Bradley to name roster vs. Guatemala: Who would you like to see called up?


The U.S. men’s national team is set to name its roster for next week’s World Cup qualifier against Guatemala in Guatemala City. The match is the first match of the second round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying and is arguably going to be the toughest match the Americans have in the group. That is why U.S. head coach Bob Bradley is expected to call in his strongest possible team for the match.

With that in mind, here is my question for you. What players would you like to see on the roster who aren’t regulars? We all know Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Oguchi Onyewu and Carlos Bocanegra are among the veterans who will get calls. What relative newcomers do you think have earned a place on the team? Do you think we’ll see any newcomers at all?

Share your thoughts below.

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121 Responses to Bradley to name roster vs. Guatemala: Who would you like to see called up?

  1. markspence02 says:


  2. RK says:

    Let the Cooper lovefest begin!

  3. Steve says:

    All we are saaaaaaaaaaying

    Is give Coop a chance

  4. hoolian says:

    If Kenny Cooper isn’t on the roster, then Bradley is no better than Arena.

  5. Mylo says:

    Chad Barrett anyone?? haha

  6. Andrew says:

    I wouldn’t mind Cooper and Davies getting a callup. I know I might be in the minority but Davies has been in-form in Sweden, and he looked really dangerous against a fast Nigeria squad in limited minutes. At least get him some experience with the Nats. Of course Adu should be called up as well.

  7. spencer says:

    Cooper, and drop the two bums Johnson and Ching.

  8. kpugs says:

    Not Michael Orozco, I’m mad at him.

    And apparently I want to see Kenny Cooper. I don’t really care, but I want to fit in.

  9. Sophocles says:

    Does anyone know if Bradley is allowed to call players from the olympic team? Or is he gonna let them rest.

  10. Jacob says:

    Ken Coop.

    Kenny Coop.

    Kenneth Cooper.

    Ken Cooper.

    Kenneth Coop.

    Kenny Cooper.

    (Just in case Bradley knows him by any other name. Or at least he can google those names and have it lead him to Kenny Cooper.)

  11. Jordan says:

    Kenny Cooper

    Edson Buddle

    Not Josh Wolff

  12. Ted says:

    I’ll buy into the stereotype and say Kenny needs to be called in, especially because FC Dallas does not have a midweek game.

    My 18:

    GK: Howard, Hahnemann

    D: Cherundulo, Hejduk, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Califf, Pearce

    M: Rico Clark, Mastroeni, Beckerman, Dempsey, Beasley, Lewis, Ralston

    F: Donovan, Cooper, Johnson

    That’s my roster without any Olympic players.

  13. james says:

    The usual lineup but I would like to give Sean Franklin a cap, as a sub, and use Joe Cannon.

  14. Jacob says:

    Ken Coop.

    Kenny Coop.

    Kenneth Cooper.

    Ken Cooper.

    Kenneth Coop.

    Kenny Cooper.

    (Just in case Bradley knows him by any other name. Or at least he can google those names and have it lead him to Kenny Cooper.)

  15. Bob Bradley says:

    Before everyone goes crazy about Cooper, he really hasn’t showm me much the past 2-3 months. I’m looking for someone who is gonna pass the ball back a lot, be scared to run at defenders, and if at all possible commit stupid fouls

  16. SCNewJersey says:

    (in his best zombie, ala Dawn Of The Dead, voice)




  17. mb says:

    people who should get a look:

    G Rossi

    Eddie Pope


    A Agassi

    Kenny Cooper Sr.

    Clint Johnson

    M Edu

    F Adu

    Yimmy Conrad

  18. pat pug says:

    Lalas has some free time…

  19. SCNewJersey says:

    in all seriousness though, i also want to see Brek Shea in action. I’ve heard alot about this kid but have yet to see him in action.

  20. A.S. says:

    Please, no Eddie Johnson.

    And please, please, PLEASE no Michael Bradley.

  21. Jacob says:

    Ahh, the dreaded double post, apologies

  22. JLH says:

    Won’t anybody give Eddie Johnson some love? I mean, come on, finishing is overrated.

  23. RK says:

    I doubt he’ll take any from the Olympics squad, but I’d love to see Wynne again.

    Just to make Carver whine again, too :)

  24. Rafael says:

    Ok. You guys got me on the Kenny Cooper bandwagon. I think Bradley should drop Ching and give Cooper a chance.

  25. Tony in Quakeland says:


  26. Postmaster says:

    Dominic Cervi, NOW!!!

