had to mark opposing midfielders and fullbacks coming down the lines. He held his ground pretty well, and he showed very well in the qualifiers leading up to the olympics…at least the one I saw in Tampa.

  194. AJ says:

    How come charlie davis never gets looked at for the MSNT, from the little i have see from him on youtube and the 10 mins he was in the olympics, he looked impressive to me.

  195. bigboy says:

    Bradley never ceases to amaze with his absolute stupidity. What is he thinking? What is he building? Is he trying to see how many games he can win with second tier players with a few front runners? Orozco -WTF – he was the worst of all the defenders and cost us aany chance of advancing. he gets capped why?

    Seriously, people wanted Arena out but Bradley is absolutely far worse. He’s capping people over and over again that can’t even get minutes for their club or have been loaned out to pasture to die. They produce nothing for the USA, look bad and get called up again. he’s turning US soccer into a joke. What will it take to send this clown packing?

  196. jayrig5 says:

    Brett-Those two mistakes were just prime examples of a player’s greater faults. Califf was solid against Argentina. But Demerit was solid against them as well, both in his 30 minutes this year and his game last year in the Copa America. And Califf is solid, definitely, and I prefer both he and Demerit to Bocanegra. But from what I’ve seen, admittedly a small sample, Califf is prone to mental lapses. Nothing, however, compared to Orozco, who was torched repeatedly in Beijing, and doesn’t get minutes for his team in the Mexican League. If you want to say he’s a project for the future, someone to keep an eye on, then fine. But calling him in? When the perceived reasoning for keeping guys like Adu, Altidore, and Cooper out is they don’t have the experience or mental capability to deal with this kind of game? That’s absolutely ridiculous. They’re both good players. Just because you don’t get called up for the USMNT doesn’t mean you’re awful. (Similarly, just because you do get called up doesn’t mean you’re good.) When Bradley first started, I was always excited to see a roster announced. Now I just can’t wait to see which names will be on there that are total stunners. Cooper and Altidore would seem to be a forward pairing that is at the very least worth exploring, and at the most an extremely exciting prospect for 2010, and beyond. Sadly, we’ll never see them, since short of winning FIFA World Player of the Year, there’s no way past Eddie Johnson and Brian Ching.

  197. Chris says:

    We know that Ching and Dempsey won’t do anything special for this team.

    Why not play Cooper and Buddle and see if they can show anything more than those guys, which would be hard not to do.

  198. Kmoney says:

    Someone needs to hit bradley on the head really hard. like maybe near the temple.

  199. CJ says:


    Maybe Cooper deserves a call up, but I can’t see him being that impressive at this point. He needs more time to develop at the international level (maybe after we get maximum pts from the next two).

    Donovan should be moved to the center of the pitch to run at the seams. Even at FFC Dempsey can’t do much up top without quality at his side (hopefully Zamora will help this season). I like Sacha coming in for him as a sub. Though he still needs a little work, I like firey players like him.

    Other than that, I agree with everyone else about the midfield. Back line though; enough of Pearce already. Time and time again he disappoints. I think Bornstein would be a much better addition to the team.

  200. Dan Roudebush says:

    Sorry I’m a guy that doesn’t think Cooper is that hot. Leave the Chinger be. He’s probably only behind Cooper in goals scored due to early season injuries.

    I woud like to see more of Davies however.

  201. papa bear says:

    Heinous. Not calling up Adu or Jozy or Cooper is simply absurd and there is no facile excuse that Bradley could offer up once again that will convince me that it was smart to leave them off.

    Plain and simple Cooper is on fire in the league and Altidore has more natual attacking talent than any front line player (and thats even if you want to include Donovan amongst that group)

    Eddie Johnson being included is inexcusable.

    I’m getting less and less thrilled about Bradley leading us into WC2010 as I ever thought I could be.

  202. John says:

    I’m not a big fan of EJ at this stage. That said, only an idiot would have called in Altidore and Adu for this series–thank heavens BB didn’t.

    Here’s why:

    –Altidore and Adu would, in the big picture, get very little seasoning by playing in this camp and matches.

    –Altidore and Adu will get TREMENDOUS seasoning and raise the level of their games if they get enough practice and strut their stuff sufficiently so they either start or get serious minutes for their respective clubs at this point in the season (and both have good opportunities).

    Think of it this way: the USA does not NEED Altidore and Adu at this stage. But if we’re ever doing to be more than a country that once every 4 WC’s advances to the knock-rounds and all other times we exit scoring struggling to score more than 1 goal in 3 games, we NEED Adu and Altidore. Not where they are now. But where they’ll be if (be still my beating heart) either should end up starting for their clubs and playing regularly.

    Putting Adu and Altidore, even starting them, for the WCQ at this point does little for their development and may even retard them if it hurts them with their clubs. To me, this is similar to the dilemma that Arena had with JOB at Ajax. He played that one well, JOB got major minutes with AJax and was brilliant in the 2002 WC.

    As for Cooper, I’d have included him at the expense of EJ.

  203. TECH says:

    WOW? If BRADLEY gets this crapy team that played against guatemala, we are so screwed.I mean the europeans are doing amazing, and we cant compete with this team. We need freddy adu, cooper and altidore,also what is the deal with neven subotic, i’ve seen him play on burrossia dortsmund and he plays good, is he going to join the USA team or what.

  204. Fajkus Rules says:

    After putting McBride on the Olympic team and stealing PT from Altidore, we give another has been like Johnson another call up. Chris Rolfe at least hustles and pressures the defense; not EJ though, he’s an EPL player now. Jozy ought to be on the bench for these 2 upcoming games.