    Just kidding. He’s probably too busy finding a club team.

  27. dallen says:

    Kenny Cooper?

  28. AndrewK says:

    While I’m not sure if he should start over Cherundolo, Marvell Wynne should get some time in camp I think.

    Charlie Davies and Kenny Cooper up top need to get called in too.

    Michael Parkhurst should get in the camp with guys like Gooch and Boca for some experience too.

  29. Angel says:


    There are a lots of Newcomers I would like to see soon in the new era wearing the Uniform of National team. which are Altidore, Adu, Edu, Brek Shea, Robbie Rogers, Holden, Ferrari, Kenny Cooper, Micheal Orozco but please no EJ or Ching, we need more guys that have more tactical skill, speed, and can play with a lot of hearts.

  30. Seriously? says:

    I’d say forget the veterans. Since they’ve been together for a while, just have the Olympic team play, and have Nowak coach them. What could possibly go wrong?

  31. Mr. Fish says:


    G: Tim-mah, Guzan, Reis

    D: Cher, Boca, Gooch, Pearce, Conrad, Califf

    M: Lewis, Beasley, Dempsey, Mastro, Adu, Edu

    F: Cooper, Donovan, Ching


    G: Howard

    D: Cher, Boca, Gooch, Pearce

    M: Lewis, Beasley, Mastro, Dempsey

    F: Cooper, Donovan

  32. Danny says:

    Freddy should be playing and starting from here on out. He’s shown himself to be the most dangerous player we have.

  33. 4now says:

    Not Ching

    Not Buddle

    Not Johnson

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the old guard:

    Lewis & Ralston

    I’m always up to see Gibbs & Simek, though I doubt they are matchfit.

    Cooper Donovan

    Lewis Adu Ralston


    Pearce Boca Onyewu Dolo


  34. matt says:

    my 18:




    F:Donovan, Cooper, Johnson, Buddle

    Dear Bob Bradley,

    Please, PLEASE select Kenny Cooper. What more does this guy need to do to prove he meritis a call up. Aslo, do everything in your power to convince Subotic to come and play for the Nats.



  35. Trex says:

    This may be biased because of just watching them in the Olympics, but I really think out of our young kids, these guys are ready to be given a chance at regular callups and PT with the senior team:







  36. 4now says:


    MARVELL WYNNE HAS NO SOCCER BRAIN!!!! He really does take more touches than the average girls JV soccer player. All this man has is strength and speed, albeit at world class levels. Go back and watch those Olympic games. The guy is a tool. And no coach has seemed to teach him that the only way he would be effective would be playing Exclusively wide on the flank in the midfield playing 2-touch football.

  37. Marc says:

    its going to be interesting to see. a lot of our euros are in position battles and their coaches may not be thrilled to see them leave, like dempsey and EJ go (for example). Plus, I doubt bradley will take anybody from the olympic team. leaves some limited options for a very important match.

  38. Ben says:

    Can we please leave Josh Wolff and Eddie Johnson at home? I’d like to see more of Heath Pearce and Jonathan Bornstein.

  39. Marc says:

    4 now, you need to accept wynne for what he is. a world class athlete with exceptional recovery speed, limited technique and improving defensive instincts. is he ever going to be roberto carlos? absolutely not. could he be a much better and more dangerous version of hedjuk? yes. is that great or even exciting? not completely, but its not awful either. wynne has improved his defensive play exponentially in the last year or two and i bet that he continues to improve dramatically in this area. his touch is improving a little too.

  40. Eric says:

    Adu, Altidore, Cooper, Wynne, Edu, Demerit,Kljestan, Davies, Feilhaber, Guzan, Holden, etc.

    Don’t know if any of the Olympians will get a call…but they’d be good to have on the roster.

    No – Eddie Johnson (let him earn it back), Josh Wolff, or Michael Orozco

  41. Johnny says:

    Kenny Cooper

    Charlie Davies

    Davies won’t be there b/c he was at the olympics.

    If Cooper is not there Bradley needs to be fired.

  42. Raghu says:

    Is Beas healthy enough for a call up? Thought he got hurt in training again – which is unfortunate.

    I expect Eddie Lewis will be called in especially if Beasley can’t play.

    Based on fitness/health from the olympics -Bradley/Edu could get called. I’m gonna assume that Freddy and Jozy go straight to their club teams to start making up for lost time in fighting for club PT.

    Ching/Johnson – Dempsey

    Lewis – Lando

    Pablo – Rico

    Pearce – Boca – Gooch – Dolo


    This is a real WC Qualifier on the road against a quality rival side. BB will play this conservatively and not use the opportunity to showcase younger and new guys. He may call them into camp – but expect old reliable guys for this qualifier – which I think is the right play. Based on Bradley/Edu post olympics – I assume Pablo and Rico. Would not be surprised if either youngster is playing this match however. Hopefully we blow them out on the road!!Go Yanks!!!!

  43. jmac says:

    Typical Ching hating on this board. Be prepared to hit ceiling when Ching gets called. He could easily start net to Donovan because both are in-season form. As Ives said, this is the group’s hardest game, so expect Bradley to play it very conservative and name a traditional team. Don’t think Ferrari is going to get the call, though, Angel. It will be interesting to see if Bradley calls up any of the Olympic team, though.

    I can see this starting line up:

    Ching – Donovan


    Lewis – Beasley


    Peirce – Onyewu – Boca – Cherundolo

  44. EA says:

    This will be a curious selection. Our first “real” qualifier, against an opponent that knows how to bunker, and definitely plays the CONCACAF style (Carlos Ruiz, I’m looking at YOU while you flop and roll around.) Couple that with Euro seasons starting and I’m curious to see who makes it in. There’s the best 18, and then there is who we can (or will) bring.

    GK – Howard, Guzan

    Options: Keller (no club, why not?), Hahnemann (let him get back in the mix), Cervi (just because it’s not a training camp without him!)

    LB – Pearce

    Options: Bornstein (looked good in the AS game) Michael Orozco? (Just kidding)

    CB – Gooch, Bocanegra, either DeMerit or Califf

    Options – Any three of those are fine. Jimmy Conrad always give Ruiz fits, though.

    RB – Cherundolo, Hejduk

    Options: – Wynne

    LM – Beasley (if healthy), Adu

    Options: Lewis (can play LB in a pinch), Convey (yikes), Holden (?)

    CM – Bradley, Mastroeni, Edu, Clark (pick 3, Lil’ Bob and one of the others will start)

    Options: Klejstan, Benny

    RM – Dempsey, also Adu

    Options: Hmmmm?

    F – Landycakes, and one from the options:

    Options: EJ, Cooper, Ching, Buddle, Davies (?), McBride (gets the itch again?)

    This will be a very curious selection, and I would expect some names that are just off the radar.

  45. FCSuffield says:

    Edu, Kamani Hill, Brek Shea

  46. 4now says:

    Hey Marc,

    I think I have accepted Wynne for what he is, and I held out a long time on him/believed in him for a long, long time. But you just can’t wait this long for a non-GK to develop. I understand the comparison to Hejduk, but Hejduk did complete passes once in a while and new enough to not take 5 touches on the ball. This guy is an unforced error machine. He just drops the ball into the central midfield for opposing teams to have and he keeps his head down for his first 3 touches and then looks up and all around before passing the ball. That kind of behavior is CORROSIVE, and KILLS fluidity. Not on my USMNT man. No way. Go to Europe, play in the youth MNT system that’s fine…. but Simek and Dolo and Spector are all better options at RB and probably 3 or 4 other guys as well.

  47. Peter Nowak says:

    Oh my god I was dying laughing at the post earlier:

    “Before everyone goes crazy about Cooper, he really hasn’t shown me much the past 2-3 months. I’m looking for someone who is gonna pass the ball back a lot, be scared to run at defenders, and if at all possible commit stupid fouls

    Posted by: Bob Bradley | August 14, 2008 at 10:51 AM ”

    Really, though, I feel that Orozco showed some great touches off the ball at the Olympics and would be a great addition to the USMNT.

  48. FK PIRIN says:


    Altidore, if he is fit, which he is probably not

    Charlie Davies

    Freddy Adu

    Michael Parkhurst

    Maurice Edu

    Edson Buddle

    Kenny Cooper and Charlie Davies could be a very lethal pairing up top, but they have never played together so their is no chemistry. If the coach calls them in, then they might be able to build some chemistry before the match.

  49. jmac says:

    I think EA layed out the possible selections quite nicely. Left of Simek at RB, but I guess because he is recovering from injury the non-inclusion is warranted.

  50. Kevin says:



    Seriously. 13 Goals. 18 games. Landon Donovan? 13 Goals 16 games. Gee. Big difference. Not to mention that, um, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAS NOTHING ELSE AT THE FORWARD POSITION!!!!!

    Although Charlie Davies did look pretty good…

  51. Marc says:

    4 now, i hear you. i suppose i don’t think wynne gives the ball away as much you think. but i guess i feel like cherundolo is overrated and is not terribly skillful either (and gets beat more than his fair share because of his diminutive size). I haven’t seen simek enough to comment, but agree with you that Spector is a very good prospect.

  52. Brand-One says:

    I will tell you who I don’t care to see, and that is Eddie Johnson (No Goals = No PT), Brian Ching ( The guy can only score when the ball is on the goal line), Frank Hejduk & Eddie Lewis (Sorry guys but this isn’t UCLA anymore). These guys are like the Jeff Agoos of today, they do not know when to call it a day.

  53. Jack says:

    I would like to see any combination of the following players:


    Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Chris Seitz


    Wynne, Bocanegra, Onyewu, Pearce, DeMerit, Califf, Hejduk, Cherundolo


    Beasley, Dempsey, Adu, Bradley, Mastroeni, Kljestian


    Landycakes, Cooper, Altidore, Davies

  54. Bob says:

    Hey I love Cooper more than anyone, but I don’t think he will play here. The US needs to advance and Bradley is not going to go with an unknown. Once we are through to the next round, he get some games that have no bearing on us.

  55. Ryan says:

    How about a list of who SHOULDN’T be called up?

    I say:






    Rico Clark

    Ok, now – who should we bring?

    I say:

    GK – Howard, Hahnemann. Both are established at their club and will not have issues with that. Guzan needs to get to Villa and get settled, so let him stay over there for this one.

    DEF – Bocanegra, Edu, Gooch, Pearce, Bornstein, Califf, Conrad, Cherundolo. I would like to see more of Edu in defense, maybe at an outside position? He’s got great potential in the back.

    MID – Bradley, Szetela, Feilhaber, Beasley, Adu, Dempsey. I think Szetela is still a few weeks away from his new season, so he needs to be in this camp. Feilhaber needs time with the first team as he gets back healthy.

    FW – Donovan, Cooper, Davies, Altidore. This would probably constitute our best attacking group. Lots of options here to put alongside Donovan, but also great options then off the bench.

    Who should start? Something like this:







    I want to see how Cooper can play alongside Donovan, with Adu and Bradley playing behind them. Looks like a pretty nice lineup.

  56. BigBoy says:

    Anybody that doesn’t have the last name Bradley.

    I would be amazed if he called anybody from the Olympic team after having them for weeks. I suspect the usual Euro crowd, Donovan and maybe a bubble player or two like Cooper

  57. Brant says:

    As much as I like Danny Califf, I wouldn’t mind seeing Chad Marshall make the bench. I’d like to see Guzan take a game off, now that he’s already got his work permit.

    Beasley won’t be back from injury yet, will he?

  58. seven says:

    Let the Olympians go back to their clubs

  59. baconboy says:

    For the few Brek Shea lovers here, he’s one for the future, but he’s not ready for the full men’s national team. I’d like for him to break into the first team here in Dallas first before we send him off to Central America. In his few appearances here he has impressed, but he’s not ready yet.

    As for the so-called defensive liabilities of Wynne, I recall the Dutch side moving their left winger Drenthe, who plays for Real Madrid, over to the opposite side since he couldn’t get past Wynne. Of course his touch isn’t great, but it has improved quite a bit. And you can teach technique, but you can’t teach the kind of speed and power that Wynne has. I think he earned a call up to the full team, but it may be moot as I’ll bet some European team is going to buy him up pretty quickly.

  60. Robert says:

    I like Kljestan for the team. Davies too. The rest of the Olympians can stay out except maybe Adu, but the kid needs to start working in Monaco so he gets a freebie this time.

  61. tbisgrove says:

    Brand-one: right on man

    Probably going to see a standard lineup with a couple tokens in there to ride pine and get us hyped to see them play (even though they will get 2-3mins at most)

    GK: Howard/Guzan/Busch(Thurs game against LA and can afford him to be out and give Noble a start)

    Def: Bocanegra/Gooch/Pearce/DeMerit/Hejduk (cause of BB’s man crush on him)

    Mid: DeMarcus/Edu/Deuce/Kljeistans(sp?)/Mastroeni/Eddie Lewis/BJ (coach junior and still trying to get a contract somewhere)

    For: Landycakes/Kenny?/Ching

    Alts: Wolff, Clark, Gibbs…

    Its going to be mostly MLS-centric with most of the Olympic squad going back to their teams and trying to get integrated like Altidore and Adu. Besides, like someone else said earlier, very conservative and he’ll pick disappointments, I mean players, that he’s fielded before instead of making a splash.

  62. jmac says:

    play Edu as a outside back in our first and hardest qualification game on the road???

  63. Ben says:

    barrett is a douche

  64. Skinn says:

    @4now: why the hostility?

    What exactly do you know about development? Wynne’s 22 years old, he’s in the middle of his third pro season. Exactly how long have you been waiting and when do you imagine it is that outfield players mature into consistent performers? 22 years old and blessed with great athleticism. Perhaps not a national team player yet, but worth the time and effort to teach him positioning and let him learn from the best in the some camps.

    And exactly where does your faith in Simek, Dolo, and Spector come from? They’ve hardly proved anything either to this point.

  65. right says:

    i want bob bradley to make some changes – IM NOT SAYING TAKE SOME CHANCES, just make some changes. we pretty much play the exact same lineup except for forwards at every international game, and thats a problem because players arent getting experience and because we cant see if another player actually deserves to play. here’s the lineup i would like to see – important to note, we should not have 2 target forwards- see the problems of jozy and mcbride and the 10 minutes of success charlie davies was able to have paired up with a target forward. and also – no 2 defensive midfielders. our midfield needs to control possessio nand get invovled in the attack, not just be hard tacklers who cant string a pass together. finally – we need to pair a smaller, smarter, quicker defender with the big dumb guys that are Boca and gooch. they may be our 2 best central defenders, but you only need one central enforcer, and having them both there just makes for a slow, foul-friendly defense (see the germans in EURO 2008)

    ching/cooper – johnson

    donovan – benny – bradley/edu – dempsey

    pearce – gooch – parkhurst – cherundolo.

    not a daring lineup, but lets some new players get in and lets us see some new combinations. id like to give johnson a shot to play up top with a target forward and use his speed – he’s always been up there himself and i think that hurts his ability. if benny can’t run, slide deuce or landy in.

  66. Steve says:

    Is Beas match fit? He hasn’t been playing for Rangers….

  67. Mark says:

    Cooper makes sense, even if he doesn’t get the start. Guy has been lights out this season.

    Guatamela isn’t an easy place to play, so I don’t have much of a problem with bringing guys like Hedjuk and Mastro to provide some experience even if they are unlikely to make the actual World Cup roster if we qualify.

    And hopefully we get out of the gate quickly to book our place in the next stage while some of our opponents still need results so that we can play younger players in games that actually mean something to the opposition. That will provide a great opportunity to get some experience.

  68. boneall says:

    Sorry, you can’t have Coop, FCD needs him against KC on the 23rd. FCD declines :)

  69. steve says:

    Michael Orozco anyone?

  70. Beckster says:

    CONVEY – he is doing great and for all you people going for Beasley and Lewis at left wing, do you get that they aren’t playing?

  71. Strider says:

    Bradley HAS to call in someone other than EJ or Josh. PLEASE bring Cooper in. I also thought that Charlie Davies looked pretty strong in his VERY limited time at the Olympics. At least that is a starting point and can be built upon. Freddy also needs to be in this group if that is possible. Since he and Michael B sat the Nigeria game they shouldn’t be too wasted. I still wonder if including Marvel Wynne would be helpful in his development. If he could learn to do something useful with the ball once he gets into a position to make a cross he could be helpful. At least the pool is getting bigger and there seems to be an increase in overall talent. Now if we, or their club coaches, can just push some of the better players into the upper echelon.

  72. JB says:

    GK Howard, Reis

    D Cherundolo, Bocanegra, Onyewu, Pearce, DeMerit, Bornstein

    M Donovan, Dempsey, Adu, Bradley, Feilhaber, Clark, Mapp

    F Cooper, Johnson, Ching

    Nobody who started all three games from the Olympics, but Feilhaber doesn’t have a club that wants him no reason he can’t come to camp or Adu and Bradley who didn’t play the third game. Cooper’s form should be more worthwhile than the experience of other regulars, at least one can hope that it would.

  73. Al says:

    steve – yes, I’d take Orozco, but not now because I don’t think he’s over the incident yet. But in sometime in the near future, why not? He’s shown he can play. Just because he made one mistake doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve another chance. Remember a guy by the name of David Beckman who also got a red card.

  74. Patrick Cook says:


  75. Isaac says:

    I know some one is going to think i played the Kljestan turnover game last morning but i think Sacha should get a look. Yes he turns the ball over but thats due to lack of composure. So how do you develop composure? You repeatedly put him in a situation where composure is required. That being said here is my 18 man roster.

    GK:Howard, Guzan




    I thought it was a 23 man roster…..oh well…..thats my roster. go ahead bash lol

  76. Al says:

    I don’t think anyone from the Olympic squad will be called; they’ve been out of their clubs too long..except for Cervi :-)

    So here’s what I think BB roster will be:

    GK: Howard, Hanneman, Cervi (what is he going to do anyway?)

    D: DeMerit, Bocanegra, Gooch, Pearce, Hedjuk, Sean Franklin

    M: Beasley, Dempsey, Donovan, Mastroeni, Eddie Lewis

    F: Cooper, Ching, Eddie Johnson (just because he’s EJ)

  77. Isaac says:

    ooooooh im sorry i change my roster. replace Ching with Cooper. lol my bad

  78. Isaac says:

    thinking about that tournament, I start to think if Kenny cooper would have made a good overage player in place of McBride…..

  79. Al says:

    Off topic – does anyone know if these guys are paid when they train/play for the USMNT?

  80. Matt says:

    I would say for 18 players, if no one has to go straight back to the clubs/no injuries that I know of:

    GK: Howard, Reis

    DF: Onyewu, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Pearce, Califf, Hejduk

    MF: Beasley, Clark, Mastroeni, Adu, Dempsey, Lewis, Donovan

    FW: Johnson, Ching, Cooper

    High balls and set pieces will be key against Guatemala, and the forward line will have Ching/Cooper as a physical striker if needed. Experience also key in a tough night time environment, so I would take and start veterans Lewis and Hejduk as well, plus, Johnson has previous WC experience, so I’d start him for now to see how he is. If EJ is great, keep playing him in other qualifiers.

    Starting XI:


    (R-L) Cherundolo-Onyewu-Bocanegra-Hejduk



  81. GIMMI says:

    To Ives,

    Have you ever interviewed MR. BOB yet?

    If not, why not?

  82. ap says:

    eddie buddle

  83. arena futbol says:

    E. Buddle – A. Ibrahim (G. Cameron, J. Flores)

    C. Clark – B. Carroll – N. LaBrocca – J. Thorrington (R. Corrales, K. Beckerman)

    M. Harrington – D. McTavish – N. Borchers – C. Wingert (B. Soumare, J. Jewsbury)

    J. Busch (N. Rimando)

  84. Jon JOn says:

    I say Cooper and give the Kid Holden a shot.

  85. Ben says:

    Here’s the squad I would call-up. This is keeping in mind players who have been with the U-23s for the last month and players who’s seasons are just beginning in Europe, unlike the fantasy teams other people seem to be posting.

    To me, half the fun of thinking up shadow rosters is taking fixture congestion into account. Just stating the best players in the country is boring.

    1-Tim Howard

    2-Frankie Hejduk

    3-Carlos Bocanegra

    4-Pablo Mastroeni

    5-Oguchi Onyewu

    6-Heath Pearce

    7-DaMarcus Beasley

    8-Benny Feilhaber

    9-Kenny Cooper

    10-Landon Donovan

    11-Eddie Lewis

    12-Jimmy Conrad

    13-Ricardo Clark

    14-Edson Buddle

    15-Michael Harrington

    16-Michael Bradley

    17-Justin Mapp

    18-Brad Guzan








  86. Jason says:

    “Michael Orozco anyone?” – Steve.

    *Sarcasm* Absolutely! Except this time, have him actually elbow somebody in the face. If you’re going to get carded for an elbow, might as well make it count.

    Kenny Cooper

    Charlie Davies

    Robbie Findley

    For every cap Eddie Johnson, Josh Wolf, Steve Ralston or Chad Barrett receives, the terrorist win and a puppy is thrown into the flames.

    Off topic but how about Maurice Edu in the LB position? He showed good defending skills at the CB position during the Olympics. He definitely got out of position and used poor decision making at times but not bad for a convert. As some people have highlighted he makes good runs forward which is what we’re looking for out of the LB position. My only hesitation is his ability to cross with his left as I haven’t seen it but I’m more intrigued by this than DMB back there.

  87. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    Keep in mind folks, Bradley will need experienced players who won’t get rattled while bags of urine are being tossed at them. Leave the younger guys at home this time.

  88. Isaac says:

    ….bags of urine….whoa i knew guatemala was a tricky place to play but seriously……

  89. Betinho says:

    Cooper. Leave Bratley (and all Olympians)at home. Bring Pablo instead. I think Gooch is hurt. Didn’t see him against Liverpool yesterday.

  90. Isaac says:

    Sorry to double post but i gotta say this. Johnson deserves a second chance. I know he’s off form and losing his touch but i think that its just because he only just got to england last season. he cant be used to playing there. thats going to bleed over into his national team play. so now that hes been there for the off season and started training with them he’s got to be a bit more comfortable.

  91. Ruiz says:

    Ruiz will score 2 goals. Galaxy does not know how to use the pescado.

  92. Ricardo says:

    Dempsey is poop

  93. Isaac says:

    ….off topic maybe?

  94. A.S. says:

    “I think Gooch is hurt. Didn’t see him against Liverpool yesterday.”

    The ESPN story on the game said that Gooch was “suspended” for the Liverpool match (didn’t really hurt Liege, since Liverpool couldn’t score anyway). I have no idea why, though. How does a guy get suspended for a Champions League match when the team hasn’t played this season yet? Anybody know? Is it something to do with his transfer status?

  95. Nordy says:

    Subotic, Cooper, Adu and Parkhurst.

  96. A.S. says:

    Never mind, Google is your friend: I see that Gooch carried over a suspension from last year’s UEFA Cup. How odd is that?

  97. Isaac says:

    Doesn’t surprise me.

  98. Isaac says:

    Doesn’t surprise me

  99. Ron says:

    Kenny Cooper

    Edson Buddle

    Charlie Davies

    Neven Subotic

    No more Eddie Johnson or Josh Wolff!!!!

  100. Betinho says:

    screw Neven Subotic.

  101. Tim says:

    Let’s remember this is world cup qaulifing. We really can’t give players with no experience caps. Someone suggested Brek Shea, but he barely plays for FC Dallas. He looks like he has a lot of potential.

    CB should be gooch/bocanegra paired with parkhurst. Gooch and boca are the exact same players. they would benefit playing with a player whose qaulity comes from is technical ability and his soccer brain.

  102. Tim says:

    Yeah Johnson sucks. Johnson already got his chance his should be out of the national team set up until he proves something. Ching deserves one more look based on his club form. But it is do or die for him. In reality if we are going to have a striker score consisentally internationally then we need to go over seas to find one. Sadly, the only striker who is in the big four leagues is jozy. Johnson doesn’t count because he really has no future for fulham unless there is a miracle.

  103. mexicanbluefish says:

    Eddie is a monster against central american minnows… got to bring him.

    I would like to see how Boca plays after his fresh start.

    Wynne might be ready for Guatemala.

  104. Tim says:

    Heather Mitts!!

  105. Beckster says:

    Well they have named the team and no Beasley but most of the Olympians are on. Ching and Demeritt nice additions.

  106. pwip says:

    U.S. Men’s National Team vs. Guatemala

    2010 FIFA World Cup Qualifier – August 20, 2008

    Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Birthdate Caps/G Hometown Club

    Bocanegra, Carlos D 6’0″ 170 05/25/79 58/9 Alta Loma, Calif. Rennes (France)

    Bradley, Michael M 6’2″ 175 07/31/87 21/2 Cedar Grove, N.J. SC Heerenveen (Holland)

    Cherundolo, Steve D 5’6″ 145 02/19/79 48/2 San Diego, Calif. Hannover 96 (Germany)

    Ching, Brian F 6’1″ 195 05/24/78 27/2 Haleiwa, Hawaii Houston Dynamo (MLS)

    DeMerit, Jay D 6’0″ 185 12/04/79 9/0 Green Bay, Wis. Watford FC (England)

    Dempsey, Clint F 6’1″ 170 03/09/83 42/11 Nacogdoches, Texas Fulham FC (England)

    Donovan, Landon F 5’8″ 148 03/04/82 101/36 Redlands, Calif. Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS)

    Edu, Maurice M 6’0″ 170 04/18/86 7/0 Fontana, Calif. Toronto FC (MLS)

    Guzan, Brad GK 6’4″ 210 09/09/84 9/0 Homer Glen, Ill. Aston Villa (England)

    Hejduk, Frankie D 5’8″ 155 08/05/74 78/6 Cardiff, Calif. Columbus Crew (MLS)

    Howard, Tim GK 6’3″ 210 03/06/79 31/0 North Brunswick, N.J. Everton FC (England)

    Johnson, Eddie F 6’0″ 180 03/31/84 36/12 Palm Coast, Fla. Fulham FC (England)

    Kljestan, Sacha M 6’1″ 150 09/09/85 7/0 Huntington Beach, Calif. Chivas USA (MLS)

    Lewis, Eddie M 5’10” 155 05/17/74 80/10 Cerritos, Calif. Derby County (England)

    Mastroeni, Pablo M 5’10” 170 08/26/76 60/0 Phoenix, Ariz. Colorado Rapids (MLS)

    Onyewu, Oguchi D 6’4″ 210 05/13/82 34/4 Olney, Md. Standard de Liege (Belgium)

    Pearce, Heath D 5’10” 175 08/13/84 16/0 Modesto, Calif. Hansa Rostock (Germany)


  107. Beckster says:

    Actually same team as Barbados and he is going to name one more player before they leave. My guess is he is trying to get Coppell to give up Convey. He seems short on wingers.

  108. Nick says:

    He didn’t call Cooper!

    link to

  109. Isaac says:

    Yea if Subotic cant take his COACH telling him he’s not good enough for this or that, then whats going to happen when his teammates tell him, his friends, his family? He’s your coach, thats his job dude. Although Rongen doing that in public really wasnt a good decision. MAYBE those things he said were a little harsh. However like i said, GET OVER IT.

  110. walker says:

    gooch is suspended due to an infraction at the end of last year’s euro run. nothing to do with injuries or transfers. the gooch is staying put.

  111. Nick says:

    Johnson’s not even going to be fit enough to play for Fulham this weekend (Hodgson said so in a video preview on the site). I understand Ching, but how can Cooper and Buddle not even get a look? I have been sitting back while others clamored for Cooper, but this is starting to make it difficult for me to get excited about qualifying.

  112. Betinho says:

    I really don’t understand why Cooper doesn’t get called up.

  113. walker says:

    is beasley still injured? no cooper is a big slap in the face. scoring regularly for your MLS club is not as good as participating in passing drills for a bottom 5 EPL team? shame. i can understand bradley letting jozy settle in at villareal after the olympics, but not including cooper is ridiculous.

  114. nyc says:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Hanneman

    D: Cherundolo, Bocanegra, DeMerit, Pearce, Edu, Orozco

    M: Lewis, Adu, Bradley, Kljestan, Mastroeni

    F: Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Cooper

    In camp to make 23, not on gameday roster:

    Feilhaber: Attitude sucks, skills are there.

    Beasley: If he’s recovered from recent hamstring issue. (Otherwise Szetzela)

    Holden: Just needs some seasoning I think

    Wynne: God awful soccer player, amazing athlete.

    Parkhurst: I’d rather him back there than Gooch.

  115. Isaac says:

    Isn’t it kind of ironic how just a year ago Beasley was a threat to Eddie Lewis’ chances of playing on the left wing, but now Beasley doesn’t even get a call up while Lewis does? Is Beasley injured or has he just not been doing well lately? I’m glad to see Sacha get a call-up. Can’t wait to see how he’ll do. Wonder if Bradley will have him as an attacking midfielder/winger or as a central midfielder.

  116. Betinho says:

    Beas is either still injured or jsut coming off an injury.

  117. Betinho says:

    US Soccer had the number of WCQ games played and goals scored after each players name. EJ is 8 games played and 8 goals scored. I’m guessing that’s why he gets a call. Ching also ahs a decent record. It was mentioned earlier this is the most difficult game of the group. Maybe Bob doesn’t want to try something new against in this game. I sure am sick of waiting. And Cooper needs the caps so he can paly in England – JUST KIDDING!!! LOL

  118. Isaac says:

    Johnson does have a decent game/goal record doesn’t he?It’s either one or the other with Beez:injured or just getting off an injury. The SPL is way to violent for him lol.

  119. tbisgrove says:

    Nick- Wrong Johnson. He’s talking about Andy Johnson who had a thigh strain. Not EJ who had a brain strain when given a ball to score a goal.

  120. Isaac says:

    Wow….on the upside Johnson will be there for the USA(its an upside….YES IT IS!!!!) on the down side Fulham is screwed this weekend…..poor clint and EJ